Chapter 17, Part VIII 

The Committee appointed to inlist the officers and Souldiers 96 in in the fight called the falls fight under the Command of number Capt. William Turner then Slain and the Descendts of such as 97 in are Deceased and that are intituled to the grant of this great all and generall Court made them of a towneship, have attended many times that service & returne the list above & aforesaid which contains the persons names claiming & from whome and which the Committee have accordingly allowed all which is Submitted.
Boston June 1736. EZE. LEWIS
In Council June 23, 1736 JOSEPH DWIGHT
Read and ordered that this Report be accepted. JOHN WAINWRIGHT.
Sent down for concurrence.
SIMON FROST, Dep'y Secretary.

Archives, vol. 114, p. 610.

Quite a number of the soldiers, as will be noticed, were alive, and presented their claims in their own persons; for instance, Nathaniel Alexander, John Bradshaw, Samuel Beldin, John Chase, Joseph Fuller, Samuel Hunt, James Mun, Jonathan Wells, and very likely many others.


Notwithstanding the notable career of Capt. Turner, all the results of efforts to trace his posterity so far amount to a few accidental clues and inferences, and the following attempt to arrange these is little more than a summary of probabilities. William Turner was of Dorchester from 1642-1664, but no record of marriage or birth of children is yet found. On Boston Town Records, under date of July 31st, 1665, "Sargt Will: Turner was ordered to p'vide for himselfe and family in some other place, having carried it ofencively here." He was again admonished August 28th, and, not complying, was, on Sept. 25th, ordered to be presented to the next county court. Of his further persecution, account is given above. On Boston Town Records is found, "Prudence, dau. of William and Frances Turner born October 12th 1665." In Suffolk Registry of Deeds, vol. x. p. 318, William Turner and Mary his wife, relict and executrix to the Will of John Pratt, her former husband, dec'd (Vide Historical and Genealogical Register, vol. vii. p. 36), convey to Jacob Hewins a dwelling-house and three-and-a-half acres of land, etc. This lot was bounded on the south very nearly by what is now Howard Avenue, and lay not very far to the west from the corner of what are now Dudley Street and Howard Avenue in Ward 20. 

The deed was made April 1st, 1671, and shows that the wife Frances was dead and the second wife Mary, widow of John Pratt, had been married. Their home was doubtless in Boston after 1665. No record is found of the death of this second wife, but in his will above mentioned, dated February 16th, 1675-6, he mentions Mary his wife, formerly wife of Key Alsop. Now Key Alsop died April 30th, 1672, and she married Capt. Turner probably in 1673-4 as his third wife. Frances, the first, was probably the mother of all his children, but of the place and date of their births no record is found save of Prudence, above mentioned, and William, of his company, who is identified as his son, by reference to him in the petition of Mary Turner above given. 

His will, however, proves that he had sons and daughters living iu 1676, and it would seem that the son William was under twenty-one years, as his mother-in-law petitions for his wages as appears above. Thomas and William Turner were serving in the garrison at Marlborough in the summer and fall of 1675, and in the trouble which Lieut. John Ruddock had with the Marlborough townspeople, Thomas was first on the list of soldiers, who gave evidence in favor of the Lieutenant, and then disappears from view, but reappears in 1678 at Bridgewater, where, with Joseph Howard, he is appointed surveyor. In 1680 he is at Scituate, where he settles and has children, of whom the second son, William, born Jan. 13th, 1683-4, furnishes the clue which connects this family with Capt. William of the Falls Fight; for this William, son of Thomas, was the same who in 1736 drew Capt. Turner's right in the grant above mentioned, and is styled his "grandson;" he died in Newport, R.I., "Oct. 4th, 1759, in the 77th year of his age," and the correspondence of birth, grant and death, affords the clue. Dr. T. Larkin Turner, of Boston, has worked out this theory, and following it up I find many other points. From Bristol County Registry I find that in 1710 Josiah Turner, of Swansey, sold to his "brother Thomas Turner, of Scituate, shipwright," a farm in Swansey. Both were inhabitants of Swansey in 1711. The Province law enacted that the eldest male heir of a soldier-grantee should have the choice of taking the grant and paying off the other heirs their proportional part of ś10, which was the established valuation of a share.

The various clues and inferences above seem to point to the following as a fair approximation to the family of Capt. WILLIAM TURNER and wife FRANCES.

PATIENCE,2 bapt. in Dorchester, Nov. 10, 1644. THOMAS,2 soldier at Marlborough, 1675; at Bridgewater, Scituate and Swansey, a shipwright, 1678-1715; at latter date he purchased land in Freetown of Constant Church. WILLIAM,2 the soldier in the army with his father as noted above, settled in Boston. JOSHUA,2 joined 1st Baptist Church in Boston, 1669. JOSIAH,2 of Swansey, in
1706, with wife Hannah and children. ELIZABETH,2 joined Baptist Church 1676; perhaps m. Alexander Dunkan, July 6, 1698, "married by Mr. Miles." PRUDENCE2 b. in Boston, Oct. 12, 1665. JOSEPH,2 who (perhaps) married Sarah Wyman, dau. of Thomas, a "Tailor," 1704.

Second Generation. Line of THOMAS,2 of Scituate, etc.

THOMAS,3 b. Sept. 18, 1682. Probably settled in Rochester, Mass., and had family there; perhaps died before 1736, or waived his right or sold it to William his brother, of Swansey. WILLIAM,3 m. Patience Hale, of Swansey, in 1711. Settled in
Swansey, and was quite a large land-owner and a ship-builder. He succeeded to the Indian War claim of his grandfather, as above-said. He was one of the non-resident proprietors who agreed to pay ś23 each to carry forward the settlement of the Township. He was of Swansey as late as 1748, but later removed to Newport, R.I., where he died Oct. 4, 1759, in his 77th year. His children, born in Swansey, were: William, b. April 27, 1713, became a physician in New Jersey; and his other children, born between 1714 and 1734, were: Lillis, Nathaniel, Patience, Caleb, and Hale. ii. REBECCA.3 iv. JOSHUA.3 v. CALEB.3 vi. DAVID.3 vii. JOSEPH.3 viii. BENJAMIN.3 The descendants of these six are scattered through various parts of New England; and Dr. T. L. Turner, of Boston, has in preparation a genealogy of this whole branch of the Turner family, and has furnished much of the material above, for my use in this article.

Second Generation. Line of WILLIAM.2

WILLIAM2 Turner, son of Capt. William, a soldier at Marlborough Garrison in the summer and fall of 1675, in the Army with his father from February 21, 1675-6, until the Captain's death, but was not in the "Falls Fight." He served sometime after that, as the accounts of service indicate. Married before 1679, and settled in Boston. Is in a list of handy-craftsmen later. In 1691 was among those who returned from the West Indies, bringing an account of the great earthquake there; 1695, chosen constable in Boston; 1698, tythingman; 1699, clerk of the market; 1701, licensed to sell wine, etc.; 1708, his wife Hannah is licensed to sell wine. His first wife was Ruth, by whom he had Joshua, b. Sept. 28, 1679, and again Joshua, b. Aug. 20, 1687. He married Hannah Jacklin, Aug. 28, 1689, and had Mercy, b. Feb. 19, 1691; Hannah, b. Feb. 25, 1693; William, b. Dec. 12, 1699. Mary, b. March 29, 1696, and Mary, b. Feb. 28, 1697, are assigned to parents "William and Mary," but probably is a mistake and should be William and Hannah. JOSIAH2 Turner, son of Capt. William, settled in Swansey with wife Hannah, and had there John,3 b. Nov. 11, 1706; Nathaniel,3 b. March 19, 1709-10. Thanks are due to Dr. T. Larkin Turner and Messrs. W. B. Trask, J. W. D. Hall, H. O. Wood, and G. H. Tilton, for helpful assistance in the above account of Capt. Turner's family, the results of which do not at all represent the amount of work done.

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