A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 241 - 252
Breed - Briggs

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

BREED, ALLEN, Lynn 1630, as Lewis says, m. 28 Mar. 1656, Elizabeth Knight, prob. sec. w. had ch. perhaps all by first w. Allen, Timothy, Joseph, and John; freem. 1681, yet b. 1601, d. 17 Mar. 1692. He is one of the grantees in the deed from the Ind. of South Hampton, L. I. 1640, but either did not rem. or soon came back. ALLEN, Lynn, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. had Joseph, b. 12 Feb. 1658; Allen, 30 Aug. 1660; John, 18 Jan. 1663; Mar. 24 Aug. 1665; Elizabeth 1 Nov. 1667; Samuel, 25 Sept. 1669; and his w. Mary d. 30 Nov. 1671. He was freem. 1684. JOHN, Lynn, br. of the preced. m. 28 Dec. 1663, Sarah Hathorne, had Sarah, b. 28 Dec. 1667; William, 18 May 1671; Ephraim, 16 Dec. 1672; Ebenezer; 15 Apr. 1676; and his w. Sarah d. 22 Nov. foll. He m. 4 Mar. 1678, Sarah Hart, but, prob. had no more ch. and d. 28 June of the same yr. Descend. are very num. JOHN, Stonington, s. of Allen the sec. m. 8 June 1690, Mercy, d. of Gershom Palmer, had num. offspr. and d. 1751, if we believe the gr.stone, a. 90 yrs. old, wh. seems very prob. but the same witness testif. to the m. state in a most religious manner a. 64 yrs. wh. is vulgar exagger. of 3 yrs. His wid. d. the yr. foll. JOSEPH, Lynn, prob. s. of first Allen, had Mary, b. 4 July 1684; was freem. 1691. TIMOTHY, s. of first Allen, I suppose, m. 3 Mar. 1680, Sarah Newhall, d. prob. of John the first, had Joseph, b. 18 Apr. 1681; was freem. 1681. Sometimes the rec. has Bread, even Broad, or Braid. Four of the name had been, in 1834, gr. at Yale.

BREEDEN, BRADING, BRADON, or BREDING, JAMES, Boston, m. 9 Oct. 1657, Hannah, d. of Joseph Ruck or Rock. THOMAS, Boston [[vol. 1, p. 242]] 1656, by w. Mary had John, b. 24 Apr. 1660; was a merch. of large prop. went home and came again, perhaps more than once; was made Gov. of his Prov. of Nova Scotia by deputat. from Col. Thomas Temple, in Oliver's day, and again, after the restor. when Temple was a baronet. He lent large sums to Sir Thomas, and had mortg. of his estates on this side of the water, 1667. 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 105, and 3 M. H. Coll. VII. 120. HAZ. II. 462. Hutch. Coll. 339.

BREME, JOHN, Casco 1661, a fisherman.

BRENTON, EBENEZER, Swanzey, s. of Gov. William, by w. Priscilla had Ebenezer, b. 1687, H. C. 1707; Martha, 1689; William, 1694; Sarah, 1697; beside Ann, wh. m. Martin Howard, and Elizabeth wh. m. Edward Perkins. His w. d. 1705; but he long surv. till a. 1766, if Potter be correct, was rep. 1693; and a major in latter days. JAHLEEL, br. of the preced. collect. of the customs at Newport for the whole col.; d. 8 Nov. 1732, without ch. RICHARD, Boston, had Barnabas, bapt. 24 Jan. 1635. WILLIAM, Boston 1633, came, perhaps, in the Griffin with Cotton, as he join. the ch. a few days after the teacher; said to have been b. at Hammersmith; freem. 14 May 1634, rep. 1635, selectman 1634-7; went to Rhode Isl. was there in high office, 1638, and presid. 1659-63, but had come back to Boston betw. 1650 and 8; every yr. was a selectman in 1652-7, contrib. more than any other inhab. exc. Henry Webb, to subscript. for erect. of town house, yet tho. at Portsmouth, R. I. part of 1655, at B. is rec. a s.. b. 14 Nov, 1655; was Gov. of R. I. 1666,7, and 8; liv. at Taunton 1670-2, and d. at Newport, 1674. On Merrimeck riv. a large tract long call. Brenton's farms, now the town of Litchfield, in New Hampsh. was gr. to him in 1658; and the S. point of R. I. by him nam. Hammersmith (from his birthpl. near London), where gr. fortificat. are erect. for secur. of Newport harb. is usually kn. as Brenton's. At Boston by w. Martha, d. of Thomas Burton, as is in fam. tradi. report. had Mehitable, b. 28 Nov. 1652, m. Jospeh Brown of Charlestown, and d. 14 Sept. 1676; Jahleel, 14 Nov. 1655, bef. ment. and b. at other towns, Elizabeth wh. m. 28 Mar. 1672, John Pool of Boston; William; Ebenezer, bef. ment.; Sarah, m. Rev. Joseph Eliot of Guilford; and Abigail, m. Stephen Burton of Bristol. To these seven may be add. John, if the slight tradit. that he was oldest s. be credit. but certain. Martha, w. of John Card, as Brenton by deed of 16 Dec. 1667 gave him portion of est. that would have gone to his w. then dec. and Mary, w. of Peleg Sanford, as to him, in deed of 22 Dec. 1665, B. gives her portion. An absurd tradit. about him in a recent Eng. Biog. of his descend. the late Sir Jahleel B. needs neither notice nor refut. of other errors. 

WILLIAM, Bristol, s. of the preced. one of the early sett. was a mariner, Collector of Boston 1691, and by w. Hannah, had [[vol. 1, p. 243]] William, his eldest ch. also Samuel, and Jahleel, b. 15 AUG. 1691, wh. last by two ws. had 22 ch. of wh. the eight, Jahleel, b. 22 Oct. 1729, d. Jan. 1802, was a Rear admiral in the Br. navy, and f. of the late Sir Jahleel, b. at Newport, 22 Aug. 1770. Of all the descend. of first William, it is believ. those wh. were liv. at the Revo. adher. to the royal gov.

BRESSEY, ......New Haven, possib. the min. of wh. Mather, in Magn. Ill. 214, writ. the name Brecy, says he knows nothing, but that he went home. He had, in a former page, 2 of same Book, assign. him to Branford; but we presume he was never ord. See Bracey.

BRETT, ELIHU, Bridgewater, S. of William, by w. Ann had Mary, Margaret, and Elihu; d. 1712. NATHANIEL, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. 1683, Sarah, d. of John Hayward, had Alice, b. 1686; Seth, 1688; Mehitable, 1692; Sarah, 1695; Hannah, 1699; William, 1702; and Nathaniel, 1704; was a deac. d. 1740. WILLIAM, Duxbury 1640, rem. to Bridgewater, of wh. he was one of the first proprs. 1645, and rep. 1661, by w. Margaret had William, Elihu, Nathaniel, Alice, Lydia, and Hannah; was a rul. elder, and often preach. when the Rev. Mr. Keith was unable, d. 17 Dec. 1681, aged 63. A very large measure of elegiac verse was inflict. on him by the pastor. His d. Alice m. Joseph Hayward, and Hannah m. Franklin Cary. WILLIAM, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of John Cary, had only ch. Bethia, was deac. and d. 1713. Mitchell.

BRETTON, PHILIP, Falmouth, left out the French particle from his name, rem. to Boston, d. 1737. He was, perhaps, from Rochelle, certain. a Huguenot, a rigger; in his will, 6 Aug. 1736, takes notice of his adv. age, and ment. ch. Peter, Daniel, Mary, Elizabeth Rachel, Sarah, Jane, and Ann, and of s.-in-law Edward Dumaresque. Willis, I. 186.

BREWER, CHRISTOPHER, Lynn, wh. may be the same as the foll. had Abigail, b. 4 Dec. 1664. CRISPUS, Lynn, freem. 1684, had Rebecca, b. 28 Oct. 1667. DANIEL, Roxbury, came in the Lion, with w. arr. at Boston 16 Sept. 1632, freem. 14 May 1634, d. early in 1646, names, in his will of 12 Jan. that yr. w. Joanna, wh. d. 7 Feb. 1689, aged 87; s. Daniel, prob. b. in Eng.; Nathaniel, b. 1 May 1635; and ds. Ann, Joanna, and Sarah. This last b. 8 Mar. 1638, m. 19 Nov. 1656, John May. Ann d. 13 Mar. 1659. DANIEL, Roxbury, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. ar. co. 1666, m. 5 Nov. 1652, Hannah, d. of Isaac Morrill, had one ch. b. 9 Mar. 1660, d. at b.; Hannah, 5 July 1665; Daniel, 7 Feb. 1669; d. 9 Jan. 1708, aged 84. His wid. Hannah d. 6 Oct. 1717. His s. DANIEL, H. C. 1687, was min. of Springfield, ord. 16 May 1694, m. 23 Aug. 1699, Catharine, d. of Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, and Catharine, Eunice, and prob. other ch. and d. 5 Nov. 1733. 

JOHN, Cambridge, by w. Ann, his first, had John, b. 10 Oct. 1642; and Hannah, 18 Jan. 1645; [[vol. 1, p. 244]] rem. prob. to Sudbury, perhaps after m. 23 Oct. 1647, Mary, d. of the first John Whitmore, prob. and had Mary, b. 23 Sept. 1648; William, 6 Oct. 1653; and Sarah, 27 Mar. 1658. JOHN, Sudbury, prob. s. of the preced. d. 1 Jan. 1691; m. Elizabeth d. of Henry Rice, had John, b. 1669; Elizabeth 21 May 1671; Hannah; James, 10 Sept. 1675; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1678; Mary, 1680; Abigail, 5 Apr. 1682; Martha, 5 Mar. 1685; and Jonathan, 21 June 1689. NATHANIEL, Roxbury, S. of first Daniel, by w. Elizabeth wh. d. 25 June 1661, had Elizabeth b. 22 May bef.; m. sec. w. Elizabeth d. of Robert Rand of Charlestown, had Joanna, b. 20 Jan. bapt. 12 Apr. 1663; and Nathaniel, b. 16 July 1667; was freem. 1674, and d. 26 Feb. 1694. THOMAS, Ipswich 1642, freem. 1652, when the Col. rec. calls him of Roxbury. His d. Mary m. 21 Aug. 1656, William Lane of Boston; and his d. Sarah m. 29 Nov. 1657, Thomas Webster of Hampton, where the f. d. 23 Mar. 1690, as a writer of much research and unusual precision in Geneal. Reg. IX. 160, conject. THOMAS, Lynn, m. 4 Dec. 1682, Elizabeth Graves, had Mary, b. 10 Nov. 1684; Rebecca; Crispus; Thomas; and John. Five of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and six at YALE.

BREWSTER, BENJAMIN, New London 1654, s. of Jonathan, m. Feb. 1659, Ann Dart, sis. perhaps, of Richard of the same, had Mary, b. prob. at N. L. Dec. 1660; at Norwich, Ann, Sept. 1662; Jonathan, Nov. 1664; Daniel, Mar. 1667; William, Mar. 1669; Ruth, 16 Sept. 1671; Benjamin, 28 Nov. 1673; and Elizabeth 23 June 1676. He d; 10 Sept. 1710. Caulkins, Hist. Norwich, 115. FRANCIS, New Haven 1640, was from London, prob. with w. Lucy and fam. in all count. nine heads; and lost with Gregson, Lamberton, and others, going home in the ship built at New Haven, Jan. 1646. He may well seem to have been f. of Nathaniel, gr. in the first class at H. C. 1642, and of Joseph. His wid. m. Thomas Pell, an(l was d. Sept. 1669. Above ten pages of N. H. Col. Rec. are occup. with trifling, details on a trial of her for slander, but this was bef. her m. to sec. h. and may have contribut. to produce it in order to obt. manly protection. His est. was good, amt. of inv. £555. JOHN, Portsmouth 1665. See Bruster. 

JONATHAN, Plymouth, eldest s. of Elder William, b. at Scrooby, in Co. Notts, on the road to Doncaster in Yorksh. from wh. it is only 12 or 13 miles dist. in a manor belong. to the archbp. of York, under wh. his gr.f. was tenant on long lease, had been instruct. only by his glorious f. either in his native ld. or the doz. yrs. resid. in Holland, where he was left by the Elder to take care of two sis. with his own fam. Without the sis. he came in the Fortune 1621, in June 1636, was in command of the Plymouth trading, ho. on Conn. riv. and gave notice to John Winthrop, gov. of the fort at Saybrook, in a letter in my posses. of 18 June, of the evil designs of the Pequots; [[vol. 1, p. 245]] rem. to Duxbury, of wh. he was rep. 1639, the earliest assemb. of deputies in that Col. thence to New London, bef. 1649, there was selectman, d. bef. Sept. 1659, hav. in Sept. 1656 project. to ret. to Eng. with his fam. By w. Lucretia, he had William, and Mary, both, prob. but the first, certain. b. in Holland; Jonathan; Benjamin, bef. ment.; also, Grace, Ruth, Hannah, and perhaps Elizabeth some of these b. prob. at New London. Mary m. 12 Nov. 1645, John Turner of Scituate; Elizabeth m. a. 1654, Peter Bradley; Grace m. 4 Aug. 1659, Daniel Wetherill; Hannah m. 23 Dec. 1664, Samuel Starr; and Ruth m. John Picket, and next, Charles Hill, and d. 30 Apr. 1677. JONATHAN, Duxbury, s. of the preced. is seen among the freem. in 1643, with his br. William, but prob. they both went to New London with their f. JOSEPH, New Haven 1646, s. of Francis. LOVE, Plymouth, s. of Elder William, b. prob. in Holland, possib. in Eng. came, with his f. in the Mayflower, rem. to Duxbury, m. 15 May 1634, Sarah, d. of William Collier, had Sarah, wh. m. 1656, Benjamin Bartlett; Nathaniel; William; and Wrestling,. He d. not long after his will of 1 Oct. 1600, and his wid. m. Richard Park of Cambridge, and, after his d. 1665, went back to Duxbury. NATHANIEL, New Haven, one of the earliest gr. of Harv. prob. s. of Francis, brot. from London, went to Eng. sett. as min. at Alby, in Co. Norf. had the degr. of B. D. from Dublin Univ. came back after the restorat. and preach. some time from Oct. 1663, at the first ch. in Boston; at last was sett. at Brookhaven, L. I. 1665; m. Sarah, d. of Roger Ludlow, d. 1690, leav. s. John, Timothy, and Daniel, whose descend. are still found there. The extravag. tradit. a. his age giv. by a gr.s. as if he were 95, when only 48 yrs. from H. C. is in John Adams' Works, II. 441. It is not prob. that Francis was neph. of the disting. Elder, and any remoter relat. is uncert. Indeed that of Francis, and of Joseph, is found. on conject. only, but very prob. NATHANIEL, Duxbury, s. of Love, liv. not long after reach. manhood, for I see nothing of his serv. exc. with his br. William on two coroner's inq. in Dec. 1673, and he d. bef. Nov. 1676, when by Plymouth Rec. it appears, that admin. on his est. was giv. to Robert Vixon of Eastham; but wh. was R. V. is not seen. Perhaps V. was a creditor, and Nathaniel may have gone to live at E. 

WILLIAM, Plymouth, the famous Elder, claim. of liberal Christians everlast. gratitude, as the earliest of disting. Puritan laymen in Eng,. came in the Mayflower, 1620, with his w. two younger s. the w. of the eldest, and her s. William. He was b. 1563 (prob. but earlier by some computa.) at Scrooby, in Nottinghampsh. at the manor hall of wh. vill. belong. to the archbp. of York, he afterwards long resid. the same house at wh. Cardinal Wolsey had made his last stop, bef. reach. home in his final journey, on compulsory retirement from court, after banishm. by King Henry VIII. thirty yrs. earlier. His f. [[vol. 1, p. 246]] prob. William, was tenant under liberal lease from archbp. Sandys, and the s. was educ. some time at Cambridge Univ. and his f. bec. as subtenant of Scrooby manor, the possessor of that very resid. of the Cardinal, and the s. therein worship. God accord. to the simple forms of the chief protestants of Protestantism. After very honora. serv. with Davidson, secr. of Queen Elizabeth he partook in the fall of that statesman, the conseq. of the Queen's heartless deception and treachery; and abandon. 1587, political life. Devot. hims. for many yrs. to relig. he was the first promin. layman wh. reject. conform. to the ceremon. of the ch. of Eng. He was in the employm. of the crown, however, as postmaster bef. Apr. 1594, at Scrooby, above a doz. yrs. after leav. London; there he m. the w. Mary. With his young friend, Bradford, after a doz. yrs. to be made Gov. of New Plymouth and others, he pass. a. 1607 or 8, into Holland for enjoym. of worship without the many idle forms, on wh. King James had set his heart, and was rul. Elder of the ch. at Leyden of wh. John Robinson was teach. as he had been prob. at Scrooby. His ds. Patience and Fear, came in the Ann, 1623; and on 5 Aug. of next yr. Patience m. Thomas Prence, afterwards the gov. and d. 1634; and Fear m. 1626, Isaac Allerton, as his sec. w. and d. 1633. His w. d. bef. 1627; and Gov. Bradford says the s. Wrestling d. bef. never m. He had early rem. to Duxbury, and there, under the same roof with Love, d. 16 Apr. 1643, after one day's illness. His inv. has proof in the titles of the books of honora. regard for letters. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 174. Bradford's Memoir of him is in Young's Chron. of the Pilgr. 461. See, also, Davis's Morton; Hunter's First Colonists of N. E., of wh. the best impres. is in 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 52; and Shurtlef's Recollect. of the Pilgr. in Russell's Guide to Plymouth. It may be useful to mark the error of so valua. an auth. as Baylies, in II. 6, where he gives to our most glorious of the Mayflower's passeng. three ch. Lucretia, Mary, and William, and is even so rash as to say, two of them were b. in America. Yet if b. on our side of the water, he ought to have presum. they could not, from his age, be ch. of the Elder. The first was w. others, ch. of Jonathan. 

WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of Jonathan, was prob. b. at Leyden, went in Aug. 1645, under serg. Nash, as part of the forty men to be furnish. by this smallest Col. to repress the peril from the Narragansets, and encourage the friendsh. of Uncas [see Bradford's Hist. 431-6], and serv. in that exped. 17 days, was count. among the freem. in 1643, and prob. went with his f. to New London. WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of Love, m. 2 Jan. 1673, Lydia, d. of George Partridge, and d. 3 Nov. 1723. Whether he had ch. is not kn. but he was in good esteem, and was rep. 1675. WRESTLING, Plymouth, youngest s. of the gr. Elder, b. prob. at Leyden, in Holland, came with [[vol. 1, p. 247]] his f. in the Mayflower, d. "a young, man unm." bef. his f. says Gov. Bradford, but Caulkins, in Hist. of Norwich, 115, refers to an idle tradit. that makes him ancest. of Sir Christopher Brewster of our days. Sir Christopher perhaps may descend from a gr.s. of the Elder and youngest s. of Love, wh. rec. this name, prob. sev. yrs. after d. of his uncle. In a very agreea. Memoir of the "Life and Time of Elder Brewster," by Rev. Ashbel Steele, Phila. 1857, the author too casi. assum. that this s. of the great Elder was of Portsmouth 1629, and built up his case on three piles of fictitious paper: The first, a forged deed of 6 Dec. 1629 ( wh. fell on Sunday), of ld. in Portsmouth, that was not so call. bef. May 1653, but always Strawberry Bank, with prob. false grantor and witnesses, and Writ. in language of one hundred and fifty yrs. later use; next, a fabricat. fam. rec. whereby it is shown, that Wrestling B. was m. 1630 to E. S. had s. John, b. 20 Jan. 1631, and daur. 3 May 1636, nam. Love Lucretia ! ! ! and the w. d. in childbed, thirty-eight yrs. after (perhaps the ch. had it liv. would have seem. to require double name, and so been bapt. Mephistophiles Beelzebub); that E. S. the w. is call. d. of Augustine Story, one of the illustrious grantees in the more ambitious forgery of the Wheelwright deed of all New Hampsh. from the Ind. made also on Sunday in an earlier mo. of the same yr. and little more than eight yrs. after Wrestling came over the Atlantic, with his f.; and the third fountain of evidence is from many, near. all spurious, accounts of business transactions, wh. by patient investigat. are found to be almost wholly fanciful. In his new Ed. Mr. Steele will, no doubt, correct those childish fictions of the last century. WRESTLING, Duxbury, br. of Nathaniel of the same, had, with his br. William, gr. of lds. (in honor of the rever. serv. of their gr.f. dec.) at Swanzey, provid. they went there to liv.; but I presume neither of them accept. the favor, as they cont. at D. By w. Mary he had sev. ch. and d. 1 Jan. 1697. He was constable in 1680, and serv. on jury in 1682 and 4. Ten of this name had been gr. at N. E. coll. in 1834.

BRIARD. See Bryer; and (such is the carelessn. of subordin. officials), the man may appear as Friard.

BRIARS, JOHN, Gloucester 1652, m. that yr. Elizabeth d. of John Jackson, had Grace, b. 1655; John, 1658; Benjamin, 1660; Mary, 1661, wh. d. very soon; and he rem.

BRICE, THOMAS, Gloucester 1642, a ship-carpent. d. 1691.

BRICKET, NATHANIEL, Newbury, had Nathaniel, b. 20 Dec. 1673, d. young; John, 3 May 1676; James, and Mary, tw. 11 Dec. 1679; and Nathaniel, again, 23 Sept. 1683, drown. at 4 yrs. old.

BRICKNALL, EDWARD, Boston 1681, by w. Mary had Edward, b. 20 Dec. 1682; John, 11 Sept. 1684; and Mary, 15 Sept. 1689. Often this name is Bicknell.

BRIDGE, EDWARD, Roxbury, freem. 22 May 1639, had w. Mary, and ch. Mary, b. 18 Nov. 1637; and Thomas, 31 Mar. or May 1639; and, [[vol. 1, p. 248]] perhaps, other ch.; and d. 20 Dec. 1683, aged 82. Mary m. I think, 23 Nov. 1661, Samuel Gay. JOHN, Cambridge 1632, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rep. 1637, was deac. and often selectman, d. Apr. 1665. He was f. of Matthew, and Thomas, brot. from Eng. beside a d. Sarah, b. 16 Feb. 1649, wh. prob. d. young. His sec. w. Elizabeth was wid. of Martin Saunders of Boston, as she had first been of Roger Bancroft, and got a fourth h. Edward Taylor. His will ment. w. s. Matthew, Dorcas, d. of his s. Thomas, and sis. Betts. JOHN, Roxbury, s. prob. of Edward, by w. Prudence, d. of William Robinson of Dorchester, had Mary, b. 21 Apr. 1661, bapt. 29 Mar. 1663; Prudence, b. 11 June 1664; Margaret, 18 July 1666, d. at 4 yrs.; Edward, 9 Sept. 1668; John, 11 Jan. 1671; and Margaret, again, 11 Mar. 1672 or 3; and he d. 20 Aug. 1674. Mary m. 23 Mar. 1681, Joseph Lyon; Prudence m. 2 June 1684, John May. JOHN, Boston 1671, d. Sept. 1672, own. a ho. there. JOHN, Wickford, R. I. 1674. MATTHEW, Cambridge, s. of first John, b. in Eng. by mischance k. John Abbot in May 1637, was of ar. co. 1613, m. Ann, d. of Nicholas Danforth, had John, b. 15 June 1645; Ann; Martha, 15 or 19 Jan. 1649, d. young; Matthew, 5 May 1650; Samuel, 14 Feb. 1653, says his gr.stone, but town rec. has 17 Feb. and County rec. 24, d. 25 Feb. 1673; Thomas, 1 June 1655, by gr.stone, but 1656 by town rec. d. 28 Mar. 1673; and Elizabeth bapt. 18 Sept. 1659. He d. 28 Apr. 1700; and his wid. d. 2 Dec. 1704. Ann m. 4 June 1668, Samuel Livermore; and next, Oliver Wellington, and d. 28 Aug. 1727, aged 81, perhaps exagger. by ten yrs. MATTHEW, Cambridge, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail Russell, d. of Joseph of Cambridge, wh. d. 14 Dec. 1727, aged 56, had nine ch. and d. 29 May 1738. His will, made shortly bef. names s. Matthew, Joseph, John, and Samuel, beside ds. Abigail Whitney, Elizabeth and Martha, ch. of his d. Ann, w. of Abraham Watson, and gr.s. William Russell. The ch. were Mary, b. 19 June 1688, mo. of William Russell; Ann, 12 Sept. 1691; Matthew, 1 Mar. 1694; Abigail, 1 Apr. 1696; Josepb, 8 July 1698; John, 1 Sept. 1700; Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1703; Samuel, 2 May 1705; and Martha, 20 Sept. 1707. SAMUEL, Boston 1671, a carpenter, freem. 1672, ar. co. 1679. THOMAS, Cambridge, s. of first John, b. in Co. Essex, Eng. by w. Dorcas had Dorcas, b. 16 Feb. 1649, wh. m. 3 Jan. 1666, Daniel Champney, and d. 7 Feb. 1684. Both he and his w. were d. 10 Mar. 1657, when their inv. was tak. THOMAS, Boston, merch. b. at Hackney, near London, 1637, came here and was bred at Harv. where he had his A. B. 1675; after preach. in Jamaica, New Providence, Bermuda, and West Jersey, bec. min. of the first ch. ord. 10 May 1705, d. 26 Sept. 1715, of apoplexy. Eliot's Biogr. Dict. 

WILLIAM, Watertown 1636, Boston 1643, had Peter, b. Jan. 1644. He came, he says, with John Oldham, and calls him f.-in-law, but perhaps that means, that J.O. m. his mo. and yet he is not ment. by Bond, exc. very slight p. 95, but not at all 861-4. WILLIAM, [[vol. 1, p. 249]] Charlestown, by w. Persis, d. of Thomas Pierce of C. had Rebecca, b. 2 Feb. 1644, d. soon; Samuel, 25 Mar. 1647; was freem. 1647. He is the same as the preced. and his wid. m. Mar. 1652, John Harrison. Ten of this name, of wh. five were clerg. includ. Rev. Thomas, whose degr. was hon. are on H. C. catal. 1818.

BRIDGES, EDMUND, Lynn, came in the James from London, 1635, aged 23, freem. 7 Sept. 1639, had by first w. Alice, Edmund, b. a. 1637; John; and perhaps by sec. w. Elizabeth at Rowley had Mehitable, 26 Mar. 1641; Bethia; Obadiah, a. 1646; Faith; Hackaliah, wh. was lost at sea, a. 1671; and Josiah; his w. d. Dec. 1664, at Ipswich; and by third w. m. 6 Apr. 1665, Mary Littlehale, prob. wid. of Richard, may have had Mary, and he d. 13 Jan. 1685, in his will nam. w. Mary, and ch. John, Josiah, Faith Black, Bethia, and Mary. Bethia m. 26 Oct. 1669, Joseph Peabody. Perhaps the London custom ho. gives Bridges, tho. on Col. rec. it is only a monosyl. EDMUND, Topsfield, s. of the preced. m. 11 Jan. 1660, Sarah, d. of William Towne, had Edmund, b. 4 Oct. foll.; Benjamin, 2 Jan. 1665; Mary, Apr. 1667; rem. to Salem, there had Hannah, 9 June 1669; and Caleb, 3 June 1677; and d. a. 24 June 1682. His wid. m. Peter Cloyes, and barely escap. with life in the witchcraft delus. JOHN, Andover, s. of Edmund the first, m. 5 Dec. 1666, Sarah, d. of James How of Ipswich, if the pedigree of Bridges, in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 252, be right. By this first w. wh. d. not at Andover, or at least is not on the rec. he had James, b. a. 1671; and Sarah; and by a sec. w. m. 1 Mar. 1678, but not at Andover, Mary Post, a wid. perhaps of John of Woburn, had Mary, b. 27 Jan. 1679; Samuel, 19 July 1681; Elizabeth 5 June 1683; and Mehitable, 29 Apr. 1688. On the sad mistake a. witchcr. in 1692, his w. and ch. were imprison. JOSIAH, Ipswich, br. of the preced. m. 13 Nov. 1676, Elizabeth Norton, and a sec. w. m. 19 Sept. 1677, Ruth Greenslip, and left ch. whose childr. says the pedigree, are num. OBADIAH, Ipswich, br. of the preced. m. 25 Oct. 1671, Mary Smith, and had sec. w. Elizabeth and d. a. 1677, leav. three s. not nam. in the pedigree, wh. however, tells that his wid. m. 7 Oct. 1680, Joseph Parker of Andover. ROBERT, Lynn 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, ar. co. 1641, went home, but came back in 1643, was a capt. rep. 1644, speaker 1646, Assist. 1647 to 56, when he d. His house was burn. Apr. 1648. Winthrop II. 237. From Lewis, Hist. of Lynn, we do not learn, whether he had w. or ch. WILLIAM, Mass. freem. 1647, is prob. the man of Watertown 1636, without final s.

BRIDGHAM, HENRY, Dorchester 1641, freem. 1643, rem. to Boston 1644, was a tanner, ar. co. 1644, constable 1653, was a capt. and d. Jan. 1671, leav. good est. By w. Elizabeth wh surv. he had Joseph, bapt. 14 Dec. 1645; Jonathan; John, b. Sept. 1645, H. C. 1669; Joseph, again, 17 Jan. 1652; Benjamin, 3, or 4 May 1654, ar. co. 1674; Hopestill, 29 July 1658, d. young; Nathaniel, 8 Dec. 1659, prob. d. soon; Samuel, 17 Jan. 1661; Nathaniel, 2 Apr. 1662, d. young; and James, 12 May 1664. JOHN, Ipswich s. of the preced. a [[vol. 1, p. 250]]

physician, d. 2 May 1721. JONATHAN, Boston, eldest s. of Henry, was a tanner, freem. 1675, of wh. I kn. only that he was liv. 1676. JOSEPH, Boston, br. of the preced. ar. co. 1674, freem. 1678, rep. 1697, had been in 1690 for Northampton, deac. and rul. Elder of first ch. d. 5 Jan. 1709. His wd. Mercy d. of John Wensley of B. m. 8 Dec. 1712, Hon. Thomas Cushing, and d. 3 Oct. 1740. Samuel, Marlborough 1675. Four of this name had been gr. in 1834, at Harv. and one at Brown Univ.

BRIDGEMAN, JAMES, Hartford 1641, or earlier, Springfield 1645, had b. at H. Sarah, his eldest ch. wh. m. 3 May 1659, Timothy Tileston of Dorchester; John, b. 7 July 1645; Thomas, 14 Jan. 1647, d. soon; Martha, 20 Nov. 1649, wh. m. 1668, Samuel Dickinson of Hatfield; Mary, 5 July 1652, wh. m. 1672, Samuel Bartlett, and d. in 2 yrs. He rem. to Northampton 1654, had there James, b. 30 May 1655, d. soon; Patience, June 1656, d. in 7 mos.; and Hezekiah, June 1658, d. at 9 mos. His w. Martha d. 31 Aug. 1668, and he d. Mar. 1676. JOHN, Salem. 1637, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, bapt. 8 Sept. 1650. Farmer says he d. a. 1655, and I will find, his will as pro. in Nov. JOHN, Northampton, only surv. s. of James, m. 11 Dec. 1670, Mary, eldest d. of Isaac Sheldon, d. 7 Apr. 1712, leav. ch. Mary, John, Deliverance, James, Isaac, Sarah, Ebenezer, Thomas, Martha, Hannah, and Orlando, and had three wh. d. young. The last nam. was builder of Bridgeman's fort, S. of fort Dummer, and f. of Thomas, H. C. 1762, a lawyer, wh. d. 1771 in New Hampsh. Two more of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and three others at other N. E. coll.

BRIEN, or BRIAN, RICHARD, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, whose resid. is unkn. THOMAS, Plymouth, whip. in 1633, for run. from his master, Samuel Eddy.

BRIERSLEY, or BRIERS, JOHN, Glouster, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 29 May 1658; Benjamin, Jan. 1660, d. soon; and Mary, Jan. 1661, d. soon.

BRIGDEN, or BRIDGEN, THOMAS, Charlestown, was of Faversham, Kent, came in the Hercules, 1635, from Sandwich, with w. Thomasine and two ch. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, and d. 20 June 1668. He had Zechary, b. 2 Sug. 1639, H. C. 1657. His will, of 1 May 1665, makes w. extrix. names s. Thomas, and his ch. Thomas, Zachary, and John; d. Mary, w. of Henry Kimball, and her ch. Zachary, Mary, and Sarah; and d. Sarah. In a codic. of 16 June 1668, two other gr.ch. Henry K. and Michael B. are provid. for. The rec. of the town, in some confus. gives his adm. as inhab. 1634, but does not ins. his name in the gen. list of 1636, while the more careful ch. rec. had adm. of him and w. in Dec. 1635. THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. had w. [[vol. 1, p. 251]]

Mildred, only d. of Michael Carthrick of Ipswich, and by her, Sarah, b. 3 Jan. 1656; Zechariah, 8 Aug. 1658; and Thomas, all bapt. 5 Aug. 1660; John, 29 Sept. 1661; Michael, 5 June 1664; Nathaniel, 30 Dec. 1666; Timothy, 18 Dec. 1670; and Elias 26 Jan. 1673. His w. surv. him and her gr.stone says d. July 1726, aged 96. Next yr. in Dec. Thomas, prob. gr.s. of first Thomas, unit. with the ch. Michael, prob. also gr.s. d. 12 June 1709, aged 45; and Michael, chos. a deac. 1752, d. 18 Aug. 1767, aged 70. ZECHARIAH, Charlestown s. of the first Thomas, was a preach. at Stonington, d. 1663. Trumbull, I. 287.

BRIGGS, CLEMENT, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, prob. young; rem. to Dorchecter, there m. 1630, or 1631, early, Joan Allen, for officiat. at wh. cerem. Thomas Stoughton, the constable, was fin. £5. at the Mar. Court, 1631; thence he rem. to Weymouth 1633, had s. Thomas, b. 14 June 1633; Jonathan, 14 June 1635; John; David, 23 Aug. 1640; and Clement, 1 Jan. 1643. Grievous is our feeling of regret at find. the Court, in June 1638, led to forbid the w. to come into the comp. of Arthur Warren, as we are compell. to fear the m. was imprud. Bef. he d. he had ano. w. Elizabeth Of his will, the abstr. is giv. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 233; but the envelope of it is label. Mary Mouth, wh. the blundering clk. read for Weymouth, the resid. of the testator. His inv. of 23 Feb. 1649 not. in the same Vol. p. 228, was label. Osomunt Bray, full evid. of knonl. by the scrivener of the old writ. In Vol. IX. 347, the correct name is giv. His s. Thomas was of Taunton 1668, and num. descend. in that vicin. CORNELIUS, Scituate, s. of Walter, was ensign in Philip's war under eld. brs. James, the lieut. and John, capt.; m. 1677, the wid. of Samuel Russell, one of his fellowsoldiers, wh. had fallen the yr. preced. had Cornelius, b. 1678; Joseph, 1679; and James, 1683. EDMUND, Topsfield 1667. JAMES, Scituate, s. of Walter, lieut. in the gr. war, m. 1678, Rebecca, d. of deac. Joseph Tilden, had Joseph, b. 1678; Mary, 1682; James, 1687; Benjamin, 1695; and perhaps others. JOHN, Lynn, came, prob. in the Blessing, 1635, aged 20, rem. to Sandwich 1637, there d. 1641. His w. Catharine had admin. 1 June. JOHN, Newport 1638, or Portsmouth 1650, was freem. there 1655, had Thomas, and an elder s. viz. JOHN, Warwick, b. 1642, wh. m. Frances, d. of Edward Fisher of Portsmouth, R. I. had John, b. 25 Jan. 1668; James, 12 Feb. 1671; Frances, 26 Feb. 1673; and Richard, 1 Feb. 1675. He liv. at Kingstown in 1678, when his w. was nam. Hannah. JOHN, Boston 1673, s. of William, rem. that yr. to Lyme, there by w. Mary had William, b. 30 July 1672 or 3; and Peter, 5 Feb. 1680. JOHN, Scituate, s. of Walter, had Hannah, b. 1684; Deborah, 1685; and John, 1687. He was a capt. in the war. Deane, 225. JONATHAN, Taunton, perhaps s. of Clement, had Jonathan, b. 15 Mar.[[vol. 1, p. 252]] 1668; and David, 6 Dec. 1669. MATTHEW, Hingham, m. May 1648, perhaps sec. w. Deborah, d. of Matthew Cushing, wh. d. bef her f. Matthias is more common name of this man. From Hobart╒s Diary we find, that Hannah and Peter Briggs were bapt. 2 Aug. 1646, and John, 20 Dec. foll. but their f. is unkn. RICHARD, Taunton, perhaps s. of Clement, m. 15 Aug. 1662, Rebecca Hoskins, had William, b. 21 Nov. 1663; Rebecca,, 16 Aug. 1665; Richard, 7 Apr. 1668; John, 13 Feb. 1673; Joseph, 15 June 1674; Benjamin, 15 Sept. 1677. THOMAS, Portsmouth, R. I. younger s. of the first John of the same, had in 1678 w. Mary, and no more can I learn a. him. 

THOMAS, and WILLIAM, nam. in Essex Inst. II. 70, in my opin. mean Biggs. WALTER, Scituate 1643, had w. Frances, and d. a. 1684. His will, of that yr. names w. s. John, James, Cornelius, and d. Hannah Winslow. WILLIAM, Boston by w. Mary had Hannah, b. 28 Aug. 1642, wh. m. 10 Sept. 1657, John Harris. Perhaps he rem. to Lyme betw. 1670 and 1680; at least one of this name was inhab. there at that period. WILLIAM, Taunton, perhaps br. of Jonathan, m. 6 Nov. 1666, Sarah Macumbeer, perhaps d. of William of Marshfield, had William, b. 25 Jan. 1668; Thomas, 9 Sept. 1669; and Sarah, the next day; Elizabeth 4 Nov. 1672; Mary, 14 Aug. 1674; Matthew, 5 Feb. 1677; John, 19 Mar. 1680; and his w. d. next day. This name seems common thro. manu Cos. in Eng. but chief. Norfolk. Five had been gr. at Harv. and fourteen at other N. E. coll. in 1834.

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