A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #1, Pgs 63 - 73
Armstrong - Atherton

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

ARMSTRONG, BENJAMIN, Norwich, by w. Rachael had Benjamin, b. 20 [[vol. 1, p. 64]] Nov. 1674; John, 5 Dec. 1678; Joseph, 10 Dec. 1684; and Stephen, 31 Mar. 1686; made his will 5 Nov. 1717, and d. 10 Jan. foll. In that doc. Stephen is not ment. Benjamin jr. sett. at Windham, had no fam. show on rec. GREGORY, Plymouth, d. 5 Nov. 1650. See 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 184. JONATHAN, Westerly, or Pawcatuck, in that debatab. part of the Narraganset territ. call. in the native speach, Misquamicuck, by the Eng. Squamicuck, claim. by Conn. jurisdict. as belong. to their planta. of Stonington, 1670, rem. to Norwich 1678, perhaps, for then ld. was gr. to him. He prob. rem. after to Roxbury, where his d. Mercy d. 2. Oct. 1694, and Martha d. 15 Dec. 1709. MATTHEW, Boston 1664, mariner, perhaps had come from Maryland, for I find his wid. in 1672, sold est. in Somerset Co. of that Prov. STEPHEN, Windham, s. of Benjamin, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 1 Dec. 1710, d. at 3 mos. Abigail, 1 May 1712; hannah, again 23 Mar. 1714; Jonathan, 26 Aug. 1715; Sarah, 21 June 1717; and Mary, 17 Feb. 1720.

ARNOLD, BENEDICT, Providence 163G, eldest s. of William the first, b. in Eng. 21 Dec. 1615, perhaps in Co. Nottingham, m. Damalies, d. of Stukely Wescott, had Godsgift; Josiah; Benedict, b. as tradit. tells, in 1641; Freelove; Oliver; and Caleb; beside other ds. Damaris, Priscilla, and perhaps Penelope; was the richest man in the Col. and by thoro. acquaint. with the manners as well as lang. of the aborig. bec. the most effect. auxil. in all negotiat. with them. In 1653 he rem. to Newport, was chos. Assist. next yr. and in 1663 made by the royal chart. Presid. and by ann. elect. so cont. for eight yrs. and d. 1678. His will of 24 Dec. 1677, with codic. of 10 June foll. was pro. 1 July. Both Godsgift, and Freelove, are by differ. auth. made to m. Edward Pelham, and, possib. he had the two; Penelope is said to have m. Roger Goulding; and Damaris m. John Bliss. See R. I. Hist. Coll. II. 51, and III. 294; Callender; Winthrop and Knowles. BENEDICT, Newport, s. of the preced. had been an Assist. 1690 to 95, and was rep. 1699; m. 9 Mar. 1671, Mary, perhaps nam. Turner, had Godsgift, b. 19 May 1672; Sion, 12 Sept. 1674; Mary, 1678; Content, 26 Feb. 1681; Benedict, 28 Aug. 1683; and Caleb. By sec. w. Sarah Mumford, whose f. I do not kn. he had Comfort, 21 May 1695; Ann, 14 July 1696; and Sarah, 3 Nov. 1698; and he d. 4 July 1727 in his 86th yr. His wid. d. 14 Oct. 1746, aged 78. CALEB, Portsmouth, R. I. s. perhaps youngest, of Benedict the first, by w. unkn. to me, but by Potter thot. d. of Capt. Samuel Wilbor, had William, Samuel, Oliver, Josiah, Sarah, and Penelope, and d. 1719. DANIEL, Hartford. S. of John of the same, often spell. ARNALL, or ARNOLL, had w. and childr. whose names are unkn. was freem. 1665, and d. 10 May 1691. EDWARD, Boston 1640, by w. Martha had Barachiah, b. 22 Feb. 1654; Mary, 16 Sept. 1655; and Elizabeth 7 May 1657; and d. 8 Aug. 1657. ELEAZER, Providence, s. of the first Thomas, sw. alleg. May 1671, and d. 29 Aug 1722. ELISHA, Providence, s. of Stephen the first, took o. of alleg. May 1682, m. the same yr. Susanna Carpenter, [[vol. 1, p. 65]] d. of William sec. of the same, had Ephraim, Elisha, and 3 d. of whose name rec. is not found, nor of date of b. of either of the ch. His will was pro. 2 Apr. 1711. EPHRAIM, Braintree, s. of Joseph, by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 1 Jan. 1689; Mary, 1 Oct. 1690; and Ephraim, 21 July 1695. HENRY, Hartford 1683 to 90, and after, yet no more is kn. tho. he had w. and childr. ISRAEL, Providence, eldest s. of Stephen the first of the same, sw. alleg. May 1671; m. 16 Apr. 1677, wid. Mary Smith, d. of James Barber, had Israel, b. 18 June 1678; and nine more ch. of not one of wh. is rec. of b. kn. nor other means of find. even their names, exc. in the will that gives all the ten. They were William, Elisha, Stephen, James, Joseph, Josiah, Mary, Sarah, and Barbara. He d. 1717. JASPER, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 40, from London, with Ann, perhaps his w. 39, but no more is heard of either. JOHN, Cambridge, freem. 6 May 1635, went as an orig. propr. to Hartford, there d. 1664, very aged, leav. Josiah, Joseph, and Daniel, ment. in his will of 20 Aug. pro. Dec. foll. in that yr. as also gr.ch. Mary Buck, but wh. was her f. or mo. is not discern. His w. was Susanna. JOHN, Boston 1642, a plasterer, freem. 10 May 1643, ar. co. 1644, prob. a single man, at least was so on join. the ch. 22 Apr. 1643. His admor. Samuel A. of Marshfield, enter. claim. 29 Oct. 1661, to certain lds. in Boston, as the right of his intest. JOHN, Weymouth, s. of Joseph of Braintree, a soldier on Conn. riv. 1675, may be that one of Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, whose name in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 242 is made Arvell; by w. Mary had William, b. 22 Nov. 1678; Mary, 12 Sept. 1681; Margaret, 14 Oct. 1683; and James. JOHN, Providence, s. of Thomas the first of the same, took o. of alleg. May 1671, and d. 5 Jan. 1722. JOHN, Norwich 1680, rem. to Boston in few yrs. and may indeed have first liv. there, was that prison-keeper, wh. had custody of many of the respectab. inhab. of Salem, charg. with witchcraft, especial. of one woman of whose safety he was the happy means, under a forged order for discharge, as the curious myth is told in a letter that Hutch. had partly copied, II. 61; and the letter writer assures us, that he saw the return of the officer on the docum. and was told by the jailer, that for that discharge he was turned out of his office. In 1700 he went to New London, there was an anchorsmith, m. 6 Dec. 1703, Mercy, wid. of Samuel Fosdick, had Ruhamah, b. 7 Sept. 1704; and Lucretia, 26 Aug. 1706; and d. 26 Aug. 1725, says the gr.stone, "aged a. 73 yrs." JOSEPH, Braintree, m. 8 June 1648, Rebecca Curtis, wh. d. 14 Aug. 1693, had William, b. 16 Mar. 1649; John, 2 Apr. 1650; Joseph, 18 Oct. 1652; Samuel, 7 Aug. 1658; and Ephraim, 4 Jan. 1664; many of whose descend. may be seen in Thayer's Geneal. JOSEPH, Haddam, s. of John of Hartford, was one of the first sett. and d. 22 Oct. 1691, leav. John, aged 29; Joseph, 26; Samuel, 23; Josiah, 21; Susanna, 16; [[vol. 1, p. 66]] Jonathan, 12; and Elizabeth 9. He was adm. freem. at Hartford 1658. Hinman, 111, of the first Ed. slightly erron. as in his Ed. 2d p.58, was corrected. JOSIAH, Hartford, br. of the preced. freem. 1657, was liv. 1683. JOSIAH, Providence, s. of Benedict the first, was a capt. m. Mary, eldest d. of Thomas Ward of Newport, had Josiah, Edward, and William, wh. all d. bef. he made his will, pro. 1724, as did also ano. w. Sarah, as prob. sev. ds. besides Abigail, Mary, Content, Catharine, Comfort, without hs. But six others, call. eldest ds. Elizabeth Odlin, Ann Tibbal, Frances Allen, Sarah Sanford, Penelope, and Freelove are ment. In addit. to this num. flock, Benedict, his eldest s. and Josiah, the youngest, with gr.s. Jonathan Law, are ment. He calls hims. of Jamestown, wh. is the isle of Conanicut, on wh. he had good est. OLIVER, Jamestown, br. of the preced. in his will pro. 1697 names w. Phebe and five ch. By her he had Damaris, b. 1680; Phebe, 1682, d. young; Patience, 1684; Mary, 1687; Sarah, 1689; and Oliver, 1694. RICHARD, s. of Thomas the first of Providence by sec. w. sw. alleg. 1670, was an Assist. 1681, and nam. in the royal commiss. of counc. to Sir Edmund Andros, 1687. He m. Mary, d. of Thomas Angel, had Mary, Richard, Thomas, and John, and d. 22 Apr. 1710. RICHARD, Providence, call. jun. when he took o. of alleg. 1682, was s. of the preced. SAMUEL, Sandwich 1643, br. of John of Boston, liv. after at Yarmouth, of wh. he was rep. 1654 and 6, and there by w. Elizabeth m. at Yarmouth, had Samuel, b. 9 May 1649; Seth; and Elizabeth wh. m. Abraham Holmes of Rochester. He was third min. of Marshfield, at wh. place he was ord. 1658, and d. 1 Sept. 1693, aged 71. His wid. d. 15 Feb. 1706, at Rochester. SAMUEL, Rochester, first min. of that town, ord. 1684, was s. of the preced. and d. bef. 11 Feb. 1709. 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. IV. 259-62. SETH, Duxbury, br. of the preced. had Edward, b. 24 Mar. 1680; Penelope, 21 Apr. 1682; Desire; Benjamin; James; and perhaps Elizabeth wh. m. a Winsor. STEPHEN, Providence 1636, br. of Gov. Benedict, b. in Eng. m. 24 Nov. 1646, Sarah, a. of Edward Smith of Rehoboth, had Esther, b. 22 Sept. 1647; Israel, 30 Oct. 1649; Stephen, 27 Nov. 1654; Elizabeth 2 Nov. 1659; Elisha, 18 Feb. 1662; Sarah, 26 June 1665; and Phebe, 9 Nov. 1676; was an Assist. 1667. In his will he ment. all these, and gr.ch. James Dexter, and Esther Hawkins. When he d. is not kn. but his wid. Sarah d. 15 Apr. 1713. THOMAS, Watertown, arr. from Virginia, whither he came from London, May 1635, in the Plain Joan, bring. ch. perhaps Thomas, said to have been b. 2 May 1625; Nicholas; and Susanna (of wh. the former two d. young), was made freem. of Mass. 13 May 1640, m. I suppose for sec. w. Phebe, d. of the first George Parkhurst, had Ichabod, b. 1 Mar. 1641; Richard, 22 Mar. 1643; John, 19 Feb. 1648; Ebenezer, 17 June 1651; after being fined once for neglect. the law of bapt. and twice for neglect of pub. worship, with increas. weight, and his d. Susanna [[vol. 1, p. 67]] hav. m. 7 Apr. 1654 John Farnum of Boston, wh. favor. the Bapt. views of ordinances, he was driv. to Providence, liv. in that pt. now Smithfield, sw. alleg. 1666, and d. Sept. 1674. He had been bapt. 18 Apr. 1599. THOMAS, Providence, call. jun. when he took o. of alleg. June 1668, was s. of the preced. by sec. w. and d. 3 Dec. 1726. Confus. in parts of the rec. of this fam. in R. I. is found, but it may be avoid. by caution, as the fam. tradit. makes sec. w. of the first Thomas to be Park, instead of Palkhurst, and where it tells, that a d. m. a Vernon, it may be easy blunder for Farnum. WILLIAM, Hingham 1635, br. of the first Thomas, b. as is said, 1589, had Benedict, Thomas, Stephen, beside one d. Joanna, wh. m. Zechary Rhodes, and ano. Elizabeth wh. m. Thomas Hopkins, all b. as is thot. in Eng. rem. 1636, with Roger Williams to Providence, and was one of the found. of the first Bapt. ch. on our side of the ocean, had gr. of Id. at Newport 1638, but I presume resid. at P. was among, freem. 1655. Backus notes, that he was anc. of the infamously unhappy Benedict of West Point. Of the ch. of one Arnold of Reading recov. from sickness near to d. we may read the story in Mather's Life of Brock, Magn. IV. 142, that is lamenta. extravag. and seems more ridicul. than extravag. Arnold is the name of a parish in Eng. a. 6 miles N. from the borough of Nottingham. Three of this name had in 1534 been gr. at Yale, two at Dart. and five at other N. E. coll. of wh. none at Harv.

ARROWSMITH, EDMUND, Pemaquid 1655. Sullivan, 287.

ARTHUR, JOHN, perhaps of Salem, had m. Priscilla, d. of John Gardner of the same, and had childr. John, Joseph, Elizabeth Margaret, and Mary; but after his d. she with the ch. went to her f. then liv. at Nantucket, yet it is not my happiness to find any other of this surname on our side of the ocean, exc. the two s. of wh. Joseph went to Phila. and JOHN, of Nantucket, wh. m. 26 Feb. 1704, Mary, youngest d. of Eleazer Folger, had Keturah; Eunice, b. 29 Aug. 1706; Rhoda, 26 Nov. 1708; Persis, 17 Nov. 1710; Thomas, 8 Nov. 1712; Stephen, 2 Feb. 1715; and Priscilla, 2 Nov. 1718. He d. 1 Nov. 1719, and his wid. d. 7 Oct. foll.

ARTSEL, JOHN, Springfield, sw. fidel. 31 Dec. 1678, or the next day, as the name is giv. by Boltwood, but other spell. may have sometimes been used.

ASH, GEORGE, Hartford 1682. JOHN, Dover 1659, m. at Salisbury, 14 Aug. 1667, Mary, perhaps Bartlett. WILLIAM, Gloucester 1647, m. Milicent, d. of William Addis, wid. of William Southmayd, was a mariner, rem. a. 1650 to New London, where his wid. for third h. m. Thomas Beebe.

ASHBURN, or ASHBORN, JOSEPH, Milford 1675--1713.

ASHBY, ANTHONY, Salem 1665, m. Abigail, d. of Richard Hutchinson, had Gershom, and Abigail, both bapt. 12 June 1670; and perhaps Benjamin, and Elizabeth June 1684; had license to sell beer and cider, 1670, Felt, I. 418. 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 106. The name is there kept up, and Edward Ashber, Beverly, freem. 1683, may be descend. ANTHONY, New London 1688, prob. s. of the preced. tho. Caulkins, 351, considers him the same, had Anthony, and two ds. Mary, and Hannah, old eno. to [[vol. 1, p. 68]] join the ch. Feb. 1694. There, too, descend. were seen. BENJAMIN, Salem 1674, s. perhaps of Anthony the first, by w. Hannah had John, bapt. June 1693; Jonathan, 23 Sept. 1694; and prob. others. He was a shipbuild. EDWARD, Beverly, freem. 1683, perhaps s. of the first Anthony. Felt. THOMAS, New Haven, whose goods were order. to be apprais. 3 Apr. 1640, as he was lately drown. in co. with Thomas Johnson. Sometimes, perhaps, the first Anthony may be print. Ashley.

ASHCRAFT, JOHN, Stonington 1662, m. 12 Sept. 1670, Hannah Osborne, had John, b. 1671; Hannah, 1675; Ephraim, 1677; and Mary, 1680. Prob. descend. are there; and one Thomas A. mariner from Boston, d. Sept. 1724, at Bay of Honduras, leav. will made here 13 Jan. 1723.

ASHDOWN, JOHN, Weymouth, a soldier in Philip's war, at the Falls fight. No descend. were kn. 1736, when ld. was gr. to rep. of all in that stout band.

ASHFIELD, WILLIAM, Malden by w. Jane had Mary, b. 20 Dec. 1691.

ASHLEY, sometimes ASHLY, DAVID, Springfield, eldest s. of Robert of the same m. 24 Nov. 1663, Hannah, d. of Henry Glover of New Haven, had Samuel, b. 26 Oct. 1664; David, 10 Mar. 1667; John, 27 June 1669; Joseph, 31 July 1671; Sarah, 19 Sept. 1673; rem. bef. Philip's war to Westfield, there had Mary, and Hannah, tw. 14 Dec. 1675, of wh. Mary d. soon; Jonathan, 21 June 1678; Abigail, 27 Apr. 1681; Mary, again 3 Mar. 1683; and Rebecca, 30 May 1685. Some of these ch. are on rec. in both towns. He d. 8 Dec. 1718. See Davis, Hist. of W. Jonathan, the min. of Deerfield, wh. used to pray for k. George, after the war of our revo. began, and Joseph, min. of Winchester, and after of Sunderland, both Y. C. 1730, and cousins, were his gr.s. One of the lines to seventh generat. is shown by Davis in Geneal. Reg. II. 394. EDMUND, Boston 1670, had liv. at Ipswich. EDWARD, Maine 1630, was prob. from Bristol, Eng. and may be he, who had a lot, a. 1650, at Gloucester, but it is not prob. EDWARD, Boston, freem. 1677, by w. Mary had William, b. 24 June 1674; Mary, 28 Apr. 1676; and Dorothy, 11 July 1687. The name in Prince's Ann. Winthrop I. 29. Folsom,46, and Baylies, I. 153 hardly can be refer. to the mem. of the first ch. at B. JONATHAN, Springfield, s. of Robert, m. 10 Nov. 1669, Sarah, d. of William Wadsworth of Hartford, whither he rem. 1682, and d. there 1705, leav. Jonathan, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, and Rebecca. JOSEPH, Springfield, br. of the preced. m. 1685, Mary, d. of Joseph Parsons of Northampton, had Joseph, Ebenezer, Mary, Abigail, and Benjamin, rem. to Wethersfield, and d. 18 May 1698. His wid. m. 2 Mar. foll. Joseph Williston. ROBERT, Spring,field 1639, perhaps had been of Roxbury a short time, as most of the early S. people were drawn from R. by [[vol. 1, p. 69]] Pynchon, had David, b. 8 June 1642; Mary, 6 Apr. 1644; Jonathan, 25 Feb. 1646; Sarah, 23 Aug 1648; Joseph, 6 July 1652; and perhaps more. He d. 29 Nov. 1682, and his w. Mary, d. 19 Sept. foll. Mary, his d. m. 18 Oct. 1664, the sec. John Root of Farmington, after of Westfield. THOMAS, Maine 1634, may have rem. to Boston 1658, where w. Joanna d. 27 Dec. 1661, and he m. the last of next mo. wid. Hannah Broome. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Mary had Mary; b. 1 Sept. 1681; Thomas, 3 Dec. 1682; and Ann, 17 Sept. 1684. WILLIAM, Wells, appoint. constable there 4 July 1659. Eight of this name had in 1767 been gr. at Yale, and since that date one at Harv. and one at Dart.

ASHTON, HENRY, Boston 1673, from Co. Lancaster, Eng. was, I suppose, of Providence 1676, one of the men entitled, for staying out the war, to rec. an Ind. for a slave. JAMES, Providence 1639, freem. 1655, sw. alleg. to Charles II. May 1666, and perhaps rem. to New Jersey. JOHN, Scarborough, m. for his sec. w. Susanna, d. of Richard Foxwell of the same, but the date is uncert. yet prob. betw. 1670 and 80, and in the great Ind. war 1675-6, was of Marblehead. Southgate, p. 82 makes him have for first w. a. d. of Andrew Alger, but after rem. says, he m. Mary, d. of Nicholas Edgcomb, wid. of George Page. Yet the same w. is ascrib. to John Austin, and all that we can be sure of, is that nothing is sure a. the matter. THOMAS, Providence 1639, perhaps br. of James. Both are call. proprs. and that no more can be told of either, is rather remarka.

ASHWOOD, JAMES, Boston. See Astwood.

ASLETT, or ARSLEBY, JOHN, Newbury, m. 8 Oct. 1648, Rebecca Ayer of Haverhill, rem. to Andover, there had Hannah, wh. m. a Brown; Rebecca, b. 6 May 1652, m. 15 Dec. 1674, Timothy Johnson; Mary, 24 Apr. 1654, m. 20 Nov. 1671, Samuel Frye; John, 16 Feb. 1657; Sarah, 14 Jan. 1659, d. soon; Ruth, 8 Aug. 1660; Sarah, again, 14 Aug. 1662, m. a Cole; Elizabeth d. 15 Mar. 1667; Samuel, d. 20 Dec. 1669; both, prob. inf.; and d. 6 June 1671. JOHN, Andover, s. of the preced. m. 8 July 1680, Mary Osgood, d. of Capt. John, d. 1728. Sometimes the name is Aslebe. See Abbot, Hist. 13, 26, and 201.

ASPINWALL, or ASPENALL, ELEAZER, Meridell, s. of Peter, had perhaps been sent by his f. to sett. at Woodstock, or New Roxbury, as it was first call. took charge, 1720, of a great farm belong. to Gov. Belcher, lying betw. Hartford and New Haven, had w. Mary, and ch. Aaron, Mary, Ann, and sev. others; and Hinman says, he a. 1742, the inv. of good est. being of 2 July. JOSEPH, Cambridge, tw. br. of the preced. in early life was a mariner, trad. to very diverse regions, France, Jamaica, South America, at New York was a lieut. m. a niece of Lord Bellomont, and for sec. w. had the wid. of Samuel Smith, and died near his birth [[vol. 1, p. 70]] place a. 1743. The fam. of this name at New York are deriv. from him. NATHANIEL, Woodstock, br. of the preced. had gone with his younger br. Thomas under their neighb. Capt. Andrew Gardner, in that disastrous expedit. of Sir William Phips, 1690, against Canada, in wh. young Aspinwall and his commander perish. After ret. m. a Bowen, as fam. tradit. tells, had Nathaniel, and Peter; but no more is kn. exc. from his will of 15 Feb. 1712, at W. pro. at Boston (as W. was call. of Co. Suffk.) 4 June 1713, in wh. the name of his w. Abigail is seen, but neither names nor number of ch. PETER, Dorchester, came from Toxteth Park, adj. Liverpool, Co. Lancaster, but was early of Boston, in that part call. Muddy riv. now Brookline, where he purch. with Robert Sharp the large gr. of William Colbron, tho. he join. with the ch. of D. Fam. tradit. makes his first w. a Merrill, and in sixteen yrs. she d. without ch. but more exact is my inform. of his m. with Alice Sharp, "one of our br. Mr. William Tyng's maid serv." as the rec. of Cotton's ch. has notice of her adm. 9 Oct. 1642, because the same rec. tells of her hav. "now the w. of one Peter Aspinwall of D." letters of recommend. 30 Mar. 1645. I suppose she was sis. of Robert, but brot. no ch. to her h. On 12 Feb. 1662 he m. Remember, d. of Peter Palfrey of Reading, and had by her ten ch. Samuel, b. Nov. 4 or by Boston rec. 10, bapt. 16 foll.; Peter, 4 or by Boston rec. 14 June 1664; Nathaniel, 5 June 1666; Thomas, 21 Jan. 16G8; Mehitable, bapt. 19 Dec. 1669, who d. unm. long past mid. life; Elizabeth b. 21, bapt. 26 Nov. 1671; Eleazer and Joseph tw. b. 9 Nov. 1673; Mary, 4 Aug. 1677; and Timothy, 1682, d. at Boston, dur. apprent. of smallpox; but of the time of his d. or his wife's I have no acco. Elizabeth m. first a Stevens of Salem, next Daniel Draper of Dedham; and Mary m. a Baker of Northampton. His will of 29 Nov. 1687 pro. 28 Jan. 1692, in Vol. VIII. 67, names w. and the half score of ch. all alive. PETER, Woodstock, s. of the preced. one of the early sett. sent by his f. to help on the piant. of New Roxbury, as it was first call. m. a wid. Leavens, prob. from Roxbury, had one d. only kn. without name. SAMUEL, Brookline, eldest s. of Peter the first, m. Sarah Stevens of Roxbury, had Thomas ; Samuel, H. C. 1714; Mehitable; Elizabeth and Sarah; was a lieut. at the capt. of Port Royal 1690, and capt. at the time of his d. wh. occurr. by drown. in Charles riv. 6 Sept. 1727. His s. Thomas was f. of William, H. C. 1764, a disting. physician of the early part of this cent. and f. of Col. Thomas, H. C. 1804, late consul of the U. S. at London, so well kn. for his studies in our early hist. wh. still enjoys a valu. part of the orig. homestead of Peter the first. WILLIAM, Charlestown 1630, prob. came in the fleet with Winthrop, serv. on the first jury of inquest in the Col. 28 Sept. of that yr. was one of the first mem. of the ch. being No. 10, and chos. one of the two deac. [[vol. 1, p. 71]] at organiz. of ch. soon rem. to Boston, freem. 3 Apr. 1632, rep. chos. in place of Henry Vane, wh. went home Aug,. 1637; but as a supporter of Wheelwright, and follow. of the teach. of Mrs. Hutchinson, was dismiss. disarm. disfranch. and banish. First he went to R. I. with so many other of his fellow saints, and was Secr. of that Col. but short time he liv. at New Haven 1641 and 2, yet came again, by favor of Court, to Boston, was clk. of the writs, or recorder, and ar. co. 1643; certain. a propr. at Watertown, tho. never resid. there, went home, and in 1653 publish. a queer book as prognostic of the millennium to open in 20 yrs. No mortificat. was felt prob. by him for non-arriv. of this fifth monarchy, as I suppose he did not even live to see the success of the rival dynasty. Cromwell alone was powerful eno. to retard such event, and the whole body of the people of Eng. with unanim. that was never bef. or since equal. in that kingd. by calls for the restor. of the ho. of Stuart postpon. the success of such enthusiasm. Of his fam. my report will be less exact than should be expect. yet that is not for failure of diligent inquiry. By w. Elizabeth (somehow sis. of Christopher Stanley, more prob. of his w. Susanna, wh. bec. w. of Lieut. William Phillips) he had Edward, b. 26 Sept. 1630, d. soon; Hannah, 25 Dec. 1631; and of neither is the rec. of bapt. preserv. Elizabeth of whose b. the town rec. is defic. was bapt. 22 Sept. 1633; Samuel, equal. unkn. by town rec. was bapt. 20th Sept. 1635; Ethannah, b. 1, bapt. 12 Mar. 1637; and Dorcas, b. in his banishm. 14 Feb. 1640, and perhaps Mary. Hannah m. 1651, John Angier.

ASTWOOD, JAMES, Roxbury, came (with w. Sarah and a ch. wh. soon d.) in May 1638, had James, b. 29 Nov. 1638; John, 20 Sept. 1610, d. at 6 mos. John, again, whose b. is wrong on rec. of town, as he was bapt. 6 Mar. 1642; Joseph, 19 Nov. 1643, d. soon; Joseph, again, 10 Nov. 1644; both these dates being giv. as rec. of b. that may well be doubt. as both were the days of bapt. Sarah, bapt. 14 June 1646; and Mary, 26 Dec. 1647; of whose dates of b. it may be slightly lament. that we are ign. He was freem. 22 May 1639, rem. to Boston to bec. one of the found. of the sec. ch. where the name is Ulit. prob. as sound. Ashwood. The d. Mary, d. 21 Jan. 1652; and he d. the yr. after. His will of Sept. 1653, pro. 13 Oct. foll. is abbrev. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 337; and his wid. refus. execut. of that instrum. by wh. the est. was div. into seven parts, excus. hers. as going to Eng. In Vol. VIII. 62 of the same periodic. where the name appears Astod, as if the alphabet were short, as p. 275 proves were the assets, not above 1/6 in the £, we see adequate apology. JOHN, Roxbury, came by the Hopewell, Capt. Bundocke, in the spring, of 1635, aged 26, a husbandman from Stanstead Abbey, Co. Herts, at R. had a w. Martha, wh. may have come in the same ship, was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rem. to Milford 1639, there m. next yr. Sarah, wid. [[vol. 1, p. 72]] of Sylvester Baldwin, was chos. rep. 1643 and 4, afterwards an Assist. of the Col. and a Commissioner. of the Unit. Cols. in 1653, went home, as agent, the next yr. and d. at London soon. His wid. d. Nov. 1669.

ATCHINSON, or ATCHISON, JOHN, Hatfield 1672, k. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677, leav. Elizabeth Mary, John, and Benoni, of wh. the last d. 1704 at Springfield, and John d. 1738 at Brimfield.

ATHEARN, SIMON, Martha's Vineyard, had come from New Hampsh. it is said, and m. Mary Butler, was rep. 1692, first under the new chart. by wh. that isl. was tak. from New York, and giv. to Mass. d. 26 Feb. 1711, aged 71. His ch. Solomon, Jethro, and Zerviah were bapt. at Barnstable, 14 July 1700, in right of his w. Descend. are num. at the Vineyard.

ATHERSTON, JOHN, Boston, came from London, 1634, in the Susan and Ellen, aged 24; but we see not any acco. of his resid. ret. or d.

ATHERTON, CONSIDER, Dorchester, s. of Humphrey of the same, m. 19 Dec. 1661 Ann Annable, as Mr. Clapp, the histor. of D. assures me, and I wish he could say, whose d. she was, had Humphrey, whose pious duty in repair. the sepulchre of his gr.f. the town reward. by gr. of 9 acres of meadow. HOPE, Hatfield, s. of Humphrey, after leav. coll. taught for some time the gr. sch. at Dorchester, began in 1669 to preach, was ord. 1671, freem. 1672, m. 1674, Sarah, d. of John Hollister of Wethersfield, had Hope, and Joseph, tw. b. 7 Jan. 1675, of wh. Hope prob. d. soon; and Sarah, 26 Oct. 1676. He serv. as chaplain, in Philip's war, to those forces employ. in the neighb. and at the battle of the Falls in Montague was present, 18 May 1676, under Capt. Turner, whose name has been since giv. to the cataract. During, the retreat he was thrown from his horse, and lost in the woods; and tradit. tells (Hoyt's Antiq. Research. 133, 4), that the Ind. to wh. he in his destitut. offer. to surrender; so reverenc. or fear. his madness or sanctity, as to refuse to rec. him. He reach. home uninjur. exc. in the mind, hav. strange hallucinat. prob. from exhaust. or sleeplessn. or hunger, and d. 8 June 1677. The wid. m. Timothy Baker. *HUMPHREY, Dorchester 1636, came, perhaps, from Preston in Lancash. where the name contin. so late as 1780; was freem. 2 May 1638, ar. co. the same yr. and its capt. 1650, often selectman, and rep. nine yrs. fr. 1638, but not in success. yrs. and an Assist. chos. ann. 1654 to his d. and in 1656, succeed. Sedgwick, as Major-Gen. He d. 16 Sept. 1661, says the inscript. print. in Alden's Epit. and as that was Monday, and prob. refers to the cause of his d. thrown from his horse, on return from milit. rev. on Boston common by rid. over a cow, I prefer to say 17 Sept. (a. one o'clock. A. M. acc. the MS. of John Hull's Diary). Capt. Johnson, in Wonderwork. Provid. of Zion's Saviour; gives him good character; and Hubbard excites our fears, that everybody did not value [[vol. 1, p. 73]] him so highly, when he remarks, that by some "the manner of his d. was noted as a judgmt." Of what sin this judgmt. was thus noted, we may hardly venture to guess, tho. when mortals direct the bolts of eternal justice, their aim is commonly unanimous. Strange, it seems to me, is the indefiniteness of our knowl. of so promin. a man; for even the name of his w. is not seen. Yet ten or eleven ch. are kn. at least by name, and one or more there may have been of unkn. names; one or more b. in Eng. one or more of unkn. sex, if we are compel. to guess by their names; and one or more d. bef. the f. Of s. the oldest was Jonathan; of ds. Catharine (sometimes call. Elizabeth), but wh. of the two, both b. in Eng. was elder, is uncert. Other ch. were Rest, bapt. 26 May 1639; Increase, 2 Jan. 1642; Thankful, 28 Apr. 1644; Hope, 30 Aug. 1646, H. C. 1665, bef. ment.; Mary, wh. must not be the same as Margaret, whose dates of b. or bapt. are equally undiscov.; Watching, bapt. 24 Aug. 1651; Patience, 2 Apr. 1654; and Consider. Great persev. was need. to learn, that Catharine m. 1650, Timothy Mather; Margaret m. 30 Dec. 1659, James Trowbridge, and d. 17 June 1672; Rest m. 15 Mar. 1661, Obadiah Swift; Thankful m. 2 Apr. 1665, Thomas Bird jr.; Mary m. 9 Apr. 1667, Joseph Weeks; and Patience m. Isaac Humphrey. JAMES, Dorchester; perhaps br. of the preced. rem. to Lancaster, where he had James, b. 13 May 1654; and Joshua, 13 May 1656; and soon after ret. to D. and liv. 1678 at Milton, but at last rem. to Sherburn, and d. 1707, aged 86, unless deduct. be made for a common dispos. to exagger. If conject. be indulg. that he was s. of Humphrey (wh. seems to me improb.) very large subtract. will be need. JONATHAN, Dorchester, eldest s. of Humphrey, a mariner, had admin. of est. of the f. and trouble eno. with the interest by his f. with Gookin, Hudson, and others taken in the Narraganset lds. and there he had to plant, I believe, a s. Increase, unless this were his br. But wh. was his w. or what fam. he had, is unlin. JOSHUA, Lancaster, s. of James, m. Mary Gulliver of Milton, had sev. ch. of wh. I kn. only, that the sixth and youngest s. Peter was f. of Joshua, H. C. 1762, wh. was f. of Hon. Charles H. of Amherst, N. H. gr. at H. C. 1794. WATCHING, Dorchester, s. of Humphrey, m. 23 Jan. 1678, Elizabeth d. of Samuel Rigby, had two ch. whose names are not told; rem. to Bristol, there in Feb. 1689 count. four ch. WILLIAM, Boston, came from Barbados, in the ship Nathaniel, emb. 4 Oct. 1671. Of this name, in 1834, five had been gr. at Harv. and two at Dart.

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