A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Davenport - Davie

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

DAVENPORT, CHARLES, Dorchester, s. of Thomas, by w. Waitstill had Eunice, b. 20 June 1679; Sarah, 10 July 1681 ; Paul, 30 Jan. 1684; Thomas, 13 Jan. 1688, d. at 2 mos.; Waitstill, 18 July 1689; Abigail, 10 Mar. 1693; Thomas, again, 22 Aug. 1695; Charles, 15 Feb. 1701; and Mary, 14 Mar. 1704; was freem. 1690, oft. selectman, and d. 1 Feb. 1720. His wid. d. 9 Aug. 1747, aged 88. EBENEZER, Dorchester, br. of the preced. m. Dorcas, d. of James Andrews of Falmouth, had Mary, b. at Boston 15 July 1683, rem. to Falmouth, had Tabitha, b. there 3 May 1688; but driv. thence by the Ind. 1690, came again to Dorchester, and had Esther 11 Feb. 1691; James, 1 Mar. 1693; Zeruiah, 14 Feb. 1696; Hepzibah, 11 Apr. 1697; Thankful, 8 Mar. 1700; Elisha, 26 Sept. 1703; and Ebenezer, 23 Oct. 1706; his w. d. 24 Nov. 1723, and he d. 19 or 29 July 1738, as gr.stone tells. But he had m. 26 May 1724, Sarah Bartlett, and had a third w. Patience, wh. parted from him 3 yrs. bef. he made his will, 26 Jan. 1730, and in this docum. he cuts her off. 

ELEAZER, Boston, mariner, a of Capt Richard, m. Rebecca, d. of Isaac Addington, had Addington, b. 3 Aug. 1670, H. C. 1689, wh. was a min. of emin. and judge of the Sup. Court; Eleazer, 13 Apr. 1674; Rebecca, 7 Aug. 1676; and Nathaniel, 20 June 1678; [[vol. 2, p. 12]] d. at sea, 8 Oct. 1678 on voyage to St. Kitts, where the vessel was afterwards wrecked. FRANCIS, Boston 1675, mariner, m. Ann, d. of Dr. William Snelling. HUMPHREY, Dorchester, came from Barbados, m. Rachel, d. of Thomas Holmes, had Richard; rem. to Hartford, there had William; and in 1667 his w. was convict. of playing cards. They rem. to New York, where greater laxity might be indulg. in. JOHN, New Haven, first min. there, s. of John, says Wood's Athenae Oxon. not, as the fondness of Mather states, mayor of Coventry, in idle attempt to magnify a great man, was b. 1597, bred at Oxford, but not adm. as Mather has it, of Brazen Nose, 1611, enter. 1613, at Merton Coll. thence after two yrs. rem. to Magdalen Hall, where he proceed. B. D. 1625 was preach. at St. Stephens, Coleman str. London, perhaps not quite so early as the Magnalia imports; but being in 1633 complain. of for nonconform. went to Amsterdam, thence came to N. E. 1637, with Gov. Eaton, arr. at Boston 26 June, and next yr. with him sett. New Haven. Mr. Haven, the accomplish. editor of Archaeologia Americana, Vol. III. in prelimin. rem. cxxxvi. corrects that looselessn. of the Magnalia as to the mayor of Coventry; yet falls into slight error as to the coming of this famous divine. On p. lxxxv. he says: "When the times grew favorable for the Puritans he return. to Eng." from his refuge in Holland; but more exact expression should be, in my judgm. thus: "As the times grew not favorable for the Puritans, he ret. no more to Eng." exc. to emb. privily, perhaps without landing, for he dared not appear in London. After near 30 yrs. of great influence in the Col. of his own plant. rem. to Boston. freem. 1669, hav. with very injurious controversy been instal. as success. of Wilson, 9 Dec. 1668, at the first ch. causing foundation of third ch. in Boston, gather. 12 May 1669 at Charlestown, and violent heats in the commonwealth for many yrs. The great body of the clerg. favor. the new ch. as did a major part of the assist. of six oppon. three, includ. Gov. Bellingham, being of the old ch. He was at New Haven eager in defence of Goffe and Whalley, the regicides in 1661, and perhaps much aid. in their escape. Yet a most curious, if not characteristic, letter from him furnishes no small light to the hist. of his acting giv. by Dr. Stiles, as it tends to exculpate, or inculpate, him, according to the eyes with wh. it is read, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 327. 

With his name is frequent. assoc. that of a cous. possib. a br. Christopher, b. 1598, a Catholic priest of great learning not a Jesuit, under the name of Santa Clara, wh. d. 31 May 1680. Mather, III. 52, denies that he was a br." as a certain Woodden Historian, in his Athenae Oxon. has report." By this merciless punishm. of honest Anthony, the immortal author of the Magnalia fully proves how much better qualif. he was for executioner than judge. We kn. no ch. but John, call. only s. [[vol. 2, p. 13]] tho. he certain. had youngest B. Joseph, wh. d. prob. bef. his f. and perhaps had ds. bef. or after com. to N. E. and he d. 15 Mar. 1670. Elizabeth perhaps his wid. d. at B. 15 Sept. 1676, aged 73, if the gr.stone be correct. In the present age a descend. of the venerab. father of New Haven, A. Benedict Davenport, Esqr. call. hims. of the twenty-fourth generat. has confident. carr. the line of his fam. back to Orme de Davenport, 1086, or the 20th of the Conquer. Such labors are seldom reverenced in our country. JOHN, New Haven 1657, s. of the Rev. John, merch. b. in Eng. or Holland, but wh. is uncert. was brot. by Mr. Fenwick in 1639, in one of the only two sh. that ever came to N. H. from Eng.; m. 27 Nov. 1663, Abigail, d. of Rev. Abraham Pierson of Branford, had John, b. 7, bapt. 11 June 1665, d. in few wks.; Elizabeth 7 Oct. bapt. 18 Nov., (not as ch. rec. says, 19), 1666, wh. m. Dec. 1700, Warham Mather; John, again, bapt. 28 Feb. 1669, H. C. 1687; Abraham, B Mar. 1671; Abigail, 15 Sept. 1672, m. 27 Oct. 1691, Rev. James Pierpont of New Haven, and d. within four mos.; and Mary, 17 Sept. 1676, wh. m. 22 May 1694, Nathaniel Wood. He had rem. to Boston at the same time with his f. was freem. 1669, and a. 1687, at New Haven, where his inv. is of 27 June in that yr.; yet in the Pedigree, Geneal. Reg. IX. 147, it is said he d. 1676. JOHN, Boston, s. of Capt. Richard, m. 1 Nov. 1667, Bridget Watkins, had Richard, b. 13 Nov. 1670; John, 13 June 1672; and perhaps more. 

JOHN, Stamford, s. of sec. John, ord. 1694, d. 5 Feb. 1731, had, by two ws. (of wh. the first m. 18 Apr. 1695, was Martha, wid. of John Sellick, d. of Major Nathan Gold, wh. d. 1 Dec. 1712) nine ch. of wh. John, b. 21 Jan. 1698, Deotate, 23 Oct. 1706, by the first; and James, Y. C. 1732, and Abraham, Y. C. 1732, by the sec. have many descend. in Conn. JOHN, Dorchester, s. of Thomas, by w. Naomi had John, b. 10 June 1695; Ephraim, 1698; Samuel, 1700; Joseph, 30 Aug. 1701; Stephen, 8 Oct. 1703; Mehitable, 30 Aug. 1705; and Benjamin, 12 Aug. 1707; and d. 21 Mar. 1725. JONATHAN, Dorchester, br. of the preced. by w. Hannah, m. 1 Dec. 1680, had Thomas, b. 10 Dec. 1681; Jonathan, 3 Nov. 1684; Hannah, 23 Dec. 1686; Simon, 27 Dec. 1688; Ebenezer, 2 Sept. 1691; John, 12 Jan. 1694; Joseph, 25 Mar. 1696; Benjamin, 6 Oct. 1698; and Sarah, 10 Dec. 1700; all, exc. the first, were b. at Little Compton. 

NATHANIEL, Boston, B. of Richard, m. Elizabeth d. of Rev. Thomas Thacher, freem. 1673, a brave capt. in Philip's war, k. 19 Dec. 1675, with four of his comp. and many others in the Narraganset fight. Hutch. I. 299. His wid. m. 1677, Samuel Davis, master of the ship Gabriel. *RICHARD, Salem, came with Capt. Endicot in the Abigail, Sept. 1628, from Weymouth, in Co. Dorset, a few miles from Dorchester, near wh. prob. he was b. a. 1606. He was freem. 3 Sept. 1634, ens. [[vol. 2, p. 14]] next mo. when his friend Endicot cut out the red cross in the national banner, in admiration of wh. rashness he gave a d. b. that yr. her name, Truecross; lieut., with a happier spirit when he was, 1636, wound. in the Pequot expedit. rep. 1637, and that yr. direct. to receive the arms from Wheelwright's friends; ar. co. 1639; rem. 1642, to Boston, and was appoint. capt. of the castle, where he was k. by lightning, 15 July 1665. His w. was Elizabeth and ch. Nathaniel; Truecross, b. 1634, or more prob. 5; Experience, bapt. 27 Aug. 1637; and John, 19 Sept. 1641, all at Salem, but the rec. of the ch. being for the earliest yrs. lost, the bapt. of the oldest ch. is not kn.; and at B. he had Samuel, bapt. 28 June 1646; Sarah, 30 Sept. 1649; Elizabeth 13 Sept. 1652; and William, b. 11 May 1656, bapt. 7 days old. His wid. d. 24 June 1678. Truecross m. 10 Nov. 1654, Stephen Minot; and Elizabeth m. Asaph Eliot. William was a serj. in Phips's Quebec expedit. but whether he was m. is unkn. and he d. soon after reach. home. Prince, Ann. I. 174. Johnson, W. W. P. THOMAS, Dorchester 1640, freem. 18 May 1642, perhaps liv. 1660 at Cambridge, d. 9 Nov. 1685, leav. w. Mary, wh. d. 4 Oct. 1691; had Sarah, b. 28 Dec. 1643; Thomas, wh. was k. in Philip's war 19 Dec. 1675, in Johnson's comp.; Mary, bapt. 21 Jan. 1649; Charles; Mehitable, b. 14 Feb. 1657; Jonathan, 6 Mar. 1659; Ebenezer, 26 Apr. 1661; and John, bapt. 20 Nov. 1664. Mary, m. Samuel Maxfield. Oft. in early rec. inexperienc. readers will be misled by find. this name as Danfort, or Damport. 

WILLIAM Hartford, s. of Humphrey, left by his f. to care of Capt. Thomas Watts, was a carpenter, had w. Elizabeth wh. a. 19 Feb. 1697, aged 27. Five of this name had been gr. 1834 at Harv. and eight at the other N. E. coll.

DAVID, JOHN, Boston, kn. to me only as witness to the will of Maj. Holmes, Nov. 1649.

DAVIDS, SAMUEL, Boston, heard of only in May 1663, as apprais. on est. of Robert Lincoln.

DAVIE, EDMUND, H. C. 1674, of wh. we kn. nothing, but what the coll. catal. of 1698 tells, that he had tak. his M. D. at Padua, and was then d. Unsatisfact. conject. may suppose that he was younger br. of Humphrey. GEORGE, Sheepscot, near Wiscasset, as early as 1653, wound. by Ind. 1676. Sullivan, 148, 293. *HUMPHREY, Boston, merch. s. of Sir John, wh. had been creat. a baronet 9 Sept. 1641, came from London 1662, possib. to encourage Rev. James Allen, freem. 1665, ar. co. 1665, rep. for Billerica, bec. he had est. there 1665-9, for Woburn 1678, prob. on equal reason, an Assist. 1679- 86; m. as sec. or third w. Sarah, wid. of James Richards of Hartford, wh. had left large est. that caus. his rem. thither; had by her Humphrey, and William, and d. 18 Feb. 1689. By former w. he had John, H. C. 1681, but whether she came with him from [[vol. 2, p. 15]] London, I find not. His wid. m. Hon. Jonathan Tyng. HUMPHREY, Hartford, s. of the preced. d. 1718. Hinman, 128, confus. f. and s. but on p. 206 correct. hims. in part; yet in the Richards connex. 228, again mistakes both f. and s. as well as mo. and d. JOHN, Boston, freem. 25 May 1636, a supporter of Wheelwright and Mrs. Hutchinson, punish. therefor. Winth I. 248. I presume he is the man adm. of the ch. in Jan. bef. but the Elder wrote the name Davisse, and call. him joiner. Most of the names Davie or Davy, Davies, or Davis are convertible. He may have gone to Duxbury where one of this name sold est. 1650. 

JOHN, Boston, eldest s. of Humphrey, m. Elizabeth d. of James Richards of Hartford, rem. to New London, where Rev. Gurdon Saltonstall, wh. m. her sis. Jerusha, bapt. his ch. Mary, 4 Feb. 1694; Sarah, 30 Nov. 1695; John, 8 Sept. 1700; and Humphrey, 31 May 1702. Beside these he had one s. and one d. but whether earlier, later, or one were intermediate was not kn. to me by most careful scrutiny of rec. at New London perform. by Miss Caulkins; yet happily Davie bec. town clk. of Groton, when it was incorp. 1704, and in his own writing is this list of his ch.; Mary, b. 30 June 1693; Sarah, 21 Oct. 1695; Elizabeth 17 Mar. 1698; John, 27 July 1700; Humphrey, 12 Apr. 1702; and William, 22 Mar. 1706. His resid. had been in that part of New London, for he says,"all b. in the town now call. Groton." He own. ho. with 2 and 1/2 acres on Beacon hill in Boston, and part of a powder-mill at Dorchester. He was collector of taxes 1694, selectman 1696, was styled yeoman 1699. In 1704 he was active in promot. incorp. of E. part of New London, as Groton. He liv. there. When he bec. heir to the est. and succeed. to the title of his gr.f. Sir John, he left his concerns to the managem. of his br.-in-law, then bec. Gov. of Conn. wh. describes hims. "Attorney to Sir John Davie of Creedy, Co. Devon, within the kingd. of Eng. Baronet." Hinman, 228, says his w. Elizabeth was in 1709, w. of Jonathan Taylor; but some doubt is felt about this. SAMUEL, Boston 1668. A wid. Mary of Charlestown had there bapt. William, aged 13, on 11 Aug. 1689. 

DAVIS, or DAVIES, ANDREW, New London, perhaps s. of John of that town, m. bef. 1684, Mary, d. of Thomas Bayley, left descend. ANTHONY, Boston, d. June 1674, leav. w. Elizabeth BARNABY, Charlestown 1636, or after, came in the Blessing, 1635, aged 36, d. 27 Nov. 1685, aged a 86. Frothingham, 152, has his name 1668 at div. of wood and commons on Mistick side; and p. 183, has Barnaby jr. prob. his s. b. a. 1638, in the list of householders 1678. Other ch. were Nathaniel, Hopewell, James, Samuel, and Patience, wh. m. William Ridland. *BENJAMIN, Boston 1670, s. of William, merch. a major, ar. co. 1673, m. Sarah, d. of James Richards of Hartford, freem. 1690, was one of the founders of Brattle st. ch.; d. 26 Nov. 1704. CORNELIUS, NEWBURY, s. of John of N. by w. Sarah had Samuel, [[vol. 2, p. 16]] b. 11 Apr. 1689; Judith, 2 June 1691; Cornelius, 9 Oct. 1693; James, 5 Apr. 1695, d. 1697; Elizabeth 15 July 1697. His w. hav. d. 6 Mar. 1696, the last ch was by sec w. Elizabeth Hidden, m. 1696. DANIEL, Kittery 1649, freem. 1652. DOLOR, DOLLARD, or DOLLAR, Cambridge 1634, is said to have m. 1625 in Eng. Margery, d. of Richard, sis. of Simon Willard, if so, he was prob. from Kent, and this conject. is confirm. to me by collat. evid. Yet the grave-yd. at Benefield in Co. Northampton, as Dr. Palfrey assures me, contains the names of his ancestors. His w. and ch. John, aged 9, Mary, 4, and Elizabeth 1, emb. at London, Apr. 1635, in the Elizabeth, to foll. him. He rem. a 1640, and had ld. that yr. in Duxbury, and was of that ch. when he rem. to Barnstable and join. that 27 Aug. 1648, with his w. but had his d. Ruth bapt. at B. 24 Mar. 1645; was freem. of that col. 1646; and in the list of those able to bear arms 1643, is this man's name "and his sons." Who may be intend. by the last word, is not precisely understood, but prob. John alone. Yet at the end of that list stand John and Nicholas, wh. might well, therefore, be thot. brs. certain. not s. But two s. he did have, Simon, and Samuel, both younger by much than John, wh. was excor. of his will. Bef. rem. to D. he liv. some yrs. at Concord, and was one of the proprs. of Groton 1655, engag. in its first sett. and made one of its selectmen by the Gen. Court of the Col. Still it is not likely, that he ever inhabit. in the new planta. but leav. his younger s. to reside at Concord, went back to B. and there d. 1673. His d. Ruth m. 1663, it is said, Stephen Hall; and Mary, whom. 15 June 1653, Thomas Lewis of B. was prob. ano. DOLOR, Barnstable, s. prob. of John of the same, m. 3 Aug. 1681, Hannah, d. of David Lynnell, had Shobal, or Shubael, b. 23 Apr. 1685 Thomas, Aug. 1687; Hannah, Dec. 1689; Stephen; Thankful, Mar. 1696; Daniel, July 1698; Job, July 1700; Noah, Sept. 1702; and Remember Mercy, 15 Oct. 1704. 

EDWARD, Boston, m. 16 Sept. 1657, Hannah, d. of Richard Gridley. EPHRAIM, Haverhill, m. 29 Dec 1660, Mary Johnson of Andover, took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677,d. 1681, leav. ch. Stephen, Ephraim, Thomas, Jonathan, Mary, Susanna, and Hannah. EPHRAIM, Haverhill, perhaps s. of the preced. perhaps of the first James m. at Andover 19 Mar. 1688, Mary Eires, or Ayers. EPHRAIM, Newbury, s. of John of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 7 Apr. 1690; John, 17 May 1692; Mary, 20 July 1694; Ephraim, 20 Mar. 1697; and Joseph, 16 Nov. 1699. FRANCIS, Amesbury, sw. alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. 

GEORGE, Boston 1644, blacksmith, perhaps the freem. of 1645, one of the d. found. of sec. ch. by w. Barbara, wh. had join. first ch 22 Aug. 1647, had Samuel, b. 17 Oct. 1651; and, if the rec. be not false, John, 3 June 1652; was a serj. d. early in 1655. He throve by his trade, for the inv. val. one fourth of George Munjoy's ship Swan, and five sixteenths of Benjamin Munjoy's ship Delight; and his wid. m. 14 Jan. 1656, John Brimblecome, first, wh. was one of the witness. to his will, and for third [[vol. 2, p. 17]]

h. Thomas Chadwell. His will, made 23 Sept. 1654, was pro. 25 Apr. foll. and anticipating the m. of his w. again, he made various provis. for the two s. See Geneal. Reg. V. 306, and IX. 35. GEORGE, Lynn, freem. 1647, had Hannah, b. 31 May 1650; Sarah, 1 Sept. 1651; rem. to Reading, there had Elizabeth 16 Jan. 1655; Mary, 16 Jan. 1658; John, 20 July 1660; and Susanna, 11 Mar 1662. Sarah prob. m. 11 June 1670, Abraham Cole. GEORGE, Weymouth 1654, blacksmith. GEORGE, Boston 1650, went 1644 to N. Carolina, in his will, bef. depart. provides for w. s. Benjamin, Joseph, and five ds. GERSHOM, Cambridge, had w. Sarah, wh. d. 20 Nov. 1713, aged 55; s. Gershom; and d. 6 Feb. 1718, aet. 75. HOPEWELL, Charlestown, s. of Barnaby, by w. Sarah Boynton (m. 18 Sept. 1682, wh. d. 14 Dec. 1704, aged 47), had Joseph, bapt. 13 Feb. 1687; Ebenezer, 6 May 1688; Sarah, 2 Nov. 1690; Ellen, 14 Jan. 1694; and John, 6 Nov. 1698. ISAAC, Salem 1637, Beverly 1650, perhaps was after at Casco; unless this were ano. whose eldest s. John, b. 1660, was liv. at Gloucester, 1733, with other s. Samuel and James, beside ch. of a d. wh. m. a Fitz, and was of Ipswich, and ano. d. wh. m. Smith. He had after first destruct. of Falmouth, est. set out 1680, but on sec destruct. prob. moved to safer quarters. Willis, I. 160, 209. JABEZ, Barnstable, s. of the first John of the same, m. 20 Aug. 1689, Experience Lynnell, had Nathan, b. 2 Mar. 1690; Samuel, 25 Sept. 1692; Bathsheba, 16 Jan. 1694; Isaac, 23 Apr. 1696; Abigail, 26 Apr. 1698; Jacob, Oct. 1699; and Mercy, 16 Feb. 1701. JACOB, Gloucester, s. of John of the same, m. 20 Jan. 1662, Elizabeth Bennet, had Jacob, b. 26 Jan. 1663; John, 25 Nov. 1665, d. soon; Elizabeth 27 June 1667; Susanna, 27 June 1670; Moses, 6 July 1673; Mary, 3 June 1676; Aaron, Jan. 1679; and John, again, 1 July 1681. JACOB, Falmouth, s. of Lawrence, had a fam. *JAMES, Newbury, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. to Haverhill 1640, had w. Cicely, rep. 1660, d. 19 or 29 Jan.1679, aet. 90. In his will of 17 Mar. 1676, names as his ch. John, Ephraim, Samuel, and Sarah, w. of John Page, jr. His w. had d. 28 May 1673. JAMES, Hampton 1638, freem. 13 Mar 1640. Belkn. I 21. JAMES, jr. perhaps s. of the preced. was of Hampton 1643, mar have liv. at Haverhill, there took o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677. JAMES, Boston 1634, mariner, br w. Joanna had Jacob, b. 11 July 1639; and d. Josebeth, 20, bapt. 28 Aug. 1642, wh. m. John Wing of Boston; beside John, wh. d. 13 Nov. 1653. JAMES, Plymouth 1639, a tailor, may have been of Newport the yr. bef had gr. of ld. for serv. in the Pequot war, but was gone in 1643. JAMES, Boston, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 7 Mar 1647. JAMES, Charlestown 1658, br. of Hopewell, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth bapt. at 21 yrs. on 6 May 1694; and Patience, aged 18 on 21 Apr. 1696. JAMES, Haverhill, freem. 1666, was, perhaps, S. of James, the aged, of that town, may have m. a d. of John Eaton of H. had s. John, and d. 18 July 1694, leav. wid. Mary, and ch. Elisha, James, Sarah, and Constance. JAMES, Gloucester, by w. Mehitable, uh. d. 9 June 1666, had John, b. 10 Mar. [[vol. 2, p. 18]] 1660; James, 16 Mar. 1662, d.soon; James, again, 22 Jan. 1663, d. soon; and Joseph, 1665, d. soon. He m. 6 Dec. 1666, Elizabeth Bachelor, had Elizabeth b. 11 Sept. 1669; Abigail,13 Apr. 1672; Joseph, again, 25 Jan. 1674; Susanna, 20 Nov. 1676; and Ebenezer, 26 Jan. 1682; d., 1717. Babson says, he was s. of John, and was third h. of Mary, d. of John Collins. JAMES, Scituate 1673, there m. Elizabeth d. of William Randall, and rem. to Boston. JAMES, Dover, s. of John of the same, was a col. d. 1749, at the age of 87, and had the ch. whose unusual length of life is thus ment. by Farmer from Belkn.; James, b. 10 July 1689, d. at 93; Thomas, at 88; Samuel, 99; Daniel, 65; Sarah Hicks, 91; Hannah Deering, 77; Elizabeth Hicks, 79; Ephraim, 87; and Phebe Mathes, 85. 

JENKYN, Lynn, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, a joiner, wh. had been in the employ. of Mr. Humfrey, wh. unhappily put his ds. to board with D. when he went to the West Indies; by w. Sarah had John, and a d. and d. 1662. Winthrop II. 45. Lewis. *JOHN, Boston 1635, a joiner, ar. co. 1643. I presume this to be the same man wh. came in the Increase 1635, aged 29; and perhaps was the John Davie, friend of Wheelwright, in the former article. JOHN, Gloucester, 1651, rem. aft. some yrs. to Ipswich. Of him no more is kn. exc. that he left at G. James and Jacob. JOHN, Newbury 1641, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 6 Oct 1642, d. young; John, 15 Jan. 1645; Zechary, 22 Feb. 1646; Jeremy, 21 June 1648; Mary, again, 12 Aug. 1650; Cornelius, 15 Apr. 1653; and Ephraim, 29 Sept. 1655, bef. ment. and d. 12 Nov. 1675. JOHN, Watertown, m. Mary, d. of John Spring, had Mary, b. 20 Mar. 1642, and prob. John, and Benjamin; d. early as did his wid. admin. being giv. 19 June 1656. JOHN, Reading, had John, wh. d. 4 Nov. 1660. JOHN, Barnstable, eldest s. of Dolor, b. in Eng. m. 15 Mar. 1649, Hannah Lynnell, d. of Robert, had John b. 6 Jan. 1650; Samuel, Dec. 1651; Hannah, and Mary, tw. 3 Jan. 1654; Joseph, and Benjamin, tw. June 1656; Simon, July 1658; Dolor, Oct. 1660; and Jabez. Mary m. Benjamin Goodspeed. JOHN, York 1650, an important person, kept an inn, freem. prob. of Mass. 1652, at least he own. the jurisdict. then, as also ano. JOHN, perhaps his s. was lieut. capt. and at Last serj. major for the Prov. and dep. Presid. 1680-85. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of James of the same, b. in Eng. m. 10 Dec 1646, Jane Peaslee, perhaps sis. of the first Joseph of the same, had Mary, b. 6 Nov. 1647; Sarah, 7 Mar. 1649; John, 22 Aug. 1651; rem. to Dover, and had Hannah, 24 Dec. 1653; Jane, 29 Dec. 1655, d. within 9 mos.; Moses, 30 Dec. 1657; Joseph, 26 Jan. 1660; James, 23 May 1662; Jane, again, 15 May 1664; Jemima and Judith. His sec. w. Mary d. 12 Jan. 1684. His will of 1 Apr. 1685, was pro. 25 May 1686. His d. Mary Josiah Heath; Sarah m. James Smith; and Hannah m. says Mr. Quint, John Kezan. 

JOHN, New Haven, s. of William, taught the sch. prob. at Hartford, preach. there 1656, and next yr. was lost in Garrett's ship, with Jonathan Ince, Nathaniel Pelham, and Thomas Mayhew, on [[vol. 2, p. 19]] their voyage to London, all young men of great promise. Winthrop II. 329 in notes. JOHN, Boston, br. perhaps, of Edward, a joiner, by w. Return (d. of Richard Gridley, m. 9 Apr. 1656), had Grace, b. 4 Mar. 1657; and Richard, 15 Apr. 1659. JOHN, Roxbury 1653, a tailor. JOHN, New London 1651-64. JOHN, Charlestown 1668, fin. for hospitality to a Quaker. Frothingham, 158. He may have rem. soon to Westerly, where was one John 1669. JOHN, Boston, s. of George, a tailor in 1673, may have been freem. 1675. JOHN, Lynn, m. 5 Oct. 1661, Sarah, d. of Philip Kirtland, had Sarah, b. 10 Nov. 1665, d. at two mos.; Sarah, again, 5 Feb. 1667, d. at 6 mos.; Mary, 25 July 1668; Joseph, 10 June 1672, d. in July of next yr.; John, 16 June 1674 ; Sarah, again, 1 Feb. 1676; Ebenezer, 2 Oct. 1678; and Benjamin, 27 Sept. 1681. 

JOHN, Roxbury, blacksmith, s. of William of the same, m. 5 Feb. 1668, Mary, d. of Edward Devotion, had, as is said, three s. and two ds. John, b. 11 Jan. 1671; William, 11 Aug. 1673; Mary, 6 Apr. 1676, d. at 18 yrs.; Elizabeth 18 Apr. 1678; and Samuel, 23 June 1681; and his w. Mary d. 12 Jan. 1684. He was freem. 1690, and d. 16 Mar. 1705, aged a. 62. JOHN, Barnstable, s. of John of the same, m. 2 Feb. 1674, Ruth, d. of Roger Goodspeed, bad John, b. Nov. 1675, d. bef. 6 yrs.; Benjamin, 8 Sept. 1679; John, again, 17 Mar. 1684; and Nathaniel, 17 July 1686; these three bapt. 3 May 1691, the f. hav. join. the ch. two wks. bef. and had Jabez bapt. 10 May foll. A sec. w. Mary Hamblen, m. 22 Feb. 1692, had Shobal or Shubael, b. 10 July 1694; James, 24 Mar. 1696; and Ebenezer, 13 May 1697. She a. Nov. 1698, and he m. 8 May 1699 wid. Hannah Bacon, had Nicholas, b. 12 Mar. 1700. *JOHN, Saco, rep. 1682, "disaccepted, as a scandalous person," says the rec. JOHN, Newbury, s. of John of the same, m. 8 Apr. 1681, Sarah Carter, had Mary, b. 23 Mar. 1683; Sarah, 13 July 1685; and by w. Mary, as I read Coffin, had John, 29 July 1692. JOSEPH, Kittery 1660, constable that yr. may have been s. of Nicholas. JOSEPH, Boston, m. 7 May 1662, Elizabeth d. of David Saywell, freem. 1666, ar. co. 1675. JOSEPH, perhaps of Roxbury, there m. 28 Oct. 1670, Sarah Chamberlain, but I kn. not, that either belong. in that place. In the neighb. Joseph, of Muddy riv. had Mehitable, b. 3 Feb. 1685. Possib. he may be the man nam. in the letter of Rev. Edmund Browne, to Gov. Leverett, pr. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 268, as Daby. 

JOSEPH, Barnstable, prob. s. of John of the same, m. 28 Mar. 1682, Mary, d. of James Claghorn, had Simeon, b. 19 Jan. 1683; Mary, June 1685; Joseph, Apr. 1687; and Robert, 13 June 1689. JOSIAH, Barnstable, s. of Robert of the same, m. 25 June 1679, Ann, d. of Richard Tayler, had John, b. 2 Sept. 1681; Hannah, Apr. 1683; Josiah, Aug. 1687; Seth, Oct. 1692; Ruth, Feb. 1694; Sarah, Feb. 1696; Jonathan, 1698; Stephen, 12 Dec. 1700; and Ann, 5 Apr. 1702. LAWRENCE, Falmouth [[vol. 2, p. 20]] 1662, had Rachel, b. 1663; Jacob; and perhaps others, rem. to Ipswich during the first Ind. war, but came back 1681, but no more is told, only that Rachel m. 1. Robert Haynes; and 2. a Wedgewood of Hampton. MOSES, Dover, s. of John of the same, m. 16 Jan. 1681, Ruhamah Dow of Haverhill, and there had John, b. 4 Jan. 1682; and Moses, 2 Nov. 1686; beside Jabez; and Ebenezer, 10 June 1702, both at Dover; ana both f. and s. Moses were k. by the Ind. 10 June 1724. Belkn. NATHANIEL, Mass. came in the Mary and John, or perhaps the Hercules, hav. qualif. hims. by tak. o. of alleg. and suprem. 16 Apr. 1634, but where he sat down I find not. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 268. NATHANIEL, Charlestown 1677, s. of Barnaby, had m. 31 Mar. 1675, Mary Convers, wh. d. 6 Nov. 1690, aged 36; and m. 15 July 1692, Mary, d. of Joshua Edmunds, wh. d. 18 Apr. 1721, aged 65. Nathaniel, his eldest ch. bapt. 19 Apr. 1677, d. at Charlestown the same yr. He had, also, Mary, bapt. 9 May 1680; Barnabas, 31 Dec. 1681; Sarah, 22 July 1683; Zachary, 5 Aug. 1688; and Mary, 16 July 1695; and was one of the constables 1690. 

NICHOLAS, Charlestown, came in the Planter early in 1635, aged 40, with Sarah, 48, prob. his w. and Joseph, 13, perhaps his s. with four serv. whose names are then giv. was in 1640 one of the promoters of sett. of Woburn, where his w. Sarah d. 24 May 1643,and he m. 12 July foll. Elizabeth wid. of Joseph Isaacs; prob. he rem. to York, and was there in 1652. His will, of 27 Apr. 1667, pro. 12 Mar. 1670, refers not to any s. yet opens many remote relations, or perhaps those of his w. as cous. Barnard, the w. of Matthew of Boston; cous. William Locke of Woburn (spel. Owborne); d. Astine's (or Austin's) childr. Mary and Sarah, beside Mary, Elizabeth and Mehitable Dodd. NICHOLAS, Barnstable, able to bear arms 1643, when he is last on the list, so that possib. it may be an error, as Hamblen puts him into a list of inhabs. adm. after 1660. He may have been of Newport 1638, and there learn. the strange policy of toleration in relig. In Sewel, I. 388, it is said he favor. the Quakers at their first coming. He had w. Mary, and was banish. from Mass. for his peaceful pravity. At Newport he was drown. bef. 24 July 1672, as Roger Williams in his big book against the Quakers, p. 26, tells that in his public conference, there, with the friends of George Fox, he made good use of the event. PHILIP, Plymouth 1638, rem. to Duxbury after. Farmer MS. PHILIP, Hartford, came, perhaps, in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 12; but if so, be prob. was first at Newbury, where William Ilsley, with wh. he came, pitched his tent. He m. a d. of Thomas Coleman of Hadley, was freem. of Conn. 1656, and d. 1689, had two ds. but no s. 

RICHARD, Ipswich 1642. RICHARD, Roxbury, m. a 1654, Sarah, d. of John Burrill, had Richard, b. 5 Jan. 1658, wh. d. next yr.; Richard, again, 26 May 1661; and Sarah; and he d. 6 Mar. 1663, his will of 20 Feb. [[vol. 2, p. 21]] being pro. 19 Mar. of that yr. But there was a posthum. ch. and the wid. m. Samuel Chandler in 1664, and d. in Aug. 1665. ROBERT, Sudbury, came in 1638, aged 30 with Margaret perhaps his sis. 26 (wh. m. a Burnett), in the Confidence of Southampton, as serv. of Peter Noyes, had w. Bridget wh. surv. ds. Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1646; and Rebecca; and d. 19 July 1655. His will is of 17 July and pro. 2 Oct. of that yr. ROBERT, Yarmouth 1643, or earlier, had Deborah, b. Jan. 1646; Mary, 28 May 1648; Andrew, May 1650; John, 1 Mar. 1652; Robert, Aug. 1654; Josiah, Sep. 1656; Hannah, Sept. 1658; Sarah, Oct. 1660; and Tristram. Perhaps Sarah m. 23 Oct. 1679, Joseph Young. SAMUEL, Watertown, rem. early in 1646 to Boston, had w. Ann wh. a. soon; and m. 20 July 1651, Sarah, d. of Richard Thayer of B. had Samuel, b. 22 Mar. 1654; William, 4 Sept. 1656, d. next yr.; and Sarah, 19 Dec. 1657, wh. d. Aug. foll.; beside Zechariah, 29 July 1659. But in Geneal. Reg. XV. 133, his surname is wild. turn to Doves. Prob. he is the freem. of 1645, and perhaps br. of George. It may be, that his wid. m. 6 May 1663, Jonathan Hayward. SAMUEL, Groton, by w. Mary had a d. b. 31 Jan. 1662; John, 10 Mar. 1664; Sarah, 12 Aug. 1667 ; Samuel, 10 Jan. 1669, Barnabas, 17 Apr. 1672 ; and a d. 10 Apr. 1674; and d. 28 Dec. 1699. SAMUEL, Salisbury, m. 19 Dec. 1663, Deborah, d. of William Barnes, had Samuel, b. 26 Jan. 1667. Perhaps he was of Amesbury, there took o. of alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. SAMUEL, Concord, s. of Dolor, m. 11 Jan. 1665, Mary Mead had Mary, b. 27 Sept. 1666; Samuel, 21 June 1669; Daniel, 26 Mar. 1673; Eliezer, Stephen; and Simon, 9 Aug. 1683. I presume this is the man, by Felt insert. as of Lynn, m. 11 Jan. 1666, Mary Meddowes. Geneal Reg. V. 96. SAMUEL, Roxbury, perhaps s. of William of the same, rem. to Northampton 1668, was freem. 1676, had two ws. of wh. sec. was Elizabeth d. of William Smead, m. 1681; and he d. 26 July 1690, leav. beside three ds. Samuel, b. 1672; and John, 1677. SAMUEL, Boston 1673, s. of George, mariner, had w. Deborah, wh. d. early, and he m. 1677, Elizabeth wid. of brave Nathaniel Davenport, d. of Rev. Thomas Thacher. 

SAMUEL, Charlestown, had serv. under Capt. Turner, 1676, in Philip's war, but as early as 22 Nov. 1658 by w. Mary had Elizabeth *SIMON, Concord, s. of Dolor, m. 12 Dec. 1660, Mary, d. of James Blood, had Simon, b. 2 Oct. 1661; Mary, 3 Oct. 1663; Sarah, 15 Mar. 1666; James, 19 June 1668; Ellen, 22 Oct. 1672; Ebenezer, 1676; and Hannah, 1 Apr. 1679; freem. 1690; and rep. One SIMON was of Bristol, Feb. 1689, with w. and one ch. STEPHEN, Hartford 1646, freem. of Conn. 1658. *SYLVANUS, Sheepscot 1659, sw. alleg. to the king 1665, wound. by the Ind. 1676 at Arowsick, when Capt. Lake was k. rem. to Falmouth 1680, there had command of the fort in the next Ind. war, tak. by the French and Ind. combined force, 20 May 1690, carr. to Canada; after his ret. was put into the Counc. by the Chart. of William and Mary 1691; wrote an acco. of the conduct of the [[vol. 2, p. 22]]

war, wh. is in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 101. He liv. at Hull in latter days d. 1704, leav. w. but no ch. His will, 8 Apr. 1703, pro. 6 May 1704, gives all his quarter of Casco lds. to 3 ds. of James English, ea. of them paying £3. to his w. and all his other est. to John Nelson, he "promising justice and kindness" to D.'s w. Willis, I. 161, 209. THEOPHILUS, Saco, constable in 1636. Folsom, 33,121. It is almost certain that he soon rem. THOMAS, Newbury, a sawyer, from Marlborough in Co. Wilts, came in the James 1635, embark. at Southampton in Apr. arr. at Boston 3 June, freem. 2 June 1641, rem. next yr. to Haverhill, where he had s. Joseph, and d. 1683, aged 80. He brot. says Coffin, w. Christian from Eng. and his posterity is num. This name among the passeng. from Southampton in the James, by rec. at State Paper off. Somerby read Thomas James. It seems a wild error of his or mine; but if my read. be correct, his surname may be that of the ship. THOMAS, Saco, an early sett. assessed towards pub. worship 1636. THOMAS, Boston, s. of William, m. 12 Sept. 1689, Hannah Allen (wid. of one whom no research of mine, or even of Shurtleff, can identify), d. of Gov. Leverett, had Thomas, the Secr. of the Prov. of New Hamp. 1692. The late, beloved, John Davis, editor of Morton's Memo. Presid. of the Mass. Hist. Soc. above forty yrs. judge of the Distr. Court of the U. S. was not, in male line, of N. E. ancestry, but was s. of Thomas, wh. was b. 1722 at Albany, whither his f. had rem. from N. Carolina. *TOBIAS, Roxbury, br. of Richard of the same, m. Sarah, d. of Isaac Morrill, had Sarah, b. 10 Feb. 1647, and his w. d. 23 Jan. by ch. rec. but 15 Feb. says the town, 1649. He m. 13 Dec. next, Bridget Kinsman, had John, b. 17 Apr. 1651; Tobias, 10 June 1653; Isaac, 7 Dec. 1655, wh. d. at 27 yrs.; Samuel, bapt. with the three preced. 12 June 1659, wh. d. young; Samuel, again, 24 Mar. 1661, d. at 18; and Abigail, in town rec. said to be b. 6 Sept. 1671; was of ar. co. 1666, and d. 25 Apr. 1690. TOBIAS, Dover, freem. 1666. TRISTRAM, Scituate, s. of Robert of Yarmouth, m. 1694, perhaps for sec. w. Sarah Archer of Braintree, had Elizabeth b. 1695, and rem. as Deane thinks, but yet supposes Hannah D. wh. m. there 1709 to be a d. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 31 Oct. 1635, d. at 4 yrs.; Thomas, 15 Mar. 1637, d. young; Aaron, 20 July 1638, d. next yr.; John, wh. d. young, in 1641; Trine, 10 Aug. 1642; Mary, 3 Oct. 1644, perhaps d. soon; and Thomas, again, 8, bapt. 7 Sept. 1645. The Book of possessions in early days shows W. sen. and W. jr. in Boston, but wh. was f. of these ch. is to be determin. I fear, only by conject. 

One was a gunsmith, and one was d. 10 Nov. 1655, when Isaac Collamore gave in the inv. of his est. only £7. His wid. Mary soon m. John Cowdall WILLIAM, New Haven 1639, had John, H. C. 1651, the scholar, bef. ment. lost on his voyage to Eng. He d. 1659, leav. wid. Martha, wh. [[vol. 2, p. 23]] was sis. of John Wakeman, and d. 1663. His only surv. ch. Sarah m. William Russell, and to educate his s. Noadiah, the gr.mo. left £60. WILLIAM, Salem 1639, had that yr. gr. of ld. prob. rem. to Boston or elsewhere, may be the mariner, wh. at B. made his will 14 Sept. 1655, as in Geneal. Reg. V. 298, and Ib. IX. 141. *WILLIAM, Boston, apothecary, adm. of the ch. 28 July 1644, in wh. yr. he m. Margaret, d. of William Pynchon of Springfield, perhaps a sec. w. By her he had sev. ch. of wh. Thomas, b. 3 Sept. 1645, may have been one; also, Benjamin; Elizabeth; Ephraim, wh. d. 2 Aug. 1652; and William, the last, b. 25 June 1663; and his w. d. 3 July after. He m. next, Huldah, d. of Rev. Zechariah Symmes, had Mary, b. 3 Dec. 1656; Rebecca, 3 Aug. 1658; Huldah, 21 Dec. 1659; Ruth, 12 Feb. 1662; John, 10 June 1663; and Deborah, 13 Apr. 1665, d. young; by ano. w. Judith, had Margaret, 13 Nov. 1667; and perhaps Hannah. He had still ano. w. Sarah, and hope of progeny by her when he made his will, in wh. all of these ch. exc. Deborah, are ment. He was a man of wealth, enterprise, and discretion, ar. co. 1643, freem. 1645, a capt. rep. for Springfield 1652, where prob. he liv. some few yrs. also for Haverhill 1668, was employ. as commander of a troop in Ninigret's troubles, joint commiss. in 1653 with Leverett to the Dutch Gov. at N. York, and one of the found. of the third ch. His will, made 17 May 1676, pro. 9 days after, being only two days after his d. gave £400 to w. Sarah, and contains many particulars. His wid. m. Capt. Edward Palmes of New London. 

WILLIAM, Roxbury, prob. br. of Tobias, freem. 1673, had John, b. 1 Oct. 1643; Samuel, 21 Feb. 1645; Joseph, whose date, presumed, is 12 Oct. 1649. His w. Elizabeth d. or was bur. 4 Mar 1658; and he m. 21 Oct. next Alice Thorp, wh. had William and Elizabeth bapt. 14 June 1663; but perhaps they were not liv. when this sec. w. d. 1667, prob. soon after b. of Jonathan, 28 Feb. of that yr. He had, also, Matthew, but I kn. not the day of his b. or whether he were not by a third w. made Extrix. but not nam. in his will of 6 Dec 1683, in wh. he ment. all these ch. and that Matthew and Jonathan are under age. He d. 9 Dec 1683, aged 66. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Mary, d. of Nicholas Parker, had Joanna, b. 16 Aug. 1655; and I presume, that the same man by w. Susanna had Joanna, b. 26 July 1657, sold his est. in 1658, and went to Barbados. WILLIAM, Marblehead, a petitnr. 1668 against imposts. WILLIAM, Roxbury, perhaps a of William the first of Boston, had Mary, b. 28 Mar. 1669; Ann, 24 Dec. 1670; next rec. of 1672 gives him Benjamin, 31 May, and Rachel, 26 Aug. but wh. rec. of the two is false is uncert.; perhaps the yr. 1674 is omit. for the latter ch Ichabod, 1 Apr. 1676; Ebenezer, 9 Apr. 1678; William, 3 Jan. 1680; Sarah, 20 July 1681; and Isaac, 18 Apr. 1683; and a William, perhaps the same, d. there 23 Jan. 1706. WILLIAM, Boston, mariner, in his will 31 Oct. 1690, not pro. bef. 5 Aug. 1701, gives est. [[vol. 2, p. 24]] to w. Mary, and childr. not nam. WILLIAM, Haverhill, m. 31 Dec. 1700, Mary, d. of John Kelly, jr. of Newbury. ZACHARY, Newbury, s. of John of the same, m. 4 Feb. 1681, Judith Brown, had Judith, b. 7 Sept. 1684, d. at 18 yrs.; and Elizabeth 26 Apr. 1687. In many instances, some of the above nam. are spelled Davies, as well as Davis; and the utmost care, in arranging relationsh. betw. parties with a name so wide. diffus. will sometimes be at fault. "A courageous soldier," is the designat. of a serj. D. in the Pequot war 1637; but wh. can individualize him? There came in the Elizabeth 1635, from London to Boston, Margaret Davis, aged 32, with her ch. John, 9; Mary, 4; and Elizabeth 1; the w. and fam. no doubt a Dolor wh. had come a yr. or two bef. Twenty of this name had in 1834 been gr. at Harv. and as many more at the other N. E. coll.

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