A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Grant - Graygoose

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

GRANT, ALEXANDER, Boston 1657, one of the found. of the Scot's Charit. Soc. that yr. Among, the twelve Grants, transport. in the John [[vol. 2, p. 291]] and Sarah from London 1652, to be sold at Boston, part of the gleanings of the field of carnage at Worcester of 3 Sept. preced. is one Alexander, wh. may be this man; but it seems to me very unlikely. None of that cargo would be kindly rec. here as they had been smitten by the wrath of Heaven in the odious cause of Charles II.; and tho. some may think, that of these young men it might be large sacrifice to take, at the lowest comput. three quarters in five yrs. yet I believe that a larger proportion than that fell victims to the heartless policy. See the end of this paragr. under Thomas. 

BENJAMIN, New London, a. 1664, mariner, perhaps s. of Christopher, m. a d. of Matthew Beckwith, rem. to Lyme, and d. a. 1670, leav. ch. But Bond gives BENJAMIN s. of Christopher, to be of Watertown 1694, a weaver, with w. Priscilla, so that, in my opinion, one man only must be count. Benjamin, wh. was of Cambridge, says Caulkins, in 1693. CALEB, Watertown, a mason, by w. Mary, wh. d. 1 Feb. 1684, had Caleb; Sarah, b. 1671, d. soon; Joseph, 3 Apr. 1681, d. soon; Mary; and Abigail, 2 Jan. 1684; and he d. 5 Nov. 1694. CHRISTOPHER, Watertown 1634, by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 6 Feb. 1635. Joshua, 11 June 1637; Caleb, 8 Feb. 1640; and Benjamin, 6 Sept. 1641; and by w. Sarah had Sarah, 1 Feb. 1643; Joseph, 27 Sept. 1646; Mary, or Mercy, or both; and Christopher, 1649; but it is observable, that Bond takes note of only one wife. He d. 6 Sept. 1685; employ. in sett. the glass in the first edifice erect. for Harv. Coll. Abigail m. Roger Rose; Sarah m. 23 Feb. 1666, Samuel Seaverns; Mary m. 27 Feb. 1668, Daniel Smith; and much puzzle may be seen as to m. of Mercy with Samuel Daniel, or Daniels, in Bond, 197, 260, and 776. 

EDWARD, Boston 1658, shipwright, m. Sarah, d. of William Ward, or Weare, had Experience, b. 26 Dec. 1658; and Joseph, 15 Feb. 1661; freem. 1672, d. 1682, leav. wid. Sarah, and s. Joseph only. An inscript. ridicul. false, purporting to be on his gr.stone in the N. bur. ground in B. as if he d. 12 June 1630, bef. the arr. of any exc. Blaxton, on this peninsula, giv. at p. 29 of the Dorchester Saxton's Memo. imposed on the severe judgment of Farmer. Many false impres. can be obt. from gr.stones, thoughtless. changed, as often they are by idle sch.boys, as one of them, sixty-seven yrs. ago, did, in sev. instances at that bur. ground. by his acknowledm. to me. JAMES, Boston 1657, one of the found. of the Scot's Charit. Soc. that yr. JAMES, Charlestown 1658, may have been of Dover 1657, of York 1674, and of other town later, nothing, being, kn. at either place about him exc. that at York one of the name took. o. of alleg. 22 Mar. 1681. JAMES, Dedham 1664, d. 1698, leav. wid. Margaret. 

JAMES, Boston 4, perhaps s. of the first James of the same, was rec. into the Scot's Charit; SOC. 1684. JOHN, Windsor, s. of Matthew, m. 2 Aug. 1666, [[vol. 2, p. 292]] Mary Hull, had John, b. 20 Oct. 1670, d. soon; John, again, 6 Aug. 1673, d. young; Mary, 26 Apr. 1675; Elizabeth 10 July 1677; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1680, bapt. at Hartford, 17 July 1681, by Rev. Isaac Foster; and Josiah; and d. 22 July 1684. JOHN, Newbury, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 10 Apr. 1691; William, 1 Nov. 1694; Joanna, 2 Apr. 1697; and Abraham, 2 Jan. 1702. He was tax. at Rowley 1691 Jane, of Rowley 1643, wh. d. 1696, may have been his mo. JOSEPH, Watertown, s. of Christopher, m. 24 Dec. 1684, Mary Grafton, had Jonathan, bapt. 24 Apr. 1687; Mary, b. 13 Sept. 1686, d. soon; Sarah, Mar. 1688; Mehitable, bapt. 27 Oct. 1689; Joseph, 18 May 1690; Stephen; Joshua, b. 13 Dec. 1694; Elizabeth 16 Nov. 1696; Abigail, 28 Aug. 1698; Mary, 8 Nov. 1699; Hannah, 21 Nov. 1700; Mercy, 20 Sept. 1702; Bathsheba; and Christopher. 

JOSEPH, Boston, prob. s. of Edward, m. Mary, wid. of Moses Draper. JOSIAH, Windsor, s. of Matthew, had Josiah, b. 24 Nov. 1678. JOSHUA, Kennebeck, eldest s. of Christopher, had Joshua, and was k. by the Ind. 14 Aug. 1676. Willis, I. 147. His f. had admin. next yr. of his est. MATTHEW, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John, 1630, with Maverick and Warham, was, we may suppose, therefore of Co. Devon, freem. 18 May 1631, had w. and d. Priscilla, b. in Eng. and here had Samuel, b. 12 Nov. 1631; Tahan, 3 Feb. 1634, rem. 1635 to Windsor, for the first plant. there, was many yrs. its faithful town clk. had John, b. 20 Apr. 1642, but rec. no other ch. and d. 16 Dec. 1681. For sec. w.he had Susanna, wid. of William Rockwell. Priscilla m. 14 Oct. 1647, Michael Humphrey. In the Hist. of W. 635, Stiles, with self-contradict. makes Priscilla to be d. of sec. w. PETER, Boston 1657, one of the found. in that yr. of the Scot's Charit. Soc. may have rem. to Hartford, d. 1681, leav. six ch. of wh. the eldest Mary had m. Thomas Goodfellow. 

PETER, Dover 1659, perhaps br. of James of the same. ROBERT, Ipswich 1685. His wid. Mary d. 3 Apr. 1728, aged 58. SAMUEL, Boston 1640. SAMUEL, Windsor, eldest s. of Matthew, freem. 1654, m. 27 May 1638, Mary Porter, had Samuel, b. 20 Apr. 1659, John, 24 I Apr. 1664; Matthew, 22 Sept. 1666; Josiah, 19 May 1668; Nathaniel, 14 Apr. 1672; Mary, 23 Jan. 1676; and Sarah, 19 Jan. 1679. SETH, Cambridge 1632, came with Wadsworth, Talcott, Goodwin, Olmstead, and others in the Lion, arr. at Boston 16 Sept. with them rem. to Hartford, an orig. propr. but no more is kn. of him than from his inv. of 14 ar. in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 481, we may infer, that he had fam. not num. and d. early in 1647. TAHAN, Windsor, s. of Matthew, m. 22 Jan. 1663, Hannah, d. of Nicholas Palmer, had Matthew, b. 4 Jan 1664; Tahan, 27 Sept. 1665; Hannah, 8 June 1668; Thomas, 20 Feb. 1671; Joseph, 14 May 1673; Sarah, 19 Sept. 1675; Mary, 23 Oct. 1678; and ano. ch. 11 Nov. 1680, wh. d. in three days; and he d. May 1693. THOMAS, Dorchester, a soldier, Dec. 1675 of brave capt. Johnson's comp. prob. had no fam. for in his will of 5 Aug,. 1681, pro. 29 Sept. foll. he names none, but gave to his "dame Withington" a memento, and to James G. of Dedham £20. 

THOMAS, Rehoboth, had ch. bur. Sept. 1676, without [[vol. 2, p. 293]] name, prob. very young. I think this name may have been misspelt on the rec. Gaunt; yet under Grant appears again in Col. Rec. hav. Hannah, b. 4 Apr. 1681; David, 2 Feb. 1683. Under this name came to our country many, twelve men in one ship, the John and Sarah, from London in May 1652; three call. James; three, John; and one, Alexander, Alister, Daniel, Patrick, Thomas, and William, respectiv. They were among the 272 wretch. passeng. put on board Nov. preced. "free by ordin. of Parl. 20 Oct." to be sold here, prisoners, gleaned on the fatal field of Worcester, 3 Sept. of that yr. A simil. cargo, from the doleful harvest of Dunbar, of near. the same numb. prob. in the former yr. sent to us by the governm. at home, had, as in his let. of 28 July 1651, from Boston, to the Lord Gen. Cromwell, our John Cotton assures him, "not been sold for slaves to perpet. servitude, but for 6, or 7, or 8 yrs. as we do our own." For the precise import of these last words, that may seem intentional. ambiguous, moderate sagacity will suggest different conject. yet far more interest belongs to the number; and tho. it is easy enough to guess, it is difficult to ascertain, the exact enumeration. But some in the shipm. of the former yr. must have been Grants. Neither of these slave cargoes prob. could add much to our wholesome population. The Comtee. of the Privy Council, a quarter century after, sent over to Gov. Bradstreet a series of twenty-seven questions relat. to the condition of this Col. in every particular, to wh. in 1680 he gave answers, the latter part of 17th hav. these words: "Now when, two or three negroes are brot. hither from Barbados and other of his Majesty's plantations, and sold here for about twenty pounds a piece; so that there may be, within our governm. a. 100 or 120, and it may be as many Scots brot. hither and sold for servants in the time of the war with Scotland, and most now married and liv. here, and about half so many Irish, brot. hither at sev. times as servants." The "crowning mercy," as Oliver, with foresight at least equal to his piety, entitled the result of each of those terrible days, showed its profit more in England than among the Cols. in the West Ind. or N. A. Most of the unhappy exiles d. of disease, we may believe, whether titled scurvy or broken heart; and some of the sad remainder, no doubt, after close of the years for wh. they had been sold, abandoned the land of their sorrows. 

Twenty-eight and nine yrs. only had elapsed when Bradstreet loose report, and by his reckoning, inexact as it is, We see reason for inference, that four fifths of the young prisoners, brot. here in 1651 and 2, were not remaining. From his laxity of phrase "most now married and liv. here," I should feel compel. to make large deduction. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 337. So that after yrs. of consideration giv. to this subject, and dilig. inquiry for the stocks whence [[vol. 2, p. 294]] sprang the N. E. popul. of 1775, and duly estimating the ratio of increase from that glorious colony of "Scotch Irish," sixty-five yrs. later, whose male adults were only one third of these offscouring of the civil war, I presume that not more than one in twenty or thirty of these involunt. youthful "redemptioners" was m. on our shores. Here is one of the necessary sequences of such social convulsion. The names of most of these sad settlers from one ship may be seen in Genealog. Reg. I. 377; and the valuable epistle of Cotton to Cromwell is in Hutch. Coll.

GRANTHAM, ANDREW, Newbury, d. 15 Dec. 1668.


GRAVES, ABRAHAM, Concord 1677, E. of John, was of Andover 1689. EDWARD, Hartford, among freem. in 1669. FRANCIS, Salisbury, by w. Ann had Hannah, b. 29 Aug. 1690. GEORGE, Hartford, an orig. propr. was deac. rep. 1657 and after; had George, John, and two or three ds. one of wh. Mary, m. Samuel Dow, 12 Dec. 1663; d. Sept. 1673. GEORGE, Hartford, s. of the preced. perhaps b. in Eng. m. 2 Apr. 1651, Elizabeth Ventris, prob. sister of Moses the first, rem. early to Middletown, of wh. he was rep. 1658, some yrs. marshal of the Col. d. 3 Dec. 1692, leav. George, John, Elizabeth Sarah, and Mercy. ISAAC, Hartford, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. m. Mary, d. of Richard Church, had Mary, b. 5 July 1647; Isaac, 22 Aug. 1650; Rebecca, 3 July 1652, or 6 July 1653; Samuel, 1 Oct. 1655; and Sarah; rem. to Hatfield, then pt. of Hadley, and had Elizabeth 1662; John, 1664; Hannah, 1666; Jonathan; and Mehitable, 1 Oct. 1671; was freem. 1669, and k. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677, all l is ch. except Isaac and Rebecca then liv. Elizabeth m. Benjamin Hastings; Mehitable m. 1690, Richard Morton, and next, William Worthington. ISAAC, Hatfield, s. of John of the same, m. 1679, Sarah, d. of John Wyatt of Haddam, whose wid. had m. his f. JOHN, Roxbury, came in May 1633, with w. who d. soon after, and 5 ch. John, Samuel, Jonathan, Sarah, and Mary, says the ch. rec. The William and Jane came in that mo. but as Winthrop says she brot. only thirty passeng. I think these came, perhaps, that mo. in the other sh. Mary and Jane, wh. had 196. In Dec. 1635 he m. Judith Alward, or Allard, had Hannah, b. 8 Sept. 1636; was freem. 18 Apr. 1637, and d. 4 Nov. 1644. Eliot calls him "godly br." and after mention, next to him, of funer. of "Thomas Ruggles, a godly br." adds: "these two broke the knot first of the Nazing Christians. I mean they first d. of all those Christians that came from that town in Eng." As he, also, came from that little town, we know how he must have felt their loss. 

Fourth after the d. of the s. we read in the rec. Jan. "a. 24 day, old mo. Graves d. She was a. 80 yrs. of age." In his will, of 1 Nov. 1644, he provides for his mo. for w. and all the ch. exc. Sarah, who was, prob. d.; but on 26 Nov. of next yr. his s. [[vol. 2, p. 295]] John made his will, and gives to all br. and sis. yet more to Sarah than the other two, and to his f.'s wid. On 5 Dec. 1645, the writer adds to his sad list: "John Graves, a godly young man, eldest s. of him who d. the yr. bef." The wid. Judith m. 2 June 1646, William Potter, surv. him and m. 13 Dec. 1654, Samuel Finch; and Hannah m. 24 May 1654, John Mayo. 

JOHN, Wethersfield, br. of Isaac, b. in Eng. freem. of Conn. 1654, had John, Mary, Isaac, Samuel, and Sarah, b. there, rem. 1659 or 60, to Hadley, w. side of the riv. now Hatfield, and had Elizabeth b. 1662; Daniel, 1664; Ebenezer, 1666; Bethia, 1668, d. soon; and Nathaniel, 1671; perhaps this last by sec. w. Mary, wid. of John Wyatt of Haddam. He was k. by the Ind. 19 Sept. 1677. Of the ten ch. nine were liv. in 1692. Daniel and Ebenezer sett. in Springfield. His wid. m. lieut. William Allis, and next, Samuel Gaylord. JOHN, Concord 1643, had, says Shattuck, Benjamin, who m. 1668, Mary Hoar; John, who m. 1671, Mary, d. of Thomas Chamberlain; and Abraham. JOHN, Guilford, s. of first George, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 26 Nov. 1657, Elizabeth d. of Jasper Stillwell, had John, Joseph, Nathaniel, Sarah, Abigail, and Hannah, with good est. was a capt. deac. rep. 1670 and 6, still one of the proprs. and so was his s. John, in 1685. Prob. he d. 1694, for his inv. was brot. in 28 Apr. of that yr. 

JOHN, Hatfield 1679, s. of JOhn of the same. JOHN, Casco, bef. 1680 m. Martha, d. of Michael Mitton. Willis, I. 97, 165, 173. John, Ipswich, freem. 1685, a cordwainer, by w. Martha had Martha, 2 yrs. old; and Sarah, one yr. when admin. of his est. was grant. 24 July 1699. But he was in 1682 liv. at Portsmouth, and had Abigail, b. 29 Dec. 1687. JOSEPH, Sudbury, s. of Thomas (call. the Admiral) of Charlestown, m. 15 Jan. 1666, Elizabeth d. of John Maynard, had Samuel, b. 14 Feb. 1667; Richard, 7 pr. 1672; John, 10 May 1674; and Deliverance. His w. d. 1676, he m. 1678, Mary Ross, had Mary, 1680; Ebenezer, 1681, d. soon; and Ebenezer again, 28 Feb. 1682. Descend. have been num. at S. MARK, Lynn, had Hannah, b. 14 Dec. 1657; and Esther, 10 Feb. 1669. MarK, Andover, may, or may not, be the same as preced. by w. Amy, who d. 20 Feb. 1666, had Dorcas, who m. 17 Apr. 1678, George Abbot; Amy, b. 1659; Ruth, 1661; Sarah, 1663; Mark, 1664, d. young; his sec. w. m. 14 Nov. 1667, was Elizabeth prob. wid. of Jacob Farrington, and he had Abraham, Thomas, Mark, again, 1671; and Hannah, who m. 27 Dec. 1689, Timothy Abbot; but it is not certain, that one, or more, of the four last-nam. were not by the first w. 

NATHANIEL, Charlestown, eldest s. of Thomas of the same, b. on this side of the water, m. 24 or 29 Aug. 1664, Elizabeth d. of Richard Russell, had Nathaniel; Maud; and Elizabeth; beside Catharine, bapt. 6 Apr. 1673; was a mariner, and d. 12 Feb. 1679. His wid. m. capt. John Herbert Reading outliv. him, and d. 18 Oct. 1714, aged 70. NATHANIEL, Wethersfield may have been s. of Thomas of Hartford, perhaps b. in [[vol. 2, p. 296]] Eng. freem. of Conn. 1657, d. 1682, leav. no s. and ds. Sarah, b. 1656; Mary, 1638; Rebecca, 1660; Martha, 1667; and Abigail, 1669. RICHARD, Salem, came from London in the Abigail 1635, aged 23, a pewterer, had bapt. there, in right of his w. WhO was rec. into the ch. just bef. three ch. at once, 14 Mar. 1641; Joseph, 16 Oct. 1642; Benjamin and Elizabeth I suppose tw. 6 Aug. 1645; Mar, 16 Apr. 1648; Richard, 6 Oct. 1650; Hannah, 15 Aug. 1652; and Deliverance, 16 July 1654. In the autumn of 1635, by the Hopewell, capt. Babb, from London, came John Grave, aged 30, and Mary 26, but whether they were, or either of them, maid, or w. or wid. or any way relat. to any in our country, is altogether beyond conject. 

RICHARD, Boston, had Ruth, wh. m. 7 Aug. 1656, Henry Keskeys. ROBERT, Ipswich 1638. SAMUEL, Lynn 1630, had Samuel, and prob. sev. other ch. of wh. we have no report. Lewis, 64. SAMUEL, Ipswich 1658, feltmaker, m. Grace, d. of William Beamsley of Boston, where he may have liv. at first, had Samuel, b.5 Aug,.1658; John, 1 Aug.1660; Elizabeth Hannah, 19 Dec. 1668 and Jonathan, wh. d. young. His d. is not dated, but his wid. liv. to 26 Nov. 1730, so was 95 yrs. Old. SAMUEL, Lynn, s. of Samuel of the same, m. 12 Mar. 1678, Sarah Brewer, had Crispus, b. 3 Aug. 1679; Hannah, 27 Aug. 1681; and Samuel, 2 Aug. 1684. SAMUEL, Ipswich, s. of the first Samuel of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, by w. Joanna had Abigail, b. 11 Feb. 1683; Mary, 18 Feb. 1685; and Samuel, 26 Mar. 1687; and d. 4 Oct. 1732, aged 74. THOMAS, Charlestown, the engineer, who laid out the place in 1629, came (under contr. of 10 Mar. 1629), in the fleet with Higginson, with possib. but not prob. w. and five ch. from Gravesend, Co. Kent, arr. at Salem in June; by the Gov. and Comp. of the Mass. Bay was join. with the three min. two Brownes, and Samuel Sharp, as advisers of Endicott, wh. was never able to consult them, as a body; req. adm. 19 Oct. 1630, and 18 May foll. was made freem.; and no more is kn. of him, but prob. he went home in the spr. of 1632, when his engagem. end. or rather in the yr. after, for Frothingham, pp. 52 and 140, renders it prob. that he was still here in Mar. 1633; certain. he did not come to ch. union with his neighb. That his w. and ch. came to this side of the ocean is not cert. since the accurate Prince mistook him for the Adm. We may less wonder at this, for the fam. tradit. of the latter has confus. the two persons; and a vexatious uncertain. ran through all the books, until Young's Chron. 262; Budington, 168; and Frothingham, 140, particular. the last, by the widely diverse autographs, taught us, happi. to discrimin. 

THOMAS, Hartford, not an orig. propr. an old man, excus. from train. 1645, rem. to Hadley, perhaps had not any ch. b. here, yet had brot. from Eng. Isaac, John, and perhaps Samuel, and a d. whose name is unkn. [[vol. 2, p. 297]] and possib. Nathaniel; as all, ex. this last, rem. with him. He d. Nov. 1662; and his wid. Sarah d. 1666. THOMAS, Dorchester, of whose sad fam. rem. to Virg. and there all d. exc. one, a d. miserable enough ; to throw away hers. and good est. upon Nathaniel Eaton, the outcast head of Harv. Coll.; the story is found in Winthrop II. 342; but it is strange, that Harris did not give the name among his townsmen. 

THOMAS, Charlestown 1638, prob. was nine yrs. bef. mate of the Talbot, in wh. came Higginson to Salem, and in the same station on board the adm. sh. of Winthrop's fleet, was, it is said, s. of John, b. at Ratcliffe, near London, 6 June 1605, bapt. 16th of the same; was sev. yrs. master of a sh. almost constant. empl. betw. London and Boston, and in 1642 had the first vessel ever built at B. for foreign trade, in wh. his br.-in-law, Coytemore, made the first voyage in that yr.; was freem. 13 May 1640, m. in Eng,. bef. 1635, 1 presume, Catharine Gray, d. by her first h. of Catharine Coytemore, the wid. who came over in 1637, her s. Thomas C. hav. been here a yr. earlier, prob. brot. s. John, and perhaps ano. ch. unit. with his w. to the ch. 7 Oct. 1639, and on 5 of next mo. had bapt. their s. Nathaniel, and prob. Thomas, b. the yr. preced. beside Susanna, b. 8 July 1643, as the Boston clk. has record. for what reason can only be guess.; and Joseph, 13 Apr. 1645. He names these five ch. in his will, and two others, Rebecca, with her ch. and Elizabeth of wh. we hear no more. The wid. d. 21 Feb. 1682. He was a very active and brave man, for good serv. in the Eng. chan. perhaps on his last voyage, was reward. by Parliam. I suppose (certain. not, as tradit. says, by Oliver, whose power bec. perfect too late for such liberality), with the title of Rear Adm. and d. at C. 31 July 1653, the last will, however, was made 13 June 1652. Susanna m. 18 Nov. 1669, Rev. Zechariah Symmes, min. at a later day, of Bradford, and d. 23 July 1681, after hav. seven ch. 

THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. H. C. 1656, some yrs. a tutor at coll. "a godly, learned man, a good tutor, and solid preacher," Ch. J. Sewall, wh. was under him at coll. m. 16 May 1677, Elizabeth wid. of Dr. John Chickering, wh. d. 22 July 1679; was freem. 1673, and he m. 15 May 1682, Sarah, wid. of Dr. Samuel Alcock, d. of John Stedman of Cambridge, who had first been wid. of John Brackett. By her, perhaps, were b. all his ch. exc. a d.; Thomas, bapt. 30 Sept. 83, H. C. 1703; Catharine, John, Nathaniel, Susanna, and Joseph. But,; as Sewall, in his Diary, ment. his leav. a s. by the d. of Mr. Stedman, I almost necessari. infer, that all these ch. exc. Thomas, d. bef. their f. He was a physician, rep. and a judge, d. 30 May 1697, and his wid. (who had fourth h. Col. John Phillips, outliv. him and) d. 1 Mar. 1731 in 87th yr. His s. Thomas, a judge of Sup. Ct. d. 19 June 1747, aged 63. Thomas, Lynn, perhaps s. of Samuel of the same, freem. [[vol. 2, p. 298]] 1691, d. 24 Jan. 1697. Lewis. WILLIAM, Dover 1659. Of this name four had been gr. at Harv. and three at other N. E. coll. in 1834.

GRAY, ARTHUR, Salem, m. 17 Nov. 1668, Hannah, d. of Richard Hyde, had Christian, b. 1 Aug. 1670; Joseph, 26 Dec. 1672, wh. d. soon; and Mary, 26 July 1674. EDWARD, Plymouth 1643, a youth, m. 16 Jan. 1651 Mary, d. of John Winslow, wh. d. 1663, and he m. 12 Dec. 1660, Dorothy, d. of Thomas Lettice, had Desire, b. 6 Nov. 1651; Mary, 18 Sept. 1653; Elizabeth 11 Feb. 1658; Sarah, 12 Aug,. 1659; John, 1 Oct. 1661; by the first w. and Edward, b. 31 Jan. 1667; Susanna, 15 Oct. 1668, by the sec. and perhaps others. He was a merch. rep. 1676-8, d. June 1681, and his gr.stone is call. the oldest now standing, in the town. Desire m. 10 Jan. 1672, lieut. Nathaniel Southworth. Thus is exposed a sad error in Geneal. Reg. XV. 12, whereby this Desire is made w. of Samuel Kent, wh. d. 8 Feb. 1762, aged a. 94 yrs. so that she must have been b. bef her mo. was 17 yrs. and four years bef. her m. with S. EDWARD, Yarmouth, prob. s. of the first John of the same, m. 16 July 1684, Meletiah, d. of George Lewis of Barnstable, had Priscilla, b. 8 Oct. 1686; Gideon, 6 Sept. 1688; John, 26 July 1691; Meletiah, 6 June 1694; and Mercy, 13 Apr. 1696. EDWARD, Boston, a youth, apprent. 1686, was from Lancash. m. 1699, Susanna Harrison, had sev. ch. of wh. was Harrison, the disting. loyalist, Treas. of the Prov.; and by sec. w. m. 1714, Hannah Ellis, had sev. ch. of wh. Ellis, b. 1716, H. C. 1734, the eldest, collea. pastor of a ch. in Boston with William Welstead, d. 17 Jan. 1753, bef. his f. GIDEON, Yarmouth, s. prob. of John the first of the same, rem. 

HENRY, Boston 1638, a tailor. HENRY, Fairfield 1643, m. Lydia, d. of William Frost, was rep. 1656 and 7, d. 1658, leav. Jacob, Henry, Levi, William, and Sarah. He had also Mary, nam. in the will of her gr.f. Frost, wh. d. prob. bef. her f. Jacob had sh in div. of ld. 1670. JAMES, Providence, sw. alleg. May 1671. JOHN, Fairfield, br. of Henry, m. wid. Elizabeth Watson, d. of William Frost, had two Ch. rememb. in the will of the 311 gr.f. Frost. JOHN, Yarmouth 1643, m. Hannah, perhaps d. of William Lumpkin, had Benjamin, b. 7 Dec. 1648; William, 5 or 10 Oct. 1650; and prob. Mary; Edward; John; and Gideon; and d. a. 1674. Mary m. 13 June 1670, Benjamin Ryder. JOHN, Saco, sw. alleg. to Mass. 1653. JOHN, Newtown, L. I. 1656. JOHN, Harwich, s. of John of Yarmouth, had Lot; Susanna; Hannah; Lydia; Sarah; Thomas; Samuel; Mehitable; Andrew; Ann, d. young; Elisha; Joshua; and Ann; possib. also Edward; and Thankful. JOSEPH, Taunton, m. 25 Feb. 1668, Rebecca Hill, perhaps d. of John of Dorchester, or Milton, had Mehitable, b. 21 Feb. 1669; Joseph, 31 Dec. 1673, says Col. Rec. and Ephraim, 20 June 1673, wh. error is compensat. by notice of d. of Ephraim, 21 June 1675. His w. d. 13 May 1676. JOSEPH, Salem, m. 10 Aug. 1675, Deborah Williams, had Joseph, b. 9 June 1676. 

NICHOLAS, a soldier, prob. from the E. on Conn. riv. 1676. PETE, Braintree, a. Apr. 1663, prob. unm. ROBERT, Salem, by w. Elizabeth there had bapt. Elizabeth 9 Mar. 1651; Joseph, 9 May 1652; Bethia, 11 June 1654; Robert, 23 May 1658; and Hannah, 26 June 1659, and he d. 23 Jan. 1662. His wid. m. 23 June 1663, Nicholas Manning. Other ch. Thomas, as well as Edward, d. it is presum. inf. as not nam. in his will of 1 Jan. pro. 25 June foll. That inst. ment. ano. d. Mary, wh. was b. 3 Apr. 1661, made w. extrix. names serv. Elizabeth Wicks, gives George Hodges ╥a quadrant, forestaff, gunter╒s scale, and pair of compasses.╙ See Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. I. 143. 

One ROBERT, it is said, from Salem beside Mary; all nam. in his will of 1 Jan. 1662, soon after wh. he d. as his inv. was tak. 5 Feb. foll.; was fined as a Quaker, at [[vol. 2, p. 299]] Salem 1669. Phippen, in his excel. notes on Old Planters, Hist. Coll. of Essex. Inst. I. 188, has confus. him with the preced. Perhaps the same m. 8 Mar. 1669, Hannah Holt, and had Catharine, b. 15 July 1670; Henry, 17 Jan. 1672; Jemima, 23 Dec. foll. d. soon; and Hannah, 30 Jan. 1675. He may have d. at Andover, 1718, aged 84. ROBERT, Salem, prob. s. of the first Robert, m. 7 Aug. 1685, Sarah Glover, prob. d. of John of the same, had John. b. 2 May 1686; Samuel, 15 Apr. 1691; and Sarah, 22 Aug. 1695; but I kn. no more of him. SAMUEL, Salem, m. 28 Dec. 1671, Abigail Lord, had Abigail, or by ano. call. Hannah, b. 30 Aug. 1672, wh. d. the same yr. 

SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Susanna Langdon had Samuel, b. Oct. 1684; Elizabeth 21 Dec. 1685; Joseph, 6 Dec. 1687; Susanna, 3 Jan. 1689, d. soon; Rebecca, 26 Jan. 1690; John, 16 Aug. 1692; Ebenezer, 31 Oct. 1697, H. C. 1716; James, 4 Jan. 1699; and Susanna, again, 8 July 1703. : Samuel, Boston, goldsmith, rem. to New London, m. Lucy, d. of Edward Palmes, and d. 26 May 1713, under 29 yrs. old. THOMAS, Salem 1626, came with Conant, says Felt, but on next p. he quotes depon. to prove that he purch. Nantasket in 1622, of wh. we may doubt at least the date. He was an unruly subj. punish. by the governm. in 1630, 1, 2, 8, 9, and 40, but still at Marblehead 1648. It is not kn. that he had w. or ch. but he kept a house. THOMAS, Plymouth 1643, elder br. of Edward of the same, d. not 29 Nov. 1652, as is told in Geneal. Reg. 317, but a. 7 June 1654. 

WALTER, Hartford 1644, freem. 1654. WILLIAM, Salem, had w. 1666, and no more is kn. Nineteen of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. four at Yale, one at Dart. and six at other N. E. coll.

GRAYGOOSE, NATHANIEL, Boston 1640, a single man, when adm. 2 Aug. of that yr. into the ch.

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