A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Fitch - Follet

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

FITCH, *BENJAMIN, Reading, s. of Zechary, perhaps b. in Eng. had Benjamin, wh. d. 24 June 1662; and Zechary, wh. d. 16 Apr. 1684; was freem. 1679, rep. 1689, 91 and 2, deac. d. 1713. BENJAMIN, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 2 Mar. 1693, Mary Het, and d. 14 Dec. 1739, aged 73. DAVID, New London, s. of Rev. James, had David, Adonijah, and Mary, perhaps more. ELEAZER, Lebanon, youngest br. of the preced. m. his cous. Martha, d. of capt. John Brown, had no ch. 

JABEZ, Ipswich, s. of Rev. James, was tutor some time at Harv. ord. 1703, as collea. to Rev. John Rogers, m. 10 June 1704, Elizabeth d. of John Appleton; had Elizabeth b. 16 Aug. 1705; Margaret; Mary; Ann; John, H. C. 1728; and James; rem. to Portsmouth, was there inst. a. 1725, d. 22 Nov. 1746. JAMES, Boston, a tailor, came in the Defence, 1635, aged 30, with w. Abigail, 24, and they both in Dec. foll. were adm. of our ch. had Elizabeth bapt. 15 May 1636; and I find no more of him, but that he was of Muddy riv. 1638. JAMES, Saybrook, b. 24 Dec. 1622, at Bocking, Co. Essex, was brot. a. 1638, to N. E. but where he was prepar. for the min. is unkn. tho. prob. with Hooker and Stone of Hartford, as the inscript. on his gr.st. tells, mak. the period of study seven yrs. and is in Mather's sec. classis. ord. 1646, by w. Abigail, d. of Rev. Henry Whitfield, had James, b. 2 Aug. 1649; Abigail, 5 Aug. 1650; Elizabeth 2 Jan. 1652; Hannah, 17 Dec. 1653; Samuel, early in Mar. 1655; and Dorothy, Apr. 1658. His w. d. 9 Sept. 1659; and next yr. he rem. to sett. Norwich with large pt. of his S. people, m. 2 Oct. 1664, Priscilla, d. of Maj. John Mason, had Daniel, b. Aug. 1665; John, Jan. 1668; Jeremiah, Sept. 1670; Jabez, Apr. 1672, H. C. 1694; Ann, Apr. 1675; Nathaniel, Oct. 1679; Joseph, Nov. 1681; and Eleazur, 14 May 1683; all ment. as liv. in the will, 1696, and all but the last had fam. He gave up his office 1696, rem. to Lebanon, and d. 18 Nov. 1702. His d. Abigail m. prob. the sec. John Mason of Norwich; Elizabeth m. 5 Sept. 1674, Rev. Edward Taylor of Westfield, and d. 1689; Hannah m. it is said, Thomas Meeks, or Mix; Dorothy m. Nathaniel Bissell; and Ann m. 5 Oct. 1698, Joseph Bradford; but this makes strange discord with the Geneal. Reg. IV. 46 and 49. α JAMES, Lebanon, or Canterbury, eldest s. of the preced. was a man of importance, major, an Assist. of the Col. 1681, and prob. many yrs. later, m. 1 Jan. 1676, Elizabeth youngest d. of maj. John Mason own sis. of the sec. w. of his f. wh. d. 8 Oct. 1684, and by her had James, b. 1 Jan. 1678, d. soon; James again, 7 June 1679; Jedediah, 17 Apr. 1681; Samuel, 1684; and by sec. w. Alice, wid. of Rev. William Adams, d. of Dep. Gov. William Bradford, m. 18 May 1687, had Abigail, 22 Feb. 1688; Ebenezer, 10 Jan. 1690; Daniel, Feb. 1693; John, 1695; Bridget, 1698; Josiah, 1699; William, 1701; and Jabez, 1703. Of these seventeen no date for b. of any is seen; yet we have happiness of hear. the names of ten: James, Jedediah, Samuel, Abigail, Ebenezer, Daniel, Jeremiah, Thomas, Lucy, and Jabez. JEREMIAH, Lynn, 1634, rem. to Reading 1644. 

JEREMIAH, Boston, perhaps s. of the preced. or of Zachary, by w. Esther had Mary, b. 1 Mar. 1653; and his w. d. 14 Sept. 1656. Next he m. 6 Oct. 1657, Sarah Chubbuck of Hingham, had Jeremiah 5 Feb. 1660; was freem. 1690. Of his est. admin. was giv. 21 July 1692, to wid. Martha. His d. Deborah m. Joseph Belknap, jr. and Rebecca m. William Tudman. One Jeremiah d. at Rehoboth, 15 Oct. 1676. [[vol. 2, p. 169]]

JEREMIAH, Lebanon, fifth s. of Rev. James, d. at Conventry 22 May 1736, teach. us by his will of 8 Mar. preced. that he left w. Ruth, ch. Jeremiah, Abner, Gideon, Elisha, James, Hannah, and Ruth. JOHN, came in the Defence 1635, aged 14, and so might be suppos. br. of the first James; but a doubt arises, for the same London custom ho. rec. at Westminster Hall, I found, gave passage in the Blessing, on the same day, to one of the same name and age. Carelessness in parts of that rec. if not wilful mistakes, is quite apparent; but perhaps one of sev. foll. may be either passeng. JOHN, Rehoboth 1644, prob. had John, wh. was bur. Apr. 1676, prob. posthum. for I suppose the f. was k. by the Ind. 26 Mar. preced. a volunteer under Pierce. Baylies, II.200. 

JOHN, Windsor, d. 1676, on 9 May, of wound rec. in the gr. battle of 19 Dec. preced.; had been there many yrs. His w. d. bef. and he had no ch. was not a freem. prob. not relat. of the many in Conn. wh. then bore the name. JOHN, Gloucester, m. wid. Mary Coit, 3 Oct. 1667, wh. d. 7 Nov. 1692; he d. 7 Nov. 1715. JOHN, Norwalk, s. of Thomas, m. 3 Dec. 1674, Rebecca, d. of deac. Henry Lindall of New Haven, had John, b. 29 Sept. 1677; Rebecca, 15 Jan. 1680; and Nathaniel, 6 Nov. 1682. *JOHN, Windham, s. of Rev. James, m. 10 July 1695, Elizabeth eldest d. of Thomas Waterman, had Elizabeth b. 1 June 1696; Miriam, 17 Oct. 1699; Priscilla, 5 Feb. 1702; John, 8 Mar. 1705; was capt. and d. 24 May 1743; and his wid. d. 25 June 1751. By Stiles, 620, he is confus. with former John. JOSEPH, Norwalk 1652, perhaps br. of Thomas, rem. 1655 to Northampton, thence in 1660 to Hartford, m. Mary, d. of Rev. Samuel Stone, had Joseph, Nathaniel, perhaps ano. s. certain. sev. ds. was rep. 1662-8, then rem. to Windsor, there had large farm, enjoy. by sev. generat. of his posterity, and was liv. in 1713. With his mo. and elder br. he owned est. at Birch in Essex, wh. they gave power to Samuel Wyllis, when he went to Eng. to sell. He sold to his br.-in-law Hezekiah, s. of Gov. Haynes. 

JOSEPH, Reading, s. of Zechary of the same, by w. Hannah, m. 2 July 1661, had Hannah, b. 3 Mar. 1662, d. in few days; d. 1694, aet.59. Coffin. JOSEPH, Stonington, eighth s. of Rev. James, m. 2 Nov. 1703, his cous. Sarah, d. of Samuel Mason, had Sarah, b. 24 Jan. 1705; Mason, 11 Sept. 1708; and Joseph, 14 Feb. 1711; and he m. 29 Dec. 1721, sec. w. Ann, eldest d. of Rev. Samuel Whiting, had Samuel, 16 Jan. 1724, a disting. lawyer; Eleazer, 29 Aug. 1726; rem. to Lebanon and Windham had Asahel, 7 Mov. 1728; Ichabod, 17 May 1734; Ann, 12 July 1737; and Thomas, 11 June 1739, d. young. NATHANIEL, Lebanon, br. of the preced. m. 10 Dec. 1701, Ann, d. of Joshua Abel, had Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1702; Joshua, 13 Feb. 1704; Nathan, 29 Mar. 1705; Nehemiah, 10 Feb. 1708; James, 15 Oct. 1709; John, 7 Jan. 1712; Nathaniel, 14 May 1714; Mehitable, 3 Feb. 1717; Elizabeth 26 May 1718; Rachel, Oct. 1720, d. at 6 mos.; Abel, 22 Nov. 1722; Caleb, 17 June 1725; and his w. d. 3 July 1728. He m. 17 Sept. 1729, Mindwell Tisdale, and had Jabez, 4 Oct. 1730, wh. d. young; Ezekiel, 11 Mar. 1732; and Isaac 10 May 1734; and d. 1759, his will being of 14 Feb. in that yr. RICHARD, Boston, perhaps br. of the James wh. came in 1635, as both were of Muddy riv. 1638. *SAMUEL, perhaps at Milford 1644, certain. of Hartford 1650, schoolmr. m. that yr. or early in the next, Mary, wid. of William Whiting, freem. 1651, rep. 1654 and 5, d. 1659; he had Samuel, wh. went to Milford; and Thomas, b. 1652, wh. liv. at Wethersfield. His wid. m. Alexander Bryan of Milford. SAMUEL, Reading, prob. the s. of Zechary, tho. Eaton calls him an early sett. He m. Sarah, d. of Job Lane, but of ch. I kn. not. 

SAMUEL, Milford, s. of Samuel, by w. Sarah had only ch. Sarah, and d. 1690. THOMAS, Norwalk 1652, br. of Rev. James, prob. came with him in 1637, freem. 1657, was early the richest inhab. had Thomas, ana John bef. ment. and with them and well grown gr. childr. was liv. in 1688. But strangely Farmer makes him f. of Gov. Thomas. THOMAS, Boston, cordwainer, by w. Martha, d. of David Fiske the first of Watertown, had Martha, b. 9 Nov. 1656; Mary, 17 Feb. 1659; Sarah, 14 June 1661; Elizabeth 2 Aug. bapt. 4 Sept. 1664; and Thomas, 5 Feb. 1669. The ch. rec. of bapt. of one of his ds. calls him of Watertown, freem. 1666, d. 1678, leav. wid. Martha. 

THOMAS, Norwalk, s. of Thomas of the same, a serg. in 1672, had four ch. of wh. one d. bef. him. He d. 1690, leav. Sarah, then aged 21; Thomas, 19; Mary, 16; and Samuel 2 1/2. The third Norwalk Thomas, [[vol. 2, p. 170]] s. of the preced. wh. d. 10 May 1731, was f. of Gov. Thomas, so that not only one generat. but two, were sunk in the common statement, as giv. by Farmer, of progenit. of the Gov. THOMAS, Wethersfield, s. of Samuel of the same, m. a. 1680, Abigail, d. prob. youngest of William Goodrich of the same, had Thomas, b. 20 July 1681, d. young; and Sibbil, 2 Nov. 1684, d. in few wks. as did the mo. in 5 days. He next m. Sarah, d. of Samuel Boardman of the same, had four ch. of whose names we are ign. and d. 17 Oct. 1704. 

ZECHARY, Reading, freem. 7 Sept. 1638, had Samuel, b. 6 Mar. 1645; and Zechary, 20 June 1647; beside sev. other ch. was deac. and d. 9 June 1662. His will of 3 May preced. names w. Mary, s. Joseph, Samuel, Benjamin, John, Jeremiah, and Thomas, beside d. Sarah, w. of John Wessen or Weston of Salem. In some rec. this man's name and his S. are spell. Fitts and often, Fitz. Four of the name had, in 1828, been gr. at Harv. and sixteen at Yale.

FITCHEW, PETER, Boston, a passeng. in the Champion, wh. drown. hims. as the inq. bef. Gov. Winthrop 18 May 1639, made return. See Geneal. Reg. VIII. 55. He prob. had no fam.

FITTS, ABRAHAM, Salisbury, s. of Robert, m. 16 May 1655, Sarah, d. of Simon Thompson of Ipswich, whither he rem. was freem. 1674, prob. had s. of the same name. RICHARD, Ipswich, rem. to Newbury, m. 8 Oct. 1654, Sarah Ordway, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1667; and he d. 2 Dec. 1672. RICHARD, Salisbury, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Nathaniel, b. 13 July 1699. ROBERT, Salisbury 1640, rem. to Ipswich, d. a. 1665, leav. w. Grace, and s. Abraham above ment. Perhaps this name has bec. Fitz.

FITZRANDLE, FITTSRENDOLFE, or FITTSRANDOLFE, EDWARD, Scituate 1637, m. 10 May, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Blossom, and join. the ch. 14 May; but went to Barnstable 1639, there had Nathaniel, bapt. 9 Aug. 1640, d. at 4 mos.; Nathaniel, again, 16 May 1642; Mary, 6 Oct. 164 d. young; Hannah, 23 Apr. 1648; Mary, 2 June 1651; John, 7 Oct. 1653; Joseph, b. 1 Mar.1656; Thomas, 16 Aug.1659; and Hope, 2 Apr. 1661. Hannah m. 6 Nov. 1668, Jasper Taylor; and Mary m. 15 Jan. 1669, Samuel Hinckley as 2d w. NATHANIEL, Barnstable, eldest ch, of the preced. m. Nov. 1662, Mary Holley, had John, b. 1 Feb. 1663; and Isaac, 7 Dec. 1664. PHILIP, Boston 1672, merch.

FLACK, COTTON, Boston 1634, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Jane had Deborah, bur. May 1642; Deborah, again, b. 5, bapt. 13 Oct. 1644, d. young; and s. Samuel, to wh. he gave, by will of 2 Nov. 1654, pro. 5 Aug. 1658, his est. in that pt. of the town now Brookline, all the rest to his w. SAMUEL, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had John, b. 12 Mar. 1653; Hannah, 26 Oct. 1656; and his w. d. soon after. By w. Ann, he had Hannah, b. 21 Aug. 1659.

[[vol. 2, p. 171]]

FLAGG, ALLEN, Watertown, youngest ch. of Thomas, m. 12 Mar. 1685, Sarah, d. of John Ball, had Sarah, b. 6 Aug. 1686; Mary; Allen, 9 Feb. 1691; Daniel, 16 Oct. 1637; Dinah, 1699, d. at 5 yrs.; Mercy, and Deliverance, tw. 13 May 1702; Jonathan, 1 May 1704; and Dinah, Dec. 1709; and d. 1711. BARTHOLOMEW, Watertown, was a br. of the preced. and serv. in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1673, in the great Narraganset campaign of Philip's war. His name in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 241, is curious. pervert. to Bolthomy. BENJAMIN, Watertown, s. of Thomas, m. 26 Sept. 1690, Experience, d. of Richard Child, had Benjamin, b. 25 Aug. 1691; Experience, 5 May 1693; Abigail, 16 Apr. 1694; Bartholomew, 16 Nov. 1697; Elizabeth 28 Dec. 1699; Gershom, 11 July 1702; Mary, bapt. 9 Apr. 1704; Ebenezer, 21 Jan. 1706; and Richard, 30 May 1608; was freem. 1690, and d. 3 May 1741; his wid. d. 1747. 

ELIEZUR, Concord, prob. br. of the preced. freem. 1690, had Eliezur, Joseph, and Priscilla. His will, says Barry, was pro. 1722. GERSHOM, Woburn, by Bond thot. s. of Thomas of Watertown, freem. 1674, m. M Apr. 1668, Hannah Leffingwell, had Gershom, b. 10 Mar. 1669; Eleazer, 1 Aug. 1670; John, 25 May 1673; Hannah, 12 Mar. 1675; Thomas, 22 June 1677; Ebenezer, 21 Dec. 1678; Abigail, 8 Jan. 1681; Mary, 2 Feb. 1683; Thomas, 19 Apr. 1685; and Benoni, 19 Aug. 1687, d. same day; was a lieut. k. in fight with the Ind. at Wheel wright's pond, 6 July 1690. His wid. m. 10 Dec. 1696, Israel Walker. JOHN Watertown, eldest ch. of Thomas, m. 30 Mar. 1670, Mary, d. of Richard Gale, had Mary, wh. m. Ebenezer Pratt; Sarah, b. 5 June 1675, d. soon; and John, 6 Nov. 1677; was freem. 1682, and d. 1697. MICHAEL, Watertown, s. of Thomas, m. 1673, Mary, d. of John Bigelow, had Abigail, b. 1685; Michael, 1689; and Mary, 1691; by sec. w. Mary Earle, m. 1704, he had Earl, b. 29 May 1706; Prudence, 1708; and Bezabel. his will was pro. 1711. 

THOMAS, Watertown, came as serv. of Richard Carver from Scratby in the hundred of East Flegg, Co. Norf. a few miles N. of Yarmouth, where they emb. 1637, aged 21; by w. Mary, had John, b. 15 June 1643; Bartholomew, 23 Feb. 1645; Thomas, 28 Apr. 1646; Michael, 23 Mar. 1651; Eliezur, 14 May 1653; Elizabeth 20 Mar. 1655; Mary, 14 June 1657; Rebecca, 5 Sept. 1660; Benjamin, 25 June 1662; and Allen, bef. ment. 16 May 1665. Barry, from wh. I copy in part, says he was liv. 1691. Elizabeth and Mary m. Joshua, and Samuel, s. of John Bigelow, and brs. of Mary, w. of Michael F. In the rec. of W. the name is spell. Fleg, or Flegg, in conformity, as in our Eng. patronymics is so usual, with its geograph. deriv. but, in general, at other places, conform. to the sound. 

THOMAS, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 18 Feb. 1668, Rebecca, d. of Edward Dikes or Dix, had Mary, b. 19 Dec. 1668; Hannah, 24 Apr. 1671; [[vol. 2, p. 172]] Rebecca, 31 Jan. 1674; Jemima; Hepzibah; and Thomas; and d. 1719, at the pt. of the town wh. bec. Weston. William Lancaster, k. by the Ind. 22 Aug. 1675, as Willard, 37, in the Hist. has it, possib. was s. of first Thomas.

FLANDERS, JOHN, Salisbury, youngest s. of Stephen, a soldier in the fight at Turner's Falls, 19 May 1676, freem. 1690, m. 1688, Elizabeth Sargent, had Jacob, b. 5 Aug. 1689; John, 22 Aug. 1691; Elizabeth 3 Sept. 1693; Ezekiel, 21 May 1696; Josiah, 28 July 1700; and Philip, 19 Oct. 1702. PHILIP, Salisbury, prob. s. of first Stephen of the same, freem. 1690, had w. in 1686 or 7. STEPHEN, Salisbury 1646, but not one of the first sett. had two ws. By w. Jane had Stephen, b. 8 Mar. 1647; Mary, 7 May 1650; Philip, 14 July 1652; Sarah, 5 Nov. 1654; Naomi, 15 Dec. 1656; and John, 11 Feb. 1659, bef. ment. He d. 27 June 1684. STEPHEN, Salisbury, s. of the preced. m. 28 Dec. 1670, had Thomas, b. 17 Feb. 1671, wh. d. 12 Apr. 1672; Stephen, 31 Jan. 1672; Thomas, again, 3 Dec. 1673; Daniel, 16 Mar. 1675; Joseph, 28 Mar. 1677; Philip, wh. d. 23 Feb. 1679, aged six wks.; Sarah, 7 Dec. 1679; Philip, again, 8 Jan. 1682; Jane, 5 Mar. 1684; Jeremiah, Sept. 1686; and Abigail, 22 Oct. 1688.

FLATMAN, THOMAS, Salem, perhaps, 1637, at least he then had gr. of land, but seems to have prefer. Braintree, where he had Elizabeth b. 7 May 1640; and Thomas, 3 July 1643; was freem. 13 May 1640, wh. the rec. makes the name Flackman.

FLAVELL, THOMAS, Plymouth, came with a s. 1621, in the Fortune, and his w. foll. in the Ann, 1623; they had their shares, in 1624, at the div. of lds. but neither is count. in the div. of cattle 1627, so that we may suppose they had rem. or d.

FLEA, JOHN, Falmouth, one of the signers of a memo. 1689, of wh. no more is kn. Willis, I. 191.

FLEMING, ABRAHAM, a husbandman, aged 40, came by the Increase 1635. JOHN, Watertown, by w. Ann, had Sarah, b. 1 Sept. 1639; and John, 25 Mar. 1642; was deac. d. 4 June 1657; and his w. d. 11 Nov. foll. Sarah m. 15 Nov. 1654, John Barnard. But he had elder ch. Thomas, Mary, and Elizabeth all liv. in Eng. and John join. them on coming of age. ROBERT, Stonington 1669, had gr. of land 30 Sept, that yr. and d. bef. 1681, leav. wid. Joanna and d. Mary Rose, possib. other ch.

FLETCHER, || EDWARD, Boston, cutler, adm. as townsman 24 Feb. 1640, of the ch. in July, and freem. 12 Oct. foll. was of ar. co. had w. Mary 1642, went home 1657, had preach. the yr. preced. at Dover; bec. a preach. had liv. says Calamy, II. 330, at Dunsburn, Co. Gloucester, from wh. in 1662 he was eject. and came back to B. but in his will, 24 Feb. 1660, bef. the restor. he styled hims. clk. of Badgerden; and was [[vol. 2, p. 173]] not encourag. I presume, here to exercise his gifts. In that will, pro. here 12 Feb. 1666, he ment. little but lov. w. Mary, made extrix. wh. m. 1676, Hugh Drury. Prob. he had no ch. 

FRANCIS, Concord, s. of Robert, b. in Eng. m. 1 Oct. 1656, Elizabeth d. of George Wheeler, had Samuel, b. 6 Oct. 1657; Joseph, 15 Apr. 1661; Elizabeth 1663; John, 1665; Samuel, 1668; Hannah, 1671; and Benjamin, 1674, wh. d. 1703; was freem. 1677. HENRY, Reading, had Samuel, b. 12 July 1662. JOHN, Wethersfield, m. bef. 1641, Mary, d. of wid. Joyce Ward, whose h. prob. came not to N. E. and by the old lady's will, 15 Nov. 1640, pro. 4 Mar. foll. naming s. Edward, left in Eng. Anthony, William, Robert, and John here, I presume this was her only d. She writes, that Mr. Wollerslove of Clipsham, Co. Rutland, was her atty. to receive money, and makes F. her s.-in-law, excor. See Trumbull, Coll. Rec. I. 431. He rem. to Milford, and had after liv. there two yrs. join. the ch. 1641, in wh. yr. his d. Sarah was bapt. Hannah, 1643, Elizabeth 1645; Samuel, 1649, d. young; Abigail, 1652, so that Mary and Rebecca, we may be sure, were earlier of the six ds. by this w. He was deac. and d. 18 Apr. 1662. His wid. m. John Clark of Milford, wh. d. 1674, and when she made her will at Farmington 1679, in it are ment. these ds. Mary Stevens, Rebecca, w. of the sec. Andrew Warner, Hannah, w. of John Chittenden of Guilford, Sarah, w. of John Stanley, Abigail F. unm. and Elizabeth wh. was w. of Elnathan Botsford, wh. was d. leav. d. Elizabeth JOHN, Portsmouth, freem. 1669, one of the founders of the first congrega. ch. 1671, and deac. was a physician, and d. 6 Sept. 1695. Pike. Adams, Belkn. I. 65. JOSEPH, Salisbury 1682, prob. s. of William, had Mary, wh. d. 23 Jan. 1683; and others, earlier, prob. for he was m. 18 June 1660, freem. 1690; his w. d. 12 Mar. 1700, and he d. 3 days after. 

JOSHUA, Chelmsford, freem. 1690. LUKE, Concord, br. of Francis, d. May 1666, leav. small est. prob. no ch. MOSES, Plymouth 1620, whose name Morton erron. gives Joses, came in the Mayflower, without w. or ch. d. within four mos. But, as a widower (whose first w. had been Mary Evans) he m. at Leyden, 21 Dec. 1613, Sarah, wid. of William Dingley. PENDLETON, Saco, s. of Seth m. Sarah, d. of Roger Hill, was carr. prisoner to Canada, there d. bef. 1602. He had, bef. 1690, sev. ch. as we learn from letter of his f.-in-law, but one, we doubt not, was f. of Pendleton, wh. d. 1807, aged 99 and l yrs. 

ROBERT, Concord 1635, constable 1637, d. 3 Apr. 1677, aged 84; had Luke, Francis, Samuel, and William, part, no doubt, b. in Eng. ROGER, Boston 1646, is styled, in a deed to him of 26 June of that yr. "late of London, merch." beside having the prefix of respect, but no more is heard of him. SAMUEL, Chelmsford, a of Robert, m. 14 Oct. 1659, Margaret, I d. of William Hailstone, freem. 1690. SETH, Saco 1656, the first min. perhaps s. of William of the same, m. Mary, d. of maj. Bryan Pendleton, had only s. Pendleton, to wh. the gr. f. gave large est. At the May sess. [[vol. 2, p. 174]] of the Gen. Ct. 1660, some dissatisfact. was brot. forward, and in Oct. foll. he was forbid. to preach there any more. Greenleaf, 53; Sullivan, 222; and Folsom, 130-6. 

WILLIAM, Concord, eldest s. prob. of Robert, b. in Eng. freem. 10 May 1643, m. 17 Sept. 1645, Lydia Bates, had John; Joshua, b. 30 Mar. 1648; Lydia; Samuel; rem. to Chelmsford 1654, was one of the first selectmen, there had Paul; and William, b. 21 Feb. 1637, wh. was freem. 1690, and other ch. and d. 6 Nov. 1677. His farm contin. est. of a descend. of 6 or 7 generat. WillIAM, Saco, d. Jan. 1668. Folsom, 168. Four of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. and nine at other N. E. coll.

FLINDERS, RICHARD, Salem, b. a. 1637, m. 12 July 1663, Jane Eddy, had Richard, b. 13 May foll. d. soon; James, 27 Aug. 1665; William, 5 Jan. 1668; Jane, 15 Feb. 1670; Hannah, 10 July 1672; and had beside JOHN, Richard, wh. d. in Eng. Felt.

FLINT, EDWARD, Salem 1665, s. of William, m. Elizabeth Hart, prob. d. of John, had John, b. 26 Mar. 1660; William, 12 Aug. 1661; and Thomas, 1 Feb. 1663; was ensign 1690. *EPHRAIM, Concord, s. of Thomas, m. 20 Mar. 1684, Jane Bulkley, d. of Rev. Edward, was rep. 1696, and d. 3 Aug. 1722. GEORGE, early sett. at Reading, freem. 1691, may have been s. of Thomas of Salem. HENRY, Braintree, came in 1635 to Boston, b. at Matlock in Derbysh. freem. 25 May 1636, ord. 17 Mar. 1640, m. Margery, eldest d. of Joanna Hoar, and sis. of Rev. Leonard, Presid. of H. C. wh. long surv. had Dorothy, b. 11 July 1642; Ann, 11 Sept. 1643, or, as the Arabic numerals (in Geneal. Reg. XII. 109), better read, 7 Jan. 1644; Josiah, 24 Aug. 1645, H. C. 1664; Margaret, 20 June 1647, d. soon; Joanna, 18 Feb. 1649; David, 11 Jan. 1652, d. soon; Seth, 2 Apr. 1653; Ruth, 31 Jan. 1655; John, and Cotton, tw. 16 June or Nov. 1656; both d. soon; he d. 27 Apr. 1668, and his wid. d. 10 Mar. 1687. His will, tho. not duly witness. was pro. 2 July 1668. Perhaps Dorothy m. 30 Apr. 1666, Rev. Samuel Shepard of Rowley, and both d. within two yrs.; Ann m. 15 Nov. 1662, John Dassett; Joanna m. 30 Dec. 1669, Rev. Noah Newman; Seth d. at Dedham, 12 May 1673, being in his 2d yr. at H. C.; and Ruth d. next mo. *JOHN, Concord, s. of Thomas, m. 1667, Mary, d. of Edward, and sis. of Presid. Oakes, had Mary, b. 26 Oct. 1668; Thomas, 12 Dec. 1670; John, 31 Mar. 1673; all d. young; Abigail, 11 Jan. 1675; John, again, 18 July 1677; Mary, again, 11 Aug. 1680; Thomas, again, 16 Jan. 1683; and Edward, 6 July 1685; was rep. 1677 and 9, and d. 5 Dec. 1686 His wid. d. 9 June 1690. JOHN, Salem, perhaps s. of Thomas, first of the same, serv. in Philip's war 1676, k. an Ind. at Lynn, but next yr. was conv. of manslaughter for d. of a white man, liv. at the village, freem. 1690, by w. Elizabeth prob. d. of Nathaniel Putnam, had Samuel, b. 12 Dec. 1679; John, 8 Feb. 1682; Hannah, 4 Apr. 1685; Stephen, 29 Dec. 1687; Joshua, 28 Dec. 1689; Joseph, b. 25 Feb. 1693; Lydia, 20 July 1696; Sarah, 18 Aug. 1700; and Elizabeth 10 Jan. 1703. Joseph, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, was freem. 1690, a witness against poor Jacobs in the delus. of 1692. 

JOSIAH, Dorchester, eldest s. of Henry, ord. 27 Dec. 1671, m. 24 Jan. 1672, Esther, d. of Capt. Thomas Willet, had Mary, b. Nov.. 1672, d. 9 Aug. foll.; Henry, 9 Feb. 1674,d. in few days; and Henry, again, a. 1675, H. C. 1693 (the disting. perman. tutor from 1699 to 1754, d. unm. 13 Feb. 1760), wh. always wrote his name Flynt, as did his f. wh. d. 16, but grave st. says 15 Sept. 1680; and Dorothy. His wid. d. 26 July 1737, aged 89. α *THOMAS, Concord, [[vol. 2, p. 175]] br. of Rev. Henry, sold the Matlock est. wh. had been in the fam. sev. ages (as father Flynt, his gr. neph. writes), to come to N. E. 1636, freem. Mar. 1638; was rep. 1637-40, and Assist. 1642 to his d. 8 Nov. 1653. He had brought £2,000, says his pastor, Rev. Peter Bulkley, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 38; and Rev. Dr. Ripley, in his Dedic. sermon, p. 35, shows, that it was esp. chiefly for the benefit of the town. He had other ch. perhaps one or more b. in Eng. besides Ephraim, b. 14 Jan. 1642; and John; both above ment.; but tho. his will, made 21 Dec. 1651, "intending a voyage to our native country of Eng." provides for w. and childr. it does not name them, but commends the latter to care of Rev. Peter Bulkley and Rev. Henry Flint, Capt. Simon Willard, and uncle William Wood of Concord. THOMAS, Salem, d. 15 Apr. 1663, leav. by will made two wks. bef. good est. to wid. Ann and ch. Thomas; Elizabeth b. 30 June 1650; George, 6 Mar. 1653; John, 3 Dec. 1655; and Joseph; the ch. prob. all under age. The div. of his est. June 1680, betw. only Thomas and Joseph, under order of Ct. leads us to infer, that both of the other s. d. bef. mid. age. 

THOMAS, Salem, prob. s. of the preced. m. 22 May 1666, Hannah Moulton, d. prob. of sec. Robert, had Abigail, b. 27 June 1668; and George Apr. 1672; and his w. d. 20 Mar. 1674. He m. 15 Nov. foll. Mary Downton, had Thomas, 2 Aug. 1678; Mary, 11 Nov. 1680; Ebenezer, 6 Apr. 1683; William, 17 July 1685; Elizabeth 30 Aug. 1687; Jonathan, 8 Nov. 1689; Ann, 29 Sept. 1691; Samuel, 29 Sept. 1693; and Lydia, 1 June 1695; was wound. in the great swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675, when his capt. Gardner was k. but serv. afterwards as ensign 1689 in the Danvers co. perhaps was freem. 1690. Ano. THOMAS of Salem m. 12 Aug. 1678, Elizabeth Johnson, had Ruth, b. 11 May foll.; Timothy, 30 Sept. 1680; John, 21 June 1684; Joseph, 1 Aug. 1687; and Abigail, 8 Aug. 1692. William, Salem 1645, d. 2 Apr. 1673, leav. good est. to wid. and s. Edward, b. 1638; and Thomas. His d. Alice m. in 1657, John Pickering; ano. d. Hannah m. Joshua Ward. Four of nine of this name gr. at Harv. up to 1834, were clerg. and three of seven, at other N. E. coll.

FLOOD or FLOYD, EDMUND, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1623, but was rem. bef. the div. of cattle in 1627. HENRY, Boston, by w. Mary had Henry, b. 27 Oct. 1666; Mary, 29 May 1668; Henry, again, 20 May 1671; and Jonathan, 16 Mar. 1673. JAMES, Boston, by w. Hannah had James, b. 6 Apr. 1668; Richard, 8 June 1670; Lydia, 10 July 1672; Joseph, 15 Feb. 1 67.j; Benjamin, 1 Feb. 1677; Abigail, 25 Sept. 1679; and John, 3 Aug. 1681. JOHN, Lynn, may have rem. to Salisbury, where was one of this name, aged 27 in 1679, or to Malden, where was John, freem. 1690, and d. early in 1702. By w. Sarah be had Hugh; John, b. 1666; Joseph; Daniel, 28 Dec. 1675; Sarah; and Abigail. JOSEPH, Dorchester 1635, perhaps br. of the preced. had Eleazer, bapt. 1638, was bailiff 1636, and rem. to Lynn. 

PHILIP, Newbury, came a. 1680 from New Jersey, to wh. he had been drawn, no doubt, by the Carterets, from Guernsey, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 12 May 1684; Esther, 15 May 1686; Mary, 18 July 1688; Henry, 14 Aug. 1689; John, 11 Nov. 1693; Richard, 25 Feb. 1696; Rachel, 18 Mar. 1698; Philip, 24 Apr. 1700; and Benjamin, 2 May 1705. ROBERT, Wethersfield, m. Hinman, 26, says, 1646, Abigail, d. of Nicholas Disbrough of Hartford (but I think she was b. in 1649), d. 1689, leav. Robert, Abigail, John, Thomas, Mary, and George. Hinman, 211, says, his wid. Abigail m. Matthew Barry. Happy will he be, wh. can discrim. this from the sec. foll. name in all instances.

[[vol. 2, p. 176]]

FLOWER, or FLOWERS, LAMROCK, Hartford 1686, by w. Lydia, d. of Joseph Smith of H. had Lydia, b. 1687; Lamrock, 1689; Elizabeth 1693; John, 1695; Mary, 1697; Francis, 1700; Ann, 1703; and Joseph, 1706; and d. 1716. Hinman, 133, gives ano. generat. in part, and uses a differ. spell. by one letter in the bapt. name; but I doubt that more than one letter must be erron.

FLOYD, Hugh, Boston, s. of .John, by w. Elinor had Hannah, b. 5 Nov. 1686; Sarah, 28 Jan. 1689; Ebenezer, 21 Feb. 1691; and Elinor, 12 Feb. 1693. JOHN, Scituate 1640, merch. wh. was of Boston 1653, and next yr. fin. 5 sh. for receiv. Mrs. Pacey (Gov. Dudley's d.) into his ho. as inmate; had Nathaniel, b. 1658, as Deane says, but he strangely mistakes him for a mem. of the London Soc. for Prop. the Gosp. JOHN, Lynn, or Romney marsh, now Chelsea, where he owned much ld. in disting. for his serv. as capt. against the Ind. 1690, and d. 1701; by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 24 Feb. 1662; Hugh, 10 Sept. 1663; John, 20 Feb. 1665; Joseph, Mar. 1667; and Joanna, 3 Feb. 1669; perhaps rem. to Malden, and had Noah, Dec. 1670; and Daniel, 28 Dec. 1675; and in Boston had Mary, 14 Aug. 1679. JOHN, Malden, s. perhaps, of the preced. by w. Rachel had John, b. 2 Oct. 1687; and Rachel, 25 Dec. 1690; and d. 7 Jan. 1723. 

JOSEPH, Lynn 1635, rem. to Boston 1666, as Lewis says. JOSEPH, Malden, s. perhaps of John of the same, by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, b. 22 Oct. 1689; Nathaniel, 27 May 1691; Ruth, 25 July 1695; and Dorothy, 29 Oct. 1699. He d. 4 Jan. 1705. His wid. m. a Jenks. RICHARD, Boston 1642, by w. Lydia, had Lydia, b. 1643, and three other ch. d. bef. 1664, as one wid. Lydia F. m. 9 June of that yr. Joseph Gridley. His inv. taken so late as 8 Sept. 1662, shows only £26.5.6. See Geneal. Reg. XII. 50. Hutch. I. 164, supposes Richard F. to be the Treasr. of the Corp. and chart. mem. of the Soc. for Prop. the Gosp. London 1650. One must be bold to think any such case could lead that author into error, especially as his relat. Richard Hutchinson, the wealthy ironmong. was ano. of the sixteen corporat. Yet, on turning to Scobell's Acts of that Parliamant, we find the fam. name of the mem. of that corpo. was Lloyd, instead of Floyd; and we may be sure the Treasr. must have been a London merch.

FOBES, CALEB, Norwich, s. of John, m. 30 June 1681, Sarah, d. of John Gager, had Sarah, b. 24 June 1684; Caleb; Mary; John; and 33 Elizabeth was the first deac. in the ch. of Preston, part of N. and d. 25 Aug. 1710. EDWARD, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of John Howard, says Mitchell, had Elizabeth b. 1677; John, 1679; Mary, 1681; Bethia, 1683; Hannah, 1686; Ephraim, 1688; Joshua, 1689; Benjamin, 1692; and William, 1698, d. 1732. JOHN, Duxbury 1636, was, early at Bridgewater, m. prob. bef. they rem. Constant, sis. of Experience Mitchell, had John, Edward, Mary, Caleb, William, Joshua, and [[vol. 2, p. 177]] Elizabeth and d. 1661 or 2. The wid. m. 1662, John Briggs; the s. John d. says Winsor, at Sandwich, the same yr. with his f. and Joshua was k. at Rehoboth fight under Capt. Pierce, 1676. A descend. Rev. Perez, H. C. 1762, was disting. WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d. of Constant Southworth, rem. to Little Compton. Confusion of this name with Forbes has been common; it was also writ. Vobes.

FOGG, DANIEL, Berwick, s. of Samuel, had, I think, a fam. but kn. not details. He d. 1755. DAVID, Salem, prob. s. of Ralph, by w. Susanna had Susanna, b. 18 Apr. 1676. JAMES, Gloucester 1649-51. || RALPH, Plymouth 1633, rem. to Salem, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, by w. Susanna had Ezekiel, bapt. 1 Apr. 1638; and David, 15 Mar. 1640; ar. co. 1644; was town treasr. 1637, and for some yrs. engaged in munic. affairs; but in 1652 his req. to keep an office of intellig. or exch. being refused, he soon went home, was a liveryman of London of the Skinners Co. and d. 1674. He had, also, John, a merch. of Barnstaple in Devon, but I kn. not whether b. in Eng. or here. SAMUEL, Hampton, m. 23 June 1659, Sarah d. of Richard Carrier, had Daniel, b. 10 June 1660; Seth, wh. was f. of Rev. Jeremiah, H. C. 1730, and d. 16 Apr. 1672.

FOKAR, JOHN, a husbandman, came in the Increase 1635, aged 21, but more is unkn.

FOLGER, *ELEAZUR, Nantucket, s. of Peter, prob. eldest, m. a. 1671, Sarah Gardner, had Eleazur, b. 2 July 1672; Peter, 28 Aug. 1674; Sarah, 24 Aug. 1676; Nathan, 1678; and Mary, 14 Feb. 1684; was a blacksmith, and rep. d. at Boston 1716; and his wid. d. 19 Oct. 1729. JOHN, Watertown, had gr. of house lot of six acres, but rem. to Edgartown. He came from Norwich, Co. Norf. 1635, Coffin says, in the same ship with Rev. Hugh Peter, with s. Peter (b. as tradit. says, in 1618), and that his w. was Meribah Gibbs. She outliv. by three yrs. at least this h. wh. d. a. 1660. JOHN, Nantucket, s. of Peter, m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Barnard. 

PETER, Nantucket, s. of the first John, went early from Watertown, prob. with Thomas Mayhew, to the Vineyard, m. Mary Morrill, bestow. great pains in teach. the Ind. as successor to Mayhew, and rem. a. 1663, to the isl. where his name has ever since been in high regard, had Eleazur, b. a 1648; and John, a. 1659, beside seven ds. Joanna wh. m. John Coleman; Bethia, wh. m. 25 Feb. 1669, John Barnard, and with him was drown. 6 June foll. when her younger br. Eleazur was saved; Dorcas, wh. m. Joseph Pratt; Bathshua, wh. m. Joseph Pope of Salem vill.; Patience, wh. m. Ebenezer Harker, and next, James Gardner; Experience, wh. m. John Swain, jr. He d. 1690, and his wid. Mary d. 1704. His youngest ch. Abiah, b. 15 Aug. 1667, m. Josiah Franklin as his sec. w. and was mo. of the celebr. Benjamin, wh. in his geneal. inq. was led to infer that the fam. was Flemish, and came to Eng. in the days of Elizabeth Some verses by him, occasion. by Philip's war, under the whimsic. title of Looking-Glass for the Times, [[vol. 2, p. 178]] print. after ninety yrs. circulat. in MS. are sought for sometimes, less for poetical value, than bibliogr. curiosity.

FOLLANSBEE, THOMAS, Portsmouth, rem. a. 1667 to Newbury, prob. bring. w. Sarah, and perhaps ch. Rebecca, and Thomas, had Francis, b. 22 Oct. 1677, and Hannah, 10 Apr. 1680. Sarah, prob. his w. d. 6 Nov. 1683. Rebecca m. 22 Nov. 1677, Thomas Chase. THOMAS, Newbury, perhaps s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, had Mary, b. 4 Apr. 1695; Thomas, 28 Mar. 1697; Francis, 13 June 1699; and William, 14 Mar. 1701.

FOLLEN, ABRAHAM, Casco 1658.

FOLLET, JOHN, Dover 1640. NICHOLAS, Dover, s. of William, had w. Hannah and s. Nicholas, b. 5 Nov. 1677, and Sarah; was a deputy to convent. 1689, on overthrow of Andros. Belkn. I. 122. His wid. m. Richard Nason. PHILIP, Dover 1671-5. ROBERT, Salem, m. 29 Nov. 1655, Persis Black, had Mary, b. 16 Mar. 1657; Robert, 20 Sept. 1659; Susanna, 1 June 1662; Hannah, 23 Dec. 1664; Ruth, 17 Dec. 1667, d. 21 May foll.; John, 10 July 1669; Abraham, 23 Dec. 1672; Isaac, and Rebecca, tw. 30 July 1674. WILLIAM, Dover 1651, m. 20 July 1672, prob. as sec. w. Elizabeth wid. of William Drew.

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