Chapter 13, Part VII 


The following may show somewhat of the "naval" power of that day, and the methods and means of transporting supplies.

1675, Maritime Disbursements Dr.

Nov 20

To Peter Treby

for frait of the Sloope Primrose, 09, 06, 00

Dec 10

To Israel Nichols

for wood for Goodall's Vessel, 00, 05, 00

To Stephen Hascott

for dammage of the Sloope Swan, 03, 10, 00

Feby 29

To Anthony Low

for frait, 05, 00, 00


June 24

To Richard Goodall

for frait 22, 00 00

Nehemiah Goodall for Service,

for Service, 05, 10' 00

Pilgrim Simpkin

for Service, 02, 08, 00

James Twisdell

for Service, 02, 08, 00

Richard Earle

for Service, 02, 08, 00

Ezekiel Gardner

for Service, 02, 02, 00

William Woodbery

for Service, 05, 10, 00

Anthony Haywood

for Service, 04, 00, 00

Thomas Moore

for Service, 10, 00, 00

John Baker

for Service, 02, 08, 00

Andrew Belcher, of Cambridge, a prominent merchant, with vessels operating between Boston and Connecticut ports, was active in these affairs, but his accounts doubtless fall into a later Ledger.

In the State Archives, in some Bills of Benjamin Gillam against the colony, I find the item, Jan'y 10, 1675:

To charges on men to cut out Andrew Belcher's Sloop to go to Narragansett, 14s.

Mr. Church speaks of the arrival of Andrew Belcher as opportune in saving the army; Mr. Dudley says Goodale. Mr. Hubbard's reference to the vessels "frozen in at Cape Cod," causing distress, was, I think, to a later time.

After the return of the army to Mr. Smith's Garrison, the burial of the dead and removal of their wounded to Rhode Island, they spent several weeks parleying with the enemy, watching and recruiting. Major Treat withdrew with his Connecticut forces, against the wishes, it appears, of the General and the other officers, and was later called to account for insubordination. Additional troops were sent down from Boston, and Massachusetts and Plymouth held the field for a month longer; but their operations and the closing part of this winter campaign, and the new forces engaged, must fall into the next chapter.

Massachusetts afterwards redeemed the promise made to the soldiers at Dedham Plain, and granted to eight hundred and forty claimants, including those of Plymouth, the seven Narraganset townships. Connecticut to her volunteers in the Narraganset wars granted the township of Voluntown.


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