A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #3
Ross - Ruel

 By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

ROSS, ALEXANDER, New Hampsh. 1688. DANIEL, and EZRA, Ipswich 1648, of wh. no more is kn. but m. of a Daniel with Mary Knight, youngest d. of Philip of Topsfield, 5 June 1677, is rec. at Salem. GEORGE, New Haven, m. 1658, Constance Little, perhaps d. of Richard, was freem. 1668. Sometimes his name is Roose, sometimes Rawse. JAMES, Sudbury, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 25 Dec. 1656. He, or the succeed, may have been that soldier, whose w. Mary, in the spring, of 1676, says her h. went to Narraganset, under Capt. Mosely, of course in Dec. bef. was near 70 yrs. old, was still in the serv. and his fam. suffer. so that she beg. for his release. Sudbury James had d. Dorothy, wh. m. 11 Apr. 1687, Eliezer Whitney from Watertown. JAMES, Falmouth 1657, m. Ann, eldest d. of George Lewis, had James, b. 1662; and other ch. all taken by the Ind. 11 Aug. 1676. After 1678, with his fam. he went back to Falmouth, liv. at Back Cove; but at the sec. destruct. of the town in 1690, again was taken and carr. to Canada, whence in Oct. 1695, one of the name, prob. the s. was ransom, and aft. liv. says Wilis, at Salem. 

JOHN, Cambridge, m. 7 May 1659, at Boston, Mary, d. of John Osborn of Weymouth, had Sarah, b. 21 May 1660; and at Malden had Mary, 24 Apr. 1675. JOHN prob. of Ipswich, m. 28 Aug. 1663, Deborah, d. of Christopher Osgood the first. KILLECRISS, or KILLCROSS, wh. may be the same as some name nearer to a common one, perhaps Gilchrist, was of Ipswich 1678. THOMAS, Cambridge. 1659, m. 16 Jan. 1662, Seth, d. of William Holman, had Thomas, wh. d. 19 Jan. 1663; Margaret, bapt. May 1665; Thomas, again, bapt. 1 July 1666; and other ch. of wh. one or more sett. at Billerica, where Seth, his wid. was k. by the Ind. 5 Aug. 1695.

ROSSETER or ROCHESTER, BRAY or BRYAN, Guilford 1642, had been of Dorchester, s. prob. of Edward, and bro. by his f. in the Mary and John, 1630, freem. 18 May 1631, was the first town clk. at Windsor, 1639, and serv. as a physician many yrs. with good reputa. After some yrs. resid. at G. rem. to Killingworth, but ret. soon, and there his w. Elizabeth and d. Sarah d. Aug. 1669; made his will 30 Sept. 1672, and d. 30 Sept. of that yr. He had Joanna, wh. m. at Wethersfield, 7 Nov. 1660, Rev. John Cotton, after of Plymouth; Susanna, B. 18 Nov. 1652, wh. m. Rev. Zechariah Walker; John and Josiah, beside four wh. d. young. ++ EDWARD, Dorchester 1630, came in the Mary and John, arr. from Plymouth 30 May, had been chos. as an Assist. in London, 20 Oct. 1629, when Winthrop was first chos. Gov. Humfrey, Dept. and Salstonstall, Johnson, Dudley, Endicott, and thirteen others Assist. of the Col. of the Mass. Bay in N. E. but was never present at any meeting, as he resid. far in the West. He had good est. prob. in Co. Somerset or Devon for Hutch. I, 17, by wh. alone any informat. is glean, (even the exquis. dilig. of Prince fails to add any thing to his master Winthrop) says his son (as if he had only one) liv. at Combe, in Devon, and his gr.s. Edward was

 [[vol. 3, p. 578]] A deac. 1682, in the disent. ch. of Taunton in S. Faithful, he attend. the first in Aug. and Sept. sec. and third meet. at Charlestown, of the Assist. but was not present on the next 19 Oct. and d. on 23d of that mo. in the first yr. In 1685 his youngest surv. ch. wid. Jane Hart, praying aid from our governm. said she was 70 yrs. old. HUGH, Dorchester, not prob. s. of the preced. tho. he had gr. of small lot in 1635, was of Taunton 1637, among the earliest set. [Baylies, I. 286], had Jane, wh. m. bef. 1643, Thomas Gilbert, and Baylies, II. 281, thought this the first m. in town, and 267, that he had gone to Conn. perhaps, or New Haven; but it may well be thot. as his name is not found in either Col. that he went home, or d. JOHN, Killingworth, s. perhaps eldest, of Bryan, was in 1669, one of the selectmen, m. Mary, d. of Jonathan Gilbert the first, had John, b. 12 May 1670; and d. Sept. 1670. His wid. m. Samuel Holton Northampton. *JOSIAH, Guilford 1685, prob. s. of Bray, m. Sarah, only d. of the first Samuel Sherman, had Sarah, b. 26 Nov. 1677, d. next yr.; Elizabeth 16 May 1679; Josiah, 31 May 1680; Samuel, 28 Jan. 1682, d. soon; Timothy, 5 June 1683; John , 13 Oct. 1684, d. young; Samuel, 18 Feb. 1686; David, 17 Apr. 1687, d. at one yr.; Jonathan, 3 Apr. 1688; Nathaniel, 10 Nov. 1689; Sarah, 26 Feb. 1691; Patience, 6 Apr. 1688; Nathaniel, 10 Nov. 1689; Sarah, 25 Feb. 1691; Patience, 6 Apr. 1692; Joanna, 23 Apr. 1693, d. at 10 yrs.; Mary, 3 Sept. 1694; Theophilus, 12 Feb. 1696; Susanna, 13 June 1697; and Ebenezer, 4 Feb. 1699, Y. C. 1718, Min. 40 yrs. of Stonington; was rep. 1701-11, and d. 31 Jan. 1716. He may be that man ordered to be adm. freem. of Dillingworth 1669. Six of this name had been gr. at Yale in 1756, beside three in later yrs. spelt Rossiter.

ROSWELL, or ROSEWELL, JOHN, New Haven, perhaps br. perhaps s. of Richard or of William, d. 1688. RICHARD, New Haven, s. of William, (but Porter denies it) by first w. m. 22 Dec. 1681, then under 16 yrs. of age, Lydia, d. of Thomas Trowbridge, had Sarah, b. 5 Dec. 1682; Dorcas, 21 Dec. 1684; Lydia, 21 Aug. 1687; Elizabeth 5 Sept. 1690; and Catharine, 16 Dec. 1695; and d. Mar. 1702, leav. good est. He was engag. with his f. in large trade to W. I. His wid. d. 10 Dec. 1731. WILLIAM, Branford, merch. rem. to Charlestown, there was inhab. 1658, and Frothingham, 145, says, m. 29 Nov. 1654 (tho. judge Smith of Guilford makes the date many yrs. later, and perhaps is should be, by ten yrs. nearly), Catharine, d. of Hon. Richard Russell of that place, but rem. soon aft. to Branford, where he, in Jan. 1668, partook in the new combinat. for ch. aft. withdrawal of Rev. Abraham Pierson to New Jersey, and very soon rem. to New Haven, and was active in business, sent in 1673 to the Dutch, after they had retaken New York, to inqu. a. their further purpose, named capt. of the horse in Philip's war, but declined to accept, was a judge of the Co. bef. during, and aft. the usurp. of Andros, but [[vol. 3, p. 579]] out in 1690; and in 1692, with Edward Palmes and Gershom Bulkley, oppos, the Charter gov. and d. 19 July 1694, aged 64, as the gr.st. tells, and his wid. d. 1698. He had Maud, b. 21 Aug. 1688; and William, 16 June 1670; both at New Haven, beside the Richard, wh. prob. was b. at Charlestown; and perhaps by ano. w. Elizabeth 1 Oct. 1679. This call. by Caulkins "only ch. of W. R." bec. sec. w. of Gov. Saltonstall, had five ch. and d. soon aft. b. of the last. It must be that "only child" means only surviv. My informat. is deriv. chiefly from Judge R. D. Smith of Guilford, aft. dilig. scrutiny of rec.

ROTHERFORD, RUDDERFORD, or RUTHERFORD, HENRY, New Haven 1643, by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 31 Jan. 1641, bapt. 1 Oct. 1643; Lydia, Aug. 1644, d. soon; John, bapt. 19 July 1646; Mary, b. 23 Feb. 1650; Elizabeth 19 June 1652, d. soon; and he d. Sept. 1668, leav. wid. Sarah, wh. m. 11 Dec. 1670, Gov. William Leete, and d. soon aft. mak. her will, 12 Feb. 1674. Mary m. 16 Nov. 1670, Daniel Hall, and next, 23 Aug. 1681, John Prout; and Sarah, m. 24 June 1657, Thomas Trowbridge.

ROUNDY, ROUNDEE, or ROUNDAY, PHILIP, Salem, m. Nov. 1671, Ann Bush, and d. 1678, for his inv. of est. L7.10.6 only, was tak. 24 June of that yr. Mary R. perhaps his d. m. 19 Apr. 1695, Thomas Walter. Perhaps Mark Round, one of the soldiers under Capt. Hill, against E. Ind. 1699, was his s.

ROUS, ROUSE, or ROWSE, ALEXANDER, prob. of Cambridge, bef. Groton, by w. Judith, m. 15 May 1672, had Judith and Elizabeth tw. b. 2 Feb. 1673, both d. soon; Elizabeth again, d. soon; and Sarah, 16 July 1686. Butler. EDWARD, Gloucester 1651. FAITHFUL, Charlestown 1641, adm. of the ch. 1 July 1643, his w. Suretrust hav. join, the yr. bef. and d. Mercy in Dec. aft. him; was freem. 1644, and d. 18 May 1664, aged 75; in his will of 9 Apr. pro. 21 June foll. names w. S. and d. M. Sweat, prob. w. of John. JOHN, Duxbury, m. Annis, d. of John Peabody, had Mary, b. 1640, wh. m. a Price; John, 1643; Simon, 1645; George, 1648; Ann, wh. m. 1678, Isaac Holmes; and Elizabeth wh. m. 10 Apr. 1681, Thomas Bourne, and d. 9 Apr. 1701. His will Winsor says, was of 1681. He liv. in Marshfield cheifly, and there d. 1684; but Deane claims him, prob. by mistake, for some time, at Scituate, where he should suffer whip. and banishm. as a quaker, but came back 1658. 

JOHN, Marshfield, s. prob. of the preced. m. 13 Jan. 1675, Elizabeth Dotey; and d. Oct. 1717. *SIMON, Little Compton 1691, a rep. unless this distinct. belongs to S. Rowley. WILLIAM, Boston, goldsmith, by w. Sarah had Mary, b. 20 Sept. 1676; William 25 May 1678; and d. 1705 in 65th yr. 

WILLIAM, Boston, prob. s. of the preced. mariner, charged, with sev. others, in 1706, for a high misdemean. in trad. with the enemy, and on imprison. was, by Ch. Just. Sewall, refus. His habeas corpus, suffer. a yr. and a half in gaol. Prob. this was to spite Gov. Dudley, against [[vol. 3, p. 580]] whom bitter railing and false report were raised out of the circumstances. See the official papers in 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 240; Hutch. II. 1654-162; and the wonderful letters of Increase and Cotton Mather to D. with his reply in 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 126-137. Sewall relates in his Diary, that his min. the famous Ebenezer Pemberton, wh. we may suspect that the parishioner had favored with a perusal, said to him, that "if he were Gov. he would humble Cotton Mather, tho. it cost him his head." In our whole Provinc. hist. nothing is more curious than the outery a. trad. with the enemy at this time, and the results, partly cruel, partly ridiculous.

ROWDEN, JOHN, Salem 1652-68, m. aft. Aug. 1676, the wid. of Richard Hammond, k. at that time, with Capt. Lake, by the Ind. at Kennebeck. See petitn. of his w. to Sir Edmund Andros, for redress in the destruct. of the prop. by Major Waldron. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 181.


ROWE, HUGH, Gloucester, s. of John, m. 10 June 1667, Rachel Langdon, had Rachel, b. 10 Nov. 1668; Ruth, 26 Jan. 1671; and Mary. 5 Feb. 1674. His w. d. 7 of next mo. and he m. 10 Sept. foll. Mary, d. of Thomas Prince, had next yr. Margaret, wh. d. soon; Abigail, 19 Dec. 1677; and ano. d. beside Joseph; Benjamin; Abraham, 26 Apr. 1689; Isaac; and Jacob. JOHN, Duxbury, early took o. of fidel, says Winsor; but when was early is not told, nor any thing else. I suspect the name means Rowse. JOHN, Gloucester 1651, d. 9 Mar. 1662; in his will of 15 Oct. 1661, pro. 24 June foll. names w. Bridget, and s. John, and Hugh, the latter call. 20 yrs. old in 1665. The wid. m. 14 Nov. 1662, William Colman, outliv. him a fortnight, d. 2 May 1640. 

JOHN, Gloucester, elder br. of Hugh, freem. 1673, m. 27 Sept. 1663, Mary Dickinson, d. perhaps of Philemon, had John, b. Apr. 1665; James, 25 Dec. 1666; Thomas, 26 Nov. 1668; Mary, 11 Feb. 1671; Elizabeth, 21 May 1673; Stephen, 26 Sept. 1675; Samuel, 26 Mar. 1678; Ebenezer, 19 Aug. 1680; and Andrew, 1683, wh. d. at 17 yrs. His w. d. 1701, by wh. he had four more ch. of wh. only Rebecca outliv. youth. The f. d. 25 Sept. 1700. JOHN, New Haven, s. of Matthew, m. 14 July 1680, Abigail, d. of Joseph Alsop, had John, b. 23 Oct. 1681; Matthew, 14 Feb. 1684; Stephen, 1 July 1687; Abigail, 13 Aug. 1689; Hannah, 11 Feb. 1691; and Sarah, 15 Oct. 1700. 

MATTHEW, New Haven, had Elizabeth b. 10 Aug. 1650; Daniel, 4 Jan. 1652; both d. young; John, 30 Apr. 1654; Hannah, Aug. 1656; Joseph, 20 Feb. 1659; both d,. young; and Stephen 28 Aug. but ano. acco. says 6 June 1660; and d. 27 May 1662. MOSES, Boston, d. Jan. 1663, prob. unm. NICHOLAS, Portsmouth 1640, had w. Elizabeth RICHARD, Dover, 1650, had Thomas; Edward; and Jane, wh. m. John Dame. THOMAS, Hampton, 1678. Prob. some of his name may be spell. Roe, and oft. Row. A goodman R. at Bristol. 1689, had ten ch.

[[vol. 3, p. 581]]

ROWELL, JACOB, Amesbury, only s. of Thomas of Ipswich, had Moses, b. 29 Nov. 1699. NATHANIEL, Salisbury 1640. PHILIP, Amesbury 1677. THOMAS, Ipswich 1652-8, had been of Salem 1649, Salisbury 1640, and m. Margery, wid. of the first Christopher Osgood, wh. aft. d. of R. m. Thomas Coleman of Nantucket; d. at Androver, 8 May 1662. THOMAS, Boston worsted comber, where prob. he resid. very short time, made his will, 10 Sept. 1658. VALENTINE, Salisbury, m. 14 Nov. 1643. Joanna Pindenn d. I presume, of Henry, had John, b. 1645, d. young; Philip, 8 Mar. 1648; Mary, 31 Jan. 1650; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1651; and John, again, wh. do. 18 Feb. 1656; was a carpenter, and d. 17 May 1662.

ROWLAND, HENRY, Fairfield 1650-70, freem. 1669, perhaps was f. of that Elizabeth wh. a. 1640 m. James Rogers; and certain. his d. Rebecca m. Eleazer Smith. In his will his names four ds. Elizabeth Wheeler, wh. had been w. of James Rogers; Abigail, w. of Thomas Johnes; Rebecca Smith; and Mary, w. of Daniel Frost. He d. in 1691; and Jonathan wh. left a wid. and Henry wh. was unm. both his s. d. the same yr. JOHN, Hingham, but possib. may be ano. spelling, for somebody, unless he were the Plymouth man of 1632, whose bapt. name in the tax of Jan.1633, is lost. JOSEPH, Fairfield, a prob. of Henry, was 48 yrs. old in Sept. 1691. RICHARD, Salem 1648, was of Marblehead 1673 and 4. His w. was Mary, d. of James Smith, and ch. Samuel, Mary, Joseph, and two more. SAMUEL, Stratford, may have been f. of Henry, but possib. his d. Elizabeth to bef. 1640 James Rogers, to whose eldest s. Samuel he gave large est. Five of this name had been gr. at Yale, in 1829, and three of other N. E. coll. none at Harv.

ROWLARDSON, JOSEPH, Lancaster, s. of Thomas, b. prob. in Eng. was the first min. there, the sole grad. of 1652 at Harv. in two yrs went to L. to preach, but was not ord. bef. 1660, tho. highly reput. m. Mary, d. of John White, a woman of uncommon discretion and firmness, as he. Narrative of that doleful captivity wh. foll. the assault by the Ind. 1 Feb. 1676, when one or more of the fam. were k. and the rest taken exc. hims. wh. had gone to Boston for succor, must fully exhib. they had Joseph, wh. d. soon; Joseph, again, b. 2 Mar. 1662; Mary 16666; Sarah, 1669; perhas one or two more; for her distress leaves some indistinetness in the story of her fate. Aft. the utter destruct. of the town. he preach, in Boston and elsewhere, tho. unsett. until call. to Wethersfield Apr. 1677, where his time was but short, 3. 23 or 24 Nov. 1678. Of the curious work of Mrs. R. usual, call. the Removes, Mr. Willard in 1828 pub. the sixth edit. with copious illustration, and some strange matter of youthful indiscreet, in the h. He had, of all his fam. only w. and Joseph and Mary, lib. at the time of his d. The books in his inv. were val. of L89 wh. must be regard, as extraord. amt. after so short a time from his loss.

[[vol. 3, p. 582]] JOSEPH, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. m. Hannah, d. of Phineas Wilson, had large prop. with her, wh. d. 1704, aged 29. He d. 22 Jan. 17123, leav. descend. there for above a century. THOMAS, Ipswich 1637, freem. 2 May 1638, then spell. Rawlinson, as oft. in town rec. it is Rolenson, had Thomas, Joseph, and perhaps other ch. some, if not all, b. in Eng. d. at Lancaster 17 Nov. 1657. THOMAS; Salisbury, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 17 May 1653 or 4, as the rec. says. Dorothy Portland. tho. where this name was found, is quite a mystery to me. had Elizabeth b. 7 June 1654, d. next yr. Thomas, 5 July 1656; Sarah, 5 Aug. 1658; Elizabeth again, 26 Feb. 1661; Joseph, 18 Feb. 1664; Mary, 24 Aug. 1665; Martha, 24 Aug. 1666; John, 20 Mar. 1668; and Ann, 16 Mar. 1669. His will of 7 July 1682, just bef. his d. names s. Joseph and four ds. Sarah m. 5 Dec. 1684, Nicholas Bond.

ROWLE, RICHARD, ins. among inhab. of Newbury 1678, in Geneal. Reg. VII. 349, is by me confid,. thot. to be mispr. for Lowle or Lowell, because the age is 76, wh. is the exact number of yrs. of Lowell then lib. at N. and his name does not appear in that list. ROBERT, Marblehead 1668.

ROWLEY, HENRY, Plymouth 16312, perhaps came in the Charles, with Hatherly, was of Scituate 1634, with his w. partook in gather. of first ch. there, 8 Jan. 1635, and rem. to Barnstable with Lathrop 1639, m. 17 Oct. 1633, Ann, wid. of Thomas Blossom, prob. as his sec. w. for I suppose Sarah, wh. m. 11 Apr. 1646, Jonathan Hatch, was his d. JOSEPH, Barnstable 1655, perhaps was s. of the preced. *MOSES, Barnstable, br. perhaps of the preced. m. 22 Apr. 1652, Elizabeth Fuller, had Mary, b. 20 Mar. 1653; Moses, 10 Nov. 1654; a ch. b. and d. 15 Aug. 1656; Shubael and Mehitable, tw. 11 Jan. 1660; Sarah, 10 Sept. 1662; Aaron, 1 May 1666; John, 2 Oct. 1667; was rep. 1692, prob. under new chart. rem. to Haddam, there d. 1705, leav. wid. Elizabeth and ch. Moses, Matthew, and Mehitable, w. of John Fuller. 

SHUBAEL, East Haddam, s. of Moses, d. in Mar. 1714, leav. wid. Catharine, d. of Thomas Crippin, and she, 5 Feb. 1719, in deed, calls Edward Fuller her s.-inlaw. *SIMON, Little Compton, rep. 1691, by Baylies, IV. 142, call. perhaps correct. Rouse. THOMAS, Windsor, m. 5 May 1669, Mary, d. of Henry Denslow, had Mary, b. 16 Apr. 1670; Martha, 213 May 1677; John, 27 Oct. 1679; Abigail, 10 Feb. 1686; and Grace, 5 Aug. 1692; beside Thomas, and Samuel, whose dates, prob. intermed. are unkn. He was freem. 1669, and d. 4 Aug. 1708. THOMAS, Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 16 Mar. 1699, Violet Stedman, had Hannah, b. 5 July 1700, d. young; Ann, 24 Sept. 1703; Thomas, 5 Dec. 1705; Sarah, 17 Sept. 1708; Samuel, 11 Mar. 1710; Daniel, 11 Oct. 1717; and Hannah, again, 11 Feb. 1720. Sometimes the name is Rowell in the rec.

[[vol. 3, p. 583]]

ROWTON, RICHARD, came 1635, in the Susan and Ellen from London, aged 36, with w. Ann. 36, and ch. Edmund, 6. He is call. in the Eng. rec. husbandman, but I hear not of him on this side of the water. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 260, with correct. in X. 128; but also in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 311.

ROY, JOHN, Charlestown, by w. Elizabeth Phipps, prob. d. of Solomon, had there bapt. Elizabeth 9 Oct. 1670; Solomon, 16 Feb. 1673; Mary, 7 Mar. 1675, perhaps d. soon; and Mary, 22 Aug. 1680.

ROYAL, or RYALL, ISAAC, Dorchester, carpenter, m. Ruth, d. of Thomas Tolman, had Ruth, b. 2 Nov. 1668; Mary, 8 Sept. 1670; Samuel, 21 July 1677; and William, 17 Mar. 1680; built the new ch. edifice 1676, and bo. the old one for L10, tho. the new was not accp. bef. Nov. 1678; was freem. 1690, but the w. d. 1 May 1681, and by ano. w. he had, says Geneal. Reg. XIV. 249, Isaac, 10 May 1682; Jerusha, 15 Jan. 1684; and Robert, Jan.1688. JOHN, York, s. of William the first, m. Elizabeth Dodd; was there in 1680, to take o. of alleg. to the k. but in 1688 was tak. by the Ind. at North Yarmouth; yet was lib. in Boston, 1695. JOSEPH, charlestown,by w. Mary had one ch. bapt. 21 Jan. 1683, she have. join. the ch. the wk. bef. and a d. 15 July foll. but neither of these nam. in the rec. yet one was Sarah prob. beside Phebe, 16 June 1690 was of Boston 1695. Sarah, m. William Tyler. 

SAMUEL, Boston 1665, br. of John, a cooper, had w. Sarah, and was rememb. in the will of Samuel Cole. WILLIAM, Sasco 1636, had been sent by the Gov. and Comp. to Capt. Endicott at Salem from London, as noted in their letter to him, 17 Apr. 1629, as a "cleaver of timber." See Young's Chron. of Mass. 164, or the noble first quarto of our Col. Rec. 396. Part of the town of S. was early call. Ryall side, or Ryall neck. he purch. of Gorges 1643, on E. side of Wescustogo, now Royall's riv. in North Yarmouth, and lib. near its mouth, m. perhaps at Boston, or Malden, Phebe Green, d. of what wid. Margaret, wh. bec. sec. w. of Samuel Cole of B. had William, b. 1640; John; and Samuel. To this last, out of regard for his gr. mo. Cole gave, in 1653, an est. in B. and confirm. it in his will. In 1673, he convey. his E. principality to s. William and John, for support dur. life of self and w. See Willis I. 195. 

WILLIAM, North Yarmouth, s. of the preced. was driv. by the Ind. to the W. and at Dorchester spent some yrs. freem. 1678, and d. 7 Nov. 1724. He had Isaac, b. a. 1672, and other childr. but their names are not kn. nor their fortunes, exc. that one d. m. Amos Stevens of North Yarmouth; that Jemima, d. of William and Mary, aged 17, d. at Dorchester, 9 Nov. 1709; and that the eldest s. aft. near 40 yrs. resid. in Antigua, came home, July 1737, and d. at his beautiful resid. in Medford, 7 June 1639. His s. Isaac was cho. a Provine, Counsel, and serv. a [[vol. 3, p. 584]] long period as rep. but standing for the crown, on the outburst of the revo. he went to Eng. and d. Oct. 1781. Sabine says, in Amer. Loyalist, 582, that his prop. was confiscat. If so, the claws of the harpies employ. did not reach all, for he enjoy. a patriot gentlemen's revenge, and show, his resentment in making gift of more than 2,000 acres in Worcester Co. to Harv. Coll. where he had not been educ. as foundat. of the royall Professorship of Law.

ROYCE. See Roise.

ROYLE, GABRIEL, Plymouth 1643, unless this be, as I fear, a misprint.

RUCK, *JOHN, Salem, s. of Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Spooner of the same, had Elizabeth b. 1 Feb. 1653; and Hannah, 17 Mar. 1654, both bapt. 18 May 1655; John, 1 Apr. 1655, d. in few days; Sarah, 12 Aug. bapt. 17 Dec. 1656; John, again, 30 Aug. bapt. 6 Sept. 1657; Thomas, 23 Oct. 1658, bapt. 16 June 1659; and his w. d. 29 Jan. 1661. He m. 17 Sept. foll. Sarah Flint, perhaps d. of William, had Abigail, 28 Oct. 1662; Mary, 30 July prob. tho. Essex Inst. III. 95, gives Aug. but she was bapt. 6 Aug. 1665; Bethia, 8 Apr. 1668; beside Rebecca, Sept. 1671, wh. m. 1689, John Appleton; was freem. 1665, in 1684 was aged 57, rep. 1685, 90 and 1; selectman 1686. His w. d. 4 May 1672. He m. 26 Dec. foll. for third w. Elizabeth wid. of John Croade, d. of Walter Price, had Ruth, 20 Oct. foll.; John, again, 20 May 1675; and Samuel, 24 June 1676; but in Vol. II. 127 and 184 of Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. his name is giv. Burke. Hannah m. 24 Oct. 1676, Benjamin Gerrish. He had the unhap. distinct. of being foreman of that gr. jury wh.found one of the five indictm. against Bridget Bishop, the first suffer. under the inferna. delusion of 1692. See Mather brief extr. from Hale, more full in Calef, best in Essex Inst. II. 139. 

SAMUEL, Boston, was freem. 1683, and possib. was again sw. 1690. THOMAS, Charlestown 1638, rem. with w. to Salem, freem. 13 May 1640, had Stephen, bapt. 17 Apr. 1642, and prob. others, do. 1670, as did, I suppose, his wid. for her inv. was tak. in Nov. of that yr. THOMAS, innholder at Boston 1651, m. 22 July 1656, Margaret Clark, and in 1675 had w. Elizabeth and ch. of these sev. ages; Elizabeth 18, being b. 11 May 1657; Thomas, 16, b. 9 July 1659; Sarah, 14; Abigail, 11; Peter, 9, wh. was H. C. 1685; John, 6; and Margaret, 4. THOMAS, Boston s. of Thomas of the same, d. in Eng. a. 1652, in his will made there, of wh. admin. was giv. 16 June 1653, names f. Thomas, sis. Joane, w. of George Halsey, and Samuel and John, perhaps cous. of Salem. It is impossible, I fear, exactly to discrimin. these Rucks.

RUDD, JONATHAN, New Haven, perhaps 1640, certain. took o. of fidel. 1 Oct. 1644, Saybrook 1646, adm. freem. 1651 at hartford, M. in the winter of 1647, by John Winthrop of New London, wh. act. under commis. from mass. there, and made the young couple meet him half way, bec. the snow was so dep, and he had no authority at S. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. Ii. 558. Miss Caulkins, New london 48, tells the story, with docum. in full, and has also commeno. it in verse. He prob. d. 1668. his d. Patience m. 7 oct. 1675, Samuel Bushnell. Other ch. [[vol. 3, p. 585]] prob. were Mary, suppos, first b. wh. m. 12 Dec. 1666, Thomas Bingham; Jonathan; and Nathaniel. 

JONATHAN, Norwich, prob. s. of the proced. by w. Mercy, m. 19 Dec. 1678, had Mercy, b. 8 Oct. 1679; Jonathan, 18 Mar. 1682; Nathaniel, 22 May 1684; Mary, 15 Oct. 1686; and Abigail, 2 Feb. 1688. NATHANIEL, Norwich, prob. br. of the preced. m. 16 Apr. 1685, Mary Post, had Jonathan, b. 22 May 1693; Mary, 3 Feb. 1696; Lydia, 22 June 1697; and his w. d Nov. 1705. By sec. w. m. 31 Jan. 1706, he had Nathaniel, 6 Apr. 1707;' Joseph, 31 oct. 1708; and eight more ch. and he d. Apr. 1727.

RUDDOCK, or RUDDYK, JOLLIFF, Boston, perhaps s. of John, d. Sept. 1649. JOHN, Sudbury, freem. 13 May 1640, one of the first sett. at Marlborough, and town clk. 1660, also deac. The ruddock fam. I think of Trowbridge. wilts.

RUEL, JOHN, Saco, m. 1668, Emma, d. of William Seely.

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