A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Higgins - Hill

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

HIGGINS, ABRAHAM, Salem 1637, says Farmer, but I doubt that ALEXANDER is meant, as Felt names him, as that yr. having, gr. of ld. BENJAMIN, Eastham, s. of Richard, m. 24 Dec. 1661, Lydia, d. of Edward Bangs, had Ichabod, b. 14 Nov. 1662; Richard, 15 Oct. 1661; John, 20 Nov. 1666; Joshua, 1 Oct. 1668; Lydia, latter part of May 1670; Isaac, 31 Aug. 1672; Benjamin, 14 June 1674, d. young; Samuel, 7 Mar. 1677; and Benjamin, again, 15 Sept. 1681; and d. 14 Mar. 1691. JOHN, Boston, by w. Susanna had John, b. 15 Feb. 1656. 

JONATHAN, Eastham, br. of the preced. m. 9 Jan. 1661, Elizabeth d. of [[vol. 2, p. 412]] Joseph Rogers, had Beriah, b. 27 Sept. foll.; Jonathan, Aug. 1664; Joseph, 14 Feb. 1667; and Mr. Hamblen adds Elizabeth 11 Feb. 1680; Mary, 22 Jan. 1683; Rebecca, 30 Nov. 1686; James, 22 July 1688; and Sarah, 18 Oct. 1690; but I doubt, that these five last must have been by sec. w. *RICHARD, Plymouth 1633, m. 23 Nov. 1634, Lydia Chandler, rem. to Eastham 1644, was rep. 1647-51, had Jonathan, b. July 1637; Benjamin, July 1640; m. sec. w. Oct. 1651, Mary Yates, had Mary, b. 27 Sept. 1652; Eliakim, 20 Oct. 1654; William, 15 Dec. 1655, tho. Col. Rec. has 1654; Judah, 5 Mar. 1657; Zeruiah, June 1658; Thomas, Jan. 1661; and Lydia, July 1664. ROBERT, Boston, m. 2 Nov. 1654, Susanna Westoe. He was the public executioner, and d. May 1665. Of this name were more fams. at Eastham in 1801, than of any, exc. Smith.

HIGGINSON, FRANCIS, Salem, came in the Talbot, 1629 with w. and eight ch. of wh. Mary d. on the passage, 19 May, at 4 yrs. old. He was, it is said, s. of Rev. John, b. 1588, bred at Jesus Coll. Cambr. where be took his A. B. 1609, but was of St. John's when his A. M. was given 1613, tho. Mather asserts he was of Emanuel; for sev. yrs. was min. of one of the parish chh. in Leicester; but his growing, dislike of conformity prevented him first from advancement, and next from comfort at home, so that he gladly accept. the desire by the Gov. and Comp. of Mass. for his emigr. hither. He was ord. 6 Aug. 1629, at S. and d. in the same mo. next yr. A valua. memoir, writ. with his usual diligence by Rev. J. B. Felt, is one of the best articles in Geneal. Reg. See VI. 105. In it the writer assumes the position, as he had done in the Annals, I. 69-74, that Higginson was the author of "General Considerations for the Plantation in N. E. with an answer to sev. object." 

The admir. composit. of that tract is not needed to enhance the amiable character of H. and perhaps Felt, on p. 630 of his Ann. II. allows us to infer, that the Considerations were publ. with H.'s letters after reach. N. E. contrary to his first position, that he publ. them a. the time that he eng. to embark for America. Differing, from Dr. Young, he records Gov. Hutchinson's phrase in the Coll. 27, as a "positive declaration," and sensitively expresses his belief of it; yet surely no imputation on the integr. of Gov. H. can be deduced from the lang. of Dr. Y. 

Little criticism is sufficient to decide the main point. "Reasons," good eno. without doubt, Higginson had, and he was not bound to conceal them; but if comparison of style should leave any hesitation from the internal evidence, that the "General Considerations" came from another mind, the proof externally is abundant. The pamphlet was not issued in London bef. Oct. 1629; the letter of Higginson, 24 July at Salem, going with Endicott's despatches, received at a meeting 19 Sept. acknowledg. [[vol. 2, p. 413]] by the Gov. and Comp. 16 Oct. shows us that if the Reasons of Higginson accomp. his letter, it was ano. paper than that circulat. in MS. during the month bef. Had it been print. Gov. Winthrop would not have taken the pains to write it off for his son to show his uncle and aunt down in the country. 

See Appx. A. 28 in Winthrop Hist. I. Ed. 1853. After Gov. Cradock, on 28 July 1629, submit. his propositions for advancem. of the settlem. by transfer. "the governm. of the Planta. to those that shall inhabit there, and not to contin. the same in subordin. to the comp. here, as now it is, "all the puritans of old Eng. were electrif. by the anticip. of the hardsh. and the triumphs that await. their cause in the world beyond the W. flood. Nothing, could be more timely than this tract, prepar. by Winthrop prob. in consult. with Rev. leaders, White, Davenport, and others, and not unlikely with previous adv. of Cradock; and he wh. had not been ment. in the rec. from the grant of the chart. in Mar. 1629 to 15 Oct. when he first attend. a meet. was five days after chosen Gov. tho. such import. men as Sir Richard Saltonstall, Isaac Johnson, and John Humfrey, wh. were all in the Counc. of Assist. from the May bef. and of equal est. with him, were in the nominat. for that office. His wid. Ann liv. some yrs. bef. and after 1636 at Charlestown, 3 yr. or two at New Haven, there d. at the begin. of 1640. His sec. s. Francis, adm. of the ch. at Salem 14 Apr. 1639, went home, and stud. at Leyden, and other places on the continent, was estab. in the ch. of Kirby Steven, in Westmoreland, where he conform, and d. 1672, in his 55th yr. Mather, Magn. III. 75. 

Timothy, the third s. was a mariner, and d. unm. Samuel, the fifth s. went with his mo. to New Haven, there after her d. was apprent. to Gov. Eaton, took o. of fidel. 1 July 1644, at the same time with elder br. Theophilus; and Charles, b. a. 1628, was on d. of his mo. apprent. to Thomas Fugill of New Haven. these, by the fam. tradit. became mariners, and it adds, that Samuel was capt. of a vessel of war in Cromwell's day, and d. aged 44; and Charles, master of a Jamaica sh. d. aged 49. Neophitus, seventh s. b. at Salem, and the only ch. b. after leav. Eng. exc. sec. Mary (whose existence I doubt), there b. a. 1630, was by Atherton Hough taken to bring up, and d. unm. as one acco. says, in 20th yr. but ano. in 25th. Ann, b. a. 1623, m. Thomas Chatfield of Guilford. JOHN, Salem, disting. in the annals of that place, eldest s. of the preced. b. 6 Aug. 1616, at Claybrook, Co. Leicest. (wh. was dwell. of ano. fam. of the same name), came with his f. was freem. 25 May 1636, serv. as chaplain 1637, at Saybrook, but in 1641 went to Guilford, and was some yrs. collea. with Rev. Henry Whitefield, whose d. Sarah he m. by wh. he had John; Nathaniel, b. 11 Oct. 1652, H. C. 1670; Thomas; Francis, b. 9 June 1660, went to Eng,. and was, it is said, sent to the Univ. by his uncle Francis, [[vol. 2, p. 414]] but d. at London, of smallpox, 1684; Henry, 22 Dec. 1661, or 2, wh. d. 1685 at Barbados, of smallpox; beside two ds. Sarah m. 1672, Richard Wharton; and Ann m. 4 Oct. 1682, William Dolliver of Gloucester. 

On a design of going to Eng. he came in 1659 to Salem, there was prevailed on to remain, ord. Aug,. 1660, and d. among the most honored of our clerg. 9 Dec. 1708. He had sec. w. Mary, wid. of Joshua Atwater of Boston, only three mos. surv. him. *JOHN, Salem, eldest s. of the preced. m. 9 Oct. 1672, Sarah, d. of Thomas Savage of Boston, not (as in Geneal. Reg. VII. 18, told), eldest, but seventh ch. had Mary, b. at Boston, 27 or 28 Sept. 1673, the same hour with her cous. Thomas Thacher; John, 20 Aug. 1675, who was not (as Geneal. Reg. V. 48 calls him), H. C. 1717, but f. of that gr. (by his first w. Hannah Gardner); Thomas, 16 Dec. 1677; Nathaniel, 1 Apr. 1680; Sarah, 1 June 1682; Elizabeth 3 Oct. 1684; and Margaret, 10 Nov. 1686, wh. d. in few. mos.; was selectman, rep. 1689, and of the counc. 1700-19 and d. 23 Mar. 1720. 

NATHANIEL, Salem, br. of the preced. went to Eng. 1674, and was some yrs. employed in the mint under Lord Wharton, but in 1683 went out to India, was estab. as a merch. at Fort St. George, now Madras, and after serv. in the council, as Secretary, bec. Gov. of that factory, m. 1692, Elizabeth Richards, ret. in 1700 with w. and 4 ch. to London, there d. Nov. 1708, of smallpox. See Farmer's Mem. of Grad. in Geneal. Reg. I. 34; and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 196-222, for interest. corresp. with his br. THEOPHILUS, New Haven 1644, s. of Francis, had Theophilus, bapt. 10 Dec. 1648; and Samuel, b. 26 Aug. bapt. 15 Sept. 1650; and d. a. 1657, at 37 yrs. leav. only s. Samuel, wh. bec. it is said, a physician. Six of this fam. have been gr. at Harv. WILLIAM, Farmington, whose name is usually Higason, or Higgison, m. Sarah, d. of John Warner, had there bapt. Margaret, Sarah, Elizabeth 17 May 1691, and Mary, 10 Jan. foll.; was a propr. 1673, left no s. nor is the date or place of his d. kn. He is not reckoned of the preced. fam. Sarah m. Clark Carrington, acc. Bronson╒s Hist. of Waterbury p. 143; but he had, on p. 26, m. him to Mary.

HIGLEY, JOHN, Windsor, m. 9 Nov. 1671, Hannah, d. of John Drake, had b. there John, 6 Aug. 1673; Jonathan, 16, bapt. 20 Feb. 1676; Hannah, 13, bapt. 17 Mar. 1678; Catharine, b. 7 Aug. 1679; rem. to Simsbury, there prob. had more ch. and d. He was, it is believed, from Frimley in Surry, a hamlet 8 ms. from Farnham, a. 30 ms. from London. Hannah m. Joseph Trumbull, and was mo. of first Gov. Jonathan.

HILAND. See Hyland.

HILDRETH, sometimes HILDRICK, ISAAC, Woburn, youngest s. of Richard, by w. Elizabeth had Persis, b. 25 Nov. 1691; Joanna, 16 Nov. 1693; perhaps rem. JAMES, Chelmsford, s. of Richard, m. 1 June 1659, Margaret Ward, had Sarah, b. 22 Feb. 1662; Elizabeth and Mary, both bapt. 1 Apr. 1666; and Richard, who d. 22 Feb. 1692 or 3; and perhaps [[vol. 2, p. 415]] others; was freem. 1665. JOSEPH, Chelmsford, s. of Richard, m. 12 Dec. 1683, Abigail Wilson of Woburn, had sev. ch. of wh. is kn. only Joseph, b. 30 Nov. 1695, wh. liv. to old age; but the f. d. 28 Jan. 1707. Of this branch is the historian, Richard. RICHARD, Cambridge, freem. 10 May 1643, had w. Sarah, wh. d. 15 June 1644; by w. Elizabeth who d. at Malden 3 Aug. 1693, aged 68, had Elizabeth 21 Sept. 1646; and Sarah, 8 Aug. 1648. He was serg. one of the grantees of Chelmsford, 1653, there had Joseph, 16 Apr. 1658; Persis, 8 Feb. 1660; Thomas, 1 Feb. 1662; Isaac, July 1663; beside Abigail, wh. m. Moses Parker of the same. The f. d. at Chelmsford, 1688, aged 83, it is read on the gr.stone by one, tho. in Geneal. Reg. III. 142, his yr. of b. is mark. 1612, more prob. and his descend. long prevail. there. Six of the name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv.

HILL, or HILLS, ABRAHAM, Charlestown 1636, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Sarah, d. of Robert Long, had Ruth, b. 2 June 1640; Isaac, 29 bapt. 31 Oct. 1641; Abraham, 1 Oct. 1643; Sarah, 19 Aug. 1647, d. soon; Sarah, again, Oct. 1649, d. same mo.; Mary, May 1652; Jacob, Mar. 1657; and Zechary, much earlier than the last; a. 13 Feb. 1670 in Malden. His est. was good, and wid. Sarah admin. He is progenit. of num. fams. His eldest d. m. 7 Dec. 1659, William Augur. ABRAHAM, Malden, s. of the preced. m. Oct. 1666, Hannah, d. of Richard Stowers, had Abraham, b. Aug. 1670 (whose w. Sarah d. 4 July 1695, aged 24); and Mary, Aug. 1673; and d. 23 Oct. 1713. His wid. liv. to 27 June 1738. 

BENJAMIN, New Haven 1646, but rem. Soon after tak. o. of fidel. in 1647. CHARLES, New London, came from Maryland 1665, but was b. in Barlow, near Chesterfield in Derbysh. s. of George, was a merch. of distinct. partner with the Christophers, going to and from Barbados. From that isl. he brot. the first news of the gr. fire in London 1666, as set forth in his let. to Gov. Winthrop of 16 Jan. foll. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 66. He m. 16 July 1668, Ruth, wid. of John Picket, had Jane, b. 9 Dec. 1669; Charles, 16 Oct. 1671; Ruth, bapt. 29 Oct. 1673, and Jonathan, Dec. 1674; his W. d. of Jonathan Brewster, d. 30 Apr. 1677, and he m. 12 June 1678, Rachel, d. of dep.-gov. John Mason, wh. with inf. ch. d. 4 Apr. of next yr. He was a useful man, recorder of the town, and clk. of the Co. Court, and d. 1684. EBENEZER, Dorchester, a soldier of brave Capt. Johnson's comp. in Dec. 1675. 

EBENEZER, Newbury, took o. of alleg. 1678. EBENEZER New Haven, s. of Robert, m. 1677, Mercy Brooks, had two ch. Hannah, b. 1678; and Mary, 7 June 1686; ill treat. his w. wh. obt. div. 1692. He had sec. w. Abigail, youngest d. of William Wooden, and ch. Abigail, Sarah, Susanna. EDWARD, a soldier from the E. on Conn. riv. in 1676. ELIPHALET, Boston, by w. Ann had Mary, b. 1 Apr. 1670. FRANCIS, Boston, by w. Hannah had Sarah, b. 26 Jan. 1664. In utter despair of distinguish. for this work betw. those who spell with or without [[vol. 2, p. 416]] final s. (for very often the same person appears under ea. form), I resolve to unite the two, but remark, that all the foregoing are usually seen without that addit. 

GERSHOM, Malden, s. of Joseph, m. 11 Nov. 1667, Elizabeth d. I suppose, of John Chadwick of Watertown, had Elizabeth b. Feb. 1669; Mary, Mar. 1672; and prob. others. HENRY, Woodbury 1683. HERCULES, Scituate 1636, a soldier, next yr. in the Pequot war, went home soon after, and in 1666 was of Rochester, Kent. Deane. IGNATIUS, Boston 1658. ISAAC, Malden, s. of first Abraham, m. June 1666, Hannah Hayward, or Howard, d. of Samuel, had by her no ch. to our kn. exc. Isaac, b. June 1670. He rem. to Cambridge, there his w. d. 25 Apr. 1679, and he m. 12 Jan. foll. Sarah Bicknall, had Thomasine, b. 11 Dec. 1685; Abraham, 22 Mar. 1688; and Isaac, 1 Dec. 1693; was freem. 1690. JACOB, Cambridge, s. of the first Abraham, m. Sarah, d. of John Stone, had Jacob; Abraham; Tabitha; John, b. 25 Sept. 1684; and Nathaniel; was freem. 1690, d. 12 Dec. foll. tho. the gr.stone says 1689. 

JAMES, Boston, m. 10 Apr. 1662, Hannah Henchman, had Hannah, b. 21 Mar. 1665; James, 21 Feb. 1667; Ignatius, 6 Nov. 1668; and Elizabeth 15 June 1670, was freem. 1671. JAMES, Guilford, s. of John of the same, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 1683; Isaac, 1685; James, 1687, d. young; Ann, 1690; Daniel, 1692; John, and Charity, tw. 1694; Michael, 1698; and Mary, 1701. His will of 8 Oct. 1707 (soon after wh. he d.), names all the eight liv. ch. JOHN, Plymouth 1630, prob. a serv. or apprent. withdrew next yr. to Mass. See the very curious let. of Plymouth Court to our Gov. in Geneal. Reg. II. 240. He may have been at Salem, and had gr. of ld. 1650, and of Beverly 1659, where he was among the princ. men 1681 and 2; or the man of this name at Lynn 1655, or of Dover 1649-72, or of Medfield 1656. At least, we kn. that the Medfield man, by w. Hannah, had Abigail, b. 2 Feb. 1659. So common was this name, and one was freem. 1646. This last by w. Hannah had Abigail, b. 2 Feb. 1659; Samuel; John, 14 Mar. 1661; Mary, 28 Oct. 1662; Eliezur, 29 June 1664; Johnson, 1666; and Ebenezer; and d. 23 Jan. 1718, leav. wid. Elizabeth wh. d. 1 Dec. 1719. *JOHN, Boston 1641, a blacksmith, had w. Margaret, both adm. of the ch. in July of that yr. was freem. prob. 18 May 1642, ar. co. 1643, and a 21 July 1646. He was one of the grantees, 1643, of the franchise for tide mill, wh. lasted over 180 yrs. Snow, Hist. of B. 124. 

JOHN, Dorchester 1641, a blacksmith, by w. Frances had John; Jonathan, b. a. 1639; Samuel, 1640; Hannah, 1641; Mercy, 1642; Mary; Frances; and two or three, or four more, of wh. all but Mary, d. says tradit. bef. their f. He a. 1664. Too much a. this fam. depends on tradit. Hannah is said to have m. Daniel Fisher of Taunton; Frances m. prob. Jonas Austin, jr. of Taunton, tho. Col. Rec. gives her to Jonah Allin, senr.; and ano. d. is said to have m. a Taunton man; Mary m. [[vol. 2, p. 417]] 12 Feb. 1657, Thomas Breck of D. But the will of 11 Apr. 1660, pro. 30 June 1664, makes it clear, that, besides John and Mary, nine younger ch. were then liv. JOHN, Rowley 1641, or earlier. 

JOHN, New Haven 1643, br. of Robert, took o. of fidel. 1644, had no fam. and d. 1647. JOHN, Guilford, had perhaps been at Branford 1646, 8, and later; but after rem. had w. Frances, wh. d. May 1673, and by her had John, Sarah, James, Elizabeth and ano. d. He m. at Saybrook, 3 Sept. 1673, Catharine, prob. the wid. of Alexander Chalker d. 8 June 1689. In his will of Sept. preced. he names w. Catharine, the two s. the two ds. Sarah and Elizabeth wh. were d. but left ch. and liv. d. m. to a Tapping. JOHN, Boston, perhaps br. of Valentine, adm. of our ch. 15 May 1647, m. 16 Jan. 1657, Elizabeth Strong, wh. may have been d. tho. to me, it seems more prob. that she was sis. of Elder John. JOHN, Dover 1649-72, by w. Elizabeth had Benjamin, b. 8 Apr. 1665. 

JOHN, Salem, wheelwright, m. 26 Aug. 1664, Lydia Buffum, d. prob. of Robert; had Lydia, b. 30 Mar. 1666; Elizabeth 15 Dec. 1667; John, 22 Jan. 1671, and Robert, 11 Sept. 1676; of wh. we kn. only that, in May 1666, he was witness to the will of Capt. William Trask. But by former w. Miriam he had Miriam and Susanna. JOHN, Boston, merch. by w. Mary had Elizabeth b. 10 Nov, 1668; and John, 2 June 1673. JOHN, Portsmouth 1665, had w. Elizabeth and perhaps s. Joseph, Nathaniel, and Samuel, wh. were all of P. in 1685. JOHN, Saybrook, m. 14 Apr. 1670, Jane Bushnell, had Samuel, b. 29 May 1671. JOHN, Guilford, s. of John of the same, had Mary, b. 1671, d. soon; John, 18 July 1672; Elizabeth 20 Feb. 1675; Mary, again, Feb. 1677; Samuel, 21 Feb. 1679; Nathaniel, Apr. 1680; and James, Apr. 1682; these six all liv. when he d. 8 May 1690. His wid. Thankful d. 18. Nov. 1711. JOHN, New Haven, a weaver, s. of Robert, m. 1680, Hannah Grannis, had sev. ch. and a sec. w. m. 3 Aug. 1694, Mary. JOHN, Hartford, s. of William, d. or was bur. 5 Apr. 1692, leav. w. and two ds. whose names are not kn. JOHN, Saco, perhaps s. of Roger, disting. in the wars with E. Ind. 1689-96, was tak. 1704 at Wells, car. to Canada, and restor. next yr. JONATHAN, Salem, by w. Miriam had Miriam, b. 24 Mar. 1658; and Susan, 31 July 1660; unless I mistake in read. of Essex Inst. II. 151. 

JONATHAN, Bridgewater 1680, E. prob. of John of Dorchester, where he had liv. and had Nathaniel, b. there 7 May 1676. JONATHAN, Billerica 1679, s. of Ralph, freem. 1690. JONATHAN, Hartford, s. of William, by w. Dorothy had Dorothy, b. 1696; Jonathan, 1699; David, 1702; Sarah, 1706; and Thankful, 1710. *JOSEPH, Charlestown 1638, was from Malden, in Essex, Eng. where, and not Shrewsbury, in the other side of the island, as had been said, he was a woollen draper, having large transact. at London, had br. John of Barnham, wh. is a. 10 ms. from Malden, wh. may have come over or d. sev. yrs. earlier, with w. Rose, wh. is thot. to have been sis. of Presid. Dunster, adm. of the ch. 2 Feb. 1640, yet not freem. until 1645, tho. he was selectman the yr. preced. rep. for Malden 1647, 50 to 6, speaker of the ho. in the earliest yr. but not "the first speaker," as in Geneal. Reg. IX. 34, is said; and leader of the milit. of the town. His w. d. 24 Mar. 1650, and he m. 24 June of the [[vol. 2, p. 418]] foll. yr. Hannah, wid. of Edward Mellows. Again he m. Jan. 1656. officiat. as magistr. at the solemnity (of course, as third w.) Helen Atkinson, call. d. of Hugh, of Kendall, in Co. Westmoreland; and at Newbury m. 8 Mar. 1665, fourth w. Ann, wid. of Henry Lunt. He d. at N. 5 Feb. 1688, in 86th yr. His ch. were Joseph, b. prob. in Eng.; Gershom, b. 27 July 1639, bapt. 17 Feb. foll. bef. ment.; Mehitable, 1 Jan. 1641, d.young,; as did also, John; and Nathaniel, wh. was b. 19 Dec. 1653; Samuel, July 1652; Hannah; Deborah, Mar. 1657, d. young; Abigail 6 Oct. 1658, d. young; and Wait, tho. it seems prob. that this last is call. s. only from m. a d. of the testator. He wrote his name with final s; but in some rec. that addit. does not appear. In the third m. he imitat. the foolish precedent of Gov. Bellingham at an earlier day, performing, in his own right, the legal ceremony, for wh. act he was presented at the Court. His will, of 14 Sept. 1687, names gr.childr. Hannah and Elizabeth Blanchard, Hannah Vinton, and Samuel Greene; makes s. Samuel an s.-in-law Abiel Long to be excors. See Geneal. Reg. VIII. 309. 

JOSEPH, Malden, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. Nov. 1653, Hannah Smith, had Joseph, b. Oct. 1655; Hannah, Mar. 1657; John, Mar. 1666; Dorothy, 13 Apr. 1667; and Samuel, 16 Dec. 1667; but we are not always sure, from the rec. which was ch. of the elder or younger Joseph, who d. bef. his f. JOSEPH, Malden, s. of the preced. d. 19 Apr. 1674, and his w. Hannah, d. of George Bunker(by wh. his only ch. Joseph was b. posthum. 3 July 1674), that rec. prop. of her br. dying 5 days later, d. 11 July of the same yr. and the gr.f. had admin. JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Ellen had Abigail, b. 5 Feb. 1664. LUKE, Windsor, 1651, m. 6 May in that year Mary Hoyt, had Lydia, b. 18 Feb. 1652; Mary, 20 Sept. 1654; Eleazer, at Farmington, and there rec. 1657; Tahan, 28 Nov. 1659; Luke, 6 Mar. 1662; Abigail, 16 Apr. 1664; Elizabeth 8 Oct. 1666; and John, 28 Nov. 1668; rem. to Simsbury, was liv. there 1694. Mary m. 30 July 1677, John Saxton. NATHANIEL, Dover 1680, youngest s. of Valentine. 

NATHANIEL, Billerica 1677, s. of Ralph, was resid. there Sept. 1697. PETER, Saco 1648, freem. 1653, a. Aug. 1667. Willis, I. 55, 241. RALPH, Plymouth, m. 1638, Margaret Toothaker, prob. a wid. rem. to Woburn, there had Jonathan, b. 20 Apr. 1646; was freem. 1647, and one of the first sett. at Billerica in 1653, d. 1663, leav. ch named in his will of 10 Nov. 1662, pro. 12 Nov. of next yr.; Nathaniel; Jonathan; Ralph; Martha; and Rebecca; besides w. Margaret s.-in-law Roger Toothaker, and gr.ch. Elizabeth Hill, and Mary Littlefield. His wid. d. 22 Nov. 1683, aged 87. *RALPH, Billerica, s. of the preced. m. 5 Nov. 1660, Martha Toothaker, had Elizabeth b. 28 July 1661 was selectman 11 yrs. capt. and rep. 1689, 90, 2-4, d. 2 May 1695 

RICHARD, Charlestown 1638, cooper, perhaps br. of Abraham, or [[vol. 2, p. 419]] Joseph, or both, d. unm. 29 Oct. 1639. See his will, print. as that of Iles, wh. is the first cop. into first vol. of rec. of Co. Suff'k. abstr. in Geneal. Reg II. 102, with a lucid explanation, Ib. 218. Confirmat. of the hypothes. of the modest writer, the late learned libra. of Harv. Univ. I could have furnished by the reference to the other end of the same Vol. I. of Suff'k. Reg. of Deeds, where is giv. power of attorney from Henry, John, and William Iles, as also of Margaret Linton with her h. Thomas and of John Keene the sis. and brs. of the testator, execut. at Bristol, Eng. to enable one Henry Hazard to receive all and singular, &c. RICHARD, New Haven 1639. 

RICHARD, New Hampsh. wh. d. a. 1677, may be thot. the same, wh. at Pemaquid, in July 1674, took the o. of fidel. to Mass. ROBERT, New Haven 1639, signer of orig. comp. had come in the Defence, 1635, to Boston, embark. 14 July, aged 20 yrs. on business of Cradock, the first Gov. of the Comp. of Mass. Bay, at London, d. Aug. 1663. He owned land in Eng. had Abiah, bapt. 23 Jan. 1648, d. young; John, b. 10, bapt. 12 Jan. 1651; Hannah, 18, bapt. 23 Jan. 1653; Ebenezer, bapt. 12 Aug. 1655; and Nathaniel, 22 May 1659, d. young. He m. sec. w, 27 Jan. 1663, Adeline, wid. of Robert Johnson, and d. in Aug. 1663. His wid. m. 22 Ma y 1666, John Scranton. ROGER, Saco 1653, s. of Peter, was constable 1661, m. 1658, Mary (or as ano. acco. says Sarah) Cross of Wells, had John; Samuel; Joseph; BenJamin, wh. d. young; and Ebenezer; beside ds. Sarah, Hannah, and Mercy. Folsom, 179. I suppose he rem. to Salem escape Ind. hostil. and was freem. 1678. Of descend. very good relat. is seen in Geneal. Reg. XII. 139-145, and 258-264, by a very diligent hand. 

SAMUEL, Dorchester, s. of John of the same, by w. Martha had Martha, b. 20 Dec. 1667; John, 20 Dec. 1669; Thankful, 31 Jan. 1672; Mary, 31 Aug. 1674, d. at 2 yrs.; Samuel, Sept. 1676; Israel, 11 July 1679; Josiah, 1 Jan. 1682; and Thomas, 8 June 1687. In Morse, 101, is a statement of quite inconsist. facts. SAMUEL, Newbury, s. of first Joseph, m. 20 May 1679, Abigail, d. of David Wheeler, had Samuel, b. 16 Feb. 1680; Joseph, 21 July 1681; Nathaniel, 9 Feb. 1683; Benjamin, 16 Oct. 1684; Abigail, 2 Sept. 1686, d. young; Henry, 23 Apr. 1688; William, 8 Oct. 1689; Josiah, 27 July 1691; John, 20 Sept. 1693; Abigail, again, 27 June 1695; James, and Hannah, tw. 25 Feb. 1697; and Daniel, 8 Dec. 1700. Of ano. 

SAMUEL, perhaps of Portsmouth, certain. of some part of N. Hampsh. Geneal. Reg. VII. 122, shows the m. 28 Oct. 1680 with Elizabeth Williams, and gives their ch. John, b. 30 Nov. 1681; Elizabeth 7 Nov. 1683; Mary, 6 Apr. 1685; Hannah, 29 Sept. 1687; Abigail, 29 Sept. 1689; Samuel, 13 1696; Sarah, 28 July 1701; Benjamin, 2 July 1703; and Joseph, pr. 1706. SAMUEL, Malden, s. prob. of Joseph the sec. of the same, by w. Sarah had John, b. 23 May 1695; Hannah, 10 Oct. 1697; [[vol. 2, p. 420]] Jabez, 24 June 1699. TAHAN, Guilford, s. of Robert, had w. Hannah, but no ch. and d. 1693. THOMAS, Roxbury, perhaps br. of William, came in 1633, and d. next yr. in the fam. of Rev. John Eliot, in whose ch. rec. it is certif. that he was a very faithful and prudent serv. and good Christian. 

THOMAS, Plymouth, freem. 7 June 1637, soon d. or rem. to Newport in 1638. THOMAS, Boston, a tanner, had m. Elinor, wid. of Thomas Munt, bef. Mar. 1668. THOMAS, Middletown, by w. Mary had Susannah, b. 1678; Elizabeth 1679; Thomas, 1682; rem. to Hartford, there had John, 1692, and d. 1704. He had others, ds. Mary, and Sarah, for his will of 1704, names w. Mary, and ch. Mary Dudley, Elizabeth Dudley, Sarah H. Thomas, and John. *VALENTINE, Boston 1636, a mercer from London, I think, ar. co. 1638, freem. 13 May 1640, and on Sunday foll. was, with Jacob Eliot, ord. deac. by w. Frances, wh. d. 17 Feb. 1646, had Hannah, bapt. 17 Mar. 1639; John, b. 1 Sept. 1640, d. soon; Elizabeth 12, bapt. 19 Dec. 1641, d. young; Joseph, and Benjamin, tw. 19, bapt. 23 June 1644, both d. soon; by sec. w. Mary, d. of Gov. Eaton, adm. of our ch. 15 May 1647, he had John, bapt. 22 Aug. 1647; and Nathaniel, b. 31 Mar. 1660. He was of great public spirit, grantee in 1641, with others, of the town, or Bendall's dock, and the week foll. was made a selectman, rechos. 1642, 3, 4, 5 and 6; interest. in the lds. at Dover, and prob. liv. some time there, was rep. 1652-5 and 7, and d. 1662. His wid. m. perhaps John Lovering of Dover, and next, Ezekiel Knight of Wells. Hannah m. 24 Jan. 1660, Antipas Boyce. 

*WILLIAM, Dorchester, a man of note among, the first sett. prob. came in the Mary and John, freem. 5 Nov. 1633, was selectman 1636, and rem. to Windsor, of wh. he was rep. 1639-44, thence rem. to Fairfield, of wh. he was rep. 1652 and 3, and perhaps had Sarah, wh. m. 17 Sept. 1646, Joseph Loomis at W. and William, and possib. it may have been the latter, who was rep. 1669. WILLIAM, Roxbury, came 1632, as a serv. prob. in the Lion, freem. 14 May 1634, m. Phillis, d. of Richard Lyman, rem. to Hartford, had 2d w. wid. Mary Steele, d. of Andrew Warner of Hadley; and there d. July 1683; in his will names ch. William; John; Joseph, bapt. 17 Mar. 1650; Benjamin; Jonathan; Hannah Kilburn, w. Of Thomas; Susanna Kilburn, w. of John; Sarah Ward; and Mary Hills. Of two of the s. we kn. little; Benjamin liv. and d. at Hartford; Joseph sett. perhaps at Glastonbury. Always this fam. employ. final s. 

WILLIAM, a wheelwright, aged 70, embark. at London in the James, July 1635, to come to N. E. but I kn. no more. WILLIAM, Dover 1657-71. *WILLIAM, Fairfield, s. of William of the same, a man of distinct. had been at Windsor in his youth, and, no doubt, at Dorchester in boyhood, tho. b. in Eng. d. 1684. Inv. of his good est. is of 25 Dec. It was div. by the Court to wid. Elizabeth and five ch. William, Eliphalet, Joseph, John, and Sarah. The date of his f.'s d. is [[vol. 2, p. 421]] uncert. but it was in the list of reps. so many yrs. that prob. the later ones are of the s. 

WILLIAM, Hartford, s. of William of the same, was bur. at II. 15 Aug. 1693, and in Dec. foll. seven ch. appear to div. the est. viz. Mary, aged 26; Phillis, 24; Hannah, 21; Ebenezer, 17; John, 14; Esther, 12; and Joseph, 10. ZEBULON, Gloucester 1652, from Bristol, Eng. had gr. of ld. bef. 1650, m. 16 Nov. 1651, Elizabeth Clark, d. prob. of Edmund, rem. to Salem, there had bapt. 27 Apr. 1662, Joanna, Elizabeth and John; of wh. the sec. prob. d. young, and third was b. 2 June 1659; Philip, b. 24, bapt. 28 Dec. foll. beside Zebulon, Elizabeth again b. 1 Feb. 1665; Mary, 25 Jan. 1668; Abigail, 21 Sept. 1670; and Sarah, 22 June 1675; In his will of 1699 these are ment. His s. Zebulon, in 1690, was master of a vessel going to Barbados. ZECHARY, Charlestown, s. prob. of the first Abraham, m. 24 Sept. 1668, Deborah, d. of Capt. Francis Norton, had Zeceriah, b. 10 Nov. foll. acc. rec. Middlesex, and Abraham only; d. early; and his wid. m. Matthew Griffen. Nineteen of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1834, six at Yale, and seven at the other N. E. coll. says Farmer in MS.

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