A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Godfrey - Goodman

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

GODFREY, ń EDWARD, Kittery and York 1630, alderman of the city of Acomenticus, gov. in 1649 of the Prov. of Maine by delegat. from the [[vol. 2, p. 266]] patentee, under the Gorges pat. but in 1652 bec. freem. of Mass. by volunt. submiss. Felt says, he boasted, in 1654, that he had, for 45 yrs. been a promoter of N. E. 32 yrs. an adventur. for sett. it, and for 24, inhab. of York, "and the first that ever thot. of sett. there." FRANCIS, Duxbury 1638, carpenter, rem. early to Bridgewater, d. 1669. His will names n. Elizabeth and d. Elizabeth w. of John Cary. 

GEORGE, Eastham, had George, b. 2 Jan. 1663; Samuel, 27 Jan. 1665; Moses, 27 Jan. 1667; Hannah, 25 Apr. 1669; Mary, 2 June 1672; Ruth, 1 Jan. 1675; Richard, 11 June 1677; Jonathan, 24 June 1682; and Elizabeth 10 Sept. 1688. GEORGE, Marblehead 1668-74. ISAAC, Hampton, s. of William of the same, m. 15 July 1670, Hannah Meriam, perhaps d. of George of Concord; but no ch. is kn. JAMES, Newbury, s. of Peter, m. 10 Feb. 1700, Hannah Kimball. JOHN, at New London, in 1667, a short time, may have been, as Farmer says, inhab. of Andover, and b. 1622; but prob. was first at Ipswich and Newbury, as he came 1634, in the Mary and John. JOHN, S. of deac. William, m. 6 May 1659, Mary Cox, prob. i d. of Moses; but I kn. no more. 

PETER, Newbury, m. 13 May 1656, Mary, d. of Thomas Brown, the first white b. in the town, had Andrew, b. 3 Mar. 1657; Mary, 21 Oct. 1659, d. in 2 wks.; Mary, again, 23 Jan. 1661; Margaret, 9 Oct. 1663; Elizabeth 8 Feb. 1667; Peter, 14 Nov. 1669; Joanna, 16 Nov. 1672; James, 9 Mar. 1677; and Sarah, 7 Apr. 1680; and he d. 5 Oct. 1697, aged 66. His wid. d. 14 Apr. 1716, in 81st yr. not 82nd as in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 168. In a note, Hutch. II. 216, has strangely mistak. this woman's birthplace and age, but the latter need not be matter of surprise. Margaret m. 12 July 1681, Joseph Richardson. RICHARD, Taunton 1652, m. a d. of John Turner, had Richard, John, and Robert. 

RICHARD, Taunton, s. of the preced. m. 1 Jan. 1680, Mary, d. of John Richmond, had Richard, John, and Joseph. Equally strange and lamentab. is it, that a name which has so long predomin. at Taunton, should have so little genealog. precision in its details. In his "Ministry of T." Emery, a very dilig. inquir. I. 234, gives no dates of b. m. or d. ROBERT, Taunton, br. of the preced. m. 14 Jan. 1685, Hannah, youngest d. of Jabez Hacket of the same. WILLIAM, Watertown, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Margaret had Isaac, b. 15 Apr. 1639; Sarah, 15 May 1642; rem. to Hampton, was deac. and d. 25 Mar. 1671. His will, made that yr. names w. Margaret, s. Isaac, s.-in-law Thomas Webster, s. John, prob. eldest, and b. in Eng. and ds. Sarah and Deborah; and, I believe, his wid. m. 14 Sept. 1671, John Sanborn. Deborah m. 5 Dec. 1667, John Taylor; and Sarah m. 18 Aug. 1670, John Clifford. He had, perhaps, m. in Eng. the wid.

GODING, or GODDING, GEORGE, Fairfield 1651, may be the same as Godwin. HENRY, Watertown, m. 7 Apr. 1663, Elizabeth Beers, perhaps d. of Anthony, had Timothy, b. 8 May 1664; and Elizabeth 8 Nov. 1667, wh. [[vol. 2, p. 267]] m. 8 Jan. 1690, John Morse. RICHARD, Gloucester 1666, wh. d. 1709. This name may be the same as Goodwin or Godwin.

GODMAN, New Haven. His w. Elizabeth was, in 1653, suspect. for a witch.

GODSOE, WILLIAM, Salem 1684, had w. Elizabeth says Felt.

GODSON, Francis, Lynn 1634. Perhaps the fam. name may be the same as the preced.

GODWIN, SAMUEL, Fairfield 1670.

GOE, GEORGE, Dover, found by Mr. Quint to have been tax. there seven or eight yrs. fr. 1669. HENRY, PETER, and RALPH, fishermen, of wh. the first and last are said to have been sent to Piscataqua by Mason in 1631, may, I think, be more likely to spell their own names Gee; and Peter to be gr.f. of the famous min. of Boston.

GOFFE, ANTHONY, Woburn, by w. Sarah had Joseph, b. 1 Nov. 1687, d. soon; and James, 3 June 1689, d. next day. Perhaps he rem. *EDWARD, Cambridge, came from Ipswich in Co. Suffk. by the Great Hope, embark. late in 1634, or very early in 1635, with Rev. Thomas Shepard, who left this sh. and some mos. later took another pass. from London. He was first at Watertown, certain. had ld. there 1637; brot. w. Joyce, and ch. Samuel and Lydia; here had Nathaniel, b. Feb. 1638, wh. prob. d. young. His w. d. Nov. 1638, and he m. Margaret, d. of wid. Isabel Wilkinson (wh. surv. him and m. 1662, John Witchfield of Windsor), by her had Deborah, b. 15 Dec. 1639; Mary, prob. wh. was bur. 23 Apr. 1646; Hannah, 23 Mar. 1644; and Abiah; was freem. 26 May 1636, rep. 1646 and 50, d. 26 Dec. 1658, aged 64. A vexatious rec. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 169, makes Nathaniel b. 23 Aug. 1645 by his w. Joyce, wh. d. near seven yrs. bef. when he was, of course, ; s. of Margaret; beside enrich. him with w. Judith, that he never kn. It must always be borne in mind, that the volume from wh. these transcr. are print. is only a copy, not orig. 

His will, declar. three days bef. but .writ. 26 June 1657, gives double portion to s. names w. Margaret and her mo. dec. also wid. Barnard, mo.-in-law of his s. and the gr.ch. Ann Goffe, and John, Lydia, and Jonathan Sprague, ch. of John Sprague by his eldest d. Lydia, m. 2 May 1651; Deborah, d. 21 Nov. 1660. Hannah m. 21 Sept. 1664, John Moore, jr. of Windsor; and Abia m. 12 Oct. 1664, Henry Wolcott 3d. JACOB, Wethersfield, m. Margery, d. of John Ingersoll of Westfield, 5 Dec. 1679,Had Jacob, b. 5 Nov. 1680, d. soon; Moses, 10 Mar. 1682, d. young; Mabel, 31 Oct. 1690; Mary, 15 Nov. 1693; and Eunice, 27 Mar. 1696; and be d. 21 Oct. 1697. His wid. m. Jonathan Buck. JOHN, Newbury, freem. 22 May 1639, d. 9 Dec. 1641. His will, made 5 days bef. names w. Amy, ch. only Susan, d Hannah. 

How, whence, or when, he came to our shores is yet [[vol. 2, p. 268]] unkn. A long prevalent mistake of Gosse of Watertown, freem. of 1631, for this man, was encourag. by the identity of appear. of the names on Col. rec. no differ. can be seen by the most practised eye. Elizabeth G. aged 26, a passeng. in the James from London in July 1635, may have been a sis. JOHN, Boston, freem. 1678, mem. of 2d ch. He had bapt. there, Hannah, 2 Aug. 1691; Ebenezer, 12 Feb. 1693; Elizabeth 5 May 1695; Sarah, 13 Dec. 1696; Sarah, again, 11 June 1699; Sarah, again 21 Aug 1709; and Mary, 15 Apr. 1711. Of these, by my conject. the first five were of Hannah, d. of William Sumner. 

PHILIP, Wethersfield, had Jacob, b. 1649; Rebecca,1651; Philip,1653; Moses, 1656; and Aaron, 1658, was aged 28 in 1653, and d. 1674. SAMUEL, Cambridge, s. of Edward, came with his f. 1635, m. 25 June 1656, Ann, d. of wid. of John Barnard of Watertown, had Hannah, b. 12 May 1657; Edward, 28 Nov. 1658; Deborah, 22 Jan. 1661, d. 27 Dec. 1690; Samuel, 1 Jan. 1663; Lydia, 7 Jan. 1665; John, 11 Nov. 1666; Elizabeth 6 Oct. 1668, d. 15 Jan. 1691; Susanna; Edmund, H. C. 1690; Nathaniel, 9 Apr. 1675; and Joseph, 23 May 1677; and the w. d. Apr. 1679, aged 44. Harris, in Epit. says she was his sec. w. but this is prob. wrong. Mary, perhaps his d. m. Thomas Trowbridge, and was mo. of the learn. judge, who, out of regard to his uncle Edmund, his guardian, having no ch. assum. the name of Goffe for a time, but reassum. the name wh. was so adorn. by him. He took ano. w. 21 Nov. 1682, but I kn. not whom, d. 15 Jan. 1706, aged 76. WILLIAM, Hadley, a maj.-gen. in Eng. a mem. of the pretend. High Court of Justice, selected by the minority of the Long, Parliam. to sentence Charles I. to a. arr. at Boston 27 July 1660, staid short time at Cambridge, and in Feb. foll. went to New Haven, reach. that town 7 Mar. in comp. with lieut.-gen. Edward Whalley, whose d. Frances he had m. They liv. in concealm. some yrs. but in Oct. 1664 took up perman. resid. at Hadley with Rev. John Russell, where he outliv. W. some yrs. and d. a. 1679. Dr. Stiles, in his Hist. mistook the gr.stone at New Haven of dep.-gov. Matthew Gilbert, mark. M. G., 80, for his; but he was, we kn. bur. without any mark at the gr. with his f.-in-law, at Hadley, more than a hundred miles off, and our fathers prob. could not have violated the sanctity and secrecy of their resting-place under an idle pretence of doing honor to their memories. In our own days the remains have been discov. close to the founda. of Russell's house. 

He was s. of Rev. Stephen of Stanmer, in Co. Sussex. His three ch. Elizabeth Ann, and Frances, if this last be not, as sometimes said, Frederic, remain. in Eng. with his excellent w. of wh. three letters are in print. one in appx. to Hutch. I. 532; second ;n 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. 1. 60, and third in Hutch. Coll. 432. Very large and impartial story of these regicides is in Hutch. I. 213-19; and the cool judgment of modern times may ratify what "matchless" Mitchell wrote contempor. [[vol. 2, p. 269]] that, since he "had opportun. to look a little into that action, for wh. these men suffer. I could never see that it was justifiable." Perhaps he felt, that putting to d. in cold blood the sovereign, with wh. they had treat. on equal terms, as their captive, for sev. yrs. was a murder, unless excus. by necessity; and that coward. pretence, when need. is easi. found.

GOLD. See Gould.

GOLDER. See Goulder.

GOLDHAM, HENRY, New Haven, freed from train. for weakn. 1645, was soon after at Guilford, had only Susanna, wh. m. the sec. John Bishop. His will of 9 July 1661, gives some Id. to Nicholas Munger, call. s.-in-law, prob. s. of his w. Frances, larger part to w. and d. The wid. d. 1671 or 2.

GOLDING, PETER, Boston, by w. Jane had Mary, b. 21 Jan. 1666; and Frances, 22 Feb. 1668; and by wife Sarah had Elizabeth b. 6 Oct. 1673; Windsor, 3 Mar. 1675; Thomas, 23 Jan. 1678; Sarah, 19 Aug. 1679; Jane, 1 Jan. 1684; and Mercy, 8 Sept. 1686; in 1685, call. hims. 50 yrs. old; rem. a. 1690 to Hadley, there liv. 3 or 4 yrs. had Abigail, b. 1691, rem. to Sudbury, and d. 11 Oct. 1703, leav. wid. Sarah. John Smith, of Hadley, m. 1691, prob. the eldest d. tho. rec. of the name then is Martha; Daniel Warner m. 1704, Sarah; and Chiliab Smith m. 1710, Mercy. WILLIAM, Boston, a min. from Bermuda, was at Boston lecture 6 Nov. 1646, but went soon to London. See Winslow's Salamander; and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. II 130-3.

GOLDSMITH, one DANIEL, Milford, wh. d. there 1684, call. capt. was, perhaps, only trans. JOHN, Charlestown 1647, serv. to Philip Drinker. JOSHUA, Salisbury, m. 14 Aug. 1667, Mary, d. of William Huntington; at Amesbury sw. alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. RALPH, Mass. 1661, nam. in George Fox's Journal, 325. RICHARD, Wenham, rem. in 1655 to Chelmsford, a young man, k. by lightning 18 May 1673, as particul. told in Remark. Providences of Increase Mather. THOMAS, Southampton, L. I. 1641, Salem 1643, at least he then had gr. of Id. and was next yr. liv. in the town; but in 1673 was, and had long been, inhab. of Southampton. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 88. He m. perhaps as sec. w. Susanna, wid. of John Sheather of Guilford. ZACCHEUS, Wenham, perhaps br. of Richard, freem. 1685, and after recov. from the usurp. of Andros, sworn again 1690.

GOLDSTONE, Henry, Watertown, came in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 1634, aged 43, with w. Ann, 45; and ch. Ann, 18; and Mary, 15. He was of infirm health, 60 as to be excus. from train. Nov. 1634, and d. 25 July 1638, and his wid. m. John George of W. Ann m. 1634, deac. Henry Bright of Watertown; and Mary m. 8 Oct. of same yr. [[vol. 2, p. 270]] Joshua Hewes of Roxbury. He was s. of Rev. William, vicar of Bedingfield, Co. Suffk. and was bapt. at Wickham Skeith, says Mr. Somerby, 17 July 1591.

GOLDTHWAIT, SAMUEL, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 3 Sept. 1666, Elizabeth Cheever, prob. d. of the celebr. Ezekiel, had Elizabeth b. 7 Dec. 667, d. in few wks.; Samuel, 5 Mar. 1669; Thomas, 14 Feb. 1671, prob. d. young; Ezekiel, 3 Oct. 1674; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1686; and Thomas, again, l Mar. 1689. THOMAS, Roxbury 1631, prob. came in the fleet the yr. bef. W:13 freem. 14 May 1634, rem. prob. 1637, to Salem, w. Elizabeth had there bapt. Samuel, 20 Aug. 1637; Mehitable, 27 Apr. 1640, wh. d. 3 May 1668, unm.; and Elizabeth 20 Nov. 1642, wh. m. Sept. 1660, John King. The name was long kept up in that town; and none has been worse pervert. in spell.

GOLDWYER, GEORGE, Salisbury 1650, Dover 1658, d. 12 Apr. 1684, prob. at S. I think his d. Martha m. 30 Oct. 1684, sec. Robert Pike.

GOLIKO, HUGH, a soldier in Turner's comp. in Philip's war.

GOLT, or GAULT, WILLIAM, Salem, came in the Mary Ann of Yarmouth 1637, aged 29, a cordwainer of Yarmouth, Co. Norf. single man, had there bapt. Deborah, and Sarah, on 10 Sept. 1648. He had eldest d. Rebecca, and d. Apr. 1660. The wid. m. 22 July foll. Richard Bishop; and Sarah m. Dec. 1665, Henry Colborn.

GOOCH, EDWARD, Boston 1685 well spok. of by John Dunton, call. him Gouge; was warden of King's Chap. 1692. JOHN, York, was freem. 1652, and Ruth, his r was in 1640, too free with Rev. George Burdett, from Yarmouth, Co. Norfk. Eng. for which she was sentenc. to stand in white sheet; but she was prob. sec. w. Yet in his will of 7 May 1667, pro. 12 July foll. he gives prop. to w. Ruth, s. John and James, with small portions to gr.ch. Elizabeth Donnell, Mary, Hannah, Phebe, Peter, Nathaniel, and Ruth Weare, and Elizabeth Austin. In 1656 JOHN, jr. is nam. also; and James was k. by the Ind. Sept. 1676, as says Hubbard, 51; and a d. of the first John, m. prob. Peter Weare. ROBERT, Pemaquid, d. 1667, or, at least, the inv. ret. by his wid. Lydia, bears date 25 Sept. of that yr. but the spell. varies to Gouch, Gouge, and Gutch. It has been long prevalent in parts of Maine.

GOOD, WILLIAM, a soldier in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675. SARAH, Salem, one of the first suffer. under the cruel infat. against witches, July 1692. See Goode.

GOODALE, ISAAC, Salem, perhaps s. of Robert, m. 25 Jan. 1669, Patience Cook. ISAAC, Salem, perhaps s. of Robert, m. 25 Jan. 1669, Patience Cook, had Isaac, b. 29 May 1670; Esther, 17 Mar. 1672; Zechariah, 15 May 1675; Abraham, 3 May 1677, d. in a few days; Abigail, Nov. 1678; and ano. s. wh. d. in few. wks. posthum. eithout doubt, for the f. d. in Oct. 1679. JOSEPH, Boston, m. bef. 1681, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Rix. NEHEMIAH, Lynn, m. 30 July 1673, Hannah, d. of Richard Haven, had Martha, b. 4 May 1674; Joseph, 24 Mar. 1677; Mary, 17 Oct. 1686; and perhaps others. His wid. Hannah liv. above 20 yrs. at Framingham, d. at the end of Dec. 1726. 

RICHARD, Newbury 1638, was from Yarmouth, Co. Norf. rem. to Salisbury, among first sett. 1639 or 40; had w Dorothy, wh. d. 27 Jan. 1666; ch. Ann, wh. m. William; [[vol. 2, p. 271]] Allen; and Richard of Boston. He d. 1666, says Coffin. The same writer gives in his list Elizabeth G. also from Yarmouth, wh. d. 8 Apr. 1647, at Newbury, hav. ch. Susanna, wh. m. Abraham Toppan; and Joanna m. John Oliver, both bef. 1644. I presume she was his mo. A wid. Mary G. d. at Salisbury 3 May 1683. RICHARD, Boston, mariner, one of the found. of the first Bapt. ch. perhaps with w. Mary, in Boston 1665, had Richard, b. 29 Aug. 1655, and Mary, wh. m. John Ewell. He may be the man wh. d. at Middletown 1676, had been only short time there; or RICHARD, s. of the preced. wh. m. Mary Cole, d. of Henry of Middletown. 

ROBERT, Salem 1637, came in the Elizabeth from Ipswich 1634, aged 30, with w. Catharine, 28; and ch. Mary, 4; Abraham, 2; and Isaac, l yr. had bapt. there, tho. I find not name of h. or w. in Felt's list of ch. mem. one ch. 31 May 1640; Jacob, 9 Jan. 1642; and Hannah, 6 Aug. 1645. ZECHARIAH, Salem, m. 30 June 1665, Elizabeth d. of Edward Beacham, had Zechariah, b. 9 Feb. 1668; Samuel, 3 Dec. 1669; Joseph, 23 Sept. 1672; Mary, 27 Nov. 1674; Thomas, 30 Dec. 1676; Abraham, 7 Nov. 1678; John, 10 Aug. 1681; and Benjamin, 4 July 1687. Sometimes the name seems Goodall or Goodell. It was long in esteem at S.

GOODE, or GOOD, ROBERT, Mass. 1646. THOMAS, came in the Bevis from Southampton 1638, aged 24, may have set down at Salem, here, 1640, Abigail, perhaps his w. was adm. of the ch. Among the sufferers for the suppos. crime of witcher. 1692, Sarah w. of William Good, call. E by Hutch. II. 26, an "old woman, who was bedrid," was execut. 19 July; and Deborah, imprison. from 12 Apr. to 10 Dec. when happily the delusion began to evaporate.

GOODENHOUSE, SAMUEL, New Haven. See Vangoodenhousen. SAMUEL, Boston, 9. I presume, of the preced. by w. Bethia had John, b. 3 Oct. 1691. Perhaps he rem. to New York, or elsewhere. The name is not seen 1695.

GOODENOW, GOODNOW, or GOODENOUGH, *EDMUND, Sudbury, came in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, a husbandman of Dunhead, in Wilts, aged 27, with w. Ann, and John, and Thomas, their s. and serv. Richard Sanger; had here Hannah, b. 28 Nov. 1639, if the rec. be not wrong, as prob. it is; Mary, 25 Aug. 1640; Sarah, 17 Mar. 1643; Joseph, 10 July 1645; and Edmund; was freem. 13 May 1640, rep. 1645 and 50, in Johnson's Wonderwork. Provid. is honored as leader of the milit; d. 1676. Thomas, prob. d. young; Hannah m. 29 Apr. 1656, James Pendleton; Sarah m. John Kettle. 

EDMUND, Sudbury, youngest s. of the preced. m. 1688, Dorothy Mann, had Dorothy, b. 1689. His w. d. 2 Apr. of that yr. and by w. Rebecca he had Sarah, b. 1 Mar. 1696; John, 1698; Rebecca, 1 July 1702; Ebenezer, 4 Apr. 1704; Cornelius, 4 Dec. 1706; Jonathan, 1 Mar. 1707; Dorothy, May 1710; David, 10 Mar. 1713; and Mercy, 13 Mar. 1715; and he d. a. 1727. 

JOHN, Sudbury, eldest br. of first Edmund, came in the same sh. call. of Semley, in Wilts, husbandman, aged 42, with w. Jane, and Lydia, and Jane, their ds. was freem. 2 June 1641, a selectman [[vol. 2, p. 272]] 1644, d. 28 Mar. 1654. His will was nuncup. His wid. Jane d. 15 July 1666, in her will, of 7 July 1662, names d. Jane, w. of Henry Wight of Dedham, and their ch. John, Joseph, David, Benjamin, and ano. then lately b. yet does not ment. the other d. wh. Barry says m. Andrew Duning, but perhaps she was d. JOHN, Sudbury, s. of first m. Edmund, b. in Eng. was freem. 1673, by w. Mary had Hannah, b. 1656; Mary, 1659; Edmund, 1661; Sarah, 1663, d. young; Sarah, again, 1666; Elizabeth 1672; Joseph, 1674; Ebenezer, 1677; Lydia, 1678; and 19 Mercy, 1680. His v. d. 1704; and he a. 1721. Hannah m. 1680, James Smith; Elizabeth m. 1691, Joseph Hayden; and Mercy m. 22 Sept. 1701, Joseph Patterson. 

NATHANIEL, perhaps s. of Thomas, came in the Speedwell from London, aged 16, in 1656, arr. at Boston 27 July 1656; but I have only the slight ground for my conject. that Thomas, aged 20, came in the same voyage; and the strong one, that this is the ch. Thomas, of one yr. who accomp. his f. in 1638, and had been sent home for him. SAMUEL, Marlborough, s. of Thomas, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 1672, was freem. 1690, d. 1717. THOMAS, Sudbury, younger br. of John, elder of Edmund, came in the same sh. with them 1638, aged 30, call. in the clearance, of Shaftsbury, wh. is a borough of Dorset, in the border of Wilts, and but three and five miles from the respective homes of his brors. He brot. w. Jane, s. Thomas, aged one yr and sis. Ursula. The women's ages are not giv. in the custom ho. rec. but Ursula. we are told by Barry, d. at Sudbury, 23 Apr. 1653. He was freem. 10 May 1643, and by w. Jane had here Mary, b. 25 Aug. 1640; Abigail, 11 Mar. 1642; Susanna, 20 Feb. 1643, d. soon; Sarah, 20 Jan. 1644, d. at 10 yrs.; Samuel, 28 Feb. 1646, bef. ment.; Susanna, again, 21 Dec. 1647; Elizabeth wh. d. 28 Dec. 1653; and Jane, who, in 1672, was w. of Christopher Bannister of Marlborough; but of the last two I am unable to fix priority. He had sec. w. Joanna in 1662, says Barry, and he d. late in 1663. 

Possib. his s. Thomas was sent home in 1655, on other business, but he may have gone to bring, 1656, Nathaniel, wh. may have been b. shortly bef. the parents came away from Eng. and left to the care of friends of the fam.

GOODFELLOW, THOMAS, Hartford, Porter says, was there bef. 1639, had a lot, but did. not sett. either forfeit. or sold the same; d. at Wethersfield, 25 Nov. 1685, leav. wid. Mary, eldest d. of Peter Grant m. a. 1681.

GOODHEART, ISBRAND, Hartford, serv. of Caspar Varleet in 1658.

GOODHUE, *JOSEPH, Ipswich, eldest s. of first deac. William, freem. 1674, rep. 1672 and 3, was selectman and deac. m. 13 July 1661, Sarah, youngest d. of John Whipple, wh. d. 23 July 1681, bore ten ch. of wh. in an agreeable writing left by her, that has been often print. and last in [[vol. 2, p. 273]] 1850, seven are named, Joseph, b. 13 May 1662, d. young; Joseph, again; Mary; William, 1666; Sarah; John, 1679; and Susanna. He m. next, 16 Oct. 1684, wid. Rachel Todd, and had Ebenezer, 25 July 1685; Benjamin, 25 Jan. 1691; and intermed. ch. not nam. She d. 1691, and he m. next, 4 July 1692, wid. Mercy Clark, had Samuel, 5 Apr. 1696; and d. 2 Sept. 1697, leav. wid. who m. John Hovey, sen. of Topsfield, and d. Apr. 1731. In a fam. genealogy I find the names of other three ch. of first w. (not nam. by their mo.) to be Margery, Elizabeth and Hannah. The youngest s. liv. to 7 Nov. 1785. Hon. Benjamin, H. C. 1766, b. at Salem, 20 Sept. 1748, who was a mem. of the first ho. of Rep. under the Fed. Const. and Senator of U. S. 1796-1800, and d. 28 July 1814, was a gr. gr.s. of Joseph, and f. of Jonathan, the late princely merch. of N. Y. whose s. Henry C. H. C. 1846, d. so prematurely 1847. 

NICHOLAS came from London in the James 1635, aged 60, with Jane, prob. his w. 58, a clothworker, of wh. no more is ever heard. Perhaps he was f. of William, and a Kentish man, and may have liv. at Ipswich. WILLIAM, Ipswich, freem. 7 Dec. 1636, had w. Margery Watson, wh. f. it is said, liv. in Kent, and bought for his d. the est. of Giles Firmin (after his return home), had Joseph, b. 1639, bef. ment.; William; and Mary. His w. d. 28 Aug. 1668; and he m. 7 Feb. 1670, wid. Mary Webb, wh. d. 7 Sept. 1680; in her will, made under power in mar. contr.) 8 June preced. she gave furnit. to Benjamin and Mary, "two of the ch. of my s. Mr. John Fayerweather of Boston," and made him excor. He next m. 1683, Bethia, wid. of Joseph Grafton, and formerly wid. of Capt. Lothrop of the flower of Essex, wh. d. 6 Dec. 1686; and in 1689 he m. fourth w. Remember, wid. of John Fiske of Wenham, wh. d. 16 Feb. 1702. He was selectman, deac. in 1658, rep. 1666, and often after, d. 1699, aged 86. Mary m. 23 Feb. 1668, Thomas Giddings. 

*WILLIAM, Ipswich, s. of the preced. liv. in that pt. call. Chebaco, now Essex, was deac. of ch. there, freem. 1681, selectman, capt. rep. 1691, after overthrow of Andros, under whose tyrannic. admin. he, with his spirit. friend, Rev. Mr. Wise and others, had been fined. Revo. in N. E. justif 16. He m. 14 Nov. 1666, Hannah, d. of Rev. Francis Dane of Andover, had William, b. 13 Nov. 1667; Nathaniel, 24 Oct. 1670; Hannah, 4 July 1673; Joseph, 8 Mar. 1676; Francis, 4 Oct. 1678, H. C. 1699, wh. d. 15 Sept. 1707, at Rehoboth, min. of Jamaica, L. I. says Farmer; Elizabeth 19 Dec. 1680; John, 1681, d. soon; Margery, 12 Aug. 1683; John, again, 12 Aug. 1685; Mary; and Bethia He d. 12 Oct. 1712, leav. wid. Hannah. His s. John lived to 7 Jan. 1773. Five of this name had, in 1834, been . at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll.

GOODING, DANIEL, Kittery 1659, may be the same as Goodwin.

[[vol. 2, p. 274]]

GOODMAN, JOHN, Plymouth 1620, passeng. of the Mayflower, a single man, had sh. in the div. of lds. (unless the rec. be wrong), in the spring of 1624, but Prince, foll. Bradford, wh. could not be mistak. marks him as one wh. d. bef. Mar. 1621. We, however, kn. no more. JOHN, Sudbury, m. 19 Sept. 1656, Mary, perhaps d. of Thomas Axtell, had Hannah, b. 15 Dec. 1657. JOHN, Hadley, s. of Richard, freem. 1690. RICHARD, Cambridge 1632, perhaps the freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Hartford early, certain. bef. 1640, was constable 1656, m. 8 Dec. 1659, Mary, d. of Stephen Terry, had John, b. 1661; Richard, 1662; Stephen, 1664, d. soon; Mary, 1665; Thomas, 1668, d. soon; Elizabeth 1670; Thomas, again, 1673; and Samuel, 1675, d. soon; rem. to Hadley, I suppose, bef. most of the ch. were b. in a depon. of 3 Nov. 1673, calls hims. 64 yrs. and was k. by the Ind. 1 Apr. 1676. His s. Richard went to Hartford after 1678.

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