A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 123 - 134
Barnes - Bartoll

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

[[vol. 1, p. 123]]  Benjamin Barnes Continued:

Thomas of the same, by w. Abigail had Mary, b. 21 Nov. 1679; Sarah, 17 Feb. 1682; Thomas, 24 July 1684, d. young; Thomas, again, 26 July 1687; Sarah, 1689; Rebecca, 12 Mar. 1691; Abigail, 10 June 1693; Elizabeth 10 Nov. 1695; Deborah, 1 Feb. 1698; Hannah, 31 May 1702; Samuel, 11 Apr. 1705; Nathaniel, 11 Jan. 1707; and Abraham, 1711. The f. d. 1712. THOMAS, Farmington, prob. s. of Thomas of the same, m. June 1690, Mary Jones, d. of Richard, had Ruth, bapt. 23 Oct. 1692; and Elizabeth 21 July 1695; Samuel, b. 4 June 1700; Martha, 8 Mar. 1703; Patience, Sept. 1705; Hannah, 6 Sept. 1708. One THOMAS, of N. Hampsh. 1690, was of those wh. pray. for protect. of Mass. jurisdict. WILLIAM, Salisbury 1610, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Rachel had Mary, wh. m. 23 June 1659, sec. John Hoyt; William, wh. d. 11 June 1648; Hannah, b. 25 Jan. 1644; Deborah, 1 Apr. 1646; Jonathan, 1 Apr. 1648; Rachel, 30 Apr. 1649, wh. m. 2 Mar. 1668 or 9 (both dates being giv.), Thomas Sargent; Sarah, wh. m. 8 Sept. 1670, Thomas Rowell, and next, 26 Oct. 1676, John, or more prob. Thomas Harvey, as the Amesbury rec. gives the name; and Rebecca, wh. m. Moses Morrill. Deborah m. 19 Dec. 1663, Samuel Davis. He was one of the first sett. of Amesbury a. 1654. It has been thot. that he is the man in the list of passengers by the Globe from London for Virginia, 1635, and the names of William Brown, and Richard Wells in the same list are seen, both, also, found at Salisbury. But those surnames are so frequent on both sides of the ocean, that the argument must not be pressed too far. Some persons might, at that time, think it easy to go from one part of America to another; but most of those for Virginia were not puritans, and all wh. would come to New Eng. especially from London, easily gained direct, instead of circuitous passage. Of this name, includ. those spelt without e, Farmer, in 1834, count. seven gr. at Yale, five at Harv. and five at other N. E. coll.

BARNETT, BARTHOLOMEW, MATTHEW, ROBERT, and others, may seem to be only perverse spell. for Barnard, wh. see. But THOMAS, New London, wh. preach. there 1686 and 7, must be print. with this form of the name, out of regard to that Eccl. Hist. of N. E. call. the Magnalia, III. 4, where this man is insert. in the third classis, tho. with studied carelessness, Mather omits his bapt. name. Caulkins could find no more than this useful designat. for this side of the water; while in vain I search , Palmer's Non. Conf. Mem. III. 150 and 1 for ment. of any but Andrew of Trin. Col. Cambr. and Joshua, s. of Humphrey of Shropsh. wh. were respectable among the cler. confessors. JOHN, Salem, with alias, Barbart, m. 14 Oct. 1661, Mary Bishop, had Mary, b. 30 Oct. 1662; Familiar (if a possib. name), 26 Sept. 1664; and Elizabeth 5 July 1666.

BARNEY, JACOB, Salem, freem. 14 May 1634, had John, bapt. 15 Dec. 1639, was rep. 1635, 8, 47, 33, and d. 1673, aged 72. JACOB, Salem, s. of the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. m. 18 Aug. 1657, Hannah Johnson, wh. d. 5 June 1659; and next he m. 26 Apr. 1660, Ann Witt, d. of Jonathan of Lynn or Salem, had Hannah, b. 2 Mar. 1661, prob. d. young; Sarah, 12 Sept. 1662; Abijah,31 Oct. 1663; John, 1 Aug. 1665; [[vol. 1, p. 124]] Jacob, 21 May 1667; Ruth, 27 Sept. 1669; Dorcas, 22 Apr. 1671; Joseph. 9 Mar. 1673; Israel, 17 June 1675; Jonathan, 29 Mar. 1677; Samuel, 10 Feb. 1679; and Hannah, again, 6 Feb. 1681, wh. m. John Cromwell. JACOB, Boston 1668, was one of the found. of the first Bapt. soc. in the town; yet no more is told of him, even in the valu. Hist. of Boston by Mr. Drake.

BARNUM, or BARNAM, RICHARD, may perhaps be thot. of Boston, as he was in Moseley's comp. k. in the bloody assault, on Sunday, 19 Dec. 1675, upon the Narraganset fort. RICHARD, Danbury, m. bef. 1696, Mary, d. of the sec. John Hurd of Stratford. Perhaps he was s. of Thomas, wh. m. the mo. of Mary THOMAS, Norwalk 1662, was bef. that at Fairfield, and after at Danbury, had Thomas, b. 9 July 1663; John, 24 Feb. 1678; Hannah, 14 Oct. 1680; and Ebenezer, 19 May 1682; but six more ch. he had, two s. four ds. yet at N. are no more rec. nor I can find the names of these six, or either of them, or of either of two ws. one of wh. outliv. him, wh. d. 1695. His wid. Sarah, wh. had been prob. wid. of the sec. John Hurd, d. 24 Jan. 1718.

BARNELL, GEORGE, Boston 1638, a cooper, freem. 10 May 1643, d. 2 Sept. foll. In Geneal. Reg. 11. 383 is an abstr. of his will, made 28 May, pro. 30 Oct. of that yr. giv. ho. and lds. to w. Ann for life, provid. for ch. John, James, and Ann, and two gr.ch. when they shall be 21 yrs. old; but the names of these two seem strangely spelt. "The tools of his trade " lead the diligent compiler, in a note, to explain, that he seems "to have been a mission;" but I follow the ch. rec. at his adm. into that body, 5 Sept. 1641, as prob. the correct designat. and Mr. Drake from town rec. shows it. His d. Ann had m. William Semond. JAMES, Boston, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. was liv. in 1677; but the rec. has no acco. of a fam. JOHN, Boston, cooper, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. ar. co. 1643, and 1656 was ens. of that disting. co. by w. Mary, d. of Elder William Colbron, held John b. 6 Aug. says the town rec. but the more trustworthy ch. rec. says bapt. 3 Aug. 1645, d. young; Mary, b. 16 Mar. 1647; Hannah, 23 Apr. 1651; John, again, 15 Mar. 1653, d. young; William, 28 July 1654; and John, again, 1666; and d. 29 Aug. 1658. His. wid. m. Daniel Turell. But in the will of gr.f. Colbron, ano. s. James, is rememb. JOHN, Watertown, by w. Elizabeth had Abigail, b. 20 Apr. 1658; but the wide-seeing eye of Dr. Bond did not discern this inhab. and therefore I am compel. to trust the Middlesex rec. of b. JOHN, Boston, s. prob. of John of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 4 Apr. 1677. THOMAS, the Mass. freem. of 1645, was of Braintree; but of him I can see no more, and can feel no doubt that what appears Barrill in print, should be Barrett. WILLIAM, Boston, br. of George of the same, d. 20 Aug. 1639. WILLIAM, Scituate, perhaps s. of John of Boston, tho. Deane calls him s. of William. 1680, Lydia, d. of John Turner, wid. of John James, had William, b. 1683; Lydia, 1684; Mary, 1686; and James, 1687.

BARR, CHRISTOPHER, Charlestown, a young man, wh. d. of fever, 17 Oct. 1694. JOHN, Ipswich 1667.

BARRETT, BENJAMIN, Hatfield, a soldier under Capt. Turner, 1676, [[vol. 1, p. 125]] wh. may have been s. of Humphrey, but more prob. of John of Malden, m. 1677, Sarah Graves, perhaps d. of John of Hadley, and sec. w. Mary, is. of Robert Alexander, rem. to Deerfield, and d. 1690, leav. ch. Benjamin, John, Jonathan, Sarah, and Rebecca. CHARLES, Newport, by w. Catharine, wh. he took at Barbados, had Rosamond, b. May 1665, as the Friends' rec. proves to me, but it certif. no more. HUMPHREY, Concord 1640, freem. 1657, wh. d. Nov. 1662, aged 70, had Thomas, wh. was drown. in the riv. 1660; Humphrey; and John, by Shattuck said to have sett. at Marlborough. His wid. Mary, in her will, of 15 June, pro. 20 Oct. 1663, names s. John and Humphrey, and gr.ch. Mary B. as also her br. Oliver, wh. d. Sept. 1671. HUMPHREY, Concord, s. of the preced. freem. 1682, had, I suppose, m. a d. of Robert Hawes of Roxbury, wh. in his will calls him s. had Joseph, and Benjamin, was rep. Oct. 1691. JAMES, Charlestown, m. Hannah, d. of Stephen Fosdick, had James, b. 6 Apr. 1644; Hannah, 21 Mar. 1648; Mary; Sarah; John, 6 May 1655; and Stephen, special. nam. in the will of gr.f. Fosdick. He d. 16 Aug. 1672; and his wid. d. 1681. Hannah m. John Scolley. JAMES, Malden, s. of the preced. m. 11 Jan. 1672, Dorcas, d. of Thomas Green of the same (that Thomas, wh. d. 1682), had James, b. 1672; John, 1675; and Jonathan, 1678; and d. 1694. JOHN, Taunton, 1643. JOHN, Malden 1653, had Benjamin, b. 18 Dec. of that yr. rem. to Wells, there was made constable 1657, ens. 1660, rep. 1681. Perhaps he was br. of James; and his w. Mary was d. of Edmund Littlefield of W. wh. in his will of Dec. 1661, pro. 17 Apr. foll. names her and s. John, prob. mean. the h. JOHN, Marlborough, s. of Humphrey the first, m. 19 Sept. 1656, Mary Pond of Sudbury, and d. July 1711, leav. s. John. JOHN, Chelmsford, by w. Sarah had Lydia, b. 22 Sept. 1659; and (unless we suppose error in the rec.) Samuel, 16 June 1660. JOHN, Charlestown, m. 6 June 1664, Elizabeth Cousins, rem. to Chelmsford, there in 1679, call. sen. so that ano. of the same name was liv. there. JOHN, Stratford 1671. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of James of the same, was prob. never m. but of slender health, made his will, 1678, in wh. he opens with say. he was 23 yrs. old, not likely to live long, and directs, that mo. brs. and sis. should have his prop. It was pro. 1682. JOSEPH, Chelmsford, freem. 1676, was perhaps s. of the sec. Humphrey. ROBERT, Charlestown 1674, d. 1675, and his wid. Hannah d. 5 Jan. 1691. STEPHEN, wh. serv. as commissary for Conn. in Philip's war, 1675. I have been unable to discov. any thing more a. his resid. or fam. STEPHEN, Charlestown, s. of James the first, m. 14 May 1680, Elizabeth (of an undecyph. or hieroglif. name, whereof the initial is M.) and he d. 1689. THOMAS, Braintree, may prob. be he wh. came at 16 yrs. in the Increase, 1635, was made freem. 1645, tho. the print. list has Barrill, and was of the number of petitnrs. for gr. of ld. at Warwick [[vol. 1, p. 126]] that our Gen. Ct. had confiscat. and to part of wh. they gave 10,000 acres forfeit. by the misbeliev. friends of Gorton; m. 14 Sept. 1655, Frances Woolderson, had Martha, b. 17 Sept. 1656; Mary, 17 Apr. 1658; and perhaps others, and d. at Chelmsford 1668, in his will of 1 July 1662, pro. 6 Aug. foll. names w. Margaret, eldest s. John; Thomas; and Joseph, the youngest. THOMAS, Cambridge, had w. Lydia, and rem. to Marlborough, there d. Jan. 1673, in his will of 16 Jan. pro. 1 Apr. foll. provid. for w. and three ch. WILLIAM, Cambridge, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah, d. of Richard Champney of the same, m. 19 Aug. 1636, had Lydia, b. 17 Sept. 1657; and John, 1660. His w.d. 21 Aug. 1661,and he m. 16 June 1662, Mary, d. of John Barnard, had William, b. 3 May 1665; Edward, 8 Jan. 1667; Samuel, 7 Feb. 1669; and Bartholomew, 1 Apr. 1672, wh. d. next mo. She d. 28 Mar. 1673, and he took for third w. 8 Oct. foll. Mary Sparhawk, d. of Nathaniel of the same, and d. 16 Mar. 1689, aged a. 60. By John Pool of Reading, in his will, Barrett is call. s. in law, wh. seems to prove, that P. had m. the mo. of B.'s first w. Of this name the gr. at Harv. in 1832 were 7, at Dart. 3, and at other N. E. coll. 4.

BARRON, DANIEL, Woburn 1653, was perhaps s. of Ellis the first. ELLIS, or ELLIZ, Watertown, freem. 2 June 1641, brot. from Eng. prob. three or four ch. for Bond names the issue in this order, ELLIS; Mary, wh. m. 10 Dec. 1650, Daniel Warren; Susanna, wh. m. 14 Dec. 1653, Stephen Randall; Hannah, wh. m. a. 1659, Simon Coolidge; John; Sarah, b. 4 July 1640; Moses, 1 Mar. 1643; and Peter, a soldier in Moseley's comp. k. by the Ind. Sept. 1675. He had two ws. Grace (thot. to be mo. of all those ch.), and Hannah, wid. of Timothy Hawkins, m. 4 Dec. 1653; was constable 1658, selectman 1668, and d. 30 Oct. 1676. His will made four days bef. pro. 19 Dec. foll. provides for w. for the seven ch. remain. after loss of Peter, and for gr.ch. Elizabeth Barron. ELLIS, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. Hannah, d. of Timothy Hawkins, and Bond gives the date wh. I have taken for m. of her mo. with the f. of this h. tho. he may be right, and possib. mo. and d. f. and s. were m. on one day, yet it seems less prob. He had Ellis, b. 22 Apr. 1655; Hannah, 6 Mar. 1658; Elizabeth 14 Apr. 1660, d. soon; Sarah, 4 Nov. 1662; and perhaps Elizabeth again; rem. to Groton, there had Grace, 29 July 1665; Mehitable, 22 June 1668; Timothy, 18 Apr. 1673; Dorothy, 6 Mar. 1675, perhaps d. young; and Abigail, 14 Nov. 1676. At Lancaster he made his will 31 Dec. 1711, pro. 7 Oct. foll. wh. teaches us the names of hs. for six of his ds. Abigail Houghton, Mehitable Parker, Hannah Cady, w. of James, Elizabeth Philbrick, w. of Ephraim, Sarah Taylor, and Grace Stevens. He had prefer. L. to G. after the equal destruction of both. From Groton he was dliv. in Philip's war, and reappears at W. with w. Lydia. ELLIS,

[[vol. 1, p. 127]]

Lancaster, s. of the preced. m. 27 May 1679, Mary, d. of Rev. John Sherman, and honr venerable rec. may distort a name is shown here, where the clk. must certif. that Elizabeth Barron jr. m. Mary Sherman; and he had sec. w. Lydia, unless Bond have confus. him with his f. as he suspect. JOHN, Groton, s. of Ellis the first, had John, b. 4 Apr. 1665; Moses, 26 Mar. 1669; Ellis, 4 June 1672; and Elizabeth 28 Sept. 1677; but the name of his w. or date of his d. is not seen. MOSES, br. of the preced. may have liv. at Woburn, at least he m. Mary, eldest d. of Isaac Learned of that place, but prob. d. early. PETER, Marblehead, fisherman, made his will 28 Oct. 1675, going on serv. against Ind. and d. 26 Nov. foll. TIMOTHY, Watertown, a weaver, s. of Ellis the sec. m. 10 Mar. 1698, Rachel, d. of Samuel Jennison of the same, had Joseph, bapt. 30 Oct. foll.; Timothy, 1 July 1700; Peter, b. 26 July 1702; Samuel, Oct. 1704, d. next mo.; and Hannah, 6 Aug. 1709; and his wid. Rachel m. John King. Of Oliver, H. C. 1788, it is said by William Winthrop, in his interleav. catal. that he d. 1809, a physician in the Isle of Man.

BARROWS, or BARROW, JAMES, Dover, was tax. 1670, says Mr. Quint, but he tells no more. JOHN, Plymouth, had w. Deborah, s. Robert, Benajah, Joshua, and Ebenezer, beside two ds. when he d. 12 Jan. 1692. Perhaps he had s. John to be a soldier of Gallop╒s comp 1690. ROBERT, Plymouth, perhaps br. of the preced. m. 28 Nov. 1666, Ruth, d. of George Bonum, had Eliezur, b. 15 Sept. 1669, wh. d. soon; and no more is kn. of the f. ROBERT, Plymouth, s. of John, m. Lydia Dunham, had Robert, b. 1689; Thankful, 1692; Elisha, 1695; Thomas, 1697; and Lydia, 1699.

BARRY, JOHN, New London 1659, may have been only transient, as he is seen only as a witness to deed of ld.

BARSHAM, JOHN, Portsmouth, or as Bond thinks, of Exeter, eldest s. of William, by w. Mehitable had Annabel, b. 31 May 1670; Mary, 26 Feb. 1672; Dorothy, 2 Feb. 1674; Sarah, 11 Aug. prob. 1675; and William, 25 Apr. 1678. JOSHUA, Watertown, br. of the preced. outliv. his f. but in Bond's opin. was never m. NATHANIEL, Watertown, br. of the preced. m. 13 Mar. 1679, Elizabeth eldest d. of the first William Bond, was town clk. selectman sev. yrs. and a lieut. in the wretched expedit. of Phips against Quebec, 1690, atter a capt. had no ch. and d. 2 Aug. 1716. His wid. d. 23 Dec. 1729. PHILIP, Deerfield, k. by the Ind. at Bloody brook, with Capt. Lathrop, 18 Sept. 1675, left w. and perhaps ch. WILLIAM, Watertown, came, it is thot. 1630, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, by w. Ammiel, or Annabel, had John,b. 8 Dec. 1635, H. C. 1658; Hannah, 7 Jan. 1638; William; Joshua, 15 Mar. 1641; Susanna, 28 Jan. 1642; Nathaniel, 1644; Sarah; Mary, 24 June 1648; Rebecca, 12 Dec. 1657; and Elizabeth 29 July 1659. He d. 13 July 1684, in his will of 23 Aug. preced. with codic. of 15 Apr. foll. not nam. w. leads us to infer, that she was a. No doubt he was a man of good public spirit, selectman 1653, [[vol. 1, p. 128]] and fill. other office of import. Hannah m. 19 Dec. 1656, John Spring jr.; Susanna, and Sarah m. and had ch. but their hs. are not mark.; Mary m. 7 May 1675, deac. John Bright, and next, 12 Dec. 1700, Hannah Parker of Reading; Rebecca m. 14 May 1683, Edward Winship of Cambridge; and Elizabeth m. 5 July 1694, Adam Eve of Boston; yet to so odd a name Bond puts a quere for place, while my suspicion attaches more to the person's spell.

BARSTOW, BAIRSTO, or BERESTO, GEORGE, Boston, came from London, in the Truelove, 1635, aged 21, was in 1636, favor. with gr. of ld. at Dedham, but prob. went not thither bef. 1642, ar. co. 1644, no w. or ch. at D. is ment. bef. he rem. to Scituate, there beside some childr. wh. d. early, had Margaret, bapt. 24 Feb. 1650; and George, b. Mar. 1652, bapt. 12 June 1653, after d. of his f. at Cambridge, on 18 Mar. of that yr. His wid. Susanna, d. of Thomas Marrett, or Marryott, of Cambridge, d. 17 Apr. 1654. GEORGE, Roxbury, prob. s. of the preced. by w. Mary had Susanna, b. 2 Nov. 1684; and George, Aug. 1687. Perhaps he rem. to Rehoboth, there had Samuel, 1 May 1705; and d. 6 Apr. 1726. JEREMIAH, Scituate, s. of John of Cambridge, by w. Lydia had John, and eremiah; the last was tak. by the Ind. a few weeks after d. of his f. (wh. fell in the Rehoboth fight 26 Mar. 1676), and soon k. by them. His wid. m. 1677, Richard Standlake. JOHN, Cambridge, usually writ. Baistoe, was youngest br. of George the first, by w. Hannah had Michael, b. 1653; John; and Jeremiah; was drown. 13 Feb. 1658, aged 33, by fall. thro. ice of Charles riv. travel. from Dedham in the night. JOHN, Scituate, br. of Jeremiah of the same, m. 1678 Lydia, d. of William Hatch sec. of the same, had Job, b. 8 Mar. 1679; Jeremiah, 28 Aug. 1682; John, 16 Feb. 1684; Jerusha, 21 Nov. 1687, d. soon; Susanna, 5 May 1689; Abigail, 8 Mar. 1692; and Lydia, 26 Mar. 1696. JOSEPH, Scituate, s. of William the first, m. 16 May 1666, Susanna, d. of Thomas Lincoln, the husbandman, of Hingham (wh. d. very aged, 31 Jan. 1730), had Susanna, b. 3 June 1667; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1675; Benjamin, 1 Mar. 1679; Deborah, 26 Dec. 1681; and Samuel, 1 Jan. 1683; and d. 17 Apr. 1712. His ho. was a garrison 1675. MICHAEL, or MILES, Charlestown, eldest br. of George the first, with w. Marcia join. the ch. 5 Dec. 1635, and was made freem. 3 Mar. foll. rem. bef. 1642 to Watertown. He was from Shelf, near Halifax, Co. York, W. Riding, s. of Matthew, says Bond, bapt. 17 Nov. 1600, m. 16 Feb. 1625 Grace Halstead, wh. Bond, 677, notes as the same with Marcia. He brot. prob. his w.'s sis. Susanna, wh. d. unm. As he had no ch. his will of 23 June 1674 proves his est. good, as was the spirit in which he div. it (see Geneal. Reg. VIII. 169); and his w. hav. d. 20 July 1671, many relat. partook, beside the benefac. to his spirit. guide, Rev. John Sherman, the farm of 100 acres. He d. 1676, not, as [[vol. 1, p. 129]] sometimes said, the day of date of his will. He wrote his name Bairstow. MICHAEL, Watertown, eldest s. of John of Cambridge, freem. 1690, m. 12 Jan. 1677, Rebecca, d. of John Train of W. had only ch. Hannah, b. 20 Jan. 1679. WILLIAM, Dedham, next br. of Michael the first, carne with his younger br. George, in the Truelove, 1635, aged 23, from London, where their names at the custom ho. were writ. Beresto, by w. Ann had Joseph, b. 6 June 1639, bapt. 25 Apr. 1641, his mo. join. the ch. that mo.; Mary, 28 Dec. 1641, bapt. next Sunday; Patience, 3 Dec. 1643, bapt. 9 June foll. He rem. to Scituate, there had, prob. Sarah; and ano. d. whose name is not seen; certain. Deborah, Aug. 1650; William, Sept. 1652; and Martha, 1655; and he d. 1 Jan. 1669. His wid. m. John Prince of Hull. Patience m. Moses Simmons, 1662, as Bond, 678, tells; Mary m. 14 May 1656, William Ingram of Boston; Sarah m. a. 1665, Nathaniel Church; Deborah m. 9 Nov. 1670, Philip Shattuck; and Martha m. 9 Dec. 1674, Samuel Prince, s. of the h. of her mo. Worthington calls him Wilkin, wh. is more strange than his spell. Bearstowe. WILLIAM, Scituate, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Rebecca, b. 12 Mar. 1676; Martha, 1678; a s. bapt. 7 Nov. 1680, says Barry, prob. d. young, but his name is not told by B.; Ann, 26 June 1681; William, 23 Nov. 1684 ; Mary, 21 Feb. 1687; Benjamin, 22 July 1690 ; and Susanna, 8 Mar. 1693. Descend. of two of the four brs. are much distrib. in Fairhaven, Rochester, Hanover, ana perhaps Salem; and six of the name, if one without r may be incl. are seen among Farmer's gr. at N. E. coll. in 1834.

BARTHOLOMEW, HENRY, Salem 1635, said by tradit. to have arr. 7 Nov. of that yr. was freem. 17 May 1637, then aged 36, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth bapt. there 3 Oct. 1641; Hannah, 12 Feb. 1643; John, 10 Nov. 1644; Abraham, 8 Nov. 1646; Eleazer, 29 July 1649; Abigail, 6 Oct. 1650; William, 3 Oct. 1652; Elizabeth again, 2 July 1654; and Henry, 10 May 1657; beside Sarah, b. 29 Jan. 1659; was rep. 1645, and 17 yrs. more, but not as Felt makes him, in his list for 1635, prob. then mistak. him for William, as he did also in citing testimon. against Mrs. Hutchinson. A. 1679 he rem. to Boston, and his w. d. 1 Sept. 1682; and he d. 22 Nov. 1692. His d. Abigail m. 2 Jan. 1672, Nehemiah Willoughby. HENRY, Salem, s. of the preced. had w. Catharine, but no ch. and d. 1698, leav. in his will of 25 Sept. 1694, no subj. of remark. JOSEPH, Boston 1667, mariner, may have been s. of William. RICHARD, Salem, 1638, br. of Henry the first, freem. 2 June 1641, ar. co. 1643, d. 1646 on voyage from Boston to London, prob. unm. certain. leav. no w. or ch. as is infer. from his will of 6 Jan. pro. 4 Aug. foll. WILLIAM, Ipswich, came from London 1634, in the sh. with Rev. John Lothrop, Zechary Symmes, and Mrs.Ann Hutchinson, arr. Sept. Against the scheme of that lady's revelations he was a ready witness, as Hutch. in Hist. II. 510 exhibits him. Made freem. 4 Mar. 1635 he was a rep. 1635, and 7 yrs. more; lib. short time, a. 1657, at Gloucester; rem. as [[vol. 1, p. 130]] a merch. to Boston, a. 1660, perhaps at Marblehead 1674, and d. at Charlestown 18 Jan. 1681. His wid. d. 29 Jan. 1683; and d. Mary m. 24 Dec. 1657, Matthew Whipple of Ipswich and, next, the first Jacob Green of Charlestown. WILLIAM, Roxbury, perhaps s. of the preced. a carpenter, m. 17 Dec. 1663, Mary Johnson, prob. d. of Isaac of the same, had Isaac, b. 1 Nov. 1664; William, 16 Oct. 1666; Mary, 26 Oct. 1668; and Elizabeth 15 Mar. 1674; rem. soon after, to Hatfield, where one of his ch. was tak. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677; and may have been of Branford 1685.

BARTLETT, ABRAHAM, Middletown, youngest s. of George of Guilford, m. 11 June 1693, Mary Warner, d. of the first Andrew of the same, had Mary, b. 18 May 1694; Abraham, 4 Mar. 1697; Joseph, 24 Oct. 1699; Timothy, 25 Mar. 1702; and Ebenezer, 6 Nov. 1705; and d. 20 Feb. 1731. His wid. d. 28 May 1738, aged 74. BENJAMIN, Duxbury, s. of Robert of Plymouth, m. 1656, Sarah, d. of Love Brewster, had Benjamin, Samuel, Ichabod, Ebenezer, and Rebecca, beside Sarah, prob. all by that w. but he had in 1678 a sec. w. Cicely. He was rep. 1685, as in Baylies, IV. 19. BENJAMIN, Windsor, s. of John of the same, m. July 1665, Deborah Barnard, had Deborah, b. 3 Apr. 1666; Benjamin, 21 June 1668, d. young; Isaiah, 9 Dec. 1670, d. soon; Isaiah, again, 26 July 1672; Ephraim, 17 Jan. 1674; Jehoida, 2 Nov. 1675; and Benjamin, again, 5 Dec. 1677. CHRISTOPHER, Newbury 1635, m. 16 Apr. 1645, first w. Mary; had Mary, b. 15 Oct. 1647, d. young; Ann, 28 Sept. 1650; Martha, Mar. 1653; Christopher, 11 June 1655; and Jonathan, 5 July 1657, d. at 2 yrs.; and his w. d. 24 Dec. 1661. He m. 19 Dec. 1663, Mary Hoyt, perhaps d. of John, had John, 13 Sept. 1665, wh. d. at 3 mos. and the f. d. 15 Mar. 1670, aged 47. CHRISTOPHER, Newbury, s. of the preced. m. 29 Nov. 1677, Deborah Weed, d. of John of Salisbury, had Christopher, b. 26 Feb. 1679; Deborah, 23 June 1680; Mary, 17 Apr. 1682; Ann, 29 Mar. 1684; Lydia, 19 Apr. 1688; Hannah, 2 Nov. 1689; Sarah, 23 Oct. 1691; Abigail, 7 Nov. 1695; Samuel, 16 May 1698; and Mehitable, 18 Oct. 1701; and he d. 14 Apr. 1711. DANIEL, Guilford, br. of Abraham, m. 11 Jan. 1686, Sarah, d. of deac. John Meigs, wh. d. 8 Apr. 1688, leav. only ch. Daniel, b. 31 Mar. bef. Next he m. 11 Feb. 1691, Concurrence, d. of Henry Crane, of Killingworth, had John, 21 Jan. 1692; Nathaniel, 10 Feb. 1694, d. at 10 mos.; Deborah, 4 Nov. 1695; George, 7 Feb. 1698; Nathaniel, again, 1 July 1700; and Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1702. His w. d. 9 Oct. 1703; and he next m. 8 Oct. 1707, Susanna Lord of Saybrook, had Collins, 7 Mar. 1709, d. young; Lucy, 23 June 1713; Jared, 1 Mar. 1715, d. at 6 mos.; and Sarah, 22 July 1717. He d. 14 Nov. 1747, and his wid. d. 2 Feb. 1758. EDWARD, Windsor, a young man prob. but certain. had no w. or ch. when, 24 Feb. 1676, he was call. to serve in the Ind. war, and made his will; nor does Stiles give him any relat. GEORGE, Guilford 1641, of Branford 1649, m. 14 Sept. 1650, Mary, d. of Abraham Cruttenden, had Elizabeth b. Mar. 1652; Mary, 1 Feb. 1654; John, 9 Nov. 1656, wh. d. under 3 yrs.; Hannah, 5 Nov. 1658; Daniel, 14 Dec. 1665; Abraham, 19 Feb. 1667; and Deborah, 1668. He was lieut. rep. 1665, [[vol. 1, p. 131]] deac. and d. 3 Aug. 1669; and his wid. d. next mo. Elizabeth m. 29 Aug. 1677, Abraham Fowler; Mary m. 10 July 1673, Nathaniel Stone; and Deborah m. 16 Mar. 1687, John Spinning. GEORGE, Scarborough 1663, wh. d. 1674, had d. Elizabeth wh. m. Nicholas Baker of Marblehead, as teaches Willis, I. 135. HENRY, Braintree, was one of the comp. of brave Capt. Johnson, in the gr. Narraganset fight. ISAIAH, Windsor, s. of John of the same, m. 3 Dec. 1663, Abia Gillet, had John, b. 12 Sept. 1664. JEHOIADA, Hartford, s. of John of Windsor, had Martha, b. 28 July 1674. Sarah, 30 May 1677; James, 7 Dec. 1681; Joseph; Samuel, 4 April 1688; and Isaac, 22 May 1696; and d. 14 June 1718. JOHN, Newport 1639. JOHN, Newbury 1635, came, 1634, in the Mary and John from London, was of Co. Kent, freem. 17 May 1637, had John, but other ch. is not kn. and d. 13 Apr. 1678, and his wid. Joan d. 5 Feb. foll. JOHN, Windsor 1640, br. of George of Guilford, had Isaiah, whose name is wild. spell. on rec. Stiles, 532, b. 13 June 1641; Benjamin, bapt. 26 Mar. 1643; Hepzibah, b. 14 July 1646; Jehoiada, bapt. 23 Dec. 1 649; and Mehitable, 11 May 1 651; was liv. 1669. JOHN, Newbury, s. of John of the same, m. 5 Mar. 1660, Sarah, d. of John Knight, had Gideon, b. 18 Dec. foll.; and Mary; was freem. 1669. JOHN, Weymouth, by w. Sarah had John, b. 11 Feb. 1666. JOHN, Marblehead 1674. JOHN, Newbury, s. of Richard the sec. of the same, call. (to disting. him as one of four contempo. Johns there), the tanner, m. 29 Oct. 1680, Mary Rust, had Mary, b. 17 Oct. 1681, wh. d. at 5 mos.; John, 24 Jan. 1683; Mary, again, 27 Apr. 1684; Nathaniel, 18 Apr. 1655; Dorothy, 22 Aug. 1686; Sarah, 27 Nov. 1687; Hannah, 13 Mar. 1689; Nathan, 23 Dec. 1691; Abigail, 12 Aug. 1693; and Alice, 18 Mar. 1695; and d. 24 May 1736. JONATHAN, MArblehead 1656. JOSEPH, Plymouth, s. of Robert of the same, had Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Elnathan, Mary, Hannah, and Lydia. JOSEPH, Cambridge vill. or Newton, m. 27 Oct. 1668, Mary Waite, had Mary, b. 17 Feb. 1672; Joseph, and Mary, tw. 5 Mar. 1673; Elizabeth 5 Feb. 1677; John; and Sarah; and d. 26 Dec. 1702. His wid. d. 21 Dec. 1721. Elizabeth m. 8 Mar. 1709, James Prentiss, says Jackson; but he makes him, in a later part of his Hist. m. that same day, Elizabeth d. of Henry of Marlborough; and Sarah m. 1708, Jonathan Willard. JOSEPH, Newton, s. of the preced. by w. Hannah had Thomas, b. 25 July 1697; Benjamin, 24 May 1699; Elizabeth 23 Sept. 1701, d. next yr.; Joseph, 8 Apr. 1703; and perhaps Ebenezer. His w. d. Dec. 1730, and he m. 1732, Mercy Hyde, wh. d. 2 yrs. after, and he d. June 1750. JOSEPH, Newbury, fifth s. of Richard the third of the same, was a soldier, taken at the assault on Haverhill, 29 Aug. 1708, when his capt. Wainwright was k. by the Ind. and held in captiv. four yrs. of wh. he left a narrat. and d. 1754. See the excel. Hist. of Coffin, 331. NATHANIEL, Newbury, whose f. is not heard of by me, had James, and Mary, Dec. 1679. Coffin. NICHOLAS, Kennebunk 1651, was liv. at Salem 1700, as Willis shows, I. 67. RICHARD, Newbury 1637, shoemaker, br. of the first

[[vol. 1, p. 132]] Christopher, had brot. two s. and one d. and others he had here, tho. we are igno. of the dates of any but the youngest, and approx. the eldest. Their names were Richard, b. 1621, prob. the first b. John, Christopher, Joanna, and Samuel, wh. was b. 20 Feb. 1646; and the f. d. 25 May 1647. RICHARD, Newbury, s. prob. eldest of the preced. b. in Eng. by w. Abigail had Richard, b. 21 Feb. 1649; Thomas, 7 Sept. 1650; Abigail, Mar. 1653; John, 22 June 1655; Hannah, 18 Dec. 1657; and Rebecca, 23 May 1661. His w. d. 1 Mar. 1687, and he d. 1698, aged 76. RICHARD, Newbury, eldest s. of the preced. m. 18 Nov. 1673, Hannah, d. of John Emery, had Hannah, b. 8 Nov. 1674; Richard, 20 Oct. 1676; John, 23 Sept. 1678; Samuel, 8 July 1680, d. at 5 yrs.; Daniel, 8 Aug. 1682; Joseph, 18 Nov. 1686; Samuel, again, 2 May 1689; Stephen, 21 Apr. 1691; Thomas, 14 July 1695; and Mary, 15 Nov. 1697. His eldest s. was gr.f. of Richard of Pembroke, N. H. whose gr.s. Richard was late Secr. of the State; and Stephen, his seventh s. was f. of Gov. Josiah, b. at Amesbury, Nov. 1729, one of the signers of the declara. of Indep. ROBERT, Plymouth, came in the Ann, Ju]y 1623, m. 1628, Mary, d. of Richard Warren, had Benjamin; Joseph, b. 1638; beside six ds.; Rebecca, m. 20 Dec. 1649 William Harlow; Mary, m. 10 Sept. 1651, Richard Foster, and next, 8 July 1659, Jonathan Morey; Sarah, m. 23 Dec. 1656, Samuel Rider of Yarmouth; Elizabeth m. 20 Dec. 1661, Anthony Sprague, of Hingham; Lydia, b. 8 June 1647, m. James Barnaby, and next John Nelson, of Middleborough; and Mercy, b. 10 Mar. 1651, m. 25 Dec. 1668, John Ivey of Boston. He was of the first purch. of Dartmouth, and d. 1676, aged 73; and his wid. m. 24 Oct. 1692, or 1699, Thomas Delano. Unhap. both yrs. are giv. in Winsor's Hist. ROBERT, Hartford, an orig. propr. had been of Cambridge 1632, if, as is prob. he came in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept. of that yr. had Samuel; Nathaniel, wh.d. unm.; Abigail; and Deborah, bapt. 8 Mar. 1646; rem. to Northampton, a 1655, there was k. by the Ind. 14 Mar. 1676. His wid. Ann d. the same yr. Abigail, m. 17 Dec. 1657, John Stebbins of N. as his sec. w. and Deborah m. John Cowles jr. of Hatfield. ROBERT, New London 1658, br. of William, and heir to his est. had w. Sarah, wh. d. first, and he d. 1673. He had no ch. nor is any relationsh. ascertain. betw. these brs. and either of the scores with the same patronym. By nuncup. will he gave to the town all his prop. for support of a sch. in grateful remembr. of wh. is nam. the N. L. Bartlett Gram. Sch. and as he wag a merch. of mark, Bartlett's reef in the sound preserves his mem. ROBERT, Marblehead 1674, may have been br. of John of the same, wag freem. 1683, and m. Mary, youngest ch. of Rev. William Walton of the same. SAMUEL, Newbury, s. of Richard the first, freem. 1672, m. 23 May 1671, Elizabeth d. of William Titcomb, had Elizabeth b. 13 May 1672; Abigail, 14 Apr. 1674;

[[vol. 1, p. 133]] Samuel, 28 May 1676; Sarah, 7 July 1678; Richard, 13 Feb. 1680; Thomas, 13 Aug. 1681; Tirzal), 20 Jan. 1684; and Lydia, 5 Nov. 1687. His w. d. 26 Aug. 1690, and he d. 15 May 1732. SAMUEL, Northampton, eldest s. of Robert of the same, m. 1672, Mary, d. of James Bridgeman, wh. d. 1674, in so unnatur. name., that her h. f. and others less expos. to mak. wrong judgm. ascrib. this to witchcraft, and upon that capit. charge was Mary, w. of Joseph Parsons, sent down to Boston for trial. In May 1675, she was acquit. By sec. w. Sarah, d. of the first Joseph Baldwin, he had Samuel, b. 1677; Sarah, 1679; Mindwell, 1681; Joseph, 1683; Ebenezer, 1685; Elizabeth 1687; Preserved, 1689; William, 1693; David, 1695; and Benjamin, 1696; all these liv. to m. and the f. d. 1712. THOMAS, Watertown 1631, came in the employm. of William Pelham, I think, the yr. bef. and is call. by Bond, an orig. propr. and freem. 4 Mar. 1635, not 6, as he had print. p. 18, was made ens. 1639, and by w. Hannah had Hannah, bur. 26 Aug. 1639; Mehitable, b. 15 July 1640; Hannah, again, 6 Aug. 1642; Bathshua, 17 Apr. 1647; and Abial, 28 May 1651; was often selectman, and d. 26 Apr. 1654, aged a. 60. In his will the w. and four ch. are provid. for, and she d. 11 July 1676. Mehitable m. 7 Jan. 1658, Henry Spring; Hannah m. 19 Jan. 1668, John Kendall; Bathshua m. 23 Nov. 1671, John Applin; and Abial m. 24 Oct. 1669, Jonathan Saunderson. THOMAS, Newbury, s. of Richard the sec. m. 1685, Tirzah Titcomb, and d. 6 Apr. 1689. His wid. m. James Ordway. WILLIAM, New London 1647, d. in a. ten yr.c. leav. wid. Susanna, but no ch. Of this name Farmer found, in 1834, sixteen gr. at Harv. eight at Yale, and thirty-one at the sev. other coll. of N. E.

BARTOLL, JOHN, Marblehead, by w. Parnel had Mary, b. 1 Feb. 1643; and he d. Nov. 1664. His wid. sold, 1665, to John Hooper, parcel of ld. at M. next to Robert Hooper. WILLIAM, Lynn, m. Susanna Woodbury, d. prob. of Humphrey of Salem, as sec. w. had Susanna, b. 25 Jan. 1666, wh. I presume, d. young, for at Salem he brot. to be bapt. 25 July 1669, William, John, Robert, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, and Alice; beside Andrew, 22 Aug. 1680, and William, again, b. 4 Oct. 1682. Rev. Cyrus A. min. of Boston, Bowd. Coll. 1832, is of later stock than this work regards.

BARTON, BENJAMIN, Warwick, s. of Rufus of Providence, m. 8 June 1669, Susanna, d. of the celebr. Samuel Gorton, was freem. 25 Mar. in the same yr. chos. an assist. 1674, and d. 1720. In his will of 22 Oct. of that yr. arc nam. ch. Rufus, Andrew, Phebe, Naomi, and Susanna. Ano. d. wh. had m. 16 May 1697, Jabez Green of Providence, was then prob. dec. EDWARD, perhaps of Exeter 1657, was of Cape Porpus to a. June 1671, leav. a wid. to admin. on his prop. EDWARD, Pemaquid, perhaps s. of the preced. was adm. freem. of Mass. 1674. JAMES, [[vol. 1, p. 134]] Newton 1688, had been of Boston, where he had good est. and was a ropemaker, by w. Margaret had Margaret; John, b. 5 Sept. 1686; and others, for wh. the rec. of b. furnishes no light. He d. 1729, aged 86, leav. wid. wh. d. 1731, aged 87. Jackson, in his will of 1729, finds two ds. if not three, as Margaret Simpkins, and Ruth Cook, gr.s. Thomas Stanton, together with gr.s. James, John, Samuel, and Michael, a rememb. The four last may be thot. s. of John. His d. Margaret had m. 23 Dec. 1699, Robert Calef. JOHN, Salem, s. prob. of the preced. a physician, m. 90 Apr. 1676, Lydia Roberts, perhaps d. of Thomas of Boston, had John, b. 2 Feb. 1677, d. in 5 days; John, again, 30 Jan. 1678, d. young; Thomas, 7 or 17 July 1680; Zaccheus, 1 Apr. 1683; Elizabeth Oct. 1685; and Samuel, 30 Aug. 1688. He was a capt. went home more than once, and d. on a voyage to Bermuda. Thomas and Samuel were men of good repute in Salem, the former a physician, many yrs. town clk. col. of the reg. m. 10 May 1710, Mary, gr.d. of Dept. Gov. Willoughby, had John, H. C. 1730; and d. 28 Apr. 1751; the latter had two ws. Mary Butler, and Elizabeth Marston, and d. 13 Mar. 1772. MARMADUKE, of some part of Mass. was in 1643, condemn. to slavery, and to be brand. but in the Col. Rec. II. 16, the offence is not set out. MATTHEW, Salem, 58 yrs. old in 1709, by w. Sarah had Susanna, b. 10 May 1680; Matthew, b. 6 Nov. 1682. Sarah, 1 Apr. 1685; and Elizabeth 20 Apr. 1687. RUFUS, Providence, had fled from persecut. by the Dutch at Manhattan, and sat down 1640, at Portsmouth, R. I. In Winthrop II. 323 is a let. from him to the Gov. in 1648, and a few mos. after he d. in such a manner, as caus. one to be charg. with his murder, but without convict. By the town council of P. as Judge Brayton assures me, a sort of distrib. as testamenta. of his est. was made 20 Mar. 1666 to the ch. Elizabeth Benjamin, wh. was then under 21 yrs. of age and Phebe, with wid. Margaret, wh. m. Walter Todd. Phebe m. 23 May 1671, Richard Codner of Swanzey. SAMUEL, Salem 1692, s. prob. of James, a physician, not unemploy. in the infernal cases of witcher. STEPHEN, Bristol, perhaps s. of the preced. or of Thomas, was rep. 1690, at Plymouth, Ct. and under the new chart. 1692, at Boston. THOMAS, Mass. 1616, may have been br. of Rufus.

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