Chapter 17, Part III 

This is a true List of such as came out of Boston wth me as witnesse my hand Feb. the 22d 1675-6.


Another list follows upon the same paper and is headed, "A List of men as they came from Marlborough ffeb: 29, '75-6." This list is identical with the one above except that Edward Crick (Creek) is Ensign in place of Henry Timberleggs (Timberlake) cleared as above.

In the same paper also the following:

Recd these men whose names follow, from Captaine Wadsworth & fro'. Capt. Reynolds

Phillip Mattoone,  for whome I tooke in exchange John Thropp at Hampton
Jon Newman made Corporall 17 March 75-6 John Sympole Jon Chapple

Henery Beresford

James Burnell

Jon Walker

Joseph Lamson

Joseph Bickner

William Clow

William Twing

Joseph Lyon

Richard Francis

William Hartford

Solomon Lowd

William Bosway

John Glide

Josiah Lane

James Hewes

Jonath. Dunninge

William Jaques

William Manley

George Ripley

Phill: Sandy

Diggory Sargent

Jon Broughton

Jon Rolestone

William Jemmison

Edward Samson

John Avis

Joseph Griffin

Henery Smith

Samll Phesy (Vesey)

Joseph Bateman

James Machrenell kild at Hampton March 14th



These were left at Quabaug the 4th of March 1675-6

Henery Pellington

David Crouter

John Gromwell

Richard Sutton

Tho: Brisanton

Thomas Stacy

Charles Duckworth

Thomas Chapman

Augustine John

James Callen

- -

The Rest continued under my Command till ye 7th of Aprill att which time 4 were left in Hadly by order of ye Councell and part of the Companie marched under the conduct off Lieut. Drinker with Maj. Savage, some by order staying with me.

Mass. Archives, vol. 68, p. 158.

A Liste off Souldjers undr the Command off Capt. Willm Turner ffro. the 7th of Aprill 1676

Hadley Souldjers

Capt. William Turner

Sergt John Throppe

Sergt John Newman

Corpl Joseph Hartshorne

Corpl Robert Sympson

Wm Armes

John Strowbridge

Samll Sybly

Thomas Jones

Robert Coates

David Hartshorne

Benj. Poole

John Uppum

Simon Grover

Stephen Grover

John Pratt

AThomas Briant

Triall Newbury

Josuah Phillips

Benjamin Chambrlin

John Rolestone

John Longbury

John Foster

John Wattson

Jon Chamberlin

Joo Luddon

John Presson

Jon Bill

Willm Chubb

Moses Morgan

Roger Jones

Jon Wiseman

Phillip Jessop

Joseph Griffin

Josiah Man

Thomas Chard

John Sheapheard

Ephraim Roper

Nicholas Duerell

Phellep Cattlin

Joseph Chambrlin

Richard Snodin

Joseph Smith

Joseph Bodman


William Hunt

Samull Tyly

James Barrell

William Hartforde

William Torner


Souldjers sent to the Mill

Robert Seares

Samll Rawlins

John Sawdy

Jonathan Dunninge

Samuell Davies

John Fisher

Thomas Cobbett

Thomas Sympkins

Richard Lever

Hampton Souldjers

Sergt Esaiah Toy

Corpll John Wilde

John Smith

John Babson

John Whiterage

John Ashdowne

John Cooke

John Hix

John Salter

Jeremiah Cloather

John Chaplin

John Belcher

John Stukely

John Boyde

John Walker

John Roberts

Martin Smith

Abraham Shaw

Thomas Roberts

Richard Hudson

Samuel Ransford

Joseph Fowler

Solomon Lowde

William Jaques

Jacob Burton

William Smith

Nicholas Mason

Phellip Mattoon

Samuel Soutch

Thomas Lyon

Robert Price

Thomas Poore

Peter Bushrodd

Samuel Phesy

William Willis

Thomas Harris

George Bewly

William Howard

Phellip Lewes

Willm Hopkins

Ephraim Beeres

Richard Bever Johnffiske,left wounded by Capt. Lathroppe -

Hattfielde Souldjers

Sergt Robert Bardwell Corpll Samuell Laine Benjamin Barrett

Hugh Goliko

Anthony Baker

Jon Largin

Richard Staines

Nicholas Gray

Jon Allen

Richard Smith

William Elliott

Jon Wilkins

John Jones

Thomas Staines

Gilbert Forsith

Benjamin Lathroppe

Robert Dawes

Hugh Pike

Daniel Stearlin

John Verin

Jonathan Nichols

James Verin

John Downinge

Joseph Moring

John Arnold

Simon Williams

Daniel Clow

Edward Bishoppe

Henry Raynor

Samuell Neale

Jeffery Jeffers

Hugh Price

Archebold Forest

Jabesh Duncan

John Hughes

William Batt

Wallter Hixon

Jabesh Musgrove

Matthew Groves

Anthony Ravenscraft

James Molt


Sent to Springfield

Sergt Roger Prosser

Ely Crow

Willm Briggs

Jeremiah Norcrosse

Willm Mitchell

Timothy Froglie

Onesephorus Stanly

William Crane

Henery Willis

Richard Francis, Clerk

- -

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