Chapter 12, Part II 

The following list, which contains the names of those impressed out of the various Boston companies for this service, under Captain Oliver, will be found different in several respects from the credit list above. In the credits but sixty-one names appear, while among the slain and wounded are four more, making, with the Captain, sixty-six. In the second list there are seventy-nine in all and thirty-one not credited in Hull. Many of these latter are doubtless boys and substitutes, as appears in the list of slain and wounded, where so many are "Servants" (i.e.) apprentices probably.

There are fourteen names in Hull's list not found in the second. In the official muster at Dedham Plain Capt. Oliver's company numbers eighty-three. The discrepancy would doubtless be explained had we the later journal of Mr. Hull's accounts.

The Boston companies are designated by the names of their captains, and the numbers accompanying each denote the number of men from each.

A List of the Souldiers undr Command of Capt. James Olliver.

Capt. Ollivers, 17

Capt. James Olliver

Lieut. Turner

Tho. Bingley

Sergt Bennitt

Sergt Ingram

Sergt Timberleys

Sergt Meares

Charles Lidgett

James Butler

James Coutch

Mr Symon Lynds

Wm Midleton

Rich: Crispe

Will: Douglis

Natt: Ellkin

Rich: Burford

James Lendall

Major Savidge, 7

Willm Elliott

Jno Brigs

Jon Knight

Samll Laine

Patraick Moraine

Gilbert Foresyth

Jno Kendall

Major Clark, 12

Will: Blackwell

Splande Decroe

Tho: Burch

Henry Timberley

Henry Kerbee

Joseph Wakfeild

Willm Kemble

Willm Backua

Rich: Travis

Peter Ingsbee

Will Drue

Jno Allen

Capt Hudson, 9

Gamaliell Rodgers

Tho: Brown

Danll East

Roger Procer

Jno Feilder

James Thomas

David Landon

Willm Dinsdell

Jno Wilkins

Cpt. Richards, 10

Ezekiell Gillman

Jno Cann

Danll Cluff

Eliezar Gilbert

Hugh Prize

Will Madareell

Henry Crittchitt

Marke Rounds

Jon Bevis

Willm Dolliver

C. Hinchman, 6

James Whippo

Samll Jenkins

Tho: Staines

Jno Verin

Robt Emins

Ralph Powell

Cpt Clark, 8

Rowland Bowlter

Tho. Hunt

Jefery Jeffers

Aron Stevens

Houell Davis

James Harrington

Rich Drue

Rich: Cowell

Cpt Hull, 10

James Harris

Allexander Bogell

Wm Baker

Archibell Forest

Josiah Bellcher

Danll Harris

Henry Lizonby

Jn Hudson

Jno Case

Jno Cleares

Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 95

A List of ye Slayne & wounded in Capt Olliver's. 19th of December, 1675. 5 men Slayne. 7 men wounded and are at Road land

Thomas Broune 

for Paul Bat of Boston

Alexander Forbes


Splende Decroe

Servt to Dani, (???)

James Thomas


Hen: Hall,

for Mr Ligett, lost (???)

Sargt Peter Bennet


Sargt Timberley


James Lendall


Wm Kemble

Servt to Jno Cleere

Ezekiel Gilman


Marke Rounds

Servt to Hen: Kemble

Alexander Bogell


John Casey

Servant to Tho: Gardiner, Muddy River

Mass. Archives, vol. 68, pp. 103-4

Besides these, many more were disabled from active service, from the cold and exposure.

EPHRAIM TURNER, Capt. Oliver's lieutenant in this expedition, was the son of Robert Turner, who came to Boston, September 4, 1633, in the ship Griffin, with Rev. John Cotton. Robert is styled "Vintner" in the deed of April 1, 1652, from Richard Fairbanks, conveying the estate upon which he rebuilt or enlarged the house where he established the famous hostlery known as the "Blue Anchor Tavern" for more than fifty years. The "Boston Daily Globe," April 2, 1885, whose building now occupies the site of the ancient hostlery, published a very interesting account, by William R. Bagnell, of the successive buildings and residents that have occupied the premises. Among the occupants was Gen. Henry Knox. Of this Robert, the vintner and innholder, and his wife Penelope, Ephraim, the eldest son, was born December 13, 1639; of the Artillery Company 1663, freeman 1666, Ensign in Capt. Oliver's company at home from 1675 to 1680, when he was relieved of the office at his request. He married Sarah Phillips, daughter of Major William, of Charlestown, Boston and Saco, and through her came into possession of large tracts of land in what is now Sandford, Alfred and Waterboro'. The children of Ephraim and Sarah, born in Boston, were -- Derlow, born Dec. 3, 1663; Robert, born June 17, 1665; Sarah, born March 24, 1666-7; Abigail, born June 8, 1669; Ephraim, born Nov. 23, 1670; Elizabeth, born August 19, 1672; Deliverance, born August 1, 1673.

Mr. T. Larkin Turner, of North Weymouth, who has thoroughly investigated the various branches of the Turner family, and has kindly assisted in the above sketch, informs me that he has found nothing relative to Ephraim Turner subsequent to 1680-1, and thinks he must have removed from town.

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