A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Stark - Steere 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

STARKE, or START, ARRON, Hartford 1639, or Windsor 1643, an unpromis. youth, subject. by sentence of Court to whip. rem. to New London 1655, near Stonington, freem. 1669; d. as, 1685, leav. s. Aaron, John, William, and had ds. wh. m. John Fish and Josiah Haynes. JOHN, Boston, "Scottish-man, sev. to Lieut. William Hudson, d. 22 May 1652;" was one of the unhappy prisoners, prob. tak. on the bloody field of Dunbar, 3 Sept. 1650, sent over here next yr. to be sold for such a term of yrs. that left no hope to the suffer. ROBERT, Concord, d. 1646. See Geneal. Reg. VIII. 57. WILLIAM, Lynn 1641.


STARKEY, GEORGE, H. C. 1646, may have been of Lynn, or Malden, but very little ground in favor of either is discernab. Nor is any knowl. likely to be got, other than of his d. in London, Sept. 1665, where he had bestow. his serv. dur. the terrible plague, hav. made hims. acquaint. with medicine, as is relat. in the letters of Allin, the reverend grad. of 1643. For the credit of the new-born Harv. Coll. at Cambridge in N. E. the metropolis of their native ld. in its most dismal visitat. was indebt. to a grad. of its sec. yr. and to ano. of its fifth yr. of bestow. such honors, when the time-honor. university, so many thousand miles nearer, perhaps, gave far less contrib. of educ. skill to her relief.

STARKWEATHER, JOHN, Ipswich 1684, s. of Robert, had w. Ann, and ch. John, b. 16 Sept. 1680; Robert, 12 Nov. 1684; and Richarfd, 25 Dec. 12686. All these ch. were of Stonington 1705, and in that town or neighb. m. and perpetua. the name. His s. John was gr.f. of the late [[vol. 4, p. 173]]

Hon. Ezra s. of Worthington, one of the most valua. men in Hampsh. ROBERT, Roxbury, had w. Jennet, a mem. of the ch. and ch. Elizabeth bapt. 23 July 1643; Lydia, 23 June 1644,; John 1646; Deborah, 27 Aug. 1648; he sold his est. at R. and rem. to Ipswich 1651, there d. 1674, and 4 Nov. of that yr. his wid. had admin. By tradit. four other ch. are ment. but not nam.

STARLING, or STERLING, WILLIAM, freem. 1681, liv. at Harverhill 1677, m. Ann, wid. of the sec. John Neal, perhaps as sec. or third w. and rem. to Lyme.

START, EDWARD, York 1655, in Farmer's MS. by me presum. to be that freem. of 1652, call. Stirt. he d. 19 May 1671, leav. sev. ch. of wh. only Thomas is nam. and wid. Willmott, wh. m. William Roanes.

STAWERS. See Stowers.

STEARNS, CHARLES, Watertown, freem. 1646, bot. 1648, est. of Edward Lamb, by w. Hannah had Samuel, b. 2 June 1650. His w. d. July 1651, and he m. 22 June 1654, Rebecca, d. of John Gibson of Cambridge, had Shubael, 20 Sept. 1655; John, 24 Jan. 1657; both at C. but at W. Issac, Charles, Rebecca, and Martha; soon aft. 1681 was of Lynn, there d. bef. 1695. His s. Charles d. in the army bef. his f. Rebecca m. 25 Jan. 1693, Thomas Stearns; and Martha m. a Hutchinson. ISAAC, Watertown 1630, came prob. with Sir Richard Saltonstall in the fleet, was adm. freem. 18 May of next yr. tho. he may have been drawn thither as much by regard for Winthrop, since he was not a dist. neighb. of the Gov. in their native ld. He was of Neyland, Co. suffk. where his two eldest ch. were bapt.; Mary, 6 Jan 1627; and Ann, 5 Oct. 1628. Here by w. Mary (tho. Dr. Cogswell in Geneal. Reg. I. 43, calls Sarah mo. of John) had John, b. perhaps the fist yr.; Isaac, 6 Jan. 1633; Sarah, 22 Sept. 1635; tho. this by Pulsifer in Geneal, Reg. VII. 159 is giv. careless, as ch. of I. and M. Storie; Samuel, 24 Apr. 1638; Elizabeth and Abigail. He d. 19 June 1671, and his will 14 of that mo. provides for w. Mary, for ch. of his s. John; for the ch. of his d. Mary, dec. besides special remem. of Isaac and Mary; for the ch. of ds. Sarah, Elizabeth and Abigail sever. ment. his kinsman Charles S. and makes his won s. Isaac, and Samuel excors. His wid. d. 2 Apr. 1677. 

Prob. he is the ancest. of near. all of his nam. sev. thousand in number, in Mass. but sure. Farmer should have qualif. his universality. He was on the first jury that tr. civ. cause in N. E. when large dams. were giv. against Endicott for assult on Thomas Dexter in May 1631. His d. Mary m. 9 July 1646, Isaac Learned, and d. bef. her f. Ann m. 25 Dec. 1650, Henry Freeman; Sarah m. 7 June 1655, deac. Samuel Stone; Elizabeth m. 13 Aprl. 1664, Samuel Manning; and Abigail m. 27 Apr. 1666, deac. John Morse. 

ISAAC, Cambridge, s. of the preced. liv. in that part, [[vol. 4, p. 174]] call. the Farms now Lexington, m. 24 June 1660, Sarah, d. of Capt. Richard Beers, ahd Sarah, b. 14 Jan. 1662; Mary, 8 Oct. 1663; Isaac 26 Aug. 1665; Samuel, 11 Jan 1668; Abigail; and John, 1675; and d. 2 Aug. 1676. His wid. m. 23 July 1677, Thomas Wheeler; of ds. Sarah m. 27 Dec. 1678, John Wheeler; Mary m. 1 Jan. 1694, John Cutler; and Abigail m. 29 Nov. 1692, Samuel Hartwell. ISAAC, Salem, s. of Charles, by w. Hannah had Rebecca, b. 15 Jan. 1685; Isaac, 28 July 1687; and John, 10 or 20 Dec. 1690; and d. soon aft. His wid. m. Dec. 1694, John Chapman. JOHN, Billerica, s. of the first Isaac, one of the first sett. of B. m. Sarah, only d. of Isaac Mixer, had John, b. May 1654, first b. of the two rec. and Isaac, wh. d. young. His w. d. 18 June 1656, and he m. Dec. foll. at Barnstable, Mary, d. of Thomas Lothrop, had Isaac, again, 17 Apr. 1658, wh. d. young; Samuel, 3 Sept. 1659; Isaac, again, 23 Dec. 1661; Nathaniel, 30 Nov. 1663, d. young; and Thomas, 6 Dec. 1665. He d. 5 Mar. 1669, and his wid. m. 6 May foll. Capt. William French, and in 1684 bec. third w. of Isaac Mixer, and long outliv. him. JOHN, Malden, a capt. m. Joanna, wid. of Jacob Parker, and she d. 4 Dec. 1737, aged 78. 

JOHN, Watertown, s. of Charles, m. a. 1681, Judith d. of George Lawrence, of the same, had Rebecca, b. 21 Mar. 1683; Judith; Sarah; George; and Benjamin, wh. were all bapt. 22 June 1690; John; Thomas, Daniel; Isaac; Mary; Elizabeth; and Abigail; this last b. 12 May 1700; all bapt. 11 May 1701; and Charles, 20 Oct. 1702, bapt. 28 Feb. foll. He was freem. 1690, unless it be that his adm. is of the foll. John, as seems more prob. This Watertown man m. sec. w. 2 Apr. 1713, Mary, d. of Richard Norcorss, and d. 22 Feb. 1722. JOHN, Billerica, s. of John the first wh. d. 26 Oct. 1728, aged 74, was, I think, the freem. of 1690, and the found. of a very num. line much diffus. *NATHANIEL, Dedham 1647, freem. 2 May 1649, had Samuel, bapt. 25 Nov. 1666; Nathaniel, 6 Dec. 1668; and James, 28 May 1671. Yet I doubt, from the lateness of these dates, that not the freem. of 1649, but ano. Nathaniel of D. perhaps his s. was f.; was a lieut. rep. 1684, 9, 90, and 1. SAMUEL, Watertown, s. of Isaac the first, m. 1 Feb. 1663, Hannah, eldest d. of William Manning, had Samuel, b. 4 May 1664, wh. d. at 7 yrs.; Hannah, 8 Dec, 1666; Nathaniel, 13 Dec. 1668; Sarah, 23 Apr. 1671; Samuel, again, 29 Mar. 1673; Isaac, 31 Dec. 1674; John, 24 June 1677; Mary, 5 Apr. 1679; Abigail, 16 Apr. 1680; and Joseph, 11 Dec. 1682, d. in few mos. He d. 1683, and his wid. d. 16 Feb. 1724, aged near 82 yrs. SAMUEL, Watertown, s. of Charles, by w. Mehitable had Joseph, bapt. 7 Aug. 1698, more than four yrs after d. of his f. and Samuel, b 27 Feb. 1686, bapt. 21 Aug. 1698. He d. bef. 6 June 1694, the date of his inv. 

SHUBAEL, Lynn, eldest s. of Charles, [[vol. 4, p. 175]] serv. in Philip's war, had Shubael, b. 19 Aug. 1683; Samuel; Hannah John, 1691; Mary; and perhaps one or two others. In 1834 Farmer notes, that of this name eighteen had been gr. at Harv. two at Yale, and three at other N. E. coll.

STEBBINS, STEBBIN, or STEBBING, in early rec. oft. STIBBIN, STEBBONS, aznd STUBBING, BENJAMIN, Springfield, s. of Thomas of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, freem. 1690, m. 9 Oct. 1682, Abigail Denton, perhas d. of Rev. Richard, but more prob. of Daniel, by first w. wh. may have been s. of Richard, but mroe prob. of Daniel, by 1683; and Mercy, 29 Oct. 1685. His w. d. 24 or 28 Aug. 1689; he m. 11 Apr. 1690, Mary, wid. of Samuel Ball had no ch. by her. He d. 12 Oct. 1698, and his wid. m. 29 Dec. 1704, James Warriner the elder. BENJAMIN, Northampton, youngest s. of John of the same, m. 1709, Mary, d. of David Ashley of Westfield, had Benjamin, b. 15 Sept. 1711; and Gideon, 30 June 1714, wh. d. at 20 yrs. With the other s. he rem. to Belchertown 1741, and there are descend. BENONI, Northampton, s. of John, first of the same, took o. of fidel. 1678, and was adm. freem. 1684, m. Mary, wid. of James Bennet, wh. had been m. only the yr. preced. and whose h. and k. in the morning aft. the Falls fight, 19 May 1676, ahd Ebenezer, b. 1677; and was tak. by the Ind. 19 Sept. of that yr.; Thankful, 10 Mar. 1680; Abigail, a. 1683; Mindwell, 20 Jan. 1686; rem. to Deerfield, there had Joseph, and Esther, tw. Feb. 1689; and the mo. d. 2 Aug. foll. He m. a. 1691, Hannah, wid. of Joseph Edwards, and had Benjamin, 1692; and Esther, 1695. He was k. 29 Feb. 1704 at the assault by the Fr. and Ind. his wid. m. Thomas French, wh. had lost most of his fam. in the same asault; but most of the ch. d. young. DANIEL, New London, s. of John of same, m. Bethia, d. of Daniel Comstock. 

*EDWARD, Cambridge 1633, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. with the early sett. to Hartford, was rep. oft. aft. 1639 to 56; had sev. ch. but no s. He d. 1663; and his wid. whose name was Frances, d. ten yrs. later. His d. Mary m. 29 Apr. 1648, Walter Gaylord; Elizabeth m. first Robert Wilson, and next, Thomas Caldwell in 1658; Lydia m. deac. John Wilson; and ano. d. m. in Eng. John Chester. He call. Elizur Holyoke his br.-in-law and speaks of dear sis. H. EDWARD, Springfield, s. of Thomas of the same, freem. 1690; in Apr. 1679, Sarah Groves, d. of Isaac or John, had Sarah, b. 20 Feb. 1682; Thomas, Oct. 1685, d. soon; Thomas, again, 7 mar. 1687; Mary, 11 Setp. 1689, d. soon; John, 20 Jan. 1693; Mary, again, 2 Jan. 1696, d. at 2 yrs. His w. d. 12 June 1700, andhe m. 18 Oct. 1701, Mary, wid. of Isaac Colton, and d. 31 Oct. 1712. Increase is nam. by Farmer, as of Springfield 1650, but I fear it is an error. 

JOHN, Watertown, by w. Mary or Margaret had John b. 25 Mar. 1640; and Mary, 6 Aug. 1641, [[vol. 4, p. 176]] may as Miss Caulkins suppos, have rem. to New London in its earliest day; but his w. was Margaret wh. d. 1 Jan. 1679. He was constable 1660, and d. a. 1685. Three ch. are ment. John, Daniel, and the w. of John Marshall of Hartford, of wh. all may have been b. as we are sure John was. bef. set. of N. L. JOHN, Roxbury, a baker, freem. 1647, m. 17 Apr. 1644, Ann Munke, of wh. all that is kn. is unpleas. as Ellis quotes from the venerab. ch. rec. "She was of so violent passion, that she offer, violence to her h. wh. being of such infamy, she was cast out of the ch." But she d. 3 Apr. 1680, aged 50; and he improv. his freedom by m. 4 June foll. wid. Rebecca Hawkins, and d. 4 Dec. 1681, aged 70. JOHN, Northampton, s. of Rowland, b. in Eng. m. 14 May 1646, a wid. Ann, and had John, b. 28 Jan. 1647; Thomas, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1649; Ann, 10 Apr. 1651, d. at two yrs.; Edward, 12 July 1653, d. at 3 mos.; Benoni, 23 June 1655; had liv. prob. at Springfield until 1656. The d. of his w. is not found on rec. at S. or N. but at N. he m. 17 Dec. 1657, sec. w. Abigail, d. of Robert Bartlet, had Samuel, 21 Jan. 1659; Abigail, 24 Sept. 1660; Thomas, 6 May. 1662, d. at 27 yrs.; Hannah, 8 July 1664; Mary, 10 Sept. 1666; Sarah, 4 June 1668; Joseph, 17 Jan. 1670, d. at 11 yrs.; Deborah, 5 Mar. 1672; Benjamin, bapt. 3 May 1674; Rebecca, bapt. 20 Feb. 1676; and Thankful, b. 11 May 1678. He d. 7 Mar. 1679, leav. twelve ch. His wid. m. 28 Dec. 1681, Jedediah Strong, had two or more ch. and d. 15 July 1689. All the 7 ds. m. well, and some very young. Abigail m. 1678, William Phelps; Hannah m. 5 Nov. 1679, being not much over 15 yrs. John Sheldon, of N.; Mary m. 17 Nov. 1683, Thomas Strong; Sarah m,. 1687, William Southwell; Deborah m. a. 1690, Benjamin Alvord; Rebecca m. 1697, Nathaniel Srong, of N.; and Thankful m. 10 July 1700, Jerijah Strong. Oft. this man is call. Edmund, as by Farmer, and in the list of freem. appears as abbrev. Edm. but the real name was as here giv. JOHN, New London, s. of the first John, m. a 1663, Deborah, by Caulkins thot. to be d. of Miles Moore. 

JOHN, m. a. 1663, Deborah, by Caulkins Dec. 1675, may have bene of Boston, but no acco. of him is gain. JOHN, Deerfield, eldest s. of John of Northampton, m. Dorothy Alexander, sis. of Robert, wh. to her and brs. and sis. div. his est. had John, and Abigail, of whose b. the date is not found; Samuel, b. 1688; Thankful, 1691; Ebenezer, 1694; and Joseph, 1699. He suffer. from the French and Ind. when they destroy. D. 29 Feb. 1704, when his w. and the six ch. were car. away to Canada, whence exc. f. mo. and s. John they came not back. He died 20 yrs. aft. the captiv. in his will, give all his est. to John, but ea. of the five Canada should have in a share, if he came to live in N. E. JOSEPH, Springfield, s. of Thomas the first, took o. of fidel. 1678, was freem. 1681, m. 17 Nov. 1673, Sarah, d. of Anthony [[vol. 4, p. 177]] Dorchester of the same, had Joseph, b. 4 Oct. 1674; Benjamin, 23 Jan. 1677; Thomas, 13 July 1679; John, 22 Sept. 1681, k. casual. at 5 yrs.; Mehitable, 27 Nov. 1683; Ebenezer, 8 June 1686; Sarah, 8 June 1688; John, again, 8 Nov. 1690; Hannah, 9 Nov. 1692; and Martha, 28 June 1697; and d. 15 Oct. 1728. His wid. d. 18 Aug. 1746, aged almost 93. The late sagacious Gov. Strong descend. from Mehitable. 

MARTIN, Roxbury, a brewer, m. 25 Dec. 1639, Jane Green, had Hannah, b. 23 Oct. 1640; Mary, 1, bapt. 5 Feb. 1643; and Nathaniel, bapt. 23 Mar. 1645; rem. soon to Boston, and there his w. d. 24 July 1659, ROWLAND, Springfield, came from Ipswich, Co. Suffk. in the Francis, 1634, aged, as the custom ho. rec. says, 40, with w. Sarah, 43, and four ch. Thomas, 14; Sarah, 11; John, 8; and Elizabeth 6; beside Mary Winch, perhaps a relat. The fam. Memoir says, he first sett. at Roxbury, where however is no ment. of him, but he prob. went with Pyncheon, found. of S. the next yr. aft. land. at Boston in June. At. S. his w. d. 4 Oct. 1649; and he some yrs. later rem. to Northampton, there d. 14 Dec. 1671. In his will of 1 Mar. 1670 he names only the ch. brot. from Eng. Sarah had m. 14 Jan. 1641, Thomas Merrick; and Elizabeth m. 2 Mar. 1647, John Clark, both of Springfield. SAMUEL, Springfield, eldest s. of Thomas, m. 22 July 1679, Joanna, d. of John Lamb, had a s. b. and d. 1680; Thomas, b. 26 Dec. 1681, d. soon; and Samuel, 13 May 1683. His w. d. 8 Aug. foll. and he m. 10 Dec. 1685, Abigail Brooks, had John, 13 Feb. 1687; Ebenezer, 30 Nov. 1688; William, 27 July 1693; Abigail 30 Nov. 1695; Joanna, 4 Mar. 1697; Thomas, again, 10 Aug. 1698; Benjamin, 10 Dec. 1700; and Mercy, 19 June 1705; was adm. freem. 1690, and d. 13 July 1708, leav. wid. and the last nine of the eleven ch. 

SAMUEL, Northampton, s. of John, m. 4 Mar. 1678, Mary, d. of John French of the same, had Mercy, b. 1683; and Samuel, 1689; both prob. d. bef. the mo. wh. was aband. this last yr. by her h. He rem. to Boston, or R. I. or both, and on 14 Mar. 1692, was m. in R. I. by a clerg. of the Episc. communion to Sarah Williams, but whether by her he had any issue is not kn. He w. sought for divorce in 1695, and alleg. that he had sev. ch. by that woman; but perhaps she obt. divorce only by her d. 26 Jan. 1697. He came back to Mass. aft. few yrs. sat down 1727 at Belchertown, there d. 3 Sept. 1732, THOMAS, Springfield, eldest s. of Rowland, b. in Eng. m. Nov. 1645, Hannah, d. of deac. Samuel Wright, had Samuel, b. 19 Sept. 1646; Thomas, 31 July 1648; Joseph, 18 May 1650, d. next yr.; Joseph, again, 24 Oct. 1652; Sarah, 18 Aug. 1654; Edward, 14 Apr. 1656; Benajmin, 11 Apr. 1658; Hannah, 1 Oct. 1660, d. a. 17 yrs. and tw. Rowland, 2 Oct. 1660, d. next yr. His w. d. 16 Oct. 1660, and he m. 14 Dec. 1676, Abigail, wid. of Benjamin Mun, d. of Henry Burt, wh. had [[vol. 4, p. 178]] been wid. of Francis Ball. He was a lieut. and d. as says the fam. mem. in Geneal. Reg. V. 352, 15 Sept. and Farmer says 25 Sept. 1683. THOMAS, Springfield, s. of the preced. m. 21 Dec. 1672, Abigail, d. of Benjamin Mun, had Thomas, b. 28 Jan. 1674, d. next yr.; Abigail, 27 May 1675, d. young; Hannah, 29 Dec. 1677, d. soon; Hannah, again, 22 Dec. 1680; Thomas, again, 13 Nov. 1682, d. in two yrs.; a d. b. and d. 1685; Sarah, 17 Apr. 1686; Mary, 1 Nov. 1688; and Abigail, again, b. and d. 1692. His w. d. 5 Feb. 1692 or 3, and he m. 12 Apr. 1694, Mary, wid. of Samuel Ely. He sw. fidel. 1678, was freem. 1690, and d. 7 Dec. 1695. Next yr. 11 Dec. his wid. m. deac. John Coleman of Hatfield. 

THOMAS, Northampton, s. of John of the same, m. 16 Sept. 1684, Elizabeth d. of . . . . Wright, had Elizabeth 31 Oct 1685; Thomas, 2 June 1689; Josiah, Sept. 1694; Hannah, whose date of b. is not found; Joseph, 30 Mar. 1697; Experience, 14 Mar. 1699, d. young; Asahel, 10 Apr. 1701; Experience, again, 18 Mar. 1703; and Mary, 26 Dec. 1705. He d. 28 Apr. 1712, and his wid. m. 1715, John Hannum. Under date of 3 Nov. 1685, in his Diary, Sewall notes, that one S. of Watertown was fin. with James Bigelow, "for insult. Lt. Gov. Stoughton and Dudley." No doubt this was a political offence. But in Dr. Dond's Geneal, Reg. of W. tho. he notes this suffering of Bigelow, the name of Stebbins for many yrs. bef. had dispp. Of this name, in 1816, there had been gr. six at Yale, and one at Harv.

STEDMAN, ancient. STUDMAN, AUGUSTINE, Newbury 1678, sw. alleg. that yr. then aged 40. GEORGE, Charlestown, m. 4 Apr. 1674, Hannah Coburn, had William, b. 20 Mar. 1675; Hannah, 16 Oct. 1677; Sarah, 13 Aug. 1683; and Mary, 27 May 1686; all bapt. 17 Apr. 1687, his w. join. the ch. 25 Sept. fol. and the rec. says the bapt. was by mistake. ISAAC, Scituate, came from London in the Elizabeth 1635, aged 30, tho. his name is not seen in the print. list, with w. Elizabeth 26; and s. Nathaniel, 5; and Isaac, 1, join. Lothrop's ch. 17 July 1636, had at S. Elizabeth bapt. 26 Nov. 1637; Thomas, and Sarah; rem. 1650, to Boston, liv. at Muddy riv. was a merch. d. 1678, says Deane. His will of 2 Oct. in that yr. provides for s. Nathaniel, and Thomas, ds. Elizabeth Haman, i. e. Hammond, w. of the sec. Thomas; Hannah, w. of Samuel Hyde; and Sarah, w. of Thomas Perry. JOHN, Cambridge, came, in 1638, with Rev. Josse Glover, wh. d. on the voyage, freem. 13 May 1640. His w. Alice, prob. brot. from Eng. d. 6 Mar. 1690, aged as gr. stone says, a. 80, and he d. 16 Dec. 1693, aged 92. He was oft. selectman betw. 1640 and 76, and ensign 1645, had ds. Elizabeth Sarah, b. 11 Jan. 1644; and Martha, 3 June 1646; all bapt. at C. Elizabeth m. 5 Mar. 1662, Nathaniel Upham, wh. d. 15 days aft.; and she m. 27 Apr. 1669, Henry Thompson of Boston; and last, John Sharp; outliv. him, [[vol. 4, p. 179]] and d. 9 Mar. 1700, aged 58. Sarah m. 23 Aug. 1662, John Bracket of Boston, and sec. m. Dr. Samuel Alcock, and next Thomas Graves, and fourth, Hon. John Phillips, outliv. him, and d. 1 Mar. 1731; and Martha m. 4 Dec. 1665, Joseph Cooke, the younger. 

JOHN, Hartford, had John, b. 5 Apr. 1651; Mary, 24 Sept. 1653; Thomas, 9 Oct. 1655; Robert, 1 Feb. 1658; Samuel, 27 Feb. 1660; and Elizabeth 9 Nov. 1665. He was few yrs. at Wethersfield, made freem. 1654, yet I find not his name in the list of 1669, was a lieut. and in the early part of Philip's war com. the dragoons, but d. in Dec. 1675. JOHN, Cambridge, s. of Robert, m. 14 May 1666, Elizabeth Remington, d. of the first John, had John, b. 22 Aug. 1668; and Elizabeth wh. d. 15 July 1676; and he d. of smallpox, 24 Nov. 1678. His wid. m. 14 July 1679, Samuel Gibson. NATHANIEL, Cambridge, s. prob. of Isaac, b. in Eng. m. it is suppos. Sarah, d. of the first Thomas Hammond, had Sarah, and Eliz, provid. for by the will of gr.f. Hammond, wh. ment. that his d. their mo. was d. bef. 30 Sept. 1675, when that will, without date, says Jackson, was brot. in ROBERT, Cambridge 1638, freem. 14 Mar. 1639, by w. Ann had a d. b. 14 Sept. 1638, d. young; John, 27 Dec. 1642; Mary, 27 Apr. 1645, wh. m. 1 Apr. 1674, Daniel Thurston; and Thomas, wh. d. 9 Apr. 1659, prob. quite young; and d. 20 Jan. 1666. His wid. liv. beyong 10 Dec. 1674, but d. bef. Nov. 1676. 

THOMAS, New London 1649, of wh. Caulkins was unable to find more but he soon disapp. may have been f. of the sec. John, and of Thomas, whether he d. at N. L. or rem. THOMAS, Boston, of that pt. call, Muddy riv. now Brookline, m. Mary, d. of John Watson of Roxbury, bef. 1671, ahd Thomas, Joshua, Joseph, and Mary, all nam. with legacies in the will of their uncle John W. 1693. THOMAS, New London, mariner, perhaps s. of Thomas of the same, certain, br. of John of Wethersfield, m. 6 Aug. 1668, Hannah, d. of Robert Isbell, had John, b. 25 Dec. 1669; and Ann; and d. 1701. His wid. m. John Fox; and Ann m. Benjamin Lester. In our Reg. of Suffk. is a deed to him, of 23 Nov. 1671, from Wampas, an Ind. seaman of Boston, of 110 acres lying betw. Marlborough and Mendon; but I think the considerat. does not appear. Five of this name at Harv. and two at Yale had bene gr. in 1801.

STEDWELL, STUDWELL, or STEADWELL, JOSEPH, Rye 1683, Greenwich 1697, resolv. therefore to hold to jurisdict. of Conn. THOMAS, Stamford 1667, d. 1670. THOMAS, Greenwich, perhaps s. of the preced. in 1658 adm. the jurisdict. of New Haven, was of Rye 1662-72, but in the disput. claims betw. N. Y. and Conn. came back to G. 1692-97.

STEELE, EBENEZER, Farmington, youngest ch. of Samuel of the same, m. 15 Feb. 1705, Sarah Hart, prob. d. of the sec. Stephen of the same, had Mary, b. 15 June 1706; and Sarah, 15 May 1708; and d. 6 [[vol. 4, p. 180]] Oct. 1722. His wid. d. 26 Feb. 1751. *GEORGE, Cambridge 1632 or 3, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. with Hooker to Hartford, had Richard, wh. d. bef. his. f. unm. and he d. 1664. He was of gr. serv. one of the commiss. from Mass. to gov. the first colonists at Conn. and rep. almost every yr. fr. 1537 to 59 inclus. By first w. Rachel, wh. d. 1653, he had John, and Samuel, b. prob. in Eng. But his w. and childr. are by Cothren, it is thot. borrow, from John, his br. He will of 24 May 1663, ment. s. James, to wh. most of his est. was giv. and Elizabeth w. of Thomas Watts. Perhaps he had ano. d. b. 1640, wh. m. and had d. Martha; but the fam. geneal. is very obscure. HENRY, Cambridge, nam. in Holmes's Hist. as of that town 1632, 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. p. 10; but as the name never appears again, I think he d. soon, or perhaps went home. 

JAMES, Hartford 1657, s. of George, but prob. b. in Eng. m. late in life, perhaps as sec. w. Bethia, d. of John Hopkins, wid. of Samuel Stocking; but by former w. m. 18 Oct. 1651, had s. James, b. a. 1654; and John, a. 1660, wh. d. bef. his f. beside ds. Sarah, a. 1656; Mary, the eldest; Elizabeth; and Rachel; their mo. perhaps was Ann, d. of John Bishop. He was commissa. for all Conn. forces in Philip's war. JAMES, Wethersfield, s. of Samuel of the same, was a capt. m. 19 July 1687, Ann d. of the first Samuel Welles, had Samuel, b. 1 Oct. 1688; Joseph, 27 Sept. 1690; Prudence, 17 Jan. 1693; Hannah, 18 Mar. 1697; Ann, 28 oct. 1702; and David, 8 June 1706; and d. 15 May 1713. His wid. m. 20 Nov. 1718, James Judson of Stratford, whose first w. was her cous. JAMES, Hartford, s. of James of the same, m. Sarah Barnard, d. of Bartholomew, had a ch. bapt. 1691; James; Jonathan, b. 1693; Stephen, 1696, Y. C. 1718; Sarah; Elizabeth; and Mary; and d. 1712. *JOHN, Cambridge 1632 or 3, by Farmer call. of Dorchester 1630, but without any high authority, was br. of George, freem. 14 May 1634, rep. in Mar. foll. and two next Cts. and in 1636, appoint. with Ludlow, Pynchon and others to admin. governm over the gr. Exodus to Conn. (wh. was contin. 2 or 3 yrs. in that state of pupilage) rep. very oft. from the first assemb. 1639 to 57; was town clk. of H. until he rem. to Farmington 1645; by w. Rachel, wh. d. 1653, had John, wh. d. bef. his f. and Samuel, b. in Eng. and ds. Lydia, wh. m. 31 Mar. 1657, James Bird; and Mary, m. (not b.) as fam. geneal. pr. p. 7, gives it) the same day, William Judd; beside Daniel, b. 29 Apr. 1645, wh. d. next yr.; and Hannah, wh. d. 1655, prob. unm.; beside Sarah, a. 1639 wh. m. Thomas Judd. He took sec. w. 22 or 23 Nov. 1655 or 6, Mercy, wid. fo Richard Seymour; and d. not (as the vol. of fam. geneal. says) two days aft. the m. but 1664 or 5. His will of 30 Jan. 1664 names w. Mary, or Mercy, s. Samuel, two s.-in-law, William and Thomas Judd, and the three ch. of the dec. s. and Rachel, d. of Samuel. By fam. tradit. he is deriv. from Co. Essex, and this seems prob. eno. [[vol. 4, p. 181]]

JOHN, Farmington, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 22 Jan. 1646, Mary, or Mercy, d. of Andrew Warner, had Mary, b. 20 Nov. foll.; John, 1650; Samuel, 15 Mar. 1652; and Benoni; and was ens. of the milit. 1651, but d. 1653. His wid. m. William Hills, and d. Mary m. 24 Oct. 1670, John Thompson. JOHN, Farmington, s. of the preced. freem. 1677, m. Ruth, d. of deac. Thomas Judd, had Mary, Elizabeth bapt. 28 Mar. 1680, not 1678, as print. in Geneal. Reg. XII. 38, wh. was Thursday; Sarah, 25 Nov. 1683; John, 6 Mar. 1687, and 7 Mar. 1686, as print. in fam. geneal.; Rachel, not 2, as print. in fam. geneal. p. 22, wh. was Monday, but prob. 22 June 1689; Ruth; and Ebenezer, 1697, wh. d. young; and d. 26 Aug. 1637 or 8, NICHOLAS, Taunton 1654, then witness to a will, but perhaps not an inhab. as Baylies does not name, him. 

*SAMUEL, Farmington, s. of John the first, m. Mary, d. of James Boosey, had Mary, b. 5 Dec. 1652; Rachel, 30 Oct. 1654; Sarah, bapt. 28 Dec. 1656, but both these have wrong dates of bapt. in fam. geneal.; Samuel, b. 1659, prob. d. young; John bapt. perhaps 1, certain. not (as pring. in Geneal. Reg. XI. 327) 10 Dec. 1661, wh. was Tuesday; James, 1662, or 4, not as pr. in fam. geneal. 31 Aug. 1664, when his mo. was less than nine yrs. old; Hannah, 1668; and Ebenezer, 13 or 30 Aug. 1671 (in fam. geneal. mispr. 1701, wh. was 56 yrs. later than his f.'s m. and many aft. his d.), and d. at Wethersfield, 14 Aug. 1686. His will was 10 June preced.; and his wid. d. 1702. He serv. as rep. 1669-73, ens. 1668, and lieut. 1674. 

SAMUEL, Hartford, s. of the sec. John, m. 16 Sept. 1680, Mercy, or Mary, d. of Lieut. Gov. William Bradford, had Thomas, b. 9 Sept. 1681; Samuel, and Jerusha, tw. 15 Feb. 1685; William, 20 Fehb. 1687; Abiel, 8 Oct. 1693; Daniel, 3 Apr. 1697; and Eliphalet, 23 June 1700; and d. 1710. His wid. d. 1720. Ten of this name, half without final e, had, in 1847, been gr. at Yale, sev. at other N. E. coll. if Farmer be right, wh. I doubt, and two at Harv. of wh. one has double l.

STEERE, JOHN, Providence 1645, took engag. of alleg. in June 1668, m. Hannah, d. of William Wickenden, had John, William, and Thomas, but no dates are found. Descend. are now very num. RICHARD, New London 1690, fined for libel 1695, m. a. 1692, Elizabeth wid. of John Wheeler.

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