A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 334 - 344
Capin - Carwithen

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

CAPEN, BERNARD, Dorchester, came, perhaps after his s. for he was adm. freem. not until 16 May 1636, and d. 8 Nov. 1638, aged 70, and his wid. d. of Oliver Purchis, m. on the Monday of Whitsun week, 1596, d. 26 Mar. 1653, aged 75, acc. the gr.stone inscript. thot. to be the earliest in N. E. His will of 9 Oct. preced. his d. was not pro. bef. Nov. 1652. Abstr. of it is in Geneal. Reg. V. 240. Only three ch. are kn. Ruth, b. 7 Aug. 1600; Susanna, 11 Apr. 1602; and John, 26 Jan. 1613. Susanna d. 13 Nov. 1666. He was from Dorchester, in O. E. as appears from nuncup. will of Henry Russell, wh. left him a legacy there. BERNARD, Dorchester, s. of John, m. 2 June 1675, Sarah, d. of Thomas Trott, had Bernard, b. 26 Mar. 1676; John, 18 Feb. 1678, d. in few hours; Sarah, 5 Jan. 1679; Joseph, 28 Nov. 1681, d. at 13 yrs.; James, 8 Apr. 1684, d. in few hours; and John, again, 16 July 1685. The f. d. of smallpox, 3 May 1691, and his wid. d. 2 June 1724, aged 70. CHARLES, Dorchester, a soldier, Dec. 1675, in the comp. of brave capt. Johnson. JAMES, Charlestown, by w. Hannah, prob. d. of John Lawrence of C., had James, bapt. 16 Sept. 1683; and Hannah, b. 13 Oct. 1686. *JOHN, Dorchester, only s. of the first Bernard, came bef. his f. as is thot. was freem. 14 May 1634, m. 20 Oct. 1637, Redigon or Radigan Clap, had Joanna, b. 3 Oct. 1638, d. soon; John, 21 Oct. 1639; and his w. d. 10 Dec. 1645. Next, by w. Mary, d. of Samuel Bass of Braintree, m. 20 Sept. 1647, he had Samuel, b. at B. 29 July 1648; Bernard, 24 Mar. 1650; a d. 6 July 1652; ano. ch. 17 Nov. 1654; Preserved, 4 Mar. 1657; Joseph, 20 Dec. 1658, bapt. 2 Jan. foll. H. C. 1677; Hannah, 1 Oct. 1662; and Elizabeth 29, bapt. 30 Dec. 1666, wh. d. at 13 yrs. He was of ar. co. 1646, deac. 1656, a capt. rep. 1671, 3-8, and d. 6 Apr. 1692. All of this name in our country, it is said, descend. from him. His wid. d. 29 June 1704, aged 72; and her d. Mary m. 22 Sept. 1674, James Foster. JOHN, Dorchester, s. of the preced. freem. 1666, m. 19 Nov. 1662, Susanna, d. of William Barsham of Watertown, had Susanna, b. 16 Sept. 1664; John, wh. d. 7 Aug. 1681; Samuel, 23 Oct. 1667; Thankful, 22 Apr. [[vol. 1, p. 334]] 1669; Sarah 9 Dec. 1670; Dorothy, 13 Oct. 1672, d. next mo.; Dorothy, again, 16 Sept. 1673; Purchase, 14 Nov. 1675; Nathaniel, 1 Oct. 1677, d. at 5 yrs. Elizabeth 17 Apr. 1680; Elizabeth again, 21 Mar. 1682; and Hannah, 21, bapt. 26 Oct. 1684. 

JOSEPH, Topsfield, br. of the preced. ord. 11 June 1684, m. Priscilla, d. of John Appleton of Ipswich, had Priscilla, and sev. more ch. and d. 30 June 1725, the w. and sev. ds. surv. PRESERVED, Dorchester, br. of the preced. m. 16 May 1682, Mary, d. of Edward Payson, had Mary, b. 28 Mar. 1683; Preserved, 10 Apr. 1686; Elizabeth 1 Mar. 1690; Ann, 12 Nov. 1692, d. soon; John, 16 Oct. 1694; Ebenezer, 6 Sept. 1698, d. soon; Ebenezer, again, 8 Jan. 1700; and Ann, again, 9 May 1703; and his w. d. 20 Oct. 1708, wh. is the date, also. of his own d. SAMUEL, Dorchester, br. of the preced. m. 9 Apr. 1673, Susanna, d. of Edward Payson, had Samuel, b. 1 Feb. 1674, d. at 4 mos.; Samuel, again, 4 Nov. 1675, d. at 2 mos.; Hopestill, 13 Oct. 1677; Mary, 23 Sept. 1679; Ebenezer, 30 Apr. 1682, d. at 6 mos.; Edward, 24 Sept. 1683; Samuel, again, 1 Mar. 1686; Susanna, 10 Nov. 1688; Jabesh, 3 Mar. 1690, d. soon; Jonathan, 17 Mar. 1691; Susanna, again, 5 Sept. 1693; John, 19 June 1696; and Elizabeth 28 Sept. 1698. He was freem. 1674, and d. 19 May 1733, at ripe age (tho. something short of that his gr.stone boasts); and his wid. d. 3 Feb. 1738, aged 82. Six pages of Thayer's Genealog. are giv. to this fam. of wh. in 1844, eight had been gr. at Harv. and none at Yale or Dart.

CAPRON, BENFIELD, Rehoboth, that pt. wh. bec. Attleborough, a. 1680 had w. Elizabeth wh. d. 10 Mar. 1735, and ch. Benfield; Joseph; Elizabeth b. 22 Oct. 1684; Edward; John; Jonathan, 10 Mar. 1706; and Sarah, 11 Mar. 1709. He is reput. the progenit. of all the name within gr. circut, and d. 25 Aug. 1752, at gr. age. Daggett.

CARD, FRANCIS, a soldier of good serv. in the Ind. war, 1677, at the E. bur Hubbard, 271-5, does not say, whence he came, or where he resid. RICHARD, Newport, among the freem. in 1655, tho. some suspicion is felt, that his name is only abbreviat. for Carder. WILLIAM, Newebury, 1680, a witness in the prosecut. of Elizabeth w. of William Morse, for witchcr. tho. in the large investigat. bestow. by Coffin on the case in his delightful Hist. of the town, how his evidence serv. to prove the charge of the folly, is not seen. He m. 10 Jan. 1693, Hannah, wid. of Job Coit, and rem. to Gloucester, had Mary, b. 1693; William, 1696; Hannah, 1699; John, 1701; and Benjamin, 1710.

CARDER, JAMES, Warwick, sec. s. of Richard of the same, m. Mary, eldest d. of the sec. John Whipple of Providence, had only Sarah. JOHN, Warwick, br. prob. elder, of the preced. m. 1 Dec. 1671, Mary, d. of Randal Holden, and had John, b. 6 Mar. 1673; William; Richard; Mary; Joseph; and Sarah. At W. descend. are num. But he had former w. Martha, d. of Gov. Brenton. JOSEPH, Warwick, youngest [[vol. 1, p. 335]] br. of the preced. d. 1694, leav. wid. Bethia, and tw. ch. Hannah, and Mary, b. 16 and 17 Apr. 1693. RICHARD, Roxbury, rem early to Boston, freem. 25 May 1636, yet was not mem. of the ch. of B. As a support. of the pestilent heresies of Wheelwright and Hutchinson, he was disfranchis. in 1637, and went to R. I. was one of the eighteen orig. purch. of the beautif. isl. of Aquedneck, and partner in the civil compact. In 1643 he was engag. in the purch. of Warwick with Gorton and others, and for sustain. his and their right was made prison. with all the rest, brot. to Boston, and sentenc. to be incarc. at Roxbury, in irons (when the opin. of the rev. elders, that their offence deserv. death, was overrul.), not to depart on pain of death. See Winthrop I. 248, II. 121, 48. Glad eno. was the governm. to disch. him and his fellow-suffer. next yr. with sentence of banishm. on pain of forfiet. life for coming back. He was quiet at W. 1655, had John; Sarah; James, b. 2 May 1655; Mary; and Joseph; perhaps was an Assist. 1665, and d. at Newport in the time of Philip's war 1675 or 6, leav. wid. Mary. His d. Sarah m. 5 Dec. 1672, Benjamin Gorton; and Mary m. Malachi Rhoades of Providence.

CARLTON, EDWARD, Rowley, freem. 18 May 1642, rep. 1644 and 7, had Edward, the first b. of the town rec. and d. bef. his f. Perhaps for sec. w. he had w. Hannah, eldest d. of the first Joseph Jewett, m. 15 June 1640. Perhaps by her had Prudence, wid. of the first Anthony Crosby; but certain. he went home, and d. in Eng. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of the preced. wh. d. 1669, whose wid. m. Christopher Babbage, may have had that JOHN, wh. m. 27 Aug. 1688, Hannah Osgood, and JOSEPH, wh. m. 2 Aug. 1694, Abigail Osgood, both, prob. ds. of John of Andover, tho. the dates appear to make the hs. to be gr.ch. of him. But the wid. of John the first m. 5 Oct. 1674, as I judge, Christopher Babbage, and had more ch.

CARLILE, BARTHOLOMEW, Sudbury, by w. Hannah had James, b. 1686; and Hannah, 1687.

CARMAN, JOHN, Roxbury, came, 1631, prob. with Eliot, in the Lion, by w. Florence had John, b. 8 July 1633; Abigail, 1635; and Caleb, 6 Aug. 1639, wh. d. young; rem. to L. I. and was that patentee of Hempstead whose s. Caleb, b. there 9 Jan. 1646, was blind from b. the first ch. there b. of Europ. parents. JOHN, Lynn 1636, rem. next yr. to Sandwich, and d. 1638.

CARNES, JOHN, Boston, ar. co. 1649, and its capt. THOMAS, New Haven, m. Mary Brown, had Elizabeth b. 8 Aug. 1684; Alexander, 19 Dec. 1685; and Joseph, 4 Aug. 1687.

CARNEY, JAMES, Boston 1686, a surg.

CARPENTER, BENJAMIN, Providence, s. of William of the same, sw. alleg. May 1671. Perhaps he m. Renew, d. of William Weeks of Dorchester, but he was perman. resid. at Rehoboth, had Jotham, b. 1 June 1682, bapt. 1 July 1683; John, bapt. 21 June 1691; and Submit, 5 Nov. 1693; all, I judge, at Dorchester, in right of their mo. BENJAMIN, Northampton, son of the sec. William of Rehoboth, m. 1691, Hannah, d. [[vol. 1, p. 336]] of Jedediah Strong, had Freedom, b. 13 July 1692; Amos, 6 Nov. 1693; Benjamin, 3 Oct. 1695; Jedediah, 1 Oct. 1697; Hannah, 15 Aug. 1699; Eliphat, 16 Oct. 1701, d. in few mos.; Eliphalet, again; Noah, 24 Dec. 1705; Elizabeth 15 June 1707; and Ebenezer; rem. to Coventry, there d. 18 Apr. 1738. His wid. d. 20 Mar. 1762, aged 91. DANIEL, Rehoboth, younger br. of the preced. m. 15 Apr. 1695, Bethia Bliss, d. prob. of Jonathan of the same, wh. d. 27 Feb. 1703; and he m. 30 Mar. 1704, Elizabeth Butterworth, d. prob. of John, wh. d. 13 June 1708; and he next m. 19 Mar. 1718, Margaret Hunt, wh. d. in two yrs. and he took fourth w. Mary Hyde, but d. 14 Sept. 1721. Whether he had issue by any of these ws. is unkn. An agreeable let. from him to his f. writ. at Weymouth, prob. 27 July 1690, gives acco. of his then engagem. in the doleful exped. of Phips against Quebec in Gallop's comp. of wh. a list is annex. includ. a few Ind. as may be read in Geneal. Reg. IX. 354. Valuable as is that roll, a better one is furnish. in G. R. XIII. 133, by a writer, who could not have the let. of Carpenter, or he would have avoid, the erron. suppos. that the force was design. for Albany. DAVID, Farmington, d. 22 Jan. 1651, leav. ch. Elizabeth b. a. 1644; David, a. 1647; and Mary, Aug. 1650, all bapt. 16 May 1658, some yrs. after their mo. had m. George Orvis, and she next m. Richard Bronson. DAVID, New London, only s. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of William Hough, had there bapt. Mary, in July 1677; Sarah, Nov. 1679; David, 12 Nov. 1682; and Elizabeth and Hannah, 1691; but sold his est. 1688, and d. 1700. His wid. m. William Stevens. JOHN, Ipswich 1678. JOHN, Rehoboth, s. of the first William of the same, by w. Hannah had Amos, b. 19 Nov. 1677; Elipahlet, 17 Apr. 1679; and perhaps by w. Dorothy, m. 9 Feb. 1680, had Priscilla, 20 Jan. 1681; and he d. 23 May 1695. JOHN, Woodstock, eldest s. of the sec. William of Rehoboth, had w. Rebecca, and I see nothing more of him. JOSEPH, Swanzey, s. of William the first of Rehoboth, b. in Eng. m. 25 Nov. 1655, Margaret Sabin, perhaps eldest d. of William of Rehoboth, had Joseph, b. 15 Aug. 1656; Benjamin, 19 Jan. 1658; Abigail, 15 Mar. 1659; Esther, 6 Mar. 1661; Martha, 1662; John; Hannah, 21 Jan. 1672; Solomon, 27 Apr. 1673, d. next yr. and Margaret, 4 May 1675. He was one of the found. of the earliest Bapt. ch. in Mass. and was bur. two days after b. of the last nam. ch. His wid. d. 1700, aged 65. JOSEPH, Providence, s. perhaps eldest of William the first of the same, rem. to L. I. had s. William, as appears in the will of gr.f. convey. by adv. of his f. in deed of 2 Sept. 1674, his est. at P. to his uncle Stephen Arnold. JOSIAH, Rehoboth, s. of William the sec. of the same, m. 24 Nov. 1692, Elizabeth Read, and d. 28 Feb. 1727; and his wid. d. 18 Oct. 1730. 

NATHANIEL, Rehoboth, br. of the preced. had four ws. m. first, 19 Sept. 1693, [[vol. 1, p. 337]] Rachel Cooper, wh. d. 9 July foll. next, 17 Nov. 1695, Mary Preston, wh. d. 25 May 1706; next, 8 July 1707, Mary Cooper, wh. d. 3 Apr. 1712; and, last, 1716, Mary Bacon; but whether he had issue by either, or wh. of the two, h. and w. a. first, is unkn. NOAH, Attleborough, br. of the preced. m. 3 Dec. 1700, Sarah Johnson, had Noah, b. 25 Nov. 1701; Marian, 25 Dec. 1702; Sarah, 24 Sept. 1701; Stephen, 23 July 1706; Asa, 10 Mar. 1708; Mary, 24 Jan. 1710; Margaret, 30 Mar. 1712; Simon, 13 Nov. 1713, d. next mo.; Isaiah, 7 Feb. 1715; Simon, again, 20 Aug. 1716; Martha, 25 May 1719; Elisha, 28 Aug. 1721; Amy, 2 Feb. 1723; and his w. d. 29 Sept. 1726. He m. 22 May 1727, Ruth Follet, had Priscilla, 1 May foll. and this w. d. 10 June 1745. Next, he m. Tabitha Bishop, but d. 7 June 1753. OBADIAH, Rehoboth, br. of the preced. m. 6 Nov. 1703, Deliverance Preston, and he d. 25 Oct. 1749, but his wid. surv. to 12 June 1767. PHILIP, Falmouth or Scarborough 1690, of wh. I kn. no more. SAMUEL, Rehoboth, s. of William the first of the same, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 25 May 1660, Sarah Redoway, or Readaway, had Samuel, b. 15 Sept. 1661; Sarah, 11 Jan. 1664; Abiah, 10 Feb. 1666; James, 12 Apr. 1668; Jacob, 5 Sept. 1670; Jonathan, 11 Dec. 1672; David, 17 Apr. 1675; Solomon, 23 Dec. 1677; Zechariah, 1 July 1680; and Abraham, 20 Sept. 1682; and the f. was bur. 20 Feb. foll. SILAS, Providence, prob. s. of William the first of the same, sw. alleg. 1671. THOMAS, a carpenter, from Amesbury in Wiltsh. came to Boston, 3 June 1635, in the James from Southampton, but nothing more of him is seen. TIMOTHY, Providence, br. of Silas, sw. alleg. at the same time. WILLIAM, Weymouth, came in the Bevis 1638, from Southampton, aged 62, a carpenter from Horwell, says the clearance at custom ho. with William, 33, prob. his s. and Abigail, w. of the latter, 32, and four gr.ch. "of ten yrs. old or less," not nam. in that docum. was freem. 13 May 1640, rep. 1641, and 3, and d. in the ninter of 1659, 60. His will, of 10 Dec. pro. 7 Feb. foll. names s. John and his s. but of this br. nothing is seen after; William, and his s. John; Joseph, and his s. Joseph; Abigail; Samuel; Hannah; and Abigail; and gives to s. of John Titus, wh. had m. testator's d. But I fear some incongr. of time will hardly be reconcil. WILLIAM, Rehoboth 1645, s. of the preced. wh. he accomp. brot. w. Abigail, wh. d. 22 Feb. 1688, and four ch. of wh. we kn. three to be William, Joseph, and Samuel; had b. in this ld. Hannah, 3 Apr. 1640; Abraham, or Abiah, 9 Apr. 1643; and John. After d. of his f. I suppose he went back to Weymouth, where he had first resid. 

WILLIAM, Providence 1636, s. of Richard of Amesbury, in Co. Wilts, where the est. to him descend. from his f. was by him, in a deed 4 Dec. 1671, giv.to his sis. Vincent of that borough, describ. as "a ho. in Frog lane in Amesbury, wh. did

[[vol. 1, p. 338]]

belong to her f. R. C." the grantor call. hims. s. and heir of R. C. Perhaps he was br. of that Thomas bef. ment. He m. Elizabeth Arnold, prob. d. but perhaps sis. of the first Benedict Arnold the Gov. had Joseph, Silas, Benjamin, William, Timothy, and Lydia; was an Assist. 1665, sw. alleg. 1666, and d. 7 Sept. 1685. In his will of 1674 all the ch. are ment. as liv. and William, s. of Joseph. Lydia m. Benjamin Smith. WILLIAM, Rehoboth, s. of the first William of the same, b. in Eng. came in the Bevis 1638, with f. and gr.f. m. 5 Oct. 1651 Priscilla Bonett, as tradit. spells the name, had John, b. 19 Oct. 1652; William, 20 June 1659; Priscilla, 24 July 1661, wh. m. Richard Sweet; and Benjamin, 20 Oct. 1663, when the w. d. He m. 10 Dec. foll. Miriam Searle, had Josiah, b. 18 Dec. 1661; Nathaniel, 12 May 1667; Daniel, 8 Oct. 1669; Noah, 28 Mar. 1672; Miriam, 26, but Col. Rec. says, 16 Oct. 1674 wh. m. 23 June 1691, Jonathan Bliss; Obadiah, 12 Mar. 1678; Ephraim, 25 Apr. 1681, d. young; Hannah, 10 Apr. 1684, m. 23 Nov. 1703, Jonathan Chase; and Abigail, 15 Apr. 1687, m. 12 Nov. 1706, Daniel Perrin; was town clk. from 1668 to his d. 26 Jan. 1704, aged 72. His wid. d. 1 or 7 May 1722, aged 76. This stock has been very prolific. WILLIAM, Providence, s. of the first William of the same, had Ephraim; Priscilla, wh. m. 31 May 1670, William Vincent; and Susanna, wh. m. 1682, Elisha Arnold; and he was drown. 29 Oct. 1708. Farmer count. the gr. in 1834 at fourteen, more at Brown than either of the other N. E. coll. two ea. at Harv. Yale, and Dart.

CARR, CALEB, Newport, may be that passeng. in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, from London, aged 11, among the freem. 1655, chos. treasr. of the Col. 1661, an Assist. 1678, and Gov. in May 1695, d. Dec. foll. by w. Mercy had Nicholas, Caleb, John, Edward, Samuel, and Mercy; and by w. Sarah had Francis, James, Elizabeth and Sarah, as by his will of 8 Mar. 1690 is seen. His w. was then liv. but Samuel was d. leav. s. Job; and Mercy was w. of Thomas Paine. EDWARD, Newport, s. of the preced. by w. Hannah, m. 6 Oct. 1686, had Edward, b. 14 Sept. 1689; Hannah, 13 Oct. 1691; Mary, 26 Oct. 1693; Mercy, 24 Feb. 1696; Avis, 29 May 1698; Patience, 14 Feb. 1701; James, 21 Oct. 1703; Phebe, 6 Sept. 1706, d. at 5 yrs.; and Sarah, 28 Dec. 1708.

GEORGE, Ipswich 1633, shipwright, rem. with first sett. to Salisbury, there was in esteem, by w. Elizabeth a sis. of Boston ch. had Elizabeth b. at S. 21 Apr. 1642, bapt. at B. 8 Sept. 1650, ╥a. 8 yrs. old╙; George, b. 15 Apr. 1644; Richard, 15 Mar. 1646, d. 25 Apr. 1649; William, 15 Mar. 1648; James, 28 Apr. 1650; Mary, 29 Feb. 1652; Sarah, 17 Dec. 1654; John, 14 Nov. 1656; Richard again, 2 Apr. 1659; and Ann, 15 June 1661; and he d. 4 Apr. 1682. Elizabeth m. 1 May 1662, John Woodmansey of Boston; and Mary m. 17 Sept. 1672, James Bailey of Newbury. JAMES, Newbury; and Ann m. 25 Nov. 1678, Thomas Putman. s. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. 14 Nov.

[[vol. 1, p. 339]]

1677, Mary Sears, had Mary, b. 15 Dec. 1678; Hannah, 16 Oct. 1680; Sarah, 8 May 1682; John, 26 Aug. 1684; Catharine, 24 Nov. 1686; James, Apr. 1689; Hepzibah, 24 Apr. 1692; and Elizabeth 24 Mar. 1694. JOHN, Stonington 1664, m. Wait, d. of Nicholas Easton the sec. and was liv. there 1688. NICHOLAS, Conanicut, now Jamestown, eldest s. of Gov. Caleb, m. Rebecca, d. of Joseph Nicholson of Portsmouth, R. I. and by his will of 9 Jan. 1710 gives us acquaint. with s. Nicholas, and two minor s. Thomas and Benjamin, ds. Margaret Battey, Jane, Mary, Rebecca, and Ann, prob. nam. in order of b. and br.-in-law Thomas Paine, and br. Edward. RICHARD, Hampton 1640, br. of George came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 29, may have resid. in other towns, last at Ipswich 1678, d. 17 May 1689, and his wid. Elizabeth d. 6 May 1691. RICHARD, perhaps s. of the preced. may have resid. at Hampton, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 9 June 1691; and by w. Dorothy (as is said), Richard, 3 Jan. 1694. His w. d. 3 Aug. foll. and he perhaps m. third w. 23 Feb. 1702, Sarah Healey. ROBERT, Newport, call. a tailor when he emb. on the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 21, at London, with perhaps his br. Caleb, ten yrs. younger, and was among freem. there 1655. WILLIAM, Salisbury, prob. s. of George, m. 20 Aug. 1672, Elizabeth d. of the first Robert Pike, had Sanders, b. 13 May 1674; William, Feb. 1677, wh. a. 8 Mar. of next yr.; a s. 4 Mar. 1679; Sarah, 13 Aug. 1681; Robert, 28 Apr. 1685; and Sylvanus, 1688.

CARRE, EZEKIEL, Kingstown, R. I. one of the Huguenot refugees, wh. came a. 1686, to the number of forty-five fams. in that place alone. No acco. of his fam. is seen. See Arnold's Hist. of R. I. I. 497.

CARRIER, RICHARD, Andover, s. of Thomas, and of that victim of horrible delusion, his unhappy w. and, with his sis. of 7 yrs. old. witness, 1692, against the mo. that bore them, as he also was against Rev. George Burrows, wh. was convict. and hang. at the same time with her for the same imagin. crime, m. 18 July 1694, Elizabeth Sessions. THOMAS, Billerica, came, perhaps, from Wales, m. 7 May 1664, Martha Allen, when his name in rec. of B. is writ. Morgan, alias Carrier, had sev. ch. of wh. Thomas, the preced. and Sarah, b. a. 1685, were witness. in the unnatur. proceed. that end. in the execut. of their mo. 19 Aug. 1692. He had rem. to Andover short. bef. and in few yrs. after went to Colchester, there live more than 20 yrs. and d. 16 May 1735, said in N. E. Weekly Journ. soon after, to be 109 yrs. old; and exaggera. in this case may not be more than ten or fifteen yrs. The contempo. tells, that he was not gray, nor bald, walk. erect. and short. bef. his d. went six ms. on loot, left 5 ch. 39 gr.ch. and 38 gr. gr.ch. but it was not much less than forty-three yrs. from the judic. murder of his w.

CARRINGTON, EDWARD, Charlestown 1633, freem. 25 May 1636, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 11, bapt. 17 Mar. 1639; Sarah, 10 Sept. 1643; [[vol. 1, p. 340]] and prob. others, liv. on Malden side, for wh. he was rep. 1651, favor. Rev. Mr. Matthews, and was liv. 1678. Frothingham, 84, 128, 183. Mary C. perhaps his d. m. at Malden, 11 Dec. 1661, Phineas Sprague. JOHN, Wethersfield 1644, had w. Joan. JOHN, Farmington, possib. F. of the preced. rem. to Waterbury, there d. 1690, leav. ch. John, Mary, Hannah, Clark, Elizabeth and Ebenezer, of wh. I kn. no more, but that John d. 1692, without ch. THOMAS, took o. of alleg. in June 1632 to enable him to emb. from Eng. for N. E. but whether he ever reach. our shore, or at what place he sat down, is unkn. Of this name, in 1822, four had been gr. at Yale.

CARROLL, ANTHONY, Topsfield 1661, oft. writ Carol. Catharine C. perhaps his d. m. 14 Aug. 1685, John Waite of Ipswich.

CARTER, CALEB, Charlestown, m. 14 Dec. 1678, Mary, d. of John Tuttle, wh. surv. him, and d. 27 Feb. 1728. His will was of 1634. NATHANIEL, Salem, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 20 July 1662. HILARY, emb. 1635, aged 27, in the Elizabeth and Ann, at London, but whether he ever reach. N. E. is not kn. JOHN, Charlestown 1640, s. of the first Thomas, was among early sett. of Woburn, freem. 1644, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 8 Aug. 1643, wh. d. at 10 yrs.; Mary, 8 Mar. 1647, wh. m. Peter Fowle. and Abigail, 21 Apr. 1648, wh. m. James Fowle. Hannah, 19 Jan. 1651; and John, 6 Feb. 1653. His w. d. 6 May 1691, aged 78. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of the sec. Thomas, mariner, m. 21 Apr. 1680, Sarah Stowers, d. prob. of Richard of the same, in his will of 1689 refers to no issue, but names wid. Sarah, wh. m. Rev. John Emerson. Ano. JOHN of W. freem. 1677, was a capt. and d. 14 Sept. 1692, aged 76. But ano. JOHN wh. may have been s. of the first, and liv. at Ipswich, m. 20 June 1678, Ruth Burnham, perhaps d. of Thomas, had Mary, b. 17 July 1683; John, 8 Aug. 1685; Thomas, 3 July 1687; Abigail, 30 Mar. 1689; Phebe, 11 June 1691; Samuel, 31 Oct. 1694; Esther, 21 Aug. 1696; Josiah, 3 Aug. 1698; Jabez, 17 Sept. 1700; and Nathaniel, and Benjamin, tw. 4 Mar. 1702. JOHN, Salisbury, prob. s. of Thomas of the same, by w. Martha had Mary, b. Apr. 1681, perhaps d. young; Thomas, 9 Mar. 1683; Abigail, 7 Mar. 1688; John, 8 June 1688; Samuel, and Mary, tw. 7 Apr. 1691; and Ephraim, 2 Nov. 1693. JOSEPH, Newbury 1636, rem. perhaps to Woburn bef. 1659, and d. at Charlestown, 30 Dec. 1676. He was br. prob. elder, of the first Thomas, and may have had ch. JOSEPH, Woburn, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Bethia had Bethia, b. 8 June 1671; Susanna, 24 Feb. 1673; Joseph, 28 Nov. 1674; John, 26 Feb. 1677; Abigail, 1 Feb. 1679; Henry, 4 Oct. 1683; and Faith, 28 Apr. 1688. JOSHUA, Dorchester 1663, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Windsor, there d. 5 July 1647, leav. Joshua, bapt. Mar. 1638; Elias, 13 Aug. 1643; and Elisha; the last two were burn. to d. May 1653. His wid. Catharine m. 30 Nov. 1647, Arthur Williams of W. JOSHUA, Windsor, s. of the preced. rem. 1675, to Northampton, m. 2 or 4 Oct. 1663, Mary, d. of Zechariah Field, and a. 1673 rem. to Deerfield, there was k. by the Ind. 18 Sept. 1675, will capt. Lothrop, and the flower of Essex, he then aged a. 36, and serv. prob. as a teamster. Of his ch. Samuel, Abigail, and Joshua, are kn. [[vol. 1, p. 341]] the former only by name, and the latter, b. 6 June 1668, liv. at Hartford, and had seven ch. LAWRENCE, Hadley 1686. NICHOLAS, Newtown, L. I. 1656. PHILIP, Exeter, took o. of alleg. 30 Nov. 1677. RALPH, Boston 1676. RICHARD, Boston 1640, call. broadweaver, in one place, in ano. carpenter, by u. Ann, wh. surv. him, had Mary, b. 3 July 1641, the only ch. She m. William Hunter, and next, a. 1673, m. Joseph Cowell. One Richard, and he may be the same as the preced. had Isaac, bapt. at Dorchester, 20 June 1658. RICHARD, York 1680. ROBERT, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower, 1620, as a serv. of William Mullens, and d. the first season after. ROBERT, Malden 1674, had Sarah, b. Sept. 1669; and Elizabeth 28 Aug. 1676. SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of the first Thomas, freem. 1647, ar. co. 1648, had Hannah, b. 28 Oct. bapt. 1 Nov. 1610; Samuel, 8, bapt. 25 Sept. 1612; Zechary, b. 17 June 1644; Mary, 22 Nov. 1647; and perhaps others. Mary m. 2 Sept. 1664, Nathaniel Rand. In his will of 1652 he names gr.s. John Green; but wh. that John was, may not be easy of decis. SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. Bethia, d. of William Cowdry, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1663, and he m. 18 Sept. 1667, Abigail Damon, d. perhaps of John of Reading, had Samuel, b. 8 Aug. 1668; and d. of smallpox, 4 July 1678. SAMUEL,Woburn, eldest s. of Rev. Thomas, m. 1672, Eunice, d. of John Brooks, had Mary, b. 24 July 1673; Samuel, 27 Aug. 1675, d. soon; Samuel, again, 7 Jan. 1678; John, 14 Mar. 1680; Thomas, 3 Apr. 1682; Nathaniel, 7 Apr. 1685; Eunice, 29 Mar. 1687; Abigail, May 1689; and Abigail, again, 30 May 1690; liv. most of his days, perhaps, at Charlestown, and d. 1693. But he had former w. Winifred. His wid. m. John Kendall. SAMUEL, Deerfield, s. of Joshua the first, had at D. eight ch. and in the assault by Fr. and Ind. 29 Feb. 1704, his w. and three ch. were k. three were carr. to Canada, there to contin. and with one or two he went to Norwalk, where in safety the fam. was perpet. A very wild fiction of Samuel being entic. from London by a capt. at twelve yrs. of age, and brot. to Boston, was adm. into so respectab. a work as the Hist. of N. by Hall, p. 234. THOMAS, Charlestown 1636, s. perhaps, of a wid. of Thomas, that was call. old in 1656 (and she prob. brot. also, Joseph, and Samuel, wh. seem too old to be ch. of this Thomas, and may well be thot. his brs.) was freem. 9 Mar. 1637, by w. Ann, wh. d. 6 May 1679, in her 72d yr. had Ann, b. 10, bapt. 22 Mar. 1640; Elizabeth b. 22 Apr. 1642, d. young; Thomas, 6 July 1644; perhaps others; may have tak. 24 Oct. 1679, ano. w. Elizabeth Johnson, wh. d. 6 Oct. 1684, and he d. 30 Dec. 1694, in 88th yr. Ann m. 25 Jan. 1659, John Foule. 

THOMAS, Woburn, the first min. there, was bred at St. John's Coll. Cambridge, had his degr. 1629, and 1633, tho. the exemplary careless Mather puts him, with Sherman, into his sec. classis, as if they were younger, instead of elder, than Dunster or Harvard, came 1635, aged 25, in the Planter, as a serv. under George Giddings, to elude detect. no doubt, by the officers under orders of the Privy Counc. to prevent such embark. liv. some yrs. at Watertown, and exert. his faculties first at Dedham, and was ord. at W. 22 Nov. 1642, and there d. 5 Sept. (or by ano. rec. 1 Dec.) 1684, aged 74. His w. Mary, wh. may have been d. of Philemon Dalton, as I infer from the will of his br. Timothy D.'s w. Ruth (hav. no ch.) in wh. she rememb. Mary C. with the ch. of Philemon D. d. 6 Mar. 1665. By her prob. his ch. were Samuel, b. 8 Aug. 1640, H. C. 1660; Judith; [[vol. 1, p. 342]] Theophilus, 12 June 1645, d. young; Mary, 24 July 1648; Abigail, 10 Aug.1649; Deborah, 17 Sept 1651, d. at 16 yrs.; Timothy, 12 June 1653; and Thomas, 8 June 1655. Judith m. 14 Oct. 1660, Samuel Convers, and next, 2 May 1672, Giles Fifield, and d. 1676; Mary m. a. 1671, John Wyman of Woburn, bore him two ch. and next m. 31 Oct. 1676, Nathaniel Bachiler of Hampton, had eight more ch. and d. 1688; and Abigail, m. 7 May 1674, John Smith. See Johnson's Wondr. w. Prov. 177, 181; Worthington's Dedham, 104; Lamson's Hist. of first ch. in D.; Chickering's Ded. serm.; and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 247. THOMAS, Sudbury, an orig. sett. perhaps was of Ipswich first, freem. 2 May 1638, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 Oct. 1641; Thomas, 1643; Martha, Feb. 1645, d. young; Martha, again, Mar. 1647; Elizabeth 2 Oct. 1649; John, 18 May 1650; Abigail, Jan. 1653; and Samuel, 2 Oct. 1656; and d. 14 Aug. 1669. THOMAS, Charlestown 1646, call. junr. in the ch. rec. of adm. as mem. and Col. rec. as freem. 1647, but in my opin. was not s. of the first Thomas. THOMAS, York 1663. THOMAS, Charlestown, not s. of the Rev. Thomas of the adj. town, but s. of Thomas of C. the first nam. by w. Esther (rec. into the ch. 12 Mar. 1676, "by let. of dism. from the ch. in London, of wh. Mr. Thomas Vincent is pastor"), had Samuel, b. 11, bapt. 16 Sept. 1677; John, b. 8 Jan. 1679, perhaps d. young; Ann, 8, bapt. 15 May 1681; all d. young, as gr.stones tell; Ann, again, bapt. 5 Nov. 1682; Vincent, 1 Mar. 1685; Ebenezer, 31 July 1687; and prob. John, again. His w. d. 11 Dec. 1709, aged 62. THOMAS, Sudbury, m. 1682, Elizabeth White. THOMAS, Woburn, prob. youngest s. of Rev. Thomas, m. 1682, Margaret, d. of Francis Whitmore of Cambridge, wh. d. 5 Oct. 1734, had Mary, b. 5 Oct. 1683; Thomas, 13 June 1686; Eleazer, 20 Apr. 1689; Daniel, 10 Aug. 1691; Ebenezer, 24 Sept. 1695; and Ezra, 22 June 1701. TIMOTHY, Woburn, prob. br. of the preced. certain. s. of the Rev. Thomas, m. 3 May 1680, Ann, d. of David Fiske of Cambridge, wh. d. 27 Jan. 1713, had David, b. 17 Oct. 1681; Timothy, 12 July 1683, d. soon; Ann, 17 July 1684; Timothy, again, 19 Oct. 1686; Theophilus, 20 Oct. 1688; Thomas, 17 Aug. 1690; Abigail, 18 Mar. 1692; Sarah, 24 Nov. 1694; Elizabeth 27 Aug. 1696; Benjamin, 22 Mar. 1699, d. soon; Mary, 23 June 1700; Martha, 22 July 1702; and Benjamin, again, 8 Nov. 1704; and d. 8 July 1727. WILLIAM, Marblehead 1668. Of this name I find the gr. in 1853 had been 9 at Harv. 8 at Dart. and 5 at Yale.

CARTHEW, JOHN, Boston, a soldier of Turner's comp. Feb. 1676, then disch. was freem. 1690, licens. to sell liquors 1702.

CARTHRICK, or CARTRACK, MICHAEL, Ipswich 1635, a carpenter, freem. 2 June 1641, when it is writ. Katherick in Col. rec. came, [[vol. 1, p. 343]] perhaps, in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635; at least we kn. that Sarah, aged 24, and Mildred, 2, then embark. at London for N. E. and if the younger were his d. prob. the elder was his w. Mildred bec. w. of Thomas Brigden, bef. d. of her f. wh. left w. and only s. John.

CARTWRIGHT, ARTHUR, Dorchester 1666. EDWARD, Boston 1662, mariner, m. 1664, Elizabeth prob. sis. of Edward Morris of Roxbury, as he and John White of Muddy riv. were made by C. feoffees in tr. for his w. Elizabeth and she d. at R. 1673. EDWARD, Nantucket, by w. Elizabeth Trott, sis. of John, whose f. is unkn. had Samson, b. 26 Jan. 1678; Susanna, 16 Feb. 1681; Edward, 5 May 1683; and Mary, 29 June 1687; and d. 2 Sept. 1705. His wid. d. 11 Oct. 1729. She was his sec. w. but wh. was the first is not told; yet the opin. at N. is that she bore Nicholas. NICHOLAS, Nantucket, d. 10 Sept. 1706, of wh. no more is kn. exc. that he had by w. Orange, d. of William Rogers of the same, Sarah, b. 13 Oct. 1695; Elinor, 14 Oct. 1697; Hope, 27 Aug. 1699; Lydia, 15 Dec. 1701; and Nicholas, 4 Jan. 1706.


CARVER, JOHN, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, had been deac. at Leyden, where prob. he liv. ten or a dozen yrs. and much engag. in the negotiat. at London, to wh. he went 1617, and again 1620, to complete the arrangem. for transmigrat. was chos. Gov. in Cape Cod harb. bef. and. and d. in Apr. foll. His wid. Catharine d. early in the first summer. That he ever had ch. is not kn. but certain. he left none. Yet for many yrs. the error was univ. spread, that John Howland, wh. accomp. him, m. his d. Elizabeth The orig. Hist. of Gov. Bradford, recent. print. has correct. that, and we now kn. that the f. of Howland's w. was John Tilley. A wild tradit. that a gr.s. of Gov. C. was at work in a field at Marshfield, 1755, with s. gr.s. and gr. gr.s. while an inf. of the 5th genera. was in the ho. overturn. by modern inquiry, had prob. gain. currency, and escap. unquest. bec. it was wonderful. Belkn. got it from Hutch. II. 456, wh. is common. more worthy of trust. In his volum. MS. annals, Pemberton, sub an. 1760, ment. d. of William C. aged 102, " neph. of the Gov." on 2 Oct. of that yr. and the Boston Gazette of 20 of that mo. says, "he was bro.'s s. to the ancient Gov." but that both are wrong is very prob. if not even certain. Mitchell, in Hist. of Bridgewater, 362, writes, that William was gr.s. of Robert, but the relat. of Robert with the Gov. is not clear, and indeed quite improb. See the Memoir in Genealog. Reg. IV. 105, by one equal. assid. in research, and exact in judgm. Seldom is a heavier load laid upon credul. and similar. of name is too oft. rec. for proof. In Eng. it is found, that the fam. name is common. William Penn, on his first visit to his new Prov. 1682, brot. John Carver, with his w. Mary, wh. had Mary soon after land. JOHN, Duxbury, s. of Robert, had gr. of Id. says Winsor, 1640, m. 4 Nov. 1638, Mellicent, d. of William Ford, had William, b. 1659, wh. prob. was the subject of that marvel. story; John; Elizabeth 1663; Robert; Eleazer; [[vol. 1, p. 344]] David; Mercy, 1672; Ann; and Mehitable, wh. d. 19 Apr. 1679. He was adm. freem. 1660, and d. 23 June 1679, aged 41. His wid. m. 9 ar. 1681, Thomas Drake. RICHARD, Watertown 1638,of Scratby, a. six ms. from Yarmouth, Co. Norfk. there emb. in 1637, on the Rose, or the John and Dorothy, the two sail. in comp. he then aged 60, with w. Grace, 40, tw. ds. Elizabeth and Susanna, 18, and three serv. Isaac Hart, 22; Thomas Flegg, 21; and Marable Underwood, 20. He d. early, his will of 9 Sept. 1641, being pro. 30 Oct. 1643, and nothing is kn. of his fam. exc. that w. and ds. are provid. for, as is seen in the abstr. of Geneal. Reg. II. 262. ROBERT, Marshfield, had gr. of 1638, yet, tho. he sev. times request. the privilege, he was not adm. freem. bef. 1644, had John, bef. ment. and William, perhaps took small est. in Boston 1668, and d. Apr. 1680, aged 85. WILLIAM, Marshfield, s. of the preced. m. 18 Jan. 1682, Elizabeth eldest d. of deac. John Foster of the same.

CARWITHEN, CORWITHEN, CURWITHIN, KERWITHY, or CARWITHIE, CALEB, Huntington, L. I. was rec. as freem. of Conn. 1664. DAVID, Salem 1649, or rather 1644, if Mr. Felt's refer. in Ann. 1. 168 and 175 mean one person, whose w. Grace unit. with the ch. 1643. Perhaps he is the same, wh. m. at Boston, 22 Sept. 1660, wid. Frances Oldham, but with her former h. it is diffic. to make any acquaint. DICKORY, Boston, shipmaster, d. 6 Sept. 1653, perhaps only trans. and may be the same as two yrs. bef. was here in big sh. ment. by Roger Williams in letters, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IX. 252 and 3, and by Davenport in the very mo. preced. the coming in last voyage, Ib. 295. JOSHUA, Boston, mariner, m. 6 Aug. 1657, Elizabeth d. of John Farnum, had Elizabeth b. 6 June 1659. His wid. m. 1663, Edmund Mumford. PHILIP, New London 1650, sold, in 1651, his new-built ho. and rem.

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