A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #3
Osland - Page

 By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

OSLAND, HUMPHREY, Cambridge vill. or Newton, shoemaker, m. 7 Mar. 1667, Elizabeth d. of Samuel Hyde, had Elizabeth b. 23 Jan. foll.; John, 1 Oct. 1669, Hannah; and Sarah, 23 Nov. 1683; and d. 19 June 1720. [[vol. 3, p. 323]] His wid. d. 13 Mar. 1723. Elizabeth m. 11 Mar. 1698, Nathaniel Wilson, as his sec. w.; Hannah m. 1696, John Prentice; and Sarah m. Edward Prentice. John, Newton, s. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of Jonathan Hyde the first of the same, had Mary, b. 6 June 1699; Sarah; Esther, 8 Mar. 1794, d. at 21 yrs.; Jonathan, 30 Jan. 1706; Lydia; Elizabeth; and Thankful; and d. 1740. His wid. d. 1753.

OTIS, or OTTIS, JAMES, Weymouth, s. of John the sec, was in the wild advent. of Sir William Phips against Quebec, serv. in capt. Ephraim Hunt's comp. 1690, where he was k. Bef. enlist, he made his will, 3 Aug. of that yr. pro. 27 Jan. full. of wh. his br. Stephen was excor. and to him he gave most of his est. a portion "to youngest br. Job, when he comes of age." and a small sum to William Chard, the sch.master. It is in Vol. VIII.21. JOB, Scituate, br. of the preced. m. Mary Little, d. 1758, was a shipbuilder. JOHN, Hingham, came some wks. bef. Rev. Peter Hobart and comp. with wh. he assoc. in sett. of that town, 1635, b. a. 1581, at Glastonbury, Co. Somerset, perhaps s. of Richard, had bef. leav. Eng. three ch. there bur. beside Richard, bapt. 27 Feb. 1617, and John, 14 Jan. 1622; and ds. older as well as younger, brot. over, exc. that Richard prob. staid at home, perhaps all by w. Margaret, wh. d. 28 June 1653; was adm. freem. 3 Mar. 1636, selectman oft. Aft. d. of his w. rem. to Weymouth, there took see. w. whose name prob. was Elizabeth Streame, a wid. mo. of Thomas and Benjamin Streame, as in Geneal. Reg. XI. 178, from our Prob. rec. appears (who in her will of 22 Sept. 1672, pro. 27 July 1676, names a s. John S. giv. him L80, speaks of s.-in-law John Halbrook, who should pay that sum; and d. Elizabeth H. and her ch. Ichabod); and d. 31 May 1657, had his will made one day bef. and sign. it by mark, tho. usual. in health, he wrote plan. pro. 28 July full. in wh. beside provid. for w. and s. John, he gives to d. Margaret, w. of Thomas Barton, and her three ch. to d. Hannah, w. of Thomas Gill, and two only of her many ch. Mary, and Thomas, and to his ds. Ann, and Alice, wh. were prob. unm. JOHN, Hingham, s. of the preced. brot. prob. by his f. 1635, m. 1652, or earlier, Mary, d. of Nicholas Jacob, had Mary, bapt. 1 May 1653, prob. d. soon; Mary, again, b. 14 Mar. 1654; Elizabeth; John, b. 21 Nov. 1657; a d. perhaps Hannah, 1660; Stephen, 1661; James, 1663; Joseph, bapt. 3 June 1666; rem. to Scituate, there had Job, 20 Mar. 1677; the next yr. rem. to Barnstable, from wh. he came back to S. and d. 16 Jan. 1684, leav. good est. in ea. of the three towns of H. S. and B. Mary m. 24 Feb. 1676, John Gorham of B.; and Elizabeth m. 9 Oct. 1688, Thomas Allyn, and next, 20 July 1699, David Loring, α*JOHN, Barnstable, eldest s. of the preced. m. 18 July 1683, Mercy, youngest d. of Nathanael Bacon, had Mary, b. 10 Dec. 1685; John, 14 Jan. 1688, H. C. 1707; [[vol. 3, p. 324]] Nathaniel, 28 May 1690, bapt. 6 Sept. 1691; Mercy, 15 Oct. bapt. 13 Nov. 1692; Solomon, 13 Oct. bapt. 20 Dec. 1696, H. C. 1717; and James, 14 June 1702, the gr. politician, f. of the eloq. James. H. C. 1743, the prime mover of the Americ. revo. He was rep. 20 yrs. and aft. that, 21 yrs. of the Counc. and d. 23 Sept. 1727. 

JOSEPH, Scituate, br. of the preced. m. 20 Nov. 1688, Dorothy Thomas, d. of Nathaniel, had Nathaniel, b. 30 Jan. 1690; James, 21 Jan. 1693; Deborah, 24 Apr. 1694; Mary, 20 Mar. 1696; Dorothy, 24 Apr. 1698; Elizabeth 2 Sept. 1700; Ann, 21 Sept. 1702; Bethia, 20 Nov. 1703; Delight, 19 Dec. 1706; Hannah, 10 Dec. 1709, d. at 16 yrs; Joseph, 1 Oct. 1712; and Rachel, 1 Dec. 1713; rem. to New London a. 1716, was in gr. esteem, and d. 11 June 1754, hav. made his will 9 Jan. preced. NICHOLAS, Dover, s. of Richard, had Nicholas, but his w. is not kn. He was k. by the Ind. in assault of the town, 26 July 1696, when his s. was tak. carr. off to Penobscot, and in short time releas. but liv. not long. 

RICHARD, Dover 1656, had been first at Boston, there, in May 1655, when adm. to be an inhab. call. a smith, prob. was only s. b. a. 1626, of Stephen of Glastonbury, Co. Somerset, who seems to have been elder br. of the first John; had in Nov. 1655 ld. at D. was selectman 1660, and had three ws. the first, Rose Stoughton, m. some yrs., bef. he was at D. From a MS. in the Brit. Museum, marked No. 6174 in the catal. of those call. "Additional," writ. by Sir Nicholas S. in wh. the latest date perceiv. is 1672, I found, she was his elder sis. b. a. 1629, and d. of Anthony, sent by his and her f. 1643, by capt. S. (no doubt our Israel), to America, and the MS, adds, "now liv. there, the w. of ________ Otis, with sev. ch." Of these ch. we learn not, for most, the exact date of b. and must not be confid. of the order; the names were Stephen, b. 1652; Rose; Richard; Nicholas; Solomon, 15 Oct. 1663, d. next yr.; Experience, 7 Nov. 1666; and Judith. Bef. 5 Nov. 1677, he had sec. w. Shuah, wid. of James Heard, on whose est. he was then admor. but no ch. of this m. is heard of. By third w. Grizzle, a young d. of James Warren, he had Hannah, b. 1689; and a d. 6 Mar. 1689, the subject of romantic story. He was k. by the Ind. 28 June 1689, with his d. Hannah, when his w. and the ch. of 3 mos, were tak. away to Canada. The ch. was bapt. by the French, who purch. her, and the mo. aft. m. a Frenchman, having two ch. and being left a wid. she came back to N. E. m. capt. Thomas Baker of Brookfield, for wh. and her suffer. the town made her gr. of ld. if she would not go again to Canada. Her former ghostly father wrote to preserve or recover his convert, but our Gov. Burnet took up the spiritual controversy, and the Romish priest failed. She liv. to 23 Feb. 1773. 

The mo. m. a Mr. Robitail at Montreal, and liv. to great age. The three elder ds. had been tak. at the same time, [[vol. 3, p. 325]] but were recapt. by fresh pursuit at Conway, on their route to Canada. Rose m. John Pinkham, had ten ch.; Experience m. Samuel Heard; and Judith m. John Tuttle, wh. was k. by the Ind. In the first, sec. and third generat. no fam. in N. E. I think, could match this of Richard O. for measure of calam. from war. 

RICHARD, Dover, s. of the preced. dissatisf. with the ch. was his f. has been 1663, proceed, further in dissent, bec. a Quaker, yet was wound by the Ind. 26 July 1696, when his br. Nicholas was k.; had w. Susanna, and ch. Rose; Richard; Rebecca, b. 11 July 1695; Stephen, 22 Aug. 1698; and Nicholas, 8 Apr. 1701; and d. that yr. His wid. m. 1703, John Varney. STEPHEN, Dover, br. of the preced. perhaps older, m. 16 Apr. 1674, Mary, d. of William Pitman, had Stephen, Nathaniel, and Mary; was k. by the Ind. 28 June 1689, the same time his f. and the s. were both carr. to Canada, there liv. and d. as good Catholics. STEPHEN, Scituate, s. of John the sec. m. 1685, Hannah, wh. d. 1 May 1729, only ch. of that John Ensign who gave her all his est. aft. d. of his mo. by will made the evening bef. he fell in the great battle of Rehoboth, 26 Mar. 1676; had Hannah, b. 16 May 1686; Mary, 7 July 1689; Ensign, 1691; John, 1694; Stephen, 3 Nov 1697; Isaac, 1699; Joseph, 1709; and Joshua, 1711; was a capt. d. 26 May or Aug. as the gr.st. may have var. read. 1733. His will was of 1729. Sixteen of the name had, in 1825, been gr. at Harv. as Farmer notes, and none at other N. E. coll. all descend. of John the sec. I believe. Mr. Otis, the assiduous antiquary of Yarmouth, from wh. I have gain. much knowl. of Scituate, Barnstable, and Yarmouth early sett. is deriv. from the first John, thro. five intermed. generat.

OTLEY, ABRAHAM, Lynn 1651. Adam, Lynn 1641, perhaps br. of the preced. ar. co. 1641, m. a d. of John Humfrey, Esquire, says Lewis. Hutch. Coll. 121. Perhaps it is the same as Utley.

OTWAY, JOHN, Boston 1657, own, ld. in Lynn, and may be of the same fam. as the last. WILLIAM, Taunton 1654.

OVELL, NATHANIEL., a cordwainer, from Dover, Co. Kent, came with a serv. a. 1636, as by an authent. docum. I read in the Hist. of Sandwich, Eng. appears; but where he sett. is unkn.

OVERMAN, THOMAS, Boston, m. Hannah, wid. of Mahalaleel Munnings, d. of John Wiswall, was freem. 1671, d. bef. 1675. Of his wid. Hannah, admin. was giv. 5 June 1695, to Matthew Johnson of Woburn.

OVERTON, ROBERT, Boston, had w. and s. John, and d. at sea 3 Sept. 1673, hav. made his will 27 Aug. preced. aboard ship, in lat. a. 24 degree pro. 5 Nov. full. by those who saw him die.

OVIAT, or OVIETT, THOMAS Milford 1665, propos. for freem. 1673. Prob. he d. early in 1691, for his inv. of 30 May names w. Frances, and ch. Hester; Amy; Frances, aged 22; Samuel, 19; Abigail, 17; Thomas, 14; and Dorothy, 11. [[vol. 3, p. 326]]

OWDIE, JOHN, a youth of 17, came in the Increase, 1635, to Boston from London, but more is not kn.

OWEN, DANIEL., Braintree, eldest s. of William, m. Hannah, prob. d. of Samuel Lincoln of Taunton. EBENEZER, Braintree, s. of William, was of the comp. of brave capt. Johnson, Dec. 1675. ISAAC, Windsor, youngest s. of John, m. 20 Dec. 1694, Sarah Holcomb, perhaps d. of Benajah, had Sarah, b. 17 Feb. foll. Eunice, 8 Aug. 1696; Rebecca, 2 Mar. 1698; Ann, 12 June 1700; Isaac, 7 Nov. 1702; and Elijah, 7 Oct. 1706. JOHN, Windsor, said to be b. 25 Dec. 1624, m. 3 Oct. 1650, Rebecca Wade, perhaps d. of Robert of Hartford, had Josias, b. 8 Sept. 1651; John, 5 Nov. 1652; d. soon; John, again, 23 Apr. 1654, d. at 16 yrs; Nathaniel, 9 Apr. 1656; Daniel, 28 Mar. 1658; Joseph, 23 Oct. 1660; Mary, 5 Dec. 1662; Benjamin, 20 Sept. 1664, d. soon; Rebecca, 28 Mar. 1666; Obadiah, 12 Dec. 1667; and Isaac, 27 May 1670; was freem. 1667, and rem. to Simsbury, and d. 1 Feb. 1699. Mary m. 1681, Nathaniel Williams of W. JOSIAH, Windsor or Simsbury, s. of the preced. m. 22 Oct. 1674, Mary, d. of John Osborn, had Josiah, b. 6 June 1675; Isaac, 4 June 1678, but Stiles, 731, is very differ.; Mary, 15 Feb. 1680; and Elizabeth MORGAN, Salem, m. July 1670, Elizabeth Dickinson, perhaps d. of Philemon, had John, b. 10 Mar. foll. I presume he liv. not long, as two nam. Elizabeth wid. of O. are seen at S. within three yrs. foll. 

NATHANIEL, Windsor, s. of John, m. 2 Feb. 1698, Sarah, d. of Timothy Palmer, had Sarah, b. 3 May 1700; Nathaniel, 31 Dec. 1702; Ann, 17 July 1705; Abner, 17 Mar. 1707, both d. soon; and Ann, again, 31 July 1709. OBADIAH, Windsor, br. of the preced. had Obadiah, b. 8 July 1694, d. in few days; Martha, 31 Aug. 1697; Jemima, 18 Nov. 1700; Christian, 10 Jan. 1703; Obadiah, 8 June 1705, d. at 12 yrs.; Samuel, 3 Aug. 1707; Tabitha, 6 Feb. 1710; Jedediah, 22 May 1712, both d. young; and Jedediah, again, 21 Apr. 1715. RICHARD, Newtown, L. I. 1656-86. Thompson, and Riker. SAMUEL, Springfield, m. 1681. Ann, wid. of John Pettee, had Sarah, b. 1682; Abigail, 1685; Samuel, 1688; rem. to Brookfield, there kept an inn. THOMAS, Boston, ar. co. 1639, imprison. 1641, perhaps unjustly, for Samuel Maverick befriend. him. Winthrop II. 51. WILLIAM, Braintree, freem. 1657, call. by Charles Grice, in his will, s.-in-law, in 1661, had Daniel, b. 1 Aug. 1651; Deliverance, 15 Feb. 1655, wh. m. 1 May 1672, John Eddy, as his sec. w.; and Ebenezer, bef. ment. 1 May 1657. TIMOTHY, Marblehead, d. a. 1670.

OXENBRIDGE, JOHN, Boston, s. of Daniel, wh. was a Doctor of Physic, b. 1606, at Daventry, Co. Northampton, marticul. at Lincoln Coll. Oxford, 20 June 1623, in his 18th yr. aft. was of Magdelen Hall, and contin. there a tutor some time, but disquiet. with the increas. stringency of ch. ceremon. he went, 1635, to Bermuda and preached, in few yrs. went home again, but being eject. on the act of uniform. 1662, took depart. for Surinam; thence, in short time, to Barbados, and in 1669 came hither; [[vol. 3, p. 327]] was install. 10 Apr. as collea, with Allen in the first ch. a few days aft. the loss of Davenport, adm. freem. 1670, and d. 28 Dec. 1674. He had three ws. first, Jane Butler, wh. d. 22 Apr. 1655; next, m. 1656, Frances, only d. of Rev. Hezekiah Woodward, vicar of Bray, in Co. Berks, d. next yr.; and the third is kn. from her will to have been nam. Susanna. His d. Bathshua, w. of Richard Scott, Esq. of Jamaica, was sole extrix. and had good est. by the will. A younger d. Theodora, m. 21 Nov. 1677, Rev. Peter Thacher of Milton. Calamy. Wood's Athanae.

OXMAN, WILLIAM, Salem 1668, then 35 yrs. of age.


PACEY, or PACYE, NICHOLAS, Salem 1639, when Felt says he had gr. of ld.; join. the ch. 1650. Perhaps Catharine, of the same ch. 1641, was his w. Who was the unfortun. man procured to be unit. with Sarah, d. of Gov. Thomas Dudley, aft. her h. Benjamin Keayne had cast her off, neither Dudley nor capt. K. informs us, tho. both in their wills ment. her, as does also, in his will, young Thomas D. speak. of his aunt P. as if ignorant of her slender claims on his regard. Possib. it was Thomas P. named in the inv. of John Mills, as one of his debtors 1651.

PACKARD, JOHN, Bridgewater, s. of the first Samuel of the same, had Joseph, who sett. his old f.'s est. 1741; and Mitchell tells no more, but that his wid. d. 1761, very aged. NATHANIEL, Bridgewater, br. of the preced, by w. d. prob. of John Kingman, had Samuel, Zechariah, George, Fearnot, Margaret, Sarah, Lydia, Faithful, Hannah, Deliverance, Elizabeth Mary, and Deborah. His will is 1720. Samuel, Hingham 1638, came in the Diligent, with w. prob. Elizabeth and one ch. arr. 10 Aug. had been of Wymondhanm, in Co. Norfk. rem. to Weymouth, first, perhaps, where he had John, b. 20 July 1655, thence to Bridgewater by 1664, had elder ch. Samuel, Zaccheus, Elizabeth Mary, beside Hannah, Thomas, Jael, Israel, Debroah, Deliverance, and Nathaniel; but the order is not exact. indicat. for the most. Elizabeth m. 14 Nov. 1665, Thomas Alger of Taunton; Mary M. Richard Phillips of Weymouth; Hannah m. Thomas Randall; Jael m. 15 Nov. 1672, John Smith; Deborah m. Samuel Washburn; and Deliverance m. Thomas Washburn. SAMUEL, Bridgewater, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth D. of Mark Lothrop, had Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, Eliz, Mary, and Susanna. His est. was sett. 1698. ZACCHEUS, Bridgewater, br. of the preced. m. Sarah, d. of John Howard, had Israel, b. 1680; Sarah, 1682; Jonathan, 1684; David, 1687; Solomon, 1689; James, 1691; Zaccheus, 1693; John 1695; and Abiel, 1699; and d. 1723. This name was first writ. as pronounc. Packer.

PACKER, BENJAMIN, New London, s. of the first John, impress. for serv. in the French war, 1709, made his will, giv. his brs. James, Joseph, and sis. Rebecca, his est. and prob. d. soon aft. GEORGE, Portsmouth, [[vol. 3, p. 328]] R. I. 1655. JAMES, New London, br. of Benjamin, was a capt. d. 1764. JOHN, New London 1655, by first w. Elizabeth wh. d. 4 May 1674, had prob. John, Samuel, and Richard; by sec. w. Rebecca, wid. of Thomas Latham, d. of Hugh Wells, m. 24 June 1676, who surv. him, had James, bapt. 11 Sept. 1681; beside Joseph, Benjamin, and Rebecca, as Miss Caulkins in her Hist. judges. He d. 1689, and his wid. m. a Watson of Kingston, R. I. JOHN, New London, s. of the preced. m. Lydia, d. of Cary Latham, and d. 1701. SAMUEL, New London, s. prob. of the first John, m. Mary, d. of William Williams of the same. THOMAS, Salem, whose w. Hepzibah d. 22 Jan. 1685, aged 25 yrs. α THOMAS, Portsmouth 1686, a physician, from London, was col. judge of pro. and a counsel. in 1719, d. 1728. His w. Eliz m. 7 Aug. 1687, d. 4 Aug. 1717, in 62d yr.

PADDLEFORD, PADELFORD, sometimes PADDLEFOOT, JONATHAN, Cambridge, in rec. spelt Padlfoote, m. 5 Oct. 1652, Mary Blanford, prob. d. of John of Sudbury, had Jonathan, b. 6 July 1653, d. soon; Mary, 22 Aug. 1654; Jonathan, again, 13 Aug. 1656; Zechariah, 16 Dec. 1657, these three bapt. 6 Nov. 1659; and Edward, 13 June, bapt. 8 July foll. His wid. m. 1662, Thomas Eames of Sherburne, and 1 Feb. 1676, she was k. by the Ind. and at the same time nine of his ch. whereof most were hers also, were either tak. See Barry, 27. JONATHAN, Braintree s. of the preced. by w. Hannah had Jonathan, b. 15 Mar. 1680, rem. to Taunton a. 1700, and there, tho, his said s. Jonathan, perpet, the family name even to our days. ZECHARIAH, Framingham, s. of the preced. d. 7 July 1737, as Mr. Barry thinks. The name is frequent at Providence and the vicinity; and four had, in 1834, says Farmer, been gr. at Brown and Yale coll.

PADDOCK, GEORGE, Plymouth, m. 1657, it is said, Sarah Rickard, perhaps d. of Giles the first. ICHABOD, the subj. of a trifl. tradit. that he was invited 1690 from Cape Cod to Nantucket to tea. the art of k. whales [Macy Hist. of Nant. 30], when 18 yrs. earlier James Loper had there been s. engaged. It is strange, that neither name was of perman. resid. bef. the last was certain. at N. JOHN, Swansey, s. of Robert, m. 21 Dec. 1673 Ann Jones. ROBERT, Plymouth 1643, and prob. some yrs bef. perhaps was never a freem. of the col. had Robert, b. 1634; Zechariah, 20 Mar. 1636; Mary, 10 Mar. 1638; Alice, 7 Mar. 1640; John, 1 Apr. 1643; George; and Susanna, 1649; but his w. is not kn. He d. 25 July 1650. Mary m. 24 Mar. 1651, or 1656, Thomas Roberts; Alice m. 7 May 1663, Zechariah Eddy; and Susanna m. 12 or 30 Nov. 1665, John Eddy, and d. 1 Mar. 1670. 

ZECHARIAH, Barnstable, s. of Robert, m. 1659, Deborah, d. of Richard Sears, liv. at Yarmouth, and d. 1 May 1727, in 88th yr. rather 91st (very remarka. as falling short of truth) leav. wid. and very numer. descend. See N. E. Weekly Journal of 5 June in that yr. The ch. were Ichabod, b. 1661; Zechariah, 1664; Elizabeth 1666; John, 1668; Robert, 1670; Joseph, 1674; Nathaniel, 1677; and Judah, 1681.

PADDY, THOMAS, Boston, s. of "blessed" William, m. Deborah Wait d. 3 Feb. 1690, and his wid. d. 22 Mar. 1697 * WILLIAM, Plymouth [[vol. 3, p. 329]] came in the James. 1635, from Southampton, emb. 6 Apr. arr. at Boston 3 June, call. in the custom-ho. clearance, skinner, late of London, wh. precision makes me suspect, that he was of the comp. or guild of the skinners, and a liveryman of the metrop. who could not at London have obtain. liberty to leave home, as he prob. was a subsidy man, that would not be spared; m. 24 Nov. 1639, Alice, d. of Edmund Freeman, had Elizabeth b. 12 Nov. 1641; John, 25 Nov. 1643, d. at 18 yrs.; Samuel 1 Aug. 1645; Thomas, 6 Sept. 1647; Joseph, 10 Sept. 1649, d. in few mos.; and Mercy; was one of four rep from his town in the first gen. Court of dep. for the Col. June 1639. His w. d. 24 Apr. 1651, and he m. at Boston, 3 Dec. foll. Mary, wid. of Bezaleel Payton, sis of William Greenough the first, had William, a. 16 Sept. 1652, d. under 20 yrs.; rem. to Boston, was ar. co. 1652, here had Nathaniel, b. 5, Bapt. 9 Nov. 1653, d. under 19 yrs.; Hannah, 8 Jan. 1656; Benjamin, 23 Feb. 1658; and Rebecca, posthum. bapt. 3 Apr. 1659, whose b. in the town rec. is strange. put 3 Aug. of that yr. when her f. d. 24 Aug. preced. age 58. His will of 20 Aug. pro. 9 Sept. foll. (abstr. in General Reg. VIII.355), names all his 9 ch. besides the two Paytons, and provides for the expected one. His wid. d. 21 Oct. 1675, aged a. 60. 

Elizabeth m. John Wensley; and Mercy m. Leonard Dowden. Nathaniel, who was prob. unm. d. soon aft. make. his will, 16 Sept. 1680. in wh. he gave est. to his sis. Mary Shore, aunts Sarah Phillips, and Elizabeth Greenough, cous. Elizabeth Greenough, and others. Farmer was led into a striking error in giving from Boston rec. death of William P. 11 Nov. 1653, by omission in his correspondent's transer. of the words that precede, for the orig. is thus: "Susan, the d. of Edward Breck of Dorchester, serv. to Mr. William Paddy, d. 11 Nov. 1653." In his Appendix he made stranger explanat. wh. would have bene avoid. had the rec. been scrutiniz. More preposerous than either of these two mistakes was the supposit. started some 20 yrs. since, on finding a gr.st. with his name and descript. laid in the common sewer, near the old town ho. in State str. that this was the spot of his interm. as if so excellent a pub. officer had been bur. in the highway. It had, prob been reject. for its coarseness. 

To correct ano. error wh. comprehends sev. is almost indispensa. needful, on account of the authority it might carry from it place in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII.286, where upon the first described of the Portraits of the Windslow fam. that of Mrs. Alice Wensley is strange. call. of the d. of Edmund Freeman, who, aft. the d. of her h. deac. William Paddy, bec. the w. of Samuel Wensley, Esq. and then to extend the confusion thorough. wh. was deep eno. bef. a d. of hers of by her last h. was made w. of the Hon. Isaac Winslow, only s. of Gov. Josiah. Whose portrait that canvas exhibits, whether the mo. or gr.mo. of the w. of Isaac. [[vol. 3, p. 330]] Winslow, may be uncert. but as the wid. of Paddy did not m. at all and as the d. of the w. of Samuel Wensley did not m. Winslow, the picture may be of Elizabeth w. of John Wensley, or of Sarah, her d. who was w. of Winslow.

PADNER, EZEKIEL, Boston, by w. Ruth had Ruth, b. 12 Sept. 1668.

PAFFLYN, JOHN, odd as the name appears, is a grantee by Boston, 24 Feb. 1640, of eight acres in Braintree.

PAGE, ABRAHAM, Boston 1645, a tailor, from Great Baddow, in Essex, by w. Mary, of Braintree ch. had Abraham, b. 7, bapt. 8 Mar. 1646, at Boston, d. same mo. and, perhaps, he rem. ANTHONY, Dover 1662-6. BENJAMIN, Haverhill, m. 21 Sept. 1666, Mary, prob. d. of Thomas Whittier, had 9 ch. says Barry, but perhaps he could not name one. CORNELIUS, Haverhill 1677, may have been br. of the preced. EDWARD, Boston, cooper, by w. Elizabeth d. of William Beamsley, had Elizabeth wh. d. 19 Nov. 1653; Sarah, b. 13 Apr. 1656; Edward, 20 Mar. 1658; Jonathan, 31 July 1660; Penuel, 2 May 1663; Elizabeth 12 Sept. 1666; and Humility, 7 June 1673; was of ar. co. 1661. FRANCIS, Hampton 1678, oldest s. of deac. Robert, by w. Meribah had Joseph, b. 25 Nov. 1686; may be that deac. w. d. 15 Nov. 1706, aged 76. GEORGE, Saco 1653, m. Mary, d. of Nicholas Edgecomb; and she m. next, John Ashton of Scarborough. GEORGE, Branford 1667, made his will, 10 May 1688, and his inv. is of 17 June next yr. His w. was Sarah, wh. outliv. him sev. yrs. porb. for her inv. was of 25 Nov. 1695, and the ch. were Sarah, George, Hannah, Jonathan, aged 20; Nathaniel, 16; and Daniel, 13. Ano. GEORGE was an ens. and d. at Boston, where in Aug. 1675 his inv. was tak. HENRY, Hampton, freem. 1666. ISAAC, Boston, m. 30 Sept. 1653. Damaris Shattuck; was prob. the bricklayer at Salem 1668. 

JOHN, Watertown, came in the fleet with Winthrop made constable 19 Oct. 1630, when he req. to be freem. and was adm. 18 May foll.; was from Dedham. Co. Essex, with w. and two ch. whose suffer. in the fist winter were duly thot. of by this former min. blessed John Rogers. See Winthrop I. 47. His w. was Phebe, sis. of William Paine and of the w. of William Hammond of W. name. Elizabeth who d. 25 Sept. 1677, in 87 yr.; he d. 18 Dec. preced. aged a. 90 and their ch. were John, prob. one of the two brot. from Eng.; Samuel, b. 20 Aug. 1633; Daniel, 10 Aug. 1634, d. very soon; and Elizabeth Mary and Phebe, of wh. one may have been b. in Eng. Phebe was third w. of James Cutler. JOHN, Dedham, freem. 8 Oct. 1640. 

*JOHN, Watertown, s. of John of the same, perhaps brot, from Eng. sw. fidel. 1652, may be he who m. 12 May 1664, Faith Dunster, prob. niece of the Presid. of the coll. rem. to Groton, had, perhaps, Joseph; John, b. 10 Dec. 1669; Samuel, 4 June 1672; Mary, 9 June 1675, wh. perhaps m. a Boardman; went back to W. had Jonathan, b. 24 June 1677, and was selectman 1695-8, rep. 1700. His w. d. 1699, and he m. 5 Sept. 1699, Emory Lamb of Boston, but was d. bef. 1712. JOHN, Haverhill b. 1646, d. Nov. 1687, and his wid. d. says Barry, Nov. 1697. JOHN, Haverhill, s. of the preced. m. 18 June 1663, Sarah, d. of James Davis had Sarah, b. 7 July 1680, and prob. others bef. or aft. or both. 

JOHN [[vol. 3, p. 331]] Groton, 1711, s. of sec. John of Watertown, and I kn. no more. JONATHAN, Groton, br. of the preced. by w. Mary had a d. b. 28 Dec. 1706, d. very soon; Faith, 6 Nov. 1707; Jonathan, 5 June 1710; John, 30 Jan. 1712; Joseph, 22 Oct. 1714; Mary, 20 Feb. 1717; Benjamin, 19 July 1719; Simeon, 23 Jan. 1722; and Sarah, 20 Dec. 1723; and he d. 10 Oct. 1751. JOSEPH, Haverhill 1669, m. Martha, wid. of Joseph Heath of the same aft. 1672. JOSEPH, Salisbury, s. of the first Onesiphorus, m. 12 Mar. 1691, Sarah Smith, had Sarah, b. 12 Oct. 1691; Judith, 22 Oct. 1692, d. young; John, 17 June 1696; Joseph, 3 Sept. 1698; and Joshua, 15 Nov. 1700. 

JOSEPH, Watertown 1714 s. of sec. John of the same, of wh. no more can be learned even from Bond. ONESIPHORUS, Salisbury, m. 22 Nov. 1664, Mary, d. of Thomas Hawksworth, had Mary, b. 29 Oct. 1666; Joseph, 3 Apr. 1670; Abigail, 23 June 1672; Mary, again, 28 Nov. 1674; Sarah, 7 July 1677; Onesiphorus, 10 Feb. 1679; Cornelius, wh. d. 1683; and Mary, again, 29 Sept. 1686. His w. d. 8 May 1695; and he m. 31 July foll. Sarah Rowell, had John, b. 21 Feb. 1697; and d. 28 June 1706. ONESIPHORUS, Salisbury, s. of the preced. 21 Nov. 1711, Mehitable, d. of Isaac Green, wid. of Simon Dow. *Robert, Salem, from Ormsby, near Yarmouth, Co. Norfk. came 1637, aged 33, with w. Lucy, 30; three ch. Francis, Margaret, and Susanna; and two serv. William Moulton, 20, and Ann Wadd, 15; freem. 18 May 1652, rem. to Hampton, rep. in 1657, 1668, and d. 22 Sept. 1679. His will, of 9 Sept. in that yr. names oldest s. Francis, d. Margaret, wh. m. William Moulton, no doubt the fellow-passeng.; Mary, w. of Samuel Fogg; Thomas; Rebecca, w. of John Smith; Hannah, w. of Henry Dow; Robert, s. of his s. Thomas; and a gr.s. John; beside s.-in-law William Marston. Prob. he had s. Robert. SAMUEL, Concord, s. of first John, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 10 Feb. 1668; Samuel, 5 Jan. 1671; Ebenezer, 17 Jan. 1676; Mildred; Mercy; Elizabeth; Sarah; and Experience; and d. at Watertown. All the ch. exc. Samuel, wh. was in S. C. agreed with their wid. mo. in 1704 on div. of est. SAMUEL, Groton, s. of the sec. John, by w. Martha had Elizabeth b. 23 Mar,. 1719; and Daniel, 10 Aug. 1722. 

THOMAS, Saco 1636, came prob in the Increase to Boston from the parish of All Saints Staynings, Marklane, London, a tailor, aged 29, with w. Elizabeth 28, and ch. Thomas, 2, and Catharine, 1. He was of gr. jury 1640, and, perhaps, rem. to Casco. See Folsom, 33. WILLIAM, Watertown, prob. s. of the first John, b. in Eng. by w. Ann had John, b. 7 Sept. 1642, d. in few days, and he d. 19 Feb. 1665. His will, of 16 Dec. preced. names no ch. calls w. Hannah, and the wid. m. Nicholas Wood of Medfield. Eight of this name had, as Farmer's MS. marks, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. two at Yale, and eight at the other N. E. Coll. [[vol. 3, p. 332]]

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