Chapter 16, Part VI 

It is a great satisfaction to the present writer to add the new testimony of the petition of the inhabitants of Sudbury.

is that of Major Gookin, who puts the number of those slain, besides the two Captains, as "about thirty-two private soldiers." Cowell had eighteen, and the Concord men were twelve. The Watertown company was not probably over forty, while the garrisons of Sudbury amounted to but eighty. Thus about two hundred men were actively engaged with, and holding in play, probably more than a thousand Indians one whole day, and finally defeated their intention of capturing the town, sending them away with fearful loss.

Unfortunately we are not as yet able to find any list of the names of those killed on that day, and Mr. Hull's accounts do not show any credits referable to that service; only here and there are we able to glean from probate and town and church records, a few names of those killed.

From the Roxbury Records we find that (see below) were all slain att Sudbury under command of Capt. Samll Wadsworth upon 21 Aprill 1676.

Samuel Gardner, son of Peter

Thomas Baker

John Roberts

Nathaniel Sever

Thomas Hawley Sr

William Cleaves

Joseph Pepper

John Sharpe

Thomas Hopkins

Lieut Samuel Gardner

Of the Concord men killed in the meadow near "Haynes's Garrison," but five bodies were recovered, and but seven names of the killed are preserved in the records:

James Hosmer

Daniel Comy

William Heywood

Samuel Potter

Joseph Buttrick

John Barnes

Josiah Wheeler


Three of Cowell's men, that were killed, are in the Roxbury list above. The fourth was Robert Wayles, of Dorchester. The Suffolk Probate Records give an additional name, Eliazer Hawes, of Dorchester. These, with Capts. Wadsworth and Brocklebank, make in all but twenty-one.

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