A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Hayman - Heald

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

HAYMAN, or HEYMAN, JOHN, Charlestown, ropemaker, had liberty, in 1662, to spin in Boston; freem. 1668, bore the prefix of respect 1678, was major; had w. Grace, wh. d. 17 June 1683, aged 70. Frequently the name is Heyman and Heman. NATHAN, or NATHANIEL, Charlestown, prob. s. of the preced. m. 11 Mar. 1674, Elizabeth Allen, d. of John of the same had Nathan, b. 25 Jan. 1675, bapt. 23 Apr. foll.; Elizabeth 21, bapt. 25 Feb. 1677, who m. 3 Nov. 1697, Rev. William Brattle, and d. 28 July 1715; Sarah, 22 Aug. 1679, bapt. 15 May foll.; Mary, 17, bapt. 18 June 1682; and Grace, bapt. 19 Apr. 1685. He was a capt. among the first proprs. of Bristol, liv. there Feb. 1689, with w. and six. ch. α*SAMUEL, Charlestown 1658, I think, was br. of the preced. by w. Hannah wh. d. 14 Feb. 1684, aged 39, had Mary, b. 25 Apr. 1673, bapt. 23 Dec. 1688; and Hannah, 17 Apr. 1675. By 2d w. Mary, d. of John Anderson, wid. of Rev. Thomas Shepard, third of the name, wh. had bef. been wid. of Lynde, he had Sarah, 2 May 1687, d. soon; and Sarah, again, 29 Nov. bapt. 9 Dec. 1688; was rep. 1690, 1 and 2, and nam. a couns. in the Charter of William and Mary, when Hutch. II. 15, wh. is seldom so strange. in error, calls him of Maine; was bur. 18 Dec. 1712. His will of 1 Sept. preced. names w. Mary wh. liv. to Aug. 1717, in 77th yr. and s.-in-law John Phillips, who m. 15 Aug. 1694, his d. Mary, and their s. Samuel. She d. 6 Jan. 1702.

HAYNES, or HAINES, BENJAMIN, Southampton, L. I. 1639, prob. from Lynn, had sev. ch. there resid. in 1698. CHARLES, New London 1664, by w. Mary had James, b. 1 Mar. 1665; Peter, 21 Nov. 1666; Charles, 25 Sept. 1669; Jonathan, 29 June 1674; Mary, 29 June 1676, d. soon; Mary, again, 28 Oct. 1678; and Hercules, 29 Apr. 1681; and d. 1685. DAVID, Sudbury, s. of John, m. Tabitha Stone of Framingham, had sev. ch. but all d. young. EDMUND, Springfield 1645, d. next yr. had Sarah, wh. m. Enos Kingsley of Northampton; Hannah, wh. m. Joseph Root; and Ruth, b. 27 Apr. 1646, wh. m. 23 Feb. 1670, Eleazer Hawes of Dorchester. His wid. Hannah m. George Lankton. 

FRANCIS, Marblehead, [[vol. 2, p. 389]] s. of Sec. William, had w. Elizabeth and d. 1717. JAMES, Salem 1637, freem. Mar. 1638 (yet Felt has not the name among mem. of the ch. unless, as is prob. it be his James Hindes of that yr.) had there bapt. John, 28 Aug. 1639; James, 2 Aug. 1641, d. soon; Benjamin, 26 Aug. 1643; Mary, 19 Apr. 1646; James, again, 27 Feb. 1647; Jonathan, and Sarah, tw. 11 June 1648; and Thomas, 4 May 1651. JAMES, Sudbury, s. of John, m. Sarah Noyes, had James; d. 1732. JAMES, New London, s. of Charles, m. a. 1688, Margaret, wid. of Pasco Foote. ñα JOHN, Cambridge, was of Copford Hall, Essex, came with Rev. Thomas Hooker, arr. in the Griffin, 3 Sept. 1633, freem. 14 May 1634, then chos. an Assist. and Gov. next yr. but after again serv. a yr. as an Assist. rem. in May 1637, to Conn. sett. at Hartford, was there made first Gov. of the Col. 1639, and cont. by alternate yrs. to fill that office or dep. interchang. with Edward Hopkins until his d. 1 Mar. 1654. His will was of 27 Oct. 1646, and was pro. 11 July 1654. By first w. he had Robert, and Hezekiah, wh. were left in Eng. and in the great civ. war nine yrs. after the depart. of their f. it is said, took opposite sides, the elder for the King, and suffer. imprisonm.; the younger was prosperous, a Col. in 1653, and soon after promoted by Cromwell, and, after d. of the royalist, without ch. enjoy. the ancestr. est. as have his heirs; Roger, wh. went home, d. soon, perhaps on the voyage; and Mary, wh. m. Joseph Cooke, not as Porter corrects Trumbull. By sec. w. Mabel, sis. of Roger Harlakenden, wh. came with her br. in the Defence, 1635, aged 21, he had John, H. C. 1656; Joseph, b. 1641, H. C. 1658; Ruth; and Mabel, 19 Mar. 1645. His wid. m. 17 Nov. 1654, Rev. Samuel Eaton. Ruth m. Samuel Wyllys; and Mabel m. James Russell of Charlestown. 

JOHN, s. of the preced. after gr. in the class with Increase Mather, was made freem. of Conn. 1657, but went home and took his deg. of A. M. at the Univ. of Cambridge, Eng. 1660, had a living in the ch. in Essex or Suff'k. and d. bef. 1698. *JOHN, Sudbury 1640, s. of Walter, b. in Eng. freem. 1646 was rep. 1669, by w. Dorothy Noyes had Elizabeth b. 19 July 1644; John, 6 May 1649; Mary; both d.soon; Dorothy, 1651; Peter, 7 Apr. 1654; Joseph, 7 Sept. 1656, k. in youth by fall of a tree; Thomas, 1658, d. young; James, 1660; Daniel, wh. d. a soldier in 1688; Rachel; Ruth; David, 1671. His will was of 1 Oct. 1692. Elizabeth m. Henry Balcom of Charlestown; Dorothy m. Joseph Freeman; Rachel m. John Lochard of Sudbury; and Ruth m. Joseph Noyes. *JOHN, Sudbury, perhaps s. of the preced. or of Walter (wh. may seem equally prob.), b. in Eng. was selectman 18 yrs. deac. and rep. 1691, d. 11 Dec. 1710. 

JONATHAN, Newbury, said to be s. of Jonathan of the same (but very little reliance is due to that Jonathan, as the story is so uncert.), m. 1 Jan. Mary Moulton, wh. soon d. and he m. 30 Dec. 1674, Sarah Moulton, both ds. of William, as I presume, tho. the fam. geneal. gives [[vol. 2, p. 390]] this designat. only to the latter, had Mary, b. 14 Nov. 1675, d. soon; Mary, again, 2 Oct. 1677, wh. m. 7 Jan. 1706, John Preston; Thomas, 14 May 1680; Sarah, wh. m. William Corbett; Jonathan, 3 Sept. 1684, wh. bec. a Canadian farmer, hav. been tak. at 12 yrs. of age, with his f. sis. Mary, and brs. Thomas and Joseph, 15 Aug 1696, by the Ind.; rem. to Haverhill, there had Margaret, 3 Mar. 1687; Joseph, 4 Aug. 1689; Ruth, 10 Feb. 1692; and Elizabeth 22 Mar. 1697; was k by the Ind. 22 Feb. foll. In Geneal. Reg. IX. 349, he is favor. with three more ds. all without dates either of b. or m. wh. are giv. in m. to men of Conn. Now that alone would be a very improb. circumstance, yet capable of obtain. support from the statement, that two others rem. to that province with their hs. Less likely is the fond tradit. of his hav. liv. in N. forty yrs. a full grown man, bef. he m. and still less of his being br. of Gov. H. Indeed the whole story of the fam. abounds in wonders as giv. by Guy C. Haines of East Boston. 

JOSEPH, Hartford, s. of Gov. John, succeed. Hooker in the pulpit, 1664, but had a tempest. serv. for a few yrs. of diversity in adm. of bapt. and d. 24 May 1679, aged 38. He m. Sarah, d. of Richard Lord, had ds. Mabel, wh. d. unm. a. 1713; Mary; and Sarah, who bec. 30 May 1694, sec. w. of Rev. James Pierpont of New Haven, d. 7 Oct. 1696, beside only s. John, b. 1669, H. C. 1689, d. 1713, a Judge of the Sup. Court of the Col. whose s. left no ch. so that the male line of the Gov. on our side of the ocean ceased in 1717. His wid. d. 15 Nov. 1705, JOSIAH, Sudbury, s. of Walter, b. in Eng. m. 13 Nov. 1646, Elizabeth Noyes, had, beside Thomas, wh. d. 29 June 1656; Josiah, b. 27 Apr. 1655; Abigail, 30 Nov. 1657; Caleb; and Joshua. MARK, Boston, had w. Mary and d. 1665. MATTHIAS, Portsmouth, s. of deac. Samuel, m. 28 Dec. 1671, Jane Brackett, perhaps d. of Anthony, had Samuel, b. 25 Dec. 1674; Matthias, a. 1676; Joshua, 5 Apr. 1678; and possib. Thomas; d. early in 1689. His wid. m. 19 Apr. 1697, Isaac Marston. PETER, Sudbury, s. of John, m. 2 Jan. 1677, Elizabeth perhaps d. of Samuel Rice, had, beside two that d. inf. Elizabeth Peter, b. 1685; Joseph, 1687; Mary; Sarah; Daniel; Esther; and Phineas. RICHARD, Beverly 1671, had w. Mary, and d. 16 Dec. 1681. John Sampson of B. m. his d. whose name is not seen. ROBERT, Isle of Shoals, was, in 1681, in 70th yr. 

SAMUEL, Dover 1640, came in the Angel Gabriel, 1635, from Bristol, wh. was wreck. at Pemaquid in the gr. storm of 15 Aug.; prob. rem. to Portsmouth 1646, was selectman 1653, and after one of the found. of the ch. there, and deac. 1671, was liv. 21 May 1684. His ch. were Samuel, b. 1646; Matthias, a. 1650; and Elizabeth or Mary, wh. m. says Quint, in Geneal. Reg. IX. 367, Samuel, but it may have been Leonard, Weeks, bef. 1682, prob. as 2d w. Adams, 55. Belkn. I. 65. SAMUEL, Portsmouth, s. of the preced. m. 9 Jan. 1673, Mary Fifield, prob. d. of Giles of Hampton, had Sarah, b. 6 Oct. foll.; Elinor, 23 Aug. 1675; Matthias, [[vol. 2, p. 391]] 7 Mar. 1677; William, 7 Jan. 1679; Mary, 27 Jan. 1686; and Samuel, 5 July 1687. Descend. spell their name Haines. THOMAS, Sudbury, perhaps br. of Walter, or John, or both, d. 28 July 1640. THOMAS, Maine 1658-1665. Perhaps he rem. to Amesbury, m. 26 Dec. 1667, Martha Burnet (in Geneal. Reg. VI. 342, print. Bartlett), of Salisbury, and d. 1683, leav. wid. wh. m. Samuel Bucknam, and ch. of the ages foll. Thomas, 13; Ellen, 9; Aquila, 5; John, 3; and Mary, 1 1/2. He may have been s. of Richard. THOMAS, Amesbury, s. of the first William, took. o. of fidel. 20 Dec. 1677, m. 15 Dec. 1676, Sarah Rea, had John, b. 14 Apr. 1678; William, 25 Oct. 1680; Sarah, 31 Oct. 1681; Joseph, 18 Oct. 1683; Benjamin, 21 Sept. 1685; Daniel, 25 Aug. 1687, d. young; Hannah, 25 Sept. 1689; and Thomas, 17 Oct. 1691. THOMAS, Haverhill, s. of Jonathan of the same, m. 22 Dec. 1703, Hannah Harriman, perhaps d. of Matthew of the same, had Lydia, b. 7 Aug. 1705; Hannah, 22 Mar. 1707; Mehitable, 22 Jan. 1709; Sarah, 9 Jan. 1711; Jonathan, 25 Apr. 1712; Joseph, 5 Feb. 1715; and Elizabeth 4 Feb. 1717. His w. d. 12 Feb. 1761; and he d. 6 Dec. 1771. 

WALTER, Sudbury, one of the first proprs. a linen weaver of Sutton Mandeville, Co. Wilts, came in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 55, with w. Elizabeth s. Thomas, John, and Josias, all under 16 yrs. and ds. Suffrance, and Mary, beside three serv. John Blandford, 27; John Riddel, 26; and Richard Bildcombe, 16; was freem. 13 May 1641. rep. 1641, 4, 8 and 51, selectman 10 yrs.; d. 14 Feb. 1665. His will of 25 May 1659, ment. w. Elizabeth s. Thomas, away from home, never m. it is said; John, wh. is made excor. and Josias; ds. Suffrance, w. of Josiah Treadaway; Mary, w. of Thomas Noyes; beside d. Goard, and s.-in-law Roger G. to wh. he devises a tenement at Shaston in Dorsetsh. This fam. uniformly spell. the name with i instead of y. WILLIAM, Salem 1644, perhaps br. of James, or Richard, but not of Gov. John in my opin. m. Sarah, d. of Richard Ingersoll, had Thomas, and perhaps other ch. His wid. m. Joseph Houlton. WILLIAM, Falmouth, a sch.-master, perhaps s. of the preced. m. bef. 1674, Margery, wid. of Nicholas White, rem. to Lynn, to escape the Ind. war, thence to Portsmouth, or Great Island, a. 1686, and last to Newbury, where he d. 1702; had only ch. Francis. Of this name eight had been gr. at the N. E. coll. in 1834.

HAYNOR, WILLIAM, Salem 1660, a tailor from Virg. Felt.

HAYWARD, EPHRAIM, Windsor, s. of Robert, m. 1684, Abigail, d. of maj. Benjamin Newbury, had 2 or 3 ch. and d. 1690. GEORGE, Concord 1635, one of the earliest sett. freem. Mar. 1638, d. 29 Mar. 1671; by w. Mary had John, b. 20 Dec. 1640; Mary; Joseph, 26 Mar. 1643; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1645; Hannah, 20 Apr. 1647, wh. m. Jacob Farrar the first; Simeon, 22 Jan. 1649 ; William, 1651; and George, 2 July 1654, wh. was prob. the soldier of Davenport's comp. k. 19 Dec. 1675, in the [[vol. 2, p. 392]] gr. battle of Narraganset. He wrote his name Heaward. JAMES, Charlestown, spelt at London custom ho. Haieward, came, prob. in the Planter, 1635, aged 22, was, perhaps. of Woburn, m. Judith Phippen, aged 16. both serv. of Nicholas Davis, and d. 20 Nov. 1642, had Rebecca, b. 4 of next mo. His wid. m. 18 Jan. 1644, William Symonds of Woburn. JAMES, New Haven 1643, d. 1648, without fam. as is believ. 

*JOHN, Watertown 1632, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Dedham, there was constable 1638, rep. 1645, d. at Charlestown, 29 Dec. 1672. His half sis. was w. of Rev. George Phillips; and his will of 31 July preced. calls hims. 79 yrs. old, names w. Mary, and Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley, s. of George, excors. and resid. devisees, gives house lot by the pond in W. to Harv. Coll. also to Thomas, and Samuel Aldrich, Sarah, and Esther Judson, all ch. of his w. Mary, and to Henry Duren, ea. £5., and to five ch. of Andrew Duren, ea. £1. and to George Westbrook, a mare colt; so that it is thot. that he had no issue. He owned est. in the three towns, W. D. and C. The wid. in her will of 5 Sept. 1683, pro. 29 May foll. ment. her s. Thomas, and Samuel Aldrich, gr.ch. Mary, d. of wid Thomas; gr.ch. Sarah Westbrook, d. of her d. Sarah; d. Sarah Woodcock; and d. Esther Kingsbury. JOHN, Plymouth 1643, had Sarah, b. 20 Aug. 1647, was after of Dartmouth with s. Daniel, propr. at Little Compton 1675. 

JOHN, Boston 1671, scrivener, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 27 Oct. 1672, and John, 22 Nov. 1674; in 1677 was appoint. postmaster for the Col.; in 1673 was lieut. of the ar. co. and later a Notary, had sec. w. Elizabeth wh. had been wid. of Samuel Sendall, and still earlier wid. of John Warren, and d. 2 Dec. 1687; in his will of 8 July 1687, pro. 15 Feb. foll. provides for wid. Elizabeth and s. Samuel, and John, and conditional. sis. Hannah, and Sarah, father and mo.-in-law Dawson, and gives £5. to Rev. Samuel Willard. His wid. Elizabeth m. Phineas Wilson of Hartford. JOHN, Bridgewater, s. of Thomas, perhaps b. in Eng. m. Sarah, d. of Experience Mitchell, had Sarah, b. 1663; John, 1667; Joseph, 1669; Mary, 1672; Thomas, 1674; Benjamin, 1677; Susanna, 1680; Elizabeth 1683; Benoni, 1686; and Mercy, 1687. His name was sound. Howard, tho. the spelling was unchanged, and to distinguish him from John Howard, he was, says Mitchell, called "John of the Plain." JOHN, Concord, s. of George, m. 2 June 1671, Ann White, had Mary b. 5 Dec. 1671, d. soon; George, 20 July 1673; Judith, 21 Apr 1675; Mary, 13 May 1677; John, 7 July 1680; Ann, 3 Aug. 1682; and Sarah, 16 June 1687; was freem. 1690; his w. d. 26 May 1718; and he d. 22 Nov. after. JOHN, Boston 1676, by w. Silence had Mary, b. 5 June 1677. 

JONATHAN, Braintree, s. of William, m. 6 May 1663, Sarah, d. of Richard Thayer, had ten ch. or more; d. 21 Nov. 1690, aged 49. He was gr. gr.f. of Lemuel, H. C. 1768, who was [[vol. 2, p. 393]] f. of George, H. C. 1809, one of the disting. Professors in that Univ. Perhaps this number of ch. was not all b. of that w. Sarah, w h. had, I think, been w. of Samuel Davis, and bore him three ch. There was in the land only one Richard Thayer, wh. so early had d. Sarah, and she m. S. D. of Boston, where her f. liv. 

JOSEPH, Concord, s. of George, m. 26 Oct. 1665, Hannah, d. of James Hosmer, had Joseph, b. 17 Aug. 1666; Mary, 27 Sept. 1667; John, 1669, d. young; Hannah, 14 Jan. 1671; Dorothy, 2 June 1674; his w. d. 15 Dec. 1675; and he m. 23 Mar. 1677, Elizabeth Treadwell, had Ebenezer, 22 July 1678; James, 3 Mar. 1681; Simeon, 18 June 1683; and Abiel, a d. 17 Sept. 1691. JOSEPH, Bridgewater, s. of Thomas, a deac. had three ws. By the first, Alice, d. of Elder William Brett, had Joseph, b. 1673; and by the third, Hannah, d. of Experience Mitchell, had Mary, 1685; Thomas, 1687; Edward, 1689; Hannah,1691; Susanna, 1695; Peter, 1699; and Abigail, 1702. NATHANIEL, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. Hannah, d. of deac. John Willis, had Nathaniel, b. 1664; John; Thomas; Samuel; Elisha; Patience; and perhaps other ds. NICHOLAS, Salem 1643, rem. prob. to Boston, and by w. Elizabeth had Richard, b. 22 Aug. 1665; Rebecca, 19 Nov. 1666; and John, 29 June 1668. 

RICHARD, Salem, was of Co. Bedford, came with Higginson 1629. ROBERT, Windsor, a miller, m. Lydia, d. of the first Thomas Kilborne, had Tabitha, b. 1 Jan. 1647; Rebecca, 17 Aug. 1648; Esther, 8 June 1651; Lydia, 13 Jan. 1655; beside three other ds. most of wh. d. young; and Ephraim, 11 Jan. 1657; rem. to Northampton 1659, but after some yrs. went back to W. there d. 23 Aug. 1684. His wid. wh. came with her f. in the Increase 1635, test. in 1684, that she was 70 yrs. old, only slight exagger. Rebecca m. a. 1665, John Spencer of Haddam. This fam. is usually called Howard. ROBERT, Boston, a Notary. See Howard. SAMUEL, Gloucester, m. 2 Mar. 1641, the first on the rec. a d. of Henry Felch, had Samuel, b. 4 Jan. 1642; and John, 24 Dec. 1643. 

SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Isabel had James, b. 16 Dec. 1645; Samuel, 4 May 1646, by perverse rec.; and Peter, 4 Aug. 1654; and he, or more prob. the preced. was of Mendon 1672. SAMUEL, Charlestown, came in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 22, had first w. Sarah, wh. unit. with the ch. 9 July 1648, and I suppose sat down in that pt. wh. bec. Malden, had Martha, b. 15 Mar. 1653; Mary, Aug. 1654; Sarah, Feb. 1656; and Elizabeth 25 Sept. 1658, d. young. It is said, he had sec. w. Susanna Wilkinson, m. 10 Mar. 1670. In the will of Elizabeth H. wid. I find ground for conject. that she was relict of this man. It has date of May 1686, and was pro. 5 May of next yr. and gives d. Abigail the part of movables that came to her from est. of her first h. Oakes, with proviso, that, if it amount to above £20., she shall give 20 sh. to w. of Samuel Hayward. That d. Abigail (whose mo. Elizabeth Hayward, formerly w. of Thomas Oakes of Cambridge, had been, Dec. 1667, dism. to Malden), [[vol. 2, p. 394]] was, as the Reg. of matchless Mitchell tells, bapt. 23 Sept. 1666, in his ch. At C. he had, also, Richard, bapt. 22 July 1660; Elizabeth 9 June 1661; Deborah, 6 July 1662; Nathaniel, 5 June 1664. But these were not ch. of Elizabeth who had been wid. of Oakes, and was, after 1662, wid. of Seth Sweetser, when she m. Hayward, and bore him Abigail, wh. I suppose, m. 31 Oct. 1688, John Upham. A Samuel H. perhaps s. of the preced. was in London, with John Balston, and John Herring, dealing with Judith, wid. of Stephen Winthrop, in May 1687, and resolv. to emb. for New Eng. The name is on some rec. written, as sound. Howard. But I am almost certain that f. and s. are confus. or some other confus. appears. SIMEON, Concord, s. of George, m. 7 Mar. 1687, Elizabeth perhaps d. of the first Jonathan Danforth, had Elizabeth b. 28 Feb. 1689; Jonathan, 16 Nov. 1690; Simeon, 24 Apr. 1693; and Mary, 19 Mar. 1696. 

THOMAS, Cambridge, came in the Hercules 1635,from Sandwich, being tailor of Aylesford, Co. Kent, with w. Susanna, and five ch. but he had perhaps been here as early as 1632, coming with Winslow in the William and Francis, and satisf. with prospects, went home to bring them; sett. at Duxbury bef. 1638, prob. at Bridgewater 1651, being of the first proprs. 1645, was freem. of the col. 1646, had Thomas, Nathaniel, John, Joseph, Elisha, Mary, w. of Edward Mitchell, and Martha, w. of John Howard; but of these we are unable to discrim. which were b. in Eng. or whether even he were that Kentish man, or not. He d. 1681. Elisha never was m. made his will 1703. Descend. of Thomas are more num. says Mitchell, than those of any other inhab. THOMAS, Bridgewater, s. of the preced. a valua. officer, d. 15 Aug. 1698, leav. w. Sarah, d. of William Ames of Braintree, but no ch. THOMAS, Enfield, had Benjamin, b. 1686, but bef. had Nathan, John, and sev. ds. was "aged a. 50," in 1693, so that it is prob. that he was b. on this side of the Atlantic, d. 1700. 

*WILLIAM, Hampton, freem. 13 May 1640, had been of Charlestown in 1637, was lieut. and rep. 1641-5. WILLIAM, Braintree 1648, had w. Margery, and sev. ch. of wh. Jonathan is the only one to be traced exactly, was drown. 1659. WILLIAM, Swanzey, by w. Sarah had Jonathan, b. 8 Apr. 1672; Margery, 10 Sept. 1673. Fifteen of this last name had, in 1850, been gr. at Harv. Great skill will often be baffled in reconcil. the various spell. with the deductions of fams. from Hayward, Haywood, Heywood, and the predominant Howard.

HAYWOOD, ANTHONY, Boston 1671, had w. Margaret, s. Powell, b. 19 Oct. 1674, d. young; and Powell, again, 18 Nov. 1679; was one of the found. of the first Episc. ch. d. 10 Oct. 1689. Gov. Andros, less than a mo. bef. his imprisonm. authoriz. him and others to receive volunt. contrib. for the edifice. [3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 84.] JOHN, postmaster. See Hayward.

[[vol. 2, p. 395]]

HAZARD, GEORGE, Providence, b. Jan. 1646, was, perhaps, s. of one Thomas, and br. of Thomas, jr. ROBERT, Portsmouth, R. I. 1655, s. of Thomas, b. in Wales, it is said; was f. of Thomas, wh. d. 1746, aged 90, of George, wh. d. 1743; of Stephen; Robert; and Jeremiah. THOMAS, Boston 1635, ship carpenter, freem. 25 May 1636, rem. in few yrs. to R. I. signed the cov. of citiz. 24 Jan. 1639, and is on the list of 1655, but in 1656 was at Newtown, L. I. Thence he soon came back to Portsmouth, R. I. there d. 1669. His will of that date names w. Martha; ds. Elizabeth w. of George Laighton; Hannah, w. of Stephen Wilcox of Misquamacuck, that pt. of the Narraganset now Westerly; and Martha, w. of Ichabod Potter of Portsmouth, beside s. Robert, and gr.s. Thomas Hazard. Tradit. in the fam. is, that he came from Wales, bring. s. Robert, a. 4 yrs. old. Six of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Brown Univ. and of two gr. at N. J. one was Ebenezer, the assiduous antiquary, who d. at Philad. 1817, aged 73. Hist. Coll. of R. I. III. 312.

HAZEL, JOHN, Rehoboth, was fin. and impris. 1651, tho. near 60 yrs. old, for exhibit. sympathy with Obadiah Holmes, when public. whipped as a Bapt. He d. soon after, hav. made his will 19 Sept. 1651. Knowles, 243. See Hassell.

HAZELBERRY, ISAAC, Northampton 1671-4, a single man, rem. soon.

HAZELTINE, or HAZELTON, ABRAHAM, Rowley, s. of Robert, was freem. 1672, m. 4 Oct. 1669, Elizabeth d. of Richard Langhorne. CHARLES, Ipswich 1661-6. DANIEL, Bradford, freem. 1676. JOHN, Rowley, freem. 13 May 1640, had w. Joan Anter, a serv. of Mr. Holman of Bideford, in Co. Devon, mem. of Boston ch. 1643, and ch. Samuel, b. 20 Feb. 1645; Mary, 9 Oct. 1648; Nathaniel, 20 Sept. 1656 and prob. others. ROBERT, Rowley, br. of the preced. and freem. the same day, m. 23 Dec. 1639, and d. 27 Aug. 1674. By w. Ann had Ann, b. 1 Apr. 1641 Mary, Oct. 1642, d. soon; Mary, again, 14 Feb. 1646; Abraham, 23 May 1648, bef. ment.; Deliverance, 21 Mar. 1651; Elizabeth 15 Jan. 1653; Robert, 7 Nov. 1657; Gershom, 31 Jan. 1661; and David, the date of whose b. is not kn. but prob. it was betw. those of Elizabeth and Robert. Mary m. Apr. 1661, Benjamin Kimball of Salisbury; Deliverance, m. 12 Dec. 1672, Nathaniel Dane of Andover. These brs. liv. in that pt. of the town wh. bec. Bradford, lying on the Merrimac. ROBERT, Bradford, s. of the preced. m. 21 July 1680, Elizabeth d. of Maximilian Jewett, was freem. 1682; as was SAMUEL, s. of John, at the same time. Five of this name had, bef. 1834, been gr. at some N. E. coll. but none at Harv. says Farmer.

HAZEN, EDWARD, Rowley 1650-91, perhaps had Elizabeth wh. m. 5 Sept. 1670, Nathaniel Harris; and Edna, wh. m. 2 Aug,. 1686, Timothy Perkins of Topsfield.

[[vol. 2, p. 396]]

HAZLEWOOD, FRANCIS, Boston, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 16 Nov. 1672. He d. early in 1674.

HEAD, *HENRY, Little Compton, rep. to Plymouth Ct. 1683, being the first of the town, serv. four yrs. and, after the Charter of William and Mary, was rep. at Boston 1692. RICHARD, Marblehead 1674.

HEALD, GERSHOM, Concord, s. of the first John, m. 6 May 1673, Ann Vinton, d. of the first John, had Dorothy, b. 9 Mar. 1674; John, 24 Mar. 1676; Dorcas, 14 Feb. 1679; and Ann, 11 May 1681. JOHN, Concord, came, says tradit. from Berwick on Tweed, freem. 2 June 1641, had 4 s. and 4 ds. of wh. John may have been b. in Eng. and some two or three of the others, for we have only these dates, of Dorcas, b. 22 May 1645, and that Dorcas d. 1 May 1650; Gershom, 23 Mar. 1647; and Dorothy, 16 Oct. 1649. All were, says Shattuck, by w. Dorothy. He d. 24 May 1662; in his will 5 wks. preced. he names only the eldest three ch. John, Timothy, and Hannah, wh. had received their portions of his est. JOHN, Chelmsford, s. of the preced. m. at Concord, 10 June 1661, Sarah Dane: was freem. 1680. The name was sometimes writ. without a, and with final e.

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