A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 252 -263
Brigham - Brough

By James Savage

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BRIGHAM, JOHN, Sudbury, s. of Thomas, rem. to Marlborough, of wh. he was rep. 1689 and 90, had Sarah, b. 27 Mar. 1674; Mary, 6 May 1678; Jotham, 6 June 1680; Hannah, 27 Mar. 1683; and Thomas, 6 May 1687. SAMUEL, Sudbury, s. of Thomas, rem. to Marlborough, freem. 1690, by w. Elizabeth d. of Abraham Howe of M. wh. d. 26 July 1739, aged 75, had Elizabeth b. 24 Mar. 1685; Hepzibah 25 Jan. 1687; SAMUEL, 25 Jan. 1689; Lydia, 5 Mar. 1691; Jedediah, 8 June 1693; Jotham, 23 Dec. 1695; Timothy, 10 Oct. 1698; Charles, 30 Dec. 1700; Persis, 10 July 1703; and Antipas, 16 Oct. 1706. He was a capt. and d. 24 July 1713. Sebastian, Cambridge 1636, rem. to Rowley, was capt. 1644, rep. 1650. Johnson's Hist. of N. E. 193, and Gage, in Hist. of Rowley, gave this spel. of the name, wh. Farmer had under Bridham. The bapt. name must be influential in prevent. mistake, and the local historian likely to be correct. THOMAS, Cambridge, came in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 32, freem. 18 Apr. 1636, was not of Watertown, as Bond thot., did not rem. to Sudbury, as Farmer had said, but w. Mercy Hurd, m. porob. after com. from Eng. had Thomas, b. a. 1642; John, b. 9 Mar. 1645, above ment.; Mary, wh. prob. d. bef. hr f.; Hannah, 9 Mar, 1650, or 1; and Samuel, 12 Jan. 1653, above ment.; all nam. in his will pro. early in 1654. He made his will 7 Oct. and d. 8 Dec. 1653. His wid. m. 1 Mar. 1655, Efmund Rice; and next, 1664, William Hunt. 

THOMAS, Sudbury, s. of the preeced. rem. to Marlborough, m. 27 Dec. 1665, Mary, was freem. 1690, had [[vol. 1, p. 253]] Thomas, b. 24 Feb. 1667, wh. d. bef. his f.; Nathan, 17 June 1671; David, 11 Aug. 1673, d. young,; Jonathan, 22 Feb. 1675; David, again, 12 Apr. 1678; Gershom, 23 Feb. 1681 (the last two d. bef. their f.); Elnathan, 7 Mar. 1683; and Mary, 26 Oct. 1687. He made his will 21 Apr. 1716, wh. was pro. 2 June 1717. Six of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, and an equal number in aggreg. at the other N. E. coll.

BRIGHT, FRANCIS, Charlestown, s. of Edward of London, bred at Oxford, matric. of New Coll. 18 Feb. 1625, aged 22, and by famous John Davenport instr. in divinity, in 1629 came from Rayleigh, in Essex, with w. and two ch. to Salem, in the Lion's Whelp, prob. sat down at Charlestown, took some discouragem. and went home 1630 in the Lion. HENRY, Charlestown 1630, prob. from Ipswich, in Suff.'k s. of Henry of Bury St. Edmunds, came in the fleet with Winthrop was very early, No. 48, enrol. in the ch. but not long after rem. to Watertown, there m. 1634, Ann, d. of Henry Goldstone, had Ann, wh. at her bur. 28 Oct. 1639, was call. 4 yrs. old; Abigail, b. 12 Oct. 1637, wh. m. 15 Aug. 1659, Elisha Odlin; Mary, 23 or 27 Apr. 1639, wh. m. 15 Oct. 1657, Nathaniel Coolidge; John, 14 May 1641; Ann, again, 17 Mar. 1644, m. 26 May 1670, Samuel Ruggles of Roxbury, as his sec. w. I presume; Elizabeth m. as sec. w. 23 July 1674, or 5 July 1675 (as various acco. are giv.) deac. Walter Hastings of Cambridge; Nathaniel, 5 May 1647; and Beriah, 22 Sept. 1651, m. 30 Nov. 1671, Isaac Fowel of Charlestown. He was freem. 6 May 1635, held in high esteem, deac. and d. 9 Oct. 1686, aged 84. He had elder br. Thomas of Ipswich, Eng. wh. in his will, of unkn. date, but pro. 1626, ment. this Henry, sis. Elizabeth and other sis. as minors, That Elizabeth wh. was in 1657, wid. Dell of Bow, near London, gave in her will to this br. £200, and to each of his 7 ch. £10. all wh. was paid here in 1658 and 9. Large pedigree from the time of Henry VII. prepar. by Somerby,is given by Dr. Bond. This Henry was for many yrs. call. jr. because HENRY, a poor man of the same name liv. at W. was always spok. of as senior, as he might well be, without our giv. full credit to the rec. of his d. 14 Sept. 1674, aged one hundred yrs. and upwards, or ano. rec. says a. 109 yrs. But as the amt. of his inv. was only £2, 9, 6, any affinity is highly improb. John, Watertown, s. of the wealthy Henry, m. 7 May 1675, Mary, d. of William Barsham, had no ch. freem. 1671, was deac. and d. 17 Aug. 1691. His w. m. 12 Dec. 1700, as his sec. w. Hannnah Parker of Reading. NATHANIEL, Watertown, br. of the preced. m. 21 or 26 July 1681, Mary d. of Simon Coolidge, had Mary, b. 7 Oct. 1682; Henry, 16 Aug. 1684; Nathaniel, 18 Dec. 1686; John, 5 Apr. 1689; Joseph, 11 July 1692; Hannah, 7 Aug. 1694 ; Abigail; Benjamin, 19 July 1698; and Mercy.[[vol. 1, p. 254]] Four ds. and first nam. four s. surv.; but from not being in the will, 22 Sept. 1725, Benjamin may well be presum. to have d. bef. his f. Of these ch. descend most of the name in our country. SAMUEL, Mass. freem. 1645, but where he dwelt is unn. THOMAS, Watertown 1640 may have been neph. of the first ment. Henry.

BRIGHTON, SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Ann had James, bapt. 30 Mar. 1690; and Ebenezer, 2 Oct. 1692. The error of this name, wh. should be Samuel Beighton, was caus. by false index. See Beighton. THOMAS, came from London to Boston in the Truelove 1635, aged 31.

BRIGNALL, WILLIAM, Dedham, m. Martha, d. of Michael Metcalf, had William, d. soon after, and his wid. m. 2 Aug. 1654, Christopher Smith. The s. was liv. when gr.f. made his will, in wh. he was rememb. ten yrs. later.

BRIMBLECOME, JOHN, Boston 1654, woolcomber, m. 14 Jan. 1656, Barbara, wid. of George Davis, liv. not long there, but perhaps rem. to Marblehead bef. 1674. His will of 11 May 1678, pro. Nov. foll. ment. w. Tabitha, s. Philip, dr. Mary Tucker, and . . . Holman. PHILIP, Marblehead 1668, was, perhaps, br. or s. of the preced.

BRIMSDEN, or BRIMSDELL, ROBERT, Lynn, m. 15 Apr. 1667, Bathsheba Richards, was of Boston 1672, merch. m. I think, Ann, d. of Thomas Barnes of Hingham, for sec. w.

BRIMSMEAD, BROWNSMAYD, BRINSMEID, BRINSMEAD or BRINSMADE, oft. BRINSLEY, ALEXANDER, Charlestown 1650, s. of William, of wh. I hear nothing aft. 1654. DANIEL, Stratford s. of John, by w. Sarah, d. of Caleb Nichols by one acco.(but better makes her d. of the first Daniel Kellogg), d. Oct. 1702, without will, leav. good est. wid. wh. m. John Betts of Norwalk, and ch. Mary, aged 18; Daniel, 15; Abigail, 11; Samuel, 8; and Ruth, 2. JOHN, Charlestown 1637, freem. 2 May 1638, by w. Mary perhaps sis. of the first Thomas, or the first John, had Mary, b. 24 July, bapt. 3 Aug. 1640; and John, b. 2 Mar. 1643; Daniel; and Zechary, wh. was drown. Aug. 1667; prob. rem. to Stratford bef. 1650, was rep. 1669, and 71, and d. 1673, leav. good est. to wid. Mary, and ch. John, Daniel, Paul, Samuel, Mary, w. of John Bostwick, and Elizabeth WILLIAM, Dorchester, d. early in 1648, his will, 10 Dec. 1647, of wh. abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. III. 266 names. William and Alexander; ds. Ebbet and Mary. This last m. 17 Sept. 1667, Benjamin Leeds. WILLIAM, Marlborough, s. of the preced. b. perhaps at Dorchester was bred at H. C. and should have been gr. 1654 or 5, when, by a change in the durat. of studies for the first degr. from three yrs. to four, he and sixteen more, if Mather may be believ. Magn. IV. 135, felt so much aggriev. as to forego the advantage of longer resid. Something, different is the version to be seen in the delightful Ann. of the Am. Pulpit, I. 256. He preach. a. 1660-65 at Plymouth, and went thence to the new town of M. where he was ord. 3 Oct. 1666, never m. and d. 3 July 1701. For the little that can be kn. of him, see 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 47, and IX. 179, and 3 M. H. C. VII. 297.

[[vol. 1, p. 255]]

BRINKS, BRYAN, SACO. Sullivan, 304, et seq. Williamson, I. 238, 240. But is it doubt. whether he ever came to our country. No time is giv.

BRINLEY, FRANCIS, Newport 1652, s. of Thomas (an auditor of revenues of the Kings, Charles I. and II., as by the inscript. on his tomb in the mis. aisle of the ch. at Datchett, Co. Bucks, betw. Colnbrook and Windsor, is told, tho. it is not specif. whether the revenues were from tolls, or rents, or subsidies. The same voice from the tomb informs us that he was b. 1591, at the city of Exeter, m. Ann Wase of Pettiworth, in Co. Sussex, had five s. and seven ds. and d. 1661, so that he could have serv. his blessed maj. Charles II. only one yr. Addit. knowl. is gain. from the will made 13 Sept. 1661, as that he had est. at Newcastle and in Yorksh. as well as at Datchett, and that his ch. were only left to him, two ds. Mary, then wd. of Peter Sylvester, and Grizel, w. of Nathaniel Sylvester of shelter Isl. on our side of the world, and three s. Francis, Thomas, and William). This eldest s. was b. 5 Nov. 1632, and had prob. escap. from the evils brot. on the fam. by the loyalty of his f. but went back to Eng. prob. in 1655, came again in the Speedwell to Boston 27 July of next yr. m. Hannah Carr, d. perhaps of Caleb, of Newport, had Thomas and William; was an Assist. of R. I. 1672, and d. 1719. 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 252. William d. at Boston 1693, unm. THOMAS, Boston, s. of the preced. ar. co. 1681, one of the found. of King's Chaple 1686, went to Eng. there m. Mary Apthrop, had Elizabeth; Francis, b. 1690, at London, bred at Eton; and William; and d. of smallpox, 1693, as did his youngest s. The wd. with her two ch. came to reside with their gr.f.; and after his d. she liv. at Roxbury with her s. wh. had five s. and two ds. as fam. tradit. relates.

BRINTNALL, THOMAS, Boston, by w. Esther had Samuel, b. 2 Dec. 1665; Thomas, 1 Nov. 1669; Nathaniel, 1671; John, 3 Mar. 1673; Joseph, 3 Mar. 1674; and Mehitable, 1685; liv. at Muddy riv. THOMAS, Sudbury, s. of the preced. m. 23 May 1693, Hannah, d. of maj. Simon Willard, had Thomas, prob. bef. going to S. and there Parnel, b. 27 Sept. 1696; William, Y. C. 1721; Paul, 20 Mar. 1701; Nathaniel, 1703; Jershua, 15 Oct. 1704; Dorothy, 21 Dec. 1706; and Susanna, Apr. 1708 or 9; was capt. and he d. 2 Aug. 1733.

BRISANTON, THOMAS, appears on the roll of brave capt. Turner's comp. in Mar. 1676, left at Quaboag, and the true name may have been mistake

BRISCOE, BENJAMIN, Boston, shoemaker, m. 1656, Sarah, d. of Philip Long, had Philip, wh. d. very soon; Hannah, b. 6 Feb. 1658; Sarah, 18 July 1660; William, 7 Apr. 1663; Ann, 31 Jan. 1664; Mary, 22 Dec. 1665; John, 20 Jan. 1667; Rebecca, 20 Feb. 1669; Benjamin, 2  [[vol. 1, p. 256]] May 1671; and Susanna, 9 Feb. 1674. Sarah was b. at Lynn. DANIEL, Boston, s. of William, adm. of the ch. 17 Apr. and made freem. 18 May 1642, d. the same mo. says Boston rec. or 8 of the foll. mo. by drown. See Winthrop II. 66, wh. erron. calls him Nathaniel. EZEKIEL, Boston, br. of the preced. mariner, by w. Rebecca had Ezekiel, b. 25 Feb. 1670; and Mary, 17 Dec. 1673; d. next yr. JAMES, Milford 1670, br. of Nathaniel, of the same, was freem. 1671, m. 6 Nov. 1676, Sarah Wheeler, d. of William, had Sarah, b. 25 Mar. 1678; James, 25 Aug. 1679; and Hannah; and he d. a. 1710. JOHN, Watertown, s. of Nathaniel, b. in Eng. prob. 1622, m. 13 Dec. 1650, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bittlestone of Cambridge, wh. d. 28 Aug. 1685, had John, b. 5 Oct. 1651, d. young; Elizabeth 18 Dec. 1653, m. 20 Nov. 1679, Abraham Jackson; Thomas, 1 Apr. 1655; Mary, 22 Nov. 1658, m. Edward Goffe; and Sarah, 14 Mar. 1661, d. young. He was selectman 1664, and many subseq. yrs. and d. 18 Oct, 1690. JOSEPH, Boston, perhaps s. of WILLIAM, b. i Eng. m. 30 Jan. 1652, Abigail, d. of John Compton; was drown. 1 Jan. 1658, had only Joseph, b. 21 Aug. 1658, to wh. his gr.mo. Compton left, Nov. 1664, all her little est. L16.16 JOSEPH, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Rebecca, b. 16 Sept. 1679; Joseph, 4 Jan. 1681, d. soon; Joseph, again, 8 Jan. 1682; John, 30 Jan. 1684; and Sarah, 1 Aug. 1686. NATHANIEL. Watertown, had w. Elizabeth bur. 20 Nov. 1642, and ch. Nathaniel; Mary, wh. m. Thomas Broughton, and d. early, prob. in 1644; John, bef. ment.; and Sarah, wh. m. 7 Feb. 1650, William Bond. He was a rich tanner, selectman 1648, and 50, involv. in controversy, by wh we may presume, he was led to go home, where more freedom of opin. was allow. to be express. A characterist. letter of 1652 to Broughton, wh. is in print, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 32, was made a subject of investiga. See, also, Winthrop I. 392, and II. 93. NATHANIEL. Cambridge 1639, s. of the preced. b. no doubt in Eng. usher of Eaton at Harvard, wh. cruelly beat him, and he prob. rem. to Milford, was an early sett. without doubt bef. 1646; d. 1683, Lambert says; yet he was not liv. in 1677 to partake a div. of lis.; but had s. Nathaniel, bapt 1646; and James, 1649. NATHANIEL., Mioford, s. of thee preced. m. 29 Nov, 1672, Mary Camp, perhaps d. of Nicholas, had James, b 14 Sug. 1673; Mary, 15 Nov. 1675; Samuel, 4 Apr. 1678; Sarah, a 1681; Abigail, 1 Nov. 1684; John, a 1687; and Dinah, a. 1690; and he d. next yr. THOMAS, Watertown, s. of John, m. 24 Dec. 1684, Hannah, d. of Samuel Stearns, had John, b. 22 Oct. 1685; Elizabeth bapt. 17 July 1687; and Thomas, May 1689. He d. bef. 15 Oct. 1690, the date of the will of his f. and his wid. m. 28 Sept. 1718, Samuel Gookin. WILLIAM, Boston 1640. tailor, freem. 2 June 1641, had w. Cicely, and d. betw. 1662 and 70. By some of the name the r was drop.

BRISENTON, THOMAS, Springfield 1678. See Brisanton.

[[vol. 1, p. 257]]

BRISTOW, or BRISTOL, DANIEL, New Haven, s. of Henry, m. Esther Sperry, had Esther, b. 6 Feb. 1698; Elizabeth 13 Aug. 1699; Ann, 12 Feb. 1701; Daniel, 15 Oct. 1702; Obedience, 7 Oct. 1704; Samuel, 8 Aug. 1706; and Richard, 18 Oct. 1708. HENRY, New Haven 1647, had Rebecca, b. 4 Feb. bapt. 10 Mar. 1650; Samuel, 3, bapt. 7 Dec. 1651; Mercy, b. 17 Nov. 1653; and by sec. w. Lydia d. of Eleazer Brown, m. 29 Jan. 1656, Lydia, 3 Jan. bapt. 7 Feb. 1658; John, 4 Sept. bapt. 27 Nov. 1659; Mary, 1 Sept. bapt. 9 Nov. 1661; Hannah, 10 Dec. 1663, bapt. 13 Feb. foll.; and Abigail, 19, bapt. 23 Apr. 1666; beside Sarah, b. 1668; Daniel, 4 May 1671; Elizabeth 20 May 1674; Esther, 3 Oct. 1676; Eliphalet, 2 Oct. 1679; and Henry, 20 June 1683. Twelve of these 14 ch. surv. the f. Rebecca m. Dec. 1670, Zaccheus Candee. JOHN, New Haven, s. of the preced. had John, b. 4 Oct. 1686; Mehitable, 29 June 1688; and Joseph, 9 Aug. 1689. RICHARD, Guilford 1640-69, br. of the preced. m. perhaps as sec. or third w. Susanna, wid. of Thomas Blatchley of the same. Hav. no ch. he made the eldest s. of his br. heir to his est. As the city of Bristol was formerly call. Bristow, this fam. name prob. has chang. in conformity.

BRITTEL, JOHN, Salem, had a gr. of ld. 1637, prob. rem. soon.

BRITTERIDGE, RICHARD, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower, 1620, d. ten days after land. being the first of the said roll.

BRITTON, or BRITTANE, JAMES, Weymouth, a favorer of Lenthall, for some asperasion of the min. at other places was in Mar. 1639, whip.; and 21 Mar. 1644 was hang. for adultery. Winthrop I. 289, and II. 157-9. Lechford MS. as in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 403. JAMES, Woburn, d. 3 May 1655. He, or the preced. may have come from London, in the Increase, 1630, aged 27, if the custom ho. rec. of the embark. of James Bitton lost a single letter; wh. is not improb. for the official name seems very strange. NATHANIEL, Newport, in the hist. of freem. 1655.

BROAD, ALLEN, mispr. oft. for Breed.


BROADWAY, EDMUND, Gloucester 1653, sold his est. there that yr.

BROCK, HENRY, Dedham 1642, d. 1652, leav. w. Elizabeth and ch. John, Elizabeth and Ann, nam. in his will, made 22 Apr. 1646, but w. d. bef. the will was pro. 19 Oct. 1652. JOHN, Reading, b. 1620, says Mather's Magn. IV. 141, at Stradbrook in Suffk. came in 1637, may have been s. of the preced. and also freem. 18 May 1642, but both points are uncert. and the latter highly improb. H. C. 1646, soon after taught a sch. preach. at Isle of Shoals, Farmer thot. 12 yrs. long eno. to allow one or two marvels occur. there. as well as those at Reading about him to be relat. in his biogr. was ord. at R. 13 Nov. 1662, and m. the same day, Sarah, wid. of Samuel HOUGH, his predecess. in the pulpit, d. of Rev. Zechariah Symnes, wh. d. 27 Apr. 1681, and he d. 18 June 1688. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. II. 312. RICHARD, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, aged 31, from London, d. 24 Oct. 1673 or 4. WILLIAM, Salem 1639. W. Gibbs.

BROCKETT, BENJAMIN, New Haven, s. of John of the same, m. 24 Mar. 1669, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Barnes, had a d. b. and d. 1671; John, 3 June 1672; Mary, 6 May 1675; Hannah, 19 Mar. 1678; and he d. 22 May 1679. His w. m. 21 Jan. 1684, John Austin. JOHN, New Haven 1639, a signer of the first coven.; had John, bapt. 31 Dec. 1643; Be fruitful and Benjamin, tw. 23 Feb. 1645; Mary, prob. 25 Sept. 1646; Silence, [[vol. 1, p. 258]] 4 June 1648; Abigail, b. 10, bapt. 24 Mar. 1650; Samuel, 14, bapt. 18 Jan. 1652; Jabez, b. 24 Feb. 1654; was of the earliest sett. at Wallingford 1670, as was Samuel; there the f. d. 12 Mar. 1690, aged 80. He made his will nine days bef. nam. four s. and ds. Mary Pennington, w. of Ephraim; Silence Bradley, w. of Joseph; both m. at Milford, 25 Oct. 1667; and gives legacy to John Paine, wh. m. 22 Jan. 1673, his d. Abigail. JOHN, New Haven, s. of the preced. had Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1675; John, 23 Oct. 1676; Elizabeth 26 Nov. 1677; Moses, 23 Apr. 1680; Abigail, 31 Mar. 1683; John, again, 13 Sept. 1686, d. at 23 yrs.; Samuel, 8 Nov. 1691; and Benjamin, 28 May 1697, d. young; and d. 1720. In early days, as sometimes in our own, the name was Brackett.

BROCKLEBANK, JOHN, Rowley, had Samuel, b. 1655. SAMUEL, Rowley, came says tradit. but it omits, as usual, to say when, with his br. the preced. and their mo. Jane, wh. d. 1668; was a deac. and capt. k. in Philip's war, Hubbard says 18, but prob. 21 Apr. 1676, in battle, at Sudbury, aged 48, leav. wid. Hannah, and ch. Samuel, b. 1653; Francis, 1655; Hannah; Mary; Elizabeth; Sarah; and Joseph, b. 1674. His wid. m. Richard Dole of Newbury; her d. Hannah m. John Stickney, and ds. Mary, and Sarah, m. sever. William and Henry, s. of Richard Dole. SAMUEL, Rowley, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth Platts, had John, b. 1686; Francis, 1694; beside five ds. Decend. at Rowley are num. as well as in Maine, New Hampsh. and Vermt.

BROCKWAY, WOOLSTONE, Saybrook, 1664, by w. Hannah, wh. d. 6 Feb. 1687, had Hannah, b. 14 Sept. 1664, William, 25 July 1666; Woolstone, 7 Feb. 1668; Mary, 16 Jan. 1670; Bridget, 9 Jan. 1672; Richard, 30 Sept. 1673; Elizabeth 24 May 1676; Sarah, 23 Sept. 1679; and Deborah, 1 May 1682. Hannah m. Thomas Champion. This name, on the Lyme side of the riv. after, may now be Brockwell.

BRODBENT, JOSHUA, provost-marshal, and Shf. of New Hampsh. 1681, m. at Woburn, 6 Apr. 1685, Sarah Osborn, perhaps wid. of Thomas of Malden.

BROMFIELD, EDWARD, Boston 1675, was third s. of Henry, wh. was s. of Arthur, and b. 10 Jan. 1649, at Haywood ho. in the New Forest, Hants; Merch. ar. co. 1679, a gent. of high esteem, rep. 1693, one of the counc. 1708; m. 1678, Elizabeth d. of James Brading, had only Elizabeth wh. d. unm. 1717. His sec. w. m. 4 June 1683, Mary, d. of Rev. Samuel Danforth, had six ch. wh. d. young; and she d. 17 Oct. 1734, he hav. d. 2 June preced. leave. two ds. Mary, b. 2. June 1689; Sarah, 11 Oct. 1692; and Edward, 5 Nov. 1695. One d. Frances, b. 8 June 1694, had m. Rev. John Webb of Boston, and d. 14 Sept. 1721. EdWARD, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 21 Feb. 1722, Abigail Coney, had Edward, b. 30 Jan. 1723, H. C. 1742, a man of talents, untimely cut off, 18 Aug. 1745; Abigail, 9 Jan. 1725, wh. m. Hon. William Phillips; Henry, 12 Nov. 1727, liv. at Harvard until 23 Feb. 1820; John, 25 [[vol. 1, p. 259]] Apr. 1729; Mary, 15 Sept. 1730; both d. soon; Sarah, 20 Apr. 1732, m. Jeremiah Powell, Esqr. wh. in the war of the Revo. was, most of the time, head of the gov. of Mass.; Thomas, 30 Oct. 1733, an emin. merch. in London; Samuel, 7 Oct. 1736, tho. ano. rec. had ano. date; Mary, again, wh. m. William Powell, Esq.; and John, 1743. He d. 10 Apr. 1756, after fill. many import. offices, rep. 4 yrs. from 1739, but especial. honor. as overseer of the poor thro. long period.

BROMLEY, LUKE, Stonington, m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Stafford, wh. names her in his will; and he next m. Thomasin Packer, had Thomasine, b. 1692; William, 1693; and Thomas, 1695; d. 1697.

BRONSDEN, ROBERT, Boston, merch. freem. 1690; had Elizabeth wh. m. Samuel Greenwood.

BRONSON. See Brownson.

BROOKHAVEN, JOHN, Rhode Isl. 1669, a capt. call. 1671, citiz. of London, perhaps ar. co. 1681.

BROOKING, BRUCKEN, or BROOKEN, GODFREY, drown. 20 Dec. 1681, leav. w. and four young ch. of wh. one was William. JOHN, Boston 1658, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 11 May 1659, d. in three mos.; Elizabeth 26 May 1660; John, again, 17 Feb. 1662; Jane, 16 June, 1664; Christian, 22 July 1667; Mary, 20 Jan. 1670; Abigail, 8 Oct. 1671; Mercy, 15 Dec. 1676; Jonathan, 18 Oct. 1678; and William, 17 Sept, 1681. His will of 27 Oct. 1682 was pro. 25 Apr. foll. JOHN, Boston, prob. s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, had John, b. 23 Sept. 1687. WILLIAM, Porstmouth 1631, sent over by Mason to his planta. by w. Mary, d. perhaps of Thomas Walford, wh. rem. thither from Charlestown, had Rebecca, wh. m. bef. 1679, Thomas Pomeroy; Mary, wh. m. a Lucy; Sarah, wh. m. a. 1684, Jacob Brown; Martha, wh. m. John Lewis; and next, a Rendall; ano. d. m. John Rous; but the dilig. collector of these details in Geneal. Reg. IX. 220, suggests that there were only five ds. and that one of the last two hs. had m. Rebecca, wid of Pomeroy. His wid. m. William Walker.

BROOKS, or BROOKES, sometimes BROOKE, CALEB, Concord, s. of capt. Thomas, prob. b. in Eng. freem. 1654, rem. to Medford 1672, and d. 29 July 1696; m. 10 Apr. 1660, Susanna, d. of Thomas Atkinson, wh. had five ds. (Susanna, b. 27 Dec. 1661; Mary, 18 Nov. 1663, d. next yr.; Mary, again; Rebecca; and Sarah); and d. 19 Jan. 1669; by sec. w. Hannah, is of the former w. had Ebenezer, b. 24 Feb. 1671, ancest. of John, Gov. of Mass.; and Samuel, 1 Sept. 1672, ancest. of the late Hon. Peter C. Shattuck, Hist. of Concord. He. d. at Medford 29 July 1696; leav. large est. Mary m. Nathaniel Ball; Sarah d. unm. or, as one story is, m. 18 Oct. 1705, Philemon Russel. Rebecca d. unm. His wid. d. 10 Mar. 1709. DANIEL, Concord, s. of Joshua of the same, m. [[vol. 1, p. 260]] 9 Aug. 1692, Ann Meriam, had Daniel, b. 5 June 1693, d. soon; Sam uel, 5 May 1694; Hannah, 21 Feb. 1696; Job, 16 Apr. 1698; Mary, 2 Mar. 1700; John, 1 Feb 1702; David, 6 May 1709; Timothy, 30 Aug. 1711; Daniel, 19 Apr. 1720; Josiah, 21 May 1722; and Ann, 20 Mar. 1725, unless, as I much susp. some of Bond's dates, p. 722, are wrong. He made his will 6 Jan. 1729, and d. 18 Oct. 1733. EBENEZER, Woburn, by w. Martha had Eunice, b. 18 Mar. 1688, d. at 11 yrs.; John, 22 Mar. 1690; Ebenezer, 8 Aug. 1691; Eleazer, 13 July 1694; Martha, 24 Mar. 1697; Eunice, 14 Feb. 1700; and Pricilla, 17 Feb. 1702. EBENEZER, Medford, s. of Caleb of the same, m. a. 1693, Abigail, d. of Dr. Thomas Boylston, had Caleb, b. 8 July 1694; Ebenezer, 23 Mar. 1698; Abigail; Thomas, 8 Apr. 1705; Samuel, 1709; beside Mary, Hannah, and Rebecca, whose dates are unkn. and he d. 11 Feb. 1742; and his wid. d. 26 May 1756. GERSHOM, Concord, br. of Caleb, freem. 1672, m. 12 Mar. 1667, Hannah, d. of Richard Eccles, had Mary, b. 6 May 1667; Hannah, 29 Mar. 1668; Joseph, 16 Sept. 1671; Tabitha, 31 Mar. 1674; Daniel, 14 Mar. 1678; and Elizabeth 18 June 1680. He d. 1686; and his at. d. 2 June 1716. GILBERT, Scituate, came in the Blessing from London, 1635, aged 14, liv. with William Vassall; after at Marshfield, by w. Elizabeth wh. Deane says, was d. of Gov. Edward Winslow (wh. by some is disput.), beside Gilbert and John, presum. by D. to have been b. at Marshfield, had Elizabeth b. 1645; Sarah, 1646; Mary, 1649; Rachel, 1650; Bathsheba, 1655; Rebecca, 1657; and Hannah, 1659; all bapt. at S. was at Rehoboth 1679-83, there m. Sarah, wid. of Samuel Carpenter. HENRY, Concord, freem. 14 Mar. 1639; had Joseph, b. 12 Apr. 1641. HENRY, Wallingford, m. 21 Dec. 1676, Hannah, wid. of Samuel Blackley, had Thomas, b. 27 Mar. 1679; and he contin. at W. to 1713. He came, says tradit. from Cheshire, Eng. and may have been s. of John of New Haven, or perhaps his br. HENRY, Woburn, perhaps the same as him of Concord, d. 12 Apr. 1683, his w. Susanna hav. d. 15 Sept. 1681, but I find not the m. nor the age. He m. 12 July 1682, Annis Jaquith. His will was of 18 July 1682. In it he names this w. and the ch. John, Timothy, wh. was of Billerica, Isaac, and Sarah, w. of John Mousall, wh. were then liv. HUGH, Concord, s. of Joshua, m. 9 Apr. 1701, Abigail Barker, as Bond says, had Abigail, b. 15 May 1703; Jonathan, 8 Jan. 1705; Sarah, 23 July 1711, and Mary, 11 July 1714. ISAAC, Woburn, perhaps s. of the preced. freem. 1672, m. 10 Jan. 1666, Miriam Daniels, had Sarah, b. 14 May 1667, d. soon; Miriam, 29 May 1668, d. soon; Isaac, 13 Aug. 1669; Henry, 4 Oct. 1671; Miriam, again, 16 Dec. 1673; but no more is there on rec. and he d. 8 Sept. 1686. 

JOHN, Woburn, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 1651, m. 1 Nov. 1649, Eunice d. of John Mousall, had John, b. 23 Nov. 1650, d. at 3 yrs.; Sarah, 21 Nov. 1652; Eunice, 10 Oct. 1655; and Joanna 22 Mar. 1659; beside, after, John, again, 1 Mar. 1664; Ebenezer, 9 Dec. 1666; Deborah, 20 [[vol. 1, p. 261]] Mar. 1669; and Jabez, 17 July 1673; his w. Eunice d. 1 Jan. 1684. He m. 25 Feb. 1684, Mary Richardson, and. d. 1691. JOHN, New Haven 1649, had three ch. there bef. 1656; of wh. two were Mary, b. 5 Sept. 1654; and Elizabeth 29 Sept. 1656; beside Sarah, 9 Apr. 1661; perhaps more, and may have been, after, of Wallingford, and there had Hannah, b. 9 Feb. 1664; Ruth, 7 Feb. 1666, wh. m. 2 July 1688, William Baldwin; Sophia; and Elizabeth 6 Dec. 1668; but perhaps these were tw.; Mary, m. at Wallingford, 12 Jan. 1675, Matthew Ford; and Sarah m. 29 Aug. 1687, Benjamin Robbins. John and Mary were proprs. of New Haven 1685. JOHN, Windsor, m. 25 May 1652, Susanna Hanmore, had John, b. 16 May 1660, d. young; Samuel, 6 Jan. 1663; Elizabeth 27 June 1664 Mary, 21 May 1665, d. young; Joanna, 2 Feb. 1669; Mary, again, 25 Nov. 1670; Lydia, 7 Aug. 1672; and Susanna, 22 Sept.1675. His w. d. 7 Nov. 1676. He rem. to Simsbury, there d. 3 Sept.1682, leav. Samuel and five ds. JOHN, Watertown, s. of Joshua, m. 8 Nov. 1682, Deborah, d. of Samuel Garfield, and d. 18 May 169. Bond names no ch. JOHN, Woburn, s. prob. of John of the same, m. 30 Jan. 1685, Mary Cranston, had Mary, b. 4 Dec. 1685; John and Ebenezer, tw. 30 Dec. 1686, both d. in few days; Mary, again, 1 Apr. 1688; Sarah, 14 Aug. 1692; John, 28 Nov. 1694; Abigail, 19 Aug. 1697; Timothy, 14 Feb. 1700; Isaac, 1703; and Nathan, 1 Nov. 1706. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of Robert, d. 25 Dec. 1687, aged 31. JOSEPH, Concord, youngest s. of Joshua, m. 26 June 1704, Rebecca Blodget, had Mary, b. 1705; Abigail, 1707; Rebecca, 28 Aug. 1708; Joseph, 16 Oct. 1710; Nathan, 1 Mar. 1712; Hannah, 16 Apr. 1714; Amos, 20 Dec. 1716; Jonas, 18 Oct. 1718; Isaac, 17 1720. 1720; and James, 6 Aug. 1723; all, exc. Abigail, wh. d. young, liv. to be nam. in the will of May 1746. He d. 17 Sept. 1759; and his wid. d. 23 Jan. 1768. JOSHUA, Concord, eldest s. of capt. Thomas, b. in Eng. freem. 1652, m. 17 Oct. 1653, Hannah, d. of capt. Hugh Mason of Watertown, had Hannah; Noah, b. 1655; John, 1657; Grace, 10 Mar. 1661; Daniel, 15 Nov. 1663, gr. gr.f. of late Hon. Eleazar of Lincoln; Thomas, 9 Sept. 1666, d. young; Esther, 4 July 1668; Elizabeth 16 Dec. 1672; Job, 26 July 1675, d. young; Hugh, 1 Jan. 1677; and Joseph, 1681. Hannah m. 15 Jan. 1678, Benjamin Peirce; Esther m. 17 Aug. 1692, Benjamin Whittemore; Grace m. 1686, Judah Potter; and Elizabeth m. 1705, Ebenezer Meriam. Shattuck. NATHANIEL, Scituate, eldest s. of William, m. 1678, Elizabeth d. of Richard Curtis, had William, Gilbert, and Nathaniel, of ea. of wh. descend. are num. at S. NOAH, Concord, s. of Joshua, m. Dorothy Wright of Sudbury, had Dorothy, b. 18 Oct. 1686; Joshua, 14 Oct. 1688; Ebenezer, 14 Feb. 1690; Samuel, 14 May 1694; Benjamin, 22 Apr. 1698; Mary, 23 Jan. 1700; Thomas, 18 May 1701; and Elizabeth 27 Feb. 1704. He d. 1 Feb. 1738, aged 82; and his wid. d. Mar. 1750, aged 90, by gr.stones. 

RICHARD, Lynn, came in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 24, rem. to Easthampton, L. I. where he was of the first sett. 1650. RICHARD, Boston 1674, gunsmith. ROBERT, New London, [[vol. 1, p. 262]] perhaps was the mercer of Maidstone, Kent, wh. came, 1635, in the Hercules, from Sandwich, with w. Ann, and seven ch. for, in 1650, to one of this name, with his final, ld. was gr. in that town, and descend. of the grantee are there. ROBERT, Plymouth, m. Elizabeth d. of Gov. Edward Winslow, had John, bef. ment. b. a. 1657; and d. bef. 22 Sept. 1669, when his wid. m. George Esp of Salem. ROBERT, Ass, adm. an inhab. 28 Nov. 1654, says the Boston rec. Vol. I. 113, as plain as is print. (tho. with erron. date of 31 Oct. preced.) in Drake's Hist. p. 336. Yet am I perfectly satisf. on large investiga. that BRECK is the true name; for Brooks is not found either in births, m. or deaths. See Breck. SAMUEL, Medford, youngest s. of Caleb, m. Sarah, d. of Dr. Thomas Boylston, had Samuel, b. 3 Sept. 1700; and Sarah, 17 Apr. 1702. He d. 3 July 1733, leav. good est. in lds. THOMAS, Concord, freem. 7 Dec. 1636, when he was inhab. of Watertown, own. est. at Medford, and Watertown, perhaps as early as 1634; was capt. and rep. 1642, and six yrs. more, by w. Grace had s. Caleb, b. 1632, prob. in Eng.; Gershom; and Joshua, bef. ment. ; and Mary, wh. m. Timothy Wheeler; wh. four surv. to make partit. of his est. on mo. after his d., perhaps Hannah, wh. m. Thomas Fox, 13 Dec. 1647, and d. without ch. bef. hr f. His w. d. 12 May 1664; and he d. 21 May 1667. THOMAS, Kittery 1640. THOMAS, Haddam, among the firs sett. may have come in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 18, and been br. of Richard of Lynn; he had a ho. at New London 1659, but had gone in 1661, with w. Lucy; had m. Alice, d. of Jared Spencer, next yr. and had at H. Sarah, b. Dec. 1662; Thomas, June 1664; Mary, June 1666; and Alice, Dec. 1668; and d. 18 Oct. of that yr. His wid. m. 1673, Thomas Sahler. THOMAS, Portsmouth, R. I. a freem. 1655, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 6 July 1672; and Mary, 28 Jan. 1674, as the Friends' rec. at Newport shows. THOMAS, Scituate, s. of William,m. 1687, Hannah Bisby, had Thomas, b. 1688; and Joanna, 1695. With his s. the male line of this br. bec. extinct. THOMAS, Wallingford, eldest s. of Henry of the same, m. 25 Mar. 1702, Martha Hotchkiss, had, as in Geneal. Reg. V. 355, Stephen, b. 28 May 1702; Mary, 14 May 1704; Thomas, 14 Feb. 1706; Enos, 15 Feb. 1708; Cornelius, 10 Sept. 1711; Martha, 21 Feb. 1714; Mehetable, 23 Feb. 1716; Benjamin, 23 Apr. 1720; Henry, 2 Mar. 1723; and Thankful, 19 Dec. 1725. TIMOTHY, Woburn, prob. s. of Henry of the same, m. 2 Dec. 1659, Mary, d. of John Russel, had Timothy, b. 10 Nov. 1660, d. soon; TIMOTHY, again, 9 Oct. 1661; John 16 Oct. 1662; beside a d. wh. m. a Mason of Swanzey; and perhaps rem. to Swanzey a. 1679. Timothy, s. of the preced. m. Mehetable, wid. of Eldad Kingsley, but whether he liv. at Rehoboth, or elsewhere, had former w. or not, or any ch. is unkn. to me. One

[[vol. 1, p. 263]]

TIMOTHY, was of Billerica 1679. WILLIAM, Scituate, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 20, perhaps be. of Gilbert, was of Marchfield 1643, m. wid. Susanna Dunham of Plymouth, had Hannah, b. 1645; Nathaniel, 1646, bef. ment.; Mary, 1647; Sarah, 1650, m. Joseph Studley; Miriam, 1652, m. John Curtis; Deborah, 1654, m. Robert Stetson, jr.; Thomas, 1657, bef. ment.; and Joanna, 1659, wh. m. 13 Sept. 1687, John Bisby of Duxbury. Deane. WILLIAM, Springfield, m. 1654, Mary, d. of Henry Burt, had 8 s. and 8 ds. 1655-79. The s. were William, John, Ebenezer, Nathaniel, Joseph, Benjamin, Deliverance, and Jonathan, of wh. the two first nam. were k. by the Ind. 27 Oct. 1675, at Westfield. He rem. to Deerfield, there d. 1688, and his wid. d. next yr. WILLIAM, Milford, among early sett. m. Sarah, wid. of William Wheeler, d. 1684. I have includ. herein all whose names are giv. as Brook, Brooks, Brooke, or Brookes, bec. it is impossib. to discrim. in the caprisious spell. Thirteen in the form above used had, in 1834, at Harv. and six at the other N. E. coll. been gr.

BROOMAN, JOSEPH, Rehoboth, m. 29 Sept. 1681, Sarah, wid. of John Savage of R. says Col. Rec.

BROOME, GEORGE, Boston, d. Feb. 1662. A wid. Hannah Broome m. the last of Jan. 1662, Thomas Ashley. Perhaps there is error of a yr. in rec. ROGER, came in the Truelove, 1635, aged 17.

BROUGH, or BRUFF, EDWARD, Marshfield 1643. WILLIAM, Boston 1654.

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