A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Smith - Smith 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

SMITH, ABIEZER, possib. Charlestown, print. Abzar, by Frothingham, 181, in his list of the freem. 1677, but I feel doubt of the character, and think it refers only to those call. to take the o. of alleg., for Paige's list of freem. has not that name, nor any like it, a. that yr., and beside the ch. rec. contains no evid. of adm. of such an one. Prob. it stands for Abraham. ABRAHAM, Watertown 1660, was aft. of Charlestown, and join. the ch. 6 Jan. 1667, as did his w. Martha, 3 Apr. 1670, there had bapt. John, 19 May 1667; and Mary, 9 Aug. 1668; but he certain. was a householder in C. 1658, and may have soon aft. been at Salem bef. W. freem. 1670; yet it may be there were two of this name at the same hour in C. for the list of freem. sw. 1671 repeats it, tho. he may have renew. the solemnity, or one of the two may have been of Roxbury, [[vol. 4, p. 110]] where Ellis claims an Abraham without date, and he d. 5 Sept. 1683. Martha his wid. admin. ABRAHAM, Middletown, m. 13 Feb. 1678, Hope Stow, prob. d. of Rev. Samuel, had Samuel, h. 2 Nov. foll. wh. d. at ten days, as did the mo. in five more. ARTHUR, Hartford 1640, was engag. on a salary for the col. to cease that yr., had w. Magaret, and sev. ch. perhaps Mary, b. and bapt. Feb. 1645, wh. d. young, was one; eldest s. John; Arthur, bapt. 20 Apr. 16a1; and perhaps Elizabeth in the will of her mo. call. Thompson, w. of Thomas. He d. bef. 1655, and the wid. m. Stephen Hart, and d. 1693. ARTHUR, Southold, L. I. 1659, was sent over to New Haven for trial, as a Quaker, sentenc. to be whip. and give large bonds for good behavr. 

ARTHUR, Hartford, not s. prob. of either of the preced. by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 14 Apr. 1684; and Hannah, 4 Oct. 1688; and by w. Phebe had Phebe, 1 Sept. 1701; and d. 1713, in his will nam. only these ds. ASAHEL, Dedham 1642. ASAHEL, Dorchester, perhaps s. of the preced. was a young, man in 1669, and may be the freem. 1690. BATHOLOMEW, Dover 1640. BENJAMIN, Providence 1645, or earlier, one of the first hundred adm. inhab. had Joseph, perhaps others. BENJAMlN, the freem. of 2 June 1641, may have been, as Coffin thot., of Lynn, b. a. 1612, and ar. co. 1643; but at Dedham was BENJAMIN, also, hav. there bapt. Benjamin, 18 Oct. 1646. BENJAMIN, Boston 1650. BENJAMIN, Providence, came a. 1660, one of the many, as to the cause of whose coming tradit. is happy to repeat many foolish stories. Either he was a parliam. man or a support. of Cromwell, so that it was good for him to escape at the restorat. "losing, the bulk of his est." and as he was rather young, this prob. was not much. However he m. Lydia, d. of William Carpenter of Pawtuxit, had Benjamin, b. a. 1661; Joseph; William; Simon; Lydia, wh. it is said, m. a Fones; and Elizabeth wh. m. 28 Feb. 1699, Israel Arnold. He was an Assist. 1696, his w. d. 1 Oct. 1711, and he d. 13 Dec. 1713. 

BENJAMIN, Reading, perhaps s. of Benjamin of Lynn, by w. Jehoidan m. 27 Mar. 1661, had Benjamin, b. 27 Jan. foll. and his w. d. 5 Nov. aft. He d. Eaton says, 1691. BENJAMIN, Milford, s. of William, of Huntington, L. I. m. 21 Oct. 1660, Mary, eldest d. of Timothy Baldwin, had Mary, b. 1662; Hannah, 1664; Benjamin, 1666; Abigail, 1668, d. soon; Timothy, 1669; Sarah, 1671; and Samuel, 1678; and his w. d. 23 Aug. 1680. He was in the list of freem. 1669, and he m. a. 1682, Sarah, wid. of Robert Haughton, d. of Gamaliel Phippen, and was liv. 1700. BENJAMIN, Farmington, s. of William of the same, m. Ruth, d. of Samuel Loomis of Westfield, had William, rem. to Westfield, where had Ruth, b. 8 Feb. 1685; Benjamin, 14 Feb. 1687; Samuel, 24 Aug. 1689; Elizabeth 14 Feb. 1693:; Rachel, 1694; Jonathan, 1697; Job, 1700, and Mary, 1703. He had sec. w. [[vol. 4, p. 111]] Hannah, rem. to West Springfield, there d. 1738. 

BENJAMIN, Sandwich, by w. Elizabeth had Elkanah, b. 7 Mar. 1685; Ruth, 17 Dec. 1687; Hannah, 10 March 1689; Elisha, 26 Feb. 1692; Bathsheba, 13 June 1694; Elizabeth 4 Aug. 1696; Penninah, 19 Apr. 1699; Ichabod, 27 June 1702; and Ebenezer, 4 Sept. 1704. CHILIAB, or CHILEAB, Hadley, s. of Samuel of the same, m. 2 Oct. 1661, Hannah, d. of Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, had Hannah, b. 7 July 1662; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1664; Luke, 16 Apr. 1666; Ebenezer, 11 July 1668; Nathaniel, 2 Jan. 1670, d. soon; John, 8 Oct. 1671; one in 1673, d. very soon; Esther, 31 Mar. 1674; one in 1677, d. very soon; Elizabeth 2 Feb. 1678, Mary, 16 Aug. 1681; one in 1682, d. soon; Chiliab, 18 Feb. 1685; and Sarah, 26 Apr. 1688; was freem. 1673, and d. 7 Mar. 1731, aged almost 96. His wid. d. 31 Aug. 1733 aged 88, by the gr. stone. CHRISTOPHER, Dedham 1642, freem. 10 May 1643, m. 2 Aug. 1654, Martha, d. of Michael Metcalf the first, wid. of William Brignall, perhaps as sec. w. and d. soon aft., when the Metcalf pedigree in Geneal. Reg. VI. 173, says she took 3d h. a Stow. 

CHRISTOPHER, Providence, in the list of freem. there 1655, had d. Susanna wh. m. Lawrence Wilkinson; engag. for alleg. to Charles II. June 1668. In 1672, his w. was Alice; but what was her fam. name, or whether she were first, sec. or later w. is unkn. CHRISTOPHER, Dedham, perhaps s. of the first Christopher, m. Mary, d. of Jonathan Fairbanks, and no more is kn. of him, unless he be, wh. is not very prob., that CHRISTOPHER of Hartford perhaps first, one of four brs. whose only sis. Mary was there w. of William Partridge, and wh. rem. to Northampton, early, where he had w. Sarah, adm. of the ch. 1664, but no ch. there sw. alleg. 8 Feb. 1679, and d. 13 Feb. 1692. His wid. was liv. in 1706, neph. Samuel Partridge, Esqr. of Hatfield, s. of his only sis. Mary, wh., by contr. had support. him and his w. in old age, had the est. DANIEL, Watertown, by w. Elizabeth prob. d. of Thomas Rogers, had Daniel, b. 27 Sept. 1642; and he d. 14 July 1660, wh. is the date of his will, mak. w. Elizabeth Extrix. names s. Daniel, and br. Abraham, wh. with Rev. John Sherman, and others, he made overseers. 

DANIEL, Rehoboth 1650, nam. in the will of that date of his mo. Judith, was prob. s. of Henry, m. 20 Oct. 16O9, Esther, d. of Francis Chickering, of Dedham; rep. 1672, an Assist. 1679, had Nathaniel, b. 7 Aug. 1674; Ebenezer, 29 July 1676; Judith, 7 Feb. 1679; Rebecca 20 Apr. 1680. He was made one of the Counc. for governm. of N. E. under Sir Edmund Andros, 1687. DANIEL, Watertown, s. of the first Daniel, m. 22 or 27 Feb. 1668 (Dr. Bond gives both dates), Mary, d. of Christopher Grant, had Daniel, b. 15 Mar. 1659; Grace, 13 Jan. 1671; John, 13 July 1672; Elizabeth 15 Jan. 1674; Sarah, 27 Dec. 1675; Abigail, 3 Dec. 1678; and Joseph, 8 June 1680; beside [[vol. 4, p. 112]] Susanna; and he d. 7 June 1681, in his will made eight days bef. nam. only the w. and three s. perhaps the youngest three ds. d. soon. DANIEL, Greenwich, 1672-97. 

DANIEL, Charlestown, a householder 1678, had w. Elizabeth wh. join. the ch. 23 Jan. 1676. DANIEL, Eastham, perhaps s. of the first John, more prob. of Ralph the sec. m. 3 Mar. 1677, Mary, d. of John Young of the same, had Daniel, b. 8 Jan. 1679; Content, 8 June 1680; Abigail, 30 Apr. 1683; James, Apr. 1685; Nathaniel, Oct. 1687; May, or Mary, more likely, 8 Jan. 1693, wh. d. at 13 yrs. DELIVERANCE, Dartmouth, 1686. EBENEZER, New Haven, s. of George of the same, was a propr. 1685. EDWARD, Weymouth, had Phebe, b. 15 Aug. or Nov. 1642, may have been of Providence 1645, Rehoboth where he was with his w. indict. 1650 for not going to ch. to worship on Sunday; was perhaps of Newport, on the list of freem. 1655. His d. Sarah m. 24 Nov. 1646, Stephen Arnold of Providence. Another EDWARD was of Providence, when he engag. alleg. June 1668, and was publish. 1669, to Amphyllis, d. of Thomas Angell of the same, by wh. I suppose, he had Edward, and Joseph; among those wh. did not rem. in the perils of 1676; d. Jan. 1703, without a will. 

EDWARD, Boston 1655. EDWARD, New London 1669, then propound. for freem.; had m. 7 June 1663, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bliss of Norwich, had John, wh. d. at 15 yrs. in July 1689, as did his mo. in two days, and this f. four days aft. her, leav. beside six ds. Obadiah, wh. was b. 5 Feb. 1677. EDWARD, Exeter, m. 13 Jan. 1669, Mary Hall, perhaps d. of Ralph, took the o. of alleg. 30 Nov. 1677, and was one of the address. to the king 1683, against his Gov. Cranfield. ELEAZER, Fairfield 1669, s. of Giles of the same, m. Rebecca, d. of Henry Rowland of the same. ELEAZER, Dartmouth 1686. ELISHA, Warwick perhaps, more prob. of Newport, m. Mary, d. of James Barker, d. early and his wid. m. 16 Apr. 1677, Israel Arnold of Providence. EPHRAIM, Milford, s. of the first John of the same, propos. for freem. 1669; and rem. to Derby. EPHRAIM, Farmington, s. of Joseph of Hartford, m. Apr. 1686, Rachel, d. of John Cole, had Ephraim, b. 16, bapt. 21 Dec. 1690; Rachel 10, bapt. 17 Feb. 1695; Lydia, 20 Nov. 1697; Sarah, 6 Aug. 1700; Mary, 11 Apr. 1703; Benjamin, 10 Apr. 1706; and John, 16 Apr. 1709; and d. 5 Apr. 1751. 

FRANCIS, the freem. of 17 Apr. 1637, was a propr. Bond thinks, in Watertown, that yr. but not in 1642, and in my opin. prob. that Reading man, wh. d. 20 Mar. 1601, then call. sen. wh. was first, perhaps, of Lynn. His will, made six days bef. ment. without nam. w. s. John, and Benjamin, and gr. d. Mary S. FRANCIS, Roxbury, one of the first mem. of the ch. freem. 18 May 1631, so that we may infer, that he came in one of the fleet with Winthrop and, as the town rec. ment. that his s. Andrew, d. or was bur. 15 Mar. 1640, whose b. is not told, it is thot. he [[vol. 4, p. 113]] brot. w. and fam. but no more can be deriv. as unhap. the ch. rec. of bapt. or d. begin. in Dec. 1641, more than nine yrs. aft. its orig. He serv. 28 Sept. 1630 on the first inq. held by coroner, and by their find. Walter Palmer was chged. with manslaughter, for death of Austen Bratcher, of wh. he was acq. He liv. most of his days in Boston, prob. to practise better his trade of cardmaker, and by twelve sev. deeds to or from him of ld. in B. I have tracked him down to Jan. 1667. It may be very difficult to determine, whether F. the glazier, had any ch. or how old he was, when he d. but his br. Joseph, the saddler, had admin. of his est. 12 Aug. 1690. His w. Elizabeth (by wh. in B. he had John, b. 30 Aug. 1644; Joseph, 24 Aug. 1646; Mercy, wh. d. 4 Sept. 1652; Sarah, b. 6 May 1655; Benjamin 10 Apr. 16O8; and Mary, 18 July 1663); join. Boston ch. 31 May 1646, and his d. Elizabeth m. 1656, James Sanford. But ano. 

FRANCIS, prob. s. of this Roxbury man, may have been f. of the two 1ast ment. ch. as I presume; and had earlier, in R. Sarah, b. 6 May 165a; tho. it is not impossib. that one was f. of all. FRANCIS, Hingham, drew his house lot, 18 Sept. 1635, freem. 13 May 1640, rem. says Lincoln, to Taunton, where his w. d. 6 Jan. 1666. There he, or one of this name was liv. 1679. Inscript. at T. on gr. st. are seen of Elizabeth "aged 40, d. 31 Jan. 1687;" and of Damaris "aged 21, d. 29 Oct. 1689." FRANCIS, Reading, perhaps s. of the first Francis of the same, freem. 1691, and not prob. that deac. wh. d. says Eaton, 1744. GEORGE, Salem 1635, had then gr. of ld. of wh. or other he contin. propr. perhaps was of Ipswich 1648, and soon back to S. bef. 1663. GEORGE, New Haven 1639-47, was not on the list of freem. there 22 yrs. aft. At N. H. by w. Sarah he had Sarah, and Martha, perhaps tw. b. 1642; Hannah, 1644; but all three, in the right of their mo. bapt. 14 Dec. 1645; Mercy, 22 Feb. 1646; John, 18 Apr. 1647; Elizabeth 16 Sept. 1649; Samuel, b. 4 Dec. 1651; Ebenezer, 15 Nov. 1653; Joseph, 14 Aug. 1655; and Nathan, 27 Dec. 1656. He d. 17 May 1662, and descend. have been num. and hon. Sarah m. 1661, John Clark; Hannah m. 1663, Stephen Bradley of Guilford; Mercy m. 1669, John Benham; and Elizabeth m. 13 Nov. 1669, John Hall of Guilford. Yet some uncert. attends the filiation of sev. of these ch. bec. ano. Sarah, w. of Nehemiah, was engag. in the same pious work of bring. ch. to bapt. in the same yr. nearly. 

GEORGE, Dover 1645, came, perhaps, from the city of Salisbury, a tailor, in the James, from Southampton, Apr. arr. June 1635, unless this array of circumstance pertain rather to the Salem man, for a fam. tradit. says, this man came from Plymouth, in Devon of Boston, when there were only a few huts, and not one cellar dug;" was town clk. in 1646 had commiss. from Mass. and at the head of the tax list 1648; had Joseph, b. 1640; and, as Mr. [[vol. 4, p. 114]] Quint thinks, John, and James. His wid. he says, m. Monday, perhaps Henry of Salisbury, and next Mason. GILES, Hartford 1639, had Joanna, bapt. there 25 Mar. 1649; was of the earliest sett. at New London, but his gr. of 1648 was soon sold or forfeit. by non. resid. and he was of Fairfield 1651, there d. 1669. He left sec. w. Eunice, not mo. of his ch. wh. had been wid. of Jonathan Porter of Huntington, L. I.; three s. Samuel, Eleazer, and John; three ds. Elian, if that be a possib. name; Elizabeth Jackson; and Joanna Gray, nam. in his will of 10 Sept. 1669. 

HENRY, Dorchester, came in the fleet with Winthrop perhaps req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was rec. 18 May foll. may be thot. the gent. wh. with Ludlow, Pynchon, and others, was commis. in Mar. 1636 by Mass. to govern the first sett. on Conn. and act. at Hartford lG38. See Mass. Col. Rec. I. 170, with Conn. Col. Rec. I. 17; but whether he was or not, the Rev. HENRY, first min. of Wethersfield, I cannot confidently decide. On the whole, I conclude, since Mather puts the Wethersfield min. into his first classis (as of those, in the actual exercise of their min. bef. they left Eng.), that this man was only in civ. life, for he is not dignif. with the prefix Mr. and would never seem to be looked on as cleric. in Mass., and prob. the min. of Wethersfield came not for five, or even six, yrs. more. See Winth's. letter of June 1636 to his s. John, Gov. of the new planta. in Hist. I. Appx. A. 60 of the Ed. 1853. He, in 1636, rem. to Springfield with Pynchon; was s. by a former h. of that wid. Sanford wh. had m. Pynchon, and this s. had m. his P's. d. Ann, I suppose bef. the m. of his mo. with the f. of his w. possib. bef. they, any of them, came from Eng. to confound tbe two, if there were not three (wh. seems improb.) Henry Smiths. I design always to put the names in the order of their com. to our country, so that Rev. Henry, tho. older, must follow the Springfield man. Felt has, in his Eccles. Hist. of N. E. 253, made the min. wh. was receiv. of the ch. of Charlestown in midsum. of 1637, one of the commission to govern the Conn. planta. in 1636, with Ludlow, Steele, Pynchon and others, when we may feel sure, that it was Pynchon's s. in law wh. had that honor; as also, that the Wethersfield min. was at the date of 1636 in his native land, had Ann, and Mary, wh. were b. bef. his rem. the latter, bur. at S. 15 Nov. 1641; Martha, b. 31 July 1641; Mary, again, 7, bapt. 12 Mar. 1643; Elizabeth 22, bapt. 27 Oct. 1644; Margaret, 26 Apr. 1646, d. at two yrs.; Sarah, 6 Oct. 1647, a. soon; Margaret, again, 1 Nov. 1648; Rebecca, 1 Apr. 1650; Samuel, 23 June 1651, d. next yr.; and Abigail, 10 Feb. 1653; was rep. 1651, and, with his min. Rev. George Moxon, prob. in disgust at the proceed. against his f.-in-law, went home 1653. Prob. most of the ch. went with the f. but Mary perhaps contin. here with her uncle Pynchon, and m. 15 Apr. 1665, Richard Lord of Hartford; [[vol. 4, p. 115]] and Ann, wh. we may be sure, was the first b. m. 9 Nov. 1651, John Allyn of Hartford, the famous Secr. Other ch. he may have had, either bef. or aft. leav. S. but where Farmer found his Elisha, is hard to guess. He seems to be as well entit. as the Watertown Henry, to be thot. the freem. of 18 May 1631, prob. better. Since reach. the conclus. that my Dorchester Henry is the same as he, wh. Farmer in MS. had thot. of Watertown, and by his two lines drove me to many wks. research, I have the gratification of ascertain. from Dr. Bond's untir. investigat. that at Watertown was no Henry Smith at all. 

HENRY, Charlestown, join. the ch. with w. Dorothy, 10 July 1637, prok. rem. soon. He may have been passeng. in the Elizabeth, 1635, without wishing his name to appear at the custom ho. as no min. could be suf. to emb. at least we kn. that ship brot. Dorothy, aged 40; d. Mary 10, and John, 19; most likely he was the Wethersfield min. Very critical caution, however, is requisite, about the concomitants of the rev. gent. whose will, of 8 May 1648, refers, without nam. them, to two ds. m. Of course they were b. in Eng. It also names s. Peregrine, wh. may not have been b. on this side of the water, certain. was older than Samuel, but whether s. of the w. Dorothy, or not, is uncert. Of that Dorothy, the w. we may be very sure, that she was his sec. w. not mo. of Mary, or John, fellow passeng. with her. For the elder ds. we are not sure of the h.'s, unless of Rebecca. we judge her w. of Samuel Smith of New London. See Caulkin's Hist. of N. L. 151. She was divorc. for his desertion, and m. 1669, Nathaniel Bowman. At least the age of this w. at Charlestown, if she be the passeng. in the Elizabeth, is very much overrat. perhaps fifteen yrs. if not more; for bef. his rem. to W. he had Dorothy, b. 1636, or 7; and at W. had Samuel, 27 Jan. 1639; Joanna, 25 Dec. 1641; Noah, 25 Feb. 1644, d. young; and Elizabeth perhaps posthum. 25 Aug. 1648. The min. of W. had a long controv. with a part of his people, whereby the peace of that whole commonwealth was disturb. See Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 97 and 98. It seems only to have terminat. by his d. 1648. In his will, Ib. 502, he speaks of his large fam. ment. only s. Samuel, Perigrine, wh. was d. Noah and two ds. m. with every one of their childr. as a part. His wid. m. John Russell in 1649, and ten yrs. aft. rem. to Hadley; there made her will, 1682, but it was not pro. bef. 22 Dec. 1694, so that we may presume her life was long protract. It disposes a decent est. to her s. Samuel, and d. Dorothy Hall, wh. had first been w. of John Blakeman, next of Francis Hall; and late in life was so happy as to have ano. h. Mark Sension, and fourth partner Isaac Moore. Joanna m. Philip Russell, 4 Feb. 1664, but with inf. Joanna d. 29 Dec. foll. Both of the m. ds. of Rev. Henry were, no doubt, d. long bef. the will of his sec. w. It is very easy to fall into confus. betw. contempo. persons of the same Christian [[vol. 4, p. 116]] and surnames. Aft. many hours, and days, study, I had the satisfact. of learn. that my conclus. as to the first Wethersfield min. concur. with those of the scrupulous Mr. Goodwin of Hartford bef. his d. in June 1855, so far as his had been writ. out. They were aft. publ. 1856, and have excel. illustrat. pp. 100 and 1. 

HENRY, Hingham, was from Co. Norfk. came in the Diligent 1638, with w. three s. two ds. three men and two maid serv. freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rep. 1641, rem. to Rehoboth 1643, there d. 1649. Of his will, 3 Nov. 1647 (in wh. his w. is made Extrix. and ch. Henry, Daniel and Judith, with br. Thomas Cooper are nam.) abstr. is giv. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 319; and the will of Judith, his wid. 24 Oct. 1650, abstr. on the next page, enlarges our acquaint. with the fam. by refer. to others; but she may have been a sec. w. HENRY, Dedham, came, I presume, from New Buckenham in Co. Norfk. 1637, aged 30, call. a husbandman, with w. Elizabeth 34, and two ch. John, and Seth, arr. from Great Yarmouth at Boston 20 June; and by w. Elizabeth and Daniel, b. 13 Oct. 1639, d. young; Samuel, 13 Oct. 1641; and Joseph, b. and bapt. 20 Aug. 1643; was freem. 13 May 1640; and liv. in what bec. Medfield. A Mary, wh. d. at D. 2 Dec. 1641, may have been his ch. but more likely his sis. one Mary hav. come in the Planter, aged 18; ano. in the Susan and Ellen, 21; and a third in the Elizabeth, 15, all in 1635, and all from London; but this last is in the London custom ho. call. d. of Dorothy, aged 45. 

HENRY, Boston 1652, nam. in the will of Rev. John Cotton, wh. calls him cous. mean. neph. HENRY, Rowley 1656. HENRY, Rehoboth, s. of Henry of the same, was ens. rep. 1662, and sev. yrs. aft. had Henry, b. 4 Dec. 163; Elizabeth bur. 1 Mar. 1676; Abiel, 24 Dec. 1676; and the f. was bur. that day, if Col. Rec. be correct. HENRY, Stamford, propound. for freem. 1670, had been one of the first sett. at that planta. 1641, and went from Wethersfield, d. 1687, in his will names only s. John; but he had d. Rebecca, wh. m. 2 July 1672, Edward Wilkinson of Milford, and Hannah, wh. m. a Lawrence; and perhaps others. HENRY, Cambridge, m. 3 Mar. 1673, Lydia Buck, perhaps d. of Roger, had Lydia, b. 20 July 1677; Henry, 17 Oct. 1679; and Ebenezer, 19 Mar. 1689; perhaps more; was freem. 1690, d. 21 Aug. 1720, says the gr. st. aged a. 75 yrs. HEZEKIAH, Dartmouth 1686. HUGH, Rouley, freem. 18 May 1642; by w. Mary had Edward, b. 1654, and prob. earlier, John, Samuel, and four ds. and he d. 1656. His wid. m. 2 Dec. 1657, Jeremiah Ellsworth. 

ICHABOD, Hadley, youngest s. of Philip the first, m. 19 July 1698, Elizabeth d. of Capt. Aaron Cook, had Philip, b. 2 May 1699; Aaron, 20 Sept. 1700; Nathaniel, 16 Feb. 1702; Rebecca, 9 Nov. 1703; Moses, 30 Apr. 1706; Bridget, 15 Mar. 1708; Miriam, 22 Aug. 1710; Elizabeth 10 Sept. 1712; Samuel, 4 Aug. 1715; Experience, 27 Jan. 1717; and Elisha,


[[vol. 4, p. 117]]


23 Jan. 1721; was deac. and d. 6 Sept. 1746; and his wid. d. 10 Oct. 1751. ISRAEL, Boston 1672, a carpenter. JAMES, Salem 1653, liv. in the part that bec. Marblehead in 1648, one wh. attend. the min. serv. of Rev. William Walton, and prob. had gr. of Id. at Gloucester 1642; had w. Mary, and d. Catharine, wh. m. Samuel Eburne, and s. James, liv. at Bristol, O. E. to wh. by deed, 13 June 1656, as his only s. he gave his Salem est. prob. d. a. 1661. His will, of 9 Nov. 1660, was pro. 27 June foll. and his est. was good. JAMES, Boston, a shipmaster, was admin. of our ch. 13 Oct. 1644, was next yr. engag. in the infam. steal. of blacks on the coast of Guinea, and bring. them here, two being brot. and a hundred k. He had his w. with him on his voyage at Barbados. See Winthrop II. 243, with the addr. of Richard Saltonstall, Ib. Appx. M. and large proceed. in Col. rec. For other foul play with the w. of Isaac Gross here he was excom. 4 July 1647. JAMES, Rehohoth, d. 1653, and admin. of his est. was giv. to Amos Richardson of Boston, perhaps as a creditor. JAMES, Weymouth, had Nathaniel, b. 8 June 1639, may have been freem. 1654. JAMES, Salem, or Marblehead, prob. s. of James of the same, had James, and others; in 1659 was persecut. as a quaker, but liv. at M. 1674. JAMES, Newtown, L. I. 1642-86. JAMES, Weymouth, perhaps the freem. of 1681, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 22 Mar. 1663; Elizabeth 14 Sept. 1667; Hannah, 1 Mar. 1670; perhaps Sarah, 25 May 1672, for wh. see Geneal. Reg. III. 270; and Sarah, again, 1684. JAMES, Newbury, s. of Thomas, m. 26 July 1667, Sarah, d. of Robert Coker, had Sarah, b. 12 Sept. 1668; James, 16 Oct. 1670; Thomas, 9 Mar. 1673; Hannah, 23 Mar. 1675; Joseph, 8 June 1677, d. in few wks.; John, 1 Nov. 1678; Samuel, 31 Jan. 1680; Benjamin, 21 Aug. 1681; and Mary, 27 Feb. 1684, d. young; was freem. 1671, lieut. in the crusade of Phips against Quebec, on ret. from wh. in Oct. 1630 he perish. by shipwreck on Anticosti. JAMES, Danvers, a man of some distinct. 1692, had Tabitha, wh. d. 11 Mar. 1689, aged 3 yrs. JAMES, Dover 1669, was perhaps s. of George of the same, m. Sarah, d. of John Davis, had John; James; Samuel; May or Mary, wh. m. a. Dean; Sarah, wh. m. a Freemnn; and two, wh. d. young. He was an innholder, and d. from over-exert. in going to join Capt. Floyd, 1690, against the Ind. wh. not long after k. his wid. and s. Samuel. JAMES, Charlestown, s. of the first Thomns of the same, was a householder 1678, by w. Mary had Mary, bapt. 12 Oct. 1684. JAMES, Watertown, eldest s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. 1680, Hannah, d. of John Goodenow, and by Dr. Bond is suppos. to have d. at Lancaster, leav. wid. Hannah, to wh. with ch. James, Samuel, Hannah, John, Sarah, Joseph, Benjamin, and Daniel, his est. was distrib. 8 Apr. 1701. One JAMES, possib. the preced. was of Moseley's comp. Dec. [[vol. 4, p. 118]] 1675. JAMES, New London, s. prob. eldest ch. of Richard of the same, m. Elizabeth d. of Jonathan Rogers, had childr. of wh. descend. to this day reside there. JEREMIAH, Eastham, m. 3 Jan. 1678, Hannah Astwood, perhaps d. of Stephen, had Mercy, b. 17 Feb. 1679; Abigail, 1 June 1681; Jeremiah, 18 Aug. 1685; and Hannah, Sept. 1691. He d. 29 Apr. 1706, and his wid. d. 29 Mar. 1729. 

JOBANNA, Farmington, a young soldier, s. of William of the same, in Capt. Newberry's comp. in Philip's war, k. by the Ind. at Hatfield 30 May 1676. JOHN, Dorchester 1630, came in the Mary and John, a man of distinct. no doubt from Co. Devon, brot. fam. prob. s. John, perhaps Lawrence, possib. d. Mary, wh. m. first Nathaniel Glover, and next Gov. Thomas Hinckley, as most of the people of D. said, tho. it is evid. eno. to me, that this high matched Mary was d. of a later John; is com. call. the quarter-master, bec. he had serv. in the Netherlands in that rank, was, perhaps, the freem. of 4 Mar. 1633, or of 7 Dec. 1636. Mr. Clap thinks he was past mid. age, when he came, and my inq. are unsatisf. a. him. JOHN, Maine 1640, one of the gr. jury at the first Gen. Court of Sir Ferdinando Gorges, in that yr. "sw. to inq. for our Sovereign Lord the K. and the Lord of this Province." Perhaps he was of Kiltery, aft. as we kn. he was, in 1635, of Saco. JOHN, Providence, one of the hundred first purch. may have been of Salem 1631 or 2, one of the friends of Roger Williams, wh. calls him a merch. perhaps, but not very likely the freem. of 4 Mar. 1633, and banish. at the Court Sept. 1635, for "divers dangerous opin. wh. he holdeth and hath divulg." His name is always Smyth, and he bec. one of the heads of the Col. of R. I. aft. rem. to Warwick, the presid. of R. I. chos. to succeed Williams in 1649. In the new chart. of the k. July 1663, he is nam. of the counc. but d. bef. its arr. lev. wid. Ann, wh. had been w. of .....Collins, and had s. Elizur C. b. a. 1622, and the est. of S. went to them. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. IX. 286. But bet. other Johns of the neighb. my power of discrimin. fails. In Providence alone were four Johns among the first hundred purch. 

One JOHN, if not two, was of Newport, in 1640. JOHN, Watertown 1631, perhaps the freem. of 25 May 1636 (whose w. Isabel d. or was bur. 12 July 1639, aged 60, as Dr. Bond says), may have been f. of John, Thomas, and Francis, sometimes nam. of W. perhaps of others, but all b. in Eng. and, as Bond thinks, rem. to Lancaster, and d. there, yet I think it more prob. that it was a younger man. 

JONN, Taunton, one of the first purch. 1637. JOHN, Plymouth 1643, then call. senr. was one of the first sett. at Eastham; but we ask in vain as to his fam. or time of d. and are left to infer that, tho. he was sen. in the list of those able to bear arrns, John jun. was not his s. as he did not accomp. the sen. to Eastham, and it may equally be doubt. whether he was f. of [[vol. 4, p. 119]] either the sec. or third John of Eastham, or of Samuel of the same.

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