A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 24 - 33
Alderman - Allen

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

ALDERMAN, JOHN, Dorchester 1634, Salem 1636, when Jane, prob. his w. was mem. of the ch. had gr. of ld. at S. 1637, freem. 22 May 1639, d. 1657. See Winthrop I. 144; and Felt, Ann. I. 171. WILLIAM, Windsor, 1672, soon after at Simsbury, m. 1679, Mary, d. of John Case of S. had Mary, b. 22 Sept. 1680; Thomas, 11 Jan. 1683; William, 20 Oct. 1686; Sarah, 1692; John, 1695; and Joseph, 1697; and d. at Farmington, 1697. His wid. m. 30 Mar. 1699, James Hillyer.

ALDIS, DANIEL, Dedham, s. of deac. John of the same, m. 23 Nor. 1685, Sarah Paine, perhaps d. of the sec. Moses of Braintree, had Sarah, b. 16 Oct. 1686; Daniel, 2 Dec. 1687, d. at 3 mos.; Ann, 21 Aug. 1692; Sarah, 27 Aug. 1695. His w. d. 17 Apr. 1711; and he d. 21 Jan. 1717; and this marks the last appear. of the fam. name on the town rec. His will made two days bef. names w. Sarah, s. in law William Bacon, d. Ann w. of Jonathan Onion, and gr.s. William Bacon; and may be seen in Vol. XX.166. JOHN, Dedham, s. of Nathan, b. in Eng. m. 27 Sept. 1650, Sarah, d. of Philip Eliot of Roxbury, were both adm. of the ch. 29 Dec. foll. had Sarah, b. 9 June 1652, yet not bapt. bef. 12 June 1653; John, 12, bapt. 18 Feb. 1655; Mary, 29 NOV. 1657; Nathaniel, 1 Aug. 1659, d. at 2 yrs.; Daniel, 3 Aug. 1661; Nathaniel, again, 6 Mar. 1664, d. at 19 yrs. and Hannah, 4 July 1666. He was deac. and his w. d. 12 Nov. 1686; and he d. 21 Dec. 1700. Sarah m. 26 Apr. 1675, Gershom Hubbard; and Mary m. 21 Feb. 1679, Nathaniel Richards. 

JOHN, Dedham, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had Ruth, b. 14 Aug. 1695; and no more is heard of h. w. or ch. in D. but he had liv. at Wrentham, m. 23 May 1682, Mary Winchester; had Sarah, b. 26 Feb. foll.; Ethan, 11 May 1685; and Hannah, 19 Feb. 1688. NATHAN, Dedham, with w.[[vol. 1, p. 25]] join. the ch. early in 1640 and 1641, respectiv. They had brot. from Eng. certain. Mary, wh. m. 15 Mar. 1643, Joshua Fisher, and perhaps other ch. beside John, bef. ment. He was made freem. 13 May 1640, was chos. one of the first two deac. and d. 15 Mar. 1676. The wid. named Mary, d. 1 Jan. foll. but she and s. John had admin.

ALDRIDGE, or ALDRICH, GEORGE, Dorchester, freem. 7 Dec. 1636, by w. Catharine had, beside Miriam, bur. 27 Jan. 1640; and Experience, wh. d. 2 Feb. 1642; and at Braintree, John, b. 2 Apr. 1644; Sarah, 16 Jan. 1646; Peter, 14 Apr. 1648; Mercy, 17 June 1650; Miriam, again, wh. d. 1 Dec. 1651, or 10 Mar. 1602, as the rec. reads; Jacob, 28 Feb. 1653; and Mattithiab, 10 July 1656. He was one of the first sett. at Mendon, 1663. GEORGE, Swanzey, 1669. HENRY, Dedham, had Mary, b. 19 Mar. 1643, d. soon; Samuel, 10 Mar. 1645; and perhaps bef. sett. at D. Thomas; was freem. 1645, and d. 23 Feb. 1646. His w. Mary, perhaps mo. of all these ch. m. Samuel Judson, wh. 7 June 1657 provid. by his will for her two s. and she next m. John Hayward, and outliv. him. JAMES, Medfield 1664. JOHN, Braintree, S. of George, m. 31 Oct. 1678, Sarah, d. of Giles Leach of Bridgewater, if there be no error of date, for by w. Sarah he had Joseph, b. 20 Sept. 1676; and Jacob, 27 Dec. 1677; but that w. d. 25 Feb. foll. as is said. Perhaps there were two. JOSEPH, Braintree, perhaps br. of the preced. m. 26 Feb. 1662, Patience Osborne of Weymouth, perhaps d. of John, had Joseph, b. 14 July 1663; and Sarah, 27 Oct. 1677. ROBERT, Braintree, perhaps m. 25 Dec. 1656. THOMAS, Dedham, s. perhaps of Henry, m. 4 May 1675, Elizabeth d. of the brave Capt. Thomas Prentice, wh. d. 5 Feb. foll. and he m. 16 Jan. 1678, Hannah, d. of Nathaniel Colburn, had Hannah, 17 Dec. 1679; John, 8 May 1681; Mary, 5 Aug. 1683; and Thomas, 17 Apr. 1685; was freem. 1677, and d. 23 Oct. 1694. With spell. of Aldrich four had been in 1829, gr. at Brown Univ. and none at Harv. or Yale. Perhaps this name bee. Eldridge sometimes.

ALEWORTH, FRANCIS, Dorchester, freem. 18 May 1631, went home the foll. yr. tho. he had been by the Court of Assist. in July, chos. lieut. of the comp. Ano. man with this surname, at the Court in Mar. 1631, was order. to go, "as unmeet. to inhab. here."

ALEXANDER, DANIEL, Windsor, s. of George, wound. in Philip's war, liv. after at Northampton, and d. unm. 1686, at Suffield. DAVID, Northampton, br. of Robert, bec. 3d h. of Elizabeth wid. of Samuel Langton, d. of wid. Elizabeth Copley. GEORGE, Windsor, m. 18 Mar. 1644, Susanna Sage, as by Parsons, in Geneal. Reg. V. 63, the surname is giv. (whose correctness is doubt. by scrupul. readers of the orig. rec. when the bapt. name is Susanna alone, not as print. "Su Sage;" and beside the date of the m. is not clear on that rec.) had (he says) John, b. 25 July 1645; (yet high [[vol. 1, p. 26]] authority advises me, that the oldest ch. was prob. Abigail); a ch. wh. d. 1647, prob. very young,; Mary, 20 Oct. 1648; Daniel, 12 Jan. 1651; Nathaniel, 29 Dec. 1652; and Sarah, 8 Dec. 1654; rem. to Northampton, and d. 5 May 1703. Abigail, m. 16 June 1663, Thomas Webster; Mary, m. 23 Sept. 1670, Micah Judge; and Sarah, m. 6 July 1678, Samuel Curtis. JAMES, Boston, serv. of Theodore Atkinson, d. 19 Aug. 1644. JOHN, Northampton, s. of George, m. 28 Nov. 1671, Sarah Gaylord, perhaps d. of Samuel of the same, had John, b. 24 Jan. 1673; Nathaniel, Mar. 1676; Samuel, 6 Nov. 1678; Joseph, 16 Oct. 1681; Ebenezer, 17 Oct. 1684; Sarah, 7 Feb. 1688; Thankful, 29 Mar. 1691; and Elizabeth His w. d. 3 Nov. 1732, and he d. 31 Dec. 1733. One of the s. Ebenezer, a deac. of Northfield, was gr.f. of Caleb, Y. C. 1777, min. of Mendon, translat. of Virgil, formerly well kn. to idle school boys. JOHN, Newton, by w. Beatrice had Martha, b. 16 July 1668; Deliverance, 7 Jan. 1672; and Elizabeth 16 Sept. 1674; was active in promot. separat. of the new town from old Cambridge, 1678, and d. 1696. JOHN, New Hampsh. 1686, may have liv. at Groton, 1691. NATANIEL, Northampton, s. of George, m. 20 Jan. 1680, Hannah, d. of Samuel Allen, had Hannah, d. 27 Oct. foll. few days old; Hannah, again, 26 Sept. 1681; Ruth, 22 Feb. 1631; Thankful, 9 Jan. 1694; Thomas, 9 Apr. 1696, wh. was drown. unm.; Daniel, 14 Jan. 1699, d. young; beside Mindwell, Sarah, and Abigail, whose dates are not ascert. perhaps b. after Hannah, and bef. Ruth, but not rec. He d. 29 Oct. 1742, at Hadley, whither he rem. late in life to live with a d. having no s. liv. ROBERT, Deerfield, d. 1689, leav. "aged parents," unlin. to us, and giv. his prop. to brs. and sis. John, David, Dorothy, w. of John Stebbins, Mary, w. of Benjamin Barret, Martha, Deliverance, and Elizabeth ROBERT, Boston, 1684, a Scotchman, may be the same as the preced. but not prob. and certain. is not seen among the taxab. inhabs. of 1695. THOMAS, one of the comp. of Capt. Lathrop, call. "the flower of Essex," k. in the fight at "Bloody brook," 18 Sept. 1675. Of this name, in 1828, Farmer notes the gr. at Yale were two, none at other N. E. coll. but eleven at N. J. and Union Coll. Yet he might have found one at Dart.

ALFORD, BENJAMIN, Boston, merch. prob. s. of William, ar. co. 1671, by w. Mary, d. of James Richards, Esquire, of Hartford, had Mary, b. 15 Sept. bapt. 14 Oct. 1688; John, bapt. (at third, or O. S. ch.) 5 July 1685; Benjamin, b. B, bapt. 10 Oct. 1686; Judith, bapt. 16 Sept. 1688; James, 19, bapt. 26 July 1691; Sarah, 17, bapt. 18 Mar. 1694; and Thomas, whose date is not found. He had been a prisoner in Barbary, and after ret. was a man of importance in B. His will of 19 Feb. 1697, pro. thirteen yrs. after, provid. for all the ch. and w. wh. with his br. in law, Benjamin Davis, he made Excors. The eldest s. John, wh. had good [[vol. 1, p. 27]] est. was of Charlestown, m. 12 NOV. 1713, MARGARET, d. of Col. Thomas Savage, third of that name, and d. 30 Sept. 1761, distin,,. as founder of the Alford Prof. of Nat. Theol. &c. at Harv. and for giv. large sum to the Soc. for Prop. Gosp. among the Ind. &c. in N. A. His w. outliv. him; but he had no issue. JOHN, Salem, 1668. REMAIN, New London, wh. d. 12 Aug. 1709, aged 63, by Miss Caulkins is styled Col. yet of unkn. desc. William, Salem, 1635, came the yr. bef: from London, a mem. of the Skinners' comp. there, a merch. here; and his w. Mary in 1636 join. to the ch. had Nathaniel, bapt. 19 Mar. 1637; Samuel, 17 Feb. 1639; Bethia, 26 June 1642; beside Elisha, Mary, and Elizabeth but his w. brot. to Boston ch. for bapt. 5 Dec. 1647, s. Jonathan, a. six days old, wh. d. under 16 yrs. See a valu. letter of 13 Apr. 1634 brot. by him from Francis Kirbey. to his fr. John Winthrop, s. of the Gov. print. in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IX. 267. He had favor. the party of Wheelwright, and under the name of Mr. Alfoot on the rec. in 1637, was disarm. by the Gen. Ct. and thereupon rem. for a season to New Haven, and there had, prob. two or more of his ch. b bef. 1654. See Haz. II. 247. Yet he came back to Mass. but liv. at Boston; and by ano. w. Ann had John, b. 29 Nov. 1658, wh. d. at 2 mos. He d. Jan. 1677, was bur. 13th of that mo. being Saturday. The will of 13 Apr. with codic. 9 July 1676, names no s. as then liv. but he gives £.50 to ch. of his s. Nathaniel, if now alive, and £10 to wid. of s. Elisha, and made Extrix. his d. Mary, that had been w. of Peter Butler, and next of Hezekiah Usher, and had four ch. and ment. ds. Bethia, and Elizabeth wh. had m. 1 Dec 1659, Nathaniel Hudson. The whole of the debt of Hudson Leverett, and half of those of other poor debtors are remit. by it; and the codic. was made, because his d. Mary had bec. w. of Hezekiah Usher, wh. was then d. She took third h. Samuel Nowell, outliv. him, and d. 14 Aug. 1693.

ALGER, ANDREW, Scarborough, 1651, had w. Agnes, and ch. John; Andrew; and Matthew; Elizabeth wh. m. John Palmer; Joanna, wh. m. Elias Oakman, and, next, John Mills, both of Boston; beside a third d. wh. m. John Ashton, or Austin. He had call. his planta. Dunster, from the town near Minehead, in the N. W. part of Co. Somerset, where he was b. was constable 1661, and lieut. k. by the Ind. with his br. Arthur, Oct. 1675. The fam. fled to Boston, his will was pro. in Essex 24 June foll. and his wid. m. Samuel Walker. See Folsom, 156; and Willis, I. 139, wh. obs. that, in our days, the est. of the Southgate fam. includes part of the Alger domain. ANDREW, Falmouth, s. of the preced. was k. by the Ind. when they destroy. the town 1690, leav. only ch. the wife, it is said, of Matthew Collins. 

ARTHUR, Scarborough, br. of the first Andrew, perhaps elder, perhaps was f. of that Arthur, jr. wh. own. alleg. to Mass. 1658; was constable 1658, rep. to Boston, 1671, when the Secretary makes his name Angurs, and 1672, when he cuts off the final [[vol. 1, p. 28]] letter, was k. by the Ind. 14 Oct. 1675, with his br. leav. wid. Ann, and childr. but their names are not told. See Hubbard's Hist. of N. E. 600, and Willis, as above. ISRAEL, BridgeWater, S. of Thomas, m. Patience, d. of Nathaniel Hayward of the same, had Israel, b. 1689; Joseph, 1691; Thomas,1697; Nathaniel, 1700; and John, 1704. JOHN, Scarborough, s. of Andrew the first, had sev. ds. of wh. Elizabeth m. John Millikin. Willis. MATTHEW, Scarborough, br. of the preced. and the last male of the fam. d. 1690 of fever from the service in the sad expedit. of 1690 by Sir William Phips against Quebec, in wh. he command. a vessel, and got safe back. Ib. SAMPSON, York, 1649, then of the gr. jury, freem. 1652, constable, 1655. He may have been relat. of the foregoing fam. but the name is variously writ. the sec. letter often being U, agreeing with the sound, and when it is n, looking doubtful, whether Anger, or Angier, as by the scrupulous Paige in Geneal. Reg. III. 193, or Angur, as by the same hand on the next page, or Augur, as the same MS. is read by the Editor of Mass. Col. Rec. IV. pt. I. page 358. THOMAS, Taunton, 1665, m. 14 Nov. of that yr. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Packard, had Israel, and Deliverance, perhaps others, bef. or after rem. to Bridgewater. Mitchell shows, in his Hist. that most of this name in that vicin. call him their anc. TRISTRAM, Scarborough.

ALISET, or ALLISET, JOHN, Boston 1689, chos. an overseer of cord wood, as also in 1691, yet not found among taxab. inhab. of 1695.

ALLARD, HUGH, New Hampsh. 1674. One Elizabeth A. m. 10 Dec. 1634, Robert Seaver at Roxbury; and this may well be thot. mistake for Ballard, as the ch. rec. has it; yet no Ballard is kn. in R. so early by many yrs. and a Mrs. Allard d. there 11 Aug. 1717, but she may have been a Huguenot of later importa.

ALLARE, LOUIS, Boston, a Huguenot, adm. inhab. 1 Feb. 1692, but in 1695 not seen.

ALLEN, ABRAHAM, Marblehead 1674. ALEXANDER, Windsor 1689, a Scotchman, m. 21 Sept. 1693, Mary Grant, had Alexander, b. 9 Sept. 1695; John, 25 July 1697; William, 9 Apr. 1701, d. soon; and Mary, 7 June 1702, d. soon; and by sec. w. Elizabeth m. 1704, d. of John Allen, the famous Secr. of the Col. had Fitz John, 12 Oct. 1705. He d. 19 Aug. 1708, by his will made three days bef. dispos. of large prop. to ch. something to brs. William and Robert at home, and £5. to the Scot's box in Boston. His wid. m. John Gardiner, Esqr. of Gardiner's isl. ALEXANDER, Windsor, eldest s. of the preced. m. 17 May 1716, Hannah, prob. d. of John Marshall of W. wh. d. 30 Nov. 1772, aged 77, had Abigail, b. 4 Feb. 1717, d. at 2 yrs.; Alexander, 23 Dec. 1718; Abigail, again, 28 Aug. 1721 Mary; and Hannah; and d. 2 Apr. 1742. ANDREW, Lynn 1642, m. Faith, d. of Edmund Ingalls, rem. to Andover, there d. 24 Oct. 1690. He left Andrew and John, both d. the next mo. after. ANDREW, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 1 Jan. 1682, Elizabeth Richardson, had Thomas, wh. d. 18 Dec. 1690, of smallpox, as had the f. 26 Nov. preced. ARNOLD, Casco 1645, had w. Mary. BENJAMIN, Groton 1674, may have been a soldier next yr. in Moseley's comp. for the Dec. campaign. 

BENJAMIN, [[vol. 1, p. 29]] Salisbury, s. of William the first of same, m. 3 Sept. 1686, Rachel, wid. of Henry Wheeler, had Elizabeth b. 6 Sept. 1687; Benjamin, 20 May 1689; Squire (so reads the rec.), 26 Mar. 1691; Jeremiah, 25 Mar. 1693; and no more is told. BOZOAN, BOZOUN, or BEZOONE, Hingham 1638, came from Lynn, Co. Norfolk, arr. with w. and two serv. in the Diligent from Ipswich, was freeman 2 June 1641, rep. 1643, and 7 yrs. more, but not in seq. last in 1652; of ar. co. 1650, rem. to Boston, made his will 9, Sept. 1652, and d. 5 days after. In the Hist. of Winthrop II. 221-236 his political promin. appears. His wid. Ann bore him John, Ann, Isaac, and, posthum. Bozoan, 13 Feb. 1653; and m. 13 May foll. Joseph Jewett of Rowley, and d. Feb. 1661. His d. Ann m. 2 Apr. 1661, Abraham Jewett; and Martha m. Ebenezer Savage of Boston. BOZOAN, Boston, s. of the preced. b. after his d. m. 1673, Rachel, d. of Jeremiah Houchin, wh. he succeed. in his gr. business, as a tanner, had ano. w. Lydia in 1679, was constable 1680, freeman 1682, one of the selectmen 1692, and rep. 1700. CALEB, Sandwich, eldest s. of George the sec. m. 8 Apr. 1670, Elizabeth Sisson, had Richard, b. 8 Oct. 1673; Mary, 29 Feb. 1676; George, 19 May 1678. Hannah, 5 Nov. 1680; Caleb, 20 Mar. 1683; Elizabeth 3 Dec. 1685; and James, 17 June 1689. DANIEL, Boston, physician, by w. Mariana had John, b. 19 June 1680; Mary, 30 June 1681; Catharine, 15 Dec. 1682; Daniel, 6 Dec. 1683, d. young; Benjamin, 26 Apr. 1687; and Daniel, again, 27 July 1688; was chos. rep. Sept. 1693, and d. 7 Nov. foll. His will of 17 Nov. preced. with codic. of 22d of the name, provides for w. and ch. as they attain full age. DANIEL, Charlestown, s. of Walter of the same, perhaps b. in Eng. but not prob. by w. Mary, d. of Rev. John Sherman by his first w. had David, b. 1 July 1659; Rebecca, 15 Jan. 1661, d. in 10 days; rem. to Watertown, and had Mary, 1662; rem. to Lancaster, there had Samuel, 17 Apr. 1664; and Elnathan, 11 Feb. 1666; again rem. to W. and had Abigail; Thomas, 1670, wh. d. next yr.; Ebenezer, 26 Dec. 1674; Elizabeth and Lydia. He may be that gent. nam. in an order Or President Dudley's Counc. 8 Dec. 1686, relat. to Secretary's rec. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 162. He d. 7 Mar. 1694, and his neighb. Lawrence Hammond, highly extols his charact. in the Diary. Bond, wh. must be in error, as to his d. at Sudbury 1706, says, his s. David serv. in the expedit. to Canada, and d. 17 Oct. 1711; that Abigail m. Moses Palmer of Stonington; and Elizabeth m. Joseph Fletcher. One David, not his s. d. at Portsmouth, R. I. 10 Feb. 1685, aged 17. 

DANIEL, Swanzey, by w. Mary had Elizabeth b. 28 Sept. 1673; and Christian, 26 Jan. 1675. DANIEL, Sandwich, sixth s. of George of the same, m. Bashua, d. of Ludowic Haxie, hall Gideon, b. 17 May 1686; Hannah, 7 June 1688; Cornelius; Daniel; and Lydia. EDWARD, Ipswich, acc. a very doubtful tradit. came from Scotland, 1636, m. a Kimball, and had, as runs [[vol. 1, p. 30]] the same story, fifteen s. and three ds. That acco. was giv. by Hon. Samuel C. Allen to Farmer. In the Hist. of Hubbard, wh. was his neighb. the burn. of his barn, 1670, is ment. With w. Sarah, wh. d. 12 June 1696, he rem. to Suffield, having had nine ch. and there had one, b. 1683; and ano. 1685. Of seven s. the names are told, but without dates, exc. John, wh. is said to have been b. a. 1660, and was k. by the Ind. 11 May 1704 as Deerfield, where he had liv. from 1685; Edward, wh. also liv. at D. there d. 1740, leav. a fam. William, wh. d. at Suffield; 1702; Benjamin, the anc. of Hon. Samuel C. had Joseph, wh. sett. at Deerfield; David, and Samuel, both, it is said, went to N. J. and Caleb, b. 31 Mar. 1685, prob. the youngest. Four ds. too are nam. Sarah, wh. m. 21 Apr. 1685, Edward Smith; Martha, wh. m. Samuel Kent, jr.; Abigail, m. Timothy Palmer; and Mary, of wh. nothing is told. EDWARD, Dedham, perhaps nephew of Edward Alleyn of the same, may have been that Edward of Boston, a tailor, wh. m. 7 May 1652, Martha Way, had Sarah, b. 22 Aug. 1653; and John, 8 June 1657. EDWARD, Dover 1675, was s. of Hope of Boston, as such, sold 13 Nov. 1678, large est. at Falmouth, now Portland, devis. to him from his f. after dilig. inquiry I can learn no more of him. ELEAZER, emb. 27 May 1679 in the Prudence and Mary, to come to Boston from Eng. but his visit may have been only a trans. one, or he may have gone beyond the bounds of N. E. at least we never again find his name. FRANClS, Sandwich 1643, m. 20 July 1662, Mary Barlow had Rachel, b. 3 July 1663; Abigail, 2 Aug. 1665; Abia, 10 Dec. 1666; Rebecca, 2 Aug. 1668; and Hannah, 25 Aug. 1672. GEORGE, Lynn 1636, rem. next yr. to Sandwich, was rep. 1641 and 2 at Plymouth. He was bur. 2 May 1648; and his will, witness. by Rev. William Leveridge, and others, ment. s. Matthew, Henry, Samuel, and William, beside "five least ch." not nam. and made w. Catharine Extrix. His ho. built, 1646, it is said, is in good repair, and still occup. GEORGE, Sandwich 1643, perhaps s. of the preced. b. in Eng. then in the list of those able to bear arms; may have been of Newport 1639, and at S. had (by w. Hannah) Caleb, b. 24 June 1646, or by ano. acco. 1648; Judah, 14 or by ano. rec. 30 Jan. 1651; Ephraim, 14 Jan. 1653; Elizabeth 20 Jan. 1655; James, and John, tw. 5 Aug. 1657, or 1658; Lydia May 1660; Daniel, 23 May 1663; Hannah, 15 May 1666; and George, 20 June 1672. 

GEORGE, Weymouth 1641, rem. to Boston, and by w. Susanna had Hannah, b. 10 Mar. 1645; Naomi, 26 Dec. 1646; Rachel, or Ruth, 3 Oct. 1648; Susanna, 11 May 1652; and Elnathan, 26 Dec. 1653; but of his identity some doubt may be felt, for in the list of freem. 1645 is a George, who prob. was not of Boston. GIDEON, Swanzey 1669, rem. to Boston during Philip's war, and after it to Milford, there was a promin. man, and d. early in 1693. At Swanzey, [[vol. 1, p. 31]] by w. Sarah he had John, b. 24 Oct. 1673, wh. d. bef. his f. He spell. Allin, left wid. and five ch. Gideon; Sarah, and George, tw. 18 yrs. old; Hannah, 7, and Abigail, 4. His sec. w. was Ann, d. of Nathaniel Burr of Fairfield. HENRY, Boston, a joiner, was of the ch. May 1644, freem. 1648, was prob. the deac. wh. by w. Judith had Judith, b. 26 Nov. 1673; Samuel, 12 Jan. 1675; Ebenezer, 30 Jan. 1676; Ephraim, 4 Jan. 1677; Joseph, 15 Sept. 1678; Henry, 8 July 1680; Benjamin, 4 Apr. 1682; and John, 17 Sept. 1683. He was rep. for Rowley 1674, and d. 6 Jan. 1696, leav. good est. but no will. 

HENRY, Milford 1660, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 1663; Sarah, 1666; Miriam, 1669; Mercy, 1671; Henry, 1674; Frances, 1676, and George, 1678. His w. d. 1680; and he d. at Stratford, 1690. Both the s. were proprs. at M. 1713. By Lambert he is placed at M. 1645, and call. anc. of Col. Ethan Allen; but in ea. statem. he is erron. HOPE, Boston 1651, a currier, by w. Rachel had Jacob, b. 22 Feb. 1654; Joseph, 4 Oct. 1655; Leah, 16 May 1657, d. in few mos. Mary and Martha, tw. 15 June 1659; and Benjamin; the last two, with the first two, and ano. Leah, yet call. Rachel, were bapt. 16 Sept. 1666. An elder s. Edward liv. at Dover, to wh. we learn from Willis invalua. Hist. of Portland I. 73,159 he had devis. large part of an est. by him purchas. of George Cleves, wh. is the most beautif. quarter of the present city. When he d. is not kn. but it must have been bef. Nov. 1678, when George Bramhall purch. of the devisee. He left wid. Hannah, wh. m. Richard Knight bef. 1683. ISAAC, Rehoboth, m. 30 May 1673, Mary Bowen, perhaps d. of Henry, had Isaac, b. 3 Jan. 1675; Catharine, 18 Jan. of uncert. yr. the rec. being partially worn away. JAMES, Dedham 1639, freem. 1647, in Medfield 1652, by w. Ann had JOHN, b. 4 Dec. 1639; Mary and Martha, tw. 11 Dec. 1641; Sarah, 4 May 1644; Joseph, 24 June 1652; besides James, Nathaniel, William, and Benjamin, prob. bef. and after the last ment. He d. 27 Sept. 1673. Some reason is perceiv. for holding this man to be br. of Rev. John Allin of Dedham.

JAMES, Boston, one of the eject. min. was s. of a min. in Hampsh. and b. 24 June 1632, as is told, ent. of Magdalen Hall, 16 Mar. 1649, and of New Coll. Oxford, procced. A. M. and was one of the fellows; arr. at Boston, 10 June 1662, m. 18 Aug. 1663, Hannah, d. of Richard Dummer; wh. d. 26 Feb. 1668, aged 21, prob. without ch. Soon he m. sec. w. Elizabeth wid. of the sec. John Endicott, d. of Jeremiah Houchin, had Hannah, b. 22 July 1669; James, 24 Aug. 1670, H. C. 1689; John, 29 Feb. 1672; and Jeremiah, 27 Mar. 1673, wh. in 1715 was Treasr. of the Prov. His w. d. 5 Apr. after, and he m. 11 Sept. 1673, third w. Sarah, wid. of Robert Breck, d. of Capt. Thomas Hawkins (the names of both her f. and of her former h. being strangely pervert. in Drake's Hist. of Boston, 339), had Thomas, 20 May 1675, d. in few wks. [[vol. 1, p. 32]] and Sarah, 11 Sept. 1679, wh. d. at 3 yrs. After some yrs. preach. there, he was sett. in the midst of gr. disquiet, at the first ch. on the same day, with Davenport (9 Dec. 1668), in vindicat. of those charact. he was long a strenuous oppon. of the third, or O. S. ch. that sprang, out of the unhappy circumst. by wh. he was brot. from New Haven. His last w. d. 25 Nov. 1705, and he d. 22 Sept. 1710. Dunton says, his s. James was a min. in England d. at Northampton, but perhaps he is wrong, for he was young, and our Coll. Catal. never gave him the Italics, tho. it marks him as Socius. See 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 101 and 3 M. H. C. VIII. 250. Both of the Biogr. Dict. Eliot, briefly, and Allen, more at large, explain the difficult. of his course. JAMES, Sandwhich, perhaps s. of George the first, had Amey, b. 22 Dec. 1665; and Abigail, 28 Sept. 1667, and prob. sev. others, yet it may be that some were b. after rem. to Tisbury, had w. Elizabeth and d. 20 July 1714, aged 77, leav. many descend. JEDEDIAH, Sandwich, m. Experience, d. of James Swift, had Experience, b. 30 Aug. 1670, d. soon; Experience, again, 30 Dec. 1671; Eliashib, 17 Oct. 1672; Judah, 17 Oct. 1675; and Esther, 26 Mar. 1677. JEREMIAH, Salisbury, s. of William the first of the same. took o. of alleg. 2 Dec. 1677, m. 1686, Ann, prob. d. of Thomas Bradbury. JOHN, Plymouth 1633, was perhaps of Scituate, 1646, there d. 1662, prob. Sept. as his inv. bears date 25 of that mo. leav. wid. Ann and s. John; but his nuncup. will, made two days bef. his d. in wh. one ho. is giv. to Josiah Litchfield (then a youth) in wh. the testator liv. and ano. to his w. was not pro. until 2 June of next yr. and that would now-a-days seem a dangerous delay. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 94. JOHN, Dorchester 1632, kept an inn, and was punish. for drunkenness of those to wh. that yr. he sold.

 JOHN, Charleston, came, perhaps, in the Abigail, 1635, aged 30, with w. Ann, 30, from some part of Kent, join. the ch. 22 May 1641, and was adm. freem. 2 June next; by w. Sarah had John, b. 16 Oct. 1640, bapt. 30 May foll.; Sarah, b. 11 Aug. 1642, d. at 4 mos.; Mary, 6 Feb. 1644; and perhaps others, certain. Elizabeth and Rebecca bef. Samuel, 29 Nov. 1656; and Sarah, again, 11 May 1659, d. at 2 mos. He was of ar. co. 1639, and, in 1657, the richest man in the town, a capt. and rep. 1668, and d. 27 Mar. 1675. His d. Mary m. perhaps Nathan Rainsford, and next Joshua Hobart. Elizabeth m. 11 Mar. 1674, Nathan Hayman, and Rebecca m. 28 Mar. 1678, John Goodrich of Wethersfield. See Budington, 249. By Sewall he is call. br. of Rev. Thomas, if such be the mean. of the interleav. Almanac, giv. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 206. John, Springfield 1639, then tax. there, rem. soon, perhaps to Rehoboth 1643, and to Newport 1651, thence to Swanzey 1669. Certain. one John at Newport m. 10, or 14 Oct. 1650, Elizabeth Bacon, perhaps sis. of Nathaniel of Barnstable, there had Elizabeth b. July 1651; Mary, 4 Feb. 1653; John, Nov. 1654; Mercy, Dec. 1656; Priscilla, Dec. 1659; and Samuel, Apr. 1661. JOHN, Newbury, had John, b. 28 Aug. 1656; [[vol. 1, p. 33]] Samuel, 8 Apr. 1658; Joseph, 18 Mar. 1660; and Benjamin, 30 Jan. 1662. JOHN, New Haven, had Elizabeth b. 11 Sept. 1653; Lydia, 26 Dec. 1656; both bapt. 23 May 1658; Hannah, 26 July, bapt. 27 Nov. 1659; Mary, 25 Feb. 1662, bapt. 30 Mar. foll.; John, 13 Dec. 1663, bapt. 13 Feb. foll.; and Sarah, 19 Nov. 1666, tho. the rec. of her b. is 25 Nov. unless in Geneal. Reg. IX. 357, a mark is transpos. as much I suspect, or the ch. rec. is careless, as very frequent. we kn. it is. But the true name is Alling (not Allen), in the first generat. as in later ones. See Alling. JOHN, Northampton, s. of Samuel, m. 8 Dec. 1669, Mary, d. of William Hannum, rem. to Deerfield, there was k. by the Ind. 18 Sept. 1675, the day of Bloody brook, leav. three ch. John, b. 1 Oct. 1670; Samuel, 1673; and Hannah, 1675. 

JOHN, Medfield, in his will of 2 July 1696, calls hims. aged and sickly, and gave all his prop. to br. Nathaniel, and his heirs. JOHN, Hartford. See Allyn. JOHN, Barnstable, m. Mary Howland, had John, b. 2 Apr. 1674; Mary, 5 Aug. 1675, d. at 2 yrs.; Matthew, 6 Aug. 1677, d. at 3 yrs. and Isaac, 8 Nov. 1679. JOHN, Malden, m. 25 Oct. 1677, Mercy, wid. of Samuel Lee, d. of Thomas Call, d. Nov. 1678, aged a. 30, and his wid. d. Jan. next. JOHN, Salisbury, eldest s. of the first William of the same, m. 24 Aug. 1674, Mary, wid. of Jedediah Andros, had Hopestill, b. 11 Nov. foll. if the rec. be true, wh. d. young; Sarah, 9 Feb. 1677; Hopestill, again, 1 Jan. 1681, d. at 3 mos.; Mary, 27 Dec. 1681; Hannah, 22 Oct. 1686; and Ann, 4 Nov. 1689, d. soon; was a lieut. and his w. d. 28 Apr. 1695. He d. 27 Feb. 1697. In the sec. syllab. this name has i, instead of e, by town rec. JOHN, Marblehead 1668, may have been of Salem twenty yrs. later. JOHN, Sudbury 1681, s. of Walter. JOHN, Suffield, m. 22 Feb. 1682, Elizabeth Prichard, had John, b. 21 Dec. foll. d. soon; John again, 19 Jan. 1684; Richard, 19 Sept. 1685, d. young; rem. to Deerfield, there had Elizabeth 1686; Sarah, 1688; Joseph, 1691; Benjamin, 1693; and Ebenezer, 1696. He and his w. were k. by the Ind. 11 May 1704. JONAH, Taunton, had Mary, b. 12 May 1663; Sarah, 4 Nov. 1665; Jonah, 17 Aug. 1667. His w. Constant d. 10 days after, I suppose, tho. by rec. it seems 27 Apr. He m. 14 Dec. foll. Frances Hill of Milton; but I fear the name should be Austin. Ano. Jonah of Taunton, on Col. rec. call. junr. had Esther, b. 3 Jan. 1663, unless there be confus. of names or dates. Joseph, Medfield 1649. JOSEPH, Salem, had w. Bethia, wh. had admin. of his est. 29 June 1682 for good of self and ch. JOSEPH, Newport, by w. Sarah, m. July 1662, had Abigail, b. 1 Apr. 1663; Rose, 1 Oct. 1665; Joseph, 4 Mar. 1668; John, 15 July 1669; Philip, 3 July 1671; William, 10 Aug. 1673; and perhaps he had own. ld. at Salem 1661. *JOSEPH, Gloucester 1674, blacksmith, had Joseph and d. 1724. aged 71, as Boabson tells; and in his vol. we learn, that he m. 1680, Rachel Griggs, prob. d. of William had Joseph, b. 1681; Jeremiah, 1682; and Rachel, 1684; and his w. d. 26 Apr. of that yr. In the same yr. he m. Rose Howard, and had Solomon, 1685; Benjamin, 1687; a s. without name; Thomas, 1689; Ann, 1691; John, 1692; Rose, 1694; William, 1696; Mercy, and Patience, tw. 1697; Jeremiah, again 1698; Samuel 1701; Zerubabel, 1703; and Moses, 1706. He was capt. and rep. 1705.JOSEPH, Watertown, s. of Walter, m. 11 Oct. 1667, Ann Brazier, whose f. is not nam. by Bond, but may have been Edward, had Abigail, b. Dec. 1668, d. soon; Rebecca, 8 Apr. 1670, d.

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