A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Gascoyne - George

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

GASCOYNE, GASKIN, or GASKELL, EDWARD, Salem, shipwright, had gr. of ld. 1637, by w. Sarah had Samuel, bapt. 7 Aug,. 1639; Daniel, 10 Oct. 1640; Sarah, 14 May 1643; Hannah, 1 Mar. 1646; and Edward, 30 Apr. 1648. Sarah, m. 24 May 1661, Peter Joy. SAMUEL, Salem, s. prob. of the preced. m. 30 Dec. 1662, Provided, d. of Lawrence Southwick, had Samuel, b. 23 Jan. 1664; Edward, 22 Oct. 1667; Hannah, 2 Jan. 1670; and Provided, 22 Apr. 1672; was punish. 1658, for his curiosity or depravity in attend. a Quaker meet. He had s. John, wh. a. 9 Oct. 1686, perhaps few days old; and his w. Elizabeth d. 18 of the same. The Salem rec. also certif. that by w. Elizabeth he had Elizabeth b. 13 May 1688; where we can see that an error of date is giv. unless he had sec. w. of the same name as the first. But he could certain. not be f. of that temporary dweller in Cambridge or Charlestown nam. SAMUEL, wh. was after of New Haven, m. very likely as sec. w. 20 July 1687, Elizabeth Sherman, d. of John, but whether the min. or the capt. is by Bond left uncert. Yet we may easily presume that between the two Samuels there is confus. tho. we may be very sure that no Quaker would then have been permit. to m. a d. of either Capt. or Rev. John S. It was clear. the d. of Rev. John that m. at mature age after her f.'s d. Samuel G. a thriving merch. of New Haven, had prob. Samuel and Mary perhaps by former w. and he had bapt. at Watertown, John, 30 Nov. 1690; and d. 1706. His inv. was of 20 Jan. foll. and Sherman's d. Elizabeth was admin. SAMUEL, Stratford, s. of the preced. d. soon after his f. leav. w. Abigail half his est. beside provis. in case she were pregnant, and residue to sis. Mary, by his will of 31 Jan. 1707.

GATCHELL, or GETCHELL, sometimes GITCHELL, JEREMIAH, Marblehead 1668-1674. JOHN, Salem 1637, aged a. 26, was of Marblehead 1648. He may have been the f. of that John, a soldier in Beers's comp. wh. fell 4 Sept. 1675, with his leader, at Squakeag fight. JONATHAN, Marblehead 1674, rem. to Portsmouth, R. L and there m. 5 Mar. 1683, [[vol. 2, p. 235]] Mary, wid. of Gershom Wodell, had Priscilla, b. 10 Nov. foll. and Isbell, 22 Oct. 1685. SAMUEL, Salem 1638, rem. to Hampton 1644, thence to Salisbury 1648, by w. Dorcas, wh. d. 12 June 1685, had Priscilla, b. 26 Feb. 1649; and Samuel, 8 Feb. 1657. His d. Susanna m. 10 Mar. 1662, Joseph Norton. SAMUEL, Salisbury, s. of the preced. m. 27 Nov. 1679, Elizabeth Jones of Amesbury, had Hannah, b. 30 Jan. 1681; Moses, 15 May 1682; Eleanor, 3 Oct. 1683, d. soon; Eleanor, again, 2 Nov. 1684; Dorcas, 8 May 1685, as rec. says; and Mary, 12 Apr. 1687. Perhaps the name in our days is commonly Getchell.

GATES, DANIEL, East Haddam, s. of George, by w. Rebecca had Daniel, b. 5 Feb. 1707; David, 27 June 1709; Rebecca, 27 June 1711; Abigail, 18 Mar. 1714; Joseph, 7 Sept. 1716; Mary, 29 Mar. 1719; Ruth, 10 Aug. 1721; Ephraim, 18 Aug. 1724; and Judah, 2 Aug. 1727; and d. 24 Nov. 1761. GEORGE, Haddam, an orig. propr. 1662, was of Hartford the yr. preced. by w. Sarah, d. of Nicholas Olmsted, wh. d. 7 Nov. 1709, had Joseph, b. 7 Nov. 1662; Thomas, 21 Jan. 1665; John, 5 Apr. 1668; Sarah, 16 Mar. 1670; Mary, 16 Mar. 1674; George, 16 Aug. 1677, infirm; Daniel, 4 May 1680; and Samuel, 8 Nov. 1683; was one of the first sett. rep. 1668-73, and later, a capt. rem. a. 1685 to E. side of the riv. and d. 12 Nov. 1724, in 90th yr. Sarah m. a. 1694, Timothy Fuller. 

JOHN, East Haddam, s. of the preced. had Sarah, bapt. 12 Feb. 1716; Rachel, 14 July 1717; Hannah, 12 Apr. 1719; and Esther, 26 Feb. 1721; gave all his est. by deed, 4 Oct. 1742, to these four ds. his w. whose name is not found, then liv. JOSEPH, East Haddam, br. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1695; Elizabeth 23 May 1697; John, 20 Sept. 1698; Sarah, 20 Aug. 1700; Jonathan, 17 Dec. 1703; Susanna, 21 Sept. 1705; Jacob, 10 July 1708; Samuel, 29 Mar. 1710; and Patience, perhaps posthum. at least when bapt. 23 Mar. 1712, she is call. "a ch. of Joseph Gates's relict," but the careless town rec. marks her b. 31 Mar. of that yr. His wid. d. 17 Nov. 1759 in her 89th yr. 

SAMUEL, East Haddam, youngest 8. of George, by w. Esther had Sarah, b. 15 July 1712; Hannah, 4 Feb. 1714; Samuel, 14 Aug. 1715; Esther, 26 Feb. bapt. 2 Mar. 1718; Mary, b. 29 July 1719; James, 29 Aug. 1721; Stephen, 30 June 1723; and Jonah, bapt. 25 Apr. 1725. SIMON, Cambridge, s. of first Stephen, by w. Margaret had Abigail, b. 1671; Simon, 1673, d. 11 Apr. 1675; Simon, again, 5 Jan. 1676; George, 1678, d. next yr.; Amos; Samuel, 11 Aug. 1685; and Margaret, 13 Aug. 1689. He had rem. a short time to Lancaster, after was of Boston, liv. at Muddy river. 

STEPHEN, Hingham 1638, came in the Diligent with w. and two ch. that yr.; was from old Hingham, rem. to Cambridge, thence 1654 to Lancaster, where he was constable 1657, freem. 1656, went back to C. there d. 1662. He [[vol. 2, p. 236]] calls hims. of C. in his will, made 9 June, pro. 7 Oct. of that yr. He had Stephen, Simon, and Thomas, b. I think, on this side of the ocean; and those he brot. prob. were Elizabeth wh. m. Nov. or 22 Dec. 1649, John Lazell; and Mary, wh. m. 5 Apr. 1658, John Maynard. His wid. Ann m. 1663, Richard Woodward of Watertown, outliv. him, and d. 5 Feb. 1683, at Stow, where G. had sometime resid. STEPHEN, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah, prob. d. of George Woodward of Watertown, had Stephen; Simon, b. 5 June 1667; Thomas, 31 Dec. 1669; Isaac; Nathaniel; rem. to Marlborough, and had Sarah, 27 Apr. 1679; Rebecca, 23 July 1682; and Daniel, 25 Apr. 1685; he was some yrs. at Charlestown; and his will was pro. 1707. 

THOMAS, Marlborough, br. of the preced. m. 6 July 1670, Elizabeth Freeman of Sudbury, had Elizabeth b. 1671; Sarah, 1673; rem. to Charlestown, there had Mary, b. 10 Mar. 1676; thence to Sudbury, where were b. John, 9 Apr. 1678; and Joseph, 16 Mar. 1680; rem. to Stow, there had Josiah, 8 Mar. 1682; Deborah, 22 Feb. 1684; Ann, 18 July 1686; and Abigail, 18 Feb. 1689. He was constable of S. and had ld. in Lancaster; but East Haddam, sold all his est. in Mass. after rem. to Norwich, in 1703. *THOMAS, East Haddam, sec. s. of George of the same, m. a 1692, Hannah, d. of deac. Daniel Brainerd, had Thomas, b. 3 Oct. 1693; Daniel, 26 May 1695; Jeremiah, 17 Mar. 1697; Hannah, 1 June 1699, d. at 14 yrs.; Esther, b. 24 Feb. 1701, d. at 19 yrs.; Mary, 29 Aug. 1703; George, 17 Nov. 1705; and Joshua, 26 Apr. 1708; was town clk. capt. deac. rep. 1725. and d. 20 Apr. 1734. His wid. d. 7 Sept. 1750.

GATLINE, or GATTLIFFE, JONATHAN, Boston, s. of Thomas, a mariner, m. June 1663, Mary, eldest d. of Amos Richardson. THOMAS, Dorchester, a miller, was of Braintree 1650, d. 17 May 1663, had ch. only s. Jonathan; Prudent; and Mary b. 13 Feb. 1656; left good est. wid. Prudent, not mo. of Jonathan.

GATSELL, WALTER, came in the Abigail 1635, aged 34, but we kn.

GATTERY, JOHN. See Gaffingsley.GAULT, WILLIAM, of Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk, cordwainer, aged 29 yrs. a single man, emb. 11 May 1637 in the Mary Ann, but we kn. not his resid. here; nor can the name be found, exc. that John Easton, wh. bec. gov. of R. I. had m. 4 Feb. 1661, Mehitable G. wh. may have been his d. But it may well seem, that he liv. at Salem, for there Mary, wid. of William Goult or Gott, had contr. for m. with Richard Bishop, as his sec. w. in July 1660, as in Essex Inst. II. 182, is well shown.

GAUNT, PETER, Lynn, rem. to Sandwich 1637, there was liv. 1643. THOMAS, Rehoboth, perhaps s. of the preced. may be the same as in ano. part of the Col. Rec. is giv. Grant, of the bur. of whose ch. Sept. 1676, ment. is made on Col. Rec. had John, b. 21 Jan. 1678.

GAY, EBENEZER, Dedham, s. of John the first, by w. Lydia had Eleazur, b. 19 Aug. 1676; and b. in Wrentham, Lydia, 20 May 1685; and John, 25 Aug. 1687. JOHN, Watertown, freem. 6 May 1635; rem. to [[vol. 2, p. 237]] Dedham, by w. Joanna (in fam. tradit. said to have been wid. Baldwicke, and to have had s. John by former h. perhaps in Eng.) had Samuel, b. 10 Mar. 1639; Hezekiah, 8 July 1640; perhaps Elizabeth wh. m. 1660, Richard Martin; certain. Nathaniel, 11 Jan. 1643, or as Geneal. Reg. VI. 373, perhaps wrong. gives the date 11 Nov. 1642; Joanna, 23 Mar. 1645; Eleazer, 25 Mar. 1647; Abiel, and Judith, tw. 23 Apr. 1649; John, 6 May 1651; Jonathan, 1 Aug. 1653; and Hannah, 16 Oct. 1656, wh. d. young. He d. 4 Mar. 1688; and his wid. d. 14 Aug. 1691. Hezekiah d. unm. 20 Nov. 1669, hav. in his nuncup. will 25 Oct. preced. rememb. f. mo. brs. and sis. Nathaniel, John, Jonathan, Samuel, Abigail, and Judith, and giv. especial. to "sis. Whiting that new book concerning Thomas Savage," for wh. I fear, all search in bibliograph. works will be vain. 

In the lists of freem. 1644 and 5 appears the name of John Gay, but it may well be feared, that one, if not both, is or are repetition only. Ano. fam. of Gay there was, indeed, in Dedham, or in that part wh. bec. Wrentham, who widely spread, but of wh. the progenit. is not kn. to me. JOHN, Watertown, by w. Hannah, had Hannah, b. 25 Dec. 1668; and Thomas, Mar. 1674; d. in few yrs after, for Bond shows that admin. to wid. Hannah pass. 18 Dec. 1678. JOHN, Dedham, s. of the first John, m. 13 Feb. 1679, Rebecca, d. of John Bacon, had Rebecca, John, Stephen, Abigail, Mary, and Hezekiah. 

JONATHAN, Dedham, br. of the preced. m. 29 Aug. 1682, Mary Bullard, had Hannah, Mary, Jeremiah, Sarah, Jonathan, and Abigail. NATHANIEL, Dedham, s. of first John, by w. Lydia Lusher, as Geneal. Reg. VI. 373, tells (tho. it is not kn. whose d. she was), had Benjamin; Nathaniel; both d. young; Mary; Lydia; Nathaniel, again; Lusher, b. 26 Sept. 1685, wh. was f. of the Rev. Ebenezer of Suffield, H. C. 1737, D.D.; Joanna; Benjamin, again; Abigail; and Ebenezer, 26 Aug. 1696, H. C. 1714; was freem. 1677, and d. 20 Feb. 1713; but his w. liv. to 6 Aug. 1744. SAMUEL, Dedham, eldest br. of the preced. m. 23 Nov. 1661, Mary, prob. d. of Edward Bridge of Roxbury, had Samuel, Edward, John, Hezekiah, and Timothy; and d. 15 Apr. 1718, and his w. d. 3 days after. 

SAMUEL, Roxbury, by w. Abigail had Samuel, b. 24 Feb. 1688; and Abigail, 15 Oct. 1689. The gr. ornament of this fam. was Rev. Ebenezer, youngest s. of; Nathaniel, third min. of Hingham, ord. 11 June 1718, wh. d. 18 Mar. 1787, the honor. patriarch of our N. E. pulpit in that age. Eleven of this name had, in 1826, been gr. at Harv. of wh. five were clerg. and three at the other N. E. coll.

GAYER, *SAMUEL, Nantucket, rep. soon after the new chart. of 1691. WILLIAM, Nantucket, m. Dorcas, d. of Nathaniel Starbuck, had Damaris, b. 24 Oct. 1673; Dorcas, 29 Aug. 1675; and William, 3 June 1677. His w. d. a. 1696; and he d. 23 Sept. 1710, hav. had ano. w. but no ch. [[vol. 2, p. 238]] by her. Perhaps he was br. of Samuel; and his d. Damaris m. 17 Aug. 1692, Nathaniel Coffin, the progenit. of Adm. Sir Isaac; and Dorcas m. 6 Dec. 1694, her cous. Jethro Starbuck.

GAYLORD, GAYLOR, GAYLER, GALLARD, or GALLERD, ELIEZUR, Windsor, youngest s. of Walter, m. 18 Aug. 1686, Martha Thompson, had Martha, b. 21 May 1687; Elizabeth 26 Nov. 1690; Eliezur, 26 Feb. 1695; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1697; and Hannah, 4 Sept. 1700. JOHN, Dorchester 1632, one of two chos. by the town to meet the Court of Assist. bef. any system of rep. had been formed. Whether he d. soon, or went home, may long be unkn. but his name does not occur again. JOHN, Windsor, youngest s. of William the first, prob. the only one of the ch. b. on this side of the water, m. 17 Nov. 1653, Mary, d. of John Drake, had (tho. others may have been b. and d.), John, b. 15 June 1656, wh. d. May 1664; Mary, 19 Jan. 1664; John, again, 23 June 1667; and Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1671; is among the freem. 1669. d. 31 July 1689, leav. wid. Mary. 

JOHN, Windsor, oldest s. of the sec. William, was propound. for freem. 1671. Of him I read only that his s. John, m. 13 Dec. 1683, at the age of 16, as Goodwin says, Mary, d. of Hon. Daniel Clark, wh. was above 25, had John, b. 8 June 1686, Mary, and Ann, 20 Apr. 1700; of wh. the last d. young; and he d. 29 Apr. 1699, of course a. 32 yrs. old. JOSEPH, Windsor, s. of Walter, m. 14 July 1670, Sarah Standley, had Sarah, b. 11 July 1671; Joseph, 22 Aug. 1673; John, 21 Aug. 1677; and perhaps more; rem. to Waterbury. 

NATHANIEL, Windsor, youngest s. of the sec. William, m. 17 Oct. 1678, Abigail, d. of Thomas Bissell, had Nathaniel, b. 23 Nov. 1681; Abigail, 13 Mar. 1684; Josiah, 24 Feb. 1686; Thomas, and Joseph, tw. 20 June 1690, of wh. the former d. next day; Elizabeth 28 July 1693; Ruth, 10 Apr. 1700; Esther, 8 Apr. 1702; and Rachel. He was a lieut. and d. 26 Mar. 1720. His wid d. 23 Sept. 1723. SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of the first William, b. in Eng. came with his f. to Dorchester; m. 4 Dec. 1646, Elizabeth Hull, prob. d. of George, had Elizabeth b. 4 Oct. 1647; Mary, 10 Nov. 1649; Sarah, 18 Jan. 1652; Abigail, 29 Sept. 1653; Samuel, July 1657, wh. d. on serv. in the army 1690, leav. wid. but no ch.; and Martha, June 1660. His w. d. 1680, and he m. 1682, as her fourth h. Mary, wid. of lieut. William Allis of Hatfield, where he d. Sept. 1689. Martha m. 30 Oct. 1679, Josiah Ellsworth. WALTER, Windsor, br. of the preced. came with his f. to Dorchester, m. 29 Apr. 1648, Mary, d. of deac. Edward Stebbins of Hartford, had Joseph, b. 13 May 1649, wh. was one of the first sett. at Waterbury, after of Durham; Mary, 19 Mar. 1651; Joanna, 5 Feb. 1653; Benjamin, 12 Apr. 1655; Isaac, 21 June 1657. His w. d. 29 June 1657, and he m. 22 Mar. 1658, Sarah, d. of William Rockwell, had Eliezur, 7 Mar. 1662; and Sarah, 13 Apr. 1665; d. 9 Aug. 1689; so that three of the four s. of deac. William d. within few wks. Joanna m. 16 Dec. 1669, John Porter. 

*WILLIAM, Dorchester, perhaps br. of John of the same, a deac. chos. at the gather. of the ch. Mar 1630 at Plymouth, Eng. came in the Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. and was rec. 18 May foll. rep. 1635, 6, and 8, rem. to Windsor, and was rep. near 40 sess. up to 1664, d. 20 July 1673, in 88th yr. All his ch. were b. in Eng. exc. John, and it is not kn. that he was not. Elizabeth his only d. m. 5 Oct. 1641, Richard Birge, and next, Thomas Hoskins. 

WILLIAM, Windsor, eldest [[vol. 2, p. 239]] s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 24 Feb. 1642, Ann Porter, had Ann, b. 24 Apr. 1645; Hannah, 30 Jan. 1647; John, 27 Jan. 1649; William, 25 Feb. 1651; Hezekiah, 11 Feb. 1653; by sec. w. Elizabeth sis. of the w. of his youngest br. John, d. of John Drake, had Josiah, 13 Feb. 1655, and Nathaniel, 3 Sept. 1656. He d. 14 Dec. after, and his wid. m. a. 1660, John Elderkin of Norwich. Ann m. 11 May 1663, or 11 Mar. 1664 (both dates being giv.), Isaac Phelps. WILLIAM, Hadley, s. of the preced. m. 1671, Ruth, d. of John Crow, had Samuel, and William, and d. 1680. His wid. m. next yr. John Haley.

GAZEAU. See Gosier.

GEACH, EDWARD, a soldier under com. of Major Savage on Conn. river, 1675; in Apr. 1676, his w. pray. for his disch. then in Capt. Sill's comp.

GEARING, GERRIN, or JERRIN, PETER, a soldier, from the E. part of the Col. k. by the Ind. 19 May 1676 in the return from the Falls fight.

GEARS, GEER, or GEERS, DANIEL, Preston, s. of George, had Daniel, b. 15 June 1700; John, 29 Mar. 1703; Christopher, 19 Dec. 1706; Ebenezer, 29 Dec. 1709; William, 4 Jan. 1713; and Thankful, 7 Jan. 1722; and d. 2 Oct. 1749. GEORGE, New London, m. 17 Feb. 1659, Sarah, d. of Robert Allyn, or Allen, of Norwich, had Sarah, b. 27 Feb. 1660; Jonathan, 26 May 1662; Joseph, 14 Oct. 1664; Hannah, 27 Feb. 1666; Margaret, Feb. 1669; Mary, 26 May 1671; Robert, 2 Jan. 1676; Daniel; Ann, 6 Jan. 1679; Isaac, 26 Mar. 1681, and Jeremiah. He d. 1726, hav. made his will 5 June 1723, in wh. he names as liv. w. Sarah, all his s. and d. exc. Mary (and her two ds. Hannah and Mary to have their mo.'s part), and made his s. Robert and s.-in-law Thomas Gates to be excors. The farm, wh. he bot. 1664, is now occup. by his descend. in Ledyard, set off from Groton, former. pt. of N. L. Sarah m. Nathaniel Parks; Hannah m. Charles Williams; Margaret m. Thomas Gates; all of Preston; Mary m. Zechariah Mainor of Groton; and Ann m. Daniel Tyler. ISAAC, Groton, Conn. s. of the preced. by w. Martha had Isaac; Benjamin, b. 1717; Martha; Lucy; George, 1724; Elizabeth; Solomon; Sarah; and Jacob, 1732; all liv. and nam. in his of 25 Oct. 1739, pro. 10 Jan. 1746, shortly bef. wh. he d. JEREMIAH, Groton, Conn. youngest ch. of George, by w. Esther had Oliver, Hannah, Esther, Zebulon, Ziporah, and Jerusha; and d. 1721. 

JONATHAN, Preston, eldest s. of George, by w. Mary, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1718, had Jonathan, Deborah, Sarah, Mary, Zerviah, and Dorothy; and he d. 30 Apr 1742, leav. wid. Experience, and all these ch. exc. Deborah, liv. to partake his est. JOSEPH, Preston, br. of the preced. m. 7 Jan. 1692, Sarah Howard, had Joseph, b. 17 Oct. foll. wh. d. at 25 yrs. and very observ. is it, that, after so long an interval, came other ch. Keziah, 23 Feb. 1710; Sarah, 17 Sept. 1712; Benajah, 31 May 1714; Joseph, [[vol. 2, p. 240]] again, 29 May 1719; Silas, 26 Mar. 1722; and Ezra, 16 May 1724; and d. 1743. 

ROBERT, Groton, Conn. br. of the preced. m. Martha Tyler, had Robert, b. 1707; Ebenezer, 1 Apr. 1709; James, 1711; Mary; and Martha; all nam. in his will of 30 Aug. 1742, pro. 30 Nov. foll. as then liv. THOMAS, Enfield, 1682, br. of George, by w. Deborah had Elizabeth b. 4 May 1685, d. under 3 yrs.; and Shubael, earlier, wh. perpet. the fam. and the f. d. 14 Jan. 1722, aged 99, as is said, also that his wid. outliv. him 14 yrs.

GEARY, ARTHUR, Roxbury, had Samuel, b. 22 Sept. 1638, but other ch. William, and Nathaniel, perhaps bef. he came from Eng. was freem. 14 Mar. 1639, d. 17 Dec. 1666, aged 67. In his will of 8 Nov. 1664, he provides for w. Frances, and these three s. DENIS, Lynn, came from London, in the Abigail, 1635, aged 30; with w. Elizabeth 22; and ds. Elizabeth 3; and Sarah, 2; d. early, and Winthrop says, II. 341, left by his will £300 to the Col. of Mass. NATHANIEL, Roxbury, s. of the preced. b. prob. in Eng. m. 14 Oct. 1658, Ann, d. of William Douglass, had Hannah, b. 26 July 1659, d. 28 Jan. 1671; Mary, and Elizabeth tw. bapt. 13 Oct. 1661 (but as town rec. names only Elizabeth b. 10 July that yr. I presume the other d. soon); Nathaniel, b. 4 July 1663; Sarah, 3 July 1665; William, 4 Mar. 1667; Rebecca, 25 Jan. 1669, d. at 10 yrs.; Hannah, 4 July 1671; Samuel, 7 Sept. 1773; and Deborah, lB Apr. 1676, d. at 2 yrs. and he d. 28 Jan. 1679. 

SAMUEL, Roxbury, br. of the preced. m. 6 Dec 1669, Elizabeth Parker, wh. d. 20 Nov. 1676, had no ch. He was freem. 1668. WILLIAM, Salem 1639, was freem. 2 June 1641, had 3 bapt. there Samuel, 14 Mar. 1641; Mary, 14 May 1643; and John, 23 June 1644. *WILLIAM, Roxbury, s. of Arthur, b. in Eng. had w. Hannah, d. of William Curtis, m. 25 Aug. 1651, had prob. no ch. was freem. 1652, rep. 1675, a deac. d. 4 Sept. 1712, aged 83. Sometimes this is Writ. Gery, Gerry, Gary, and this last form has been made Cary.

GEDNEY, or GIDNEY, α *BARTHOLOMEW, Salem, s. of John, practis. as a physician 1662, m. 22 Dec 1662, Hannah Clark, had Bartholomew, b. 4 Apr. 1664, d. at 4 mos. Jonathan, 14 June bapt. 30 July 1665; Bartholomew, 7 Aug. 1666; both d. soon; Hannah, b. 19 Aug. 1667; Lydia, 9 Mar. bapt. 17 Apr. 1670; Bethia, 27 May bapt.2 June 1672; Deborah, b. 3 Jan. 1674, d. soon; Samuel, 2 Nov. 1675; Deborah, and Martha,tw. bapt. 25 Nov. 1677; Priscilla, 1 May 1681, d. soon; and Ann; was freem. 1669, rep. 1678, Assist. 1680-3, and made of Andros's Council by James II., yet cont. in the new chart. one of the judges of the witchcraft delusion, judge of Pro. and Col. of the reg. His w. d. 6 Jan. 1696; and he d. 28 Feb. 1698. 

ELEAZUR, Salem, br. of the preced. m. 9 June 1665, Elizabeth Turner, had Eleazur, b. 18 Mar. 1666; Elizabeth 2 June 1669 Ruth, 24 May 1672; and Mary, 27 Aug. 1674; was freem. 1671. He m. sec. w. 6 June 1678, Mary Patteshall, and had [[vol. 2, p. 241]] Ebenezer, b. 25 May 1679; Edmond, 15 Nov. 1680; and Martha, 29 Apr. 1682; and he d. 29 Apr. next yr. ELI, Salem, br. of the preced. d. 4 Sept. 1716, had, by w. Mary, wh. d. bef. hims. William, b. 1674; and Ruth. JOHN, Salem, came in the Mary Ann from Yarmouth in May 1637, with w. Mary (call. Sarah in the custom ho. rec.), aged 25; ch. Lydia, Hannah, and John, 2 mos. old, and serv. William Walker, and Burgess, aged 26. He was of Norwich, Co. Norfolk, and was b. a. 1603, freem. Mar. 1638; had here Bartholomew, bapt. 14 June 1640; Eleazur, 15 May 1642; Sarah, 23 June 1644; and Eli, b. 1648. He had sec. w. Catharine, and d. Aug. 1688. Ano. John, aged 19, of wh. no more is heard, came by a differ. sh. in the mo. preced. also from Norwich, as serv. of John Pierce. 

JOHN, Salem, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 4 May 1659, Susanna Clark, had John, b. 5 Mar. 1660; Sarah, 6 July 1662, d. in few ds. Susanna, 10 Sept. 1663; Sarah, 29 Apr. 1666; William, 25 July 1668; and Nathaniel, 1670; was freem. 1669, and d. bef. his f. His wid. m. Deliverance Parkman, as his fourth w. RICHARD, Gloucester 1665. WILLIAM, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 7 Jan. 1690, Hannah, d. prob. of Samuel Gardner, had Susanna, b. 9 Apr. 1691; Margaret, 9 June 1694; Bartholomew, 22 Mar. 1698, and Hannah, 12 June 1701; was sheriff of the Co. and d. 24 Jan. 1730.

GEE, JOHN, Boston, s. of Peter, a. 25 July 1693. JOSHUA, Boston, br. of the preced. freem. 1675, by w. Elizabeth Harris, m. 25 Sept. 1688; was f. of sev. ch. beside Rev. Joshua, b. 29 June, bapt. 3 July 1698 at Mather's ch. H. C. 1717, collea. of Rev. Cotton M. (and reputed a man of large mental power, of wh. a well dr. charact. is in Eliot's Biog. Dict.) wh. was f. of Joshua, H. C. 1744, and d. 22 May 1748. The first Joshua had sec. w. Elizabeth d. of Judah Thacher, m. 7 Dec. 1704; and his wid. bec. third w. of Rev. Peter Thacher of Milton. PETER, Boston 1667, fisherman, by w. Grace had Thomas, John, and Joshua, the two bef. ment. HENRY and RALPH G. were sent 1631 by Mason to his patent.

GEER. See Gears.

GENDALL, *WALTER, Falmouth 1669, an enterpris. trader among the Ind. was also of Scarborough, and North Yarmouth Last, rep. 1683 and 4, was capt. against the enemy, and in the first fight of the war of 1688 defeated them, and next day was k. by the Ind. in ambuscade. Willis, I. 153. 81. 95.

GENERY, or CHENERIE, Isaac, Dedham, in that part wh. bec. Medfield, s. of Lambert, m. 16 Nov. 1654, Elizabeth d. of Robert Gamlyn, had Elizabeth b. 6 Apr. 1657. JOHN, Watertown, br. of the preced. had prob. been at Haverhill 1646, m. 12 May 1656, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Boylston of W. had John, b. 7 or 17 Dec. 1657, was in Capt. Beers's comp. in Philip's war, and d. the next day after being wound. 4 Sept. 1675, at Squakeage. His wid. d. 14 Sept. 1704. 

LAMBERT, Dedham 1636, may have been first at [[vol. 2, p. 242]] Watertown, freem. 1645, had the two s. bef. ment. and by ano. w. m. 14 May 1656, Thomasin Hewes, wh. d. at W. 2 Jan. 1670, had Mary, b. 24 Dec. 1659; and ano. d. perhaps, wh. m. Richard Ellis; and he d. at D. 30 Jan. 1674. His will, of 17 preced. pro. 4 Feb. foll. names the three ch. of hims. then gives to ch. of his s.-in-law Richard Ellis, and to d.-in-law Ruth Ellis, wid. whereby we may be led to assume that he had m. a wid. Ellis for 3d w.

GENNOR. See Jenner.

GEORGE, ELEAZER, Salem 1668. JAMES, Haverhill 1653, Salisbury 1662, was of Amesbury in 1677, when he sw. fidel. by w. Sarah had Samuel b. 25 Feb. 1666. JOHN, Watertown, had Robert and Susanna, but by a w. unkn. to us, and these ch. were prob. b. in Eng. where his w. may have d. He m. at W. Ann, wid. of Henry Goldstone, and d. 1647, his inv. being of 12 June, and pro. 29 of the same in that yr. His wid. d. 26 Apr. 1670, aged 79. Susanna m. 1 Oct. 1648, Robert Harrington; but of Robert we hear no more. JOHN, Charlestown 1657, had been in Mar. 1641 apprent. for 8 yrs. to Gov. Winthrop with his own consent, so that he may have been of full age, and a differ. person from him wh. was one of the found. of the first Bapt. ch. in Boston 1665, d. 12 Sept. 1666. Hutch. Coll. 399, shows the sad proceed. just bef. by the Court against him. His nuncup. will names wid. Elizabeth ch. Elizabeth Glazier, Martha Roe, or Row, John, Ruth, Hannah, and Mary. His wid. m. a. Harbour, and she had her ch. bapt. Mary George, 15 Apr. 1677; and John George, call. young man, 5 Aug. 1677. Mary m. 11 July 1678, Joseph Dowse; Hannah m. 25 Nov. 1673, James Miller; and Ruth m. 1668, Samuel Frothingham.

JOHN, Boston, possib. s. of the preced. but more prob. of Peter, m. Lydia, d. of Rev. Samuel Lee, was one of the first mem. of Brattle st. ch. Feb. 1700. His wid. bec. third w. of Rev. Cotton Mather, 5 July 1715. JOHN, Charlestown, perhaps s. of John of the same, had, in 1690, w. Mary, d. of John Lowden, m. 11 Sept. 1688. JOSHUA, a soldier in Philip's war, wh. had been impress. NICHOLAS, Dorchester, innholder, freem. 1666, then call. sen. had w. Elizabeth s. Nicholas, prob. other ch. made his will 27 Apr. 1675, and Id. perhaps the same yr. for license in 1676 was giv. to his wid. Elizabeth wh. d. at D. 8 Nov. 1699, in 98th yr. NICHOLAS, Dorchester, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail had Nicholas, b. at Charlestown, 20 Mar. 1663; John, 4 July 1665; and perhaps other ch. rem. to Boston, and by the blundering rec. there his w. Mary brot. him John, 6 Feb. 1684; Nicholas, 7 Feb. 1684; Mary, 5 Feb. 1686; Mary, again, 28 June 1688; and Nicholas, again, 23 Jan. 1688-9. 

PETER, Braintree, had e Susan, b. Feb. 1643; Mary, 7 Sept. 1645; Hannah, 7 Sept. 1648; John, 24 June 1650, a. soon; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1651; John, again, 1653; and Peter, 9 Jan. 1655; sold his est. at B. and rem. 1670, to Block island. Richard, Boston, m. 1 Nov. 1655, Mary, d. of William [[vol. 2, p. 243]] Pell, had Mary, b. 22 Aug. 1656; Hannah, 21 Jan. 1661; Thomas, 11 Oct. 1663; Mary, again, 26 Jan. 1666; and Elizabeth 8 Apr. 1670. WILLIAM, Lynn 1637. Lewis. In all prob. he is the gent. call. capt. wh. as one of the Commmissrs. of Gorges, held a Court at Saco on 26 Mar. of the yr. bef. and may reasonably be suppos. to have gone home.

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