A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Sharp - Sheffield 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

SHARP, CHARLES, New Hampsh. 1684. JOHN, Dover 1663. JOHN, Westerly 1668. JOHN, Boston, by w. Martha had Robert, b. 1665; and prob. others. He was s. of Robert, liv. at Muddy riv. now Brookline, was lieut. of that comp. of Wadsworth at Sudbury fight, Apr. 1676, that was near. cut off to a man. A let. of his, writ. few wks. bef. his d. in Geneal. Reg. X. 65, is worth read. Dr. Pierce, in his Hist. of the town, says, "the s. of this lieut. S. afterwards lost his life in an expedit. against the Ind. in Canada." JOHN, Cambridge, merch. had w. Elizabeth wh. d. 9 Mar. 1699, in her 25th yr. as the inscr. of her gr.st. is giv. by Harris, wh. tells no more of him. RICHARD, Boston, freem. 1674, d. 5 Aug. 1677. ROBERT, Braintree, came in the Abigail, perhaps, 1635, from London, aged 20, had John, b. 12 Mar. 1643, and may have been at Rehoboth the same yr. but certain. bot. in 1650, wiht Peter Aspinwall, the large farm of William Colborn at Muddy riv.; had Mary, bapt. at Roxbury, 5 Dec. 1652, and elder d. Abigail, b. a. 1648. He d. Jan. 1655, his inv. in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 276, being of 19th of that mo. tho. Farmer had it July 1653; and his wid. Abigail, bec. sec. w. of Nicholas Clap. 

SAMUEL, Salem 1629, came, with Rev. Samuel Skelton, in the George Bonadventure, emb. in Apr. of this yr. with a duplicate of the chart. of the Col. by the Gov. and Assist. of Mass. betrusted to him, and they appoint. him to be of the counc. to capt. John Endicott, Gov. of their planta. with three min. Higginson, Skelton, and Bright, beside the two Browns, John, and Samuel, and Thomas Graves, the engineer. But as they were requir. to be under oath, and that was prob. never admin. (see Endicott); and as he was chos. an Assist. at the Gen. Ct. in London, 20 Oct. foll. (when Winthrop was chos. Gov. in lieu of Cradock then resign.) but never took the o. of qualificat. being on our side of the water, and Ludlow was chos. in his place, at the Ct. 10 Feb. aft. I have not giv. him the designat. of that rank. Aft. the governm. was transfer. hither, he desir. adm. freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was adm. 3 July 1632, [[vol. 4, p. 61]] but had been made rul. elder, prob. in 1630, aft. d. of Houghton. By w. Alice he had Elias, bapt. 1 Jan. 1637; Edward, 14 Apr. 1639; Mary, 28 June 1640; Experience, a d. 19 Sept. 1641; Nathaniel, 10 Nov. 1644; and Hannah, 1647; beside the eldest, Abigail (perhaps by a former w.), wh. m. Oct. 1647, Thomas Jeggles. He d. says Bentley, 1658; but Felt thinks, 1656; and his wid. d. 1667. 

THOMAS, Boston, chos. an Assist. 20 Oct. 1629, in London, when the new Gov. Winthrop was chos. and they came together in the fleet of 1630. On 3 Jan. foll. his only d. (as from the lang. of Gov. Dudley may be infer.) was tak. from him, and his ho. burn. 16 Mar. aft. so that we may not blame, however we regret, his leav. our country forever, emb. 1 Apr. with Sir Richard Saltonstall and his fam. to go home.

SHARSWOOD, GEORGE, New London 1666, had George, and William, perhaps not tw. bapt. 2 Apr. 1671; Mary, 1672; and Catharine, 1674. He d. 1 May of that yr. and his wid. m. 1678, George Darrow; and Mary m. Jonathan Hill. WILLIAM, New London, s. of the preced. by w. Abigail had Jonathan, George, and Abigail, all bapt. Sept. 1700; and he d. bef. 1705, when George Polly of Philadelphia had m. his wid. Yet he had other s. William, and James.

SHATSWELL, SHOTSWELL, SATCHELL, or SATCHELLS, JOHN, Ipswich 1633, was fined, 3 Sept. by our Gen. Ct. for distemper in drink, but 5 yrs. aft. half of the fine was remit. and he was much more correct in deportm. d. 1647, and his will was pro. 30 Mar. It names w. Joanna, s. Richard, br. Theophilus, br. Curwin, and sis. Mary Webster, w. of John. His wid. m. John Green of Charlestown, outliv. him, and d. 17 Apr. 1673. JOHN, Ipswich, s. of Richard, m. 20 June 1684, Sarah Younglove, d. of the sec. Samuel of the same, had John, b. 1 Apr. 1685, d. soon; John, again, 17 Mar. 1687, d. young. RICHARD, Ipswich, s. of the first John, b. prob. in Eng. by w. Rebecca, perhaps, had Mary, wh. d. Sept. 1657; Sarah, b. 19 Aug. 1658; Richard, wh. d. 28 Jan. 1664; Ann, b. 21 Feb. 1666; Richard, again; John, and Hannah, or Joanna, perhaps both; and he d. 13 July 1694. Sarah m. a Rindge. RICHARD, Ipswich, s. of the preced. d. 16 May 1698, leav. w. Elinor, wh. was of Daniel Cheney, and only ch. Richard. THEOPHILUS, Ipswich 1642, was at Haverhill 1646, but back to I. in 1648, had w. Susanna, and d. 1668. He may have been f. of a William, wh. d. there a. 1663.

SHATTON, SAMPSON, as in the valua. Hist. of R. I. by Arnold this name is giv. four times out of five to the man common. nam. Shotten, wh. see.

SHATTUCK, JOHN, Watertown, eldest s. of William the first, m. 20 June 1664, Ruth, eldest d. of John Whitney of the same, had John, b. [[vol. 4, p. 62]] 4 June 1666, wh. was, with his first b. ch. John, k. by the Ind. at Groton, 8 May 1709; Ruth, 24 Jan. 1668; William, 11 Sept. 1670; and Samuel. He was in capt. Beers's comp. at Squakeag fight, 4 Sept. 1675, and ten days aft. was drown. in cross. Charlestown ferry; and his wid. m. 6 Mar. 1677, Enoch Lawrence of Groton. PHILIP, Watertown, br. of the preced. physician, m. 9 Nov. 1670, Deborah, d. of William Barstow of Dedham, had Deborah, b. 11 Oct. 1671, d. in few days; Philip, 26 Jan. 1673, d. young; Susanna, 6 Aug. 1675; Ann, 8 Dec. 1677; and his w. d. 4 or 24 Nov. 1679. On 11 Feb. foll. he m. Rebecca Chamberlain, had Joseph, 12 Aug. 1681, d. at 2 yrs; Rebecca, 10 Mar. 1683; Benjamin, 17 Mar. 1685; Joseph, again, 6 Mar. 1687; Nathaniel, 14 Jan. 1689; Isaac; Amos, 19 Mar. 1695; Sarah, 26 Oct. 1696; Theophilus; and Philip, again, 19 Oct. 1699, both bapt. 14 (not 15, as Bond tells, wh. was Monday) Apr. 1700; and d. 26 June 1722. His will, of 29 Jan. pro. 30 Aug. foll. made Isaac excor. names both of his s. Philip, and other ch.; and his wid. d. 1728. 

SAMUEL, Salem, a feltmaker, s. of that wid. Damaris, wh. m. Thomas Gardner the first was b. in Eng. a. 1620, adm. of the ch. 1642, but excommun. aft. many yrs. for a Quaker, and fin. 1669 for entertain. Thomas Maule, ano. of that sect, and banish. on pain of death; went home, and came back with order, I exult in saying, from Charles II. for cessat. of such prosecut. Wh. was his w. is unkn. but her name was Grace, and he had ch. Samuel, b. 7 Oct. 1649; Hannah, 28 Aug. 1651; Damaris, 11 Nov. 1653; Mary, 14 Mar. 1655; Priscilla, 1 May 1658; Return, 16 Aug. 1662; Retire, 28 Mar. 1664; and Patience, 18 Nov. 1666. Six ds. were. m. Hannah to John Somes of Boston; Damaris to Benjamin Pope of Salem; Mary, to Benjamin Trask of Beverly; Priscilla, 26 Apr. 1694, to Hugh Nichols of Salem; Return, 14 Sept. 1688, to John Saunders; and Patience, 29 July 1689, to John Smith of Salem. SAMUEL, eldest ch. of the preced. hatter, m. 24 July 1676, Sarah, d. of the first William Bucknam of Malden, had Samuel, b. 7 Sept. 1678, wh. d. bef. his f. John, 13 Mar. 1680; and Margaret; and d. aft. mak. his will, 22 Dec. 1722, pro. 25 Mar. foll. SAMUEL, Watertown, youngest s. of William, by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. 17 Oct. 1686; Samuel, 16 Feb. 1689; and Martha, 11 Apr. 1694. 

WILLIAM, Watertown 1642, by w. Susanna had Susanna, b. 1643; Mary, 25 Aug. John, 11 Feb. 1647; Philip, 1648; Joanna; William, 1653; Rebecca, 1655; Abigail, 1657; Benjamin, d. young; and Samuel, 28 Feb. 1666. He d. 14 Aug. 1672, aged 58, in his will of 11 days preced. spell. his name Shathock, names all the ten ch. His wid. m. 18 Nov. 1673, Richard Norcross, as his sec. w. and d. 11 Dec. 1686. Descend. are very num. Susanna m. 12 Apr. 1661, Joseph Morse, and next, 5 July 1678, John Fay, and for third h. William Brigham; Mary m. 14 Feb. 1662, Jonathan Brown; Joanna d. 4 Feb. 1673, unm.; Rebecca m. 7 Feb. 1672, Samuel Church; [[vol. 4, p. 63]] and Abigail m. 17 Oct. 1678, Jonathan Morse, and next, Joshua Parker of Groton. WILLIAM, Boston, shoemak. adm. an inhab. 1652, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 8 July 1654; and Exercise, 12 Nov. 1656; bec. a Quaker, and aft. fail. to be instruct. by whip. and prison, was banish. and went to Shrewsbury, N.J. There his d. Hannah m. 6 Nov. 1674, Restore Lippincot, and had num. ch. WILLIAM, Watertown, s. of the first William, weaver, m. Susanna, d. of Stephen Randall, had Elizabeth b. 3 Nov. 1684; William, a. 1686; Benjamin, 30 July 1687, H. C. 1709; Joanna; Mary, bapt. 13 Apr. 1690; Abigail; Joseph, b. 9 Oct. 1694, d. next wk.; Jonathan, 16 Oct. 1695; Robert, 1 Jan. 1698; and Moses, 1 Nov. 1703. His w. d. 8 May 1723, and he d. 19 Oct. 1732. Farmer notes, that four of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at Harv. and three at Dart.

SHAVELIN, GEORGE, Charlestown 1635, but not inhab. next yr. Frothingham, 84.

SHAW, ABRAHAM, Dedham 1638, had prob. liv. at Watertown some yrs. bef. at least his. ho. and goods were burn. there Oct. 1636, as told in Winthrop I. 200, was freem. 9 Mar. 1637. He had that yr. gr. of half the coal and iron to be found in common lds. and this would more stimulate his curiosity than incr. his wealth, had he not d. the next yr. and in 1639 his admors. sold the est. at D. Of ch. we hear the names, Joseph, John, Mary, and Martha; and to Joseph, with Nicholas Byram, wh. had m. one of the ds. was entr. the admin. under the will, of wh. the abstr. is giv. in Genealog. Reg. II. 180. Descend. perhaps thro. both s. are found in the neighb. ANDREW, Salem 1691. ANTHONY, Boston, m. 8 Apr. 1653, Alice Stonard, perhaps d. of John, had William, b. 21 Jan. 1654, d. at 2 mos.; William, again, 24 Feb. 1655; and Elizabeth 21 May 1656; but no descend. is kn. 

BENJAMIN, Weymouth, s. of John the first, by w. Hannah had Susanna, b. 6 Feb. 1699; and, perhaps, if our rec. did not fail soon aft. that date, we might read sev. more. BENONI, Plympton, s. of Jonathan, m. Lydia, d. of John Waterman, had Lydia, b. 1697; John, 1699; Mary, 1700; Margaret, 1701; Elkanah, 1703; Jonathan, 1704; Moses, 1705; Benoni; Benjamin and Hannah, tw. 1715; Rebecca and Abigail, tw.; Phebe; and a d. without name; and he d. 5 Mar. 1751; and his wid. d. 25 July 1657. EDWARD, Duxbury 1632, acc. Winsor, may be the same, as Folsom found at Saco, where his w. Jane was whip. for slander, and the yr. bef. was of Scarborough, acc. Southgate, 26; and there in few yrs. he d. for his s. Richard, aft. resid. some yrs. as heir, sold his est. 1662. FEARNOT, Boston, blacksmith 1671, s. of Joseph the first of Weymouth, m. Bethia, d. of Jacob. Leager, had Jacob, b. 6 Nov. 1672; and John, 30 Mar. 1678. 

GEORGE, Eastham, s. perhaps, of Jonathan, m. 8 Jan. 1690, Constance, d. of Daniel [[vol. 4, p. 64]] Doane of the same, had Elkanah, Rebecca, George, Hannah, John, and Jonathan; and d. 2 May 1720. ISRAEL, Salem, s. of William, claim. sh. of com. lds. in right of proprs. of 1661, so late as 1713, and no more is kn. of him, exc. that he m. Elizabeth Booth, and had Israel, b. 16 Dec. 1698; and Susanna, 29 Sept. 1703. JAMES, Plymouth 1643, s. of the first John, prob. b. in Eng. m. 24 Dec. 1652, Mary, d. of Experience Mitchell, had James, b. 6 Dec. 1654, and two ds. 

JOHN, Plymouth 1632, or some yrs. bef. brot. from Eng. w. Alice and ch. John, James, Jonathan, and Abigail, wh. m. Stephen Bryant, and d. 24 Oct. 1694. He was one of the purch. of Dartmouth 1652; his w. d. 6 Mar. 1655, at P. and he bec. one of the first sett. at Middleborough 1662. His s. John went unm. to Eng. JOHN, Boston, a butcher, ar. co. 1646; by w. Martha had John, b. 16 May 1646, prob. d. soon; John, again, 1648; Samuel, 4 Nov. 1651, d. at 10 mos.; Martha, 16 Sept. 1655; and Joseph, 11 Nov. 1657; made provis. for annuity to hims. and w. Elizabeth 1670, and d. 23 July 1687. He may be the same, wh. was call. a fisherman in the list of contribut. 1657 to build the "townhouse" of B. JOHN, Weymouth, s. of Abraham, b. in Eng. by w. Alice, wh. outliv. him, had Elizabeth b. 26 Feb. 1656; Abraham, 10 Oct. 1657; Mary, 24 Mar. 1660; Nicholas, 23 Mar. 1662; Joseph, 15 Apr. 1664; Alice, 6 July 1666; Hannah, 7 Apr. 1668; Benjamin, 16 June 1670; Abigail, 15 July 1672; and Ebenezer, 24 Apr. 1674; beside John, prob. his first b. bef. the date of perfect rec. 

I ought to ment. that some slight uncert. is felt, whether this man were s. of Abraham, since Weymouth rec. show, that one JOHN there m. 7 June 1658; Sarah Waters, and he may have been of Abraham, and this h. of Alice have been br. of Abraham. However, as he nam. his eldest, or sec. s. Abraham (wh. serv. as a soldier on Conn. riv. Mar. 1676), my assumpt. may be good. JOHN, Malden, a tailor, had John, b. 16 Dec. 1667, and w. in 1670, Hannah, wh. d. 8 Spr. 1674; and he m. 12 Aug. foll. Elizabeth Ramsdell. JOHN, Stoningon 1670, prob. eldest s. of Thomas the same, was b. at Charlestown, and join. the ch. of Rev. James Noyes at S. 1677. JOHN, Rehoboth, had Priscilla, b. 22 June 1680; and Ann, 15 Mar. 1682. Prob. he rem. from Weymouth aft. 1676, for none of this name is earlier found at R. JOHN, Weymouth, s. prob. eldest ch. of John of the same, yet may have been s. of Joseph, freem. 1681, by w. Hannah had John, b. 16 Dec. 1679, wh. prob. d. young; Abraham, 14 Feb. 1685; Hannah, 26 Apr. 1687; John, again, 20 Jan. 1690; Mary, 5 May 1691; and Benjamin, 25 July 1693. JOHN, Weymouth, perhaps cous. ger. of John the sec. of the same, and s. of John or Joseph, but of wh. I am ign. by w. Judith had Elizabeth b. 26 Sept. 1687; Joseph, 11 Jan. 1692; Judith, 4 May 1693; and Abigail, 17 July 1695; perhaps others. Whatever doubt of identi. as to one or ano. John of Weymouth is felt, it is indisput. that Rev. John, gr.gr.s. of [[vol. 4, p. 65]]

Abraham, H.C. 1729, had four s. wh. were min. viz.: Oakes, H. C. 1758, f. of Hon. Lemuel, H. C. 1800, thirty yrs. Ch. Just. of Mass.; Bezaleel, H. C. 1762; William, H. C. 1762, min. of Marshfield, and f. of other min.; beside hD, C. l2,f.rfthe late Willim S.Shaur, tlle large-hearted founder of the Boston Athenaeum. JONATHAN, Plymouth 1654, s. of the first John, by him brot. from Eng. m. 22 Jan. 1657, Phebe, d. of George Watson, had Hannah; Jonathan, b. 1663; Phebe; Mary; George; Lydia; Benjamin and Benoni, tw. 1672, of wh. the former d. young; but whether all, or how many, of these were b. by that w. or when she d. we are ign. Yet it is kn. that he had sec. w. Persis, wid. of Benajah Pratt, and d. of deac. John Dunham. He may have liv. at Duxbury, or Eastham, pt. of his days. Hannah m. 5 Aug. 1678, Thomas Paine, jr. of Eastham; Phebe m. John Morton; Mary m. 1687, Eleazer Ring; and Lydia m. 4 Apr. 1689, Nicholas Snow. 

JONATHAN, s. of the preced. by first w. Mehitable Pratt had Jonathan, Phebe, Persis, Mehitable, James, Hannah, Elizabeth Priscilla, Abigail, and Samuel, it is said, and this w. d. 1712. By sec. w. Mary Darling, m. 16 Nov. 1715, he had Rebecca, b. 1718; and tho. his resid. or date of d. are unkn. his wid. we are told, d. 9 Mar. 1754, aged 80. JOSEPH, Dedham 1636, s. of Abraham, brot. from Eng. by his f. freem. 22 May 1639, rem. soon aft. d. of his f. to Weymouth, had Joseph, b. 14 July 1643; John; and others, not nam. of wh. Fearnot was one; d. 1653 at W. bef. rec. of that town are visib. His will is abstr. in Geneal. Reg. V. 303. JOSEPH, Boston, cooper, m. 1 Dec. 1653, Mary, d. of Nathaniel Souther, and d. 12 dags aft. and the wid. m. 16 Aug. foll. John Blake. JOSEPH, Hampton, s. of Roger m. 26 June 1661, Elizabeth d. of William Partridge of Salisbury; had Abiel, b. Oct. 1662, wh. m. Thomas Brown, and prob. others. JOSEPH, Charlestown, m. 16 Dec. 1664, Sarah Patten, perhaps d. of William; but nothing more is kn. of him, and it may be that he rem. JOSEPH, Weyrmouth, prob. s. of John first of the same, freem. 1691, by w. Judith had Judith, b. 4 May 1693; Abigail, 17 July 1695; and, perhaps, others aft. our transcr. stops. NICHOLAS, Weymouth, prob. br. of the preced. by w. Deborah had Alice, b. 13 Apr. 1687; Nicholas, 7 May 1689; Joshua, 18 Mar. 1692; John, 31 Mar. 1696; Zechary, 7 May 1669; and, perhaps, more. 

ROGER, Cambridge 1636, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Ann had Esther, b. June 1638; Mary, wh. d. 26 Jan. or Feb. 1640; Mary, again, 29 Sept. 1645; rem. to Hampton, there had sec. w. Susanna, wid. of William Tilton of Lynn, was rep. 1651 and 2, and d. 29 May 1662, leav. s. Joseph, Benjamin, and four ds. prob. all by first w. THOMAS, Hingham 1637, rem. bef. 1643, to Barnstable, tho. he did not sell his est. at H. bef. 1665, may have had no w. or ch. at least his will, of 25 June 1672, refers to [[vol. 4, p. 66]] none. Some have writ. the name Shae. THOMAS, Charlestrown, perhaps had w. Mary, adm. of the ch. July 1645; had John, b. 4 Mar. 1648, whose bapt. would fail to be found in the rec. hav. large gap aft. 1642; rem. 1656 to New London, and in 1658 was of Stonington, made freem. 1666, in the town list of 1669 call. sen. wh. permits us to suppose he had s. of the name. The governm. of Conn. in 1675 gr. to his w. a hundr. acres, so that we may presume he was late. d. THOMAS, Concord 1663. 

WILLIAM, Salem 1657, then was a serv. of Thomas Palmer, m. 23 Nov. 1668, Elizabeth d. of George Fraile of Lynn, had Samuel, b. 19 Feb. 1670, d.soon; William, 25 Sept. 1672; Elizabeth perhaps Jan. 1677; Israel, July 1680; and in his will of 1 Jan. 1722, pro. 30 Dec. 1726, he names ano. w. Mary, and other ch. beside those three, viz. Ebnezer, Daniel, Benjamin, and Margaret. Elizabeth had m. a Stockwell. Of this name, the gr. in 1834 were mark. by Farmer as fourteen at Harv. one at Yale, and ten at the other N. E. coll. The first eight at Harv. were min.

SHAWSON, GEORGE, Duxbury 1638, says Winsor, rem. bef. 1640, to Sandwich.

SHEAFFE, EDMUND, Boston, came from Cranbrook, Co. Kent, but when is unkn. nor is any thing told of him, but that he m. Elizabeth d. of Sampson Cotton of London, had Rebecca, Elizabeth and Sampson, but no dates of b. are giv. exc. 1650 for the last nam. ch. aft. d. of his f. JACOB. Boston, came with his mo. and Rev. Henry Whitfield, wh. m. one of his sis.; went first to Guilford, where he was one of the seven pillars for constitut. the ch. wh. to us appears strange, as he was so young, and unm. yet his relat. with the pastor will expla. if not justify, this distinct. He was b. at Cranbrook, in Kent, on the ch. reg. there call. s. of Edmund, b. 4 Aug. 1616, and prob. cous. ger. of the preced. In 1643 he rem. to Boston, and was engag. soon to m. the only ch. of Henry Webb; and in the rec. of our Gen. Ct. II. 46, we read this unusu. favor: "Jacob S. and Margaret Webbe are permit. to join in m. tho. but twice publish." He had Elizabeth b. 1 Oct. 1644; Sarah, 14 Sept. 1652; Ebenezer, 4 Feb. 1654; a ch. whose name is not told, 25 July 1655; Mehitable, 28 May 1658; and Jacob, posthum. 23 July 1659. In 1648 he was chos. to the ar. co. and the inscript. on his tomb in the old gr.yd. tells, that he d. 22 Mar. 1659, aged 42, only ch. then liv. being Elizabeth and Mehitable. His wid. m. Rev. Thomas Thacher of Boston, long outliv. him, and d. 23 Feb. 1694, in 68th yr.; Elizabeth m. 7 Sept. 1660, then under 16 yrs. Mr. Robert Gibbs, and 20 Mar. 1675, m. Jonathan Curwin, and d. 29 Aug. 1718; and Mehitable m. Sampson Sheaffe. He seems to have the largest est. of any that hitherto had d. at B. His mo. Joanna d. at Guilford, July 1659. 

SAMPSON, Boston 1672, merch. [[vol. 4, p. 67]] wh in indent. of Apr. 1673 calls hims. of London, m. Mehitable, d. of Jacob Sheaffe, had Jacob, b. 1677; and Sampson, 1681, H. C. 1702, went, aft. 1685, to Newcastle, N. H. and in that Prov. was collector of the customs, memb. of the counc. 1698, and Secr. and Judge of the Sup. Ct. but came back to B. and d. 1724. From him most of the name in N. H. descend. WILLIAM, Charlestown, m. 15 Aug. 1672, Ruth Wood, perhaps d. of Josiah, had Mary, b. 31 May 1673, bapt. 14 Dec. 1684; William, wh. d. in the pestilence of 1677; beside Edward; William; and Mary, all bapt. 13 Jan. 1689; but why some were not earlier, I am ign. and he d. 7 or 17 May 1713, aged 63. Of the s. Edward, I think, had Edward; and the gr.st. shows d. of his w. Mary, 1 Nov. 1748, aged 70; but she must have been third w. for a sec. m. 2 Mar. 1703 was Elizabeth wid of John Pinney, d. of Thomas Rand; and William d. 17 May 1718, and his s. William d. in Oct. foll. Among the early memb. of the ch. at Roxbury was a wid. S. and Ellis, in Hist. gives the names as of a man, with supply of goats and kids, prob. bef. 1640, yet no light has been shed on either. She may have been mo. of Jacob the first. Of this name, in 1839, ten had been gr. at Harv. and two at Yale.

SHEARER, sometimes SHERWOOD, THOMAS, Boston, tailor, m. 18 Apr. 1659, Hannah, d. of Thomas Bumstead.

SHEARMAN, JOHN, Dartmouth, of wh. he was among early sett. m. Sarah, d. of William Spooner, had ch. Timothy, Philip, Isaac, Ephraim, as is learn. from his will of 19 June 1720, pro. 21 May 1734, beside ds. Abigail Chase, and Hannah Shea, the h╒s. of wh. are unkn. to me. It made Philip and Timothy excors. and ment. his br. Peleg. But no informat. of the br. is obt. nor could I learn any thing of descend. of John, yet it is well kn. they have been num. Always have I suspect. that this name is the same as Sherman, even on our side of the water, but a large proportion of one branch being Quakers, the distinct. was easi. and harmless. made by insert. of the first let. of our alpha. JOHN, Marshfield, s. of the first William. But see Sherman, as comm. the name is writ.

SHEARS, or SHEERES, JEREMIAH, prob. of York, m. Susanna, wid. of Nicholas Green, and no more is told of bim, but that he d. 1664. SAMUEL, Dedham, m. 15 Aug. 1658, wid. Ann Grosse of Boston, prob. as sec. w. and resid. in that pt. wh. bec. Wrentham, where he liv. 1691, aged 64. SAMUEL, Wrentham, s. perhaps, of the preced. by w. Mary had Mary, b. 1664; John, 1666; Mehitable, 1 Feb. 1668; Solomon, 20 Feb. 1670, wh. at 19 yrs.; Grace, 29 Feb. 1672; and Judith, 17 June 1675; and his w. d. 26 Apr. 1704. Ano. SAMUEL of W. m. 27 Oct. 1683, Elizabeth d. of Isaac Heath of Roxbury. WILLIAM, Boston, 1657, may have gone home, and come again in 1671, then print. Shoars.

SHEATHER, JOHN, Guilford 1650, had John, b. 15 Aug. 1651; Mary, 14 Mar. 1654; Samuel, 3 Feb. 1658; Elizabeth 8 Jan. 1660; and Hannah, wh. m. 1685, Thomas Hall; and he was bur. 1 June 1670. JOHN, Killingworth, s. of the preced. m. 9 Feb. 1679, Elizabeth Wellman, had Elizabeth b. 20 Nov. foll.; Hannah, 25 Nov. 1681; John, 23 Mar. 1685; Susanna; and Rachel. His w. d. 5 Feb. 1718, and he d. 12 May 1721. SAMUEL, Killingworth, br. of the preced. by w. Mary had Mary, b. 1689; and Deborah, 1691. His wid. m. 29 Oct. 1694, Robert Chapman of Saybrook.

SHED, DANIEL, Braintree 1646, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 8 Mar. 1648; Daniel, 30 Aug. 1649; Hannah, 7 Sept. 1651; John, 2 Mar. 1655; Elizabeth and Zechariah, tw. 17 June 1656; Sarah, 30 Oct. 1658; and rem. a 1660 to Billerica, there had Samuel, 13 Aug. of that yr.; and Nathan, 5 Feb. 1668. His younger ds. Susanna and Eunice, perhaps [[vol. 4, p. 68]] one, if not both of the younger s. were b. by w. Elizabeth wh. d. 17 Jan. 1700, and he d. 27 July 1708. In the Col. Rec. this name is print. Shode. DANIEL, Billerica, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, m. 5 July 1670, Ruth, d. of Golden Moore, had seven ch. and d. 24 Dec. 1690, of smallpox. JOHN, Billerica, br. of the preced. m. 1677, Sarah, d. prob. of William Chamberlain, had eleven ch. and d. 31 Jan. 1737. ZECHARIAH, Billerica, br. of the preced. had w. Ann, and two ch. Hannah and Ages, all k. by the Ind. 1 Aug. 1692.

SHEDER, JOHN, Guilford, by Ruggles call. an early sett. 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 92, is the same as Sheather, wh. see.

SHEFFIELD, EDMUND, Roxbury 1641, m. 17 Apr. 1644, d. of the first Richard Woody, had John, b. 6, bapt. 23 Mar. 1645, rem. to Braintree, there had Edmund, b. 15 Dec. 1646; Ann, 1 Apr. 1649; Isaac, 15 Mar. 1651; Mary, 14 June 1653, wh. d. at 7 yrs.; Matthew, 26 May 1655; Samuel, 26 Nov. 1657; and Sarah, 6 June 1660; was freem. 1644; m. sec. w. 5 Sept. 1662, Sarah, d. of John Beal, wid. of Thomas Marsh of Hingham, and had Mary, 26 June 1663, Nathaniel, 16 Jan. 1666; and Deborah, 23 June 1667, wh. d. 8 Jan. 1691. Morse gave no acco. of the childr. FREDERICK, Portsmouth, R. I. was, perhaps, s. of Joseph, but certain. among freem. 1655. ICHABOD, Dover 1658, may have rem. to Portsmouth, R. I. and m. Mary, d. of George Parker of the same, had Joseph, b. 22 Aug. 1661; Mary, 30 Apr. 1664; Nathaniel, 8 Nov. 1667; Ichabod, 6 Mar. 1670; and Amos, 25 Jan. 1673. JOSEPH, Portsmouth, R. I. 1643, was, perhaps, br. of the preced. and prob. d. bef. 1655, as his name is not seen on the list of freem. 

JOSEPH, Portsmouth, R. I. s. of Ichabod, m. 12 Feb. 1685, Mary Shrieve, perhaps d. of Thomas, had Joseph, b. 2 Nov. foll.; Mary, 8 Nov. 1687; Elizabeth 15 Nov. 1689, d. soon; Benjamin, 18 June 1691; Edward, 5 Apr. 1694; William, 30 Mar. 1696; and Elizabeth 1 June 1691; was an Assist. 1699. JOSEPH, Dover, of William, so late as 1735 had ld. laid out by metes and bounds that had been gr. to his f. in 1658; and d. unm. leav. good est. NATHANIEL, Sheborn, youngest br. of the preced. by w. Mary had Nathaniel, b. 3 Feb. 1727; Rachel, 30 Mar. 1732; Ann, 15 Mar. 1734, d. at 9 yrs.; Catharine, June 1737, d. at 6 yrs.; and Mary. He made his will 8 Dec. 1752, d. next mo. and his wid. d. 25 Jan. 1754, aged a. 53. THOMAS, Boston, mariner, of wh. I kn. nothing but that in Apr. 1663 he sold to Edward Cartwright, and bot. more next yr. WILLIAM, Boston, mariner 1653. 

WILLIAM, Dover 1658, had rem. to Hingham in Philip's war, and aft. to Sherborn, there d. 6 Dec. 1700. In Hist. of Framingham, Barry gives his progeny, at Braintree, by w. Mary, he had Rachel, b. 24 May 1660, wh. d. young; and prob. at Dover all these, Hannah, 18 Apr. 1663; Daniel, 3 Mar. [[vol. 4, p. 69]] 1665; William, 19 Mar. 1667; Martha, 8 Jan. 1669; Joseph, 3 Mar. 1671; Tamosin, 25 May 1673; but at Hingham, Susanna, 11 Dec. 1675; and prob. at S. Elizabeth 28 Nov. 1678; Nathaniel, 7 Mar. 1681; Mary; and Rachel, again. He does not ment. any sec. w. Tamosin m. Jonathan Adams; Susanna m. 1 Sept. 1697, Zuriel Hall; Mary m. John Clark; and Rachel m. and had fam. not ment. 

WILLIAM, Sherborn, s. of the preced. m. 30 May 1692; Hannah, prob. d. of Jonathan Bullard, had Hannah, b. 24 Nov. 1693; Isaac, 3 Mar. 1697; William, 28 Feb. 1699; Rachel, 12 Oct. 1702; Sarah, 18 June 1708; and Mary, 27 Nov. 1710.

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