A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Engle - Eyre

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

ENGLE, BERNARD, Boston 1664, husbandman. JAMES, Boston 1662, mariner. Perhaps it has bec. Inglee.

ENGLISH, or ENGLES, CLEMENT, Salem, m. 27 Aug,. 1667, Mary, d. of Richard Waters, had Mary, b. 18 Feb. 1669; Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1671; Joseph, 12 Mar. 1673; Benjamin, 19 Oct. 1676; Abigail, 6 Dec. 1680, d. at 17 yrs.; and Clement, posthum. 7 Mar. 1683. The f. d. 23 Dec. bef. JAMES, Boston, m. 7 Jan. 1658, perhaps as sec. w. Joanna, d. of John Farnum, wh. was not 14 yrs. old. We kn. too little of him to affirm or deny that he was d. 14 Mar. 1698; freem. 1691; or that he may be the man in last parag. 

MAUDETT, Boston, by w. Jane had [[vol. 2, p. 124]] Hannah, b. 2 Mar. 1639, bapt. 6 Sept. 1640, had join. the ch. one day bef.; Mary, Nov. 1644. Sometimes his name is Maded Inglyss, or Engles; and in Geneal. Reg. V. 398, 468, was transmut. to Jugs. His will of Nov. 1684 is sign. Madett Engs. That doc. makes excor. his s. Samuel, names d.-in-law Mary, and gr.ch. Madet, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Mary. Perhaps that d.-in-law Mary, was the wid. Engs, wh. m. 14 Dec. 1688, Joshua Lee. *PHILIP, Salem, s. of John of the Isle of Jersey, there bapt. 30 June 1651, a merch. m. 1 Sept. 1675, Mary, d. of Richard Hollingworth, suffer. very much in the blind ferocity against witchcraft. His w. was the greater sufferer, and liv. very few yrs. after escape. This was manag. with equal skill and firmness by Rev. Joshua Moody, then min. with Willard, at the O. S. ch. in Boston. See the admirable note in Eliot's Biogr. Dict. tit. Moody. By Mary he had seven ch., Philip, b. 4 Sept. 1684; William, 23 May 1679, d. young; Mary, 21 Feb. 1677; and Susanna, 5 July 1683; Names of the rest are unkn. and William, again, 7 Apr. 1690, wh. d. bef. his f. Ebenezer, 21 Apr. 1694. Mary m. William Brown; and Susanna m. John Touzell, both prob. from Jersey. He had sec. w. Sarah wid of the sec. Samuel Ingersoll, m. 1698, by her had only John, wh. as well as William, was capt. of a vessel, own. by his f. and d. bef. him, was rep. 1700, one of the contribut. to first Episc. ch. 1734, and d. 1740. He reckon. his damage by the persec. at £1500, and was allow. a. 20 yrs. later £300. His f. was prob. a Huguenot, and his own name, at bapt. was Philippe L╒Anglois, but he was brot. to the font by Sir Philip Carteret. To an excel. tract in Hist. Coll. of the Essex Inst. may be refer. all further inq. The writer corrects Dr. Bentley╒s date for his d. wh. was 1736, aged 86, but, the two last yrs. of his life, his mind was infirm. 

THOMAS, Plymouth, one of the passeng. in the Mayflower 1620, d. in the gen. sickness early next spring, leav. no n. nor ch. He had been a sailor, says Bradford, hired by the pilgrims. *WILLIAM, Ipswich 1638, shoemaker, freem. 21 Sept. 1642, rep. 1646 and 7, rem. to Hampton 1639, for short time, but went back to I. may be the same wh. was adm. at Boston 1652, and made a constable 1656; with w. Sarah, join. our first ch. on 15 Mar. 1663.

ENO, EANNO, ENNO, or ENNOE, JAMES, Windsor 1646, m. 18 Aug. 1648, Ann Bedwell, had Sarah, b. 15 bapt. 17 June 1649; James, 30 Oct. bapt. 2 Nov. 1651; and John, 2 Dec. 1654. His w. d. 1657, he had sec. w. 5 Aug. 1658, wid. of Thomas Holcomb, wh. d. 7 Oct. 1679; and he m. 29 Apr. 1680, Esther, wid. of James Eggleston. He d. 11 June 1682. Sarah m. 1667, Benajah Holcomb. Some of his descend. chang. the name to Enos. Col. Roger Enos, of the army 1776, was one. JAMES, Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 26 Dec. 1678, Abigail, d. of Samuel Bissell, had James, b. 23 Sept. 1679; Ann, 10 Apr. 1682; William, 15 Dec. 1684; Abigail, 1 Mar. 1687; Mary, 3 May 1691; John, 5 Jan. 1693; Samuel, 7 July 1696; Susanna, 16 May 1699; and David, 12 Aug. 1702, and d. 16 July 1714. His wid. d. Mar. 1728. JOHN, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 10 May 1681, Mary, d. of Ebenezer Dibble, had Mary, b. 12 Oct. 1682; Martha, 6 Apr. 1685; Sarah; and Ann.

ENOS, JOHN, Westerly 1680.

ENOW, THOMAS, Falmouth 1689. Willis, I. 191.

ENSDELL. See Hinsdale.

ENSIGN, DAVID, Hartford, s. of James, m. 22 Oct. 1663, Mehitable, d. of Thomas Gunn, had David, b. 16 Nov. 1664; James, 8 May 1666; Thomas, 7 Dec. 1668; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1672; and Mary 26 Jan. 1675. After his w. had been (for his ill-conduct) divorc. she bec. 1685, sec. w. of Isaac Sheldon of Northampton. His s. James well perpet. the name. JAMES, Cambridge 1634, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. a 1639 to Hartford, [[vol. 2, p. 125]] had large est. only s. David, bef. ment. and three ds. of wh. Sarah, perhaps, m. 6 May 1651, John Rockwell; Lydia was bapt. 19 Aug. 1649; and Mary m. Samuel Smith, afterwards of Northampton and Hadley. His will, of Nov. 1670, was pro. Mar. foll. JOHN Scituate, s. of Thomas, by w. wh. d. bef. him, had only ch. Hannah, b. 1669; was k. by the Ind. at Rehoboth fight 26 Mar. 1676; had made his will in contempla. of such a result a few days bef. So this fam. in male line was extinct. THOMAS, Scituate, m. Jan. 1639, Elizabeth Wilder of Hingham, prob. liv. there some yrs. had Hannah, bapt. 6 July 1640, wh. m. 19 Nov. 1658, Thomas Shepherd of Malden, not the Rev. of Charlestown, and a. 14 Mar. 1698; Elizabeth wh. m. Nicholas Wade; and John, bef. ment. He was of Duxbury 1656, and d. 1663. His will of 16 July in that yr. names w. Elizabeth and the three ch.

ENSOME, ROBERT, Boston 1646, merch. Felt.

ENSWORTH, ENDSWORTH, or ENISWORTH, TIXALL, TIXOLL, TEXHALL, or TYXHALL, so various. writ. in rec. was of Hartford 1681, rem. 1700, to Canterbury, had bapt. at H. five ch. and left Nathaniel, Nehemiah, Ezra, and Joseph. Possib. the orig. name was Ainsworth.

EPES, or EPPES, *DANIEL, Ipswich, s. of Daniel, from Kent, Eng. came 1637 with his mo. Martha, wh. by the fam. tradit. corrob. by slight circumstances, is said to have m. the worshipful Samuel Symonds. He m. 20 May 1644, Elizabeth eldest d. of Samuel Symonds, wh. d. 7 May 1685 aged 60, by wh. he had Samuel, b. 24 Feb. 1647, H. C. 1669 wh. was of Boston 1673, and d. Apr. 1685 at London; Daniel, 24 Mar. 1649, H. C. 1669; Nathaniel, 1650, d. soon; John, 1651, d. soon; Joseph, 1653; Martha, 1654; Mary, 1656, d. soon; Lionel, 1657; ano. s. 1658, d. soon; and Richard, 1659. He had sec. w. Lucy, d. of Rev. John Woodbridge, wid. of Rev. Simon Bradstreet of New London; was freem. 1674, a capt. rep. 1684, and d. 8 Jan. 1693, aged a. 70 yrs. as his grave-st. tells. 

*DANIEL, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 17 Apr. 1672, Martha, d. of William Bordman of Cambridge, wh. d. 9 Feb. 1692, had Martha, b. 10 Aug. 1673, d. young; Martha, again, 8 Mar. 1676; Mary, 19 Feb. 1678; d. young; Daniel, 28 Oct. 1679; Samuel, 4 Jan. 1681; Elizabeth 19 Mar. 1684; Mary, again, 31 Aug. 1686; Ruth, 22 July 1688; and Margaret, 31 Mar. 1691; was master of the gr. sch. from 1670, above 20 yrs. by John Dunton in his Life and Errors call. "the most eminent sch.master in N. E." wh. of course may be tak. with qualific. in favor of contempo. Cheever and Corlett. He prob. had for sec. w. Hannah, wid. of Francis Wainwright of Ipswich, was rep. 1708 and 15, says Feb, II. 564, but he hac omit. him in the list of Counsel. in wh. office, however, Hutch. II. 292, wh. could not easi. be mistak. says, he d. Nov. 1722. [[vol. 2, p. 126]]

ERRINGTON, ABRAHAM, Cambridge 1649, m. Rebecca, d. of Robert Cutler of Charlestown, had Abraham, b. 11 Nov. 1652, prob. d. soon; perhaps a sec. Abraham, b. 1 Nov. 1654, d. soon; Rebecca; Hannah; Sarah; Mary, bapt. 13 Jan. 1661; Abraham, again, 8 Nov. 1663; and Jacob, wh. d. young, 2 Oct. 1668; d. 9 May 1677, aet. 55. Ann, prob. his mo. d. 11 Dec. 1653, aged 76; but his f. was perhaps d. bef. she came over. THOMAS, Lynn 1642, was of Charlestown 1647, but soon back to L. and prob. rem. to Warwick, there freem. 1655.

ERWIN, EDWARD, Dover 1658.

ESSET, WILLIAM, Boston, m. Ann Sheffield, d. 24 May 1697.

ESTABROOK, or EASTERBROOK, BENJAMIN, Lexington, s. of Joseph, m. 20 Nov. 1693, Abigail, d. of Rev. Samuel Willard, ord. 21 Oct. 1669, d. 28 July foll. DANIEL, Cambridge, br. of the preced. JOSEPH, Concord, came a. 1660 from Enfield, Middlesex, Eng. it is said, with two brs. (one of wh. Thomas, in 1673 was of Swanzey, but after at Concord), was gr. H. C. 1664, ord. a. 1667, collea. with Edward Bulkley, freem. 1665, m. 20 May 1668, Mary, d. of Capt. Hugh Mason, had Joseph, b. 6 May 1669; Benjamin, 24 Sept. 1671, H. C. 1690, bef. ment.; Mary, 28 Feb. 1673; Samuel, 7 Jan. 1675, H. C. 1696; Daniel, 14 Feb. 1677; and Ann, 30 Jan. 1678. He d. 16 Sept. 1711. Daniel d. at Sudbury 7 Jan. 1737; Mary m. Jonathan Green of Newton; and Ann m. 26 Jan. 1710, Joshua Haynes of Sudbury. 

JOSEPH, Lexington, s. of the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1689, Melicent, d. of Henry Woodhouse, had only Joseph, b. 10 Oct. 1690; his w. d. 20 Mar. 1693, and he m. 25 Aug. foll. Hannah, wid. of Joseph Loring, d. of John Leavitt, had John, 28 July 1694; Solomon, 22 Dec. 1696; Hannah, 2 Aug. 1698; Melicent, 21 Mar. 1700; and Elijah, 25 Aug. 1703; was deac. and d. 23 Sept. 1733. SAMUEL, Canterbury, s. of the first Joseph, taught sch. and help. his f. at Concord, bef. ord. 13 Jan. 1712, d. 26 June 1727. THOMAS, Swanzey, by w. Sarah had Elizabeth b. 19 Dec. 1673. Six of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll. Often it is spelt Easterbrook.

ESTEN, THOMAS, Providence, sw. alleg. in May 1682.

ESTES, JOHN, Lynn, s. of Matthew the first, sign. the address to Gov. Joseph Dudley 1703, with RICHARD, as Quakers, when, of course, they did not state their ages upon that paper, wh. is print. in Geneal. Reg. Il. 149. JOSEPH, Dover 1719, br. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Timothy Robinson, and has num. descend. in Maine. MATTHEW, Dover, s. of Robert of Dover, Eng. where he was b. 28 May 1645, m. 14 June 1676, Philadelphia, d. of Reginald Jenkins, had Joseph, whose day of b. is not told; John, 14 July 1684; Richard, 2 Sept. 1686; and Matthew, 1689, possib. more. He prob. rem. to Scituate, and his w. d. 25 Dec. [[vol. 2, p. 127]] 1721; and he d. 9 Aug. 1723. MATTHEW, Scituate, s. of the preced. by w. Alice had Edward, b. a. 1708; William, a. 1710; two ch. wh. d. 5 young; Matthew, 19 Dec. 1726; Sarah, 8 June 1733; and Robert, 12 Jan. 1736; and d. 11 May 1774; and his wid. d. 14 Dec. 1778, aged 84.

ESTOW, WILLIAM, Hampton 1639, d. 23 Nov. 1655, says Coffin, in his will, shortly bef. names only ds. Sarah, w. of Maurice Hobbs, and Mary, w. of Thomas Marston.

ESTWICK, ESTWICH, or ESTICK, EDWARD, Salem, by w. Esther had Elizabeth b. a. 1652; Sarah, 1654; Hannah, 1656; Esther, 1659; and Edward, 1662, as from his inv. June 1666, is kn.

ETHEREDGE, EDWARD, Mass. 1646. Felt.

ETHERINGTON, THOMAS, Kittery, was lost, with his w. in the wreck of a small vessel, Nov. 1664.

EUSTIS, WILLIAM, Charlestown, liv. at Malden, perhaps Winisemet, or Boston 1695, had, I suppose, s. William, wh. d. 4 Jan. 1691; perhaps other ch. and w. Sarah, wh. d. 12 June 1713, aet. 74. By her he had John, b. at Boston, 8 Dec. 1659.

EVANCE, JOHN New Haven 1639, came prob. from London, sign. the orig. compact of 4 June, was one of the most wealthy inhab. had Daniel, bapt. 15 Mar. 1646; Mary, wh. d. 1650; and Stephen, b. 21 Apr. 1652. He prob. went home, certain. was in London 1656, acc. his friend Gov. Eaton's will. His wid. Susanna, or Hannah, m. at London, Henry Hatsell, wh. came to New Haven, and d. 1667.

EVANS, DAVID, Boston 1654, merch. d. 27 July 1663, leav. wid. Mary, by wh. he had, as I conject. David, that d. 2 Nov. 1653 [see Geneal. Reg. X. 217, where the surname is not]; and certain. Elizabeth b. 10 Aug,. 1630, and Martha, 28 May 1657; beside David, again, 2 Feb. 1659; and Jonathan, 3 Apr. 1663. EDWARD, Dover, s. of Robert had w. Dorcas, and ch. Elinor, b. 3 Mar. 1700; Rachel, 6 Apr. 1703; and Joseph 29 Oct. 1704. HENRY, Boston 1643, husbandman, freem. 1645. His w. Amy came in the yr. preced. from the ch. of Roxbury. Admin. on one Henry E. wh. was drown. 1 Mar. 1667, was grant. in Middlesex to his w. Esther, next mo. 

JOHN, Wethersfield 1640, may have been at Hatfield 1678. JOHN, Roxbury, by w. Mary had John, bapt. 30 July 1671; Peter, 27 Apr. 1673, d. soon; and Peter, again, 21 June 1674; but I find none of these in the town rec. It has been thot. he serv. on Conn. riv. in Philip's war. Perhaps he lost his w. bef. or soon after rem. to Hatfield, there m. 1677, Mary, wid. of Experience Hinsdale, d. of John Hawks, had Elinor, b. 1678; Jonathan, 1680; and Randal, 1682; rem. a. 1685 to Deerfield, where his w. had lds. JOHN, Dover, there act. as a commiss. with others to sett. lines betw. York, D. and Kittery, his name in the rec. being giv. Evines. MATTHIAS, Dorchester, s. of first Richard, a carpenter, m. 28 Apr. 1669, Patience, d. of Gabriel Meade, wh. d. 22 May 1670, and he sold his est. 1679. PETER, Deerfield, s. of John, had sev. ch. betw. 1711 and 28, of wh. one was Randall. 

PHILIP, Newbury, by w. Deborah had William, b. 13 Oct. 1687; Elizabeth 8 Nov. 1689; and John, 30 Apr. 1692; the last, [[vol. 2, p. 128]] says Coffin, at Ipswich. RICHARD, Dorchester, freem. 1643, by Mary had Richard; Mary, b. 19 Jan. 1641; Matthias, 11 Feb. 1644; besides prob. Hannah, wh. m. 27 Sept. 1665, Samuel Hicks; and Joanna, wh. m. 16 Jan. 1668, Joshua Hemmenway. Mary m. 17 July 1666, Nathan Bradlee. RICHARD, Dorchester, s. of the preced. by w. Rebecca had Richard, b. 8 Feb. 1670; Mary, 30 Nov. 1671, d. at nine mos.; Mary, again, 8 June 1673; Rebecca, 22 Oct. 1676; Thomas, 31 Aug. 1678; Matthias, 26 May, 1682; and John, 9 Mar. 1688; and d. 10 Mar. 1725, aged a. 86. His wid. d. 1731, aet. 8. 

RICHARD, Rehoboth, had Richard, b. 10 Aug. 1681. ROBERT, Dover 1665, had Robert, b. 30 Sept. 1665; Edward, 28 June 1667; Jonathan, 10 Apr. 1669; and Elizabeth 25 Jan. 1672; all by w. Elizabeth was k. 28 June 1689, or (as ano. acco. is) d. of cancer, 27 Feb. 1697. ROBERT, Dover, s. of the preced. had w. Ann and ch. Joseph, b. 4 June 1682; Sarah, 9 Nov. 1685; Benjamin, 2 Feb. 1687; Hannah, 21 June 1690; and Patience, 5 Sept. 1693. He d. 1753. THOMAS, Plymouth, d. 27 Jan. 1635. THOMAS, DORCHESTER, 1640, perhaps was there 1689. THOMAS, Salisbury, m. 30 Sept. 1686, Hannah Brown, had Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1687; John, 24 Aug. 1689; Abigail, 22 Aug. 1692; Thomasin, 5 Apr. 1696; and Hannah, 5 Apr. 1698. WILLIAM, Taunton 1643, prob. d. bef. 1676, or may have been the same as WILLIAM, Gloucester, one of the selectmen 1647 and 8, was of Ipswich 1656.

EVARTS, DANIEL, Guilford, s. of John, perhaps b. in Eng. had w. Mary, wh d. 31 Mar. 1663; and he m. 1 Mar. 1664, Rebecca, d. of Henry Dowd, had Hannah; Daniel, b. 24 Jan. 1667; John, 20 Sept. 1669; James, 18 Feb. 1672; Sarah, 15 May 1675; Samuel, 14 Dec. 1681; d. 5 Dec. 1692. The last five ch. were liv. 1693. Hannah m. 1686, Thomas Stephens of Killingworth, and d. in few yrs. JAMES, Fairfield, prob. eldest s. of John, freem. of Conn. 1664, m. Lydia, d. o Richard Guttridge, had John; James; Mary, b. 17 Mar. 1662; Lydia; Joseph, Feb. 1669, d. at ten yrs.; Judah, a. 1673; Hannah, 22 Sept. 1677; Joseph, again, 1679; Dorothy, a. 1683; and Jonathan, wh. d. 1696. He perhaps was b. in Eng. d. 1684, his ins. hav. date of June. JOHN, Concord, freem. Mar. 1638, had John; b. 29 Feb. 1640; and Judah, 27 Oct. 1642; but other ch. may have been older, certain. James and prob. one of more brot. from Eng. rem. to Guilford 1650, and d. 10 May 1669. We kn. not the mo. of his ch. but at G. he m. Elizabeth wid. of John Parmelee, the elder. John, Judah, Daniel, and heirs of James were proprs. there 1685. His d. Elizabeth m. Peter Abbot, and was k. by him, for wh. he was execut. tho. prob. insane. 

JOHN, Guilford, s. of the preced. m. 14 Sept. 1665, Mary French, prob. d. of Thomas of the same, had Mary, b. 12 Aug. 1666, d. at 22 yrs.; John, [[vol. 2, p. 129]] 16 Sept. 1668, wh.d. young Hannah, 12 Nov. 1670; Sarah, 4 June 1673; Nathaniel, 25 July 1675; Mehitable, 25 Feb. 1679; Ebenezer, 15 Sept. 1681; Silence, 26 Jan. 1684; Elizabeth wh. d. 1687; and Patience, 14 May 1689, d. bef. her f. wh. had sec. w. Sarah d. of Dennis Crampton, and d. 28 Dec. 1692. JUDAH, Guilford, br. of the preced. m. 3 Aug. 1670, Mary, d. of William Hayden of Killingworth, had Mary, b. 28 June 1675, d. at 3 yrs.; Samuel, 4 Oct. 1678; Mary, again, 16 May 1682, d. very soon; and Ebenezer, 16 June 1688, d. young; d. 1696, leav. the two s.

EVE, ADAM, Boston, is the strange name of one, wh. as Bond says, m. 5 July 1694, Elizabeth youngest d. of William Barsham of Watertown, had d. Annabel, wh. m. 23 Dec. 1714, Jonathan Benjamin of W.

EVELETH, ISAAC, Gloucester, s. of Sylvester, m. 13 Nov. 1677, Abigail, d. of John Coit, had Isaac, b. 21 Jan. 1680; and Hannah, 9 May 1681; beside Job; and was freem. 1684. His wid. m. sec. Thomas Millet, as his sec. w. surv. him, and d. 19 Mar. 1726, aged 68. JOHN, Ipswich, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 13 Nov. 1683; but may have had others sev. yrs. bef. or after; d. Dec. 1745, in his 107th yr. acc. Pemberton's MSS. Ann. prob. a mistake as to time and man. JOHN, Ipswich, eldest s. of Joseph, min. of Manchester, ord. 1 Oct. 1693, dism. 1695; in five yrs. more was sett. at Stow, but again dism. 1717; two yrs. after preach. at Arundel and Biddeford until 1729, perhaps as Episc. Miss. d. at Kittery 1 Aug. 1734, aged 65. He m. at Charlestown, then being sch.master, 2 Dec. 692, Mary, d. of Francis Bowman of Cambridge, had Joseph, wh. 27 Oct. 1714, aged a. 18, bur. at Cambridge, prob. a stud. at the Coll. His w. d. bef. 1698. JOSEPH, Gloucester, s. of Sylvester, m. 1 Jan. 1668, Mary, d. prob. of Edward Bragg, had John, b. 25 Jan. 1670, H. C. 1689; Elizabeth 17 Dec. 1671; 31 May 1674; Isaac, 11 Oct. 1676; Edward, 25 July 1679; Moses, 13 Feb. 1682; Mary, 13 Nov. 1683; and Hannah, 1 Oct. 1685. He enjoy. great length of life, I believe; and beside the serv. to his country in hav. so many ch. he merits high reward as one of that noble jury, wh. had yield. to the monstrous dictat. of the Ct. in the witchcraft cases 1692, at Salem, every man of them declar. that none of them wd. "do such things again on such grounds for the whole world." 

SYLVESTER, Gloucester, had been a baker at Boston 1642, at G. was selectman 1647, 9, and 51; had w. Susanna wh. d. 7 Sept. 1659, or, as report is, 14 Sept. 1669, by her had Susanna, wh. m. 31 Dec. 1656, James Stevens; Isaac; Joseph, bapt. 26 Mar. 1643, a. 1 yr. and 3/4 old; and Hannah, 8 Oct. foll. both at B. He m. 6 Sept. 1672, Bridget, prob. wid. of first Elias Parkman; his d. Mary In. 21 May 1655, Thomas Millet. At Gloucester a tradit. prevails, that Joseph d. 45, aged 105, wh. partly conflicts with, partly confirms, that one about John; and the Supplem. to the Boston Evening Post of 16 Dec. 1745, [[vol. 2, p. 130]]

cont. this obit. notice: "On the 2d inst. d. at Ipswich, Mr. Joseph Eveleth in the hundred and seventh yr. of his age--left sev. ch. of a great age, one of wh. is upwards of 70 yrs. old." Reasonab. therefore, may we believe that John, or Joseph, ran something over a century.

EVERDEN, ANTHONY, Providence, took the o. of alleg. May 1666. RICHARD, Providence, sw. alleg. June 1668. THOMAS, Salem 1682, a Quaker preach. WALTER, from Kent, an aged man, employ. in manuf. of gunpowder, was in Mass. Aug. 1674. Hutch. Coll. 468.

EVERED, ANDREW, York, made freem. of Mass. 1652, was liv. 1680, to sw. alleg. to the k. Sometimes it is Everest. *JOHN, with a perpetual alias Webb, for surname, Boston, from Marlborough in Wilts, emb. in the James at Southampton Apr. 1635, arr. 3 June, had large est. from 1656, as also at Chelmsford, where he was capt. and rep. 1663, 4, and 5, spent the last 5 or 6 yrs. of life in that part afterwards Dracut, and d. 16 Oct. 1668. His will of 10 Feb. 1666, bestows £50 on ch. of Boston, names w. Mary, six serv. his niece Rebecca, w. of John Arsleby of Andover, and her brs. John, Robert, Thomas, Peter, and Nathaniel Eayres, or Ayres, of Haverhill, and the eldest s. of John Bishop of Nantucket, beside cous. or neph. James Breedane, and br. William Dinsdale of Boston, and Rev. John Fiske, wh. with Thomas Hincksman he made overseers of this will, from all wh. it may be presum. he left no descend. STEPHEN, perhaps br. of the preced. hav. the same alias, and com. in the same sh. with him. No more is kn. of him. It may be unavailing to ask why this fam. is describ. in all the rec. by a double surname, as was the progen. of famous Oliver Cromwell, by the precession of Williams. Webb was a com. name in Wilts, and in many other parts of Eng. WILLIAM, Charlestown, without the alias, m. 30 Jan. 1659, Sarah Fillebrown.

EVERELL. See Everill.

EVEREST, ISAAC, Guilford, by w. Joanna had John; Isaac, b. 1 May 1677; Benjamin; and Lydia; d. 1697, prob. for his inv. of good est. is of 23 Jan. in that yr. JOB, Guilford, br. of the preced. d. 1684, unm. gave all his est. to Isaac.

EVERETT, FRANCIS, Reading, m. 7 Dec. 1675, at Cambridge, Mary Edwards, and d. perhaps at Salem, 22 May 1680. ISRAEL, Dedham, s. of Richard, by w. Abigail had Tabitha, b. 14 Jan. 1677; and Josiah, 3 Aug. 1678. He d. 23 Dec. 1678. JEDEDIAH, Dedham, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Rachel had Tabitha, b. 15 Apr. 1681; Ebenezer, 7 June 1682; Timothy, 12 June or Aug. 1685; Abigail, 31 May or Aug. 1690; and Richard, or Rachel, 11 Mar. 1692. JOHN, Dedham, eldest br. of the preced. m. 13 May 1662, Elizabeth d. of Robert Pepper, had Elizabeth b. 9 Aug. or 6 Nov. 1665; Hannah, 14 Sept. 1670; Bethia, 3 Oct. 1673; John, 9 June 1676; William, 20 [[vol. 2, p. 131]] Oct. 1678, or Jan. 1679; Israel, 8 Apr. 1681; and Richard, 24 Aug. 1683; freem. 1690, was a capt. and d. 1 Apr. 1714. His wid. Elizabeth d. June 1715; but in one draft of a fam. geneal. that has been subm. to my inspect. the dates of d. for h. and w. are exchang. 

RICHARD, Dedham, whose name is uniform. giv. Everard, had, I presume, liv. at Watertown, there, prob. by w. Mary, had John, rem. a. 1636 or 7, had Mary, b. 28 Sept. 1638, says the rec. tho. it seems to me prob. that it was 1637; Samuel, 31 Mar. 1639, tho. the rec. of the county has, absurdly, 31 Sept. as the town rec. must be false, if it has Mary correct; Sarah, 14 Mar. 1641, d. 1 Apr. foll.; and James, 14 Mar. 1643, d. soon, as did also his mo. He m. 29 June 1643, at Springfield, where he had some est. Mary Winch, wh. came, At the age of 15, with Rowland Stebbins 1634, in the Francis, from Ipswich; had Sarah, again, b. 12 Apr. 1644; Abigail, 19 Nov. 1647; Israel, 14 July 1601; Ruth, 14 Jan. 1654; and Jedediah, 11 July 1656. He d. 3 July 1682, in his will, pro. 25 of that mo. made 12 May 1680, gave inc. of all his est. to w. Mary during wid. to ch. Jedediah, est. in fee of 20 acres; Abigail, w. of Matthias Puffer, "the tract of Easy Plain;" to James Mackenwithy, wh. m. his d. Mary, 7 acres for life, remainder in fee to her ch. James, Daniel, and Mary; to gr.ch. Sarah, d. of Cornelius Fisher, wh. m. 24 July 1665, his d. Sarah, 15; and other est. equally to ch. John, Samuel, Jedediah, Abigail, and Ruth. RICHARD, Jamaica, L. I. had d. in 1666, or earlier, for in that yr. Abraham Smith was appoint. admor. of his est. in trust for his childr. These ch. are not nam. Thompson, in 1656, calls him Evert; yet in 1686 he names at Jamaica, John Everit, perhaps one of them. SAMUEL, Dedham, s. of first Richard, m. 28 May 1669, Mary, d. of Robert Pepper, had Judith, b. 10 Feb. 1670, d. soon; Judith, again, 12 Mar. 1672; Samuel, 7 Oct. 1681; Isaac, 25 May 1685; Mary, 24 May 1688; and Benjamin, 20 Mar. 1693; was freem. 1690; and d. 26 June 1718. WILLIAM, Kittery 1640, whose name may be Averitt, under govern. by Gorges patent, allow. to keep an ordinary 1649, was adm. freem. of Mass. 1652, when, perhaps, he was of Dover, d. at sea 1674. Ten of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at H. C. and ten at the other N. E. coll.

EVERILL, ABIEL, Boston, m. 6 July 1655, Elizabeth d. of Lieut. William Phillips, had James, b. 4 Apr. 1656; and d. early, for his wid. m. 1 Apr. 1660, prob. as sec. w. John Alden, jr. JAMES, Boston, was adm. with w. Elizabeth of the cb. 20 July 1634, freem. 3 Sept. foll. had Ezekiel, bapt. 15 May 1636; Coneniah, 4 Nov. 1638, if the name on rec. be credible; and Elizabeth 3 Oct. 1641; beside Ann or Hannah, older than either, wh. was, prob. b. in Eng. and m. William Blanchard, but after his d. m. George Manning; was in good esteem, often one of the selectmen, d. [[vol. 2, p. 132]] near the end of 1682 or beg. of 1683, for his will, made in Dec. was pro. in Feb. foll. His d. Elizabeth m. a Grant. Often the name appears Everell.

EVERTON, JOSEPH, Charlestown, s. of William of the same, by w. Catharine had Catharine, bapt. 22 Oct. 1699; and Joseph, 14 Sept. 701. SAMUEL, Charlestown, br. of the preced. by w. Joanna had Joanna, bapt. 15 Dec. 1700. WILLIAM, Manchester 1658, Charlestown 1674, by w. Sarah had John, Fownell, Samuel, Joseph, and Sarah, all bapt. 2 Sept. 1677; William, 7 Oct. 1677; Benjamin, 11 July 1680; and by sec. w. Ruth Walley, m. 19 Nov. 1684, had Elizabeth bapt. 3 Sept. 1688; and Ruth, 27 Sept. 1691; wh. d. next yr. and he d. 10 Oct. 1689, not aged a. 63, as by the gravestone is falsely said. His wid. m. 10 Sept. 1691, Thomas Bligh of Boston.

EWE, JOHN, Hartford, by misadvent. k. Thomas Scott, 6 Nov. 1643, f. and was fin. ten pounds to the wid. and five to the col.

EWELL, GERSHOM, Scituate, s. of Henry, had John. HENRY, Scituate, came from Sandwich, Kent, 1635, in the Hercules, shoemaker, unit. with the ch. 3 Apr. 1636, was a soldier in the Pequot war 1637, m. 23 Nov. 1638, Sarah, d. of Anthony Annable, rem. to Barnstable, where his eldest s. John was bapt. 8 Mar. 1640; Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1643; Sarah, 14 Sept. 1645; and came back 1647, had at S. Hannah, b. 22 June 1649; Gershom, 14 Nov. 1650; d. Abia, 27 Sept. 1653; Ichabod, June 1639; and Deborah, 4 June 1663. His ho. was burn. in 1676 by the Ind. His will of 1681 names the bef. ment. exc. John and Abia, adds other ch. Eunice, and ment. w. Sarah, and d. Sarah, w. of John Northey. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Richard Goodale, but d. 31 July 1686 at Newbury, leav. d. Mary. ICHABOD, Scituate, s. of Henry, cultiv. est. of his f. but his sons rem. to Marshfield, says Deane. JOSEPH, Ipswich, freem. 1683. RICHARD, Springfield 1668.

EWER, HENRY, Sandwich 1637. JOHN, Barnstable, d. 1652. THOMAS, Charlestown, came in the James from London 1635, aged 40; with w. Sarah, d. of William Larned, 28; and ch. Elizabeth 4; and Thomas, l had elder ch. perhaps John, certain. Sarah, wh. m. 18 June 1645, Thomas Blossom the sec. of Plymouth; unit. with the ch. Jan. 1636, as had his w. the mo. bef. freem. 3 Mar. 1636; d. 1638; and his wid. m. 11 Dec. 1639, Thomas Lothrop of Barnstable, where his d. Elizabeth was bur 9 Apr. 1641. Perhaps he was the man against wh. charge for language against the king, in 1637, was brot. by Lord Ley, so easily got rid of by Gov. Winthrop I. 234; but he might soon after have seem. in greater danger for error in his relig. opin. as he was one of the friends of Wheelwright. Yet his discretion in recant. is observ. THOMAS, Sandwich, of wh. I learn nothing but what his wid. Hannah pro. his inv. 31 May 1667.

[[vol. 2, p. 133]] THOMAS, Barnstable, perhaps s. of first Thomas, had by first w. Thomas, b. Dec. 1673; and prob. mo. and ch. d. soon. He m. Oct. 1681, sec. w. Elizabeth Lovell, wh. d. 20 Mar. 1712, had Thomas, b. Jan. 1686, bapt. 26 July 1691; Shubael, 1630; John, Feb. 1692; Mehitable, Oct. 1694, d. next mo.; Nathaniel, Nov. 1695; Jonathan, d. Nov. 1696; Hezekiah, 1697; and Thankful, Oct. bapt. 2 Nov. 1701; beside Sarah, and Elizabeth

EWILL, JOHN, Newbury 1669, d. 31 July 1686. Perhaps it is sometimes Ewins, and he may have been s. of that William wh. in 1666 was aged 46, as Coffin says in Geneal. Rev. VI. 253.

EWINGTON, THOMAS, Lynn 1642, is by me thot. to be Thomas Euington, freem. of R. I. 1655.

EWSTEAD, RICHARD, Salem 1629, came in the fleet with Higginson.

EXELL, or EXILE, RICHARD, Springfield 1646, m. 4 June 1651, Hannah, wid. of Thomas Reeves, had Mary, b. 1 Mar. 1653; John, 4 Nov. 1657; and Abigail, 20 May 1660; suffer. in Philip's war, and rem. 1676, but whither is unkn. yet in 1681 or 2 he sent to Boston some whale oil to pay a debt he owed Pynchon, so that prob. either Long Isl. or Rhode Isl. bec. his home. Mary m. 30 Dec. 1675, Henry Rogers.

EYER, JOHN, NATHANIEL, SAMUEL, Haverhill or Salisbury. See Ayer.

EYNSWORTH, one way of spell. Ainsworth, wh. see.

EYMANS, EDWARD, Haverhill, in 1663 was 40 years of age, as Coffin found, and no other finding has reach. me.

EYRE, EIRE, often EYERS, *JOHN, Boston, youngest s. of Simon the first m. 20 May 1680, Catharine, d. of Thomas Brattle, had, beside five ch. wh. d. young, Catharine, b. 20 July 1694; Bethia, 24 July 1695; and John, 7 Aug. 1700, H. C. 18; was of ar. co. 1682, in the Com.tee of Safety 1689, rep. 1693 and 8, and d. June 1700. His wid. m. 13 Nov. 1707, Waitstill Winthrop. JONATHAN, Boston, br. of the preced. by Simon's first w. was educ. for a surgeon 1656, but no more is kn. of him. 

*SIMON, Watertown, a surgeon, came in the Increase 1635, from London, emb. 15 Apr. aged 48, with w. Dorothy, 38 ; and ch. Mary, 15 ; Thomas, 13; Simon, 11 ; Rebecca, 9; Christian, 7; Ann, 5; Benjamin, 3; and Sarah, 3 mos. freem. 17 Apr. 1637, rep. 1641, selectman 1636-43, and clk. of the town 1641-5, when John Sherman succeed. and he soon rem. to Boston, where his w. d. 11 Aug. 1650; but he had, bef. rem. Jonathan, b. 20 Mar. 1638; and Dorothy, 14 June, 1640. Prob. too, his ch. Sarah d. at W. young;. and he m. a. 1651, Martha, d. of William Hubbard, sis. of the hist. and of John Whittingham of Ipswich, had Maria, b. 26 Mar. 1652 and John, 19 Feb. 1654; and d. 10 Oct. 1658, unless 10 Nov. by ano. rec. be more prob. His wid. d. 13 July 1687. Abstr. of his will of 5 July bef. his d. may be seen in Geneal. Reg,. IX. 39. Ann m. 5 Mar. 1652, [[vol. 2, p. 134]] John Checkley; and Mary, it is said, m. Richard Moseley, tho. wh. he was, I see not. 

SIMON, Boston, brot. by his f. the preced. with the other seven ch. 1635, m. Lydia, d. of Comfort Starr, had Simon, b. 6 Aug. 1652, to wh. gr.f. Starr made a bequest "to help him to learning." On 10 Aug. of next yr. his w. a. and he had d. few days bef. SIMON, New Haven, s. of the preced. m. 22 July 1679, Elizabeth d. of the sec. Isaac Allerton, the young wid. of Benjamin Starr, had Lydia, b. 17 Sept. 1680; Simon, 5 Sept. 1682; and Isaac, 23 Feb. 1684; and Benjamin, 19 June 1688; and Elizabeth 30 Oct. 1690; and d. at Milford 1695. Error in Geneal. Reg. 157, giv. the list of proprs. at New Haven 1685 (wh. is general. very accurate), is seen in the name of this man, as Egears; and in an earlier day some rec. gives it Heyers, while the London custom ho. shows Ayres. That John, wh. was drown. 30 Nov. 1696, "skating on the Fresh Pond" (as Sewall's Diary in Geneal. Reg. V. 76, tells), was his s. I venture to conject. tho. he was so far from home, bec. both he and his partner in the casualty are call. students, and prob. they were prepar. for adm. at coll. JOHN, sen. JOHN, jr. 

JOSEPH, NATHANIEL, SAMUEL, and TIMOTHY, wh. were all of Haverhill, and there took the milit. o. of alleg. 28 Nov. 1677, no doubt, tho. brot. in with E. belong to the first letter of our alphabet; yet as I could of either tell nothing more, their fall in Geneal. Reg. VI. 203, is no matter of regret. Common. the name at H. was Ayer. THOMAS, Watertown 1644, eldest s. of Simon the first, wh. in his will had devis. to him the est. at W. d. prob. without issue, perhaps unm. in Virginia 1666, tho. we may ask, in vain, why he was there, unless we assume that he had lost or wasted his gr. prop. wh. infer. must be justif. by Bond, 204, mak. his inv. no more than £26.13. Farmer thot. the fam. might be deriv. from John E. of Brandon in Suffk. whose s. Simon was in 1445 mayor of London. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Ann had Saville, b. 13 Dec. 1691; and Thomas, 13 July 1694. His parents are unkn. Ayer is often writ. for this name.

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