Chapter 28, Part IX 

There were many disagreements among the claimants, and some of the evidence furnished here and there in fragments of depositions relating to the evidence, found in the Archives, is of great interest. A memorial of Shubael Goreham to the General Court, presented April 17, 1741, states that several mistakes have been made in the list of No. 7, and petitions for authority to rectify such mistakes. He says that "Richard Taylor" and "Richard Taylor's heirs" appear; whereas, the latter item should have been "John Taylor's heirs." And again, two entries appear in the list 'William Gray is entered "for his father William;" and then "William Gray's heirs." Now, there were not two William Grays, but there was an Edward Gray. And another entered Joseph Crocker, where it should have been Josiah Crocker, etc., and so it is moved that the mistakes be rectified and that John Taylor, Edward Gray, and Josiah Crocker be placed in the list. But in November, 1742, another turn is given to the Crocker story by the following interesting deposition, which I give in full:

Ebenezer Goodspeed of Barnstable, being in the eighty-seventh year of his age, testifieth and saith that he being a soldier in the Narragansett wars so-called, under Capt. Thomas Howes, and he well remembers that Mr. Joseph Crocker, Decd. of said Barnstable was one of said Howe's soldiers, and I think it was the year of the Philip's war so-called begun, and I also remember said Crocker was out that year Saml Linnell was out in Pearces Fight, so called and he and the said Saml Linnell was the only English man of Barnstable that returned home from that fight, and he showed me his hat where it was shot through after his return from said Pearces Fight, and further I gave Col. Goreham, Joseph Crocker's name to return to the General Court some time ago, and I never heard or understood that Josiah Crocker of Barnstable was ever out in the said wars, and he was my neighbor and I should have known, if he had been out.

Ebenr Goodspeed made oath etc. Nov. 13, 1742.

Jonathan Crocker testifieth to the same above as to Joseph Crocker and Saml Linnel, and also as to Josiah Crocker, Dec. 4, 1742. (York Registry of Deeds, v. 23, p. 105.)

It will be noted that Joseph Crocker's name stands in the list, as well as Gray's and Taylor's, but in the old partial list, in the Archives, the correction is made, and opposite "William Gray's," is written "Edward," while opposite "Richard Taylour's," is written the name "John." In the above lists I have made the corrections in regard to Taylour and Gray.


Connecticut rewarded her Narraganset soldiers many years before the final action of Massachusetts Colony.

In October, 1696, Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell of Norwich, and Sergt. John Frink of Stonington, moved the Court of Connecticut, "that they, with the rest of the English volunteers in the former wars, might have a plantation granted unto them."

The Court, in answer, then granted them a tract six miles square, to be taken up out of some of the conquered land, where it might be had without prejudice to any former grant. A committee of the grantees made choice of a tract.

October 14, 1697, Capt. Samuel Mason, Mr. John Gallop and Lieut. James Avery were appointed a committee to view the said tract.

Upon the report of the above committee, the Court, in October, 1700, confirmed their former grant to a committee of seven, viz.: Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell, Lieut. Richard Bushnell, Isaac Wheeler, Caleb Fobes, Samuel Bliss, Joseph Morgan and Manasseh Miner, and the rest of the volunteers in the Narraganset War.

At a meeting of the volunteers, July 1, 1701, Capt. Richard Bushnell was chosen clerk, to make a list of the names of those who were volunteers in the Narraganset wars. Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell, Lieut. James Avery, Sergt. John Frink, Richard Bushnell, and Deacon Caleb Fobes, were chosen a committee to receive and decide the correctness of the claims presented. On the next day the volunteers voted to grant to Capt. Samuel Mason an equal share with the others.

From the old Proprietors' Record Book at Voluntown I have secured two lists of the grantees or "Volunteers." The first list was made in the order of the enrolment of the names, and was copied for Hon. Richard A. Wheeler, of Stonington, in 1860, by Elisha Potter, then Town Clerk of Voluntown, and published by him some years ago, in the Narragansett Historical Register. The other list is that of the "Cedar Swamp Lots," so called. This list was copied for me by the Town Clerk, Mr. Charles E. Maine, of Voluntown, and I am assured that it is correct. I have compared these lists, and while there are some few discrepancies in the spelling, and some names in each list not in the other, the lists are otherwise identical. For the convenience of readers I have arranged the second list here according to the numbers drawn for Cedar Swamp Lots. Mr. Wheeler's list marks the names of those deceased. The restrictions of the Connecticut grant to "English" volunteers shut out the Indians, who formed a large contingent of their forces, and also the white men, who were pressed into the service. In Massachusetts, thirty years later, all who had any hand in the Narraganset campaign, both from Massachusetts and Plymouth, whether volunteers or "impressed," were made grantees. Connecticut's volunteers, in 1701, were found to be about one hundred and eighty.



A list of the Names of the English Volunteers in the late Narraganset War, as followeth:

1 Major Edward Palmes

2 Capt George Denison

3 Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell

4 Major Wait Winthrop

5 Rev. Mr. James Fitch

6 Sargt. John Frink

7 Capt. James Avery

8 James Avery

9 John Avery

10 Thomas Avery

11 Joshua Baker

12 John Wickwier

13 Ephraim Colver

14 William Potts

15 Edward Colver

16 Samuel Yeomans

17 John Lewis

18 John Fish

19 Samuel Fish

20 William Williams

21 George Denison

22 William Denison

23 Nathaniel Beebe

24 Henry Stephens

25 Edmond Fanning

26 Thomas Fanning

27 John Bennett (dec'd)

28 William Bennett

29 Thomas Rose

30 Philip Bill (dec'd).

31 Philip Bill

32 Deny Springer

33 Ezekiel Mayn

34 William Wheeller

35 Thomas Wooster

36 Gershom Palmer

37 Jonathan Armstrong

38 Samuel Stanton

39 Robert Stanton

40 Daniel Stanton

41 James Morgan

42 John Keene

43 John Latham

44 John Waterhouse

45 Joseph Morgan

46 Nathaniel Park

47 William Douglace

48 Manasseth Miner

49 James Willit

50 Rev. James Noyes

51 Capt. John Stanton

52 Joseph Stanton

53 Aaron Stark (dec'd)

54 John Stark (dec'd)

55 James York (dec'd).

56 Thomas Bell (dec'd).

57 Lieut. Thomas Miner

58 Richard Bushnell

59 Samuel Lathrop

60 Solomon Tracy

61 John Willey (dec'd)

62 Samuel Tubbs (dec'd)

63 Robert Park

64 Peter Spiser (dec'd)

65 Jonathan Rudd

66 Richard Cook (dec'd)

67 Thomas Park (dec'd)

68 Henry Elliott (dec'd)

69 Thomas Bliss (dec'd)

70 Isaac Wheeler

71 Peter Cross

72 Jonathan Gennings

73 Caleb Fobes

74 John Gallop

75 Adam Gallop

76 William Gallop

77 Nathaniel Cheesebro

78 Ephraim Miner

79 Joseph Miner

80 Samuel Miner (dec'd)

81 John Ashcraft (dec'd)

82 Joshua Holmes (dec'd)

83 Capt. Ebenezer Johnson

84 Joseph Wheeler

85 Sergt. Moses Johnson

86 Daniel Tracy

87 Edmond Fanning

88 William Roberts

89 John Denison

90 Mathew Griswold

91 Richard Lord

92 Stephen Dewolf

93 Richard Smith

94 John Smith

95 Francis Smith

96 Moses Huntly

97 Henry Bennett

98 Henry Peterson

99 Samuel Stephens

100 Henry Hall

101 William Champlin

102 Capt. Pembleton

103 Daniel Crumb

104 Nicholas Cottrell

105 John Pameter

106 Samuel Roger

107 John Hull

108 Daniel Kelsie

109 John Mintor

110 John Stephens

111 Ebenezer French

112 John Griswold

113 Nehemiah Smith

114 John Wheeler

115 Nathaniel Haiden (dec'd)

116 Joseph Hull (dec'd)

117 Samuel Sheather (dec'd)

118 John Charles (dec'd)

119 Samuel Frisbie (dec'd)

120 John Plant (dec'd)

121 Samuel Fox

122 Jacob Joy

123 Clement Minor

124 William Pendall

125 Daniel Stubbins

126 John Hough

127 Samuel Roberts

128 Joshua Abell

129 Thomas Rood

130 William Knights

131 Mathew Jones

132 Thomas Williams

133 Joseph Waterhouse

134 Richard Dart

135 Samuel Hough

136 William Hough

137 Abel More

138 Jeremiah Blake

139 John Plumb

140 Thomas Hungerford

141 John Packer

142 Samuel Packer

143 Nathaniel Holt

144 Robert Lord

145 John Woller

146 Richard Smith

147 Edward Dewolf

148 Aaron Huntly

149 James Murffey

150 Robert Holmes

151 Daniel Comstock

152 George Chappell

153 Thurston Reinerd

154 Hugh Rowland

155 John Lathrop

156 James Welch

157 Daniel Clark

158 Edward Shipman

159 Joseph Ingarum

160 Joseph Colver

161 William Billings

162 John Shaw

163 Stephen Richeson



166 Roger Orris

167 James Danielson


169 Ebenezer Billings

170 Jonathan Burtch

171 William Johnson

172 Samuel Richarson

173 Thomas Brand

174 William Champlin

175 John Babcock

176 Edward Larkin

177 Daniel Shaw

178 Thomas Renols

179 William Lees

180 Rev. Moses Noise

181 John Larabe

182 Joseph Northrop

183 Robert Old

184 Nathan Gillet

185 John Somes


I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct extract from the Records of Voluntown, except some of the spelling.

Town Clerk.

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