A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Sherwood - Sidall

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

SHERWOOD, GEORGE, New London, d. 1 May 1674. MATTHEW, Fairfield 1664, then adm. freem. was ens. in 1673. STEPHEN, Greenwich, a propr. in 1672, had been adm. freem. in 1664, m. Rebecca, d. of first Benjamin Turney, was prob. s. of Thomas, br. of preced. THOMAS, Stratford, or Fairfield, first at S. 1645, had come to Boston, 1634, in the Francis from Ipswich, aged 48 with w. Alice 47; and ch. Ann, 14; Rose, 11; Thomas, 10; and Rebecca, 9; and may be thot. to have had others, b. bef. or aft. or both, for his will of June 1657, pro. 4 June 1658, ment. s. John and Thomas, d. Mary, w. Sarah, and refers to other ds. without nam. them. His est. was good. THOMAS, Fairfield, or Stratford, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. was, perhaps, rather than his f. the freem. of 1664; and prob. had that Thomas, propound. for freem. 1672. But his inv. of May 1676, ment. no w. or ch. Of this name, eleven had been gr. at Yale 1846.

SHESTELL, or SHESTEN, THOMAS, Boston 1665, lighterman, was a householder 1695; and I kn. no more of so strange a name, but that he made mortg. of his est. in 1666, wh. soon was dischg.

SHETHER, SHEATHER, or SHEDAR, JOHN, Guilford 1650, in the list of freem. 1669, rem. to Killingworth, there d. leav. John, and, perhaps, other childr. bef. May 1677, when his wid. Susanna, on her petitn. was empower. to make deed. JOHN, Killingworth, s. I presume of the preced. m. 9 Jan. 1679, Elizabeth d. of William Wellman of the same, had Elizabeth b. 20 Nov. 1679; Hannah, 25 Nov. 1681; John, 23 Mar. 1685; Rachel; and Susanna. His w. d. 5 Feb. 1718; and he d. 12 May 1721.

SHILLINGSWORTH, THOMAS, Plymouth 1643, freem. 1644, must be [[vol. 4, p. 87]] thot. the same man under the more valua. and venera. name of Chillingworth, wh. see.

SHINE, THOMAS, Malden, when call. to take o. of fidel. 15 Dec. 1674, mark. junr. and he may have br. John in Boston; but the name is strange.

SHIPLEY, see Shepley.

SHIPMAN, EDWARD, Saybrook, m. Jan. 1651, Elizabeth Comstock, had Elizabeth b. says the rec. cop. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 140, May foll.; Edward, Feb. 1654; William, June 1656; and his w. d. July 1659. He m. 1 July 1663, Mary Andrews, had John, 5 Apr. 1664; Hannah, Feb. 1666; Samuel, 25 Dec. 1668; Abigail, Sept. 1670; and Jonathan, Sept. 1674; was propound. for freem. Oct. 1667, as Shipton, acc. the town rec. and tho. all the ch. stand with the old name, his name at d. as rec. 15 Sept. 1697, is in the new form. In the will of the Ind. sachem Uncas, 29 Feb. 1676, he is one of three devisees to ea. of wh. testator gave 3000 acres, and this "within sight of Hartford," when in that clause of the instrum. the aggreg. gr. reach. to 83,000 acres to only 28 persons. Elizabeth m. 3 (but ano. acco. says 9) Dec. 1672, John Hobson. WILLIAM, Saybrook, s. of the preced. m. 6 Nov. 1690, Alice Hand, had Edward, b. 20 Mar. 1692; and, perhaps, more.

SHIPPEN, EDWARD, Boston, ar. co. 1669, then a 30 yrs. old, m. a. 1671, Elizabeth whose surname appears Lybrand, a Quaker, not long resid. here, had Francis, b. 2 Feb. 1671, wh. d. next yr.; Edward, 2 Oct. 1674, in few wks. William, 4 Oct. 1675, d. soon; Elizabeth Aug. 1676, d. very soon; Edward, again, 10 Dec. 1677; Joseph, 28 Feb. 1679; Mary, 6 May 1681, d. young; and Ann, 17 June 1684. When his first w. d. is not kn. but he m. 15 July 1688, at Newport, Rebecca, wid. of Francis Richardson of New York, as the Friends' rec. show, and had Elizabeth 1690, wh. d. as did her mo. soon aft. and he went, on invita. of Penn, a. 1693, to Philadelphia, was there the first mayor under chart. of 1701 and found. of fam. of much distinct. He was rich, early chos. to the Assemb. was speaker 1695, head of the Counc. 1704, m. third w. Elizabeth wid. of Thomas James of Bristol, Eng. had John, wh. d. young; and last ch. William, wh. d. 1731, prob. unm.; and d. 2 Oct. 1712. JOSEPH, Boston, s. of the preced. m. 28 July, or Boston rec. says, 5 Aug. 1702, Abigail, d. of Thomas Grosse, had Edward, b. 9 July 1703, f. of Edward the Ch. J. of Pennsylv. and rem. to Phila. next yr. there by her had five more ch. and had sec. w.

SHIPPEY, SHEPPY, or SHIPPIE, THOMAS, Charlestown 1637, by w. Grace had Thomas, b. 27 Sept. 1656, d. in three mos.; Grace, 30 Dec. 1658; Mary; Thomas, again; and Sarah; these four bapt. 21 June 1668, the mo. hav. join the ch. on Sunday preced.; John, 25 July 1669; [[vol. 4, p. 88]] Richard, 4 Dec. 1670, d. soon; Richard, again, 1 Sept. 1672, d. at 15 yrs.; and the f. d. 17 Oct. 1683. Elizabeth S. wh. join. Charlestown ch. in Apr. 1650, may have been his mo. and Thanklord S. the asserter of Matthews' right in the ch. at Malden, 1651, against our Gen. Ct. may have been his first w. Grace m. 19 Nov. 1679, the first Timothy Pratt. THOMAS, Charlestown, s. of the preced. m. 17 Apr. 1690, Mabel Mitchell, had Grace; Mabel, bapt. 14 July 1695; his w. join. the ch. 23 June preced. Margaret, 27 Sept. 1696, d. young; Mary, 30 Oct. 1698; and Margaret, again, 19 May, 1701. His wid. m. 13 Aug. 1707, Nicholas Hoppin.

SHIPWAY. See Shepway.

SHOOTER, PETER, Braintree, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 3 Mar. 1655; and he d. 15 July foll.

SHORE, JAMES, Boston, s. of the first Sampson, was, perhaps, b. in Eng. JONATHAN, Lynn, br. of the preced. m. 15 Jan. 1669, Priscilla Hathorne, d. of John, had Jonathan, b. 14 Dec. foll.; by w. Phebe, 20 Apr. 1674; and Samuel, 1 Feb. 1684. SAMPSON, Boston 1641, a tailor, join. our ch. 29 Jan. 1642, freem. 18 May foll. by w. Abigail had Jonathan, prob. b. 12, certain. bapt. 18 June 1643, a. 7 days old, perhaps d. soon, unless unusual carelessness is imput. as prob. is just. due, to the town rec. that he was b. 16 May 1644, and bur. the same mo.; Sampson, 26 Jan. 1645, a. 14 days old; and James, beside Abigail, wh. m. Dec. 1674, Samuel Hudson; Elizabeth b. 25 June 1657, d. soon; Susanna, bapt. 20 May 1660; and Ann, 16 Aug. 1663. SAMPSON, Hull, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of capt. Bezaleel Payton, was freem. 1673. For the first hundred yrs. I find not this surname in our Suffk. Prob. Such deficiency is not to be regret. or credit should be allow. to the scrupul. town rec. that tells of -----

SHOREBORNE, SAMPSON, Boston, by w. Abigail had Jonathan, b. 12 June 1643. Eheu !

SHORT, ABRAHAM, Pemaquid 1628, may have been sixt yrs. aft. the town clk. unless a namesake had the office. A mortge. to him of the isl. of Monhegon by Thomas Elbridge, 1650, may be read in Vol. I. of our Suffk. rec. Oft. it is writ. Shurd. ANTHONY, Newbury 1635, had, the yr. bef. been at Ipswich, of course, was one of the first sett. of ea. may have had w. Ann but d. without ch. 4 Apr. 1670. CLEMENT, Boston, m. 21 Nov. 1660 Faith, d. of Thomas Munt, rem. to Newichwannuck, now Berwick, bef. 1666; was k. by the Ind. as Niles tells, 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 210; with w. and three ch. HENRY, Ipswich, br. of Anthony, came in the Mary and John, 1634, was adm. 3 Sept. that yr. claim. to be adm. as rep. in Mar. foll. but was "unduly chos." was reject. rem. to Newbury, was rep. 1644; had w. Elizabeth wh. d. 22 Mar. 1648, and he, 9 Oct. foll. m. Sarah Glover, had Sarah, b. 18 Dec. 1649, wh. d. in few [[vol. 4, p. 89]] mos.; Henry, 11 Mar. 1652; John, 31 Oct. 1653, d. soon; and Sarah, again, 28 Jan. 1660; and he d. 5 May 1673. His wid. m. 6 Feb. 1678, Robert. Adams, and d. Oct. 1697. HENRY, Newbury s. of the preced. freem. 1677, m. 30 Mar. 1674, Sarah Whipple, had Mary, b. 22 Aug. 1675; Sarah, 1 Aug. 1677; John, 14 Dec. 1679, d. young; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1682; John, again, 13 Oct. 1685; Matthew, 14 Mar. 1688, H. C. 1707; Lydia, 7 May 1690, d. next yr. and his w. d. 28 Dec. 1691. He m. 11 May 1692, Ann, d. of Henry Sewall, wid. of William Longfellow, and had Jane, 4 Mar. 1693; Samuel, 18 Nov. 1694, d. young; Mehitable, 12 Jan. 1696; Samuel, again, 16 Feb. 1698, d. soon; Samuel, again, 22 Feb. 1699; Hannah, 2 Mar. 1701, d. soon; and Joseph, 8 Apr. 1702; d. 23 Oct. 1706. 

LUKE, Marblehead, mariner, came from Dartmouth, Co. Devon, rem. to Middleborough, had fam. of wh. Luke was name of one ch. He was of so gr. age, when he join. the ch. 1731, that, at his d. 1746, his yrs. were count. 116, if any will believe it.

SHORTHOSE, SHORTHUS, or SHORTUS, ROBERT, Charlestown 1634, by w. Cathrine had John, b. 13 Sept. 1637; Elizabeth 7 Sept. 1640; but among householders in 1658 his name is not seen; nor was he a valua. inhab. we judge, for three times in as many yrs. Ct. proceed. against him.

SHORTRIDGE, or SHORTRIGGS, RICHARD, Portsmouth, freem. 1672, m. Esther, d. of Godfrey Dearborn of Hampton, had Richard, or, more prob. Robert, and Ann, wh. m. 18 Nov. 1686, George Wallis. ROBERT, Portsmouth, perhaps. s. of Richard, m. 16 May 1687, one, whose name is not clear. made out in Geneal. Reg. VII. 128.

SHOTTEN, or SHATTON, SAMPSON, Newport 1638, was rec. as freem. 1640, but disfranchis. Mar. foll and with Gorton, Holden, and others, purch. Shaomet from the Ind. Jan. 1643, and escap. the holy vengeance of the Mass. governm. by d. in Sept. next bef. their forces for the conquest arr. He left only Rachel (d. of his wid. Alice) that m. Robert Hodgson; and the mo. m. Ralph Cowland of Portsmouth, R. I. wh. in her will gave all the prop. of her f. to the ch. then, Nov. 1664, presum. to be unm. and she d. Aug. 1666. See Winthrop II. 121.

SHOVE, EDWARD, Bristol, s. of George, by w. Lydia had George and Mary tw. b. 2 June 1705; Lydia, 31 July 1707; Ruth, 10 Sept. 1709; Elizabeth 10 Mar. 1711; Theophilus, 7 Apr. 1715; Edward, 21 Dec. 1716; Hannah, 19 June 1719; and Nathaniel, 9 May 1723, d. 12 Oct. 1746. GEORGE, Taunton, perhaps s. of a wid. Margery, 1643, at Rowley, tho. Baylies, II. 211, thot. he was b. at Dorchester, that seems improb. ord. 16 Nov. 1665, not 19 as Dr. Harris, in Hist. of Dorch. gave it, wh. was Sunday, m. 12 July 1664, Hopestill, d. of Rev. Samuel Newman, had Edward, b. 28 Apr. 1665, d. soon; Elizabeth 10 Aug. 1666; [[vol. 4, p. 90]] Seth, 10 Dec. 1667, H. C. 1687; Nathaniel, 29 Jan. 1669, d. in Braintree, at 25 yrs. Samuel, 16 June 1670; and Sarah, 30 July 1671. His w. d. 7 Mar. 1674, and he m. 18 Feb. 1675, Hannah, eldest d. of Nathaniel Bacon, wid. of the sec. Thomas Walley, and had Mary, 11 Aug. 1676; Joanna, 28 Sept. 1678; Edward, again, 3 or 6 Oct. 1680; and the whimsical. bapt. Yetmercy, 7 Nov. 1682. 

This w. d. 22 Dec. 1685, and for third w. he took, 8 Dec. 1686, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Farwell, and d. 21 Apr. foll. His mo. wh. had m. Richard Peacock of Roxbury, was bur. near 26 yrs. aft. from the ho. of her s. SETH, Danbury, s. of the preced. aft. leav. Coll. taught sch. for some yrs. at Newbury, and prob. other places, was ord. 13 Oct. 1697, may have had w. and ch. and d. 31 Dec. 1735.

SHREVE, or SHERIVE, JOHN, Portsmouth, R. I. perhaps s. of Thomas, m. late in Aug. 1686, Jane, d. of John Havens, had John, b. 10 June 1687; Thomas, 24 Dec. 1691; Elizabeth 16 Nov. 1693; Mary, 9 June 1696; Caleb, 12 Apr. 1699; Daniel, 16 Jan. 1702; and William, 3 May 1705. THOMAS, Plymouth 1643-51, had w. or d. Martha, and, perhaps, others, certain. Thomas, b. 2 Sept. 1649. A Jeremiah submit. 1652, at Kittery, to Mass. jurisdict.

SHRIMPTON, EPAPHRAS; Boston, by w. Rebecca had Samuel, bapt. 17 July 1687, at Charlestown, but why there, I see not; and all I hear of him is, that he was s. of Edward of London. HENRY, Boston, br. of Edward of Bednal Green, Co. Middlesex, had been a brazier in London, join. our ch. 15 Sept. 1639, by w. Elinor had Elizabeth bapt. 3 Oct. 1641, a. 10 days old, wh. d. under 18 yrs.; Samuel, 25 June 1643, a. 26 days old; Mary, 10 Aug. 1645, a. 13 days, wh. I presume, 9 Mar. 1652, tho. blunder. town rec. calls her Elinor, d. of H. S. and his w. Mary; John, 28 May 1648 a. 6 wks. wh. I dare to adopt; Sarah, b. 1649, wh. was not bapt. for eleven yrs.; Henry, 26 Apr. 1653, says one of the copies of town rec. but an older one, 1654, and he, I suppose, d. young; Mehitable, wh. d. 29 July 1657; Jonathan, 18 Nov. 1656, wh. d. 22 July 1657; Abigail, 3 Jan. 1658; Bethia, 30 Jan. 1659; Elizabeth again, 10 Apr. 1660, bapt. at 5 days with three sis. bef. ment. He m. 27 Feb. 1662, sec. w. Mary, wid. of capt. Robert Fenn (wh had first been wid. of capt. Thomas Hawkins, and m. F. 26 June 1654); and d. July 1666. His will, of 17 of that mo. pro. 4 Aug. foll. aft. provid. for his w. made dispos. of large prop. to ch. Samuel, Sarah, Abigail, Bethia, and Elizabeth and provides for Elizabeth wid. of his br. Edward of London, and the seven ch. Jonathan, Mary, Ebenezer, Epaphras, Silas, Elizabeth and Lydia, large pt. of whose est. he held in tr.; gave. 50 to the ch. and 50., with this curious proviso, for "leave that I may be bur. in the tomb wherein my former w. Elinor S. was bur. otherwise I give nothing." A better proof of his sense is a bequest of 10., "token of my love," to Gold, Osborn, and others, of the Bapt. ch. worship. at Noddle's isl. A [[vol. 4, p. 91]] copy of the will of his br. Edward, that sheds some light on our side of the water, sent from the Prerogative Ct. of the. Archbp. of Canterbury, may be read in our Prob. rec. I. 390. JONATHAN, Boston 1648, eldest s. of Edward of Bednal Green, wh. was elder br. of the preced. m. Mary d. of Peter Oliver, had Mary and James tw. b. 30 Oct. 1667; Sarah, 23 Nov. 1669; and Samuel, 10 Dec. 1671; ar. co. 1665; d. 1673. His wid. m. Nathaniel Williams; d. Sarah m. John Clark, Esq. ROBERT, Boston, had John, bapt. 28 May 1648, "a. six wks. old," says the ch. rec. but tho. the ancient copy calls him "s. of our br. Robert I feel compell. aft. long investigat. to say, that it seems to be mistake, inasmuch as there was no br. Robert S. of our ch. nor does the town rec. give any such person. To be sure the ch. and town rec. in the orig. for many early yrs. are both lost, and the copies are of various value; that of the ch. very far superior to the town copy, especisally as gaps in 1647, 8, and 9 are num. Now, since the name of f. is not seen in any time bef. nor for a long success. of yrs. aft. if ever, my conject. is, that John, the ch. bapt. on that day, was s. of Henry, and d. soon. 

That this may not appear too hazaradous a guess, I beg, the student of our early manners to obs. that Henry had brot. to bapt. his three ch. in a short time aft. their sev. births; but of six succeed. ch. no one was brot. up to the font bef. the fifth day aft. b. of a seventh, and then the rec. has this strange relat.: on 15 Apr. 1660, were bapt. ch. of our br. Henry Shrimpton, Sarah, aged eleven yrs.; Abigail, two yrs.; Bethia, one yr.; and Elizabeth at five days. The three intermed. were, I presume, d. and my excuse for omission of such ordinance in the six cases, is, that the f. was too much impress. with the d. of his s. John. If in opposit. to this conject. it be suggest. that Henry had deriv. prejudice against the ceremony of inf. bapt. the inq. natural. springs up, if his conscient. scruple restrain. him in 1649, and 1653, and 1654, and 1656, and 1658, and 1659, why should it have relax. in 1660? Still,if my disesteem of the copy in the old engrossing hand that serves for first ch. rec. seem too confident, I must be excus. from abundant experience of the errors in such docum. Our town rec. as it is call. (I mean the oldest MS. venerat. by me, as the County Recorder's Copy from the lost transcript of the lost orig. rec. of the town clk. of the writs) asserts falsely, that "Elinor, the d. of Henry Shrimpton and of his w. Mary, dec. 9 Mar. 1652," on p. 128 whereas Mary was the ch. not the w. and Elinor was the w wh. had three or four ch. aft. that date of d. and there was no ch. nam. Elinor, that we hear of. 

SAMUEL, Boston, s. of Henry, freem. 1673, got off by fine of L10. from serv. same yr. as constable, to wh. office he was then chos.; had by w. Elizabeth d. of wid. Elizabeth Roberets of London, Mary, b. 4 Dec. 1666; Martha, 21 Jan. 1671; Samuel, 20 Apr. 1673; and Elizabeth [[vol. 4, p. 92]] again, 21 Apr. 1674; yet, perhaps, Samuel is the only ch. that liv. long. He was of ar. co. 1670, and its capt. 1694, one of the Counc. to Andros 1687, but not a partaker in his tyranny; one of the Counc. of Safety 1689, and head of the regim. of Suffk. and d. 9 Feb. 1698, of apoplexy. What is meant by the statement in Sewalls Diary, that lieut.-gov. Usher was commit. to prison, 4 Dec. 1694, on the examinat. of col. S. is uncert. His large est. by will of 5 June 1697, pro. 17 b. foll. pass. to his s. Samuel, wh. m. 7 May 1696, Elizabeth Richardson, niece of his mo. had only ch. Elizabeth and d. 1703, insolv.


SHERTLIFF, SHIRTLEY, or SHETLE, ABIEL, youngest s. of William the first, of Plymouth, there m. 14 Jan. 1696, Lydia, d. of Jonathan Barnes of the same, had James, b. 16 Nov. 1696; Elizabeth 6 Dec. 1698; Lydia, 28 Feb. 1701; David, 1 June 1703; Hannah, 31 July 1705; John, 8 Nov. 1707; Benjamin, 11 Apr. 1711; William, 8 Sept. 1713; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1716; and Abiel, 23 Oct. 1717. He liv. in that part of the town wh. bec. Plympton, where his w. d. 10 Sept. 1727; and he d. 28 Oct. 1732. THOMAS, Plympton, s. of William the first, tho. some doubt is felt, whether he were not s. of the sec; m. 21 May 1713, Sarah Kimball, but it is not kn. what ch. if any, he had, or the time of his or her d. WILLIAM, Marshfield, had at Plymouth, where he was apprent. to Thomas Clark, a carpenter, but not, prob. brot. by him, m. 18 Oct. 1655, Elizabeth d. of Thomas, Lettice, had William, b. 1657; Thomas; and Abiel, in June 1666, the same mo. in wh. the f. was k. by lightning on 23; and, Miss Thomas instr. us, the s. was b. aft. that event, but there is reasonab. tradit. that the ch. was b. bef. the d. of his f. His wid. m. 18 Nov. 1669, Jacob Cooke; and, next, 1 Jan. 1689, Hugh Cole of Swansey, and she d. 31 Oct. 1693. 

WILLIAM, Plymouth, eldest s. of the preced. m. Oct. 1683, Susanna, d. of Barnabas Lothrop of Barnstable, had Jabez, b. 22 Apr. 1684; Thomas, 16 Mar. 1687; Jacob, bapt. at B. 11 Aug. 1698; William, 4 Apr. 1689, H. C. 1707, min. of Portsmouth; Susanna, bapt. 1691; John, b. June 1693; Barnabas, 19 Mar. 1696; Ichabod, 8 Nov. 1697; Elizabeth 28 May 1699; Mary, 22 Dec. 1700; Sarah, 8 June 1702; Samuel; Abigail; and Nathaniel, 2 Dec. 1707. His w. d. 9 Aug. 1726, and he d. 4 Feb. 1730.

SHUTE, ENOCH, Weymouth 1636. Richard, Milford 1642, perhaps rem. to Pemaquid bef. 1651; May be the mariner wh. bot. a small lot of ld. in Boston, June 1670, wh. by w. Elizabeth had William, b. 1 Oct. 1670, yet. this more prob. appears to be the man wh. d. at B. 2 0ct. 1703; aged 72. The mariner, Richard, in his will of Sept. 1703, pro. 6 Oct. foll. speaks of his farm at MaldEen, on wh. he had charg. in fav. of his present w. Catharine, a jointure by the contr. of m. and as by this will [[vol. 4, p. 93]] that sum is incr. the est. shall. also enure to the good of his ch. Michael, Richard, and Joanna, wid. of Joseph Buckley; late of Boston, and to Elizabeth Nichols, and Hannah Mountfort, ds. of said Joanna, by her first h. Nichols, and to his other twelve gr.ch. viz.: five ds. of Michael, four ch. of Richard, three s. of Joanna; beside L3. to his kinsman, William S. RICHARD, Milford, m. 14 Aug. 1656, Sarah, eldest d. of Thomas Sandford, had Thomas, b. 5 Aug. 1659, and in 1655 was resid. at East Chester, in N. Y. jurisdict. RICHARD, Malden, s. of Richard, by w. Lydia had John, b. 26 Mar. 1693; Lydia, 14 July 1696; and Elizabeth and Joanna, tw. 20 Feb. 1699. 

ROBERT, Boston, prob. unm. as no w. or ch. is ment. in his will of 24 Mar. 1651, pro. 29 Apr. foll. but he names br. Richard, liv. near Pemaquid, br. Thomas, sis. Mary, and sis. Sarah Holly's childr.; had fair est. of wh. to Richard Russel, his excor. he gives 10., and legac. to Rev. Messrs. Cotton, Wilson, Symmes, and Allen, the pastors and teachers of Boston and Charlestown. Perhaps THOMAS had fam. as well as Richard, and liv. at East Chester in later yrs. WILLIAM, Boston, m. 1 July 1659, Hopestill, d. of John Viall, wh. gave him, 1665, ho. and ld. in Boston; perhaps was of Jamaica 1671.

SHUTER, or SHOOTER, PETER, Braintree, d. 15 July 1654, says Farmer. He was prob. not that Mr. S. by the Assist. ord. of 1 Mar. 1631, sent home.

SIBBORNE, JOHN, Boston. See Sebborn.

SIBLEY, SEBLEY, or SYBLEY, JOHN, Salem, came with Higginson, 1629, says Felt, of wh. I would gladly see the evid.; free m. 3 Sept. 1634, yet was prob. unm. for sev. yrs.; had there bapt. Sarah, 18 Sept. 1642; Mary, 8 Sept. 1644; Rachel, 3 May 1646, John, 14 May 1648; Hannah, 22 June 1651; William, 8 Sept. 1653; Samuel, 12 Apr. 1657; and Abigail, 3, July 1659; was selectman 1636, had ld. at Manchester, then call. Jeffery's creek 1637, and in 1640, with other Salem men, pray. the Gen. Ct. to give leave to rem. there. Perhaps he had ano. w. Rachel, d. of John Pickworth, and by her Joseph; but he d. at M. 1661, leav. wid. Rachel, four s. five ds. Mary m. 26 Jan. 1665, Jonathan Walcot; Rachel m. a Bishop; and Hannah m. Stephen Small. Charlestown 1634, with w. Sarah was adm. of the ch. 21 Feb. 1635, freem. 6 May foll. then spell. with e in the first syl. d. 30 Nov. 1649. JOHN, Beverly, or Manchester, prob. both, s. of the first John, was capt. selectman, and rep.; m. says the scrupul. descend. librar. at the Univ. Rachel, d. of Amariah Pickworth, had Mary, b. 21 Mar. 1677; Elizabeth 4 Mar. 1679; John, 7 Sept. 1680; and Hannah, 18 Feb. 1682; and he d. early in 1710. 

JOSEPH, Salem, perhaps, br. of the preced. m. 4 Feb. 1684, Susanna Follet, wh. may have been d. of William of [[vol. 4, p. 94]] Dover, had Joseph, b. 9 Nov. 1684; John, 18 Sept. 1687; Jonathan, 1 May 1690; Hannah, bapt. May 1693; Samuel, 1697; William, 7 Apr. 1700; and Benjamin, 19 Sept. 1703. RICHARD, Salem, 1656, by w. Hannah had Samuel, b. 10 Mar. 1659; Hannah, 20 Sept. 1661; Sarah, 20 Dec. 1663; Damaris, 26 Aug. 1666; John, Apr. 1669; Mary, 25 Jan. 1672; and Elizabeth He was a traymaker, and d. early in 1676, his inv. being of 30 June, when all the ch. and w. were liv. SAMUEL, Salem, s. of the first John, by w. Mary had Samuel, b. 7 Jan. 1687; Mary; Benjamin; William; Rebecca; and Lydia. He liv. in that unhappy village where the Rev. Mr. , in his ch. re3c. says; liis w. raised the devil, by advis. John, an Ind. (wh. with w. Tituba, were, I suppose, slaves of Paris) how to make a cake. See Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 170; also copious and curious ch. rec. a. sis. Sibly's confess. Geneal. Reg. XI. 133. We may rejoice in read. Felt, II. 476, how easily she got off, by confess. of her innocence in the folly. SAMUEL, Salem, prob. eldest s. of Richard, m. 13 Sept. 1695, Sarah Wells, had Hannah, b. 17 May 1696; Richard, Jan. 1698; Sarah, 27 Mar. 1699; Jonathan, 25 Nov. 1701; Samuel, July 1704, d. soon; and Samuel, again, 5 May 1705; was k. by the Ind. 29 Aug. 1708, in their assault on Haverhill. WILLIAM, Salem s. of John the first, m. 1 Nov. 1676, wid. Ruth Small, had Ruth, John, Joseph, Nathaniel, and Rachel.

SICKLERDAM, JOHN, Boston, a pirate, tak. in the sound, Oct. 1689. In Geneal. Reg. II. 393, a full acco. is giv. tho. the command. capt. Pease, was k. in the fight. We may not fear to call him a trans. person, perhaps a Dutch mariner, looking out for any serv. to favor the Prince of Orange; but he execut. for not find. better employm.

SIDALL, FRANCIS, is the name print. as one of the soldiers in Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675 but I suppose it a mispell.

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