A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 405 - 416
Clark - Coddington

By James Savage

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[[vol. 1, p. 405]] Clark Family Cont'd:

WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of Thomas of Plymouth, m. Martha, d. of Samuel Nash, was surveyor of highways 1659, rem. prob. to Bridgewater, and may have m. 1 Mar. 1660, at P. Sarah Woolcot, whose f. is unkn. to me. He made his will 3 Jan. 1687, and soon after d. leav. as is thot. neither w. nor ch. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Ann had Joseph, b.10 Sept. 1659. Ano. WILLIAM of Boston m. 18 Sept. 1661, Martha, d. of George Farr of Lynn, had Samuel, b. 28 June 1663; John, 3 Apr. 1666; and Mary, 22 Mar. 1668. WILLIAM, Lynn, perhaps s. of William of the same, m. 23 Aug. 1669, Elinor Dearnford, as Felt gives the name in Geneal. Reg. V. 95, rem. I conject. to Boston (where his w. on rec. is Ellen), and had Joanna, b. 22 Aug. 1670. WILLIAM, Northampton, s. of the first William of the same, m. 15 July 1680, Hannah, d. of Elder John Strong, had Hannah, b. 5 May 1681; Abigail, 25 Jan. 1683, d. at 4 yrs.; William; Jonathan, 13 May 1688; Thomas, 14 Apr. 1690; Joseph, 1691; Benoni, 1 Feb. 1693; and his w. d. 10 days after. By sec. w. Mary be had Timothy, 9 Oct. 1695; and Gershom, 18 Nov. 1697. He was freem. 1690, and rem. to Lebanon a. 1700, and was a promin. man; but whether he had more ch. or when he d. is uncert. WILLIAM, Saybrook, m. 7 Mar. 1678, Hannah, d. of the sec. Francis Griswold. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Rachel had William, b. 30 Dec. 1679, was a capt. and the same, or more prob. ano. by w. Rebecca had William, b. 31 Mar. 1681; and either was, or even a third, perhaps, the freem. of 1690. WILLIAM, Boston, br. of the Hon. John, was rep. 1720-2, & 5. See Hutch. II. On this copious name, in some fam. using e instead of a, and in more end. with e, it seem. best to have uniform. spell as there exists nothing but confus. in the variety, I have bestow. gr. labor, but feel sure, that many omiss. may be detect. and ought to rejoice if graver failure be not found. Grad. at Harv. count 29, at Yale 27, at Dart. 10 in 1829, prob. 30 more at the other N. E. coll. of wh. at Harv. twelve were clerg. and above twenty as the aggreg. of the other Inst.

CLARK, JOHN, Watertown, m. 5 Feb. 1644, Sarah Cady, perhaps sis. of Nicholas, but Bond, 162, calls the w. Mary Cassell, had Sarah, b. 4 Oct. 1647; perhaps John; and Gershom, 7 Sept. 1650, wh. prob. d. young; rem. to Hadley, and d. 1690, leav. no ch. but giv. his est. to ch. of John and of Sarah his ch. This d. m. 13 Dec. 1667, John Perry of W. Bond's acco. makes the sec. w. of Clary to be Sarah, and that she d. 23 Dec. 1681; but perhaps p. 742 explains some former part of his narr. JOHN, Hatfield, 8. of the preced. m. 1670, Ann Dickinson, at Northfield d. 1688, perhaps shot by Ind. He left John, Joseph, and Mary.

CLAUKLIN, THOMAS, Providence 1645.

CLAWSON, JOHN, Providence 1646. STEPHEN, Stamford 1670, then propound. for freem.

[[vol. 1, p. 406]]

CLAY, HUMPHREY, New London 1651, innholder, had w. Catharine, d. Sarah, and rem. a. 1666. JOHN, Salem, 1676, fisherman, k. by the Ind. next yr. JONAS, Salem 1668, m. 22 Oct. 1678, Mary Allen. JOSEPH, Guilford, m. 18 Apr. 1670, Mary Law, had Mary, b. 10 Jan. 1671; Sarah, 5 Mar. 1674; Hannah, and Elizabeth tw. 3 Aug. 1677, both d. young. His w. d. Dec. 1692; and he d. 30 Nov. 1695. THOMAS, Scituate 1643, had been seen in Mass. 1640, by Mr. Felt.

CLAYDON, BARNABAS, Salem 1629, came in June, aged 23, from London. RICHARD, Salem, br. of the preced. came the same yr. aged 34, with w. a d. and a sis. aged 14, accomp. Higginson. He was a wheelwright, but as neither of their party is again heard of, they perhaps went home.

CLAYS, JOHN, Casco 1665. See Hutch. Coll. 398. It may be suppos. he is the same as the Salem John, without final s.

CLAYTON, THOMAS, Dover 1650, perhaps rem. to R. I. may have been f. of Ann, sec. w. of Gov. Nicholas Easton, and next, Gov. Henry Bull; and of Sarah, wh. m. 4 Mar. 1674, Matthew Borden.

CLEAR, GEORGE, Newport 1639. JOHN, Boston 1674, a Shoemaker. JOHN, Boston, call. 1677, jun. shoemaker, perhaps was s. of the preced.

CLEAVELAND, AARON, Woburn, sec. s. of Moses the first, m. 26 Sept. 1675, Dorcas Wilson, whose f. is unkn. to me, had Dorcas, b. 29 Oct. 1676; Hannah, 18 Nov. 1678, d. next yr.; Aaron, 9 July 1680; Hannah, again, 2 June 1687; Moses, 24 Feb. 1690; Sarah, 5 Mar. 1692; Miriam, 9 July 1694; Isabel, 6 Apr. 1697, d. at 17 yrs.; and Benjamin, 16 May 1701. His w. d. at Cambridge, 29 Nov. 1714, and he had, it is said, sec. w. Prudence, but d. 14 Sept. 1716. Prob. that Rev. Aaron, H. C. 1735, wh. d. 18 Aug. 1757, at Philadelphia, in the ho. of Dr. Franklin, was his gr.s. EDWARD, and ISAAC, brs. of the preced. acc. fam. tradit. had films. but neither the dates of m. nor of b. of ch. nor names of mos. nor residence of fs. can be found. ENOC, youngest s. of the first Moses, was a tailor, and liv. in var. places, had w. Elizabeth and eldest s. Jonathan, ano. s. and a d. whose names are not heard. He d. at Concord 1729, and his wid. d. soon after. JOSIAH, Chelmsford 1691, br. of the preced. had serv. in Ind. war, by w. Mary, had Josiah, b. 7 Oct. 1690; and Joseph, 13 June 1695; rem. to Canterbury, Conn. there had Henry, perhaps 1697; Mary, prob. 1699; John; Rachel; Lydia, 7 Dec. 1704; d. Deliverance, 13 July 1707, and d. Abiel, posthum. 9 Oct. 1709; the f. d. 26 Apr. preced. MOSES, Woburn, came, says fam. tradit. (with his master, a joiner, of wh. he was apprent.) from Ipswich, Co. Suffk. m. 26 Sept. 1648, Ann, d. of Edward Winn, had Moses, b. 1 Sept. 1651; Hannah, 4 Aug. 1653; Aaron, 10 Jan. 1655; Samuel, 9 June 1657; Miriam, 10 July 1659; Joanna, 19 Sept. 1661, d. soon; Edward, 20 May 1663; Josiah, 26 Feb. 1667; Isaac, 11 May 1669; Joanna, again, 5 Apr: 1670; and Enoch, 1 Aug. [[vol. 1, p. 407]] 1671; and d. 9 Jan. 1702. Hannah m. 24 Sept. 1677, Thomas Hensher of W.; Miriam m. 13 Dec. 1683, Thomas Fosket of Charlestown; and Joanna m. a Keyes. MOSES, Woburn, eldest s. of the preced. m. 4 Oct. 1676, Ruth Norton, had Ann, b. 7 Nov. 1677; and Joseph, 31 Mar. 1686. SAMUEL, Canterbury, br. of the preced. m. 17 May 16, 1680, Jane, d. of Solomon Keyes of Chelmsford, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1681. He m. 23 May foll. Persis, d. of Richard Hildreth, wh. d. 22 Feb. 1698; and he prob. d. 1736. His ch. b. at Chelmsford were Persis, 21 Apr. 1683; Samuel, 12 Jan. 1685; and Joseph, 18 July 1689; but after his rem. to Canterbury in 1693, he had Mary, 14 June 1696; and by a third w. m. 25 July 1699, wid. Margaret Fish, he had Abigail, 23 Apr. 1700; and Timothy, Aug. 1702. it is suppos. that all of this name, sometimes writ. Cleveland, derive from Moses the first; and in 1834 seven had been gr. at Yale, five at Harv. and eleven at other N. E. coll. beside the honora. M. D. to eight more.

CLEMENT, CLEMENS, CLEMENTS, or CLEMENCE, ABRAHAM, Newbury, m. 10 Mar. 1683, Hannah Gove, prob. d. of Edward of Hampton, had Edmund, b. 3 Mar. 1684, rem. to Hampton, and there, Coffin says, had seven more. Perhaps he was s. of the first Robert of Haverhill, and took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. AUSTIN or AUGUSTINE, Dorchester, a painter, came from Southampton in the James of London, Apr. 1635, but may have been on this side of the water in 1632; yet greater is the prob. that he went home in 1636, and came again in May 1637, by the Mary Ann of Yarmouth, tho. against either conject. strong suggest. arise. by w. Elizabeth he had Elizabeth prob. b. in Eng. certain. the eldest ch.; Samuel, b. 29 Sept. 1635; Joanna, 19 Nov.1638, d. soon; John, 21 Oct. 1639, wh. prob. d. young; and was freem. 25 May 1636, rem. to Boston 1652, but after some yrs. went back to D. there d. 1 Oct. 1674. He had good est. and in his will of 30 Jan. 1672 ment. w. Elizabeth s. Samuel, and d. Elizabeth w. of the sec. William Sumner, with her seven ch. DANIEL, Haverhill, s. of Robert, sw. alleg. Nov. 1677. JAMES, Marshfield, m. 28 Dec. 1674, Martha Deane, whose mo. was a wid. that came in the Planter 1635; but his parentage is unkn. and he d. in few weeks after m. His wid. m. next yr. James Powell, and wh. he was, I ask in vain. JASPER, Middletown 1660, had a w. in Eng. but desir. one here, d. 1677, leav. w. but no ch. JOB, Haverhill 1646, eldest s. of Robert, b. in Eng. a tanner, was freem. 1647, m. 25 Dec. 1644, Margaret Dummer, wh. must have been a d. of one of the three brs. Richard, Stephen, or Thomas, rem. to Dover, there serv. 1655 on gr. jury, had sec. w. Lydia, and took for the third, 16 July 1673, Joanna, wid. of Thomas Leighton, was made couns. of the Prov. 1683, and d. 1683. His wid. d. 15 Jan. 1704. Of ch. only Job is ment. wh. liv. to 1717, but wh. of the three ws. was his mo. I do not [[vol. 1, p. 408]] learn from Belkin. I. 410, or Pike's Journ. or Mirick, 25, 6, 30, or Kelly's MS. JOHN, Haverhill 1645, m. 1649, perhaps as sec. w. Sarah, d. of John Osgood of Andover, had Rebecca, I suppose to be meant by the name (call. in the will of gr.f. O. next yr. Bakah), perhaps others, may have been 1651 at Marblehead, was rep. 1654, and d. by shipwreck on voyage to Eng. not long after. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of Robert, sw. alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, m. 28 Sept. 1688, Elizabeth Richardson, perhaps d. of Joseph of Woburn, and rem. to Lynn. RICHARD, Providence, perhaps s. of Thomas, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 11 Nov. 1687; Mary, 24 May 1689; Ann, 11 Dec. 1690; Thomas, 6 Aug. 1693; Abigail, 4 Dec. 1695; and Richard, 19 July 1698. ROBERT, Haverhill, br. of John, came, it is said, from London 1642, bring. many ch. was rep. 1647-53, had admin. on est. of br. John, and d. 27 Sept. 1658, in his will names oldest s. Job; Robert; John; Abraham; Daniel; Moses Pingree, h. of his d. Abigail; John Osgood, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1653, his d. Mary; and Abraham Morrill, wh. had m. 10 June 1645, his d. Sarah. He is strang. call. Rev. in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 118.--also, aft. preced. ins. went to Eng. aft. d. of his br. John to look aft. his prop. ROBERT, Haverhill, s. of the preced. m. 2 Apr. 1667, Joanna Carr, perhaps d. of George, and had sec. w. a d. of John Fawne, and d. 1712. He took o. of fidel. at the same time with Abraham, Daniel, and John, his brs. SALMON, Boston, m. 13 June 1660, Joanna Riland. SAMUEL, Boston, s. prob. eldest of Austin, m. 7 July 1657, Hannah, d. of Maudit Ings or Inglis, wh. d 9 Apr. foll. By sec. w. Deborah he had Augustine, b. 20 Apr. 1669; Samuel, 18 July 1670; both bapt. 2 May 1675; Hannah, b. 5 Nov. 1673; and Rebecca, 7 July 1678. THOMAS, Providence 1645, is among, the freem. 1655, and was too brave, or too old, to leave the place in Philip's war. by w. Elizabeth he had Elizabeth and perhaps Richard, certain. s. Content. WILLIAM, Cambridge 1636, was unhappy with his w. separat. from her, and desir. div. 1656. But if her name was Martha, as is prob. he bec. free, by her d. 10 Dec. 1659, to m. 3 Apr. foll. Ann Taylor, and in 1672 gave to Daniel Hudson all his est. on condit. of support for hims. and w. Ann for the resid. of their lives. Even with Jackson's aid, as he ment. no ch. I am not able to disting. him from ano. WILLIAM of Cambridge, call. jun. wh. d. 16 July 1669. WILLIAM, Boston, ar. co. 1662, m. Mary, d. of Joseph Rock, and of him I hear no more. With or without final s, and without t in some fams. the name may be the same.

CLESSON, MATTHEW, Northampton, an Irish serv. of one of the early inhabs. m. 1670, Mary, d. of Nathaniel Phelps, had nine ch. of wh. Mary, prob. eldest, d. 11 Dec. 1671, and ano. Mary, d. 15 Apr. 1687; was freem. 1690, rem. to Deerfield, where live descend.

CLEVERLY, JOHN, Braintree 1669, a blacksmith, freem. 1671, when he was mem. of the first ch of Boston, and his name is pervert. to [[vol. 1, p. 409]] Cleanesby on the rec. as transcr. by Paige in Geneal. Reg. III. 241, or Cleavesby by Pulsifer in Mass. Col. Rec. IV. pt. 2, p. 585, yet prob. the first wrong to his good name was the fault of Mr. Secr. Rawson, or of his careless sub-official. But the strangeness of the surname might have stimulat. a doubt. By w. Sarah, wh. d. 25 Oct. 1692, aged 54, he had Stephen, wh. d. 10 Mar. 1692, aged 19, perhaps other ch. was a lieut. and d. 1703.

CLEVERTON, THOMAS, Newport, is among the freem. 1655.

CLEVES, or CLEAVES, BENJAMIN, Beverly, youngest s. of William of the same, b. little more than a yr. after the extra-judic. murder of his gr.f. Giles Corey, m. 2 June 1719, Rebecca Conant, d. of John, had Bethia, b. 25 July 1720; Benjamin, 4 Jan. 1722; Joshua, 2 Feb. 1724; Deborah, 2 Feb. 1725; Rebecca, 29 Feb. 1728; Lydia, 29 Aug. 1731; and Andrew, 1 Oct. 1735. His w. d. 13 Sept. 1770, aged 74; and he d. 14 Sept. 1775. EBENEZER, Beverly, br. of the preced. m. 15 Jan. 1713, Sarah, d. of John Stone, had Ambrose, b. Dec. 1718; Margaret, 17 Nov. 1720; Sarah, 4 Feb. 1722, d. young; Sarah again, 6 June 1728; Robert, 18 Sept. 1730; Martha, 24 May 1733; and Ebenezer. GEORGE, Falmouth, came in 1630, I think, from Plymouth, in Devonsh. and sat down, first, at Spurwink, or Scarborough, and in two yrs. rem. a little further E. to be the earliest inhab. of F. no doubt drawn thither by its superior harbor, was of the gr. jury 1640, unit. with Richard Tucker of Saco, both in trade, and ld. speculat. thereby promot. gr. discord a. patents. He had Elizabeth wh. m. first, Michael Mitton, next, a Harvey, and d. 1681; but whether bless. with other ch. is not told. Adm. freem. 1658, of Mass. he was rep. 1663, and d. a. 1667, prob. a very old man, for he testif. in 1663, that his w. Joan was of 87 yrs. Copious details of him are in Willis and Folsom. See also Winthrop I. 231; II. 256; and Sullivan, 312-6. JOHN, Beverly, s. of the first William, m. 26 June 1699, Mercy Eaton, d. of Joseph, had Martha, b. 20 Oct. 1703; Robert, 26 Apr. 1707; Elinor, 8 June 1709; John, 1713; John, again, 1715; and William, 27 Mar. 1720. Sec. w. he took 23 Aug. 1723, Rebecca Corning; and 21 Aug. 1720, a third w. and he d. 14 Sept. 1753. WILLIAM, Roxbury, m. 4 Nov. 1659, Sarah, d. of William Chandler, had Sarah, b. 12 Aug. 1660. As no more appears on the rec. exc. censure of his w. by the ch. 1670, it might be infer. that he rem. but he was k. at Sudbury fight, 21 Apr. 1676. His wid. m. it is said, three other hs. WILLIAM, Beverly, m. Martha, d. of Giles Corey, that sufferer of the horrible punishm. of press. to d. never inflict. on any other in N. E. had John, b. 11 Oct. 1676; Elinor, 1678; Martha, 1681; and for sec. w. had Margaret, sis. of the first w. and by her, William, 23 July 1686; Hannah, 31 Mar. 1688; Robert, 21 July 1689; [[vol. 1, p. 410]] Ebenezer, 13 Oct. 1691; and Benjamin, 23 Oct. 1693. When he d. is not told; but his wid. m. 3 May 1716, Jonathan Byles. WILLIAM, Beverly, s. of the preced. m. 11 Jan. 1711, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Whittredge of Ipswich, had Thomas, and Joseph, tw. b. 14 Feb. 1715; and William, 15 Sept. 1720.

CLIFFORD, GEORGE, Boston, was of ar. co. 1644, had John, bapt. 10 May 1646. ISRAEL, Hampton, perhaps s. of John of the same, took o. of alleg. Dec. 1678, by w. Ann had Mehitable, b. 9 July 1686. JOHN, Hampton 1658, m. 18 Aug. 1670, Sarah, d. of deac. William Godfrey prob. for sec. w. as he seems to have sev. ch. at that time, certain. Hannah, wh. m. 20 NOV. 1677, Luke Malone; and prob. two or three s. was freem. 1676, prob. for third w. had Bridget, wid. of John Huggins, and d. 1694, aged 80. JOHN, Lynn, freem. 1678, some yrs. bef. was of Salem, d. 17 June 1698, aged 68. JOHN, Hampton, s. of John of the same, took o. of alleg. 25 Apr. 1678, had John, b. 6 Feb. 1687.

CLIFT, WILLIAM, Marshfield, m. 1691, says Deane, Lydia, d. of Samuel Willis of Scituate, and d. 17 Oct. 1722.

CLIFTON, THOMAS, was freem. of Mass. 2 June 1641, yet of what town a resid. is unkn. his name wh. in the print. list is giv. Clipton, stands between an inhab. of Dorchester and one of Concord, but rem. with early sett. 1643 to Rehoboth, and at last sett. in R. I. there by w. Mary had Patience, b. 2 July 1646, wh. m. 4 Sept. 1664, John Beere. Ano. ch. prob. elder, with the soft name of Hope, was banish. under pain of d. for return. from Mass. as a Quaker, 1658.

CLISBY, CLEESBY, or CLESBY, EZEKIEL, Boston, brot. by his uncle John in 1670, aged 7, by w. Sarah had Ezekiel, b. 25 Nov. 1689, and was sw. freem. 1690. EZEKIEL, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 21 Feb. 1715, Abigail, d. of Nathaniel Frothingham. JOHN, Charlestown, went home 1669 to bring here, next yr. four ch. of a br. dec. whose wid. was Elizabeth of wh. we have names only of Mary, 11 yrs. old, and John and Ezekiel, ea. 7, but the youngest, a. 5 yrs. d. soon after arr. His w. was Hannah, and he d. Dec. 1695. She d. 26 July 1724, aged 86 by gr.stone, 88 by rec.

CLOADE, ANDREW, Boston, wine-cooper, m. 29 Sept. 1633, Elizabeth Bugby, had Elizabeth b. 13 Sept. foll. wh. d. at one yr.; Mary, 22 July 1656 and he d. early in 1664, his inv. of £40 being brot. in by his wid. in Apr. of that yr.

CLOATHER, JEREMIAH, Weymouth, was a soldier, 1676, on Conn. riv.

CLOSE, THOMAS, Greenwich 1672-97.

CLOUGH, EBENEZER, Boston 1690, by w. Martha had John, bapt. 4 Mar. 1694; Martha, 26 May 1695; Mary, 19 July 1697; Ebenezer, 19 Mar. 1699, d. soon, as did his mo. and by w. Thankful had Ebenezer, [[vol. 1, p. 411]] again, 27 Jan. 1702, d. young; John, 18 May 1704; William, 21 Feb. 1707; Susanna, 23 Aug. 1709; Mary, 25 June 1711; Elizabeth 23 Sept. 1714; Ebenezer, again, 29 Nov. 1716; and John, 9 Feb. 1720. Under his will of 3 Jan. 1724, pro. 27 of same, the wid. and her ch. alone have portions of est. to the exclus. of ch. by first w. exc. that to Elias Parkman, s. of his d. Martha £40. are giv. with an apology, "bec. he will have considerable, wh. I ought to have had with my first w. wh. was his gr.mo." JOHN, Watertown, tailor, came in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 22, was freem. 18 May 1642, by w. Jane had Elizabeth b. 16 Dec. 1642; Mary, 30 July 1644; Sarah, 28 June 1646; John, 9 Mar. 1648. But he had sec. w. Susanna, tho. neither the d. of former w. nor m. of this is heard of, when he convey. his message to William Shattuck of W. and he rem. to Salisbury. Other ch. too he had, as Thomas, 29 May 1651; Martha, 21 Mar. 1654; and Samuel, 26 Feb. 1657, yet we may hardly be light to give the sec. w. more than the two last, or to deny her half a doz. His w. d. 16 Jan. 1680, and he d. 26 July 1691. JOHN, Charlestown 1632, was of Boston soon after, by w. Elizabeth had Priscilla, b. 28 Jan. 1655. JOHN, Hartford, freem. of Conn. 1654, may have been f. of that JOHN, wh. little over ten yrs. later was petitnr. for the planta. of Killingworth. JOHN, Boston, feltmaker, was call. jun. in 1674, and may have been s. of the former Boston John, or not. JOHN, Salisbury, s. of the first John, freem. 1690, m. 13 Nov. 1674, Mercy Page, had Benoni, b. 23 May 1675; Mary, 8 Apr. 1677; John, 30 June 1678; Cornelius, 7 May 1680; Caleb, 26 Oct. 1682; Joseph, 14 Oct. 1684; Sarah, 5 Apr. 1686; Jonathan, 11 Apr. 1688; Martha, 17 Mar. 1691; Moses, 26 Mar. 1693; Aaron, 16 Dec. 1695; and Tabitha, 12 Feb. 1698. One JOHN, of New Hampsh. m. 15 Jan. 1686, but the fam. name of his w. Martha, is not clear. RICHARD, See Cluff. WILLIAM, Charlestown, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 21 Nov. 1657; Joseph, 18 Sept. 1659; Benjamin, bapt. 30 Mar. 1662, the f. join. the ch. 25 Aug. 1661; Samuel, 10 Dec. 1665; and Nathaniel, 22 Mar. 1668; perhaps liv. at Boston, 1690, when adm. freem. One WILLIAM, a soldier, perhaps not s. of the preced. was k. in Hatfield, 27 Aug. 1675; but William, s. of William, d. 8 Feb. 1664.

CLOUTMAN, THOMAS, Salem, 26 July 1672 Elizabeth Story had Edward, b. 27 July 1673; Mary, b. 12 Aug. 1681, d. soon; Thomas, 23 Jan. 1683; John, 14 June 1685; Mary, again, 13 May 1691; and Joseph, 19 Sept. 1693.

CLOYES, or CLOYCE, JOHN, Watertown, 1637, mariner, Charlestown 1658, Falmouth 1660, by w. Abigail had John, b. 26 Aug 1638; Peter, 27 May 1640; Nathaniel, 6 Mar. 1643; Abigail, wh. m. Jenkin Williams; and Sarah, wh. m. Peter Housing; and by a sec. w. Jane, said to be wid. Spurwell, had Thomas; perhaps Mary, 1 July 1657; and Martha, 13, bapt. 16 Oct. 1659. He was prob. k. by the Ind. 1676. [[vol. 1, p. 412]] JOHN, Charlestown, s. prob. of the preced. m. 1664, Mary Long, perhaps d. of Robert, rem. to Wells, there m. 1681, a d. of Thomas Mills. NATHANIEL, Wells, br. of the preced. m. a d. of Thomas Mills. His w. Sarah was adm. of the ch. as in Budington╒s list appears, 1 Jan. 1699. PETER, Wells, br. of the preced. by w. Hannah had Mary, and Hannah, rem. to Salem, where his sec. w. Sarah, wid. of Edmund Bridges the sec. by wh. he had three or four ch. was sad. torment. with charge of witchcraft in the reign of superstition, 1692, being long imprison. at Boston bef. trial, and at Ipswich hardly escap. the doom desir. by the preposter. indictm. He last rem. to that pt. of Sudbury wh. soon bec. Framingham, there m. 2 or 21 Jan. 1704, third w. Susanna, wid. of Eliezer Beers of Watertown, was town treasr. and selectman, and d. 18 July 1708. Hannah m. a. 1686, Daniel Eliot. THOMAS, Saco 1671, br. of the preced. rem. soon to Falmouth, m. Susanna, d. of George Lewis, had Thomas, George, and Hannah; rem. to Salem, there had Mary, b. 6 July 1677; but ret. to F. and was k. by the Fr. and Ind. 1690, at the sec. destruct. of F. WALTER, Salem, of wh. no more is kn. but that he was freem. 1678. In the Watertown rec. his name slides into Clayse, and even Clarse; but at other places other transmut. occur.

CLUFF, JOHN. See Clough. RICHARD, Plymouth 1634, after 1637 rem. to Mass. Prob. this fam. name was the same as Clough.

CLUGSTONE, MICHAEL, Fairfield, m. a d. of Rev. Samuel Wakeman, and d. 1697; by his inv. seem. to have good est.

CLUTTERBUCK, WILLIAM, Boston 1678, then perhaps a shipmaster, had w. Elizabeth at Charlestown 1686, and was a lieut. 1689.

COACHMAN, is the misspell. of Cushman at Plymouth.

COALBORNE, NATHANIEL, Dedham, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Priscilla had Sarah, b. 5 Apr. 1640; Rebecca, 17 Feb. 1643; Nathaniel, 3 Mar. 1645; perhaps John; certain. Hannah, 30 Jan. 1653 wh. m. 16 Jan. 1678, Thomas Aldridge. He was freem. 1684.

COATES, JOHN, Lynn, s. of Thomas, m. 14 Apr. 1681, Mary Witherdin, had Mary, and John, tw. b. 14 Jan. 1682, and his w. d. 18 June foll. ROBERT, Lynn, had Abigail, b. 10 Apr. 1663, he then aged 36, so that he may have had other ch. bef. her. She m. 16 Jan. 1684, Samuel Rhoades. ROBERT, Boston 1673, perhaps s. of the preced. was a soldier on Conn. riv. in 1676, under capt. Turner, prob. after liv. at Lynn, there had Robert, b. 17 Oct. 1683. THOMAS, Lynn 1658, had John, bef. ment. James, and Thomas. Lewis. One Eleazer C. was k. 1677, careless. by John Flint, and £40. fine was impos. on F. one half to the f. of C. as Felt, in Col. Rec. II. 459, found; and in Col. Rec. V. 142, may be seen that one half of the £20. was remit. by the governm. on petitn. of Edward F. perhaps the f. of John.

COBB, AUGUSTINE, Taunton 1670, had Elizabeth b. 10 Feb. 1671; Morgan, 29 Dec. 1673; Samuel, 9 Nov. 1675; Bethia, 5 Apr. 1678; Mercy, 12 Aug. 1680; and Abigail, 1684. Of him descend. David, one [[vol. 1, p. 413]] of the aids of Washington in the army of the revol. EDWARD, Taunton, br. perhaps of the preced. sw. fidel. 1657, m. 28 Nov. 1660, Mary Haskins, prob. d. of William, and d. 1675, leav. Edward. GERSHOM; Swanzey, perhaps s. of Henry, was bur. 24 June 1675, I suppose he resid. at Barnstable, but was k. with eight others that day, being the earliest hostile act of Philip's forces in the gr. war. HENRY, Barnstable, one of the first set. had been of Plymouth a. 1629, and of Scituate in, 1633, there one of the found. of the ch. 8 Jan. 1635, of wh. he was that yr. chos. deac. was, prob. from Kent, by w. Patience, d. I presume, of deac. James Hurst, wh. was bur. 4 May 1648, had John, b. 7 June 1632; James, 14 Jan. 1635, both at P.; Mary, 24, bapt. 26 Mar. 1637; Hannah, bapt. 6 Oct. 1639; both at S. whence he rem. that yr. with Rev. John Lothrop; Patience, 15 Mar. 1642; Gershom, 10, bapt. 12 Jan. 1645; and Eleazer, 30 Mar. bapt. 2 Apr. 1648. As sec. w. he took, 12 Dec. 1649, Sarah, d. of Samuel Hinckley, had Mehitable, 1, bapt. 7 Sept. 1651, d. at 6 mos.; Samuel, b. 12 Oct. 1654; Sarah, 15 Jan. 1658, d. in few days; Jonathan, 10 Apr. 1660; Sarah, again, 10 Mar. 1663; Henry, 3 Sept. 1665; Mehitable, again, 15 Feb. 1667; and Experience, 11 Sept. 1671. He was rep. 1645, and six yrs. more, and d. 1679. Mary m. 15 Oct. 1657, Jonathan Dunham, as sec. w.; Hannah m. 9 May 1661, Edward Lewis; Patience m. Aug. 1667, Robert Parker; Sarah m. 27 Dec. 1686, Samuel Chipman, or Benjamin Hinkley, but wh. is uncert. for two Sarah, cous. were contempo. and one liv. to 8 Jan. 1742. HENRY, Barnstable, s. of the preced. m. 10 Apr. 1690, Lois Hallett, had Gideon, b. 11 Apr. 1691; Eunice, 18 Sept. 1693; Lois, 2 Mar. 1696; and Nathan. JAMES, Barnstable, br. of the preced. m. 26 Dec. 1663, Sarah, d. of George Lewis, had Mary, b. 26 Nov. 1664; Sarah, 26 Jan. 1666; Patience, 12 Jan. 1668; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1671; James, bapt. with the last, 8 July 1673; Gershom, 31 Aug. 1675; John, 20 Dec. 1677; Elizabeth 6 Oct. 1680; Martha, 6 Feb. bapt. 16 Sept. 1683; Mercy, 9 Apr. 1685; and Thankful, 10 June 1687. When he d. is not told; but his wid. m. 23 Nov. 1698, Jonathan Sparrow. JOHN, Taunton 1659, thot. to be br. of Augustine, took o. of tidel. 1657, m. 13 June 1676, Jane Woodward, had John, b. 31 Mar. 1678; and no more is seen. JOHN, Plymouth, m. 28 Aug. 1658, Martha Nelson, had John, b. 24 Aug. 1662, d. young; Samuel; Israel; and Elizabeth whose dates are not giv. and Elisha, 3 Apr. 1678; and James, 20 July 1682. JONATHAN, Barnstable, s. of Henry the first, m. 1 Mar. 1683, Hope Huckins, perhaps d. of the first Thomas of the same, had Samuel, b. 23 Feb. bapt. 6 Apr. 1681; Jonathan, b. 26 Apr. 1686; Ebenezer, 10 Apr. 1688; Joseph, 4 Aug. bapt. 21 Sept. 1690; and Lydia, 7 Jan. bapt. 5 Mar. 1693. SAMUEL, Barnstable, br. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth  [[vol. 1, p. 414]] d. of Richard Taylor, m. 20 Dec. 1680, had Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1681; Thomas, 1 June 1683; Elizabeth Nov. 1685; Henry, 17 Feb. 1687; Samuel, and Mehitable, tw. 10 Sept. 1691; Experience, 8 Jan. 1693; Jonathan, 25 Dec. 1694; Eleazer, 14 Jan. 1696; and Lydia, 8 Dec. 1699; and he d. 7 Dec. 1727. Descend. are very num. of wh. Ebenezer, that d. at Kingston, 8 Dec. 1801, at the age, as was said, of more than 107 and 1/2 yrs. was, perhaps, the oldest man wh. ever was b. and liv. on the soil of Mass. Of this name, gr. at Harv. in 1828, were by Farmer found six; at Yale, and Dart. two ea. and nine at the other N. E. coll.

COBBETT, JAMES, came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 23, from London, but no more is found of him. JOHN, Ipswich, s. of the Rev. Thomas, was made freem. 1683. JOSIAH, Cambridge, as he came in the Elizabeth and Ann 1635, aged 21, may be well thot. br. of James rem. to Hingham 1637, but was a propr. of Salisbury 1640, may have been a resid. but, if so, soon rem. was freem. 7 Oct. 1640, and no more is kn. but that at Boston, by w. Mary, he had Ruth, b. 6 Aug. 1657. SAMUEL, Ipswich, eldest s. of the Rev. Thomas, rememb. in the will of Francis Lightfoot, then being a small ch. Dec. 1646, freem. 1674, rem. to Lynn, perhaps there had Margaret, b. 17 Aug. 1676, wh. d. next mo. No more is heard of him, yet in the coll. catal. 1698, every one of his class, exc. hims. is mark with *as d. One of his name was of Bristol, Feb. 1689. THOMAS, Lynn, a man of high esteem, b. 1608 at Newbury, in Co. Bucks, was bred at Oxford, but could not take his degr. being driv. away by the plague, at his native town stud. under famous Dr. Twisse, and first preach. in Lincolnsh. unless Mather be wrong. This brot. him acquaint. with Whiting of Boston; and both, by the intolerance of the High ch. party, were forc. to leave their places. In his wonted looseness the author of the Magn. makes him come in the same ship with Davenport, and says that his parents came after to our shore. Of them we never hear a word; and if we may not infer from silence of Winthrop wh. notes that ano. min. wh. was passeng. in the Hector with D. arr. 26 June 1637, was not C. or the Gov. would have nam. him, yet the New Haven tradit. as if the brother of their Gov. Eaton were that min. bears high probabil. C. was adm. freem. 2 May 1638, tho. the prefix of respect is want. in the rec. Unm. on his arr. I am not able to tell even what w. he found here, but her bapt. name was Elizabeth and their ch. Samuel, H. C. 1663; Thomas; Elizabeth; John; and Eliezer, wh. d. of consumpt. After long serv. at L. he rem. to Ipswich to fill the place of Nathaniel Rogers in 1656, and there was min. to his d. 5 Nov. 1685, tho. with his usual license Mather says "a. the beginning of the yr. 1686." Magn. III. 166. Lewis, Hist. of Lynn, 140-3, and the dilig. of Kimball, Eccl. Hist. Ipswich, 19-21, leave us ign. of many details that should be desir. of so famous a divine. THOMAS, Ipswich, s. of the preced. tak. by the Ind. in Philip's war, as in Hubbard may be read; [[vol. 1, p. 415]] and slight acco. of his redempt. may be gather. from the Magn. and most abundant from the narrat. by the f. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 215-7.

COBBLE, EDWARD, Salisbury, by w. Judith had Edward, b. 17 Jan. 1652, d. young; Mary, 1 Nov. 1653; Benjamin, 3 Mar. 1655; Sarah, Mar. 1657; Judith, 5 May 1659; Elizabeth 19 Apr. 1663; and Edward, again, 28 Sept. 1666.

COBHAM, JOSIAH, Salisbury, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 25 Aug. 1640; Joseph, 12 Apr. 1642; Martha, 3 July 1643; Moses, 3 Nov. 1645; Sarah, 25 Nov. 1646; Joshua, 15 Mar. 1648; and Martha, 21 May 1652; was a webster, and rem. 1659 to Boston. JOSIAH, Boston, clothier, call. junr. 1666, was, perhaps, s. of the preced.

COBLEICH, JOHN, Swanzey, by w. Mary had John, b. 5 Jan. 1673. This name, if not an impossib. one, must be very rare. In his large acco. of the early settlem. at S. Baylies has not giv. it. Perhaps the Ind. war exting. within three yrs. our means of verificat. or amendm. But at Hardwick was a Cobleight a. 100 yrs. ago.

COBURN. See Colbron.

COCHRAN, WILLIAM, Boston 1684.

COCK, JOSEPH, Boston, m. 10 Nov. 1659, Susanna, d. of Nicholas Upshall. See Cox.

COCKERILL, WILLIAM, Hingham 1635, rem. to Salem, there d. 1661. Elizabeth perhaps his wid. d. at S. June 1664.

COCKERUM, WILLIAM, Hingham 1635, went home, and came again, 1637 in the Mary Ann of Yarmouth, when he call. hims. of Southold, in Suffk. mercer, aged 28, with Christian, his w. 26, two ch. and two serv. was freem. 13 Mar. 1639, sail. for home, again, 3 Oct. 1642. By deed of 25 Mar. 1657 he convey. his est. to s. William, wh. on 25 Sept. foll. transfer. it to John Tower of H. as in our Reg. III. 62, 3, appears.

COCKSHOT, JAMES, Haddam, d. 1693, leav. wid. Elizabeth wh. a. 20 Mar. 1700, at Durham.

CODDINGTON, HENRY, Boston 1670, perhaps s. of the foll. JOHN, Boston 1650, by w. Emma had Sarah, b. 4 Oct. 1651, d. young; John, 9 Feb. 1654; perhaps Henry, older than either. He d. 18 Aug. 1655 and his wid. m. 7 May foll. John Jepson or Jephson. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Hannah, d. of Richard Gardner of Charlestown; and his half br. John Jepson m. Ruth, ano. d. of Gardner. In rec. of deeds this name is Cuddington. JOHN, Newport, s. of William the first, d. 1 June 1680, prob. without issue. JOSEPH, of Block isl. 1684, I fear, can have nothing more told of him. NATHANIEL, Newport, s. of the first William. m. Susanna, d. of the sec. Edward Hutchinson, had Ann, b. 26 Dec. 1677; Catharine, 8 Feb. 1779; William, 15 July 1680; Edward, 28 July 1687; John, 23 Mar. 1690; and Nathaniel, 18 Jan. 1692. To his s. William, prob. Callender dedicat. his invalua. Century Sermon. STOCKDALE, Roxbury, where his w. Hannah was bur. 20 July 1644, in advanc. age, hav. d. of apoplexy, as the ch. rec. tells, may have been f. or gr.f. of John the first, rem. and d. a. 1650. THOMAS, Newport, s. of [[vol. 1, p. 416]] the first William, by w. Priscilla had William, b. 1684, d. 19 Feb. 1689; Thomas, 17 Apr. 1687; and by a sec. w. Mary Howard of New York, m. 22 Jan. 1690, had William, again, 1 Feb. 1691; and Mary, 15 Jan. 1693; and he d. 4 or 6 Mar. foll. His wid. m. 18 Jan. 1694, Anthony Morris. WILLIAM, Boston, an Assist. of the comp. chos. in Eng. 1630, bef. the embark. of Winthrop with wh. he came, had liv. at Boston, Co. Lincoln, where the rec. of St. Botolph's ch. shows he had Michael, bapt. 8 Mar. 1627, wh. d. in two wks.; and Samuel, 17 Apr. 1628, bur. 21 Aug. 1629. His w. was Mary, d. of Richard Moseley of Ouseden, in Co. Suffk. and she d. here in few wks. after arr. On 1 Apr. 1631 he left Boston, in the Lion, with his friends, Rev. John Wilson, and Sir Richard Saltonstall, soon found new w. Mary, and had a ch. in Eng. 1632, and in May 1633 came again to Boston, here had Mary, bapt. 2 Mar. 1634; and Benajah, 1 May 1636. He was treasr. of the Col. 1634, 5, and 6, and as one of the antinom. party left out of office next yr. but chos. rep. for B. and early in the foll. yr. went to R. I. wh. he purch. with other heretics, wh. made him Gov. Perhaps he had other ch. in R. I. by the sec. w. wh. was bur. at Newport 30 Sept. 1647; and in Jan. foll. or perhaps 1649, he went again to Eng. carr. his d. and there resid. some yrs. got ano. w. Ann, by wh. he had William, b. there 18 Jan. 1651, unless this means 1652, and came back to N. July 1651, arr. in Nov. bring. new chart. of 3 Apr. 1651, as sign. by the Lord Presid. Bradshaw. Other ch. by this third w. were Nathaniel, b. 23 May 1653; Mary, again, 16 May 1654; Thomas, 5 Nov. 1655; John, 24 Nov. 1656; Noah, 12 Dec. 1658; Ann, 6 June 1660, prob. d. young; and Ann, again, 20 July 1663. He was Gov. again late in his days, having been many yrs. withdrawn from public affairs, embrac. relig. views of the Quakers, by the persecut. of wh. at Boston he was so much disturb. in spirit, as to write to his old friend Gov. Bellingham and some of the counc. a letter of admonit. 12 Aug. 1672, wh. by B. without communicat. to the others was burn. as C. says, wherefore he wrote again 20 Oct. foll. by the hands of Leverett. See "Demonstration of True Love," writ. by C. print. 1674, a very rare tract. He d. in office 1 Nov. 1678, aged 77, and his wid. d. 9 May 1708, aged 80. WILLIAM, Newport, s. of the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. was an Assist. 1680, Gov. 1683 and 4, and d. unm. 5 Feb. 1689.

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