A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 453 - 464
Cooper - Cove

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

COOPER, ANTHONY, Hingham 1635, came with w. four s. four ds. and four serv. (any one of whose names I would gladly learn) from old Hingham, d. very early, for his inv. was tak. 26 Feb. 1636. BENJAMIN, Salem, was of Hampton in the E. part of Suffolk, came from Yarmouth, in the Mary Ann, 1637, aged 50, with w. Elizabeth 48, and five ch. Lawrence, Mercy, Rebecca, Benjamin, and Francis Fillingham, his s.-in-law, aged 32, his sis. aged 48, and two serv. John Filin and Philemon Dickerson. Of the f. or ch. we kn. no more, but the s.-in-law, and Dickerson are ment. shortly after at Salem; he d. soon, and his inv. tak. 27 Sept. [[vol. 1, p. 454]] of that yr. shows good est. JOHN, Watertown, d. 1637, in his 80th yr. it is said. But this may be tradit. error, for Thomas. JOHN, Lynn, came, 1635, in the Hopewell, capt. Bundock, aged 41, with w. and ch. Mary, 13; John, 10; Thomas, 7; and Martha, 5. He was from Olney, Co. Bucks; freem. 8 Dec. 1636; was one of the purch. from the Ind. for the projectors of the col. at Southampton, L. I. and there was liv. 1661. JOHN, Cambridge, came, with sis. Lydia, after their f.'s d. in comp. of Gregory Stone, wh. m. their mo. Lydia. His sis. m. David Fiske. He was freem. 18 May 1612, constable, selectman, very many yrs., deac. town clk. from 1669 to his d. 22 Aug. 1691; by w. Ann, d. of Nathaniel Sparhawk, had Ann, b. 16 Nov. 1643, wh. m. Edward Pinson; Mary, 11 Sept. 1645; Samuel, 3 Jan. 1654; John, 1656; Nathaniel, bapt. 8 May 1659, d. 19 Dec. 1661; Lydia, 13 Apr. 1663; and Hannah, 29 Dec. 1667. JOHN, Scituate, m. 1634, Priscilla, wid. of William Wright, wh. was sis. of Gov. Bradford's w. Alice; rem. 1639 to Barnstable, there d. without ch. His will was made 1676. JOHN, New Haven 1639, was agent for iron works, rep. 1664-7, had Mary, b. 1631, prob. in Eng. bapt. 15 Aug. 1641, wh. m. 2 Dec. 1658, Abraham Dickerman; Hannah, 1638, wh. was bapt. at same time with Mary, and m. 1661, John Potter; John, bapt. 29, not, as rec. has it, 28, May 1642; and Sarah, bapt. 21 Sept. 1645, wh. m. 23 Mar. 1662, Samuel Hemenway, and he 1675 m. Jane, wid. of John Hall, and d. 23 Nov. 1689. JOHN, Weymouth, whose will in Geneal. Reg. V. 303, seems to how that he was only trans. visit. in aut. of 1653. JOHN, New Haven, s. of John, m. 27 Dec. 1666, Mary, d. of John Thompson the first, had Rebecca, wh. d. 1668, at 2 yrs.; ano. Rebecca, b. 29 Nov. d. 1668; Mary, 15 Nov. 1669, d. soon; John, b. 23 Feb. 1671; Sarah, 26 Apr. 1673; Samuel, 20 June 1675; Mary, 4 Sept. 1677; and Abigail, 3 Oct. 1679; Hannah, 10 Aug. 1681; Joseph, 11 Sept. 1683; and Rebecca, again, 1689. JOHN, Duxbury 1666. JOHN, Cambridge, s. of John, perhaps was soldier, Dec. 1675, in Moseley's comp. m. 28 Apr. 1686, Elizabeth Bordman, wh. d. 15 Nov. 1714, aged 56; and he d. 12 Feb. 1736. JOSIAH, Boston, cordwainer, prob. from Hingham, perhaps s. of Anthony, m. 13 Sept. 1661, Wait a while, d. of Thomas Makepeace, had Elizabeth b. 5 May 1663; Thomas, 5 Apr. 1665; Josiah, 4 Apr. 1667; and Anthony, call. in the rec. daughter, 23 June 1669. NATHANIEL, Rehoboth, had Thomas, b. 12 July 1676; Abigail, 1 May 1677, d. soon. PETER, Rowley 1643, came, 1635, in the Susan and Ellen, aged 28, may have rem. to Rehoboth, there bur. 28 Feb. 1678. SAMUEL, Rowley 1691. was, perhaps, s. of the preced. SAMUEL, Cambridge, s. of John, m. 4 Dec. 1682, Hannah, d. of Walter Hastings, was a deac. d. 8 Jan. 1718. She d. 9 Oct. 1732, aged 67. SIMON, Newport 1663, a physician, m. 20 Jan. 1664, Mary Tucker, call. in the Friend's rec. of Shelter Island, wh. may have been d. of that John of Watertown and Hingham, had Robert, b. 10 Oct. 1664; Joseph, 4 Feb. 1667; Mary, 20 July 1669; and Simon, 1 Apr. 1672. 

THOMAS, Watertown, bur. 20 June 1637, aged 80, as the [[vol. 1, p. 455]] rec. says. THOMAS, Hingham, came in the Diligent, 1638, with w. two ch. and two serv. from old Hingham, rem. perhaps 1643, to Rehoboth, was rep. 1652 and 3; m. 17 Oct. 1656 for sec. w. Ann, wid. of Zaccheus Bosworth. He was deac. and bur. third w. Elizabeth 1 Feb. 1681. Davis, in Morton's Mem. 442. Baylies, II. 198. THOMAS, Boston, came, perhaps, in the Christian, 1635, aged 18, was prob. early at Windsor, rem. 1641, to Springfield, freem. 1649, a lieut. k. by the Ind. 5 Oct. 1675. His d. Rebecca m. 12 July 1677, John Clark of Northampton. Ano. THOMAS of Boston had prob. m. a wid. Smith of Watertown, for Matthew S. is call. on the rec. of his d. s.-in-law of Thomas C. in May 1658. THOMAS, Springfield, s. perhaps, of Thomas of the same, m. 1659, Desire, d. it may be, of that capt. George Lamberton of New Haven, lost 13 yrs. bef. in the N. H. built sh. going to London. THOMAS, Rehoboth, perhaps s. of Thomas of the same, had Judith, b. 11 Sept. 1673. THOMAS, Southampton, L. I. 1673, s. of John. THOMAS, Salem, m. 12 June 1674, wid. Sarah Southwick, had Elizabeth b. 2 Nov. of uncert. yr. ano. THOMAS, Salem, m. 27 Dec. 1680, Deliverence, d. of William Marston. THOMAS, Boston, a merch. perhaps s. of Josiah, m. Mehitable, d. of James Minot, and niece of Lieut. Gov. Stoughton, had William, H. C. 1712, collea. with Dr. Colman at Brattle st. ch. of uh. this Thomas was one of the found. His wid. m. 19 Dec. 1706, Peter Sargent, Esq. and next, 12 May 1715, Hon. Simeon Stoddard, not Solomon S. as Shattuck, in Geneal. Reg. I. 172, says. William was f. of Rev. Samuel, H. C. 1743, D. D. a disting. politician, call. "silver-tongued," and of William, the celebr. town clk. of Boston for 50 yrs. TIMOTHY, Lynn 1637, d. Mar. 1659, had John, b. 1647; Timothy, 1651; and four ds. TIMOTHY, Springfield 1668. TIMOTHY, Groton, m. 2 June 1669, Sarah Morse, d. of Joseph of Watertown, had Timothy, b. 24 Mar. 1670; John, 5 Mar. 1672, d. next mo.; Sarah, 20 Mar. 1673; and John, 5 May 1675. WILLIAM, Piscataqua, one of the men sent over, 1631, or earlier, by Mason for sett. of his planta Belkn. I. 425; and prob. Winthrop I. 120, ment. the loss of same man in a storm. Six of this name had been gr. 1834, at Harv. and two at other N. E. coll.

COPE, EDWARD, Providence 1610, or prob. earlier by 2 or 3 yrs. Sometimes this spell. is used for the fam. name of Copp, wh. see.

COPELAND, JOHN, Boston, came in July 1656, in the Speedwell, aged 28, from London, a Quaker. He was next yr. banish. from Plymouth col. and whip. in Mass. JOHN, Braintree, s. of Lawrence, by w. Ruth had John, b. Sept. 1683; Samuel, 20 Sept. 1686; William, and Ruth, tw. 5 Apr. 1689; Lydia, 24 Apr. 1692; Bethia, 19 Mar. 1694; Seth, 22 Jan. 1698; and Mercy, 10 Dec. 1700. LAWRENCE, Braintree, m. 12 Dec. 1651, Lydia Townsend, sad. pervert. to 16 Feb. 1654, in Geneal. Reg. XII. 110, had Thomas, b. 10 May 1652 [Geneal. Reg. XI. 334.] d. next mo.; Thomas, again, 12 Aug. 1654, or 6 or 8 Feb. [[vol. 1, p. 456]] 1655; William, 15 Nov. 1656; John, 10 Feb. 1659; Lydia, 31 May 1661; Ephraim, 17 Jan. 1665; Hannah, 25 Feb. 1668; Richard, 11 July 1672; and Abigail, 1674. This last m. 23 Nov. 1715, says Thayer, but the name of her h. is, I think, an impossib. one. Ephraim, his s. d. unm. of smallpox on board a ship of his fleet, bef. the sail. of the disastrous exped. of Sir William Phips, 1690; he d. 30 Dec. 1699, b. says the rec. "in the reign of our gracious sov. Queen Elizabeth of blessed mem." Farmer, wh. was much indebt. to Ch. Just. Sewall's fondness for instances of unusual longevity, refers to his diary, as saying he was 110. Perhaps this is mistake. In the diary of Marshall, call. Fairfield's by Dr. Harris, when he present. it to the Hist. Soc. I read, under date 1 Jan. 1700 (so that it seems he was wise enough to be half a century ahead of the law in reckoning the beginning of a yr.)" old Lawrence C. bur. aged 100 yrs. wh. d. last Saturday." M. was a townsman, and his authority may be sufficient; but the gr.st. also says 30 Dec. 1699, 100 yrs. old. His w. Lydia, d. 8 Jan. 1685. THOMAS, Braintree, s. of the preced. was one of brave capt. Johnson's soldiers in Dec. 1675, m. 3 Feb. 1692, wid. Mehitable Atwood, had Mary, b. 24 Nov. foll. and his w. d. 2 Nov. 1695, aged a. 30 yrs. His sec. w. Mercy d. perhaps without ch. 20 Feb. 1699; and he m. 17 May foll. Mary, d. of John Arnold, had Thomas, 10 Apr. 1700; Sarah, 23 Dec. 1701; Nathaniel, 30 Apr. 1704, d. at 2 yrs.; and Elizabeth 18 June 1706; and he d. 6 June preced. WILLIAM, Braintree, br. of the preced. m. 13 Apr. 1694, Mary, wid. of Christopher Webb, jr. d. of John Bass, had William, b. 7 Mar. 1695; Ephraim, 1 Feb. 1697; Ebenezer, 16 Feb. 1698; Jonathan, 31 Aug. 1701; David, 15 Apr. 1704; Joseph, 18 May 1706; Benjamin, 5 Oct. 1708; Moses, 28 May 1710; and Mary, 28 May 1713. Nine pages of Thayer's Genealogy are fill. with descend.

COPIE, JAMES, prob. of Braintree, freem. 13 May 1640.

COPLEY, THOMAS, Springfield, s. of a wid. Elizabeth wh. m. 1650, Nathaniel Phelps of Windsor, and with her h. rem. to Northampton, where her d. Elizabeth m. 1665, Praisever Turner, and sec. Samuel Langton in 1676, and for third h. had David Alexander. But the s. was of Springfield 1672, m. at Westfield, 13 Nov. 1672, and had Thomas, b. 28 July 1678; rem. to Suffield 1679, there d. 29 Nov. 1712, leav. Thomas, Matthew, and Samuel.

COPP, DAVID, Boston, s. of William, freem. 1670, by w. Obedience, d. of Clement Topliff of Dorchester, wh. he m. 20 Feb. 1660, had David, b. 8 Dec. 1661, d. soon; David, again, 2 Mar. 1663; Jonathan, 23 Feb. 1665; William, 14 Mar. 1667; Sarah, 1 Mar. 1669; and Samuel, 15 Apr. 1671; was rul. Elder of sec. ch. and d. Nov. 1713, aged 78. JONATHAN, Boston, br. of the preced. by w. Margaret had [[vol. 1, p. 457]] Jonathan, b. 6 Apr. 1670; Moses, 19 June 1672; but the rec. also ment. perhaps erron. Jonathan, 6 Apr. 1672. The former ch. of 1670 may have soon d. and Moses be a false entry. Yet it is doubtful. He was a soldier in Philip's war, 1676, prob. impress.; represent. in a petit. that his wages will not maintain w. and two ch. Many ch. he had, of wh. descend. are spread. A Jonathan, prob. his s. was of New London aft. 1700, had been at Stonington, m. 18 Aug. 1690, but he may have been s. of the rul. Elder. RICHARD, perhaps br. of William, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 24, but no more is kn. of him. WILLIAM, Boston, came, prob. in the Blessing, 1635, a shoemaker, from London, aged 26, freem. 2 June 1641; by w. Judith had Joanna, prob. Ann and David, perhaps b. in Eng.; Naomi, bapt. 5 July 1640 (the day aft. his join. with the ch.) wh. d. 8 Oct. 1653; Jonathan, 23 Aug. 1640; Rebecca, b. 6 May 1641; Ruth, 24, bapt. 26 Nov. 1643; and Lydia, July 1646. Ann m. 11 Aug. 1646, Herman Atwood. His est. was in part of that beautif. hill wh. bore his name; and he d. Mar. 1670. On 27 of the mo. foll. his will was pro. wh. had been made 31 Oct. 1662, and David was excor.

CORBEE, or CORBY, SAMUEL, East Haddam, s. of William, m. 28 Jan. 1690, Mary Crippin, had Mary, b. 13 Nov. 1691; and Samuel, posthum. 10 Dec. 1692; the f. dying 10 Apr. preced. But some discord betw. rar. rec. appears; and the date of m. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 137, must be wrong. WILLIAM, Haddam, an early sett. in 1640 was indent. serv. of James Olmstead at Hartford; d. 1674, leav. William, 18 yrs. old; John, 16; Mary, 12; Samuel, 9; and Hannah, 6. Hinman, 20. The name has been writ. Corbey, and Corbe.


CORBETT, ABRAHAM, Portsmouth, disaffect. to Mass. in 1665, when the royal commissnrs. came to N. E. occasion. much trouble. Belkn. I. 60-2. CLEMENT, Boston, m. 7 Mar. 1655, Dorcas, d. of Thomas Buckmaster. See Corbin. ROBERT, Weymouth, a soldier in Philip's war, 1675 and 6, in serv. on Conn. riv.

CORBIN, or CORBYN, CLEMENT, Boston, in Muddy riv. grants, worship. at Roxbury, where he had bapt. Jabez, 23 Feb. 1668; Dorcas, 13 Nov. 1670; Joanna, 9 Feb. 1672; and Margaret, 21 Mar. 1673. Prob. he had others earlier, as JOHN, a soldier in Johnson's comp. Dec. 1675. ROBERT, Casco 1663, a man of conseq. there many yrs. m. Lydia, d. of Richard Martin, had no issue, was k. by the Ind. Aug. 1676, and his w. tak. Hubbard, Wars, 33. Willis, I. 129. 143 Perhaps he was at Boston, Aug. 1637, master of the Speedwell. Winthrop II. 348.

CORLESS, or CORLISS, GEORGE, Haverhill 1645, had w. Joane. His d. Mary m. 23 Jan. 1665, William Neff, wh. d. 1689, and eight yrs. aft. she was tak. prison. by the Ind. and partook in the heroic act of Mrs. Duston, and d. 22 Oct. 1722. Ano. d. m. Thomas Eastman; and ano.[[vol. 1, p. 458]] m. Samuel Ladd; and Huldah C. prob. a d. m. 5 Nov. 1673, Samuel Kingsbury. Descend. of sixth generat. still liv. on his farm. JOHN, Haverhill, prob. s. of the preced. took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, and perpet. the fam. I suppose.

CORLET, ELIJAH, Cambridge, s. of Henry of London, bred at Lincoln Coll. Oxford, where he was matric. 16 Mar. 1627, was sch.master from 1641, when N. E. First Fruits, writ. 1642, takes notice of his merit in that serv. until he d. 24 Feb. 1687, aged 76, as one acco. tells, or by ano. in 78th yr. He was freem. 1645; by w. Barbara, d. prob. of William Cutter, had Rebecca, b. 14 Aug. 1644; Hepzibah; and Ammi Ruhamall, H. C. 1670. This s. taught the gr. sch. at Plymouth 1672, and d. at Cambridge in office of tutor, 1 Feb. 1679. Hepzibah m. 21 May 1673, James Minot, and, 4 June 1684, Daniel Champney.

CORNELL, GEORGE, Portsmouth, R. I. prob. s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. Deliverance, d. of Gov. Walter Clarke. SAMUEL, Dartmouth, took o. of fidel. 1684. THOMAS, Boston 1639, rem. to Portsmouth, R. I. 1654, or earlier, was freem. there 1655, perhaps had Thomas jr. of wh. perhaps that he was hang. for murder of his mo. is all that is now wish. to be kn.

CORNELLY, WILLIAM, Duxbury 1637. Winsor, 248, 306, with strange spell. at the first.

CORNEY, or CURNEY, JOHN, Falmouth, had Elisha, b. 1668; rem. to Salem or Gloucester. Willis, I. 209. At G. he m. 18 Nov. 1670, Abigail Skilling, had Elisha, b. 25 Sept. 1672; Abigail, 8 Feb. 1676; and John, 27 Sept. 1678, d. at 2 wks.

CORNHILL, or CORNING, RICHARD, Newtown, L. I. 1666. SAMUEL, Salem 1638, b. a. 1616, freem. 2 June 1641, was one of the found. of the ch. in Beverly 1667, had Samuel, wh. was of B. 1657; and Sarah, bapt. 4 June 1643. THOMAS, Boston 1638, then allow. to keep an ordinary; had ld. at Mt. Wollaston, now Braintree, prob. accomp. Mrs. Hutchinson to R. I. thence to Long Island, and there, in 1643, was cut off by the Ind. Perhaps the spell. is sometimes Connell.

CORNING, SAMUEL, Salem, perhaps had w. Hannah, d. of John Bachiler, as nam. in his will of 1675.

CORNISH, EDWARD, serv. of John Harris, emb. at Barbados, 28 May 1679, for Boston, in the William and John. GABRIEL, perhaps of Norwalk, s. of James, m. 1686, Elizabeth d. of George Wolcott. JAMES, Saybrook 1662, sch.master at Northampton 1664, where his w. d. 28 Dec. of that yr. rem. to Westfield, freem. 1669; in 1678 was desir. at Norwalk for some serv. and in Andros's time was clk. of the County Ct. had Gabriel, wh. was under age in 1667; James, wh. went to Simsbury; and perhaps other ch. RICHARD, Plymouth, of wh. no more is heard, than that he was there 1637, and descend. are still. RICHARD, Mass. 1634, surety for his w.'s behavior [Hutch. I. 436,] may be the same wh. [[vol. 1, p. 459]] Winthrop II. 210, tells of, as rem. from Weymouth to York, there murder. 1644. SAMUEL, Salem 1637, had d. Remember, bapt. 3 May 1640; and Samuel, 14 Mar. 1641. Possib. in Felt, I. 174, or Col. Rec. or ch. rec. of bapt. Corning and Cornish may be confus. THOMAS, Gloucester, m. 4 Sept. 1641, Mary, d. of John Stone, had John, b. 1 Sept. 1642; was of Exeter 1652. THOMAS, Boston, possib. s. of the preced. d. 5 Jan. 1724, aged a. 75 yrs. His w. Martha d. 8 Jan. 1725, aged 66.

CORNWELL, JACOB, Middletown, s. of William of the same, m. 16 Jan. 1678, Mary, d. of capt. Nathaniel White of the same, had Mary, b. 2 Nov. 1679; Jacob, 9 Aug. 1681, d. soon; Jacob, again, Oct. 1682; Nathaniel, 30 Aug. 1684; Giles, 14 Aug. 1686, d. young; Daniel, 19 Apr. 1688; Isaac, 22 Sept. 1690; Wait, a s. 18 Sept. 1692; Elizabeth 21 July 1697; and Timothy, 23 Aug. 1700; and d. 18 Apr. 1708. JOHN, Middletown, eldest br. of the preced. m. 8 June 1665, Martha, d. of deac. Paul Peck of Hartford, had Mary, b. 20 Nov. 1666; Martha, 13 Aug. 1669; John, 13 Aug. 1671; William, 17 May 1673; Paul, 6 June 1675; Hannah, 5 Sept. 1677; Joseph, 5 Oct. 1679; Thankful, 1 Mar. 1683, d. young; Thankful, again, 26 July 1685; and Benjamin, 23 Dec. 1688; and d. 2 Nov. 1707. The wid. d. 1 Mar. 1708. SAMUEL, Middletown, br. of the preced. m. 15 Jan. 1667, Rebecca Bull, had Mary, b. 21 Oct. 1667, d. early; Rebecca, 26 Dec. 1670; William, 22 Jan. 1673; and d. 6 Dec. 1728. Perhaps he was of Dartmouth 1686. THOMAS, Portsmouth, R. I. d. bef. 1673. THOMAS, Middletown, s. of William of the same, m. Nov. 1672, Sarah Clark, had Thomas, b. 27 Dec. 1673; Hannah, 27 Feb. 1676; Daniel, 8 Aug. 1677; Jonathan, 19 Dec. 1679; Abraham, 4 Sept. 1682; Stephen, 6 July 1683; and David, Sept. 1687; and d. Nov. 1702. WILLIAM, Roxbury 1634, when his w. was Joan, rem. to Hartford 1639, thence to Middletown, was rep. 1654, 64, and 3, d. 21 Feb. 1678, leav. wid. Mary, s. John, b. Apr. 1640; William, 24 June 1641; Samuel, Sept. 1642; Jacob, Sept. 1646; Thomas, Sept. 1648; beside Sarah, Oct. 1647, wh. m. 16 Oct. 1675, Daniel Hubbard; Esther m. 1671, John Wilcox of the same, and next, 1678, John Stow of the same; and Elizabeth wh. m. John Hall. WILLIAM, Middletown, s. of the preced. m. 30 Nov. 1670, Mary Bell, had William, b. 13 Sept. 1671; Jacob, 3 Oct. 1673; Experience, a d. 14 Apr. 1682; Ebenezer, 13 Jan. 1689, d. young; Eliezur, 1692, posthum. d. soon; and d. 18 June 1691. The wid. d. 25 Nov. 1717.

CORRINGTON, JOHN, came in the Susan and Ellen, 1635, aged 33, with w. Mary, 33.

CORSE, JAMES, Deerfield bef. 1690, m. Elizabeth d. of John Catlin of the same, d. 15 May 1696, leav. Ebenezer, James, and Elizabeth

CORWIN. See Curwin.

CORY, COREE, COUREE, or COREY, ABRAHAM, Southold, L. I. 1662, [[vol. 1, p. 460]] was made freem. of Conn. that yr. m. Margaret, d. of Jeffrey Christophers, had Margaret, wh. m. Willoughby Lynde of Saybrook. GILES, Salem 1649, had d. Deliverance, b, 5 Aug. 1658, by w. Margaret; and m. sec. w. 11 Apr. 1664, Mary Britz, wh. d. 27 Aug. 1684, aged 63. He had third w. Martha, uh. was adm. of the ch. at the vill. now Danvers, 27 Apr. 1690, impris. in Mar. 1692, convict. and hang. for witchcraft on the Thursday foll. the suffer. of her h. At the age of almost 77, he was the victim of that execrable fanaticism of 1692. When the preposterous indictment was read, he stood mute, tho. he had bef. said he was not guilty; and was, by force of sentence under the cruel old common law, pressed to death, Felt says, on 19th (other acco. 16th, wh. must be wrong) Sept. being the only person wh. ever endur. that barbarous process in Mass. On 25 July he confirm. the will made in prison 24 Apr. preced. giv. est. to his s.-in-law William Cleves of Beverly, and John Moulton of Salem. He was a mem. of the first ch. by wh. of course he was excommunicat. 18 Sept. the day bef. his dreadful fate; and so long did the infernal delus. last, that this sentence was eras. by vote only at the end of 20 yrs. tho. in case of his w. mem. of ano. ch. the malignity last. but eleven yrs. Felt, Il. 475-85. Hutch. II. 59. Calef, More Wonders of Invis. World, 217. 18. The late Hon. Daniel P. King of Danvers occup. the homestead of poor Cory. In Essex Hist. Coll. I. 56, is petitn. of his d. Elizabeth for self and other ch. His d. Mary m. 29 May 1673, John Parker; Deliverance m. 5 June, 1683, Henry Crosby; and Martha m. Cleves. JOHN, and THOMAS, were of Chelmsford 1691; but I kn. no more of either. WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. had Michael, b. 21 Apr. 1688; and no more is heard of him.

COSIN, COZENS, or COUSINS, ABRAHAM, Sherborn, m. at Woburn, 19 Nov. 1684, Mary Eames, had Abraham, b. 22 Aug. 1685; Isaac, 2 June 1688; Jacob, and Joseph, tw. 13 Aug. 1692; and Mary, 10 May 1695. Morse thinks him s. of Isaac of Rowley, and that he had serv. in the war against Philip. Tho. the two points are not utterly inconsist. I look on their concur. as improb. EDMUND, Boston, liv. at Pulling point, m. 1656 or 7, Margaret Bird, serv. to John Grover of Rumney marsh. FRANCIS, was of ar. co. 1640. GEORGE, whose name is Coussens in the custom ho. rec. came in the James from Southampton to Boston, arr. 3 June 1635. ISAAC, Rowley, a. 1650, was from Marlborough, in Wilts, went to New London, where he had a gr. of lot, 1651, but did not take it, and went back to R.; had w. Ann in 1658, on the Boston rec. of m. (when the date is omit. tho. we may be sure it was 1657), call. Hant, formerly w. of John Edwards; but on the same rec. it appears, that by former w. Elizabeth wh. d. 14 Dec. 1656, he had Sarah, b. 31 Aug. preced. and by w. Rebecca had Rebecca, b. 2 Apr. 1660. JOHN, Casco, in that pt. now North Yarmouth 1645, b. a. 1596, d. at York 1689. Willis, I. 44. 55. 65. 231. MATTHEW, Boston 1656. RICHARD, Saybrook, m. 7 Mar. 1678, Mary, d. of [[vol. 1, p. 461]] Alexander Chalker, had Hannah, b. 17 Mar. 1679; Sarah, 10 May 1683; and Bethia, 4 Nov. 1685. Sarah was b. at Block Isl. WILLIAM, Boston 1649.

COSMORE, JOHN, Southampton, L. I. an Assist. of Conn. 1647-58, exc. 51, 2, 3, and 4, when, perhaps, he was gone from this country. Strange is it, that we kn. no more.

COSSER, HERCULES, Boston 1659. WILLIAM, Boston 1657. Two Scots, of whose names I see not any other ment. exc. that they were early mem. of the Charit. Soc. preserv. in Drake's Hist. of Boston, 455. Yet the name may be Courser, to wh. one of the references in the Index points.

COSTIN, or COSTING, WILLIAM, Concord, had Sarah, and Phebe, 1642, perhaps was of Boston in 1654, call. Castine, and at Wickford 1674.

COTHILL, JOHN, a person nam. in Hutch. I. 354, as one of Sir E. Andros's counc. but as no such name is heard of, we may fear this a typogr. error, for H. could not be wrong, on such a point.

COTTA, COTTY, or COTTEY, JOHN, Boston, freem. 1671, m. 1668, Mary, d. of Jeremiah Moore, ar. co. 1679, d. 20 Nov. 1723, aged 77. JOHN, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. m. a. 1699, Sarah, d. of Richard Wharton. ROBERT, Salem, freem. 6 May 1635, prob. had w. Joan and a s. whose name is not giv. bapt. 28 Jan. 1638; Bathshua, 24 Mar 1639; Mary, 20 Sept. 1640; Peter, 1 May 1642; Obadiah, 10 Sept. 1643; and John, 11 May 1645.

COTTER, WILLIAM, New London 1660-8, had w. Elinor. They were m. 12 May 1657.

COTTERILL, COTTEREL, or COTTRELL, FRANCIS, Wells 1668. GERSHOM, Westerly 1679, prob. s. of Nicholas. NICHOLAS, Newport 1639, freem. 1655, rem. to Westerly 1669, and d. 1715. His ch. were Nicholas; Gershom; Mary, wh. m. Edward Larkin of Newport; Elizabeth; John; Samuel; Nathaniel; and Dorothy. ROBERT, Providence 1645.

COTTLE, EDWARD, Nantucket, had Judith, b. 13 Apr. 1670; Lydia, 17 May 1672; Ann, 3 Mar. 1674; and John, 7 Sept. 1675. Dorothy, perhaps his w. d. 1 Oct. 1681. But he had first liv. at Salisbury, there, by w. Judith, had Edward, b. 17 Jan. 1652, d. in few mos.; Mary, 1 Nov. 165; Benjamin, 2 Mar. 1655; Sarah, Mar. 1657 ; Judith, 5 Mar. 1659, prob. d. young; Elizabeth 19 Apr. 1663; and Edward, again, 28 Sept. 1666. EZRA, Newbury, only s. of William, m. 6 July 1695, Mary, d. of Thomas Woodbridge, had William, b. 2 July 1696; Mary, 31 Mar. 1698; and Edmund, 15 Feb. 1700. WILLIAM, Newbury, came in the Confidence 1638, from Southampton, aged 12, as serv. of John Saunders. He was s. of Edward of the city of Salisbury, Wilts, wh. d. 15 June 1653; had Ezra, b. 5 May 1662; Ann, 12 July 1663; and Susanna, 16 Aug. 1665, and d. 30 Apr. 1668.

[[vol. 1, p. 462]]

COTTON, JOHN, Boston, the most disting. divine that came from Eng. in the first age, b. at Derby, 4 Dec. 1585, s. of Rowland, or rather Roland Cotton, Esq. was ent. at the Univ. of Cambridge, when 14 yrs. old, bred at Trinity Coll. where he took his A. M. 1606, bec. fellow of Emanuel, after spend. as he says, fourteen yrs. at Cambridge, preach. at Boston, Lincolnsh. twenty-one yrs. from 1612, being by the choice of the corpor. made vicar; came with sev. of his parish in the Griffin, arr. 4 Sept. 1633, with w. Sarah and their first ch. nam. at bapt. Seaborn (from the circumstance of his b.), rec. at the ch. on Sunday foll. 8 Sept., on 10 Oct. was ord. teacher of that ch. freem. 4 May 1634, d. 23 Dec. (yet the old copy of town rec. of wh. I presume no orig. has been kn. for 150 yrs. has it 15), 1652. His d. ensu. on tak. cold in cross. the ferry as he went to preach a few days bef. at Cambridge. His will of 30 Nov. of that yr. with codic. of 12 Dec. ment. the four ch. Seaborn, John, Elizabeth and Mary, w. Sarah, and "ho. and garden in the market-place of Boston, in Lincolnsh." as well as the "small part of my house, wh. Sir Henry Vane built, whilst he sojourn. with me," and at his departure, gave by deed, to s. Seaborn; and also ment. cous. Henry Smith, and cous. John Angier, with his w. and ch. all liv. at his ho. and kinswom. Martha Mellowes, wh. I judge to be wid. of Abraham. But the name of gr.ch. Betty Day, in the codic. can only be explain. by suppos. that his w. had by former h. a d. wh. had m. a Day and had this ch. We kn. she was not gr.ch. in nat. descent. He liv. 18 yrs. with w. Elizabeth Horrocks, and had no ch.; by sec. w. wid. Sarah Story, wh. outliv. him, and In. 26 Aug. 1656, Richard Mather, outliv. him, and d. 27 May 1676, had the s. bef. ment. b. on the ocean, 12 Aug. 1633, bapt. 4 days aft. reach. port; Sarah, b. 12, bapt. 20 Sept. 1635, betroth. to Jonathan Mitchell, but d. of smallpox, 20 Jan. 1650; Elizabeth 9, bapt. 10 Dec. 1637; John, 15, bapt. 22 Mar. 1640, H. C. 1657; Mary or Maria, 16, bapt. 20 Feb. 1642; and Rowland, a. 6 days old, bapt. 24 Dec. 1643, d. of smallpox, 29 Jan. 1650. Elizabeth m. 12 Oct. 1655, Jeremiah Eggington, d. 31 Aug. foll. hav. Elizabeth b. 15 Aug. wh. d. soon; Maria m. 6 Mar. 1663, Rev. Increase Mather, and d. 4 Apr. 1714. Twenty-one of his descend. in the male line (beside the many thro. male or fem. of the Mather blood, and many gr.ds. and other females), had been, in 1818, gr. at Harv. of wh. two thirds were clerg. JOHN, Plymouth, s. of the preced. after being some yrs. at Wethersfield, where he was excor. of the will of Gov. Wells, m. 7 Nov. 1660, Joanna, d. of Dr. Bray Rossiter, wh. outliv. him, and d. 12 Oct. 1702, aged 60; was preacher at W. and freem. of Conn. 1661; but rem. without sett. back to his nat. town, had unhappiness of being excom. by his father's ch. for three aggrav. offences, May 1664, I presume without public prosecut. and happily long aft. d. of his pious f.; [[vol. 1, p. 463]] but aft. open confess. was restor. next mo. went soon and preach. at Guilford 1664; ord. at P. 30 June 1669, but when he had serv. near 28 yrs. was dism. (Judge Sewall marks in his Almanac 29 Sept.) 5 Oct. 1697, under very unpleasant circumstances, went to Charleston, S. C. in Nov. 1698, there was min. to his d. of the yellow fever, 18 Sept. foll. A letter to his wid. at Plymouth by his neph. Cotton Mather, of 23 Oct. foll. ment. arr. of news that "the horrible plague of Barbados was brot. into" C. "by an infected vessel," that a. the end of Sept. it had been there little above a fortnight, yet in this little time "had made an incredible destruct." "many above an hundred were dead," and that his friends wrote "that all the ministers in C. were dead." Whether in this incredible loss, all the ministers were one, or two, beside Cotton, is not told; but in so small a city, I judge the smaller number most worthy of belief. Mather never cultivat. precision or sobriety of narrat. and his word must seldom be tak. as exact truth. No exagger. of the suffer. in the gr. mart of Mediterranean commerce, by the terrible plague of 1720, was attempt. when history told how M. de Belsance stood in his post of duty, and outliv. the peril more than thirty-five yrs. tho. our great ethical poet immortaliz. the deed, without nam. the prelate:

Why drew Marseilles' good bishop purer breath,
When Nature sickened, and each gale was death 

His ch. were John, b. 3 Aug. 1661, H. C. 1681; Elizabeth; Sarah, 17 June 1665, d. young; Rowland, 27 Dec. 1667, H. C. 1685; Sarah, again, 5 Apr. 1670; Maria, 14 Jan. 1672; a s. 28 Sept. 1674, wh. d. soon; Josiah, 10 Sept. 1675, d. young ; Samuel, 10 Feb. 1678, d. young; Josiah, again, 8 Jan. 1680, H. C. 1698, well kn. in public offices of Plymouth Co. where he d. 19 Aug. 1756; and Theophilus, 5 May 1682, H. C. 1701. Of these ch. John was min. of Yarmouth, collea. with Thornton and by w. Sarah, d. of Richard Hubbard of Ipswich, had seven ds. and d. 21 Feb. 1706; Elizabeth m. Rev. James Alling, and 2d his successor, Rev. Caleb Cushing of Salisbury, as Rowland, min. of Sandwich, ord. 2 Nov. 1694, by w. Elizabeth only d. of Nathaniel Saltonstall, and wid. of Rev. John Denison, had, beside four ds. ana s. Rowland, H. C. 1719, four other s. John, Nathaniel, Josiah, and Ward, all mins. and d. 22 Mar. 1722, and his wid. d. 8 July 1726, at Boston; Josiah, by s. Rev. John of Halifax, was head of an excel. line, includ. Rev. Ward and Rev. Josiah; and Theophilus, min. of Hampton Falls, ord. 2 Jan. 1712, d. 18 Aug. 1726, had two ws. but no ch. JOHN, Hampton, s. of Rev. Seaborn, succeed. his f. aft. long interval, ord. 19 Nov. 1696, d. 27 Mar. 1710, by w. Ann, d. of capt. Thomas Lake of Boston, m. 17 Aug. 1686, had John, b. 5 Sept. 1687, d. young; Mary, 5 Nov. 1689, Dorothy, 16 [[vol. 1, p. 464]] July 1693; Thomas, 28 Oct. 1695, bapt. 26 Apr. 1696, when his f. was of Boston; Ann, 13 Nov. 1697; Simon, 21 Dec. 1701; and Samuel, and Lydia, tw. of wh. the last three d. young. LEBRON is the strange reading in the valua. Hist. fo Windsor, 574, by Stiles, for the ensuing. SEABORN, Hampton, eldest s. of first John, b. 12 Aug. as is said, by me, without proof, by the author. of dilig. Mr. Thornton, in the pedigree, Geneal. Reg. I. 164, on the passage, but bapt. in Boston, 8 Sept. 1633, H. C. 1651, freem. 1655, m. 14 June 1654, Dorothy, eldest d. of Gov. Bradstreet, wh. d. 26 Feb. 1672, had Dorothy, b. 11 Nov. 1656; John, 8 May 1658, H. C. 1678, bef. ment.; Sarah, 22 Feb. 1660, d. soon; Ann, 22 Aug. 1661; Sarah, 2 July 1663; Elizabeth 13 Aug. 1665; Mercy, 3 Nov. 1666; Abiah, 5 Apr. 1669, d. soon; and Mary, 22 Apr. 1670. He for sec. w. m. 9 July 1673, Prudence, d. of Jonathan Wade of Ipswich, and wid. of Dr. Anthony Crosby of Rowley, had Rowland, b. 29 Aug. 1674, H. C. 1696; and Wade, 6 Oct. 1676, d. young. He had prob. preach. at Windsor, and other places, but was ord. at H. aft. long trial, 1660, and he d. 19, was bur. 23 Apr. 1686. Of these ch. Dorothy m. Joseph Smith; Ann m. a Carr, and, next, a Johnson, and d. 7 Dec. 1702 at Boston; Sarah m. 27 Aug. 1680, Richard Pierce of Boston, and d. 2 Aug. 1690; Elizabeth m. Rev. William Williams of Hatfield; Mercy m. Peter Tufts, f. of Rev. John, H. C. 1708; Mary m. first, John Atwater of Salem, and, next, Samuel Partridge of Hadley; and Rowland, wh. had ent. Coll. in 1692, left for ill health, went to Eng. and Holland to acq. skill in medicine, had a degr. in it, and was a physician at the Isle of Wight. But in the Diary of his neph. the dilig. Reg. of Plymouth, he is said to have been a min. sett. at Warminster, in Wilts, and d. 1753. In the copious progeny of famous Cotton, of the sec. and third generat. it is quite observ. how small is the proportion of those wh. pass. mid. age. THOMAS, Roxbury, had Thomas, b. 21 Apr. 1664, may be he wh. d. at Chelmsford, 30 Sept. 1687. WILLIAM, Boston, a butcher, may have been bef. join. our ch. in May 1647, first at Gloucester, for one William, either this or the next, own. ld. in 1642, at that p]ace, where no more is told of him, b. a. 1610, freem. 1647, ar. co. 1650, by w. Ann had Mary, b. Dec. 1641; John, Dec. 1643; William, 31 May 1646, d. young; the three bapt. 16 May 1647; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1649; William, again, 23 Feb. 1651, wh. d. at 6 mos.; Rebecca, 2 Jan. 1653; William, again, 4 Feb. 1655; Thomas, 18 Jan. 1657; Hannah, 1660; and Benjamin, bapt. 25 Mar. 1666. John, his s. may have been of Concord 1665, and 1679, perhaps the freem. of 1680, belong. to sec. Ch. of Boston. Mary, his d. m. 7 Mar. 1660, John Matson. WILLIAM, a witness, 12 Dec. 1653, at Weymouth, to will of Joseph Shaw, is not kn. for any thing else.  WILLIAM, Portsmouth [[vol. 1, p. 465]] 1640, of the gr. jury 1669, d. a. 1677. WILLIAM, Boston, possib. the same as first, by w. Mary had John, b. 1666; and Jeremiah, 1670.

COTTRELL. See Cotterill.

COUCH, JOHN, York, freem. 1652. ROBERT, New Hampsh. 1656-69. SIMON, Fairfield, freem. 1664. In the Col. rec. his name has an r. THOMAS, Wethersfield 1666, and d. there 1687; had Susanna, then 20 yrs. old; Simon, 18; Rebecca, 15; Hannah, 13; Thomas, 12; Mary,, 11; Sarah, 8; Abigail, 6; and Martha, 3. Hinman, I. 27.

COUNTER, EDWARD, Salem 1668.

COUNTS, EDWARD, Charlestown, m. 25 Feb. 1663, Sarah, d. of Richard Adams of Malden, had Samuel, b. July 1671; Sarah; and Elizabeth all bapt. 10 June 1677. He liv. some time at Malden.

COURSER, ARCHELAUS, Lancaster, had est. in Boston, and, I think, was of Charlestown 1658, where the rec. has the name Hercules, rem. to L. 1664, or earlier. WILLIAM, Boston, shoemak. came in the Elizabeth and Ann, 1635, aged 26, join. with the ch. a wk. aft. Vane, but was not of his side two yrs. later; freem. 25 May 1636, was allow. to be innholder, had Deliverance, b. 4 Mar. 1638; Joanna, 9 Feb. 1640; and John, bapt. 8 May 1642, a. 4 days old, but the dates of b. suspiciously concur with the ch. rec. of bapt. and the originality of one or the other may well be doubted.

COURTEOUS, THOMAS, York, freem. of Mass. 1652; and in 1680 sw. alleg. to the k. WILLIAM, Newbury, d. 31 Dec. 1654.

COUSSENS. See Cosin.

COVE, FRANCIS, Salisbury 1650.


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