A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Gardner - Garven

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

GARDNER, *ANDREW, Roxbury, or rather Brookline, s. of sec. Thomas of the sarne, m. 20 May 1668, Sarah, d. of Hugh Mason, had Andrew, b. 1674, H. C. 1696, the preacher, at Lancaster, casual. k. by a soldier, 1704; and prob. others, certain. Thomas, 9 Dec. 1684; liv. at Muddy riv. was capt. a rep. 1689, and lost in the exped. of Sir William Phips against Quebec next yr. BENJAMIN, Hingham, youngest s. of John the first of the same, m. 3 Jan. 1696, Sarah Dunbar, prob. d. of Robert of the same, had Sarah, b. 19 June 1698; Benjamin, 15 May 1700; and Hannah, 2 Nov. 1703. All this fam. are frequent. spell. Garnett. 

EBENEZER, Salem 1682, 8. of George, had w. Sarah, wh. d. 5 Sept. 1682, aged n. 23; and he d. 1685, without eh. His will made in [[vol. 2, p. 227]] Feb. of that yr. disposes, besides £50 to "poor honest people of S." to br. Henry Bartholomew; sis. Swinnerton; sis. Willoughby; sis. Pilgrim dec., sis. Hathorne, and three ch. John, Nathaniel, and Ruth; sis. Mary Turner, and her three ch. Robert, Habaccuk, and Mercy; br. Samuel G. and his three ch. George, John, and Hannah; Susanna, d. of uncle Thomas G.; Margaret, d. of uncle Samuel G.; and to George, s. of one of these uncles, prob. of Thomas. 

EDMUND, Ipswich, freem. 7 Oct. 1640. EDWARD, wh. came in the James from London 1635, aged 25, may have been the same as preced. FRANCIS, Hingham, a soldier in Capt. Johnson's comp. at the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675, was sec. s. of John of the same, m. 14 Jan. 1681, Joanna May, d. perhaps of Samuel of Roxbury, had Samuel, b. 14 Aug. 1684; and d. 14 Jan. 1689. His wid. m. 26 Jan. 1690, Thomas Whiton, bore him seven ch. and m. 23 Mar. 1711, Nathan Farrow for third h. GEORGE, Salem 1637, s. of first Thomas, b. in Eng. freem. 27 Dec. 1642, had ch. by w. Elizabeth bapt. there Hannah, 5 Dec. 1644; Samuel, 14 May 1648; Mary, 10 July 1653; Bethia, b. 3 June 1654; Ebenezer, b. 16 Aug. 1657; and Ruth, both bapt. 2 Apr. 1665 (in 1658 his w. was indict. for favoring quakers, and was, perhaps, d. bef. the bapt. of these two); and Mehitable b. 23 Apr. 1659, d. next mo. unbapt. beside George, wh. d. 21 Aug. 1662; rem. to Hartford, m. Elizabeth wid. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and d. 20 Aug. 1679. His will of 21 July preced. gave large prop. to s. Samuel, and Ebenezer, ds. Hannah, w. of John Buttolph; Mary, w. of Turner, and Ruth, w. of Hathorne, and names br. s. Thomas, and Samuel G. and sis. Grafton. GEORGE, and HENRY, were of Wickford, R. I. 1674; and George, possib. their f. was of R. 1. 1638. 

GEORGE, Nantucket, s. of the first John of the same, m. Eunice, of Nathaniel Starbuck. HENRY, Woburn, s. of Richard of the same, had, by w. Elizabeth Lane wh. d. 3 June 1703, aged 43, John, b. 22 July 1695, H. C. 1715; had sec. w. Hannah, and d. 20 Feb. 1714. JACOB, Hatfield, by w. Hannah had Jacob, b. 1676, rem. soon after he took o. of alleg. 8 Feb. 1679. JAMES, Gloucester, m. 19 Jan. 1662, as Felt copies the rec. (tho. Babson has 16 June 1661) Elizabeth d. of William Vinson, or Vincent, had Sarah, b. 16 Apr. 1662, d. soon; James, 5 Oct. 1663, d. same day; George, 22 Mar. 1665, d. same day; Elizabeth 4 3 June 1666; Sarah, again, 17 Jan. 1669; Mary, 13 Sept. 1671, d. next mo.; Joseph, 23 Oct. 1672; Rebecca, 15 Sept. 1675; John, 11 June 1678; and James, again, Aug. 1681. JAMES, Hingham, br. of Francis, m. 18 June 1685, Elizabeth d. of Henry Ward, and had Henry, b. 11 May 1688; Joseph, 8 Nov. 1689; Elizabeth 25 Sept. 1693; and Nathaniel, 26 July 1701. 

JAMES, Nantucket, s. of Richard the first, wh. had rem. thither from Salem, m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Starbuck, wh. was said to be the first white ch. b. on that isl. 30 Mar. 1663, had Samuel; Jethro; Barnabas, b. 12 Apr. 1695; Jonathan, 12 Sept. 1696; Elizabeth and Mehitable [[vol. 2, p. 228]] By sec. w. Patience, d. of Peter Folger, wid. of Ebenezer Harker, he had no ch. but he took third w. Rachel, wid. of John Brown of Salem, d. of John Gardner, his f.'s br. and had James; but by fourth w. Mary Pinkham, wid. of Richard, and d. of James Coffin, had no ch. and d. 1 June 1723, and his wid. d. 2 Mar. 1741. JOHN, Salem 1643, s. of the first Thomas of the same, b. prob. in Eng. m. 20 Feb. 1654, Priscilla, eldest ch. of the first Joseph Grafton, had John, b. 20 Feb. 1654, so that I doubt the day of m. was earlier, Joseph, 8 July 1655; Priscilla, 6 Nov. 1656, wh. had m. prob. at Salem, but after being a wid. foll. her f. to Nantucket; Benjamin, 3 Feb. 1658, d. young; George; Rachel, 3 Aug. 1662, wh. m. as is said, John Brown, and next, James Gardner, her cous.; Benjamin, again, 17 May 1664; Ann, 30 Feb. 1667, wh. m. Edward Coffin; Nathaniel, 24 Sept. 1668; and Mary, 27 May 1670, wh. m. Jethro Coffin. He soon after rem. to Nantucket, there had Mehitable, b. 24 Nov. 1674, wh. m. Ambrose Dawes the sec.; and Ruth, 26 Jan. 1677, wh. m. the sec. James Coffin. He had commissns. from Lovelace, Gov. of N. Y. sev. times, first, 1673, to be capt. of milit. and 1680, a civ. magistr. as his elder br. Richard had bef. him, and when the isl. pass. by the new Chart. into Mass. jurisdict. he was, 1699, made Judge of Probate to his d. 6 May 1706, aged 82. His will was of 2 Dec. preced. of wh. the w. was made extrix. and aft. her d. s. George. He was the only s. liv. to be nam. in it, but six ds. and three gr.s. find provis. there. See Geneal. Reg. XV. 147. 

JOHN, Hingham, by w. Mary had John, bapt. 18 July 1652; Francis, 3 Apr. 1653; Mary, 19 Nov. 1654; Samuel, 23 Mar. 1656; Deborah, 5 July 1657; James, perhaps, 5 Feb. 1660; Stephen, 14 Sept. 1662; Thomas, 6 June 1664, Benjamin, perhaps, 8 Apr. 1666; and Christian b. 3 June (in ch. rec. call. s.), bapt. 14 June 1668; and the f. d. 24 Nov. foll. and his wid. m. 18 June next Nathaniel Chubbuck. At H. he had gr. of lds. in 1656; but may have been the Duxbury inhab. of 1640. JOHN, Woburn, freem. 1680. JOHN, Hadley 1678, perhaps s. of Samuel of the same, freem. 1683. JOHN, Hingham, eldest s. of John of the same, m. 25 Feb. 1681, Mary, d. of Samuel Stowell of the same, had John, b. 4 Jan. 1684; Mary, 3 Aug. 1686; Ruth, 12 Feb. 1689; Elizabeth 24 Oct. 1691; Hannah, 12 May 1694; and Remember, 25 Sept. 1697. JOHN, Salem, a promin. man, rep. 1716, 19-21, in wh. last yr. he d. leav. one tenth of his est. to the poor. JOSEPH, Salem 1649, s. of the first Thomas, freem. 1672, had m. Aug. 1656, Ann, d. of Emanuel Downing, was the brave capt. k. with five others of same rank, and eight of his comp. alone, in the gr. battle of Philip's war, at the Narraganset swamp, 19 Dec. 1675; left no ch. and his wid. m. Simon Bradstreet, soon after Gov. JOSEPH, Nantucket, br. of Richard, jr. m. 30 Mar. 1670, Bethia Macy, d. of Thomas, had Sarah, b. 23 Oct. 1672; Damaris, 16 Feb. 1675; Bethia, 13 Aug. 1676; Deborah, 30 Mar. 1681; and Hope, 7 Jan. 1684; beside Mary, wh. m. 1706, Matthew Jenkins. 

JOSEPH, Hadfield, perhaps br. of Jacob of the same, by w. [[vol. 2, p. 229]] Mary had Mehitable, b. 20 May 1679, soon after wh. he rem. Perhaps he and Jacob were uncles or cousins of Abigail, wh. m. at H. the Rev. John Wise, wh. declin. the invit. to bec. the min. there, and after resid. of more than a yr. left the town; for both these went also, and it may be, they, or one of them, had been drawn thither by him. JOSHUA, Roxbury, s. of sec. Thomas of the same, m. 1680, Mary, d. of John Weld of the same, had Joshua, b. 22 Oct. 1682, d. same day; Margaret, 7 Oct. 1683; Francis, 3 Feb. 1686; and prob. Joshua, again, H. C. 1707. NATHANIEL, Boston 1649, merch. was inhab. of London 1662. 

NATHANIEL, Nantucket, S. of the first Richard of the same, m. Abigail, d. of James Coffin, had Hannah, b. 6 July 1686; Ebenezer, 27 Oct. 1688; Peleg, 22 July 1691; Judith, 28 Oct. 1693; Margaret, 28 Jan. 1696; Nathaniel, 14 Dec. 1697; Andrew, 26 Dec. 1699; Abel, 6 Aug. 1702; and Susanna, 4 Aug. 1706. His w. d. 15 Mar. 1709, and he d. in Eng. NICHOLAS, Wickford, R. I. 1674, perhaps br. of Benjamin, George, Henry, or some one of them. PETER, Roxbury, prob. br. of sec. Thomas, b. a. 1617, emb. in Apr. 1635, on the Elizabeth, at London, m. 27 May 1646, Rebecca Crooke, d. of Roger of Hammersmith, near London, dec., had Rebecca, b. 9 Nov. 1647; Peter, 24 Jan. 1649; both bapt. 24 Mar. 1650; Thomas, 1, bapt. 23 May 1652, d. at 15 mos.; Sarah, 10, bapt. 29 Jan. 1654, d. at six yrs.; John, 7, bapt. 30 Dec. 1655; Samuel, 3,bapt. 8 Mar. 1657, k. by the Ind. 2 Apr. 1676; Joseph, 11, bapt. 16 Jan. 1659; Sarah, again, 20 Apr. bapt. 8 June 1662; Benjamin, 23 Apr. bapt. 22 May 1664; Ebenezer, 5 Aug. bapt. 10 Sept. 16657 d. 13 Nov. 1683; and Jonathan, 14 Aug. bapt. 1 Sept. 1667; was freem. 1690; Peter, the younger, d. 30 Oct. 1673; his mo. d. 10 June 1675, aged 45; and the f. d. 5 Nov. 1698. Sarah m. 31 May 1683, John Gore. 

RICHARD, Salem 1643, s. perhaps, of first Thomas, liv. there 1666, went next yr. to Nantucket. Bef. rem. he, by w. Sarah, prob. a. of Samuel Shattuck, had Joseph; Sarah; Richard, b. 23 Oct. 1653; Deborah, 12 Dec. 1658; Damaris, 21 Nov. 1662; and James, 19 May 1664; beside Miriam; Nathaniel, 16 Nov. 1669; Hope; and Love, 2 May 1672. Of the last d. I see no more, but hear that she was first w. of Jams Coffin the sec. of N. and early d. without issue; but Sarah m. Eleazer Folger; Deborah m. John Macy, and next Stephen Pease; Miriam m. John Worth; and Hope m. John Coffin; and the f. d. 23 Jan. 1689. His wid. Sarah d. 1724, aged above 92 yrs. 

RICHARD, Woburn, m. 18 Oct. 1651, Ann or Hannah Blanchard, wid. of Thomas of Charlestown, had John, b. 14 Aug. 1652; Ann, 17 Jan. 1655; Benjamin, 26 Dec. 1656; Henry, 12 Feb. 1658, bef. ment.; Esther, 15 Oct. 1669; Ruth, 1 Apr. 1661; Hannah; Abigail; Rebecca; and Mehitable; these four prob. at Charlestown; was freem. 1662; d. early in 1698; but the gr.stone says 29 May. His will of 16 Mar. 1697, pro. 6 May 1698, shows he then liv. at Charlestown. [[vol. 2, p. 230]] It names only s. Henry, and six ds. Esther m. Edward Johnson, s. of Hon. William, and gr.s. of Capt. Edward, (the hist. of Wonder Work. Provid.); Ruth m. John Jepson; Hannah m. John Coddington, half br. of Jepson; Abigail m. 13 Apr. 1687, Joseph Thompson; and Rebecca, and Mehitable m. men unkn. to me. 

RICHARD, Nantucket, s. of the first Richard of the same, m. 17 May 1674, Mary Austin, had Patience 29 June 1675; Joseph, 8 May 1677; Solomon, 1 July 1680; Benjamin, 20 July 1683; Miriam, 14 July 1685; and Lydia, 16 June 1687,d. young. He was judge of Probate, and d. 8 May 1728; but his w. d. 1 June 1721. SAMUEL, Salem 1657, was s. I presume of first Thomas, b. in this country, a. 1629, had w. Mary White, and ch. Mary, b. 5 Aug. 1658, d. under 4 yrs.; Elizabeth 30 May 1660, d. at 18 yrs.; Mary, again, 29 June 1662, wh. m. Joseph Henfield; Margaret, 14 July 1664, wh. m. Deliverance Parkman, and d. 25 Mar. 1689; Samuel, 9 June 1666; George, 15 or 28 Jan. 1668, d. at 8 mos.; Jonathan, 18 July 1669; Hannah, 16 Apr. 1671; and Abel, 1 Sept. 1673; was freem. 1675, selectman 1686, rep. 1681, 2, 5; his w. d. 12 Sept. 1675, and he d. Oct. 1689, hav. made his will on 2d. leav. only youngest three ch. 

SAMUEL, Hartford, or Wethersfield 1641, rem. to Hadley 1663, there liv. 1678, had Samuel, wh. d. 1676, unm. and Joseph, wh. d. 1684, leav. wid. but no ch. He had also five ds. wh. m. but the male line failed. SAMUEL, Roxbury, a soldier in brave Capt. Johnson's comp. at the gr. battle, 19 Dec. 1675, was a lieut. k. at Sudbury fight under Wadsworth, with eight of his comp. Apr. 1676. SAMUEL, Salem, s. of lieut. George, m. 24 Apr. 1673, Elizabeth wid. of sec. Joseph Grafton, had George, b. 28 Jan. 1674, wh. d. the same yr. and Hannah, 4 Apr. 1676; SAMUEL, Plymouth, m. 20 Dec. 1682, Susanna Shelley, had Samuel, b. 27 Sept. 1683. STEPHEN, Hingham, s. of John the first by w. Sarah had Deborah, b. 9 Oct. 1689; Sarah, 31 July 1691; Stephen, 6 Feb. 1693; Lydia, 22 Jan. 1695; David, 26 Aug. 1697; Abigail, 12 Jan. 1699; Stephen, again, 29 Dec. 1700; Patience,3 Sept. 1703; and Joshua, 25 Dec. 1705, wh. prob. d. young. 

THOMAS, Salem, was first at Cape Ann, employ. by the project. of sett. to oversee fishery, 1624 or 5, and rem. with Conant, freem. 17 May 1637, rep. same yr. It is said, on what ground I kn. not, that he was from Scotland; but to me it seems much more likely, that he was from Sherborne in N. part of Co. Dorset. Ten other ch. he had, by his first w. Margaret Fryer, beside Seeth, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636 (wh. m. I believe, the sec. Joseph Grafton); as, Thomas, Richard, George, John, Samuel, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth Bethia, and Miriam, for some of wh. the prob. is stronger than for others. Only six s. with three ds. are nam. in his will of 7 Dec. 1668. Sarah was w. of Benjamin Balch, it is thot. and Miriam of a Hill; and Margaret, wh. was rec. of the ch. 1689, may have been his w. He had sec. w. Damaris Shattuck, a wid. from Eng. wh. d. 28 Nov. 1674, and d. 29 Dec. 1674. THOMAS, Roxbury, d. Nov. 1638; and "our aged sis. G." Mays the cb. rec. was bur. 7 Oct. 1658, wh. I presume, was his wid. but the town rec. does not ment. the occurrence of her d. 

THOMAS, Salem, merch. eldest 8. of Thomas of the same, b. no doubt in Eng. rec. of the cb. 1639, freem. 2 June 1641, was a selectman, d. 1684. Hannah, prob. his w. is, by Felt, ins. among ch. mem. of 1649. Bapt. of [[vol. 2, p. 231]] his ch. were Mary, 2 Apr. 1643; Thomas, 25 May 1645, wh. d. 1695; Elizabeth 22 Apr. 1649 ; Abigail, 20 Apr. 1651; Bethia, 26 Mar. 1654 ; Hannah, 24 Jan. 1658; and Jonathan, 12 Oct. 1662. Perhaps Mr. Farmer had, from Felt, names of sev. other ch. but some, I believe, were brs. and sis. of his. THOMAS, Roxbury, s. prob. of Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. m. 4 July 1641, if the rec. be distinct, Lucy Smith, had Andrew, b. 5 Mar. 1642, bef. ment.; Thomas, 1645, a wrong mo. being giv. in the rec.; Abigail, bapt. 15 Feb. 1646, d. Aug. 1649; Mary, bapt. 9 Apr. 1648; Peter, 8 Dec. (tho. town rec. has Sept.) 1650, and he d. 24 Aug. 1653; Abigail, again, b. 6, bapt. 26 Dec. 1602; Lucy, 11 Feb. 1655; Joanna, 25 Jan. 1657; Joshua, 8 May 1659; and Caleb, 13 Apr. 1662, d. at 19 yrs. Neither of the last five is named by Ellis, nor are the last three found in town rec. Perhaps, as his resid. was in that part of Boston, call. Muddy river, the clk. did not think he was of R. He was freem. 1646; and his w. d. 4 Nov. 1687, and he d. 15 July 1689; in his will, made three days bef. provides for Thomas, and Joshua; beside ds. Mary, wh. m. 13 Dec. 1665, Thomas Boylston; Abigail, w. of Rev. John Wise; Joanna Stanton; and Lucy Monk. 

THOMAS, Salem, s. of the sec. Thomas of the same, m. 22 Apr. 1669, Mary, d. of Jonathan Porter, had Mary, b. 14 Feb. 1670; Thomas, 25 Oct. 1671; Habakkuk, 25 Feb. or Oct 1674; Joseph, 29 Aug. 1677; and a d. 22 July 1679. THOMAS, Roxbury, s. of the sec. Thomas of the same, m. 19 Nov. 1673, Mary, d. of Elder John Bowles, had Sarah, b. 15 Mar. 1675; Thomas, 18 Apr. 1676; Mary, 11 Mar. 1679; John, 9 Jan. 1680; Caleb, 23 Apr. 1682; Peter, 22 July 1684; and Isaac, 18 Aug. 1686. THOMAS, Hingham, sixth s. of John the first of the same, m. 17 Dec. 1705, Judith Tower; but no rec. of ch. is seen. Thirty of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv. and five at the other N. E. coll.

GARFIELD, BENJAMIN, Watertown, s. of Edward sec. of the same, freem. 1690, was rep. 1689 and 92. By first w. Mehitable, d. of Timothy Hawkins, he had Benjamin, b. 8 May 1674; and Benoni, 4 Dec. 1675; and his w. d. five days after. He m. 17 Jan. 1677, sec. w. Elizabeth Bridge, had Elizabeth b. 30 June 1679; Thomas, 12 Dec. 1680; Ann, 2 June 1683; Abigail, 13 July 1685; Mehitable, 7 Dec. 1687; Samuel, 3 Sept. 1690; and Mary, 2 Oct. 1695; and d. 28 Nov. 1717. His wid. m. 25 Oct. 1720, Daniel Harrington. EDWARD, Watertown, d. 14 June, if Bond be correct, 1672, aged 97. 

EDWARD, Watertown, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 6 May 1635, by w. Rebecca had Samuel; Joseph, b. 11 Sept. 1637; Rebecca, 10 or 18 Mar. 1641; Benjamin, 1643; and Abigail, 29 June 1646, wh. m. John Parkhurst, and d. bef. her f. His w. Rebecca d. 16 Apr. 1661, aged 55, and he m. 1 Sept. 1661, Joan, wid. of Thomas Buckminster of Muddy river, now Brookline. His will [[vol. 2, p. 232]] of 10 Dec. 1668, pro. 11 July 1672, four weeks after his d. makes Benjamin, bef. ment. his excor. names, also, Samuel, "m. many yrs. ago," and two other s. two ds. Mixer and Garfield, beside gr. childr. Sarah Parkhurst, and Sarah and Ephraim G. Rebecca bec. 10 Jan. 1661, 2d w. of lsaac Mixer. It seems to me, that Dr. Bond has confused the f. and s. making ea. d. on the same day, and the age of the elder forbidding the likelihood of his being f. of the ch. 

JOSEPH, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 3 Apr. 1663, Sarah, d. of Richard Gale, had Edward, b. 22 June 1664; Abigail; Benjamin, 18 Nov. 1669; Jonathan, 17 Feb. 1672; Sarah, 18 Feb. 1674; Jerusha, 6 June 1677; John, 8 June 1680; Rebecca, 1683; and Grace, 1688; was freem. 1690. SAMUEL, Watertown, eldest br. of the preced. b. I presume, in Eng. by w. Susanna, wh. d. 2 May 1652, had John, b. 8 Feb. 1646, d. in 3 yrs.; Ephraim, 20 Nov. 1649; and he m. 28 Sept. 1652, Mary Benfield, had Mary, 30 June 1653; Sarah, 17 Jan. 1655; Rachel, 23 Nov. 1666; Elizabeth 8 Dec. 1658; Deborah; John, 7 July 1664; Ruth, 25 Apr. 1666; Lydia, 31 Aug. 1668; Daniel, 5 Nov. 1670, d. at 13 yrs.; perhaps Ann; Mercy, 18 Feb. 1674; Elizabeth 16 Sept. 1676; and he d. 20 Nov. 1684. He had liv. many yrs. in Salem. Perhaps in Eng. this name bec. Gaffleld.

GARFORD, JARVIS, Salem, bef. 1635, says Felt, had w. Ann, was freem. 22 May 1639. He sold est. at Beverly in Oct. 1653. Perhaps it was sometimes call. Graffort.

GARLAND, GEORGE, Maine 1659. JABEZ, Dover, by w. Dorcas had Jabez, b. 10 Feb. 1693; Dorcas, 3 Apr. 1698; Rebecca, 25 Jan. 1700; Ebenezer, 14 Mar. 1704; Nathaniel, 12 Apr. 1706; and Lydia, 17 Feb. 1708. JACOB, Newbury, s. of John, m. 17 Jan. 1682, Rebecca, d. of Thomas Sears, had Jacob, b. 26 Oct. 1682; and Rebecca, 3 Dec. 1683; rem. to Hampton, and there had eleven more. JOHN, Hampton, m. 26 Oct. 1664, Elizabeth wid. of Thomas Chase, d. of Thomas Philbrick, had Jacob, and perhaps other ch. and d. 4 Jan. 1672; and his wid. m. 19 Feb. 1674, Henry Roby. JOHN, Hampton, took o. of alleg. Dec 1678. He may have been s. of the preced. PETER, Charlestown 1637, Boston 1664, by w. Joan had Mary, rem. perhaps to New Hampsh. bef. 1686.

GARLICK, JOSEPH, New London 1661, but in few yrs. went to Brookhaven, or Easthampton, where his w. was charged with witchcraft in 1657, and, luckily for her, the case was referred, and she sent to Hartford; and her life was saved. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. of Conn. I. 573; Wood's and Thompson's Hist. of L. I. and the Mem. in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 183, of Lyon Gardiner, wh. seems to have been wise enough to assert her innoc. tho. her name was eno.

GAR, GEORGE, New London 1666, stands in tax list next yr.

GARNER, EDMUND, Cambridge 1635, rem. bef. 1638. THOMAS, Boston 1648, merch. A capt. G. is nam. by Belkn. serv. with his comp. [[vol. 2, p. 233]] 1689 against Ind. Often this is the form of spell. Gardner, from sound.

GARNETT, JOHN, Hingham 1656. Judith, possib. his sis. or mo.came in the Francis 1634, aged 26, from Ipswich, and was the same yr. in Sept. adm. of Boston ch. as "our br. John Coggeshall's maid serv." and either as maid or wid. soon m. Robert Shelley of Scituate, and took letters of dism. to the ch. there 14 July 1644. His wid. m. in June 1669, Nathaniel Chubbuck, says the rec. and Mary, b. 8 Nov. 1654, wh. m. 5 Dec. 1683, Nathan Farrow; I suppose he had s. also, John; Samuel, 23 Mar. 1656; d. s. Deborah, 5 July 1657; Joanna, and STEPHEN, wh. m. Dec. 1687, Sarah Warren, wh. may have been d. of Joseph. Joanna m. 26 Jan. 1690, Thomas Whiton.

GARNSEY, HENRY, Dorchester 1655, freem. 1690. JOSEPH, New Haven 1647, rem. prob. to Stamford, and m. 11 May 1659, Rose Waterbury, wid. of John, had Joseph, b. 1662; perhaps others; and d. 11 Nov. 1688. JOSEPH, Milford, m. 10 Apr. 1673, Hannah, d. of Samuel Coley of the same, had Joseph, b. 1675, bapt. Feb. 1678; and Sarah, 1678; perhaps others. He and s. Joseph liv. there 1713. JOSEPH, Stamford, prob. s. of the first Joseph of the same, was liv. 1701. WILLIAM, York, freem. 1652.

GARRETT, GARRAD, or GARRARD, DANIEL, Hartford 1640, had Daniel, b. 1647, was prison-keep. many yrs. and liv. 1687, aged 75. HIRAM, or HERMAN, Charlestown 1638, had Mary, b. 3 June that yr. and ld. in Concord. JAMES, Charlestown 1637, freem. 6 June 1639, by w. Deborah had Mary, b. 4 May 1638; Priscilla, 28 June bapt. 15 July 1640; James, 6 Aug. 1643, the same or ano. James in rec. 4 Aug. 1646; and perhaps others. Prob. this was the master of the sh. in whose unhappy voyage to London, 1657, perish. Thomas Mayhew, Davis, Ince, and Pelham, all scholars, the hope of the country, going to Eng. for employm. of wh. Gookin, in his Hist. Coll. printed in Vol. I. of the Coll. of the Soc. 202, gives suffic. acco. His wid. Deborah went home, I liv. at Wapping, and sold her lds. here 1663. JOSEPH, Scituate, eldest s. of Richard of the same (in Geneal. Reg. IX. 316, mistak. for Gannett, wh. see bef. ment.), m. 17 Jan. 1677, Ruth, d. of Isaac Buck, had only s. Joseph, b. 1680, and four ds. nam. in his will Ruth Wade, Mary Briggs, Elizabeth Briggs, and Jael G. as Deane relates. He had serv. in Philip's war. 

JOSEPH, Hartford, perhaps s. perhaps gr.s. of Daniel, was there 1693. RICHARD, Charlestown, shoemaker, came, no doubt, in the fleet with Winthrop req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, but was lost in a storm, of wh. full report is in Winthrop I. 40. Hannah, "a fatherless ch." d. says the rec. Feb. 1632, and I suppose her to have been his d. prob. that one wh. went thro. the wreck with him. 

RICHARD, Scituate, first town clk. 1636, m. Lydia, d. of Elder Nathaniel Tilden, had Joseph, b. 1648; [[vol. 2, p. 234]] John, 1651; Mary, 1655; and Richard; beside Lydia, 10 Oct. 1659. Deane supposes him to have been s. of the preced. in wh. he must be mistaken; but may be nearer to prob. in think. him that Richard wh. d. at Boston, 29 Mar. 1662. RICHARD, Scituate, youngest s. of the preced. m. 1695, Persis, d. of Capt. Michael Pierce, had ds. Ann, and Deborah; and s. John, b. 1706. ROBERT, Boston, by w. Mary had John, b. 2 June 1643; Robert; Mary; and Sarah; all ment. in his will of 27 Nov. 1660, in wh. he says "being bound on a voyage to Barbados;" yet he liv. prob. some yrs. after that. In the deed of Boston est. to him, he is styled Garret, alias Bentcher. His s. John, says Deane, had only s. Richard, b. 1689.

GARRETSON, JOHN, Boston, m. 5 Dec. 1659, Alice Willey, perhaps d. of Isabel.

GARRISON, or GARRESEN, EDWARD, Boston, m. 29 Aug. 1660, Joan Pullen.

GARROLD, HENRY, Boston, a tanner, 1639, had bot. in Nov. preced. ho. of James Hawkins, that had been Mr. Brenlon's.

GARVEN, JOHN, Salem, was drown. 5 Feb. 1662, and his posthum. d. Elizabeth was b. 26 July.

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