A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #3
Mousall - Mygate

 By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

MOUSALL, JOHN, Charlestown with w. join. the ch. 23 Aug. freem. 3 Sept. of that yr. rep. 1635, ar. co. 1641, ac. and selectman 1642, rem. Woburn, and d. 27 Mar. 1665. Possib. he was tempt. to Salem, for Felt prints Mousar John as hav. gr. of ld. there 1639, and among ch. memb. 1646, prints Ruth Monsall, both so very closely resembling this name, may be mistak. for it. His d. Eunice m. 1 Nov. 1649, John Brooks. His will, of 9 June 1660, pro. 4 Apr. 1665, names w. Joanna, makes s. John and John Brooks excors. with remem. of Sarah, Eunice, and Joanna Brooks, grch. of testa. JOHN, Woburn, s. of the preced. m. 13 May 1650, Sarah Brooks. JOHN, Charlestown, s. prob. of Ralph, b. in Eng. by w. Elizabeth wh. d. 16 Aug. 1685, aged 51, had Elizabeth b. 16 July 1659; was, I suppose, that soldier of Moseley's comp. in Dec. 1675, in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 242, print. Monsall, d. 1 Feb. 1704, aged 74. Elizabeth m. 19 June 1679, Samuel Read. RALPH, Charlestown, br. of the first John, came, 

I doubt not, in the fleet with Winthrop he being no. 72 and w. Alice 73 in the list of Boston ch. memb. desir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and 18 May foll. was sworn, when the name appears Mashell, and in Geneal. Reg. VII. 30, Moushole. He was one of the founders of the ch. at C. rep. 1636, 7, and 8, but being a favorer of Wheelwright, was eject. yet aft. hold his tongue and recov. reputa. was deac. d. 30 Apr 1657, [[vol. 3, p. 251]] leav. John, wh. was prob. b. in Eng.; Thomas, bapt. 25 May 1633; Mary Goble; Ruth Wood; and Elizabeth His will, of 13 Apr. preced. besides w. and ch. names cous. Nathaniel Ball, and Mary Wayne, and in a codic. ten days aft. ment. s. Thomas hav. a s. born. His wid. d. 1667. 

THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. by w. Mary, perhaps d. of Samuel Richardson, had Thomas, b. 5 Apr. 1655, d. soon; Joseph, 10 Apr. 1657, d. in few wks.; Mary, 26 July 1659, bapt. as also, Ralph, 21 June 1668; Joseph and Benjamin, tw. bapt. 21 Feb. 1669; Samuel, 23 Apr. 1671; Mercy, 28 Sept. 1673; and Thomas, again, 22 Nov. 1674. His w. d. 13 Sept. 1677, and he had sec. w. and d. 16 Apr. 1713, in 81st yr. and his wid. Ann d. 25 Aug. 1742, in 82d yr. The s. Ralph d. at C. 7 June 1718.

MOUSSETT, THOMAS, Boston, by w. Catharine had Peter, b. 18 Oct. 1687; was prob. a Huguenot, and one of the four rul. elders of that communion. But the name is not found in Boston any more, tho. I discover that he own. Id. ln Roxbury 1698, and had liv. at Braintree.

MOWER, RICHARD, Salem 1638, was prob. passeng. in the Blessing from London, 1635, aged 20, a mariner, join. the ch. 1642, and had Samuel and Thomas, bapt. 6 Mar. in that yr.; Caleb, 31 Mar. 1644; Joshua, 3 May 1646; Richard, 2 Jan. 1648; Susanna, 12 May 1650; and Christian, 5 Sept. 1652; was freem. 28 Feb. 1643, employ. by governm. 1654, had Mary, b. so late as 15 Jan. 1662, and was liv. 1696. Christian m. 31 Aug. 1676, Joshua Conant. See Moore,with wh. spell. Felt names him.

MOWRY, JOHN may be writ. Morey, wh. see, or, as at the London custom-ho. Mory, a passeng. aged. 19 in the Blessing from London 1635. Spell. with a W, was he of Providence 1676, who did not rem. for the war. ROGER, Providence 1655.

MOXON, GEORGE, Springfield, 37, the first min. came from Yorksh. had been bred at Sidney Coll. in the Univ. of Cambridge, there took his A. B. 1623, and here, with w. Ann, sat down at Dorchester first, but aft. being made freem. 7 Sept. 1637, was attract. to S. by his former neighb. Pynchon, with whom he was very intimate; had there s. Union, b. 16 Feb. 1642; Samuel, 1645; and ano. s. 1647, whose name is not ment. the rec. but elder childr. Martha and Rebecca were in 1651, said to be bewitched by Mary, w. of Hugh Parsons who was on trial, found guilty. The f. was, perhaps, more influenced by the writing or conversa. of Pynchon, whom he follow. to their native land 1653. Johnson, in Wonderwork. Provid. Lib. III. ch. 2, speaks largely of his ability, and suggegts no misgiving about the soundness of his faith; yet we can hardly doubt, that he was drawn home by sympathy with Pynchon to partake the greater freedom then enjoy. in Eng. and there d. 15 Sept. 1687, aged 85. Calamy, II. 313, names his s. George among the min. eject. 1662. [[vol. 3, p. 252]]

MOYSE, JOSEPH, Salisbury. His w. Hannah d. 1655.

MUDDLE, or MUDDLES, HENRY, Gloucester, d. by shipwreck, bef. June 1663, when inv. of small prop. was tak. £14 6s. 10d. PHILIP, Gloucester, perhaps s. or br. of the preced. petitn. against imposts 1668.

MUDGE, JAMES, one of the "flower of Essex" under capt. Lothrop, k. by the Ind. 18 Sept. 1675, at Bloody brook. JERVIS, Wethersfield 1643, m. 1649, the wid. of Abraham Elsen, but aft. rem. to New London, and there d. early in 1652, leav. that wid. and two s. prob. b. of a former w. JOHN, Malden, perhaps s. of Thomas, was a soldier of Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675, freem. 1690, by w. Ruth had John, b. 15 Oct. 1685, prob. d. soon; John, again, 21 Nov. 1686; Martha, 25 Oct. 1691. His w. d. 17 Oct. 1733, and he d. twelve days aft. MICAH, Northampton 1670, s. of Jervis, m. that yr. Mary, d. of George Alexander, rem. to Northfield, among early proprs. thence driven, 1675, and again, 1690, in the Ind. wars, rem. to Lebanon, a. 1698 again to Hebron; had Ebenezer; Moses; Elizabeth; Mary; Thankful; Susanna; and Sarah, not all liv. to 1721, when he made his will. MOSES, Sharon 1696, br. of the preced. Caulkins, Hist. N. L. 269. THOMAS, Malden 1658, had Samuel, b. in May that yr. and, perhaps, Martha, w. of Rev. Michael Wigglesworth. A George M. d. 25 1685, at M. or Charlestown.

MUDGET, THOMAS, Salisbury, m. perhaps for sec. n. 8 Oct. 1665, Sarah Morrell, eldest d. of Abraham the first, had Mary, b. 30 Apr. 1667; all Temperance, 6 Oct. 1670; was freem. 1690. Ano. THOMAS, Salisbury, s. of the preced. or, perhaps, the same, by w. Ann had William, b. 16 Oct. 1696; Thomas, 8 Jan. 1699, prob. d. soon; and Thomas, again, 17 Dec. 1700.

MULFORD, JOHN, Easthampton, L. I. 1650, one of the first sett. says Wood, 44, perhaps went home for some time, and came again in the Speedwell, 1656, from London when the name appears Mulfoot; was chos. Assist. 1658, had commiss. from Conn. in 1664 as a magistr. and 1674, as a judge. JOHN, Eastham, s. prob. of Thomas, m. 1 Nov. 1699, Jemima Higgins. THOMAS, Eastham, by w. Hannah had John, b. July 1670; Patience, 17 Aug. 1674; Ann, 23 Mar. 1677; and prob. older than either, Thomas. His wid. d. 10 Feb. 1718. THOMAS, Eastham, perhaps s. of the preced. m. 28 Oct. 1690, Mary Bassett, had Ann, b. 28 July 1691; Dorcas 6 Mar. 1693; Mary, 26 June 1695; Hannah, 1 Sept. 1698; Elizabeth 30 June 1701; Thomas, 20 Oct. 1703; and Jemima, 13 Oct. 1706. WILLIAM, Easthampton, L. I. 1650. Thompson.

MULLIGAN, MULLEGIN, or MULLEKIN, HUGE, Boston, by w. Elinor had Robert, b. 9 Aug. 1681, in 1684 was adm. memb. of the Scot's Charit. Soc. ROBERT, Rowley, perhaps br. of the preced. by w. Rebecca [[vol. 3, p. 253]] had Robert, b. 9 Dec. 1688; John, 26 July 1690; Mary, 26 Sept. 1692; and others. One Robert, prob. the f. d. there 11 June 1741, and ano. Robert, perhaps his s. d. 19 June 1756.

MULLERY, JOHN, Boston, by w. Abigail had Elizabeth b. 16 Nov. 1672; John, 28 Jan. 1674; Ann, 26 Aug. 1677; Abigail, 8 Jan. 1681, Susanna, 3 Apr. 1684; :Robert, 17 Nov. 1686; and Joseph, 16 May 1688; beside Sarah, bapt. B Jan. 1690; and Benjamin, 29 Nov. 1691.

MULLINER, THOMAS, New Haven 1640, was a gr. purchas. of Branford, by its Ind. name of Totoket, in that yr. had div. of lds. there in 1646 and 8. THOMAS, New Haven, prob. s. of the preced. sold out his lds. at Bradford 1651, by w. Martha had Martha, b. 4 July 1656; and Elizabeth 10 June 1658, rem. a. 1658 to West Chester, and there was liv. in 1691 with w. Martha.

MULLINS, or MOLINES, WILLIAM, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, with w. two ch. Joseph and Priscilla, and a serv. Robert Carter; but the w. d. a few days bef. or aft. him, who d. 21 Feb. 1621; and the s. and serv. d. the same season; but his d. Priscilla m. John Alden, and had eleven ch. WILLIAM, Duxbury 1642, may have been s. of the preced. left by his f. in Eng. or Holland, and aft. came to join the surviv. friends. He had lds. in Middleborough. Good est. as well as charact. is told of the pilgrim. WILLIAM, Boston, m. 7 May 1656, Ann, wid. of Thomas Bell.

MUMFORD, EDMUND, Boston, m. Elizabeth wid. of Joshua Carwithy of the same, a. 1663; but I kn. no more. PELEG, Kingstown, s. of Thomas the first, had two ws. it is said, Mary, d. of Ephraim Bull, and Mary, perhaps d. of the sec. John Coggeshall, yet there is some uncertain. a this, for his s. Peleg is also said to have m. that d. of Ephraim Bull. In the will of the f. however, pro. 1741, are nam. his ch. Peleg; Mary Hanson; Sarah Barber; Elizabeth Foster; and Hannah Hopkins; beside gr.ch. Samuel, Peleg, Thomas, Abigail, and Content. His kinsman, William Mumford, was made excor. STEPHEN, Newport, came from London 1664, and was the first preach. of the sect of seventh day Bapt. wh. prevails in a part of the State. I presume he had descend. 

THOMAS, Newport, had Thomas, b. 1656; Peleg, 1659; George; and Abigail, wh. m. 1 May 1682, Daniel Fish. Yet he does not appear a constant resid. at N. tho. he join. with Brenton, John Hull, and others in purch. and settlem. of Pettaquamscuck. Possib. the name is the same Mountfort. The name of his w. is not kn. nor the time of his d. but it was bef. 1692. THOMAS, prob. of Kingstown, eldest s. of the preced. by w. Abigail (whose surname is not told), had Thomas, b. 1 Apr. 1687; George, 15 July 1689; Joseph, 17 Sept. 1691; William, 18 Feb. 1694; Benjamin, 10 Apr. 1696; and Richard, 6 Sept. [[vol. 3, p. 254]] 1698; wh. six s. were popular. call. the thirty-six feet Mumfords. His w. d. 1707, in her 38th yr. Perhaps he had ano. w. Esther Tefft, in 1708, and by her, John, Sarah, Tabitha, and Esther, and he d. 1726. WILLIAM, a Quaker, whip. at Boston 1677, where, I presume, he staid not long.

MUN, or MUNN, BENJAMIN, Hartford, serv. in the war with the Pequots, rem. to Springfield, m. 1649, Abigail, wid. of Francis Ball, d. of Henry Burt, had Abigail, b. 1650; John, 1652; Benjamin, 1665; James, 1657; and Nathaniel, 1661; and d. Nov. 1675. His wid. m. lieut. Thomas Stebbins, and his d. Abigail m. Thomas Stebbins jr. DANIEL, Milford, d. 1666, leav. will. Inv. of his est. was L42. JAMES, Springfield, s. of Benjamin, was in the fight at Turner's Falls, 1676, and sett. at Colchester. JOHN, Westfield, eldest br. of the preced. was in the great fight of Turner's falls, m. 23 Dec. 1680, Abigail Parsons, and d. at Springfield 16 Sept. 1684, leav. John, b. 16 Mar. 1682, and Benjamin. His wid. m. 7 Oct. 1686, John Richards of Westfield. NATHANIEL, Springfield, youngest br. of the preced. may have had fam. SAMUEL, Woodbury 1680, wheelwright, may well seem to be of a differ. fam. from any of the preced. as Cothren says he came in from Milford, and his f. is unkn. had Jane, and Amy, bapt. Oct. 1680; Mary, Nov. 1681; Daniel, Feb. 1684; and Samuel, Apr. 1687. In mod. times the name has double n.

MUNDAY, or MONDAY, HENRY, Salibury freem. 13 May 1640, was rated in 1652, higher than any other inhab. but one. Farmer, from the rec. says his w. d. 22 July 1654. The spell. is sometimes Monde or Munde. He has prefix of respect in town rec. WILLIAM, passeng. in the Mary and John 1634, may have been f. of the preced. at least we kn. that sev. of the early sett. at Salisbury came in that voyage.

MUNDEN, Springfield m. 16 May 1644, Ann Munson, had Mary, b. 8 Aug. 1645, and he was drown. 29 Oct. at Enfield Falls, the same yr. This d. was complain. against, 1676, at Northampton, or "wearing silk, and that in a flaunting manner;" the enormity of her offence was aggravat. perhaps, by the disaster of her f. thirty yrs. bef. Yet her character was so good as to obtain a h. next yr. Peter Plimpton.

MUNGER, JOHN, Guilford, s. of Nicholas, m. 1684, Mary Everts, d. of James, had Mary, b. 1686, d. young; John, 1687; Mary, again, 1689; Abigail, 1691; Ebenezer, 4 July 1693; Caleb, 1695; Jonathan, 1697; Josiah, 20 July, 1704; and Rachel, 1706; and he d. Nov. 1732; and his wid. d. 1734. NICHOLAS, Guilford, m. 2 June 1659, Sarah Hull, had John,b. 26 Apr. 1660; and Samuel; d. 16 Oct. 1668. His wid. m. Dennis Scranton, or Crampton; but I have not courage enough to adjudge the right. SAMUEL, Guilford, younger s. of the preced. by w Sarah had Samuel, b. 1689; Joseph, 1693; Sarah 1695; Deliverance, a d. 1697; Nathaniel, 1699; James, 1701; Ann, 1703; and Jane 1705; and he d. 5 Nov. 1717. [[vol. 3, p. 255]]

MUNJOY, or MUNGY, BENJAMIN, of Boston, perhaps was a mariner in 1655, but of him no more is kn. exc. that admin. on his est. was. giv. in Essex Co. 28 June 1659, to his w. wh. brot. in inv. of L19,2,5. Perhaps he was br. of George. GEORGE, Boston, master mariner,or sh. carpent. 1647, s. of John of Abbotsham, near Biddeford, Devonsh. adm. of the ch. 15 May, and same mo. freem. m. Mary, only d. of John Philips of Boston, had John, b. 17, bapt. 24 Apr. 1653; George, 21, bapt. 27 Apr. 1656, when ch. rec. calls him John; and Josiah, 4 Apr. 1658; next yr. bot. the Noah's Ark tavern in B. but rem. soon to Casco, to have charge of the great purch. from Cleves, by his f-in-law, had at Falmouth, Mary, brot. up to B. for bapt. 9 July 1665; and Hepzibah, beside s. Phillips, Benjamin, Pelatiah, and Gershom; all liv. 1675, when the Ind. war began. He d. 1681, leav. wid. Mary and most of the ch. so bef. ment. but only three had fams. Mary m. John Palmer of F.; Hepzibah m. a Mortimore; and the wid. Robert Lawrence, and in 1690, Stephen Cross. 

GEORGE, Braintree, s. of the preced. by w. Mary had Josiah, wh. d. without ch.; Mary; and ano. d. b. aft. he made his will, 25 Feb. 1697; and he d. next yr. JOHN, Falmouth, br. of the preced. was k. by the Ind. in their assault, 11 Aug. 1676, and left wid. and only ch. Huldah, so that the name was soon extinct, exc. as it is preserv. in the hill on wh. stands the observatory in the beautiful city of Portland. See Willis, I. 93, 170. Munjoy was easily adopt. from the sound of old Mountjoy; but the ancestor in our country always used the shorter form. WALTER, Marblehead 1668, petitnr. against imposts.

MUNNINGS, or MULLINGS, EDMUND, Dorchester, came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 40, with w. Mary, 30; and ch. Mary, 9; Ann, 6; and Mahalaleel, 3. At D. had Hopestill, b. 15 Apr. 1637; Returned, 7 Sept. 1640; and Takeheed, 20 Oct. 1642. He was a propr. late as 1658, but had prob. gone home, I think, to Malden, Co. Essex, there, at least was somehow connect. with Joseph Hills, who bef. com. over had given M. L11 in a bill for bring. one bullock for the use of H. GEORGE, Watertown, came from Ipswich, Co. Suff'k in the Elizabeth, 1634, aged 37 with w. Elizabeth 41; and ch. Elizabeth 12; and Abigail, 7; freem. 4 Mar. 1635; perhaps had Rebecca, wh. m. 14 Jan. 1652, Edmund Maddooks at Boston; was active in ch. and town, lost an eye in serv. of the Pequot war 1637; was an orig. propr. of Sudbury but resid. at Boston 1645, sev. yrs. kept the gaol, and d. at B. 24 Aug. 1658. His will, made the day bef. names w. Johanna, to wh. he gave his est. She had, I judge, been wid. of Simon Boyer. See Geneal. Reg. VIII. 354. Farmer has noted the misprint of his name in the Christian Examiner for 1828, p. 501. 

GEORGE, Boston, s. prob. of the preced. by w. Hannah had George, b. 24 Nov. 1655; Elizabeth 19 Mar. 1657; Elisha, [[vol. 3, p. 256]] 15 Dec. 1659; Elizabeth again, 13 Oct. 1661; James, 6 Mar. 1663; Hannah, 20 Apr. 1665; Mary, 3 Nov. 1666; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1668; John, 11 Oct. 1671; and Joseph, 6 Nov. 1674. MAHALALEEL, Dorchester, s. of Edmund, went home perhaps, with his f. but came again in the Speedwell, 1656, m. that yr. Hannah, d. of John Wiswall of Boston, had Hannah, b. 23 Sept. 1657, rem. soon to Boston, here had Mehitable, 20 Jan. 1659, and was adm. of the sec. ch. 27 Nov. 1659, and was drown. 27 Feb. foll. hav. call. by the same unchristian name, a s. who d. 22 Nov. preced. His est. was insolv. The wid. m. Thomas Overman, and his d. Hannah m. Josiah Willis. At the London custom-ho. the names of his fam. are Monnings.

MUNROE, or MONROE, ALEXANDER, whose place of resid. in N. E. is not sure, had bef. May 1651, lawsuit in Mass. with Elias Parkman. See Col. Rec. IV. pt. I. 52 and 114. prob. he was a Scotch merch. trans. certain. not a prisoner, sent here for sale. BENJAMIN, Lexington, Youngest s. of William, by w. Abigail, had Lydia, b. 7 Mar. 1718; Abigail, 5 Oct. 1719; Benjamin, 24 Jan. 1723; Rebecca, 21 Aug. 1725; Sarah, 26 July 1727; Martha and Mary, tw. 18 Mar. 1729; Ann, 4 Mar. 1732; Eunice, 9 Apr. 1734; and Kezia, 22 Apr. 1736. He had sec. w. Prudence Estabrook, prob. a wid. m. Dec. 1748, at Weston, and there d. 6 Apr. 1766. DANIEL, Lexington, s. of William, by w. Dorothy had Daniel, b. 27 Jan. 1717; Jedediah, 20 May 1721; Sarah, 14 July, 1724; Dorothy, 21 June, 1728; and John, 1731. GEORGE, Lexington, s. youngest by the first w. of William the first, by w. Sarah, had William, b. 6 Jan. 1700; Sarah, 17 Oct. 1701; Dorothy, 19 Nov. 1703; Lydia, 13 Dec. 1705; George, 17 Oct. 1707; Robert, 4 May 1712; Samuel, 23 Oct. 1714; Andrew, 4 Feb. or June 1718; and Lucy, 20 Aug. 1720. JOHN, Lexington, eldest s. of the first William, by w. Hannah had John, Hannah, Constance, and Nathan, all bapt. early in 1699; William, b. 1 Feb. 1701; Elizabeth 5 Mar. 1703; Susanna, bapt. 1 July 1705; Jonas, b. 22 Nov. 1707, and Marrett, 6 Dec. 1713. He was lieut. and had gr. of ld. for serv. in the fight at Lamprey riv. 1690. JOSEPH, Lexington, br. of the preced. by w. Elizabeth had Joseph, b. 23 May 1713; perhaps Elizabeth 12 Jan. 1715; Nathan, 11 Sept. 1716; Joshua, 22 Dec. 1717; Nathaniel, 17 Nov. 1720; Abigail, 21 Jan. 1723; Mary, 21 Jan. 1726; Kezia, 16 Oct. 1731; Hannah, 29 Nov. 1733. 

WILLIAM, Cambridge, in the part now Lexington, freem. 1690, by w. Martha had John, b. 10 Mar. 1666, Martha, 2 Nov. 1667; William, 10 Oct. 1669; and George. By sec. w. Mary, he had Daniel, b. 12 Aug. 1673; Hannah; Elizabeth; Mary, 24 June, 1678; David, 6 Oct. 1680; Eleanor, 24 Feb. 1683; Sarah, 18 Mar. 1685; Joseph, 16 Aug. 1687; and Benjamin, 16 Aug. 1690. He d. 7 Jan. 1717, call. 92 yrs. old. It has been conject. that he was a prisoner, tak. by Cromwell at [[vol. 3, p. 257]] the decisive battle of Worcester 1651, ship. in Nov. to be sold here, where the 272 unhappy men arr. in May foll. but I see little reason for the conject. exc. that Hugh, John, Robert, and ano. without bapt. name, all Monrows, form. part of the sad freight. See Geneal. Reg. 378, 9. Of his ds. Martha m. 21 Jan. 1688, John Come of Concord; Hannah m. 21 Dec. 1692, Joseph Pierce, as his sec. w.; Elizabeth m. a Rugg; Mary m. perhaps, a Farwell; Eleanor m. 21 Aug. 1707, William Burgess of Charlestown; and, Sarah m. a Blanchard. 

WILLIAM, Lexington, sec. s. of the preced. w. Mary had Mary, b. 3 Apr. 1699; Abigail, 28 June 1701; William, 19 Dec. 1703; Thomas, 19 Mar. or May 1706; David, 28 Sept. 1708; Ruth, 16 Mar. 1711; Hannah, 19 Mar. 1713; and by sec. w. Joanna, d. of Philip Russell, had Philip, 26 Feb. 1717; and Joanna, 21 Oct. 1726.

MUNSON, or MONSON, RICHARD, New Hampsh. was one of the petitnrs. in the winter of 1689-90 for Mass. jurisidict. SAMUEL, New Haven, only s. of Thomas, m. 26 Oct. 1665, Martha, d. of William Bradley, had Martha, b. 6 May 1667; Samuel, 28 Feb. 1669; Thomas, 12 Mar. 1671; John, 26. Jan. 1673; Theopilus, 1 Sept. 1675; Joseph; Stephen, perhaps b. at Wallingford; Caleb, at New Haven, 19 Nov. 1682; and Joshua, 7 Feb. 1684; all liv. in 1698; beside Israel, 6 Mar. 1687; was freem. 1669; ensign at Wallingford 1675, yet contin. propr. 1685, and d. at N. H. Dec. 1691. His wid. m. a Preston. THOMAS, Hartford, 1641, rem. next yr. to New Haven, had Samuel, bapt. 6 Aug. (but not 7, as print in Geneal. Reg. IX. 361), 1643; and Hannah, 11 June 16 was rep. 1666, 9, 70-5, and serv. in the Ind. war. He d. 1683, and in the div. of his est. we find ano. ch. Elizabeth w. of Richard Higginbotham. Hannah m. 2 Mar. 1667, Joseph Tuttle. Susan, who came in the Elizabeth to Boston, 1634, aged 25, was, perhaps, his w.

MUNT, or MOUNT, THOMAS, Boston 1635, mason. His w. Dorothy d. 28 Feb. 1640, and by w. Elinor he had Faith, wh. d. soon; and Faith, again, 24 Apr. 1645; beside two more ds. whose names are not seen. He d. early in July 1664, and his wid. m. bef. Mar. 1668, Thomas Hill. Faith m. 21 Nov. 1660, Clement Short.

MURDOCK, ROBERT, Roxbury, m. 28 Apr. 1692, Hannah Stedman, had Hannah b. 22 Jan. 1693; Robert, 1 Feb. 1695; John, 25 Mar. 1696; Samuel, 24 Mar. 1698; and Benjamin, 4 Mar. 1701; rem. 1703, to Newton, there had Hannah, 22 May 1705. He is by Jackson, suppos. to have come from Plymouth Col. and from his page we learn that the w. d. 1727, that he had sec. w. Abigail, and d. 1754, aged 89.

MURPHY, BRYAN, Boston, an Irishman, m. 20 July 1661, wid. Margaret Mahone.

MURRY, JAMES, Dover 1658. [[vol. 3, p. 258]]

MUSGROVE, JABEZ, a soldier under capt. Turner 1676, at Hatfield, shot by an Ind. with a ball "in at his ear, and out at his eye,~ as told in Remark. Providences of Increase Mather; may have come from Concord, for one Mary M. d. there, 25 Dec. 1649, but in 1680 he was of Newbury.

MUSHAMORE, . . . . . ., Portsmouth 1677. Mary, perhaps his d. m. 4 Dec. of that yr. Christopher Kenniston.

MUSSELWHITE, JOHN, Newbury, came in the James, 1635, from Southampton, call in the custom-ho. rec. of Longford, wh. is near Salisbury, Wilts, laborer, was first of Ipswich, freem. 22 May 1639, d. 30 Jan. 1671, leav. est. in Laverstock, close to Salisbury, to brs. Thomas, John, and sis. Eda.

MUSSEEY, or MUZZEY, ABRAHAM, a passeng. who took the o. of supremacy and alleg. to pass for N. E. 26 Mar. 1634, in the John and Mary that yr. with John, perhaps his br. but no acco. is obtain. of him. BENJAMIN, Malden, perhaps liv. some time in that part of Boston call. Rumney Marsh, m. Alice, d. of Richard Dexter, had Benjamin, b. 16 Apr. 1657; Joseph 1 Mar. 1659; perhaps others; was prob. s. of Robert, b. a. 1635, freem. 1665. Perhaps Sarah, wh. m. 12 June 1674, John Waite of M. was his d. BENJAMIN, Cambridge Farms, Lexington, s. of the preced. by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 1683; Benjamin, 20 Feb. 1689; Amos, 6 Jan. 1700; and Bethia, 1701; and he d. 17 May 1732. JOHN, Ipswich 1635, perhaps br. of Abraham with wh. he came 1634, rem. to Salisbury, d. 12 Apr. 1690. 

JOSEPH, Newbury, s. of Robert; m. b. 1671, Esther, d. of James Jackman, had Mary, b. 25 Nov. 1672; Esther, 8 Jan. 1675; Joseph, 21 Dec. 1677; and Benjamin, 17 Aug. 1680, wh. d. at 16 yrs. and d. 30 Dec. 1680. Mary m. 7 Dec. 1694, Henry Dow. ROBERT, Ipswich, one of the first sett. freem. 3 Sept. 1634, d. a. 1644. THOMAS, Cape Porpus, 1663-81, in wh. last yr. he sw. alleg. to the k. Among Cambridge propr. 1632, appears Esther M. a wid. wh. m. 1635 or 6, William Rusco, Rosco, or Rescue, prob. his sec. w. He sold part of her est. as her h. 24 Mar. 1636. Often this is spelled Muzzy or Muzzey.

MUSSILLOWAY, DANIEL, Newbury, an Irishman, had been, 1665, serv. to Joseph Plummer, m. 14 June 1672, Ann, wid. Aquila Chase, wh. d. 21 Apr. 1687; and by sec. w. Mary had Daniel, b. 16 May 1688 d. in 3 days; Daniel, again, 9 Sept. 1690; and John, 13 Feb. 1693; and d. 18 Jan. 1711. Coffin thinks this name has become Siloway, and was easi. mistak. for Musselwhite.

MUSTE, EDWARD, Mass. of whom no more is found than that he was adm. freem. 14 May 1634.

MYCALL, JAMES, Braintree, m. as Geneal. Reg. XII. 347 shows, 11 [[vol. 3, p. 259]] Dec. 1657, or 10 Jan. 1658 ( as we read the numerals for mo. bef. or aft. those for days) Mary Farr, had James, b. 22 Jan. 1659; and tw. sis. Rebecca, wh. m. 16 July 1679, Richard Thayer.

MYGATE, MYGATT, sometimes MAYGOTT or MEGGOTT, JACOB, Hartford, s. of Joseph, b. prob. in Eng. for he calls hims. in 1667, 34 yrs. old, m. a. the end of 1654, Sarah, d. of William Whiting, had only two ch. Joseph, and Sarah; d. a. mid. age, and his wid. m. 1683, John King of Northampton, and d. 1706;. Sarah m. first, John Webster, and next, Benjamin, Graham. JOSEPH, Cambridge, came in the Griffin, with famous Cotton and Hooker 1633, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. in the great migrat. to Hartford, was rep. 1658, and oft. aft. deac. call. his age 70, in 1666, had only two ch. Jacob, but it is thot. in 1633; and Mary, 1637. His wid. Ann, wh. was b. 1602, surv. him some yrs. yet he liv. to 7 Dec. 1680, aged 84. Mary m. 20 Sept. or 12 Dec. 1657, John Deming the sec. JOSEPH, Hartford, s. of Jacob, m. 5 or 15 Nov. 1677, Sarah, d. of Robert Webster, had Joseph, b. 23 Oct. 1678; Susanna, 3 Oct. 1680; Mary, 4 Dec. 1682; two, nam. Jacob, early; Thomas, 11 Sept. 1688; Sarah, 9 Mar. 1692; Zebulon, 3 Nov. 1693; and Dorothy, 26 Jan. 1696; and the f. a. 1698. His wid. m. 12 Dec. 1722, as his sec. w. Bevil Waters, then 92 yrs. old, long outliv. him, and Feb. 1744, aged 89.

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