A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 198 - 209
Blaxton - Boltwood

By James Savage

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BLAXTON, JOHN, Cumberland, s. of William, sold the ld. deriv. from his f. and in 1692, rem. with his w. Catharine to Providence; where prob. in 1700, or shortly bef. was h. his s. John, perhaps, thence, the same yr. to Rehoboth, in that part set off as Attleborough, and from this town, as fearing he might bec. a pauper, was warn. to depart 1713. He had acquir. an unsocial temper, and liv. as a hermit; but that affection or affectation could be as well indulg. in the new resid. at Branford, wh. with high probabil. is thot. to have been his resort. His s. John there d. as the gr.stone rec. 3 Jan. 1785, unless ano. John of so unusual surname be assum. and that would be contrary to all reasona. inferences. 

WILLIAM, Boston 1625, or 6, was bred at Emanuel, often call. the [[vol. 1, p. 199]] Puritan, Coll. Cambridge, where he had his degr. 1617, and 1621, and was prob. ord. in Eng. but had no kn. cure, came in unkn. sh. at uncert. time, for undiscov. cause, and sat down, alone, on the peninsu. now the ch. part of Boston, where he contin. some four or five yrs. after the arr. of the Gov. and comp. and was adm. freem. 18 May 1631, having req. that benefit in Oct. preced. He rem. a. 1634, or 5 (and was the earliest perman. civiliz. resid. in the unborn Col.) to the neighb. of Providence (as it was soon after nam.), prob. from dissatisfact. with the puritan rigidity of Mass., built his ho. on meadow at Study hill, as he nam. the beautiful seclusion near the bank of a river, since call. Blackstone, as our Secr. prefer. to spell his name, wh. is restored now to the true form, in wh. I saw it writ. by hims. on the University books. His new resid. was at the place since call. Cumberland; but he came to Boston once more to m. 4 July 1659, Sarah, wid. of John Stephenson, had only s. John, and d. 26 May 1675, a few weeks only bef. the gr. Ind. war, in wh. his planta. was destroy. Right to admin. on his est. and give guardiansh. to his s. was assum. by Plymouth Col. wh. reckon. their bounds to include that spot, and the discretion of the governm. of R. I. prevent. controv. a. jurisdict. It is presum. that the fam. name is not extinct, tho. for many yrs. by many writers the supposit. was confident. entertain. Very respect. descend. have for five or six generat. enjoy. an est. at Branford, wh. was prob. acquir. by his gr.s. Diligent research by L. M. Sargent, Esq. ten yrs. since was crown. with satisfact. result, and his regard for the character of the emigrant was exhibit. in copious publicat. of the process of inq. See Holmes, Ann. I.; Winthrop I. 44 and 5; 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 170; and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 247; Bliss, Hist. of Rehoboth; Daggett's Hist. of Attleborough, 29.

BLAYDEN, WILLIAM, New Haven 1641, d. late in 1661, prob. unm. The inv. of 3 Jan. foll. shows petty est.

BLEASE, JOHN, Cambridge, bur. 23 Apr. 1646, may be misspelt, or is a strange name on rec.

BLETHIN, JOHN, Salem, m. 10 May 1674, Jane Marks, had John, b. 14 Mar. 1677.

BLETSO, THOMAS, Bristol, 1688, had w. and two serv. but no ch. nor is any thing more told of him.

BLIGH, JOHN, Salem. See Bly. THOMAS, Boston 1652, sailmaker, was perhaps that man nam. in Hutch. Coll. 267, and Haz. Hist. Coll. II. 359, serv. in the expedit. under Willard, 1654, for bring. Ninicraft to submit. He had Thomas, b. 1656, and prob. was expos. to maledict. as a Quaker 1658, m. 10 Sept. 1691, Sarah, wid. of William Everton. THOMAS, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Sarah Reynolds.

BLIN, PETER, Wethersfield, had four ch. b. 1675-81; but the names are not seen.

BLINMAN, RICHARD, Gloucester 1641, came from Chepstow, in Co. Monmouth, that is separat. from Gloucestersh. only by the riv. Wye. There he had preach. and with much effect, if it be true, as is said, that many wh. accomp. or follow. him from home, and had with him first set [[vol. 1, p. 200]] down at Marshfield, soon after reach. Plymouth in 1640, pursued his pleasure in cross. to the opposite side of the bay coming under ano. jurisdict. and chang. the name of their town from Cape Ann to Gloucester, the city, where sev. of them had been b. He had gr. of ld. in 1641, and was made freem. 7 Oct. of the same yr. By w. Mary he had Jeremiah, b. 20 July 1642; Ezekiel, 11 Nov. 1643; and Azrikam, 2 Jan. 1646; rem. Oct. 1650, to New London, and drew thither many of his Gloucester friends. Fewer, perhaps, follow. him to New Haven, whence after short resid. and sell. some of his library to the Col. in May 1659, he went home, carry. all his ch. exc Jeremiah, wh. was at New London so late as 1663. His w. is thot. to have been sis. of deac. William Parke of Roxbury, but with slight grounds. He d. at Bristol, "in a good old age," says Calamy, II. 610.

BLISH, or BLUSH, ABRAHAM, Barnstable, by w. Ann, wh. d. 26 May 1651, had Sarah, b. 2, bapt. 5 Dec. 1641; Joseph, 5, bapt. 9 Apr. 1648; and by sec. w. Hannah, wid. of John Barker of Duxbury, had Abraham, 16 Oct. 1654. This w. d. 16 Mar. 1658, and he m. 4 Jan. foll. Alice Derby, and d. 7 Sept. 1683. ABRAHAM, Boston, one of the found. of the ch. in Brattle str. 1698, from the rarity of the union of such names, may well be suppos. s. of the preced. JOSEPH, Barnstable, s. of the first Abraham, m. 15 Sept. 1674, Hannah Hull, had Joseph, b. 13 Sept. 1675; John, 17 Feb. 1677, wh. d. young; Ann, Feb. 1679; Abraham, 27 Feb. 1681; Reuben, 14 Aug. 1683; Sarah, Aug. 1685, d. young; Thankful, Sept. 1687; John, again, 1 Jan. 1692; d. under 20 yrs.; Tristram, Apr. 1694; Mary, Apr. 1696; and Benjamin, Apr. 1699.

BLISS, GEORGE, Lynn, rem. 1637, to Sandwich, says Lewis, to wh. Mr. Felt adds, that he was of Newport 1649, then aged 58, and he is seen in the list of freem. 1655. JOHN, Newport, s. of the preced. freem. 1669, m. Damaris, d. of Benedict Arnold the first, had Freelove, b. 17 Nov. 1672. JOHN, Northampton, s. of the first Thomas, was prob. b. at Hartford, whence, after d. of his f. of wh. perhaps he was youngest ch. he was by his mo. car. to Springfield. There he m. 7 Oct. 1667, Patience, d. of Henry Burt, had John, b. 7 Sept. 1669; Nathaniel, 26 Jan. 1671; Thomas, 29 Oct. 1673, wh. liv. to 12 Aug. 1758; Joseph, 1676, wh. d. at gr. age, unm.; Hannah, 16 Nov. 1678; Henry, 15 Aug. 1681, d. young; and Ebenezer, 1683, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1761; and rem. to Springfield, where most of his life passed, and he d. 10 Sept. 1702. JONATHAN, Rehoboth 1655, s. prob. eldest of Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. by w. Miriam Harmon, sis. prob. of Nathaniel, had Ephraim, b. 1649; Rachel, 1651; Jonathan, 1653, d. young; Mary, 1655; Elizabeth 1657; Samuel, 1660; Martha, 1663; Jonathan, again, 1666; and Dorothy, and Bethia, tw. 1668.

JONATHAN, Rehoboth, s. of [[vol. 1, p. 201]] the preced. m. 23 June 1691, Miriam, d. of the sec. William Carpenter, had Jonathan, b. 5 June 1692; Jacob, 21 Mar. 1694; Ephraim,28 Dec. 1695, d. young; Elisha, 4 Aug. 1697; Ephraim, again, 15 Aug. 1699; Daniel, 21 Jan. 1702; Noah, 18 May 1704; and Miriam, 19 Nov. 1705; and his w. d. 21 May foll. Next he m. Mary French, had Mary, 1711, wh. d. soon; Mary, again, 25 Nov. 1712; Hannah, 7 Jan. 1715; and Bethia, 10 May 1716; and he d. 16 Oct. 1719. LAWRENCE, Springfield, s. of Thomas of the same, was prob. b. in Eng. m. 25 Oct. 1654, Lydia, d. of deac. Samuel Wright, had Lydia, b. 29 Nov. 1655; d. at four mos.; Sarah, 11 May 1657, d. in one mo.; Sarah, again, 4 Apr. 1658, d. next yr.; Samuel, 7 June 1660, d. in two wks; Samuel, again, 16 Aug. 1662; Hannah, 26 May 1665; Sarah, again, 27 Nov. 1667; William, 28 Apr. 1670; and Pelatiah, 19 Aug. 1674. The last five liv. beyond mid. age; but the f. d. 1676. His wid. m. 1678 John Norton of S. NATHANIEL, Springfield 1645, br. of the preced. b. in Eng. rem. from Hartford soon after d. of his f. and m. 20 Nov. 1646, Catharine, d. of deac. Samuel Chapin, had Samuel, b. 7 Nov. 1617, wh. liv. to 19 June 1749; Margaret, 12 Nov. 1649, wh. m. 2 May 1672, Nathaniel Foote, and d. Apr. 1745; Mary, 23 Sept. 1651; and Nathaniel, 27 Mar. 1653, wh. d. 23 Dec. 1736. Notwithstand. this tendency to long life in the ch. the f. was bur. 18 Nov. 1654. His wid. m. 31 July foll. Thomas Gilbert, by him had four ch. and m. 28 Dec. 1664, Samuel Marshfield, and had four more, so as to count one doz. ch. On 31 Dec. 1678, or the next day, Samuel, sen. Samuel, jr. and Samuel tert. took o. of alleg. being over 16 yrs. old, and enrol. in the milit. at S. They were a s. of Nathaniel, a s. of Lawrence, and their uncle. SAMUEL, Springfield, br. of the preced. was perhaps b. at Hartford, m. 10 Nov. 1665, Mary, d. of John Leonard of S. had Hannah, b. 20 Dec. 1666; Thomas, 8 Feb. 1668; Mary, 4 Aug. 1670; Jonathan, 5 Jan. 1672; Martha, 1 June 1674; Sarah, 10 Sept. 1677; Experience, 1 Apr. 1679, d. at 18 yrs.; Mercy, 18 July 1680; Ebenezer, 29 July 1683; Margaret, 11 Sept. 1684; and Esther, 2 Apr. 1688. He d. 23 Mar. 1720; and his wid. d. 21 Mar. 1724. SAMUEL, Norwich, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 8 Dec. 1681, Ann, d. of John Elderkin, had Thomas, b. Sept. 1682; Samuel, 13 Nov. 1684; Elizabeth 28 Feb. 1687; John, 23 Oct. 1690; Pelatiah, 19 Nov. 1697; and Thankful, 7 Mar. 1700. He d. 30 Dec 1729; and his wid. d. 17 May 1748. SAMUEL, Springfield, s. of Lawrence, m. Hannah, d. of John Stiles, the sec. of Windsor, had Hannah, b. 1 May 1689; Sarah, 6 Jan. 1692, wh. d. at 15 yrs.; Lydia, 24 Nov. 1695; and Samuel, 29 Mar. 1701; and his w. d. Dec. 1704. 

THOMAS, Hartford, was an early, but not orig. sett. of whose com. from Eng. nothing is kn. but his first resid. was in that pt. [[vol. 1, p. 202]] of Boston call. the mount, afterwards Braintree, now Quincy. In 1639 or 40 he is first ment. in Conn. at the same time with Thomas, jr. wh. may be the freem. of 18 May 1642 in Mass., there left by his f. whose d. is early heard of, tho. exact date is not gain. His wid. Margaret was very resolute and capable, and after two or three yrs. rem. with all her ch. exc. Thomas, and Ann, to Springfield, there d. 28 Aug. 1684. She had nine ch. and it has been absurd. said, that all were brot. from Eng. Of most, this is true. Ann, wh. m. 29 Apr. 1642, Robert Chapman of Saybrook; Mary m. 26 Nov. 1646, Joseph Parsons; Thomas; Nathaniel; Lawrence; and perhaps Samuel; were b. in Eng. but our side of the water may claim, prob. Sarah, m. 20 July 1659, John Scott; Elizabeth m. 15 Feb. 1670, as his sec. w. Miles Morgan; possib. Hannah, wh. d. 25 Jan. 1662, unm. and certain. John. THOMAS, Weymouth, was possib. the freem. of 18 May 1642, but next yr. certain. rem. to Rehoboth, there d. June 1649. His will, by careless statem. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 282, said to bear date of 8th of that mo. but also on same day to be brot. into Ct. gives valua. inform. a. his ch. Jonathan, to wh. he devis. his ho., his eldest d. whose bapt. name is not told, w. of Thomas Williams; Mary, w. of Nathaniel Harmon of Braintree; s.-in-law (perhaps mean. s. of his w.) Nicholas Ide, and his s. Nathaniel. From find. no ment. of him after 1649 at R. I suppose, confus. of him with Thomas of Norwich was easy. THOMAS, Norwich, 1660, s. of Thomas the first, had been of Hartford, and early after d. of his f. rem. to Saybrook, a. the end of Oct. 1644, took u. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 20 Nov. 1640; Sarah, 26 Aug. 1647; Mary, 7 Feb. 1649; Thomas, 3 Mar. 1652, wh. d. 29 Jan. 1682, prob. unm.; Deliverance, Aug. 1655; Samuel, 9 Dec. 1657; all bef. rem. from S. and at N. had Ann, Sept. 1660, the sec. Eng. ch. b. in that place; Rebecca, Mar. 1663; and he d. 15 Apr. 1688. By will, made two days bef. (req. by the insuffer. tyranny of Sir Edmund Andros to be brot. to Boston for proof and rec., support. his retainers by the fees of office), provis. for w. Elizabeth six ds. and only s. Samuel, is seen. Of this name, in 1834, four had been gr. at Harv. four at Dart. seventeen at Yale, beside six at other N. E. coll. of wh. most disting,. are Rev. Daniel of Concord, b. at Springfield, Jan. 1715, Y. C. 1732, d. 11 May 1764; his s. Daniel, b. 1740, H. C. 1760, d. in the Prov. of New Brunswick 1806; Jonathan, H. C. 1763, Ch. Just. of the Sup. Ct. of N. B. and George, Y. C. 1784, LL. D. wh. d. 8 May 1830, aged 65.

BLODGET, or BLOGGET, sometimes BLOGHEAD, DANIEL, Cambridge, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. freem. 1652, rem. to Chelmsford, m. 15 Sept. 1663, Mary, d. prob. of Benjamin Butterfield, had Thomas, b. 25 June foll.; Ann, 2 Nov. 1655; and Daniel, 6 Jan. 1657, perhaps others, and d. 28 Jan. 1672, leav. beside those three, Benjamin, aged 11. [[vol. 1, p. 203]] JONATHAN, Salisbury, m. 7 Feb. 1689, Mary, d. perhaps of Rev. Joseph Rowlandson, had Hannah, b. 15 Jan. foll.; Daniel, 12 Sept. 1691, d. in few days; Mary, 11 Oct. 1692; and Joseph, 12 Aug. 1694, wh. d. at 2 yrs. SAMUEL, Woburn 1654, br. of Daniel, b. in Eng. m. 13 Dec. 1655, Ruth, d. prob. of Stephen Iggleden of Boston, had Ruth, b. 28 Dec. 1656; Samuel, 10 Dec. 1658; Thomas, 26 Feb. 1661; Sarah,17 Feb. 1668; and Martha and Mary, tw. 15 Sept. 1673; perhaps the last two or three by sec. w. He was rep. 1693, and d. 3 July of that yr. THOMAS, Cambridge, came in the Increase from London, 1635, aged 30, with w. Susanna, 37, if custom ho. rec. be true; ch. Daniel, 4; and Samuel, 1 and 1/2; was adm. freem. 3 Mar. 1636; had here Susanna, b. June 1637; and Thomas, wh. d. 7 Aug. 1639. He made his will, as giv. in Geneal. Reg. II. 185, 10 Aug. 1641, pro. 8 July foll. in wh. the w. and three ch. are prov. for. His wid. m. 15 Feb. 1644, James Thompson of Woburn; and his d. of the same name m. 28 Nov. 1655, Jonathan Thompson. THOMAS, Woburn, s. prob. of Samuel, m. 11 Nov. 1685, Rebecca Tidd, d. prob. of John, had Thomas, b. 5 Aug. 1686; ano. ch. wh. d. 13 Apr. 1688; Rebecca, 5 June 1689; Ruth, 14 Oct. 1694; Joseph, 17 Sept. 1696; Abigail, 7 Nov. 1698; and Samuel, 17 June 1702. Three of this name, says Farmer, in MS. had been gr. at Dart. and three at younger N. E. coll. in 1834.

BLOIS, or BLOYS, EDMUND, Watertown, was freem. 22 May 1639, but Bond well presumes, that he had been here sev. yrs. as his w. Mary, aged 40, with s. Richard, 11, came, to join him, in the Francis, from Ipswich, 1634, and this renders it prob. that he was of a Suffk. fam. His w. d. 29 May 1675, and he m. 27 Sept. foll. Ruth, d. of Hugh Parsons, and d. at gr. age, bef. April, 1681. It is said he was b. 1587. The wid. liv. to Dec. 1711. FRANCIS, Cambridge, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 2 June 1641, was bur. 29 Sept. 1646. RICHARD, Watertown, s. of Edmund, b. in Eng. m. 10 Feb. 1658, Michael, d. of Robert Jennison, had Richard, b. 7 Dec. 1659; Mary, 11 Dec. 1661; and s. Michael, 3 Apr. 1664. He was a serj. and d. 7 Aug. 1665. His wid. m. 11 July 1667, John Warren. On Cambridge rec. the name is Blosse, and in that of the Col., Bloyce. RICHARD, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 26 Sept. 1688, Ann, d. of James Cutler of Cambridge Farms, now Lexington, had Richard, b. 25 Jan. 1701; James, 3 Nov. 1702; Samuel, 26 Jan. 1705; and Ann, 10 Aug. 1707. He was freem. 1690.

BLOMFIELD, or BLUMFIELD, HENRY, Salem 1638. JOHN, Mass. d. a. 1640, leav. s. John, beside Thomas, wh. was made admor. THOMAS, Newbury, an early sett. d. 1639, leav. a lame d. and s. Thomas; yet he may be the same as the preced. THOMAS, Newbury, s. of the preced. had Mary, b. 15 Jan. 1642; Sarah, 30 Dec. 1643; John, 15 Mar. 1646; [[vol. 1, p. 204]] Thomas, 12 Dec. 1648; Nathaniel, 10 Apr. 1651; Ezekiel, 1 Nov. 1653; Rebecca, 1656; Ruth, 4 July 1659; and Timothy, 1 Apr. 1664. He next yr. rem. to Woodbridge, N. J. where his s. Thomas was rep. in 1675. WILLIAM, Hartford 1639, had liv. in some part of Mass. perhaps Newbury, after arr. at Boston in the Elizabeth, 1634, from Ipswich, Co. Suffk. aged 30, with w. Susan, 25, and ch. Sarah, 1; was adm. freem. of Mass. 2 Sept. 1635, prob. had other ch. beside John, bapt. 24 Aug. 1645; and Samuel, 12 July 1647; bef. rem. 1650 to New London; thence in 1663 to Newtown, L. I. Sarah m. Simon Sacket of Springfield, and to her only ch. Joseph with his mo. the gr.f. B. gave his New London est. after she had m. Woodward. Hardly is the report of this gent. utter. with adequate distinctness by the Conn. historians. Porter makes his rem. "perhaps to N. J." mistak. him prob. for Thomas; and Hinman, 117, says only, that he was gone from H. 1663, down the Conn. riv. This name, in the third generat. had bec. Bloomfield. A gov. of N. J. in our day, was Joseph, a descend. of Thomas.

BLOOD, JAMES, Concord 1639, freem. 2 June 1641, idly reput. by some, solely from similar surname, to be br. of that Col. B. kn. in Eng. hist. for gr. boldness in steal. from the Tower, 1671, the crown and regalia of Charles II. and the greater impudence, by wh. he gain. not only impun. but an est. from the jolly k. See the curious let. from the w. of the regicide Goffe to her h. in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 60. He had perhaps brot. from Eng. all or most of these four s. Robert, James, Richard, John, wh. d. unm. 30 Oct. 1692, had here Mary, b. 12 July 1640; and he d. 17 Nov. 1683. JAMES, Concord, s. of the preced. m. 26 Oct. 1657, Hannah, d. of Oliver Purchis of Lynn, had only ch. Sarah, b. 5 Mar. 1660, wh. m. William Wilson; was an early propr. of Groton, deac. and rep. for Sudbury 1660, unless this honor belong. (as to me seems prob.) rather to his f. and d. 26 Nov. 1692. Shattuck. One JAMES, of Concord, possib. the same as preced. but more prob. his neph. and still more likely to be s. of ano. stock, had w. Elizabeth wh. d. at Lynn Dec. 1676; and he m. 19 Nov. 1679, Isabel, the young wid. of David Wyman, d. of John Farmer of C. JAMES, Groton, s. of Richard, m. 7 Sept. 1669, Elizabeth Longley, d. of William the first of the same, had Richard, b. 29 May 1670, d. soon; Mary, 1 Sept. 1672; Hannah, wh. d. acc. Butler, 6 Jan. 1676; and Elizabeth 27 Apr. 1675. By sec. w. Abigail he had James, b. 12 Aug. 1687; John, 16 Mar. 1689; and Martha, 20 Oct. 1692. On 13 Sept. preced. he was k. by the French and Ind. JOSEPH, Groton, br of the preced. by w. Hannah had sev. ch. and rem. to Mendon, next to Dedham. 

NATHANIEL, Groton, br. of the preced. m. 13 June 1670, Hannah, d. of James Parker (wh. d. 14 Jan. 1728, aged 81), had Ann, b. 1 Mar. 1671; Elizabeth 7 Oct. 1673; Sarah, 2 Apr. [[vol. 1, p. 205]] 1675; Mary, 17 Apr. 1678; Nathaniel, 16 Jan. 1680; and Joseph, 3 Feb. 1682. RICHARD, Lynn, had Sarah, b. June 1648; Nathaniel, Apr. 1650; and Hannah. RICHARD, Groton, br. of James the first of Concord, by w. Isabel had Mary, wh. d. 19 Apr. 1662; James; Nathaniel; Elizabeth and Joseph; was the chief of the orig. proprs. and d. 7 Dec. 1683. The date of b. of all is unkn. but Butler's Hist. has their ms. and ds. Elizabeth m. 1 Dec. 1686, Thomas Tarbell, third of that name. ROBERT, Concord, br. of the preced. m. 8 Apr. 1653, Elizabeth d. of maj. Simon Willard, had Mary, b. 4 Mar. 1655; Elizabeth 11 June 1656; Sarah, 1 Aug. 1658; Robert, 2 Feb. 1660; Simon, 5 July 1662; Josiah, or Joshua, 6 Apr. 1661; John, 29 Oct. 1666; Ellen. 14 Apr. 1669; Samuel, 16 Oct. 1672; James, 1673; Ebenezer, 15 Feb. 1676; and Jonathan, as giv. by Shattuck, to wh. credible report adds Abigail. In comp. with a br. he sold, 1 May 1649, small est. at Ruddington, in Nottinghamsh. His w. d. 29 Aug. 1690; and one Sarah, perhaps his d. d. at Roxbury, 28 July 1690. He was one of the orig. petitnrs. for incorp. of Groton, and d. 27 Oct. 1692, but one acco. has the yr. 1701. Descend. are very num.

BLOSSOM, PETER, Barnstable, perhaps s. of Thomas, m. 4 June 1663, Sarah Bodfish, had Mercy, b. 9 Apr. 1664, d. young; Thomas, 20 Dec. 1667; Samuel, 1669, d. young; Joseph, 10 Dec. 1673; Thankful, 1675; Mercy, again, Aug. 1678; and Jabez, 16 Feb. 1680. THOMAS, one of the Pilgrims, wh. came from Leyden to Plymouth, but being on board the Speedwell, was disappoint. of passage in the Mayflower from Eng. and soon went back to encourage emigra. of the residue. A s. wh. came and return. with him, d. bef. Dec. 1625, and two other ch. had been b. in the interval. See a good let. from him to Gov. Bradford in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. 480. He came again, 1629, prob. in the Mayflower, if the below. name would attract the few for Plymouth, when the larger part of the fellow-voyagers with Higginson were bound for Salem; was deac. and d. after short possessn. of the land of promise, in the summer of 1633. Prince, Annals, 437, of Ed. 1826. His wid. Ann m. 17 Oct. of that yr. Henry Rowley; and d. Elizabeth m. 10 May 1637, Edward Fitzrandle. THOMAS, Plymouth, s. of the preced. had w. Sarah, m. 18 June 1645, d. of Thomas Ewer of Charlestown, and d. Sarah; liv. at Barnstable 1643, was drown. 22 Apr. 1650. Admin. was gr. to his wid. 4 June of that yr.

BLOTT, JOHN, Charlestown 1634, of wh. no more is kn. ROBERT, Charlestown 1634, had come in 1632, prob. to Roxbury, freem. 4 Mar. 1635; was at Boston 1644; had w. Susanna, wh. d. 20 Jan. 1660. He d. 1665, for his will of 27 May 1662, has a codie. 27 Mar. of latter yr. and was prob. 2 Feb. after, inv. being tak. 22 Aug. bef. In it he names eldest d. Mary, wh. (we kn. by Roxbury ch. rec.) came in 1632, and soon after had m. Thomas Woodford of Roxbury, many yrs. bef. rem. to [[vol. 1, p. 206]] Hartford, and was prob. d. as he gives to her childr.; Sarah, wh. had m. 6 Oct. 1652; Edward Ellis of Boston; Joanna, wh. had m. Daniel Lowell of Braintree, and was, perhaps, d. as his gift is to her childr. and also to childr. of. ano. d. wh. had been w. of Richard Tozer of Boston, and many yrs. d. and her eldest s. John Green; besides one he calls s.-in-law Daniel Turin, or some such name. THOMAS, Charlestown 1635, perhaps br. or s. of the preced.

BLOWERS, JOHN, Barnstable 1643, Boston 1654, by w. Tabitha had Tabitha, b. 12 Feb. 1655; Mary, 25 Apr. 1657; John, 19 Oct. 1659; and Thomas, 1665. PYAM, Cambridge, m. 31 Mar. 1668, Elizabeth d. of Andrew Belcher, wh. d. 29 May 1709, aged 69, and he d. three days after, aged 71. For his services in discov. on the coast of Carolina, 1663, he had grant of five hundred acres there, but prob. he never claim. them. He had Thomas, b. 27 July, d. 14 Aug. 1669; Samuel, 14 Jan. d. 21 Feb. 1671; Jonathan, 8 Feb. 1673; Ann, or Hannah, 4 July 1674, d. 16 Jan. 1676; Elizabeth 19 July 1675; Ann,again, 16 July 1676; Thomas again, 1 Aug. 1677, H. C. 1695, not 1698, as print. in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 179; Pyam, 29 July, d. 15 Aug. 1679; John, 22 Oct. 1680; and Andrew, 27 Aug. d. 21 Oct. 1682. THOMAS, Beverly, s. of the preced. ord. 29 Oct. 1701, d. 1729, had John, wh. liv. at Boston, and was f. of Samson Salter, b. 10 Mar. 1742, H. C. 1763, the disting. lawyer and judge, wh. d. 25 Oct. 1842, the oldest gr. exc. Holyoke, of the Inst. (tho. since there have been two surpassing them), aged 100 yrs. 7 mos. 4 days after correct. of the style. Of Thomas, a passeng. in the Truelove from London, aged 50, emb. Sept. 1635, I have found nothing.

BLUNT, SAMUEL, Charlestown 1681, m. 9 June 1680, Ann, d. of John Fosdick, wh. d. 8 Aug. 1715, aged 62, had Samuel, b. 2 June, bapt. 3 July 1681, d. soon; Ann, 27 May 1683, bapt. the same day; Mary, 7, bapt. 12 Apr. 1685, d. young; Abigail, 16, bapt. 22 Sept. 1689; Samuel, again, 14, bapt. 17 Jan. 1692; and John, 23 Feb. bapt. 1 Mar. 1696. WILLIAM, Andover; a. 1668, by w. Elizabeth wh. d. 11 July 1689, had William, wh. d. 1738, aged 67; Samuel, wh. d. 18 July 1684; and Hanborough. WILLIAM, s. of the preced. had David, b. 1699; Jonathan; Ebenezer; and John, H. C. 1727, ord. at Newcastle, N. H. 20 Dec. 1732, wh. was the ancest. of the fams. of B. at Newcastle and Portsmouth, and d. 7 Aug. 1748, aged 41.

BLUSH. See Blish.

BLY, JOHN, Salem, brickmaker; m. perhaps as sec. w. 11 Nov. 1663, Rebecca Golt, or Gott, perhaps d. of deac. Charles, had John, b. 27 Jan. 1665; Benjamin, 8 Oct. 1666; Mary, 25 May 1668; Rebecca, 20 July 1670; Edmund, 14 Sept. 1672; Hannah, 8 Oct. 1674; and William, 17 Sept. 1676 or 1678. Rebecca m. 22 May 1692, James Gillingham. SAMUEL, Lynn, m. 19 Dec. 1678, Lois, d. of Thomas Ivory, had Theophilus, wh. d. 12 June 1681.

BOADEN, or BODEN, AMBROSE, Scarborough 1658, prob. assoc. with Andrew Alger, may have come from the same part of Somersetsh. k. by [[vol. 1, p. 207]] the Ind. prob. Oct. 1675. His s. AMBROSE was an inhab. 1658. THOMAS, Marblehead 1668.

BOARDMAN, SAMUEL, one of the first sett. at Wethersfield 1636. See Boreman. THOMAS, Yarmouth 1643, a carpenter from London, first at Plymouth, 1634. at Sandwich, 1638, had m. first w. Lucy, wh. d. 8 Nov. 1676, had a s. b. in London and a d. Elizabeth here, wh. d. 20 Dec. 1676. He m. next, Elizabeth wid. of lieut. John Cole, d. of Samuel Rider. Other ch. prob. by first w. were Thomas, Susanna, and Thankful; and he d. Aug. 1689, very aged.

BOBBIT, EDWARD, Taunton 1643, m. 7 Sept. 1654, Sarah, d. of Miles Tarne of Boston, and was liv. at T. 1675. His ch. were Edward, b. 15 July 165; Sarah, 20 Mar. 1658; Hannah, 9 Mar. 1660; Damaris. 15 Sept. 1663; Elkanah, 15 Dec. 1665; Dorcas, 20 Jan. 1667, d. at 7 yrs; Esther, 15 Apr. 1669; Ruth, 7 Aug. 1671; Deliverance, 15 Dec. 1673, all ds. by the rec. Sarah m. 25 Mar. 1680, Samuel Pitts. Perhaps the name in recent times has bec. Babbit.

BOCKFORD, ELNATHAN, Milford, m. bef. 1679, a d. of John Fletcher.

BODE, BOOD, or BOADE, HENRY, Saco 1635, Wells 1641, [Willis, I. 49.] freem. of Mass. 1653, d. 1657. Folsom, 119. His wid. Ann m. Samuel Wensley of Salisbury.

BODERIT, JOHN, Boston, by w. Jane had Susanna, b. 27 Nov. 1686, and no more is heard of this strange name.

BODFISH. See Bootfish.

BODINGHAM, JOHN, a passeng. for N. E. in the Friendship, from Eng. 15 Aug. 1679, but where or when he reach. the ld. is unkn.

BODKIN, WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 25 Mar. 1680; and Elizabeth 15 Aug. 1682.

BODMAN, JOHN, Boston, by w. Sarah had John, b. Aug. 1645, as the town rec. has it; but ch. rec. says Benjamin, bapt. 7 Sept. 1645; Manoah, 6 Mar. 1647; and Joseph, 17 Oct. 1653. What time he d. is not kn. but his wid. was one of the first mem. of the third or O. S. ch. JOSEPH, Westfield 1685; perhaps s. of the preced. after d. of first w. Hepzibah, 15 Jan. 1686, hav. b. Lydia, 10 days bef. wh. d. in two wks. He rem. to Hatfield, m. 1687, Naomi Church, had Manoah, William, Sarah, Mary, Lydia, and Samuel; d. 1711. Of his s. Samuel alone had ch. SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Mary had Sarah, b. 2 June 1682. WILLIAM, Watertown, by w. Frances had Rebecca, b. 1 Nov. 1643.

BODWELL, HENRY, Newbury, was in capt. Lathrop's comp. call. the flower of Essex, in the battle 18 Sept. 1675, at Bloody brook, and severely would. See Coffin, 388. He m. 4 May 1681, Bethia, d. of John Emery, had Bethia, b. 2 June 1682; rem. to Andover, had Henry and Josiah, tw. wh. d. 29 and 31 Jan. 1685.

[[vol. 1, p. 208]]

BOGGUST, JOHN, Salem 1630, prob. came in the fleet that yr. and d. within few mos.

BOGLE, ALEXANDER, Boston, had Mary, b. 17 Oct. 1659; was one of the soldiers in capt. Oliver's comp. wound. in the gr. fight 19 Dec. 1675.

BOHONION, or BOHANNON, JOHN, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 9 May 1658; Margaret, 8 Jan. 1660; John, again, 23 Aug. 1661; Patrick, 14 Feb. 1665; Abigail, 26 Sept. 1667; and James, 20 Oct. 1670.

BOLCOM. See Balcom.

BOLLARD, ISAAC, Boston, m. 3 Jan. 1655, Sarah, d. of Thomas Jones of Dorchester. Of this name some natural distrust may be felt.

BOLLES, THOMAS, New London 1667, his w. Zipporah, and eldest two ch. Mary, bapt. 27 July 1673, and Joseph, 25 Apr. 1675 were murder. 6 June 1678 by John Stodder, a young man, wh. on his confess. was execut. therefor. He d. 26 May 1727, aged 84, a valua. man. His yougest ch. John was sav. from the violence, and from him the num. race in that vicin. descend.

BOLT, FRANCIS, Milford, came to Boston in the Martin, 1638, and with the Baldwins, his fellow-passeng. soon rem. thither, join. the ch. Jan. 1640; perhaps had w. Sarah, s. Philip, and d. Susanna, ment. in the rec. of M. and d. 1649.

BOLTON, JOHN, Bridgewater, s. prob. of Nicholas, tho. Mitchell cautions. calls him descend. of N. of Dorchester, and says that, he is report, to have come from Stonington, with w. Sarah, but gives him ch. John, b. 1686; Samuel, 1688; Sarah, 1690; Elizabeth 1692; Nicholas, 1695; Mary, 1697; Elisha, 1700; Joseph, 1704; Nathaniel, 1706; and Abigail, 1709. It seems altogether an even chance and no more, that he was s. or gr.s. of NICHOLAS, Dorchester 1643. See Boulton. WILLIAM, Newbury, m. 16 Jan. 1655, Jane Bartlett, wh. d. 6 Sept. 1659, had Mary, b. 25 Sept. 1655; m. 2d w. 22 Nov. 1659, Mary Dennison, had William, b. 27 May 1665; Ruth, 1 Aug. 1667; Elizabeth 23 May 1672, d. at 2 yrs.; Elizabeth again, 8 Nov. 1674; Sarah, 5 Apr. 1677; Hannah, 18 July 1679; and Joseph, 8 July 1672. William and Sarah, the ch. both d. 30 Mar. 1694; and the f. d. 27 Mar. 1697.

BOLTWOOD, ROBERT, Hartford 1648, rem. 1659 to Hadley, freem. 26 Mar. 1661, d. 6 Apr. 1684, an enterpris. and brave man; by w. Mary, wh. d. 14 May 1687, had only s. Samuel, ment. below, and these ds. Sarah, wh. m. 31 May 1666, Isaac Warner of Harfield, and next, in 1696, deac. John Loomis of Windsor; Lydia, wh. m. 2 Apr. 1674, John Warner of Springfield, and d. 26 Jan. 1683; Martha, wh. m. 1 Apr. 1674, Daniel Warner of Hatfield, and d. 1710; and Mary, wh. m. 24 Oct. 1667, James Beebee of Hadley, and d. 19 Aug. 1676. SAMUEL, [[vol. 1, p. 209]] Hadley, s. of the preccd. rem. to Farmington, m. Sarah, d. of capt. William Lewis, had five s. and five ds. rem. to Deerfield, and was k. 29 Feb. 1704 in the assault by Fr. and Ind. His wid. d. 10 Aug. 1722, aged 70. Of the ch. Samuel, b. 12 Oct. 1679, m. Hannah Alexander, and d. 1738; Sarah m. Nathaniel Kellogg; Elizabeth m. Eleazer Mattoon; Robert, b. 19 Apr. 1683, was k. at the same time with his f.; Ebenezer was of Berwick; Rebecca, b. 1691, bec. sec. w. of Daniel Shattuck, 7 May 1724; Solomon, b. 2 July 1694, d. 20 Sept. 1762, was ancest. of Ebenezer, H. C. 1773, and of Lucius M. Will. Coll. 1814.

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