A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #3
Robinson - Rodman

 By James Savage

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ROBINSON, ABRAHAM, Gloucester, not s. (as report worthless modern tradit.) of famous John of Leyen, £or I can never believe that Prince, so full as well as accur. would have ment. nothing of him, and no s. of this name was b. to the gr. teach. of non-conform. had Abraham (said most improb. to be the first b. of the town, for his f.-in-law's will, Apr. 1662, calls him under 21 yrs.), and perhaps other ch. and d. 18 Feb. 1646, wh. may be the earliest preserv. rec. of d. there, yet we must presume that earlier are lost. His wid. Mary, m. 15 July 1646, William Brown, and Henry Walker, 26 Sept. 1662, d. 17 Apr. 1690. 

ABRAHAM, Gloucester, s. of the preced. m. 7 July 1668, Mary Harraden, d. of Edward, had Mary b. 20 Aug. 1669; Sarah, 17 Sept. 1671; Elizabeth 12 Sept. 1673; Abigail, 4 Jan. 1676; Abraham, 15 Oct. 1677; Andrew, 2 Oct. 1679; Stephen, 9 Dec. 1681; Ann, 1684; Dorcas, 1685; Deborah, 1688, Hannah, 1691; and Jane, 1693. His life is traced by Mr. Babson down to 1730, so that he was old man when he d. yet it was less than the statem. of descend. wh. would make it one hundred and two yrs. Prob. he was one or two yrs. under 90. [[vol. 3, p. 550]]

ANTHONY, An unprofit. aprent. punish. by the Court 1636. DANIEL, New Haven, m. 3 Feb. 1664, Hope, d. of William Potter, had Mary, b. 14 Dec. foll.; and Daniel, 27 Nov. 1666. DAVID, Exeter 1657-83, was perhaps s. of John of the same. He perhaps had s. David, wh. m. 1 Jan. 1706, Sarah, d. of Josiah Sanborn, of Hampton. EDWARD, Newport, of one the freem. 1655. FRANCIS, Saco 1643, in 1645, was called on by Vines in the interest of Gorges, as a counsellor, but we learn nothing more of him. FRANCIS, Boston, freem.. 1671. GEORGE, Rehoboth 1646-77, in 1668, had part in the div. of Attleborough lds. and serv. in Philip's war. Baylies II, 217, and IV. 84. 

GEORGE, Boston, m. 3 Oct. 1657, Mary Bushnell perhaps d. of John of the same, had George b. 30 Mar. 1658; John 1661; and Martha, 31 Mar. 1665; was one of the first comp. to act with fire engines, 1678. GEORGE Swanzey, Winsor says m. 12 Nov. 1680, Elizabeth Gaille (so strange a name that I think it may be a mistake of Col. Rec. and serve scrutiny might discover Cole, or ano. word), had John, b. 5 Sept. 1681; but prob. by a former w. whose name I see not, had Nathaniel, b. 1 Nov. 1673, bur. one week aft.; Samuel, 16 Nov. 1679. GEORGE, Boston, prob. s. of George the first, by w. Elizabeth had George B. 28 Dec. 1680; John, 13 June 1684; and perhaps more. GEORGE, Watertown, by w. Sarah had Beriah, b. 7 Jan. 1684; George 1 July 1685; John, 4 Mar. 1688; Ebenezer, 22 Sept. 1692; Samuel, 13 Oct. 1695; and his w. d. 5 May 1703. He m. 4 Aug. foll. Sarah, d. of Peter Behoney, under fifteen yrs old, had David, 5 May 1704; and Jonathan, 4 Feb. 1706.

 ISAAC, Plymouth 1630, s. of blessed John, the apostle of Leyden, came prob. with his mo. in the fleet with Winthrop See lett. of Sherley, 8 Mar. 1629-30, to Bradford. He was taxed 1634, when perhaps he liv. on Duxbury side, but was freem. of Scituate 1636, there m. 1636, Margaret Hanford, sis. of Rev. Thomas, Niece of Timothy Hatherly, sold his est. 1639, and with Rev. Thomas, Lathrop rem. to Barnstable, had Susanna, bapt. at S. 21 Jan. 1638; and John, at B. 5 Apr. 1640; Isaac, 7 Aug. 1642, Fear 26 Jan. 1645; and Mercy, 4 July 1647, all rememb. exc. Susanna, prob. d. in the will of Timothy Hatherly in 1664. His w. was bur. 13 June 1649, with a. d. premat. b. the week bef. Fear was w. of Samuel Baker. Isaac, the younger, was m. in 1666, but drown, 6 Oct. 1668. Mercy m. 16 Mar. 1669, William Weeks. He m. a sec. w. whose name of bapt. is not, I think, giv. by the tradit. wh. calls her sis. of famous elder Faunce, but our rec. proves, that he had Israel, bapt. 5 Oct. 1651; and Jacob, 15 May 1653. Peter and Thomas are add. by Mr. Otis. By the teach. of his worthy f. as well as his experience, he gain. the wisdom thro. wh. he was oppos. to Gov. Prince's policy of severity against the Quakers, 1659, and was disfranchis. Deane says. But he would have him count. an Assist. wherein he was wrong. He may be more corr. in saying he liv. 93 yrs. In some of his latter yrs. he was of Martha's [[vol. 3, p. 551]] Vineyard, Mr. Otis says. 

Prince is very careful (p. 238 of Hale's ed. of the Annals, Boston 1826), after saying that he "liv. to above 90 yrs. of age," to add that he had often seen him, and that he "left male posterity." He greater reverence for the Leyden paster convinces me. that he would equally have ment. were such the opinion as to Abraham; yet the fact that nothing is ever seen of the wid. mo. in any earlier writer, militates somewhat with my opinion. Still no reason thence can be deduced in favor of Abraham being s. of the glorious John, and the opinion or suggestion of Mr. Babson in the note of careful Mr. Deane, Bradford, 247, as to the obsecurity of Mrs. Robinson on our side of the water, is not to be explain, by her suppos. residence at Salem, where, in Felt's list of mem. of the ch. is a wid. Ann R. join. in 1637. The greater probability appears to me, that she d. very soon after reach. our shores; yet she must be inquired for, not at Cape Ann, but on the other side of the Bay of Mass. unless some appearance of tradit. in favor of Abraham be found, as it has not been, in the first, sec. third, or fourth generat. of her descent. 

ISAAC. Lynn 1637, came in the Hopewell, Babb, master, late in 1635, aged 15, was perhaps early d. at least Lewis gives nothing of him. ISAAC, Tisbury, s. of the first Isaac, was bapt. Israel, as Mr. Otis, with much sagacity argues, and that after the drown. of his first Isaac, he call, this s. for him, as the name Israel is no more heard aft. 1668, and Isaac d. 1728, mak. his will 5 Feb. wh. was pro. 1 Oct. foll. JACOB, New Haven, m. 1690, Sarah Hitchcock, had John, b. 3 Dec. 1691; Thomas, 5 Dec. 1693; Sarah, 24 Dec. 1695; Hannah, 24 Feb. 1698; Mary; and Eliakim, 2 Apr. 1706. JACOB, Tisbury, s. of Isaac, d. bef. 19 Nov. 1733, when, on div. of his est. are ment. wild. Experience, and ch. Jacob, Isaac, and Mary. JAMES, Boston, m. 21 Feb. 1654, Martha Buck, had Sarah, b. 24 Mar. 1660; John, 17 Sept. 1662; James, 21 July 1667; and Elizabeth; was a mariner. I suppose both s. d. young, for he gave his est. in 1673 to John Hull and Thomas Brattle in tr. for hims. for life, next for w. Martha for life, and then to use of his ds. Elizabeth and Sarah. 

JAMES, Dorchester, m. 27 Sept. 1664, Mary, d. of Thomas Alcock, had James, b. 8 Nov. 1665; Thomas, 15 Apr. 1668; Samuel, 4 Sept. 1670; Mary, 17 Mar. 1673, d. young; John, 17 Apr. 1675, H. C. 1695, min. of Duxbury; Henry, 21 June 1678, d. very soon; and Ebenezer, 5 Jan. 1682, wh. was k. 27 May 1707, at Port Royal, in the abortive siege; was freem. 1690, and d. 18 Apr. 1694. His wid. d. 13 Mar. 1718, aged 73. JAMES, Boston, by his will, 3 Sept. 1676, pro. 3 days aft. names no w. nor ch. but gives est. to brs. Thomas, Joseph, and sis. Mary, one half, and other half to aunt Eliz, w. of Joseph Rock, and cousin Hannah, w. of James Brading. This proves, that he was s. of deac. Thomas of Scituate. 

JAMES, Newcastle 1683, then of the [[vol. 3, p. 552]] gr. jury, had liv. at Scarborough 1666, there m. Lucretia, d. of Richard Foxwell, had four ds. and rem. on the Ind. hostil. 1675 to N. whence they did not return. JOHN, Salem 1639, in Felt's list of ch. mem. where also appear Ann, a wid. and Isabella, both 1637. He was prob. the freem. of 2 June 1641, may have rem. to Boston, and in a will of 2 June 1653, giv. his prop. to mo. or sis. if alive; but this condition seems hardly consist. with the prob. that the fem. ch. mem. of Salem. 1637, could be those. His inv. was ret. Nov. 1653. Ano. JOHN was of New London 1646-9, yet Caulkins could only tell of his house lot; and he may have d. at Ipswich, 1 Mar. 1657, if Farmer have the date right; but a JOHN of Ipswich, wheelwright, wh. in his will of 27 Feb. pro. 30 Mar. 1658, names no ch. and to swell the confus. ano. JOHN was there liv. 1660. 

JOHN, early at Haverhill, rem. to Exeter 1657, perhaps f. of David, Johnathan, and *Stephen, was k. by the Ind. as Hubbard tells, Sept. 1675. JOHN, Salem, s. of William of the same, m. 16 Oct. 1665, Sarah, d. of Elias Mason, had Elias, b. 25 Jan. 1667; John, 25 Nov. 1668; Joseph, 27 Sept. 1670; and Sarah, 18 Feb. 1673; was liv. in 1677. *JOHN, Barnstable, perhaps eldest s. of Isaac, m. May 1667, Elizabeth Weeks, had John, b. 20 Mar. 1668; Isaac, 30 Jan. 1670; Timothy, 30 Oct. 1671; Abigail, 20 Mar. 1674; and Fear, 16 June 1676; the last three with Joseph, Mercy, and Mary, wh. were younger, all bapt. 21 Oct. 1688; beside a s. by 12 Dec. 1683, and a d. 1 May 1688, ea. d. soon aft. He was rep. for Falmouth, C. C. 1689, 90, and 1, but in Apr. 1714 rem. to Conn. *JOHN, Falmouth, C. C. was rep. at Plymouth 1689 and 90, in fair presumpt. may be reckoned the same as preced. until further investigat. disproves it. A suppositit. mythical, or tradit. John, assumed by the late Professor James F. Dana to be br. of Isaac, and sett. at Gloucester, and f. of Abraham, sec. his relat. to Farmer, is not sustained by the slightest probabil. as Mr. Babson assures me, to be acq. from the rec. 

JOHN, Duxbury, s. of Samuel, not James, as Winsor, 184, had it, giv. also wrong date of b. prob. of Dorchester, ord. 13 Nov. 1702, m. Hannah, d. of Rev. Ichabod Wiswall, his predecessor, the patriotic agent in London, of the Plymouth Col. who was overborne or circumvent. by the cunning management of Increase Mather, the Mass. agent, had Mary, b. 23 Feb. 1706; Hannah, 2 Nov. 1708; Alithea, 26 May 1710; Elizabeth 28 Sept. 1712; John, 16 Apr. 1715; Ichabod; and Faith, 1718. His w. with eldest ch. Mary was drown. 22 Sept. 1722, at Nantasket, on their voyage to Boston; and he d. 14 Nov. 1745; more than 7 yrs. aft. separat. from his cure, at the residence in Lebanon of the first Gov. Jonathan Trumbull, wh. had m. his youngest d. He was a man of more wit than discretion in his parish managem. 

JOHN, Narraganset, s. of Rowland of the same, m. Mary Hazard, had Mary, b. 1705; Sarah, 1707; Ruth, 1709; and prob. more. He d. bef. his f. JOHN, Newbury, s. of Robert, by w. Susanna had John, b. 6 Sept. 1690; Samuel, 2 Dec. 1692; [[vol. 3, p. 553]] Daniel, 14 Mar. 1695; and d. Mar. 1699. JONATHAN, Exeter 1657-83, perhaps was s. of John of the same. JONATHAN, Guilford, br. of Thomas of the same, d. 1684. JOSEPH, Salem, eldest s. of William, had sett. in Barbadoes bef. 1676. JOSEPH, Andover, m. 30 May 1671, Phebe, d. of Rev. Francis Dane, had Dorothy, w. d. 23 Sept. 1675; Dane; and perhaps more; was freem. 1691. 

NATHANIEL, Boston, by w. Damaris, had Nathaniel, b. 29 Aug. 1655; Elizabeth 24 Feb. 1657; Daniel, 10 Feb. 1667; Mary, 22 June 1668; Robert, 28 July 1671; and Damaris, 29 Dec. 1674; was aft. of Cambridge, freem. 1673. An earlier NATHANIEL was he of Boston, wh. in his will of 2 Mar. 1667, names no w. or ch. NICHOLAS, a passeng. in the Blessing from London, 1635, aged 30, call. them Robertson, is thot. by me to mean Robinson, because in the same voyage came Elizabeth 32; Catherine, 12; Mary, 7; John, 5; and SARAH, 1 1/2; all spell, in the latter form, and may have been, especial. if we imagine his yrs. were two or three more, his w. and childr. PETER, Tisbury, s. of Isaac, m. a d. of John Manton, Mr. Otis says, and that he was of Chilmark in 1706, and of Norwich 1710, after at Windham, had seven s. wh. all m. and had fams. and seven ds. but no names are heard, nor dates giv. RICHARD, Charlestown, the freem. of 2 June 1641, may be suppos. to be br. of John, adm. to the o. on the same day, by w. Rebecca had John, bapt. 31 May 1640; but in the valua. list of ch. mem. in Budington, the name is giv. Robbins. Yet I presume one person is meant, and the Col. rec. or the ch. rec. is so far wrong. Having examin. the orig. I testify, that Robinson is as plain as any name in the vol. 

ROBERT, Newbury, m. 26 Oct. 1664. Mary, d. of Thomas Silver, had Mary, b. 18 Nov. 1665; Daniel, 9 Oct. 1667; John, 12 Dec. 1669; Samuel; Thomas, Sarah; Hannah, 21 Dec. 1683; and Robert, 5 May 1686. Coffin says he was b. 1628, and from the births of ch,. we should confident. believe, that he was not the Robert, wh. came from London in the Christian, early in 1635, aged 45, but of him no discov. is obtain. ROWLAND, Narraganset, b. says Potter, a. 1654, came 1675, m. Mary Allen, d. of John, but wh. John we ask in vain, had John; Elizabeth wh. m. 1707, William Brown; Mary, m. 1709 a Mumford; Sarah, m. 1704, Rufus Barton; Mercy, wh. m. 1714, John Potter; and William, 26 Jan. 1693. Tradit. makes him come from Longburgh or Longbrough, Co. Cumberland, a 6 ms. from Carlisle, and he d. a 1716. SAMUEL, Salem, eldest s. of William, of the same, m. 15 Aug. 1664, Martha, d. of Job Hawkins, had Samuel, b. 19 Dec. 1665; Thomas, 6 July 1667; Mary, Oct. 1669, d. Aug. foll.; William, 29 July 1671; Job, Nov. 1672, d. in few wks.; and Martha, 20 Jan. 1674. He was a subject of fine 1669, for entertainm. of Thomas Maule, a Quaker. SAMUEL, Boston, s. of Thomas, d. 1662; but his est. was so small, that his f. renounc. admin. SAMUEL, Fairfield, d. 1674, leav. wid. and perhaps ch. 

SAMUEL, Hartford, d. 30 Aug. 1683, leav. ch. Sarah, b. 1665; Samuel, 1668; Mary, 1672; John, 1676; and Hannah, 1679; but whether all these were b. at H. is not [[vol. 3, p. 554]] kn. *SAMUEL, Dorchester, eldest s. of William, m. a d. of Richard Baker, was constable 1667, selectman 1688, freem. 1690, rep. 1701 and 2, d. 16 Sept. 1718, leav. beside John, H. C. 1695, min. of Duxbury, and gr.-gr.f. of Rev. Edward whose learn. has done so much honor to our country, elder s. Samuel, wh. d. 30 Mar. 1734, in 68th yr. 

STEPHEN, Exeter, 1689. STEPHEN, Dover 1662, perhaps was f. of Timothy. THOMAS, Boston, had Samuel, wh. d. bef. his f. 1662, and I can tell no more. THOMAS, Scituate 1642, m. at Boston, for sec. w. 10 Jan. 1653, Mary, d. of John Coggan of Boston, wid. of John Woodie of Roxbury, wh. d. May preced. had James, b. 14 Mary. 1654; Thomas, 1654; Joseph, 1656; Mary, 1657; Mercy, 1659, wh. prob. d. young; but by his former w. had eldest John, wh. he thot. was in Eng. when he made his will. His w. d. at Boston, 26 Oct. 1661, and he took 3d w. Elizabeth wid. of Richard Sherman, was a deac. and made his will 17 Mar. 1665, in wh. he ment. est. in Boston, his w. as liv. separ. from him, yet gives £10 to her (wh. d. little more than a yr. aft.), and ch. John, Thomas, James, Joseph, and Mary. Curious inq. would turn to the will of his wid. 21 Aug. 1666, pro. 16 Nov.1667, in vol. VI. p. 9, in wh. refer. to the contract of m. with her late h. Thomas, whereby £50 was due to her, she gives half to childr. of her former h. Sherman, and half to be disp. by deac. John Wiswall and William Bartholomew; and of other est. legacies to John, s. of Edmund Brown of Dorchester; Samuel, s. of John Damon of Reading; Elizabeth d. of Thomas Spaule of Boston; childr. ea. of her sis. Bridget Lock of Fausett, in Eng. and her orchard to kinsman John Greenleaf, he paying, within six mos. £20 to his sis. Mary. Deane has confus. f. and s. The Boston est, was sold by admors. 1667, for the benefit of heirs; and the tree that k. Thomas in its fall, 1676, did not, as D. thot. hit the deac. but his s. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Margaret had Jane, b. Sept. 1646. No more is heard of him, but ano. 

THOMAS, prob. of Boston, by w. Mary, perhaps d. of William Beamsley, had James, b. 14 Mar. 1655; and his wid. m. Thomas Dennis. THOMAS, Salisbury 1652. THOMAS, Roxbury, a. 1640, had w. Silence, a mem. of the ch. had rem. to Boston bef. Nov. 1662, when he sold to John Weld his two lots of twelve acres ea. THOMAS, New London 1665-6. THOMAS, Guilford 1677, and perhaps sev. yrs. bef. had Thomas, wh. was, as well as the f. propr. in 1685; and Samuel, wh. sett. at Durham, beside sev. ds. m. at G. Descend. are respecta. THOMAS, Newtown, L. I. 1657, one of the patentees under Gov. Dongan, Nov. 1686. THOMAS, Boston, cordwainer, in his will of 11 June 1690, pro. 30 July 1700, names ch. three, Thomas, Sarah, and James, w. Sarah, to wh. he gives all est. during wid. but only half if she m. again, calls Jacob Green, jr. and William Dennison brs.-in-law, making the former excor. [[vol. 3, p. 555]]

The s. Thomas I judge to be that in Roxbury, b. 5 Nov. 1677. THOMAS, youngest s. of Isaac, by Mr. Otis said to have own ld. in Edgartown 1700, and to have rem. to Guilford. TIMOTHY, Salem, wh. m. 20 Feb. 1666, Mary, d. of John Kitchen, d. 1668, his inv. being of 20 June, left wid. and Timothy, b. 15 Mar. preced. was s. of William. TIMOTHY, Dover, perhaps s. of Stephen, by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 23 May 1693; Mary, 10 Apr. 1695; Elizabeth 14 Apr. 1700, d. at 10 yrs.; Sarah, 3 Oct. 1702; Hannah, 21 Nov. 1707; Timothy, 1 Aug. 1710; and Elizabeth again, 30 July 1712. 

WILLIAM, Braintree 1662. WILLIAM, Dorchester 1636, freem. 18 May 1642, ar. co. 1643, had Samuel, bapt. 14 June 1640; Increase, 14 Mar. 1642; Prudence, 1643; and Waiting, 26 Apr. 1646; and he d. 6 July 1668. His will, tho. without date, was allow. 31 July foll. It names, beside his own offspr. Mary Streeter, my wife's d. His wid. Ursula wh. had been wid. of Samuel Hosier, as Stephen Streeter at an earlier day, was not prob. mo. of these ch. m. 15 July 1673, Griffin Crafts; and this fourth h. bur. her, but suppli, his loss by ano. w. Prudence m. John Bridge of Roxbury; and Waiting m. Joseph Penniman of Braintree. WILLIAM, Salem, a tailor, by w. Isbella had Ann, bapt. 3 Dec. 1637, the mo. have. unit. with the ch. that yr.; Samuel, 26 Jan. 1640; Mary, 12 Mar. 1643; Timothy, 28 Apr. 1644; and Esther, 28 May 1654; was freem. 27 Dec. 1642; names in his will of 9 Feb. 1677, pro. 29 Nov. 1678, s. Joseph, eldest, wh. then liv at Barbados; Samuel, and John, wh. were made excors. d. Sarah Newbury, whose h. is not of my acquaint. and gr.ch. Timothy R. when he comes of age. WILLIAM, Boston 1659, suffer. whip. as a quaker, and soon aft. not being sufficient. enlighten by that evangelic. discipline, on 27 Oct. was hanged, says the Diary of John Hull, with Marmaduke Stephenson, ano. youth, ea. "LITTLE ABOVE TWENTY YRS. OF AGE." We may judge of the perfect sincerity of the persecutors in their ferocious bigotry, from the same Diary, 1661, relat. that, after this execut. of R. and his three fellow martyrs, "the rest of the Quakers had liberty, if they pleased to use it, to depart the jurisdict. tho. some of them capitally guilty;" and the pious writer adds this ejacul. prayer: "The good Lord pardon this timidity of spirit to execute the sentence of God's Holy Law upon such blasphemous persons," that the delusion spread can excite no wonder, even in this day, when some prayer rather for pardon of the judicial murder, than for that of the treacher. Timidity that liberated the innocent. Hull was a milit. man, and felt that discipline requir. the enemy of God especial. to be put to death. No man in the Col. was held in higher esteem than John Hull. See Josselyn; Hubbard, 572; Hutch. I. 199, 200; and Sewel's Hist. 220-4. 

WILLIAM, Concord, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah, b. 13 July 1671; rem to Cambridge, in that part now Newton, there by w. Elizabeth [[vol. 3, p. 556]] had William, b. 10 July 1673; Mary, 6 Sept. 1676; David, 23 Mar. 1678; Samuel, 20 Apr. 1680; and Jeremiah, 20 Apr. 1682; and Robert; freem. 1685. WILLIAM, Lynn, had, says Lewis, three s. William, b. 7 Oct. 1683; Aquila; and John. One WILLIAM was a soldier in Gallop's comp. 1690, of the expedit. against Quebec, but where he was b. or whether he outliv. the serv. I kn. not. WILLIAM, Newton, s. of William of the same, by w. Elizabeth had William; Daniel; Jermiah, b. 22 Oct. 1705; Elizabeth 11 Sept. 1707; Hannah, 16 Sept. 1709; Josiah, 17 Sept. 1711; Ichabod, 2 Sept. 1713; Thankful, 3 Sept. 1715; and John, 1722; was selectman. His w. d. 1747, and he d. 1754, leav. large est. WILLIAM, South Kingston, youngest s. of Rowland of the same, by two ws. of wh. the first was Mary, had thirteen ch. as he says; Rowland, b. 1719; John, 1721; Margaret or Mary, 1722; Elizabeth 1724 Martha, 1725; Christopher, 1727; William, 1729; Mary, 1736; James, 1738; John, again, 1742; Sylvester; Thomas; and Abigail; perhaps the last eight by sec. w. He was Gov. of the Col. and d. a. 1751. The first w. was d. of John Potter, and the next was wid. Abigail Hazard, d. of William Gardiner, both of South Kingstown. All the ch. exc. the sec. and third, wh. d. young, were m. Of this name (oft. mistak. as Robertson, wh. was exceeding, rare in N. E. bef. the last century), there had, in 1832, been gr. twelve at Yale, seven at Harv. and ten at the other N. E. coll.

ROCK, JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Elizabeth d. of John Coggan, wh. brot. him good est. had Eliz, b. 5 Feb. 1652; Sarah, 17 Jan. 1653, d. next yr.; Rebecca, 16 Mar. 1655, d. at 6 mos.; John 2 Nov. 1656, d. Aug. foll.; Joseph, 1 Feb. 1658; Benjamin, 9 Sept. 1659, d. soon; Lydia, 21 Apr. 1661; Samuel, 17 May 1662; Benjamin, again, 3 Sept. 1663; and Elisha, 16 Feb. 1667; was freem. 1652; one of the founders of the 3d or O. S. ch. In his will of 18 Jan. 1683, pro. 3 Jan. foll. he ment. d. Hannah Brading, wh. was m. 9 Oct. 1657, and her h. James; gr.ch. James and Joseph b. and gr.-gr.ch. Elizabeth Bromfield. That Mary R. wh. d. 13 Sept. 1713, in her 81st yr. I presume was his sec. w. One THOMAS R. wh. d. at Weymouth, 15 July 1642, is call. serv. to Edward Smith.

ROCKETT, BENJAMIN, Medfield 1678 Wrentham 1680, perhaps s. of Nicholas, by w. Judith had Bethia, b. 4 July 1679, at M.; Judith, b. at W. 17 Mar. 1681; Mary, 2 Oct. 1683; Patience, 20 May 1686; and Hezekiah, 26 Aug. 1688, wh. d. 1689. JOHN, Dorchester 1633. JOHN, Mendon, s. perhaps of Richard, had John, b. at Braintree, 18 Aug. 1663, wh. was k. by the Ind. when they burn. the town in 1675; rem. to Medfield, there had Joseph, with perhaps two or three more; but certain. Trial, 28 Feb. 1677; and Deliverance, 31 Oct. 1678; in the inteval suffer. much from Ind. and still had w. and six ch. to support. JOSEPH, [[vol. 3, p. 557]] Rehoboth, m. 5 Jan. 1681, Mary Wilmouth, had Mary, b. 14 Dec. foll. posthum. for the f. was bur. 21 July of that yr. unless the rec. be confus. JOSIAH, Medfield, prob. s. of Nicholas, m. 9 May 1677, Mary Twitchell, d. of Benjamin of Dorchester, had Israel, b. 25 feb. 1678; Mary, 3 Aug. 1681; Bethia, 21 Feb. 1684; Mehitable, 14 Oct. 1686; Hannah, 24 Oct. 1691; and Joanna, 28 Dec. 1693. His w. d. 15 Sept. 1699, and he m. 10 Nov. 1703, Sarah Wheelock, He had sev. in Philip's war. NICHOLAS, Dedham 1640, in the part made Medfield, was freem. 1666, had by w. Jane, Samuel, b. prob. at Braintree; Benjamin, 8 Sept. 1651 at M.; Josiah; and his w. d. 15 Dec. 1654. He m. 16 July 1656, Margaret, not, as giv. Holliocke, in the copy of Medfield rec. Geneal Reg. XIII. 217, but Hollbrook, d. of John the first, had Elizabeth b. 3 Apr. 1657; Joseph, a. 1659; John, 12 Feb. 1662; and Nathaniel, 3 Feb. 1665. This w. d. 23 Apr. 1670; and by third w. Silence, wh. d. 9 Nov. 1677, he had Isaac, b. 22 July preced. but wh. d. bef. his mo. and the f. d. 26 Jan. 1680. Elizabeth m. John Partridge the younger, of the same. RICHARD, Dorchester 1635, perhaps br. of John, rem. to Braintree, where by w. Agnes, wh. d. 9 July 1643, he had John, b. 1 Dec. 1641. Perhaps his w. was d. of Zachary Bicknell, whose est. they sold to William Read. See Col. Rec. I. 189. Oft. this name is Rockwood.

ROCKWELL, ABRAHAM, Windsor, of unkn. parentage, m. 4 Dec. 1640, Mary whose surname is unkn. and wh. d. 8 July 1677, without ch. JOHN, Windsor, one of the first sett. may therefore have been first at Dorchester, was infirm or old eno. in 1649, to be exempt from watch. and train. d. 1662, leav. two ds. Mary, wh. m. 10 Dec. 1646, Robert Watson, and one wh. m. Zachary Sanford of Saybrook, beside s. Simon, wh. d. 1665, unm. and gave to his sis. his est. and possib. other s. JOHN, Windsor, s. of William prob. b. in Eng. m. 6 May 1651, Sarah Ensign, perhaps d. of James, had Sarah, b. 12 May 1653; Ruth, 5 Mar. 1655; and Lydia, 27 Nov. 1656. His w. d. 23 June 1659. He m. 18 Aug. 1662, Deliverance Haynes of Dorchester, rem. to Stamford, had John, b. 6 Sept. 1663; Hannah, 30 May 1665; Joseph, 8 July 1668; and Elizabeth 5 Feb. 1671; and he d. 3 Sept. 1673, aged 46, all his ch. exc. John, being then liv. Sarah, m. 8 Oct. 1676, John Crampton of Norwalk, unless Hall, in his Hist. 188, be wrong. But Stiles, 762, says that she m. David Hall; Ruth, m. Daniel Mix; Lydia m. Joshua Atwater, 24 June 1680, and h. and w. d. next yr.; Elizabeth m. 1 Feb. 1694, James Ward. 

JOHN, Greenwich, or Rye, d. prob. 1676, leav. w. and ch. See. Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 313. JONATHAN, Norwalk 1687-94. JOSEPH, Middletown, s. of John the sec. may have first liv. at Norwalk, m. 1 Feb. 1694, Elizabeth Foster, and had John and Joseph, tw. b. 1694; Edwin [[vol. 3, p. 558]] and Elizabeth tw. 1700; William, 1702; Hannah, 1704; was a deac. JOSIAH, Norwich, perhaps s. of William, had liv. at New London sev. yrs. and had there most of his ch. perhaps even the eldest, Hannah, 6 Sept. 1658, d. at 3 yrs.; Josiah, June 1662; Joseph, Mar. 1665; John, Dec. 1677; Mary, Feb. 1669; Hannah again, 23 Aug. 1672; and Samuel, posthum. 30 Sept. 1676. He was k. by the Ind. near the end of Jan. 1676, at the same time with young John Reynolds; and his s. Josiah was tak. by them, and soon restor. JOSIAH, Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 8 Apr. 1688, Ann, d. of Thomas Bliss, had Daniel, b. 24 Oct. 1689; John, 3 Apr. 1692; Jerusha, 6 Mar. 1695; Hannah, 6 June 1698; and Elizabeth 19 Apr. 1700. His w. d. 19 Feb. 1715; and he d. 18 Mar. 1729. SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of William, perhaps b. at Dorchester, freem. of Conn. 1657; m. 7 Apr. 1660, Mary Norton of Saybrook, had Mary, b. 18 Jan. 1662; Abigail, 23 Aug. 1664; Samuel, 19 Oct. 1667; Joseph, 22 May 1670; John, 31 May 1673; Abigail, again, 11 Apr. 1676; and Josiah, 10 Mar. 1678. 

WILLIAM, Dorchester, f. of John the first. came prob. in the Mary and John, req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was sw. 18 May foll. was one of the first two deac. rem. to Windsor, in its sec. yr. there d. 15 May 1640, leav. wid. Susanna (prob. sec. w. to wh. Hist. of D. gives the surname Chapin), wh. m. Matthew Grant, and ch. John; Samuel; Joan, wh. m. 15 Nov. 1642, Jeffrey Baker; Ruth, wh. m. 7 Oct. 1652, Christopher Huntington; Mary; Joseph; and Sarah, wh. m. 22 Mar. 1658, Walter Gaylord, as his sec. w. Stiles makes Mary m. Jeffrey Mahon; but I doubt the outlandish surname, and suspect the bapt. name was borrow. from the h. of Joan. Of this name, ten had in 1829 been gr. at Yale and one at Dart.

ROCKWOOD, SAMUEL, eldest s. of Nicholas Rockett (wh. see), Medfield, freem. 1682, m. 15 Dec. 1671, Hannah, d. of John Ellis of M. had Hannah, b. 1 Oct. 1673; Susanna, 31 Oct. 1675; Samuel, 11 Apr. 1677, d. at seven yrs.; Abigail, 17 May 1679; Eleazer, 18 Apr. 1681; d. at 12 yrs.; Patience, 14 May 1682; d. soon; Joseph, 8 Sept. 1686; and Deliverance, whose b. or that of the preced. must be wrong in Morse. His w. d. 7 May 1717, and he m. ano. w. Sarah, and d. 17 Dec. 1728. Six of this name, in the early time oft. writ. Rockett (from wh. much doubt is caus.) had been gr. in 1828, at Harv. Dart. and Middleb. two at ea.

RODGERS, whose name of bapt. is unkn. a young man sent from Eng. with Allerton early in 1628, to be min. at Plymouth, but sent back next yr. as disord. in brain. Mass. Hist. coll. IV> 109. It is oft. spell. without d. *JOHN, Bristol, a selectman 1686, patriotic to resist Andros, rep. 1689. 3 Mass. Hist. coll. VII.171.

RODMAN, JOHN, younger br. of Thomas, came, says tradit. from Barbados, bring. w. Mary; but no more is told of him, exc. that he had s. Thomas, rem. to Block isl. next to N. J. and d. at Flushing, L. I. SAMUEL, Newport, s. of Thomas, m. 17 Mar. 1723, Mary Willet, had Thomas, b. 29 Dec. foll.; Hannah, perhaps 22 July 1725, d. soon; Charity, 15 Nov. 1727, d. young; Samuel, 31 Jan. 1730, d. aft. 2 yrs.; William, 18 Jan. 1732; Elizabeth 28 Mar. 1736; Ann; Mary; and John; and d. 27 Dec. 1748. THOMAS, Newport, br. of John, came from Barbados, a [[vol. 3, p. 559]] surgeon, m. Hannah, d. of Gov. Walter Clark, but she was, I presume, sec. w. for the Friends' rec. of N. show his m. 7 June 1682, with Patience Malins, wid. of Robert, d. of that Peter Easton, wh. d. on her birth day, at the age of 35; and Gov. Walter Clarke's d. was than rather too young. Whether he had ch. by the first w. I kn. not; but by Hannah came Hannah, b. 9 Sept. 1694; Clark, 29 Sept. 1698; John, 29 July 1701, d. in few mos.; Samuel, 23 May 1703; Patience, 5 Apr. 1706; and William, 12 Sept. 1708, wh. d. next yr.

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