A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 367 - 379
Chauncy - Chilson

By James Savage

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[[vol. 1, p. 367]] Barnabus Chauncy Family Cont'd:

1613, A. M. 1617; B.D. 1624. Much reputa. at the Univ. he gain. by Latin verses of lamenta. on d. 1619, of Queen Ann, and by Greek and Latin on d. of her h. James, and access. of Charles, 1625, as in Cantab. Dolor et Solamen, so that he was chos. profess. for one, if not two chairs. But in cleric. life he was early at Marston St. Lawrence, and had the vicarage of Ware in his native shire, 1627-34 and from that valua. liv. for non-conform. in non-essentials he was forc. by Archbp. Laud. In search of comforta. and secure worship he came to N. E. arr. in Dec. 1637 at Plymouth, there preach. as aid to Reyner, some time, but in 1641 was call. to S. where above twelve yrs. he min. yet with freq. troubles; and was prepar. to go home for partak. the puritan triumph in Eng. when he was chos. head of the Coll. at Cambridge, on dismiss. in 1654, of Dunster, its first Presid. In this post he d. 19 Feb. 1672, aged 79 yrs. and less prob. than 4 mos. but Mather, mistak. the inscript. on his tomb, under his eye, of 80th for 82d yr. of his age, to make his error consistent, dares to affirm in Magn. III. 134, that he was b. in 1589, instead of 1592, and on p. 140 boldly asserts, that he d. (giv. the right time), "in the eighty-second yr. of his age." Explanat. of his blunder is easi. found. In Roman numerals the day and yr. of his dec. XIX Feb. MDCLXXI in our Arabic numbers 1671 aet. LXXX. seems plain eno. but the careless author forc. the II out of place, and. them to the later number. Yet Green's Almanac of 1673 had said, "in his 80th yr." and hardly a min. in the country could have fail. to say, that the first Presid. wh. d. in office, was little over 79 yrs. old. The author (Rev. W. C. Fowler) of the elaborate life of Chauncy, his ancest. and descend. in Geneal. Reg. X. 251, has quot. two paragr. from the Magnalia, suppresing the word " second"after eighty, whereby Mather seems to be compel. to speak the truth "Fourscore years of age despatched it not," is the sweet commenda. of Mather for his labors; and contempt for the chronology should not, perhaps, be so express. especial. as the earlier author foll. his natural weakness, to show his knowl. of the value of a man, in shekels, above the age of sixty, only 15, but younger, 50 shekels, makes Chauncy's worth "at 80 contin. much what as it was when he was 60." 

In his valua. Biogr. Dict. Ed. 1857, Dr. Allen had more scrupulously foll. the error of the Magn. We see, in the Biogr. Britannica, that he descend. from a fam. that came in with the conquest, and he was gr. uncle of Sir Henry C. wh. dignif. the Hist. of Hertfordsh. in two large folios. His w. was Catharine, d. of Robert Eyre, Esq. of Wilts, barrister at law, by his w. Ann, d. of that John Still, Bp. of Bath and in the latter days of Elizabeth a true ch. puritan, wh. desir. more reformat. than her majesty could submit to. She was m. to C. 17 Mar. 1630, and d. 24 Jan. 1668, aged 66, and had Sarah, b. at Ware, 13 Jan. 1631, wh. m. 26 Oct. 1659, Gershom Bulkely; Isaac, 23 Aug. 1632, [[vol. 1, p. 368]] H. C. 1651; Ichabod, 1635, H. C. 1651; Barnabas, H. C. 1657; Nathaniel, and Elnathan, tw. b. at Plymouth, a. 1639, bapt. at Scituate 1641, both H. C. 1661, as in the same yr. was their younger br. Ishmael; and Hannah; the five last b.ob. at S. A celebr. descend. of the same name, min. of Boston bef. the mid. of the last centu. had furnish. a Mem. generous in tone, with slight error of detail, that was preserv. in 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 171. CHARLES, Fairfield, eldest s. of Israel, (not of Nathaniel, as Stiles, 567, in Hist. of Windsor, has it) the Stratford min. and gr.s. of the Presid. m. 29 June 1692, Sarah, d. of John Burr, and sec. w. m. 16 Mar. 1699, Sarah, d. of the third Henry Wolcott, wh. d. 5 Jan. 1704. He by first w. had Israel, b. 29 June 1693; and John, 7 Nov. 1695; and by the next w. had Abiah, 22 Jan. 1700; Robert, 20 Nov. 1701; and Ichabod, b. 4 days bef. d. of his mo. and bapt. as many days aft. it; but he took third w. Eli. nam. in his will, andd. 4 May 1714, and thro. his sec. w. was gr. gr.f. of Isaac, the celebr. naval officer. CHARLES, Boston, youngest s. of Isaac, the London min. and gr.s. of the Presid. b. in Eng. m. Sarah, d. of Hon. John Walley, had Charles, wh. d. inf.; Charles, again, b. 1 Jan. 1705, H. C. 1721, one of the ablest divines Boston ever saw; Mary; Walley; and Isaac. He was a merch. and d. 4 May 1711. ELNATHAN, Boston, s. of the Presid. a physician, by w. Thomasine had Theodore, b. 1 Oct. 1682; and the f. d. beyond sea next yr. as admin. was gr. to his wid. 29 Apr. 1684. Her d. is ment. in Sewall's Diary 2 July 1686; and perhaps her s. d. young. ICHABOD, sec. s. of the Presid. b. in Eng. after gr. at Harv. and study of the sis. sciences of medicine and theol. went home, was chaplain in the regim. of Sir Edward Harley at Dunkirk, and had cleric. function in Eng. but being persecut. for nonconform. bec. a physician, was in Holland 1684, but soon back to Eng. d. 25 July 1691, at Bristol, where he had good reput. and prop. he had one s. Charles, b. 14 Mar. 1674, wh. d. in London, 3 June 1763; and ano. Nathaniel, wh. was min. of the ch. of Eng. near 50 yrs. at the Devizes in Wilts. ISAAC, eldest br. of the preced. b. in Eng. went home, and was min. at Woodborough, in Wilts until eject. in 1662, when he sett. in London as a physician, and after some yrs. bec. min. to an independ. congrega. in London, where he was succeed. by the admira. Dr. Watts (who for short time was his collea.) and d. 28 Feb. 1712. His ch. were Isaac; Uzziel, wh. d. 31 Aug. 1696; Charles, bef. ment.; and Elizabeth wh. m. 10 Dec. 1689, Rev. John Nisbet of London, and d. 1727. ISRAEL, Stratford, youngest br. of the preced. ord. in aut. of 1666, m. 8 Jan. 1667, Mary, d. of Isaac Nichols of S. had Charles, b. 3 Sept. 1668, H. C. 1686, bef. ment.; Isaac, 5 Oct. 1670, H. C. 1693, the min. of Hadley, 1696 to d. 2 May 1745; and Robert, 15 Oct. 1677, wh. in youth went to Eng. For sec. w. he had m. 11 Nov. 1684, Sarah Hodshon, but had no more ch. Anxiety from many of his flock wh. prefer. the preach. of Rev. Zechariah Walker, was dissipat. after long disagreem. by separa. and plant. of a new town.

 NATHANIEL, Hatfield, tw. br. of Elnathan, was of Windsor 1667, when very diverse affections disturb. the declin. yrs. of the first min. Wareham by means of ris. admira. of Rev. John Woodbridge; of wh. eno. is to be [[vol. 1, p. 369]] seen in the Col. Rec. of Trumbull, II. 85, 113. In happier lot, he m. 12 Nov. 1673, Abigail, d. of Elder John Strong, had Isaac, b. 5, bapt. 6 Sept. 1674; Catharine, 12 Jan. bapt. 16 Apr. 1676; Abigail, bapt. 14 Oct. 1677; Charles, 3, bapt. 7 Sept. 1679, d. in few wks.; rem. 1681, to H. there had Nathaniel, b. 21 Sept. 1681, Y. C. 1702, first min. at Durham; Ann; and Sarah, 1683; and he d. 4 Nov. 1685. His wid. m. 8 Sept. foll. Medad Pomeroy. In modern times some insert e bef. the last let. Of this name, in 1831, gr. at Harv. are twelve, of wh. seven were clerg. and at Yale, eight, of wh. one only as clerg. and all are descend. of the illustr. Presid.

CHEATER, JOHN, Newbury, had Hannah, b. 7 Aug. 1644; Lydia 2 Jan. 1648; and in 1654, his w. Alice suffer. admonit. of the Ct. for levity of carriage. He rem. to Wells, kept an inn, 1662, and had gr. of the ferry on the way to Cape Porpoise. See Coffin. and Folsom, 108, and especial. Col. Rec.

CHECKETT, JOSEPH, Scituate 1638, prob. rem. with Lothrop to Barnstable.

CHECKLEY, ANTHONY, Boston, merch. s. of William of a small parish, call. Preston capes, a. 7 ms. from Daventry, in the W. of Northamptonsh. bapt. 31 July 1636, was capt. of ar. co. m. Hannah, d. of Rev. John Wheelwright, had John, b. 30 Dec. 1661; Sarah, 18 June 1668; Elizabeth 8 May 1672; Mary, 14 Oct. 1673; and Hannah, 19 Dec. 1674; m. sec. w. 1678, Lydia, wid. of Benjamin Gibbs, d. of Joshua Scottow, by wh. he had no ch. was chos. 1689, atty.gen. but happi. supersed. bef. the witchcraft infatua. and d. 18 Oct. 1708. His wid. m. 6 Mar. 1712, William Colman; and his d. Hannah m. capt. John Adams. JOHN, Boston 1645, brot. his neph. Anthony bef. ment. m. 5 Mar. 1652, Ann, d. of Simon Eyre, had John, b. 21 Apr. 1653; Ann, 22 Apr. 1659, wh. d. at 2 yrs.; Samuel, 26 Nov. 1661; and Ann, again, 4 Aug. 1669; and he d. 1 Jan. 1685, aged 75. By the inv. render. to Ct. from his W. the est. was only £21, 11, 6. JOHN, Boston 1670, cooper, was from St. Saviour, Southwark, and kept a shop at the Crown and Blue Gate opposite the W. end of the town ho. had John, b. 1680. JOHN, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 28 May 1703, Rebecca Miller, was a min. of gr. capacity for controv. fined for sedition in publish. Leslie's "Short and Easy Method with the Deists," with addit. of disc. on Episcopacy. Eno. on this portion of Mass. ann. may be seen in Updike's Hist. of Narraganset ch. and perhaps even in the briefer acco. of the candid Biogr. Dict. of Eliot. SAMUEL, Boston, youngest br. of Anthony, bef. ment. and by ano. mo. arr. at B. 3 Aug. 1670, and in the Newsletter of 4 Jan. 1739, obitu. notice, is said to have been b. in Northamptonsh. 14 Oct. 1653. He m. 1680, Mary, d. of Joshua Scottow, had Mary, b. 12 Apr. 1683; Rebecca, 2 Sept. 1681; Samuel, 23 Sept. 1685, d. soon; William. 18 Apr. 1687; Joshua, 8 Feb. 1689; Lydia, 31 Mar. 1690; [[vol. 1, p. 370]] Elizabeth 3 Sept. 1693, d. within 2 yrs.; Richard, 4 Oct. 1694; Samuel, again, 11 Feb. 1696, H. C. 1715; and Mary, 26 June 1697; and only two of these ten outliv. him, viz. Richard, an apothecary, wh. was deac. and Samuel. SAMUEL, Boston, s. prob. of the first John, by w. Elizabeth had Ann, b. 30 May 1687; Rebecca, 4 Feb. 1689; and John, 2 Dec. 1690. SAMUEL, Boston, s. of the first Samuel, was ord. the first min. of the New South ch. 15 Apr. 1719, m. 5 Jan. 1721, Elizabeth d. of Rev. Benjamin Rolfe of Haverhill, and d. 1 Dec. 1769. He had sev. ch. of wh. one was Samuel, b. 27 Dec. 1723, H. C. 1743, the min. of Old North, successor to three Rev. Doctors nam. Mather.

CHEDSEY, or CHIDSEY, CALEB, New Haven, s. of John, m. 10 May 1688, Ann Thompson, wh. d. 15 Jan. 1692, without ch. and he m. July 1693, Hannah Dickerman, d. prob. of Abraham, had Daniel, b. 25 Mar. 1695; Caleb, 9 May 1697; Abraham, 31 Mar. 1699; and Mary, 30 Oct. 1701; was a deac. and his sec. w. d. 25 Dec. 1703. EBENEZER, New Haven, youngest br. of the preced. m. Priscilla, d. of John Thompson, the farmer, had Sarah, b. 8 Dec. 1683; John, 6 Nov. 1691, d. at 2 yrs.; Elizabeth 6 Feb. 1693; John, again, 4 Mar. 1695; Samuel, 6 June 1699; Ebenezer, 6 Dec. 1701; James, 23 Aug. 1704, d. young; Abigail, 1 Apr. 1707; and Isaac, 3 June 1710. JOHN, New Haven 1644, by w. Elizabeth had Mary, b. 22 Sept. 1650, d. soon; John, 21 Oct. bapt. 10 Nov. 1651; a d. 1653; Joseph, b. 5 Dec. 1655; Daniel, 30 July 1657, d. young; Mary, again, 21 Nov. 1659; Caleb, 20, bapt. 24 Nov. 1661; Hannah, 7 Jan. bapt. 28 Feb. 1664; Ebenezer, 10 Feb. bapt. 25 Mar. 1666; Elizabeth b. 16 Dec. 1668, d. under 20 yrs. and Sarah (not, as Dodd says, 1670, but 12 Oct. 1653), wh. m. 26 Oct. 1683, Samuel Alling, as his sec. w. Mary m. 20 Oct. 1692, William Wilmot, and Hannah m. Caleb Mix. He was deac. and d. 31 Dec. 1688, aged 67, his w. hav. a. the same yr. JOHN, New Haven, s. of the preced. d. 1693, unm. JOSEPH, New Haven, s. of John, by w. Sarah d. of Jeremiah Hull, had Hannah, b. 28 Jan. 1696; Joseph, 15 Aug. 1698, d. young; Sarah, 13 May 1700; Abigail, 28 Apr. 1702; Rachel, 17 Mar. 1704; Dinah, 14 May 1707; Abel, 7 Mar. 1709, d. in one week; and Joseph, 8 Aug. 1710; and the f. rem. to Guilford.

CHEEVER, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston, cordwainer, came, a. 1637, from Canterbury, Co. Kent, where the name was common. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 310. He unit. with the ch. 31 May 1646, and was adm. freem. 1647, made constable 1653, and d. 18 Dec. 1693, aged 85, leav. wid. Lydia, sis. of Thomas and William Barrett, but no ch. His est. by will of 21 Oct. bef. was div. to br. David; to six ch. then liv. Lydia, James, Mary, Israel, Elizabeth and Sarah; cousin Ezekiel, the pedagogue; cous. Richard, cordwainer; one part in fee, and one to his s. Bartholomew [[vol. 1, p. 371]] in fee after reach. 21 yrs. Dr. Farmer was misled by tradit. errors in extr. from the fam. bible of W. D. Cheever, as print. in note to a memoir of Mrs. Eleanor Davis, giv. by the Boston Magaz. 4 Apr. 1826, p. 619. Such happy depositories of fam. details often furnish distort. or imperf. materials. DANIEL, Cambridge, br. of the preced. by w. Esther had Mary, b. 14 Feb. 1646; Lydia, 26 Nov. 1647; James; Esther, a. 21 Mar. 1656; Daniel, 1 Jan. 1654, d. soon; Daniel, again, 12 Dec. 1654, d. young; Mary, 6 Oct. 1656; John, bapt. 31 July 1659; Israel, bapt. 26 Jan. 1662; Hannah, and Elizabeth tw. d. soon; Elizabeth again, bapt. 6 Aug. 1665; all so describ. in the reg. of matchless Mitchell; and Sarah, b. prob. after his pen stop. Elizabeth m. Stephen Palmer. EZEKIEL. New Haven, the famous sch.master, b. in London, 25 Jan. 1616, arr. at Boston 1637, went next yr. with Gov. Eaton to his new planta. there his w. d. wh. he m. 1638, by whom he had Samuel, b. 22 Sept. bapt. 15 Nov. 1639, H. C. 1659; Mary, bapt. 29 Nov. 1640; Ezekiel, 12 June 1642, prob. d. young; Elizabeth 6 Apr. 1645, wh m. 3 Sept. 1666, Samuel Goldthwait; Sarah, 20 not (as pr. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 358), 21 Sept. 1646; and Hannah, 25 June 1648; was rep. 1646, rem. 1630 to Ipswich, where his teach. was high. esteem. but in 1660 to Charlestown, and mov. in cycles of 10 yrs. he came last to Boston, where he pass. the residue of his life to 21 Aug. 1708. For sec. w. he took at I. 18 Nov. 1652, Ellen, d. prob. of Daniel, and sis. of Joshua Rea, as also sis. of the w. of famous capt. Thomas Lothrop, uh. bore him Abigail, 20 Oct. 1653; Ezekiel, again, 1 July 1655; Nathaniel, 23 June 1657, d. next mo.; Thomas, 23 Aug. 1658, H. C. 1677; Susanna; and William, bapt. 29 Jan. 1665. His w. d. 10 Sept. 1706, and she had been nam. extrix. in his will of 16 Feb. preced. that he did not alter, tho. he liv. to 21 Aug. 1708. In it he ment. only six ch. (the rest of the twelve, prob. hav. d.) and gr.ch. Ezekiel Russell. Mary had m. 22 Dec. 1671, capt. William Lewis of Farmington, as his sec. w. EZEKIEL, Salem, a tailor, prob. s. of the preced. freem. 1681, liv. in the will. wh. bec. Danvers. He m. 17 June 1680, Abigail, d. of Michael Leffingwell, had Abigail, b. 22 Mar. foll. Thomas, 28 Feb. 1684; Ezekiel, 15 Mar. 1686, wh. d. young; and Samuel, 9 Feb. 1690. PETER, Salem 1668, m. 19 Apr. 1669, Lydia Haley, perhaps d. of William, had Peter, and Samuel, tw. b. 29 Dec. 1678. RICHARD, Boston, a soldier on serv. at Hadley, 1676, of Turner's comp. a constable in 1693, no doubt, was the man by Bartholomew, in his will, call. cousin, i. e. neph. but wh. of the brothers of B. was his f. is not seen. SAMUEL, eldest ch. of Ezekiel the first, freem. 1669, was the first min. of Marblehead, tho. not the earliest preach. there by thirty-six yrs. m. 28 June 1671, Ruth, d. of Edmund Angier of Cambridge, had prob. other ch. beside Ames, H. C. 1707, min. of Manchester; tho. he preach. from 1677, at Marblehead, he was not ord. bef. 13 Aug. 1684, and d. 29 May 1724. 

THOMAS, Boston, s. of Ezekiel the first by his sec. w. freem. 1680, was min. at Malden, ord. 27 July 1681, but in Mar. 1686, his ch. "charg. with scandal. immoral." as we learn from Ch. J. Sewall's Diary [[vol. 1, p. 372]] in Geneal. Reg. Reg. 72, caus. his dism. I suppose. He m. 11 Feb. 1702, Mary Bordman of B. wh. liv. not long, and a sec. w. m. 30 July 1707, was Elizabeth Warren. Again he was sett. as min. 19 Oct. 1715, at Chelsea, and d. 27 Dec. 1749, old eno. without the exagger. of. some parishion. mak. him 93. Of this name, in 1834, gr. at Harv. had been eleven, and three at Bowd.

CHELLIS. See Chalice.

CHELSON, ROBERT, Ipswich, 1644. Felt. WILLIAM, Scarborough, d. 1676, leav. one ch. and a wid. wh. gave in, 1 July of that yr. his inv.

CHENERIE. See Genery.

CHENEY, DANIEL, Newbury, s. of John, m. 8 Oct. 1665, Sarah Bayley, prob. d. of John, had Sarah, b. 11 Sept. 1666; Judith, 1668; Daniel, 31 Dec. 1670; Hannah, 3 Sept. 1673; Joseph, 10 July 1676; Elinor, 29 Mar. 1679; and James, 6 Apr. 1685; and d. 10 Sept. 1694. JOHN, Newbury, shoemaker, freem. 17 May 1637, had been the yr. bef. at Roxbury, perhaps br. of William, brot. in 1635 to R. w. Martha, and ch. Mary, Martha, John, and prob. Daniel, b. 1635; had Sarah, Feb. 1637; Peter, 1639; Hannah, 16 Nov. 1642; Nathaniel, 12 Jan. 1645; and Elizabeth 14 Jan. 1648; went again to R. there was drown. Dec. 1671. His d. Martha m. a. 1649, Anthony Sadler; and, next, 1652, Nicholas Busby the sec. JOHN, Watertown, an early sett. d. 5 Sept. 1675. Margaret, perhaps his d. m. Apr. 1651, deac. Thomas Hastings, as his sec. w. and John, wh. d. 6 Aug. and Ebenezer, wh. d. 17 Nov. 1689, both at Cambridge, may have been his ch. JOHN, Newbury, eldest s. of the first John, m. 20 May 1660, Mary, d. of Francis Plummer, had Mary, b. 29 Mar. 1661; Martha, 11 Sept. 1663; and John, 29 Jan. 1669; and d. 7 Jan. 1673. Mary m. 24 July 1684, Isaac Kilborne of Rowley, wh. was deaf and dumb. JOHN, New London 1679, had w. Sarah, but prob. soon rem. JOSEPH, Medfield 1678, was, perhaps, s. of William the first of Roxbury. NATHANIEL, Newbury, s. of the first John, took o. of alleg. 25 May 1669. PETER, Newbury, br. of the preced. m. 11 May 1663, Hannah, d. of Nicholas Noyes, had Peter, b. 6 Nov. foll.; John, 10 May 1666; Nicholas, 23 May 1667; perhaps Huldah; Mary, 2 Sept. 1671; perhaps Martha; Nathaniel, 2 Oct. 1675, d. within two yrs.; Jemima, 29 Nov. 1677; Eldad, 24 Oct. 1681; Hannah, 13 Sept. 1683; and Ichabod, 22 Sept. 1685. Huldah m. 20 Jan. 1691, Timothy Worcester; Mary, and Martha m. 29 of same mo. William, and Francis Worcester, respectiv. so that it might seem, that three brs. m. three sis. near the same time, but for the relationsh. I mean not to be responsib.; Jemima m. first, a French, and, next, 1703, Matthew Pettingell. THOMAS, Roxbury, eldest s. of William, m. 11 Jan. 1656, Jane Atkinson, was of Cambridge, where he had Margaret, b. 26 Nov. foll. and, [[vol. 1, p. 373]] perhaps Thomas; and William; freem. 1666, at R. had Jane, 5 June 1669; Joseph, 16 Feb. 1671; Hannah, 6 July 1673; Benjamin, 29 Jan. 1676; and Ebenezer, 2 Nov. 1678. Jane m. Thomas Belknap of Woburn. THOMAS, Roxbury, s. prob. of the preced. was press. in Dec. 1675, for Johnson's comp. freem. 1690, m. 21 Sept. 1684, Hannah Woods, had Margaret, b. 8 Apr. 1686; Thomas, and Henry, tw. 16 Sept. 1687, both d. within 10 days; Hannah, 14 Mar. 1689; Melicent, 16 June 1693; Ebenezer, 5 Dec. 1699; and Samuel, 9 Mar. 1701. WILLIAM, Roxbury, had John, b. 29 Sept. 1639, d. soon; John, again, 25 Sept. 1640; Mehitable, 1 June 1643; Joseph, 6 June 1647; and prob. more certain. Thomas, first b. beside William Ellen, and Margaret, wh. in his will of good est. 30 Apr. 1667, are provid. for as the bef. nam.; was freem. 1666, d. next yr. on 30 June, aged 63. His wid. Margaret m. . . . . . Burge, and d. July 1686. WILLIAM, Middletown, freem. of Conn. 1667, rep. 1660, 1, 3, and oft. after, d. 1705, leav. d. Abigail, but no s. WILLIAM, Roxbury, perhaps s. of the first Thomas, m. 24 May 1686, Rebecca, d. of Jacob Newell, had Thomas, b. 29 Jan. 1688; Rebecca, 3 Aug. 1690; William, 1 Dec. 1692; and a d. Abiel, 21 May 1696, wh. was posthum. for the f. d. 25 Mar. bef.

CHEREY, DAVID, Wickford 1674.

CHERRALL, WILLIAM, a baker from London, aged 26, was emb. in the Love 1635, with Ursula, 40, if the custom ho. rec. be correct; but where he sat down, or whether she were his mo. aunt, sister, maid, or wid. is like. to be left in the dark.

CHESEBROUGH, CHEESBROUGH, CHESSBRUCK, or CHEESBROOK, ELISHA, Stonington, s. of William, m. 20 Apr. 1665, Rebecca, d. of Walter Palmer, had only Elihu, b. 3 Dec. 1668, was rep. 1669, and d. 1671. His wid. m. 24 July 1672, John Baldwin of New London, her name is wrong, I think, in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 25. ELISHA, Stonington, s. of the first Samuel of the same, m. Mary, d. of Joseph Minor of the same; but no more is kn. NATHANIEL, Stonington, s. of William, b. in Eng. m. Hannah, eldest d. of the active capt. George Denison, had Ann, b. 12 Oct. 1660; Sarah, 30 Jan. 1662; Nathaniel, 4 Apr. 1666; Bridget, 25 Mar. 1669; Hannah; Samuel, 15 Feb. 1674; Margaret, bapt. 15 Apr. 1677; and Mary, 30 June 1678. He d. 22 Nov. 1678, and his wid. m. 15 July 1680, Joseph Saxton. Bridget m. William Thompson; Hannah m. Joseph Prentice; and Margaret m. 18 Jan. 1696, Joseph Stanton. NATHANIEL, Stonington, s. of the preced. m. Sarah Stanton, perhaps d. of thesec. Thomas of the same. SAMUEL, Rehoboth, s. of William, b. in Eng. rem. to Stonington with his f. by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. 30 Sept. 1656; Mary, 28 Feb. 1668, d. at 11 yrs.; Samuel, 20 Feb. or Nov. 1660; William, 8 or 30 Apr. 1662; Sarah, 24 Nov. or Dec. 1663; Elisha, 4 Apr. or Aug. 1667; and Elizabeth 6 Jan. 1669, all (exc. Mary), [[vol. 1, p. 374]] bapt. at New London, of wh. S. was then pt. in 1672; was made freem. 1657, rep. 1665, 6, 70, and later yrs. He d. 31 Jan. 1673, and his wid. m. 15 June 1675, Joshua Holmes. His d. Abigail m. John Avery; and Sarah m. 4 Jan. 1689, William Gallup, both of S. SAMUEL, Stonington, eldest s. of the preced. m. Mary, whose surname is not seen, nor the date of m. had Samuel, b. 16 Sept. 1691; Jeremiah, 7 Aug. 1692, prob. d. soon; William, 27 Aug. 1693; Jeremiah, again, 25 Aug. 1697; Jonathan, 13 Feb. 1700; Joseph, 12 Apr. 1703; Ann, 9 Oct. 1706; and Mary, 10 Sept. 1710. SAMUEL, Stonington, youngest s. of the first Nathaniel of the same, m. 4 Jan. 1699, Priscilla Alden, call. gr.d. of Mayflower John, but wh. was her f. I see not, had Mary, b. 21 Sept. 1702; Priscilla, 6 Nov. 1704; Nathaniel, 19 Aug. 1706, d. young; Amos, 2 Feb. 1709; Hannah, 16 July 1712; Sarah, 14 Aug. 1714; and Prudence, 28 Feb. 1722. Six of his ch. liv. to be m. WILLIAM, Boston, came from Boston, Co. Lincoln (in or near wh. prob. he was b. a. 1594), with w. Ann, 1630, arr. in the fleet with Winthrop He had m. 15 Dec. 1620, Ann Stevenson, and they had, in Eng. Mary, bapt. 2 May 1622; Martha, 18 Sept. 1623; David, and Jonathan, tw. 9 Sept. 1624; all d. soon; Samuel, 1 Apr. 1627; Andronicus, 6 Feb. 1629 (wh. d. in two days, as did Junia, a tw. ch. the May bef) and Nathaniel, 25 Jan. 1630. On this side of the water they were among earliest mem. of the first ch. of B. Nos. 44 and 5, on the list, he was adm. freem. 18 May 1631, and the same day his ho. was burn. Ch. in Boston bapt. were John, 2 Sept. or 11 Nov. 1632, as the numerals for mo. and day are various. read, wh. d. at Stonington, prob. unm.; Jabez, 3 May 1635, d. young; Elisha, 4 June 1637; and at Braintree b. Joseph, 18 July 1640; and this yr. he was rep. Soon after he rem. to Rehoboth, where he was active 1643, and in less than seven yrs. to Pawcatuck, where he was the earliest perman. sett. in that pt. of New London call. Stonington. This brot. the Conn. governm. to vindicate their territor. right, and very curious matter may be read a. the jurisdict. in Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 216-17; to the result, however, the judicious mildness of C. led soon, and he was a rep. 1653, 5, 7, and 64, for New London or Stonington. He d. 9 June 1667, leav. wid. Ann, wh. d. 29 Aug. 1673. His s. Joseph, under 12 yrs. old, cut his leg with a scythe, and bled to d. A mo. or sis. I think, may be found for him in the Boston list of mem. of the ch. Sarah C. No. 78, and upon the marg. is mark. early d. WILLIAM, Stonington, s. of Samuel first of the same, m. 13 Dec. 1698, for sec. w. Mary, d. of Fergus McDowell, had William, David, b. 1 Feb. 1703; Thomas, Abigail, and Mary; and d. 1739. His wid. d. 1744, aged 66.

CHESHOLME, CHISHOLM, or CHESEHOLM, THOMAS, Cambridge 1635, freem. 3 Mar. 1636, ar. co. 1638, had w. Isabel, but prob. no ch. for none is ment. in that reg. of matchless Mitchell, wh. careful. tells, [[vol. 1, p. 375]] how Benoni, s. of the runagate scholar, Nathaniel Eaton, was under his care. He was deac. and d. 18 Aug. 1671, by nuncup. will made that day, gave B. Eaton a field, and left small est. to his friends, Mitchell, and Oakes's childr.

CHESLEY, PHILIP, Dover 1642, by w. Elizabeth had Thomas, b. a. 1644; Philip, 1616; Esther; Mary; and Elizabeth After 1661 he had sec. w. Sarah, and prob. third, Joanna, in 1673; and was liv. 1685. Esther m. John Hall; and Mary m. Ralph Hall. PHILIP, Dover, s. of the preced. was constable 1695. His will of 18 Dec. in that yr. names w. Sarah, s. Samuel, James, Philip, and Ebenezer. He had also Hannah. A former w. was Elizabeth wid. of Philip Cromwell, d. of Thomas Leighton. His eldest s. capt. Samuel, of Durham, had serv. much, as a good soldier, bef. he was k. by the Ind. 17 Sept. 1707. Belkn. I. 168, 74, 6. THOMAS, Dover, s. of Philip the first, m. 22 Aug. 1663, Elizabeth Thomas, had Thomas, b. 4 June 1664; John; George; Joseph; Elizabeth; Sarah; Susanna; and Mary; and was k. by the Ind. 15 Nov. 1667. Belkn. I. 72.

CHESTER, JOHN, Wethersfield, s. of Leonard, m. Feb. 1654, Sarah, d. of Gov. Thomas Welles, had Mary, b. 23 Dec. 1634; John, 10 June 1656; Sarah, 11 Nov. 1657; Stephen, 26 May 1659; Thomas, 23 Mar. 1662; Samuel, 23 May 1664; Prudence, 10 Dec. 1666; and Eunice, 17 May 1668; freem. 1658, rep. 1676, and oft. after, was a capt. and d. 23 Feb. 1698; and his wid. d. 16 Dec. foll. JOHN, Charlestown, m. 30 June 1663, Elizabeth Pitman. LEONARD, Watertown 1633, s. of John of Blaby, Co. Leicester, by Dorothy, sis. of famous Thomas Hooker, had prob. brot. w. Mary, of whose parentage some diversity of opinion aris. Bond, 736, calls her Nevill, but Chester's will that had not been seen by him, speaks of his f. Wade, and yet Goodwin, in his geneal. of the fam. p. 8, quotes an authority that calls her wid. Wade, d. of Nicholas Sharpe, and, in my guess, it may be that she was wid. of Sharpe, and d. of Wade. He bad John, b. 3 Aug. 1635 at Watertown, but had left his w. there, while he went to look out for the desira. region, to wh. next yr. his uncle Hooker and Gov. Haynes rem. Wild tradit. makes this s. the first white ch. b. in the town of Wethers- field, where, we may be sure, no Eng. ch. was b. for many mos. later. Other ch. were Dorcas, b. at the new settlem. 1 Nov. 1637, wh. m. 12 Nov. 1656, the sec. Rev. Samuel Whiting; Stephen, 3 Mar. 1639, wh. d. unm. 23 Apr. 1705; Mary, 15 Jan. 1611, d. unm. at 28 yrs.; Prudence, 16 Feb. 1643, m. 30 Dec. 1669, Thomas Russell of Charlestown; Eunice, 15 June 1646, m. 25 Feb. 1673, the sec. Richard Sprague, and d. 27 May 1676; and Mercy, 14 Feb. 1647, d. unm. at 22 yrs. The f. d. 11 Dec. 1648, aged 38 or 9; and his wid. m. not bef. 1655, Hon. Richard Russell of Charlestown, and d. 30 Dec. 1688, near. 80 yrs. old. SAMUEL, New London, 1663, mariner, was also a compet. surveyor; had [[vol. 1, p. 376]] first w. Mary, and ch. John; Susanna; Samuel; all bapt. prob. in Oct. 1670; and Mercy, 1 June 1673; and by w. Hannah, who surv. him, bad Hannah, bapt. Mar. 1695; and Jonathan, Mar. 1697. In his will the first s. nam. is Abraham; Susanna, Samuel, and Hannah, are not found; and Mercy is call. Burrows, perhaps w. of John. SAMUEL, Boston 1676, a merch. Of this name, in 1831, ten had been gr. at Yale, and one at Harv.

CHEVALIER, JOHN, New Hampsh. was of the gr. jury 1684.

CHICHESTER, JAMES, Taunton 1643, Salem 1650, when Mary, prob. his w. unit. with the ch. and on 21 Apr. her ch. John, James, Mary, and Martha, were bapt. as also Sarah in May 1651; James, 9 May 1652; William, 15 May 1653; Elizabeth 26 Mar. 1654; and Susanna, 10 May 1657; but perhaps one, two, or more of these were ch. of William; and James may have rem. to Huntington, L. I. and was adm. freem. of Conn. 1664, unless this were s. of the same name, wh. m. a d. of Jonathan Porter of H. wh. is not prob. tho. he may have been 10 yrs. old when bapt. Mary m. 5 Sept. 1664, John Marston jr. WILLIAM, Marblehead 1648, perhaps br. of the preced.

CHICK, RICHARD, Roxbury, by w. whose name is not seen, had Richard, b. 26 June 1678; and d. 13 Oct. 1686, aged 48, and his wid. d. 19 Mar. 1699. THOMAS, Dover 1671.

CHICKERING, FRANCIS, Dedham, freem. 13 May 1640, ar. co. 1643, was ens. rep. 1644 and 53. He came, prob. in 1637, from the N. part of Co. Suffk. bring. w. Ann, d. of John Fiske of Eng. and sis. of our John, the first min. of Wenham, with her ch. Ann, and Mary; here they had Elizabeth b. 26 Sept. 1638, wh. d. young; Bethia, 23 Dec. 1640; Esther, 4 Nov. 1643; John, 19 Apr. 1646, d. perhaps bef. his f.; and Mercy, perhaps 10 Apr. 1648; m; sec. w. 10 June 1650, Sarah Sibley, wid. of John, and d. Oct. 1658. His wid. prob. bec. third w. of John Bowles of Roxbury, and his good est. went chief. to five ds. of wh. Mary m. 22 Mar. 1647, John Metcalf; Ann m. 3 Nov. 1652, Stephen Paine; Bethia m. 6 Dec. 1659, Samuel Newman; and Esther m. 20 Oct. 1659, Daniel Smith; the two last of Rehoboth. HENRY, Dedhnm, perhaps br. of the preced. b. in Eng. had gr. of ld. at Salem, 1640, but prob. never accept. freem. 2 June 1641, was one of the first deac. at D. and rep. 1642-4, 7 and 51, had w. Ann, only s. John, perhaps only ch. no other being ment. in his will. made 23 May 1671, pro. 31 Aug. foll. Inv. includ. ld. and ho. val. £200, at Henstead, near Wrentham, in the N. E. part of Suffk. His wid. d. 18 Feb. 1675. JOHN, Dedham, s. of the preced. was a physician, freem. 1670, by w. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Hagborne of Roxbury, and rem. to Charlestown, had Catharine, b. 16 Feb. 1662, bapt. 15 Feb. 1663; Ann, bapt. 7 Feb. 1664; Catharine, again, 21 May 1655; Mary, or Mercy, 8 Apr. 1666; Elizabeth 7 Apr. 1667; wh. all d. young; Mercy, b. 13, bapt. 22 Mar. 1668; Elizabeth again, [[vol. 1, p. 377]] and Catharine third, tw. bapt. 18 Apr. 1669, of wh. Elizabeth soon d.; John, 14 Aug. 1670; Ann, again, 3 Dec. 1671; Elizabeth third, 30 Mar. 1673, d. soon; and Elizabeth fourth, 25 Oct. 1674, d. young; and he d. 28 July 1676, leav. good est. to his wid. Elizabeth wh. m. 16 May foll. Thomas Greaves, had one more d. and d. 22 July 1679, aged 44. The third Catharine m. 12 Dec. 1693, Jonathan Wardwell; the sec. Ann m. Samuel Brackenbury; and Mercy m. 22 Nov. 1699, Jacob Shepard. Of his twelve ch. the only s. liv. at C. and by w. Susanna Symmes, had three s. and three ds. of wh. I am not able to furnish details. NATHANIEL, Dedham, call. neph. by the preced. yet uh. was his f. is not kn. m. 30 Dec. 1666, Mary, d. of Samuel Judson, but no issue is ment. On 3 Dec. 1674 he m. Lydia, d. of Daniel Fisher, had Prudence, b. 9 Sept. foll.; Nathaniel, 28 Mar. 1677; Lydia, 1 Dec. 1678; Mary, 15 Dec. 1680; John, 22 Nov. 1682; Abigail, 29 Mar. 1685; Daniel, 1 July 1687; and Samuel, 14 Feb. 1689. He was freem. 1681, and d. early in 1699, when Nathaniel, and his mo. wh. liv. to 17 July 1737, aged 85, had admin. NATHANIEL, Dedham, s. of the preced. m. 14 Aug. 1700, Mary Thorpe, had Nathaniel, b. 15 Apr. foll. and Jeremiah, 20 May 1705. He had sec. w. 26 June 1716, Deborah Wright.

CHILD, or CHILDS, ALWIN, Boston 1673, merch. BENJAMIN, Roxbury, prob. neph. of Ephraim here, s. of Benjamin in Eng. may rather be call. of Boston, as he liv. in Muddy riv. planta. now Brookline, but worship. at R. 1648, by w. Mary, adm. into the ch. of R. 23 Jan. 1659, had Ephraim, wh. was k. by the Ind. at Northfield, 4 Sept. 1675, with capt. Beers; Benjamin; and Joshua; all bapt. 27 Feb. 1659; Mary, 28 Oct. 1660; a ch. d. unbapt. Dec. 1662; Elizabeth 21 Feb. 1664; Margaret, 28 Jan. 1666; John, 8 Mar. 1668, d. soon; Mehitable, 29 Aug. 1669; John, again, 1 Oct. 1671; and Joseph, 31 Aug. 1673, d. soon. BENJAMIN, Roxbury, s. of the preced. m. 7 Mar. 1683, Grace, d. of Edward Morris, had Ephraim, b. 18 Dec. foll.; Benjamin, 19 July 1685; Edward, 1 Nov. 1687 ; Grace, 27 Oct. 1689 ; Mary, 25 Oct. 1691; Ebenezer, 7 Sept. 1693; Martha, 5 Oct. 1695; William, 14 Oct. 1697; Penuel, 3 Sept. 1699; Richard, 22 Oct. 1701; Thomas, 10 Nov. 1703; and Margaret, 26 May 1706. His w. d. 10 Dec. 1723; and he d. 26 Jan. foll. EPHRAIM, Watertown, freem. 18 May 1631, may well be thot. to have come in the fleet with Winthrop for he had m. at Nayland, Co. Suffk. 8 Feb. 1625, wid. Elizabeth Palmer, and req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, had good est. no ch. was deac. rep. 1635, 46, 9, 50, and often after, d. 13 Feb. 1663, aged 70. His will of 10 Nov. preced. provid. for wid. Elizabeth for Richard and John Child, prob. nephs. and Ephraim, ano. neph. s. of his br. Benjamin; beside William Bond, sen. made excor. joint. with his wid. and gave a liberal sum annu. for support of a town sch. forever. 

[[vol. 1, p. 378]] She is conject. by Dr. Bond, pp. 46, 7, and 152, to have been d. of Jonas Bond of Bury St. Edmunds, gr.f. of our William of Watertown, for she in her will, 11 June 1667, pro. 1 Oct. foll. made him sole excor. call. him loving, cous. i.e. neph. beside nam. his w. and five of his seven liv. ch. and Richard, and Benjamin Child, kinsm. of her h. HENRY, Berwick, k. by the Ind. 28 Sept. 1691. JEREMIAH, Swanzey 1669, by w. Martha had Jeremiah, b. 2 Sept. 1683. JOHN, Watertown, by Bond thot. to have been a neph. of Ephraim, by first w. Mary had Mary, b. 8 Jan. 1664; and by sec. w. m. 29 May 1668, Mary Warren, eldest d. of Daniel, had John, 25 Apr 1669; Elizabeth 24 July 1670; and Daniel, whose b. is not seen, but his bapt. 5 June 1687, was sev. yrs. after the d. of his f. and sec. m. of his mo. He d. 15 Oct. 1676, aged 40; and his wid. m. 13 Apr. foll. Nathaniel Fiske. JOSEPH, Watertown, whose parentage is unkn. m. 3 July 1654, Sarah Platts, had Joseph, b. 7 Jan. 1659; was freem. 1654, and d. 5 May 1698. JOSEPH, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 23 Sept. 1680, Sarah, d. of Richard Norcross the first, had Sarah, b. 11 Nov. 1681; Joseph, 21 June 1685; Mary, 11 Apr. 1687; John, 29 Mar. 1689; Samuel, 7 Jan. 1695; Isaac, 5 Mar. 1700; Lydia, 2 June 1706; Abigail, 19 Sept. 1708; and Ebenezer, 19 Jan. 1712; but the last three were by sec. w. m. 25 July 1705, Ruth, wid. of John Maddock. He d. 3 Nov. 1711, and his wid. says Bond, was innholder 1719. JOSHUA, Roxbury, s. of Benjamin the first, m. 9 Mar. 1686, Elizabeth d. of Edward Morris, had Joshua, b. 20 Jan. 1687; Isaac, 18 Dec. 1688; Elizabeth 20 July 1631; Mehitable, 27 Oct. 1693; Joseph, 7 Jan. 1696; Abigail, 15 Mar. 1698; Ann, 8 Apr. 1700; Prudence, 22 July 1703; Samuel, 7 Nov. 1705; and Caleb, 16 Sept. 1709. RICHARD, Barnstable, m. 15 Oct. 1649, Mary, d. of Robert Linnell of the same, but of issue I am ign. RICHARD, Marshfield, m. 24 Jan. 1665, Mary Truant. Miss Thomas, in Geneal. Reg. XII. 68, makes her d. of Maurice. RICHARD, Watertown, br. of John of the same, as Bond says, and he makes him b. 1631, that may seem a yr. or two bef. his time, but sooner or later, they both, in my opin. were b. on this side of the Atlantic, and prob. neph. of Ephraim, wh. show. them gr. kindness, as their f. must have d. early, m. 30 Mar. 1662, by Bond, but one rec. says 17 Apr. Mehitable Dimick, d. prob. of Thomas of Barnstable, had Richard, b. 30 Mar. 1663, wh. d. bef. his f.; Ephraim, 9 Oct. 1664, d. in few mos.; Shubael, 19 Dec. 1663, wh. perish. with cold in confinem. was insane, after m. and hav. two ch. bef. the d. of his f.; Mehitable; Experience, 26 Feb. 1670; Abigail, 16 June 1672; Ebenezer, and Hannah, tw. 10 Nov. 1674, of wh. the s. d. soon; and his w. d. 18 Aug. 1676. He m. 16 Jan. 1679, Hannah, youngest d. of the first John Train, had Joshua, 30 Dec. 1682; Margaret; John, 16 May 1687; and Rebecca, 4 Feb. 1694. 

RICHARD, Barnstable, perhaps s. of Richard [[vol. 1, p. 379]] the first, m. Elizabeth d. of John Crocker, wh. d. 15 Jan. 1716, had Samuel, b. 6 Nov. 1679, d. in few yrs Elizabeth 23 Jan. 1681, d. soon; Thomas, 10 Jan. 1682, bapt. 6 Apr. 1684, the same day with Samuel, and their f.; Hannah, b. 22 Jan. 1684; Timothy, 22 Sept. 1686; Ebenezer, Mar. 1691; Elizabeth again, 6 June 1692; James, 6, bapt. 18 Nov. 1694; Mercy, 7, bapt. 16 May 1697; Joseph, 5 Mar. 1700; and Thankful, 15 Aug. 1702. He was a deac. ROBERT, Boston, a physician, came from Northfleet, Co. Kent, was bred at Corpus Christi Coll. Cambridge, and proceed. A. B. 1631, A. M. 35, had stud. says Hutch. I. 145, at Padua, and there, perhaps, had his M. D. may have resid. short time at Watertown, unit. with others of that town in petitn. for the gr. of Lancaster; but he was not own. of any ld. at W. In Oct. 1645 he purch. large tract in Maine, kn. as the Vines patent, when the propr. was going to Barbados, but of course he had no purpose to make settlem. See Folsom, 75, 8, and Willis, I. 52. Next yr. he great. alarm. the governm. of Mass. by a petitn. for enlargem. of privileges, wh. by Drake, 292, is oddly ascrib. to Episcopalians, as if that depressed party could gain any thing from the triumph. Presbyterians in Parliam. Our Gen. Ct. in Nov. thereupon issued a Declaration, strange. undignif. against him and his assoc. Part of the denunciat. against C. is that he was a bachelor. Few state papers will afford so much amusement. See Hutch. Coll. 211, also Winslow's N. E. Salamander Discover. and Winthrop Hist. II. 291. In 1647 he went home, and did not come back. Of this name, includ. that of Childs (wh. tho. differ. can by no means be disting. in old rec.) Farmer saw the gr. in 1828, were, at Harv. five; Yale, four; and only three at all the other N. E. coll.

CHILLINGWORTH, CHILLINGSWORTH, sometimes SHILLINGSWORTH, THOMAS, Lynn, rem. 1637, to Sandwich, thence to Marshfield, of wh. he was rep. 1648, and 52, d. early next yr. His wid. Jane m. 17 Aug. 1654, Thomas Dagget; d. Sarah was sec. w. of Samuel Sprague; Mary m. John Foster; ano. d. was Mehitable, wh. m. 20 May 1661, Justus Eames; and his only other ch. Elizabeth d. 28 Sept. 1655.

CHILSON, or CHILSTONE, JOHN, Lynn, m. 28 July 1667, Sarah, d. of the first Joseph Jenks, had Joseph, b. 31 Aug. 1670; and Sarah, 4 Aug. 1673. WALSINGHAM, Salem 1648, Bays Felt.

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