Chapter 28, Part VIII 

Additional names from the partial list in the Mass. Archives, vol. 114, pp. 103-110. A part of the names of Concord men I have incorporated in the references above. The towns of Billerica and Concord only, of the "No. 6 Towns," appear in this fragmentary list. I add the names not already given above (page preceeding this)




Samuel Chandler

Assign to John Griggs

Samuel Chandler, Jr.

Kene. Assign to John

Jonathan Whitney


Jane Cane

For her father John Cane

William Clark

Heir to John Taylor

James Russel

For his grandfather Benjamin


John Stern

Heirs, Capt. Prentice's Co. p. 82.

Nathaniel Rogers


Samuel Hunt



This township was assigned by lot, at the memorable meeting at Luke Verdey's, October 17, 1733, to grantees resident in the towns of Barnstable, Yarmouth, Eastham, Sandwich, Plymouth, Tisbury, Abington, Duxbury, and "one of Scituate." The committee chosen to manage the affairs of this township were Col. Shubael Gorham, Mr. Timothy White, and Mr. Robert Standford. The township was located to the eastward of No. 1, and adjoining Falmouth and Presumpscot River.

The list below is copied directly from the old Proprietors' Record Book. There are two lists, almost identical, with the exception that one contains the residences and number of lots drawn to each name; the other contains a few additional facts serving to identify some of the claimants. The lists purport to be lists of grantees, but for a long time I have questioned this, and feared it was simply the claimants or proprietors, and find still some perplexing questions. For instance, "Mary Douener" or (Dovenour). How could she be a grantee? But, on the other hand, all the tests from other sources, which I have been able to apply, support the theory that these were the names of the "soldier grantees." The "partial list," in the Archives, often referred to above, contains the names of the grantees resident in Yarmouth, and simply gives the names of the soldier-grantees, followed by the word "Heirs;" and in every case these names agree with the list I copy here. I have included here the additional facts from the second list; for instance, "Thomas Standish, for his uncle, Henry Clark," which may be of help to students of genealogy. The starred items are the additions from the second list.

A list of the Narragansitt Grantees for the Township, No. 7 -- Boston, June 6, 1733.


Mary Douener, 38

Jacob Hinkley, 122

John Carmon, 22

George Lewis, 14

John Hathway, 40

Joseph Higgin, 86

Samuel Bryant, 54

Richard Ellingham, 21

Samuel Childs, 118

Samuel Barnam, 13

Samll Linnell, 89

Dr. Mathw. Fuller, 69

Samuel Fuller, 20

Thos. Fuller, 25

Increase Clap, 16

Joseph Taylor, 72

John Doncan, 15

Barthow. Hamblin, 88

Eleazr Hamblin, 42

Thos Huckins, 141

John Phinney, 87

Joseph Bearse, 81

Samll Hinkley, 80

Samll Allyn, 70

Samll Davis, 98

John Lewis heirs, 1

Caleb Lumbert, 19

Joseph Gorham, 64

Josiah Davis, 23

Ebenr Goodspeed, 85

Ebenr Clap, 100

Lot Conant, 33

Jedediah Lumbert, 47

Samuel Cops, 97

Joseph Blish, 27

John Howland, 111

John Clarke, 115

Shubal Gorham, Jr., for his father John, 63

Joseph Crocker, 114

John Goodspeed, 112




Samuel Barker for his father Samuel, 74

Richard Tayler, 120

William Gray for his father William, 71

William Chase, 113

Capt. Jno. Gorham, 96

Thos. Baxter, 84

John Thatcher, 31

John Hallitt, 93

John Matthews, 55

Thos. Thornton, 3

Edward Gray, 4

Samll. Hall, 5

James Maker, 6

Jas. Claghorn, 7

Joseph Hall, 119

Lammy Hedge, 83

Nathaniel Hall, 8

Joseph Welden, 30

Samuel Thomas, 34

Jon. Smith, 17

Samuel Jones, 9

John Taylor, 18

Thos. Felton, 10

John Gage, 52

William Follen, 12

William Gage, 49

Annanias Wing, 110

John Crowell, 75

John Chase, 108

Henry Gold, 60

Richard Lake, 102

Jabez Gorham, 109

Henry Gage, 50

Yelverton Crowell, 62

John Pugsley, 106

Daniel Baker, 107

Jona. White, 78

Samll. Baker, 79

Wm. Baker, 43


Timothy Cole for his father Timothy, 41

Jeremiah Smith for his father Jeremiah, 91

Jona. Grew for his father-in-law, Daniel Cole., 59

Joseph & Samll. Doan for their father Samuel Berry, 36

Thos. Paine, 94

Jedediah Higgins, 65

Eliakim Higgins, 11

Joseph Downings, 104

Benj. Downings, 103

John Freeman, 34

Jona. Sparrow, 92

John Knowles, 73

Samuel Atkins, 67

John Doan, 51

Thos. Mulford, 90

Daniel Doan, 29

Jno. Walker, 53

Jno. Nyrick, 82

Nathll. Williams, 58

Josiah Cook, 76

Joseph Harding, 39

George Brown for his father George, 44




Jona. Morrey for his wife's brother Foster, 68

Saml. Toby for his uncle Samll. Knott, 48

Nathl. Wing for his father Nathl, 45

Samll. Gibbs, 37

Jno. Lewis for his brother Benj., 56

Jas. Atkins, 61

Jehosophat Eldridge, 35




Wm. Ring, 46

Peter Tinkham for his father Peter, 28

Thos. Savery for his father Samuel, 26


Jona. Lumbert, 117




William Harrage, 66




Robert Barker, 101

Robert Sandfort for his father Robert, 95

Thos. Bonney, 32

Stephen Sampson, 97

Thos. Hunt for his uncle Thomas Hunt, 77

Thos. Standish for his uncle Henry Clark, 105


Timothy White for his father Timothy, 116



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