A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #2
Hussey - Hyatt

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

HUSSEY, or HUZZEY, α *CHRISTOPHER, Newbury, was first of Lynn, to wh. he perhaps came 1632 with Rev. Stephen Batchilor, whose d. Theodata he had m. in Eng. wh. d. 20 Oct. 1649. He was, says Coffin, of Dorking, in Co. Surrey, and was prob. a passeng. in the William and Francis, arr. at Boston 5 June 1632; rem. 1639 to Hampton, was rep. 1658, 9, and 60, and couns. of the Prov.; engag. in sett. of Haverhill; and d. 6 Mar. 1686 by shipwr. on the Florida coast, says Lewis, aged 87; nearly 90, says Coffin. His w. d. Oct. 1646, had Stephen, b. in Eng. perhaps 1630; John, bapt. at L. 28 Feb. 1636; Joseph; Huldah; Mary, bapt. at Newbury, 2 Apr. 1637; and Theodata, bapt. 23 Aug. 1640. After 1658 he m. wid. Ann Mingay, wh. d. 24 June 1680, and he d. 1685; He is thot. but not justly, to be ancest. of all the thousands in our land bear. this name. His d. Huldah m. John Smith, and liv. to 97 yrs. says tradit. A Mary H., says Belkn. I. 21, was a wid. at Hampton 1638, and she may have been his mo. JOHN, Hampton, s. of the preced. m. 2 Sept. 1659, Rebecca, d. of Isaac Perkins of the same, had two s. and fourteen ds. after 1688, rem. to Newcastle, Del. and was a preach. to the Quakers. *JOSEPH, Hampton, br. of the preced. was a capt. rep. in 1672. 

ROBERT, Duxbury 1643-55, in this latter yr. was [[vol. 2, p. 508]] witness to the will of Rev. Ralph Partridge; and he prob. d. twelve yrs. after. ROBERT, Dover, in the tax list of 1659. ROBERT, Boston, freem. 1690. STEPHEN, Nantucket, prob. eldest s. of Christopher, so gr.s. of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, b. in Eng. m. 8 Oct. 1676, Martha, d. of George Bunker, had Puella, if the rec. is good, b. 10 Oct. 1677; Abigail, 22 Dec. 1679; Silvanus, 13 May 1682; Bachiler, 18 Feb. 1685; Daniel, 20 Oct. 1687; Mary, 24 Mar. 1690; George, 21 June 1694; and Theodate, 15 Sept. 1700. He had good est. and d. 2 Apr. 1718; and his wid. Martha d. 21 Nov. 1744, aged near 88. WILLIAM, one of the early sett. at Reading, acc. the list of Mr. Eaton.

HUSTING, JOHN, Manchester 1649.

HUTCHINS, or HUTCHINGS, ENOCH, New Hampsh. m. 5 Apr. 1667, Mary Stevenson, perhaps d. of Thomas of Dover. GEORGE, Cambridge, freem. Mar. 1638, by w. Jane had Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1639; Luke, 6 Apr. 1644; Ann, 30 Sept. 1645; and Abiah, 3 Apr. 1648. Perhaps Barbarie Hutson, wh. by Cambridge rec. d. 14 Feb. 1640, was his d. for great latitude in spell. this name is seen therein. JOHN, Newbury, by w. Frances had William; Joseph, b. 15 Nov. 1640; Benjamin, 15 May 1641, perhaps an error of a yr. or two; Love, 16 July 1647; Elizabeth and Samuel; rem. to Haverhill, and d. says Coffin, 1674, aged 70. Love m. 15 Dec. 1668, Samuel Sherburne of Hampton; and Elizabeth m. 1 Apr. 1656, Thomas Ayer. JOHN, Wethersfield, d. 1681, leav. Sarah, and Ann. JONATHAN, Kittery, a youth of 14 yrs. tak. by the Ind. May 1698. Mather, Magn. VII. 95. JOSEPH, Boston, m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmonds of Lynn. JOSEPH, Haverhill,sw. fidel. 28 Nov. 1677, was, perhaps, s. of John. NICHOLAS, Lynn, m. 4 Apr. 1666, Elizabeth d. of George Farr, had John, b. 3 June 1668; and Elizabeth 15 June 1670. RICHARD, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and so may be thot. to have come in the fleet with Winthrop but as we kn. not of his tak. the o. it is prob. he either d. soon, or went home the same yr. 

*SAMUEL, Haverhill, perhaps s. of John of the same, m. at Andover, 24 June 1662, Hannah Johnson, was one of the first reps. under the new chart. of 1692. SAMUEL, Kittery, tak. by the Ind. May 1698. WILLIAM, Rowley 1666, perhaps the eldest s. of John, and br. of Samuel, m. 1 Sept. 1657, Mary, d. of William Edmunds of Lynn, was freem. 1682, and perhaps is he wh. m. 30 Apr. 1685, Elizabeth Growth, wh. may have been wid. of John. Six of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at N. E. coll.

HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN, Salem vill. perhaps s. of Joseph, of wh. all I can find is the exploit of strik. at a spectre as in one of the witchcr. trials, 1692, was testif. EDWARD, Boston, s. of Susanna, a wid. (wh. came in May 1636 with John Wheelwright, and her d. Mary, his w.) but this s. came with w. Sarah, in 1633, prob. in the Griffin, hav. fellow-passeng. John Cotton, the disting. theol. Elder Leverett, Gov. Brenton, Edmund Quincy, Atherton Hough, and other promin. persons, most of wh. were, [[vol. 2, p. 509]] like hims. from Lincolnsh. The fam. was of Alford, in that Co. a. 25 ms. from Boston. His adm. into the ch. was in Oct. the same mo. with Leverett and Brenton, and a mo. earlier than Quincy and Hough; freem. 4 Mar. 1634, had bapt. here John, 31 Aug. 1634; and Ichabod (it being in the worst of the antinom. controv.) 3 Sept. 1637. He is in the ch. rec. call. senr. was one of the princ. men, whose heresy made it necessary to disarm them in 1637, unless his neph. of the same name be thus honor.; and withdrew from the "sanguine cloud" that overcast the whole sky of Mass. going to Rhode Island with his fam. shortly after the b. of this last ch. and perhaps soon after to Eng. whence he never came back. 

*EDWARD, Boston, eldest s. of William, call. junr. to disting. him from his uncle, the preced. came bef. his parents, a single man, adm. of the ch. 10 Aug. and freem. 3 Sept. 1634, ar. co. 1638, a capt. 1657, rep. 1658, and serv. in import. rank in Philip's war 1675, in wh. on 2 Aug. he rec. wound from Ind. in treacherous assault, says history, when he was march. to a peaceful meet. with them, of wh. he d. 19th at Marlborough, aged 62, as the gr.stone says. He was, with his uncle and father, among the first sett. at Newport, forming their covenant 7 Mar. 1638, but in few yrs. prefer. Boston for his resid. and deserves honor for his firmness in oppos. cruelty to the Quakers. A large Mem. of the fam. in Geneal. Reg. I. 297, says, his first w. was Catharine Hamby, d. of a lawyer at Ipswich, Eng. but it has error of date, a. 1640, whereas we kn. by our ch. rec. that "Catharine, the w. of our br. E. H. the younger," was adm. 10 Feb. 1639, and had been m. in 1636, or early in 7, for among the bapt. are, 5 Nov. 1637, Elishua, d. of E. H. the younger, wh. prob. d. young; Elizabeth 10 Nov. 1639; Elisha, 28 Nov. 1641, being a. 13 days old; Ann, 19 Nov. 1643, a. 2 days old; William, 18 Jan. 1646, a. one day old, d. young; Catharine, 14 May 1648, d. soon; Susanna, 10 June 1649; Edward, perhaps Jan. 1652; Catharine, again, b. 13 Feb. 1653; Benjamin, 22 June 1656, d. bef. his f.; and Hannah, 16 May 1658. A sec. w. Abigail, wid. of Robert Button, surv. and d. 10 Aug. 1689. She was mo. of the last four ch. and d. of the wid. Alice Vermaies of Salem. The pedigree in Drake's valu. Hist. of Boston, 227, tho. it avoids the error of the less careful fam. Memoir as to date of m. yet follows that auth. in giv. only three ch. to the sec. w. where he is wrong, and disagrees with him, where he is right, in parentage of the s. Edward; besides mark. the bapt. of Elisha on a wrong day 29 Nov. 1641, wh. was Monday, when the rec. shows the true date 28. Of the ds. Elizabeth m. Edward Winslow, for sec w.; Ann m. a Dyer, of Newport, and next, Daniel Vernon; Susanna m. Nathaniel Coddington of Newport; Catharine m. Henry Bartholomew of Salem; and Hannah m. Peter Walker of Taunton. Winslow, the h. of Elizabeth d. 1682, or perhaps late in 1681, and she m. [[vol. 2, p. 510]] again; and Susanna had a sec. h. EDWARD, Boston, eldest s. of Richard, came a. 1654, from London, to attend to business of his f. was here some yrs. and went home. 

EDWARD, Boston, s. of the sec. Edward of the same, d. 1692, unm. it is thot. His will of 21 May, pro. 16 June foll. names his br. Elisha, sis. Winslow, sis. Dudson, sis. Tucker, my kinsman Robert Dudson, sis. Bartholomew, w. of Henry of Salem, and sis. Hannah Walker, w. of Peter of Taunton. Only the two last were sis. of the whole blood; Robert D. was h. of sis. Dudson, nam. Abigail, wh. as well as sis. Tucker were of the half blood by his mo. and the first two legatees were of the half blood by his f. EDWARD, Lynn, perhaps s. of Samuel of the same, had Thomas, b. Mar. 1654; Mary, Sept. 1656; Joseph, June 1658; and Sarah, 24 Sept. 1671. + ELIAKIM, Boston, s. of Richard, youngest of eight, wh. were, as I judge, b. in Eng. sent from London, 1664, by his f. a merch. of emin. m. Sarah, d. of Henry Shrimpton, had Richard, b. 13 Jan. 1669, d. soon; Richard, again, 18 Apr. 1670; Mary, 30 Sept. 1671; Sarah, 15 Oct. 1673; Abigail, 7 Mar. 1677; Eliakim, 3 Dec. 1679, d. young; Elizabeth; and William, H. C. 1702, the first grad. of the fam. was freem. 1673, sev. yrs. of the counc. under the new chart. and d. 22 Apr. 1717, aged 78. His will of 3 Feb. 1716 names only s. William, gr.s. Eliakim Palmer, s. of Thomas; and childr. of d. Elizabeth Phips; speaks of what est. came from his br. William of Jamaica. α *|| ELISHA, Boston, eldest s. of the sec. Edward, and gr.s. of William, freem. 1666, ar co. 1660, a capt. 1676, and had high milit. rank after, was rep. 1680-3, a couns. 1684 to his d. 10 Dec. 1717. By his first w. Hannah, d. of capt. Thomas Hawkins, he had Mary, b. 11 Oct. 1666, d. young; Elisha, 16 Mar. 1668; Elizabeth 24 Feb. 1670; Hannah, 20 Jan. 1672; Catharine, 24 Feb. 1673; Thomas, 30 Jan. 1675; Mary, again, 1 Oct. 1676; and by sec. w. Elizabeth wid. of John Freak, d. of capt. Thomas Clark, wh. d. 3 Feb. 1713, had Edward, 18 June 1678; Mehitable, 6 Feb. 1680; and Elisha, 16 May 1681. He left no will. Thomas, his s. a gent. of the highest reput. wh. d. 3 Dec. 1739, was, by w. Sarah, d. of Hon. John Foster, f. of Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1711, H. C. 1727, the celebr. and unhappy Gov. FRANCIS, Boston 1634, s. of William, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, went with his f. 1638 to R. I. and thence, after d. of his f. to East Chester, beyond the W. bounds of Conn. a. 1642 with his mo. (for maintaining whose opinions and his own ch. rights he had been fin. and imprison. at Boston 1641), there prob. was k. by the Ind. in Sept. 1643, when her planta. was destroy. and all the fam. See Winthrop II. 135, 6. FRANCIS, Concord, d. Nov. 1661. 

FRANCIS, Lynn, b. in Eng. a. 1630, m. 11 Dec. 1661, Sarah Leighton, wh. d. in few days. Prob. he rem. to Reading, freem. 1685, d. 1702, perhaps had Francis, the freem. of 1691. GEORGE, Charlestown, came [[vol. 2, p. 511]] prob. in the fleet, 1630, with Winthrop was very early of the ch. of Boston No. 53, with his w. Margaret dism. to found the new ch. of C. had Nathaniel, bapt. 9 Nov. 1633, freem. 1 Apr. 1634, d. 11 Dec. 1660. His will, made eight days bef. names his w. an apprent. Eleazer White, And appoints s. Nathaniel his excor. GEORGE, New London 1680, had w. Margaret, wh. in 1686, obt. divorce for his desertion. JOHN, Salem, perhaps br. more prob. s. of Richard of the same, s. of Richard had w. Sarah, wh. was d. of Thomas Putnam, m. July 1672; and he d. in the sum. of 1676, leav. wid. Sarah and only one ch. wh. d. young. JOHN, New Haven, of wh. I kn. no more, but that he took o. of fidel. 1 July 1644. JOHN, Northampton, s. of Ralph, had John, b. 1683; Jonathan, 1685; Hannah, 1688; Joseph, 1690; Thankful, 1693; and Hezekiah, 1696; rem. to Lebanon. 

JOSEPH, Salem, s. of Richard of the same, came prob. with his f. had on ch. rec. bapt. 26 Sept. 1666, Abigail, Bethia, Joseph, and John; beside Abigail, again, b. 14 Jan. 1679; Richard, 10 May 1681; Samuel, 9 Oct. 1682; Ambrose, 4 June 1684; Lydia, 13 Sept. 1685; and Robert, 13 Nov. 1687. Most, or all of these, however, were by sec. w. He liv. in that part call. village, now Danvers, was freem. 1690, and sadly grieved in the active proceed. of his min. Paris, the hypochond. enemy of witchcraft 1692. JOSEPH, Danvers, s. of the preced. m. 28 Feb. 1678, Lydia Small, had Abigail, b. 14 Jan. 1679; Richard, 10 May 1681; Samuel, 9 Oct. 1682; Ambrose, 4 June 1684; Lydia, 13 Sept. 1685; and Robert, 13 Nov. 1687; and by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, 27 Jan. 1690; Ruth, 26 Feb. 1692; Bethia, 24 Dec. 1693; Ebenezer, 20 Feb. 1695; Elizabeth 22 Feb. 1696; Elisha, 14 Mar. 1697; and Jasper, 31 Jan. 1699, at wh. time the mo. d. JUDAH, Northampton, s. of Ralph, had Judah, Ebenezer, and seven ds. MOSES, Northampton, br. of the preced. had two ch. one of wh. was, with the f. k. by the Ind. 13 May 1704 in that pt. of the town call. Pascomuck. 

NATHANIEL, Charlestown, s. of George, m. 16 Mar. 1660, Sarah Baker, was freem. 1663, had Nathaniel, b. 24 Sept. 1662; William, 21, bapt. 25 Sept. 1664, d. young; Thomas, 16, bapt. 21 Oct. 1666; William, again, bapt. 21 Feb. 1669; Margaret, 12 June 1670; Samuel, 22 Sept. 1672; and Stephen, 2, bapt. 7 Oct. 1677. d. 1 Oct. 1693, says his gr.stone, aged 61. RALPH, Boston, m. 8 1656, Alice, wid. of Francis Bennett, had John, rem. to Northampton, there had Mehitable, b. 1662, d. soon; Judah, 1664; Samuel, 1666; and Moses, 1671. RICHARD, Boston, s. of William, unit. unit. with our ch. 9 Nov. 1634, the same day with his br. Francis, a week after his mo. and a fortnight after his f. freem. on the same day with his f. and br. 4 Mar. 1635, was disarm. for siding with his mo. 1637, went home, I think, bef. the fam. rem. to Newport, was by our ch. recommend. 28 Dec. 1645, to that of famous Dr. Thomas Goodwin at London, where his relat. Gov. Hutch. confus. him with his uncle Richard, wh. by the ordin. of Parl. 27 July 1649 was made one of the sixteen mem. of the Soc. for Prop. the Gosp. See Scobell's Acts, or Hutch. I. 164. He [[vol. 2, p. 512]] was a wealthy ironmonger in Cheapside, and his loss by the great fire of 1666, was, it is said by Hutch. £60,000. After large investigat. I have conclud. that Hutch. was in error, in assuring us, that Richard, a br. of William, was ever in Boston, and that he mistook this s. of William for the elder Richard, his uncle. 

RICHARD, Salem, by w. Alice had Elizabeth b. a. 1628; Rebecca; Joseph, a. 1633; all in Eng. Abigail, bapt. 25 Dec. 1636; Hannah, 20 Jan. 1639; and John, 2 July 1643, wh. d. 1676; and may have had other ch. by her, as Mary, and Joseph; beside Sarah, wh. m. a Root, and next, Nathaniel Putnam; and Rebecca, w. of Hadlock but had two other ws. one, wid. Susanna Archer or Orchar, m. Oct. 1668, d. 26 Nov. 1674; the other, Sarah, call. wid. of James Standish, wh. outliv. him; and he d. 1682, aged 81, leav. s. Joseph, and five ds. His will, pro. 26 Sept. 1682, names the wid. and s. beside s.-in-law Anthony Ashby, and his w. Abigail; Daniel Bordman, and his Hannah; gr.ch. Bethia Hutchinson, and Sarah Hadlock; his slave Peter, to wh. and his heirs he devis. 5 acres of ld. and s.-in-law Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Hale, the h. of his d. Mary, and James Hadlock. SAMUEL, Boston, br. of William, a bachelor, is not kn. long here, and perhaps did not live here many yrs. bef. his d. but had gr. of ld. 20 May 1638, at R. I. whither he went, no doubt, with his br. William, and had been assoc. with his br. Wheelwright in purch. from Ind. at Exeter and Wells. In his will of 17 Apr. pro. 16 July 1667, gives copious proof of his knowledge of brs. and sis. and their childr. as Samuel, eldest s. of sis. Wheelwright, and her six ds. Elizabeth Person, Catharine Nayler, Mary Lyde, Rebecca Maverick, Hannah Checkley, and Sarah, perhaps unm. as her surname is omit.; beside Edward Rishworth, eldest s. of that R. wh. had m. a sis. of the testat.; next, the seven ch. nam. them, of my cousin [i. e. niece], Faith Savage dec. then cous. Peleg Sanford, and sev. others of that connex. in Portsmouth, R. I. also Elizabeth eldest d. and Ann, Susan, and Elisha, eldest s. of cous. Edward, cous. Susanna Cole, and cous. Bridget Willis. Faith, Edward, Susanna, and Bridget, were those ch. of Ann, wh. were not cut off by the Ind. when that Jezabel, as Welde calls her, met her sad fate. He wrote from Boston "Answ. to a letter sent from Old Eng. to New, 1659," tho. it was not print. at London bef. 1667. It is about the Millennium; but seems not wild about the fifth monarchy and king Jesus. 

SAMUEL, Portsmouth, R. I. a freem. in the list 1655, was prob. s. of William, and had Richard, nam. in the will of his uncle Edward. SAMUEL, wh. by Lewis is call. of Lynn 1637, was prob. of Reading 1670. Samuel, Andover, m. 26 Apr. 1686, Elizabeth Parker, wh. may have been wid. of Joseph, had, perhaps, sev. ch. but John, wh. d. 4 Jan. 1689, is the only one kn. THOMAS, Charlestown 1630, came, no doubt, in the fleet with Winthrop perhaps br. of George, wh. is next below him in the list of very early mem. of the ch. He is mark. d. prob. bef. the separat. of the chhs. THOMAS, Lynn 1637, says Lewis; and I suppose he rem. to L. I. where in May 1664, he was adm. freem. of Conn. THOMAS, Boston, by w. [[vol. 2, p. 513]] Mary had Thomas, b. 25 Mar. 1672. But, as I find not the name again, I presume he was here only transient. α 

*WILLIAM, Boston, came in the ship with Rev. John Lathrop and Zechary Symmes, 1634, bring. w. and all his ch. exc. Edward, his eldest s. wh. came with Cotton the former yr. and d. Mary, w. of Rev. John Wheelwright, wh. came two yrs. later. He arr. in Sept. and next mo. unit. with our ch. He had liv. at Alford, in Co. Lincoln, a. 25 ms. from Boston, and prob. both hims. and w. Ann, d. of Rev. Edward Marbury of Lincolnsh. were drawn hither by their admira. of John Cotton. He was freem. 4 Mar. 1635, and two s. Richard and Francis were adm. the same day; rep. May 1635, and four courts foll. had one ch. Zuriel, bapt. 13 Mar. 1636; but by the viol. heats of the relig. controv. in wh. his friends, Sir Henry Vane and John Cotton were defeat. and his fam. beside others of the party very severely treat. he was forced, with Coddington and other promin. men, to rem. to R. I. there in 1638, form. a new civil compact, not much unlike that of Mass. was an Assist. 1639, and d. a. 1642. His wid. Ann, wh. had been the gifted prophetess of the doleful heresies that shook and almost subvert. the col. of Mass. rem. next yr. from R. I. beyond Conn. to the Dutch Prov. and bef. being, fairly estab. in her new planta. was, with sev. ch. and serv. to the number of sixteen, cut off by the Ind. His d. Faith m. at Boston a. 1637, Thomas Savage; Susanna m. 30 Dec. 1651, John Cole; Bridget m. a Willis of Bridgewater, whose bapt. name is unkn.; and one m. Collins, a scholar, of wh. Winthrop II. 38, tells. This last, and the s. Francis perish. with their mo. The wid. Susanna, mo. of Edward, Richard, Samuel, William, of the w. of Rishworth, and of Mary, the w. of Wheelwright, went from Boston to Exeter with her ds. h. in his banishm. and thence to Wells, where she was bur. By the Edit. in our days of the Memoirs of Col. John Hutchinson, the regicide, writ. by the charming pen of his Lady Lucy, a tradit. is giv. that one of the gr.s. of the warlike puritan emigr. "to the West Indies or America." But the common looseness of tradit. and the unusual carelessness of the Rev. publisher, in his story of seeing somebody from the W. world, wh. told him of the venerat. in wh. that gent.'s descend. were held on our side of the Atlantic, are equally unworthy of regard. Thirteen of this name had been gr. at Harv. in 1770, and none since.

HUTHWIT, JOHN, Woodbury, came with sis. Ann, "of gentle blood," orphans early, by the guardian in Eng. defraud. of prop. and sent over here, acc. the vulgar tradit. for romantic begin. of a fam. by w. Judith, had Elizabeth bapt. July 1689, d. young; Ann, Nov. 1690; Martha, Nov. 1693; Mary, May 1696; and Elizabeth again, Apr. 1698. All these ch. being fem. and the sis. hav. m. a Pierce, as in Cothren is seen, very little hope of retribution, that ought to follow, after a century and three quarters elaps. since the enorm. should now be indulg. [[vol. 2, p. 514]]

HUTLEY, RICHARD, Ipswich 1639. Perhaps it is the same as Utley.

HUTTON, JOHN, Wenham 1675. RICHARD, Wenham, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 1672, was b. a. 1621.

HUXLY, THOMAS, Hartford, m. Sarah, eldest d. of Thomas Spencer of the same, had Thomas, b. 7 Apr. 1668; also John, Sarah, Mary, and Elizabeth whose date of b. are not giv. rem. to Suffield, there had Jared 1680; Hannah 1682; Nathaniel, 1683, d. within 2 yrs.; and William, 1687. His w. d. 24 Oct. 1712; he d. 21 July 1721, and his est. was div. 1722, when s. John, Jared, and William, and all the ds. were liv.


HYATT, THOMAS, Dorchester 1633, call. by John Russell, in his will that yr. br. THOMAS, Norwalk 1672, a soldier in Philip's war, m. 10 Nov. 1677, Mary, d. of Matthias Sension, had Rebecca, b. early in Oct. foll. and one or more s. wh. perpet. the name, spell. first Hiet, and next, Hyett. He was liv. 1694.

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