A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 187 - 198
Bittlestone - Blatchley

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

BITTLESTONE, BIDLESTON, or BIDDLESTONE, Thomas, Cambridge, [[vol. 1, p. 188]] had w. Elizabeth and only d. Elizabeth perhaps only ch. and d. 23 Nov. 1640. His will, of 30 Oct. preced. leav. to Rev. Robert Fordham a fellow passeng. memo. of kindness, giv. in abstr. Geneal. Rtg. 11. 263, leads me to feel sure, that he had not long been in the country, and prob. that William wh. d. 5 Oct. 1640, was his s. More than 3/5 of his inv. of prop. £271. 2. 2. was in money. His wid. d. 1 July 1672, and his d. had m. 13 Dec. 1650, John Briscoe of Watertown.

BITTS, JAMES, Boston, "the Scotchman," to wh. Capt. Keayne, in Dec. 1653, by codic. to his will, gave 20S. Perhaps he was a prisoner, taken in the battle of Dunbar, 3 Sept. 1650, sent over the yr. after to be sold here (of whose recept. here Cotton wrote to the Ld. General Cromwell in that curious letter, preserv. in the invalu. vol. call. Hutch. Coll.), for of that cargo of human flesh we have no invoice; while his name is not seen in the doleful consignm. of 272 others by the John and Sarah, suppl. from the fatal field of Worcester, call. Cromwell's crowning mercy, in the foll. yr.

BIXBY, DANIEL, Andover, m. 2 Dec. 1674, Hannah, prob. d. of Thomas Chandler of the same, had Daniel, Thomas, David, and Joseph, b. respectiv. 18 Sept. 1675; 18 Dec. 1681; 15 Feb. 1688; and 5 Mar. 1696; beside the ds. Hannah, 13 Dec. 1679; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1683; Mehitable, 3 Apr. 1690; and Mary, 10 Apr. 1693; and d. 1717. JONATHAN, Newton 1691, s. of Joseph the sec. by w. Rachel, m. 1709, had Rachel, perhaps others, certain. Hannah, posthum. 30 Apr. 1715, he having d. 1714, prob. under mid. age. In Hist. of N. Jackson could find little of him to tell. JOSEPH, Salisbury, an early sett. m. 1617, Sarah, wid. of Luke Heard, wh. came from Assington, Co. Suff. and her maid. name was Wyatt, as Farmer tells; was then of Ipswich, and Rowley bef. 1667, but I can tell no more. JOSEPH, Boxford, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 1682, Sarah Gould, had Sarah, Joseph, Jonathan, George, Daniel, Benjamin, Mary, and Abigail, and d. a. 1704. NATHANIEL, IPSWICH 1637, of wh. Mr. Felt can tell me no more. THOMAS, Salem 1636; and equal. short is the tale for him. Very freq. is the name in our early rec. Bisby or Bigsbee, as it was pronounc. and not rarely is heard in our day. A wid. Mary B. was receiv. into Boston ch. 20 June 1640; but of wh. she had been w. is not found.

BLACHLEY, AARON, Branford, m. 1686, Sarah, wid. of Robert Foot. Moses and THOMAS, of the same town, engag. 1667, in form. ch. covenant, prob. were brs.

BLACK, DANIEL, Rowley 1680, in the pt. wh. bec Boxford. One of the prisoners, after the sad gleanings at Worcester fight, 3 Sept. 1651, sent over here for sale by the John and Sarah, bore this name, and may be the sufferer possib. but not prob. as near all of the poor fellows d. bef. his date, of homesickness or the scurvy. GEORGE, Gloucester, by w. Dorothy, had Thomas, b. 9 June 1658, d. soon; and Ruth, 3 Sept. 1659. HENRY, freem. of Mass. 1645, of wh. no more is heard by me. [[vol. 1, p. 189]] See Blake. JOHN, Charlestown 1634, with w. Susanna, adm. of the ch. 4 Jan. foll. yet not being nam. by Frothingham causes a doubt as to resid. but he was adm. freem. 29 May 1644. At Salem, Felt finds a John, 1636, wh. he thinks the same and freem. 6 Mar. 1632, wh. seems inconsist., had Lydia, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636, d. soon; Lydia, again, 3 June, 1638; and ano. d. 27 Nov. 1640, not nam. on the rec. He d. at Beverly, 16 Mar. 1675, in 66th yr. and his wid. Freeborn d. 1681, aged 46. JOHN, Beverly, s. prob. of the preced. freem. 1670. MILES, Sandwich 1643. RICHARD, freem. of Mass. 1645. Not seldom this name is confus. with Blake.

BLACKBURNE, WALTER, Boston 1640, had, perhaps liv. at Roxbury, was of ar. co. 1638, freem. 22 May 1639, went home 1641, leav. w. Elizabeth but whether the h. came back, or she foll. him, no means of telling are within reach.

BLACKFORD, NICHOLAS, Newport, among, the freem. of 1655.

BLACKLEACH, BENJAMIN, Cambridge, m. Dorcas, d. of Nathaniel Bonman, had Nathaniel, and Benjamin, as from the will of the f. of their mo. is learn. The wid. m. a March. JOHN, Salem 1634, freem. 6 May 1635, an active merch. rep. 1636, by w. Elizabeth beside John, had Exercise, bapt. 24 Jan. 1637; Joshua, 23 Feb. 1639; Elizabeth 12 Dec. 1641, d. soon; Benoni, May 1643; Elizabeth again, 4 Aug. 1614; and Solomon; rem. to Boston, where his d. Exercise m. 24 Aug. 1660, Richard Rasor; thence rem. to Hartford, went home prob. in 1678 (unless it were his s. John, that went) but next yr. came again, and d. at Wethersfield, 23 Aug. 1683. His w. Elizabeth d. a few weeks earlier. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 25 May 1659; John, b. 1660, rem. next yr. to Hartford, there bot. of his f. the est. that Elder Goodwin sold him, went to Eng. in 1678, but next yr. emb. for Boston, 8 Mar. in the Mayflower, with a ch. wh. may have been sent there for educat. and, after long resid. at Wethersfield, d. 9 Sept. 1703, aged 77, and the rec. is prob; aggrav. by 10 yrs. His wid. d. 1708, aged 74. His ds. then were Elizabeth Harris, and Mary Olcott, w. of John, wh. had first been wid. of Thomas Welles, and after d. of O. was w. of Joseph Wadsworth the intrepid preserver of the Col. Chart. in the famous Charter Oak of Hartford. His s. John d. 1700, leaving only s. John. RICHARD, Stratford 1685, then call. hims. 30 yrs. old. He m. Dec. 1680 Abigail, eldest d. of John Hudson of New Haven, wh. d. Mar. 1713, had Richard, Jael, and Joseph. He m. 1717, a wid. wh. had two hs. bef. and he d. 1731.WILLIAM, Boston, perhaps transient resid. for short period betw. 1641 and 9. Sometimes this name appears Blacklidge.

BLACKLEY, or BLAKESLEY, EDWARD. See Blakesley. JOHN, New Haven, eldest s. of Samuel, m. Grace, d. of Moses Ventris, had John, b. 15 July 1676; Hannah, 6 Aug. 1681; Mary, 15 May 1683; and perhaps others. SAMUEL, New Haven, m. 3 Dec. 1650, Hannah Potter, liv. first at Guilford, there had [[vol. 1, p. 190]] John, b 22 Oct. 1651, but at N. H. others; Hannah, 22 Oct. 1657, wh. d. young; Mary, 2 Nov. 1659; Samuel, 8 Apr. 1662; Ebenezer, 17 July 1664; and Hannah, 22 May 1666; these four bapt. 16 Sept. of this last yr. in right of their mo. Jonathan, 3 Mar. 1669, d. soon; and ano. s. Apr. 1672, wh. d. soon; as had the sec. Hannah; and he d. 17 May 1672, leav. only four ch. of wh. three s. were proprs. in 1685 at N. H. His wid. m. 21 Dec. 1676, Henry Brooks. SAMUEL, Woodbury, s. of the preced. m. 20 Nov. 1684, Sarah Kimberly, had Samuel, b. 28 Jan. 1686; Miriam, 2 May 1688; Jonathan, 6 Jan. 1691; Sarah, 8 Sept. 1692; Ann, 2 Dec. 1694; Mary, 16 Sept. 1696; James, 27 Apr. 1699; Mehitable, 31 Aug. 1702; and Tilley, 18 Mar. 1705. Of this list the first and last were b. at Roxbury, and the first six were bapt. Cothren says, in Aug. 1697. THOMAS, wh. came in the Hopewell, Capt. Babb, from London, 1635, aged 20, is by Hinman, 116, found in some pt. of Conn. but, unluck. he tells not where. In many rec. the name is inextric. confus. with Blatchley, and should be Blakesly.

BLACKMAN, BENJAMIN, Dorchester, youngest s. of John of the same, had Keziah, bapt. 18 June 1693; Elizabeth 16 Dec. 1694; Susan, 28 Nov. 1697; George, 31 Mar. 1700; Jemima, 15 Mar. 1702; Hepzibah, 24 June 1704; Mary, 6 July 1707; Eliphalet, and Benjamin, both 4 May 1712; but the name of his w. is unkn. HENRY, Charlestown, of wh. I can hear nothing, but that he d. a. 1674, and that leave to sell his ho. in favor of his ch. (only one) was giv. May 1675, to John Trumbull of C. whose d. Mary he m. 25 Aug. 1663. But the man╒s name was Blackmore. JOHN, Dorchester 1640, perhaps earlier, by w. Mary, d. of Robert Pond, had John, b. 10 Aug. 1656; Jonathan, 1 Jan. 1658; Sarah, bapt. 17 July 1659; Joseph, b. 27 June 1661; Mary, bapt. 18 Oct. 1663; and. Benjamin, 31 Dec. 1665; was freem. 1665, and d. 28 Apr. 1675, leav. wid. Sarah, by wh., perhaps, he had Adam, 9 Dec. 1670; and Abraham, 8 Feb. 1675. JOHN, Dorchester, s. of the preced. m. 26 Mar. 1685, Jane, d. of William Weeks, had Thankful, bapt. 14 Feb. 1686; John, 14 Aug. 1687; Elizabeth 31 Mar. 1689; Josiah, 8 Mar. 1691; Mary, 1 May 1692; Jane, 18 Feb. 1694; Joseph, 5 Feb. 1696; Hannah, 12 Mar. 1699; Ebenezer, 9 June 1700; and Renew, 27 Aug. 1704.

BLACKMORE, JAMES, Providence, m. Mary, d. of William Hawkins, but no date is kn. to me, exc. that he bot. ld. of Thomas James, Jan. 1690, and had JOHN, wh. when he sold that est. 15 Feb. 1717, call. hims. s. and heir of James. JOHN, Lynn, rem. 1637, to Sandwich, as Lewis says, without telling his bapt. name. As the surname is so very rare, it may be lawful to conject. that he was f. of Henry of Charlestown, whose w. Mary d. 26 Mar. 1671, in her 24th yr. and of that Providence John no more is in my power to tell. WILLIAM, Scituate 1665, Deane says, came that yr. from Eng. m. 1666, Elizabeth Banks, had Peter, b. 1667; John, 1669; Phebe, 1672; and William, 1675; was k. by the Ind. 21 Apr. 1676, and next yr. his wid. m. Jacob Bumpus. Phebe m. Ebenezer Holmes; Peter d. 1692, leav. Joseph, and Jane; William d. 1698,without ch. and John was then liv.

BLACKWELL, JEREMY, came in the Truelove, 1635, aged 18, and that is all I have gain. a. him. John, Sandwich, s. perhaps eldest, of Michael [[vol. 1, p. 191]] of the same, by w. Sarah had John, b. 26 Dec. 1675; Nathaniel, 16 Dec. 1676; Desire, 20 Dec. 1678; Alice, 8 May 1681; Jane, 3 Nov. 1682; Lettice; and Caleb. He d. 1678; and at the distrib. of the est. of their gr.f. wh. d. 1709, neither Desire, nor Caleb, nor Nathaniel, is nam. tho. both Caleb and Nathaniel are nam. in his will. JOHN, Boston, was one of the purchas. 1684, of a large tract from Mass. for hims. and others in London, and at the last elect. in 1686, bef. loss of our chart., was candid. to be chos. an Assist. See Hutch. Coll. 543. Douglas, I. 419. Belkn. I. 116, and Col. Rec. V. 467, 504. JOSHUA, Sandwich, br. of the preced. had Joshua, b. 12 Jan. 1683; Mary, 5 Oct. 1684; Samuel, 13 Apr. 1689, beside Michael, Sarah, Jane, and four other ds. not nam. at the distribut. of est. of the gr.f. MICHAEL, or MYLES, Sandwich, had Michael, b. 1 June 1648, wh. d. at 25 yrs. prob. unm.; John; Joshua; and Jane. Hardly can I doubt, that this man is he designat. in the Col. list of those able to bear arms 1643, as Miles Black, Geneal. Reg. IV. 257.

BLACKWOOD, CHRISTOPHER, Scituate, hot. 1641, the ho. of Rev. John Lothrop, and succeed. him as preach. but next yr. sold the est. to Chauncy, wh. bec. the sett. min. and B. went home. See Lechford, 41; and Deane, 172, 222.

BLAGDEN, SAMUEL, New Hampsh. with most others, in 1691, solicit protect. of Mass.

BLAGGE, HENRY, Braintree, brickburner, had Philip, b. 24 Mar. 1643, rem. prob. to Boston 1653, d. 1662, leav. wid. Elizabeth and s. Nathaniel, a brickmaker, wh. is very near, I judge, to the same trade with his f. He left good est. of wh. 19 Aug. of that yr. admin. was giv. to the wid. for self and seven ch. Often the spell. is Blague, and, I think, sometimes Black.

BLAGUE, JOSEPH, Saybrook, m. 10 Feb. 1685, Martha Kirtland, d. prob. of Nathaniel of the same, had Elizabeth b. 26 May 1687; Joseph, 17 Nov. 1689, d. at 2 yrs.; Mary, 27 Aug. 1692; Joseph, again, 7 Oct. 1694; and where he was b. the spell. may have differ.

BLAISDELL, or BLASDALE, HENRY, Salisbury, by w. Mary had Ebenezer, b. 17 Oct. 1657; Mary, 29 May 1660; and Henry, 28 May 1663; rem. to Amesbury, there was freem. 1690; may have been s. of Ralph. RALPH, Salisbury 1640, but part of that yr. was liv. at York, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 5 Mar. 1642; Ralph, 1643; beside, perhaps, Henry, b. in Eng. 1633; and certain. Sarah, wh. d. 17 Jan. 1647. I think some ground for conject. there is that the f. went away and d. For in Aug. 1667, a wid. B. was there and then d. when Mary, d. of her h. was w. of John or Joseph Stowers, as we may prefer to award the bapt. name, under the light of Geneal. Rep,. VllI. 53 and 4. The name [[vol. 1, p. 192]] is found in New Hampsh. and one of the M. C. of that State in 1809-10 was Daniel B.

BLAKE, CHRISTOPHER, Boston 1663, a tailor. EDWARD, Dorchester, s. of William, b. in Eng. m. Patience, d. of John Pope, had Edward, wh. d. 30 Sept. 1676; Jonathan; Solomon; Mary, wh. m. a Pitcher; Sarah, wh. m. Richard Talley; Jane m. a Kilton; Susanna m. Nathaniel Wales; and Abigail, wh. m. 31 Dec. 1695, Obadiah Swift the sec. but I regret to add, that my acco. of this fam. is very indistinct. He was a cooper in Boston, and from his prosper. business enabl. to rem. near to his native fields 1678, then bec. Milton, where he d. 1692, in his will of 31 Aug. in that yr. nam. those seven ch. but giv. little more inform. GEORGE, Gloucester 1640, was selectman 1641, by w. Dorothy had Rebecca, b. 1641; Deborah; Prudence, 15 Apr. 1647; Elizabeth 31 May 1650; Mary, 14 Feb. 1652; Thomas, 9 June 1658; and Ruth, a Sept. 1659; rem. to Andover, where Prudence m. 6 July 1666, Moses Tyler. He d. 17 Feb. 1699; and his wid. d. 12 Feb. 1702, at Boxford, wh. was formerly part of A. HENRY, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 28 Oct. 1652; Martha, 2 Nov. 1655; and Rebecca, 5 July 1657. He d. 26 July 1662. Farmer suppos. he might be the H. Black wh. was made freem. 1645; but I see some reas. for differ. opin. JAMES, Dorchester, s. of William the first, b. in Eng. freem. 1652, rep. 1677, was deac. and rul. Elder, m. a. 1651, Elizabeth eldest of the ch. of deac. Edward Clap, had James, b. 15 Aug. 1652; John, 16 Mar. 1657; Elizabeth 3 Oct. 1658; Nathaniel, 4 July 1659; Jonathan, 12 July 1660; Sarah, 28 Feb. 1665, d. next yr.; and Joseph, 27 Aug. 1667. His w. d. 16 Jan. 1694, and he m. 17 Sept. 1695, at Rehoboth, Elizabeth Hunt, and d. 28 June 1700, aged 77. His will, made two days bef., is very abund. in giv. fam. connex. JAMES, Dorchester, eldest s. of the preced. was deac. m. 6 Feb. 1682, Hannah Macy, wh. d. 1 June foll. their only ch. Elizabeth d. in Nov. preced. few days after b. He next m. 8 July 1684, Ruth Batchelder, had Hannah, b. 16 Sept. 1685, d. at one yr.; James, 30 Apr. 1688 (the dilig. collect. of the Annals of D. for wh. we are so much indebt.), wh. d. 4 Dec. 1750; and Increase, 8 June 1699. His will of 8 Aug. 1721, provides for the two s. and their mo. wh. a. in her 90th yr. 11 Jan. 1752; but he had d. 22 Oct. 1732. JASPER, Hampton, d. 11 Feb. 1673, had Dorothy, or Deborah, b. 17 Sept. 1668, wh. m. 22 Jan. 1689, Nathaniel Locke of the same. But in his will he names w. Deborah, and ch. Timothy, Israel, John, Jasper, and Deborah, and cous. Samuel Dalton. JEREMIAH, New London 1680, of wh. Miss Caulkins tells that he bot. ld. 1681, and was there 1688. 

JOHN, Dorchester, s. of William the first, b. in Eng. ar. co. 1642, freem. 1644, m. 16 Aug. 1654, wid. Mary Shaw (says the Boston rec.), but wh. had been her former h. or whose ch. she was I see not. [[vol. 1, p. 193]] Perhaps he liv. some yrs. in Boston, a. 1663; and d. there early in 1689, and from his will of 10 Jan. in that yr. that gives to w. and to his brs. and neph. and nieces, beside others, but no ch. may safely be infer. that he left none. Yet he had Hannah, b. 16 Jan. 1659, wh. prob. d. young, and the Geneal. Reg. IX. 17G, erron. makes him f. of deac. John, wh. was his neph. JOHN, Dorchester, sec. s. of James the first, had w. Mary, wh. may have borne to him Mary, 26 Apr. 1687; John; and Samuel, 26 Sept. 1691; but of this last nothing is heard, but that he was gr. of Harv. 1711, and d. within four yrs. nor of John, except that he d. 19 Apr. 1689, very young. By sec. w. Hannah he had Hannah, b. 8 Sept. 1693; Elizabeth 21 Feb. 1696; John, again, 23 Apr. 1698; and Josiah, 11 Mar. 1700. No full report of the m. of either w. is within reach, nor can dates of b. of all of the ch. be found. Yet he was town clk., deac. and a. 2 Mar. 1718. JOHN, Middletown, m. 1673, Sarah, d. of Richard Hall of the same, had Mercy, b. 16 Nov. of that yr.; Sarah, a. 1675; Mary, 29 July 1677; Elizabeth 16 Mar. 1679; Abigail, 25 Jan. 1681; John, 19 Mar. 1683; Jonathan, 27 July 1685; Stephen, 15 July 1691; and Richard, wh. d. at 11 mos. JOHN, Hampton, took o. of alleg. 26 Apr. 1678. JOHN, Boston, joiner, had w. Sarah, and s. Richard, as from his will, 8 Oct. 1692, is learn. I presume he had not many yrs. liv. here, for he speaks of prop. in Eng. as well as in N. E. wh. he gives wholly to w. and makes her extrix. so that the s. was prob. young. JOSEPH, Dorchester, youngest s. of James the first, by w. Mehitable had Hopestill, b. 11 Jan. 1691; Nathaniel, 6 Sept. 1692, d. in few weeks; Elizabeth 5 Dec. 1693; Mehitable, 23 Mar. 1696; Joseph, 8 Mar. 1699; Zipporah, 8 Jan. 1701; Ruth, 10 Dec. 1702; Ann, 3 Mar. 1705; Jeremiah, 13 Mar. 1707; Sarah, 14 July 1709, and Ebenezer, 22 Oct. 1712; and the f. d. 1 Feb. 1739. NATHANIEL, Boston 1676. PHILIP, Boston 1676. RICHARD, Andover 1645, one of the found. of the ch. perhaps was passeng. in the Confidence 1638, from Southampton, aged 16. In 1644 he was at Dorchester, but this seems slight ground for the tradit. that he was br. of William the sec. He d. 1695, therefore he was, I think, too young to be omit. in numb. of s. of the f. tho. William had br. Richard, b. four yrs. it is said, later than hims. We may well think that Richard d. young. 

WILLIAM, Dorchester, wh. came 1630, in the Mary and John, was eldest s. of Giles of Little Baddow, Co. Essex, had brot. with him William, b. 1620; James, 1623; John; and Edward, bef. ment. and perhaps Ann, wh. m. Jacob Legare; in 1636 went to Springfield with Pynchon, yet contin. hardly more than a yr. He was a very useful citizen,freem. 14 Mar. 1639, ar. co. 1646, selectman, town clk. etc. and d. 25 Oct. 1663, aged 69. His wid. Agnes, prob. mo. of all his ch. d. 22 July 1678. To her his will, made 3 Sept. 1661, pro. 28 Jan. 1664, refers, and to five ch. of wh. four were s. but none are nam. [[vol. 1, p. 194]] *WILLIAM, Dorchester, eldest s. of the preced. b. in Eng. had Samuel, b. 14 May 1650; Ann, 6 Mar. 1653; Mary, 20 Mar. 1655; and William, 22 Feb. prob. 1657; Nathaniel, 4 July 1659; Edward, 13 Apr. 1662; Experience, 17 June 1665; beside Susan, wh. d. 4 May 1676; and at Milton (lately set off from D.), of unkn. date, Mehitable. All these, exc. William, wh. had been press. 1675, for a soldier in Philip's war, and enroll. in Moseley's comp. and prob. d. of the hardships of the Narragansett serv. are nam. in his will of 23 June 1703. From this we learn all the surnames of h's of his ds. Ann, m. 18 Dec. 1676, Thomas Gilbert, the only one of wh. I learn the date or bapt. name; however strange such ignorance may appear. The others are call. Mary Willis, Experience Carver; and Mehitable Briggs. He was rep. for M. sev. yrs. His wid. Hannah, d. of Thomas Tolman wh. certain. was not mo. of the earliest ch. had been w. of George Lyon, d. 4 Aug. 1729, aged 87 yrs. At the N. E. coll. in 1830, Farmer found thirteen gr. of this name, eleven of them at Harv.

BLAKEMAN, ADAM (as I saw that he wrote at the University, as he usual. did after, tho. some of his descend. would have it Blackman), b. in Staffordsh. was bred at Christ's Coll. Oxford, being matricul. 28 May 1617, in his 19th yr. preach. in the Cos. of Leicester and Derby bef. he came over, wh. was a. 1638, and was soon after at Guilford, but in 1640 bec. the first min. of Stratford. His ch. exc. Benjamin, were prob. all b. in Eng. and he d. 7 Sept. 1665; and the wid. Jane d. 1673. Lechford, 43, miscalls him Blackwell. In the Magn. III. 94, c. 7, Mather exults at his chance for a pun; Trumbull tells something; and the ch. rec. of Roxbury, a little; but we rejoice in his will of 16 Mar. 1665, as copious in informat. One d. and five s. Mary, James, Samuel, Benjamin, John, and Deliverance are ment. in it; and from later report the last was a wild youth, wh. gave his mo. much disquiet. His Latin bks. he would give to Joshua Atwater, s. of his d. Mary, if he were educ. for the min. tho. first intend. for s. Benjamin, wh. first chose ano. way of life; yet, in the end, the gr.s. refus. the legacy, ana Benjamin took to learn. BENJAMIN, Malden, youngest s. of the preced. after gr. at coll. 1663, was preach. at M. and there ord. 1674; m. 1 Apr. 1675 (not Sarah, as strangely is seen in the rec. of M., but) Rebecca, d. of Joshua Scottow, wh. d. as her gr.stone tells, 21 Mar. 1715. He gave up his pulpit 1678, rem. next yr. to Saco, there was a magistr. but he for some short term preach. at Scarborough. During the great French and Ind. war being driv. to Boston, he serv. 1683, as rep. for S. but contin. to live at B. At 3d ch. were bapt. his ch. Benjamin, 13 Sept. 1685; and Rebecca, 14 Apr. 1689. See Belkn. I. 125; and Hutch.I. 364. DELIVERANCE, Stonington, s. of Rev. Adam, b. in Eng. d. 20 Apr. 1702, leav. Adam, b. 1687; and Hannah, 1693; by w. Hannah, and he d. 1702. 

EBENEZER, Stratford, 9. of John the first, m. 4 Oct. 1681, [[vol. 1, p. 195]] Patience, d. of John Wilcoxson, had Dorothy, b. 18 Mar. 1683; John, 4 Apr. 1685; Elizabeth 18 Feb. 1688; and Ebenezer, 9 Aug. 1690. By sec. w. m. 3 Nov. 1692, Abigail, d. of Jonathan Curtis, had Jonathan 24 Apr. 1696; David, 6 Jan. 1698, d. at 5 yrs.; Abigail, 20 Nov. 1700, d. at 3 yrs.; Nathan, 29 Sept. 1702; and Sarah, 3 Apr. 1705; and he d. 1715. JAMES, Stratford, br. of Deliverance, b. in Eng. m. 1657, Miriam, d. of Moses Wheeler (tho. it may be doubt. for she was b. 28 Mar. 1647), had Sarah, b. 25 Apr. 1658; Mary, 24 Apr. 1661; Hannah, 21 Jan. 1665; Jane, 26 Oct. 1668; Miriam, 8 Feb. 1671; Zechariah, 26 May 1678; Adam, 1 Jan. 1683; and James, 4 Dec. 1686; and d. 1689; his will being pro. 7 Nov. of that yr. made 18 July bef. His wid. m. Edward Broom, wh. sett. B.╒s est. 1694; but wh. he was is unkn. JOHN, Wethersfield, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. a. 1653, Dorothy, d. of Rev. Henry Smith, and rem. to Stratford, had John, Ebenezer, and Joseph; and d. 1662. His will of 19 Jan. in that yr. was pro. 26 Nov. foll. and his wid. m. 31 Oct. 1665, Francis Hall of S. wh. d. 1689. Her third h. was Mark Sension of Norwalk, wh. d. 1693; and her fourth, a. 1694, was deac. Isaac Moore of Farmington, and she d. a. 1706. After the d. of her first, she was sought by John Thomas, but Rev. Adam had in his will giv. her £5, "if she m. not John Thomas," and take her friends' adv. or contin. a wid. JOHN, Fairfield, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Abraham Kimberly, whose wid. m. John Curtis, had Abraham, b. 25 Oct. 1694, nam. as only ch. in his will of 6 Sept. 1706. JOSEPH, Stratford, br. of the preced. m. 14 July 1674, Hannah, d. of Francis Hall, had Joseph, b. 12 Apr. 1675; John; Samuel; Abigail, 12 Aug. 1680; and Rebecca. For sec. w. he m. 29 Jan. 1700, Esther Wheeler. SAMUEL, Stratford, s. of Rev. Adam, b. prob. in Eng. m. Nov. 1660, Elizabeth eldest d. of the first Moses Wheeler, had s. b. Jan. 1662, d. at two mos.; Abigail, 11 Nov. 1663; Adam, 4 Dec. 1665; and Joanna, 14 Sept. 1667; and he d. 27 Nov. foll. His wid. m. 1670, Jacob Walker; and Abigail m. 4 Dec. 1679, Hezekiah Dickinson, and was mo. of famous Jonathan, Presid. of N. J. Coll.

BLAKESLEY, EBENEZER, New Haven, was an early sett. and no more is told. Trumbull, Cent. Ser. 32. He m. Dec. 1650, Hannah, d. of John Potter. Ano. EBENEZER of New Haven, perhaps, s. of the preced. had Ebenezer and Hannah, tw. b. 4 Feb. 1685; Abigail; Susanna, 21 May 1689; Grace, 1 Jan. 1694; Abraham, 15 Dec. 1695; and Isaac, 31 July 1703; and d. 24 Sept. 1735. EDWARD, Roxbury, was bur. 3 Nov. 1637, had good est. as his inv. of 25 Dec. foll. proves, and his d. Sarah, wh. had admin. of it, d. in May after. See Blackley, and Blatchley.

BLANCHARD, GEORGE, Charlestown 1658, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. d. 18 Mar. 1700, aged 82, leav. Nathaniel; Hannah, wh. m. 7 Dec. 1682, Thomas Shepard of the same, but not the min. and Sarah, m. 22 Aug. 1687, Thomas Dean of Concord. He had two ws. and by the first were b. Joseph, and Elizabeth wh. m. 15 Apr. 1675, George Grimes; and by the sec. w. was George; but of the dates of any, or of the mo. of the first nam. ch. I am ign. JOHN, Charlestown, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 1649, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah, b. 6 Jan. 1659, and other ch. as Benjamin, James, Sarah, Mary, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Thomas, perhaps more, some of wh. left large posterity, but he rem. to [[vol. 1, p. 196]] Dunstable in its early day, was there one of the found. of the ch. 16 Dec. 1685, and a deac. yet dates and other details are not seen. JOHN, Newbury, d. of smallpox, 24 July 1678. JONATHAN, Dunstable, perhaps s. of Thomas, was, in 1681, one of the town officers. JONATHAN, Andover, s. of Samuel, m. 26 May 1685, Ann, d. prob. of John Lovejoy. JOSEPH, Boston, d. Dec. 1637, but whether ch. or adult, is not seen. JOSEPH, Charlestown, s. of George of the same, m. 13 Apr. 1681, Hannah, d. of Thomas Shepard of the same, had Elizabeth b. 30 Sept. 1682, d. in few mos.; Hannah, 14 Feb. 1684, d. in few days; Joseph, 7 Mar. 1686; Thomas, 28 Jan. 1688; Moses, and Aaron, tw. 4 Mar. 1690, of wh. Moses d. in few hours; and Stephen, 23 Aug. 1694. JOSEPH, Dunstable, s. of deac. John, m. 25 May 1696, Abiah d. of Joseph Hassell, wh. d. 8 Dec. 1746, had Elizabeth b. 15 Apr. 1697; Esther, 24 July 1699; Hannah, 28 Oct. 1701; Joseph, 11 Feb. 1704; Rachel, 23 Mar. 1705, prob. d. soon; Susanna, 29 Mar. 1707; Jane, 19 Mar. 1709; Rachel, again, 23 Mar. 1712; and Eleazer, 1 Dec. 1715; and d. 1727. NATHANIEL, Charlestown, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. 16 Dec. 1658, Susanna, d. of Edward Bates, rem. to Weymouth, had John, b. 27 Mar. 1660; Mary, 1 Dec. 1662; Nathaniel, 25 Sept. 1665; Edward, 7 June 1668; perhaps Susanna, 12 Aug. 1671; and Mercy, 14 Apr. 1674. His wid. m. 1680, prob. Thomas Bass, as his sec. w. and Mary m. Thomas Faxon the third. PETER, New London 1662, liv. prob. on the R. I. bounds. SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of Thomas, came in the Jonathan 1639, aged 10 yrs. as is said, m. 3 Jan. 1655, Mary, d. of Seth Sweetser, rem. after 1664, to Andover, and d. Apr. 1707. Some of his ch. were Jonathan; Joseph; Thomas, wh. m. 22 May 1699, Rose Holmes of Marshfield, and d. 1759, aged 85; John; perhaps Hannah, wh. m. 24 May or 4 Oct. 1699, Stephen Osgood. See Abbot, Hist. of Andover, 39. THOMAS, Braintree 1646, soon after rem. to Charlestown, came in the Jonathan from London in 1639, with sev. ch. of wh. Thomas was one, all prob. by a first w. His sec. w. wh. had been wid. Agnes Barnes, a sis. of John Bent, d. with her inf. also, on the voyage, and he d. 21 May 1654. In his will, of five days earlier, he ment. w. Mary, ch. Nathaniel, Samuel, and George, and George's s. Joseph. His wid. stood up for the orthodoxy of Marmaduke Matthews at Malden, to wh. town Thomas had rem. THOMAS, Charlestown, on Mistick or Malden side, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. by w. Ann, or Hannah, had Mary, and Sarah; and he d. early in Feb. 1651. His wid. m. 18 Oct. foll. Richard Gardner of Woburn. 

THOMAS, Dunstable, s. of deac. John, by first w. Tabitha had Tabitha, b. 27 Feb. 1689; Hannah, 29 Nov. 1690, both at Woburn; Abigail, 5 May 1694; and John, 20 May 1696. His w. d. 29 Nov. foll. and he m. 4 Oct. 1698, Ruth Adams of Chelmsford, had Thomas, 12 Aug. 1699; William, 1701; and Ruth, 1 Apr. [[vol. 1, p. 197]] 1703; and d. 9 Mar. 1727. WILLIAM, Salem 1637, freem. 2 June 1641; prob. had w. Ann, d. of James Everill, rem. to Boston, and here join. our ch. May 1647, had John, b. 18 Sept. 1652; and d. 1 Oct. of that yr. His will of four days bef. pro. 18 Nov. foll. names mo. Ann (wh. I find, had ld. 1638 at S.), w. Hannah ; ch. John, and Henry; br. John; f.-in-law Everill, whose three ch. he also rememb. and childr. of sis. Gorlick. His wid. m. 13 May 1655, George Manning. Of this name, in 1834, the gr. at Harv. were five; at Yale, and Dart. two ea.

BLAND, JOHN, Edgartown 1646, d. a. 1667, leav. w. Joanna, by wh. he had ds. Annabel, and Isabel. The latter m. Thomas Lovett of Hampton.

BLANDFORD, JOHN, Sudbury 1641, an orig. propr. m. wid. Dorothy Wright, had Sarah, b. 27 Jan. 1643; Hannah, 7 Mar. 1644; John, 6 Mar. 1646; Stephen, 3 Dec. 1649; and perhaps more. He had come in the Confidence, 1638, from Southampton, aged 27, in employm. of Walter Haynes, prob. bring. w. Mary, wh. d. 4 Dec. 1641; and I presume belong. to Co. Wilts. His will of 21 Oct. 1687, pro. 23 Nov. foll. bef. Sir Edmund Andros, gave all his est. to w. Dorothy for her life, but names s. Stephen, d. Maynard; beside s.-in-law Jabesh Brown, and Edward Wright; the latter s. of his w. by former h. and the other, I doubt not, h. of his d. Hannah. Sarah m. 11 Sept. 1665, Elias Keyes. STEPHEN, Sudbury, s. of the preced. m. Susanna, d. of Robert Long, of Charlestown. THOMAS, Watertown, m. 18 Dec. 1673, Elizabeth Eames (perhaps d. of Thomas of Dedham), the rec. then spell. his name Blaynford; and no more is kn. of him.

BLANDING. See Blanton.

BLANEY, JOHN, Lynn 1659, m. 11 July 1660, Hannah King, perhaps d. of Daniel the first, had John, b. 5 May 1661; Daniel, 3 Aug. 1664; Henry, 15 Aug. 1666; Hannah, 11 Nov. 1667; Joseph, 2 Oct. 1670; and Elizabeth 17 Aug. 1673. For sec. w. he m. Nov. 1678, Elizabeth wid. of old Thomas Purchas, or Purchis. Lewis's Hist. 134, says descend. of his s. Joseph are still at L. JOHN, Charlestown, m. perhaps in 1668 or 9, Sarah, wid. of John Powell of the same, had Susanna, b. 13, bapt. 15 June 1673; Sarah, 17, bapt. 18 July 1675; Ann, 25, bapt. 27 May 1677; Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1679; Rebecca, 13, bapt. 20 b. 1681; Catharine, 15, bapt. 18 Feb. 1683; and John, 3, bapt. 4 Jan. 1685. and the mo. d. 18 Oct. 1694, aged 51. His will was pro. 1706.

BLANTON, BLANTAINE, or BLANDING, WILLIAM, Boston 1640, a carpenter from Upton in Co. Worcester, freem. 10 May 1643, by w. Phebe had William; Phebe, bapt. 21 Aug. 1642; and Mary, 3 Aug. 1645; and a. 15 June 1662. His will of 25 Apr. preced. names s. William, for not giv. to wh. more of his est. he ment. one reason, "because he win not hearken to my counsel;"and the two ds. to wh. he dispos. all his prop. after d. of his w. with provis. should they die, "then his elder br. Ralph, and, if he have no ch. then sec. br. John, both of Upton on Severn in Worcestersh. should have it." He own. Id. in that pt. of [[vol. 1, p. 198]] Boston call. Muddy riv., now Brookline, and was engag. in the iron works at Taunton. WILLIAM, Rehoboth, prob. s. of the preced. took w. 4 Sept. 1674, Bethia, whose surname is not heard, had Obadiah, b. 14 Apr. 1679; and Samuel, 11 Apr. 1680.

BLATCHFORD, PETER, New London, had serv. 1637 (bef. that town was sett.), in the Pequot war, when very young, for wh. he had gr. of la. was constable, and a valu. citizen, in 1669 rem. to Haddam, for wh. he was rep. that and the foll. yr. and d. 1671, leav. wid. Hannah, d. of Isaac Willey, wh. had been sec. w. of Thomas Hungerford, and three ch. Joanna, 5 and 2 yrs. old; Peter, 4; and Mary, 1 and 1/2. His wid. m. Samuel Spencer.

BLATCHLEY, AARON, Guilford, s. of Thomas, m. 1665, Mary, d. of Daniel Dodd, had Mary; Thomas, wh. d. 1692; Ebenezer; Hannah, b. 1674, d. young; Daniel, 1676; Joseph; Benjamin; Sarah; and Susanna; but the order is very uncert. and prob. one or two of these may have been offspring of sec. w. He rem. to Newark, N. J. after m. a. 1686, Sarah, wid. of Robert Foote of Branford. MOSES, Guilford 1672, younger br. of the preced. m. Susanna, d. of John Bishop of the same, had Abigail, b. 10 Dec. 1676, d. young; Moses, 10 Jan. 1679; David, 1680, d. soon; Mehitable, 1681, d. next yr.; Mehitable, again, 1683; Abraham, 1684; Abigail, again, 1686; David, again, 1689; Bashua, 1692; and Abial, posthum. 1693, or 4. He d. 15 Oct. 1693; and his wid. d. Oct. 1729. SAMUEL, Guilford 1650. See Blackley. THOMAS, Hartford 1640, rem. to New Haven 1643, took o. of fidel. next yr. but in two yrs. more was of Branford; encourag. the rem. of others to Newark, N. J. but did not go; in 1667 and three yrs. foll. was rep. By w. Susanna he had Aaron; Moses, b. 25 May 1650, both bapt. 1 June 1651 at New Haven; Miriam, I think, bapt. 2 May 1652; and Abigail. In his latter days he was of Guilford, and d. at Boston, a. 1674, prob. on a trading visit. His wid. m. Richard Bristow; d. Miriam m. 1670, Samuel Pond. Blachley and Blackley, sometimes represent this name, especially the latter, wh. see.

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