A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Stent - Stevenson 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

STENT, OR STINT, ELEAZER, New Haven, had Eleazer, b. mid. Jan. 1645, bapt. 16 Aug. 1646. The wid. m. Thomas Beamont. A d. Elizabeth m. 29 Mar. 1666, Thomas Harrison. ELEAZER, Branford 1667, s. prob. of the preced. unit. then in ch. cov. freem. 1672, in Dec. 1682 came to Cambridge to to procure Edward Oakes for their min. m. Sarah, d. of John Butler of the same, had Thomas, b. 10 Sept. 1671, d. soon; Dorothy, 13 Sept. 1672; Mary, 28 Nov. 1674, d. young; Elizabeth 25 Sept. 1676; Samuel, 5 Mar. 1678; Eleazer, 26 Apr. 1680; Mehitable, 17 [[vol. 4, p. 182]] Jan. 1682; Elnathan, d. very soon; Joseph, 27 Sept. 1691; Mehitable, again, 14 Sept. 1699; and Hannah, wh. may have been bef. or aft. Elnathan. He was sev. yrs. Clk. of the Ho. of Reps. of the Col. and d. Feb. 1706. His will of 9 Apr. preced. with codic. of 4 Feb. names w. Elizabeth Samuel, Eleazer, and Joseph, ds. Dorothy Barnes,Elizabeth Tyler, and s. Hannah Tyler.

STEPHENS. See Stevens.

STEPHENSON, ANDREW, Cambridge, brot. from Eng. w. Jane, and d. Deborah, a six yrs. old. wh. m. Robert Wilson of Sudbury; and had here Sarah; Rebecca; John, b. 29 Dec. 1644; Mary; Lydia, 2 Aug. 1648; Andrew; and Hannah. BARTHOLOMEW, Dover, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 10 Oct. 1680 Mary Clark, ahd Mary, b. 21 Sept. 1681; Bartholomew, 30 June 1683; Joseph, 13 Sept. 1686; Elizabeth 8 Dec. 1688; Thomas, 28 Dec. 1691; Sarah, 21 May 1695; Abraham, 8 Nov. 1700; and Deborah, 11 Apr. 1709; and he was k. by the Ind. 8 May aft. JOHN, Boston, shoemaker, by w. Sarah had Onesimus, b. 26 Dec. 1643, bapt. 24 Mar. foll. this ch. Farmer had giv. to Henry Stephens, prob. by the error of his transcriber, but from F. Dearborn had tak. the mistake into the valuab. list of inhabs. of B. for first 26 yrs. that is found in his Boston Notions, 42-65; John, bapt. 28 Sept. 1645, a. 5 days old; Joseph, wh. d. 10 Sept. 1652; James, 1 Oct. 1653; and Sarah, 6 Feb. 1656. His wid. m. 4 July 1659, Rev. William Blaxton, and his s. JOHN went with his mo. to the farm of her h. on Blackstone riv. there had pt. of Blaxton's domain asign. to him by the Plymouth Ct.and d. 16 Sept. 1695. Daggett. 

MARMADUKE, Boston 1659, a Quaker, call. to prophesy, he said, in 1656, froom Yorksh. compan. with William Robinson in suffering, wh. as well as S. was little above 20 yrs. old., when convict. of the offence, sentenc. to d. 20 Oct. of that yr. and execut. 27; on wh. sad delus. of our judges wh. thot. they "were doing God serv." John Hull, in his Diary, remarks: "most of the godly have cause to rejoice, and bless the Lord, that strengthens our magistrates and disputies to bear witness against such blasphemies." See., also, Hutch. I. 199. THOMAS, Dover bef. 1641, had Margaret, wh. m. bef. 1663, William Williams; Thomas, 1654; Joseph; and Bartholomew, bef. ment. perhaps first b. Mary, m. 5 Apr. 1667, Enoch Hutchings; d. 7 Dec. 1663, his w. Margaret hav. d. eleven days bef. 

THOMAS, Newtown, L. I. 1655, sec. nam. in the patent 1686, in wh. yr. appear Edward and Jonathan, also freeholders, perhaps his s. as may have been John, of the same place in 1666. His d. Abigail m. Daniel Whitehead. Easily this name appears as Stevenson.

STEPNEY, FRANCIS, Boston 1685, a dancing-master, forbit. to exercise his skill, of wh. Judge Sewall had pleasure in writ. that "he ran away for debt." 28 July 1686. [[vol. 4, p. 183]]

STERRY, ROGER, Stonington 1670, m. that yr. Hannah, wid. of Thomas Huet, of the same.

STERTT, perhaps STERITT, WILLIAM, Boston, wh. d. prob. 1645, had w. Jane, as the rec. of her adm. 4 Oct. in that yr. titles her. or Sarah, as when next day, the d. Sarah was apt. a. one yr. and 46 wks. old, she is call "our sis. wid. of one William Stertt."

STETSON, STITSON, STUDSON, STEDSON, or STUTSON, *BENJAMIN, Scituate, s. of Robert of the same, by w. Bethia had Benjamin, b. 16 Feb. bapt. 19 May 1668; Matthew, 12 June 1669, wh. d. Nov. 1690 in the wretched exped. of Phips; James, 1 May 1670; Samuel, Oct. 1673; Bethia, 14 May 1675; Mary, 21 Apr. 1678; Hannah, 1 June 1679; Deborah, 3 Dec. 1681; Eunice, Mar. 1683; and Margaret, Sept. 1684, d. soon; was rep. 1691, at Plymouth, and aft. the union with Mass. at Boston 1693, 4, and 1700, and d. 4 May 1711. JOHN, York, d. 1673, his inv. bearing date 1 July. No w. or ch. is ment. JOHN, Scituate, br. of Benjamin, by w. Abigail had Abigail, b. May 1677; John, bapt. 4 May 1679; Barnabas, 16 July 1682; Honour, b. Mar. 1684; and Ann, Dec. 1690, pro. posthum. for he d. in that sad yr. of the Canada crusade, with his neph. Joseph. 

JOSEPH, Scituate, eldest br. of the preced. by w. Prudence had Joseph, bapt. June 1667; Robert, b. 9 Dec. 1670; Lois, Mar. 1672; William, Dec. 1673; Desire, Sept. 1676; Prudence, Sept. 1678; Samuel, Dec. 1679; and Hannah, June 1682. his will was of 4 Apr. 1722, and he d. bef. 8 May 1724. *ROBERT, Scituate 1634, came, as reasonab. tradit. says from Co. Kent, perhaps in the yr. preced. aged a. 20, by first w. of whose name is no report, he had Joseph, b. June 1639; Benjamin, Aug. 1641; and Thomas, 11 Dec. 1643; all bapt. 6 Oct. 1645; Samuel, June, bapt. 12 July 1647; John, Apr. 1648; Eunice, 28 Apr. bapt. 19 May 1650; Lois, Feb. 1652, prob. d. young; Robert, 29 Jan. bapt. 26 Feb. 1654; and Timothy, bapt. 11 Oct. 1657, prob. d. young. He was a man of gr. public spirit, cornet of the first body of horse in Plymouth Col. was rep. 1654-62, and oft. aft. in 1664 a commissnr. for sett. bounds betw. the Cols. of Mass. and Plymouth; in perilous time, of the counc. of war, bef. and aft. the gr. danagers of Philip's hostil. dur. wh. his serv. was active; made his will 4 Sept. 1702, pro. 1 Mar. foll. in wh. his w. is call. Mary, presum. to have been tak. aft. 1682, and wid. of John Bryant. In it he provides for d. Eunice Rogers, and Abigail, wid. of s. John, and d. 1 Feb. 1703, aged 90. 

ROBERT, Scituate, s. of the preced. liv. in that pt. wh. bec. Pembroke m. 1676, Joanna brooks, says Barry, the later and higher authty. tho. Deane says Deborah, d. of William, had Isaac, Timothy, Resolved, Sarah, and Nathaniel, but no dates can be found for either by Barry. Yet desend. are very num. SAMUEL, Scituate, br. of the preced. had [[vol. 4, p. 184]] perhaps w. Mercy or Mary, wh. d. 1687, but Barry says, that the ch. on rec. of the town are nam. of Samuel and Lydia (and possib. the entry was not made bef. the time to sec. w.); Samuel, June 1679; Elizabeth 1 Apr. 1682, and with her, as Barry supposes, a tw. br. Judah, bec. he finds one of that name on ch. rec. of bapt. 14 May 1682; Lydia, July 1683; Patience, dec. 1687; Jonath, Apr. 1691; Mary, June 1692; John, Mar. 1694; Silas, June 1696; Seth, June 1698; Nathaniel, June 1700; Deborah, Oct. 1704; and Rachel. He was liv. 1722. 

THOMAS, Scituate, br. of the preced. m. 1671, Sarah, d. of Anthony Dodson, had Hannah, b . Nov. 1671; Thomas, Sept. 1673, bapt. 31 May foll.; Gershom, Jan. 1676; Sarah, Jan. 1678; Joshua, Jan. 1680; Caleb, Mar. 1682; Elisha, Mar. 1684; Elijah, Mar. 1686; Mary, 3 Mar. 1691; Ebenezer, 22 July 1693; Ruth, 11 Dec. 1695; and Margaret, 4 Aug. 1698; and prob. his w. d. bef. him, as she is not nam. in his will of 2 July 1729. VINCENT, Milford 1646, was of Marblehead 1674, as I judge, but ret. Milford, where a d. m. George Barlow. 

*WILLIAM, Charlestown 1632, with w. Elizabeth wh. had been wid. Harris, prob. m. in Eng. adm. of the ch. 22 Mar. 1633, freem. 11 June fol. but no ch. is ment. in the list of bapt. wh. is very defic. from 1642 for 17 yrs. yet he had kindness for the ch. John, Thomas, William, and Daniel Harris, s. of his w. Elizabeth and her d. Ann. wid. of Elias Maverick, provide. for them in his will; was of ar. co. 1648, and rep. 1667-71; was deac. Oct. 1659, and Elizabeth his wid. d. 16 Feb. 1670. He made his will 12 Apr. 1688, and d. 11 Apr. 1691, aged 90, hav. m. 27 Aug. 1670, Mary, wid. of Capt. Francis Norton.

STEVENS, BENJAMIN, Salisbury, s. of John of the same, m. 28 Oct. 1673, Hannah, d. of Thomas Barnard of the same, had Elinor, and Catharine, tw. b. 2 Jan. 1675; Benjamin, 7 Oct. 1677; Mary, 7 Nov. 1679; Hannah, 30 Apr. 1682; Ebenezer, 29 June 1684; and John, 29 Jan. 1689; and .d 13 Mar. 1691. BENJAMIN, Andover, youngest s. of the first John of the same, was a capt. and magistr. d. 1730, without male issue. CYPRIAN, Lancaster, had come, a. 1660 from London, in his youth under 14 yrs. where his f. Thomas liv. wh. was, perhaps, that armorer of Buttolph lane, wh. contract. with our Gov. and Comp. there in Mar. 1629 for supply of arms, was a mem. of the comp. and beside giv. L50 to the com. stock, sent us three s. and d. Mary, as his adventure in our cause; and one of the signers of the instruct. to Capt. Endicott bef. his com. for wh. see Hutch. I. 9 in note, tho. the fam. was of Devonsh. in earlier days. He perhaps was first at Rumney marsh, now Chelsea, m. 22 Jan. 1672, Mary, d. of Simon Willard, the major, had Cyprian, b. 22 Nov. foll.; Mary; Dorothy, wh. d. young; Simon; Elizabeth; and Joseph. Some of these ch. were, perhaps, not b. at L. for in he gr. [[vol. 4, p. 185]] war of 1675-6 he had ben driv. by the Ind. to make his resid. nearer Boston, prob. in some of the interval, at Sudbury, and had authty. to receive an Ind. ch. of six yrs. prob. of a friendly tribe whose f. might be serv. in our ranks; but he went back, aft. the peace, to L. Mary m. Samuel, Wright of Rutland. 

EDWARD, Boston, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 15 Apr. 1669. EDWARD, Marshfield, is by Miss Thomas seen there, prob. some time betw. 1665 and 1691, but no date is supplied exc. by infer. and tho. she gives him ch. Edward, William, Elizabeth and Patience, she could not tell his f. EDWARD, Boston, wh. m. 8 Oct. 1700, Rebecca, wid. of Thomas Harris, first, however, wid. of John Croakham, d. of Abraham Josselyn, had mov. in from ano. town, for he was not householder in 1695. EPHRAIM, Andover, s. of John of the same, m. 11 Oct. 1680, Sarah, d. of the first George Abbot, had Sarah, b. 8 Nov. 1681; Elizabeth 18 Aug. 1683; Hannah, 29 Nov. 1685; Mehitable, 10 Oct. 1691, d. young; Mary, 21 Feb. 1694; Ephraim, 14 July 1698; and Mehitable, again, 10 Sept. 1700. His w. d. 28 June, 1711; and he d. 26 Juen 1718, a. 69 yrs. old. 

ERASMUS, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 16 Aug. 1671; and Mary, 1673, but the mo. and day are lost by the leaf of rec. being torn; beside Erasmus. He prob. kept an inn, for, 1686, a poor Carolina overseer of a planta. hav. been made prison. by pirates, and escap. from them at Casco, was by Ed. Randolph, collector of our port, referr. to him for food and clothing. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 157. FRANCIS, Rehoboth 1658, had div. of lds. there in that yr. and ten yrs. later. His inv. of 1 Jan. 1670 shows that he was then d. and being call. sen. makes it prob. that he had s. FRANCIS, Rehoboth, wh. had Gilbert, b. 26 Feb. 1675; and his w. Elizabeth was bur. six days aft. GEORGE, Boston, Cooper, d. Oct. 1655, by will giv. all his little prop. to Isaac Collimore, so that he may well be thot. unm. and prob. only trans. 

HENRY, Boston, stone mason, as the ch. rec. calls him, came in the Defence 1635, from London, aged 24, liv. in the pt. call. Muddy riv. now Brookline, by w. Alice, on London custom h. emb. 2 July in the Abigail on the same day with her h. (no doubt by error of the clk.) aged 22, had John, b. 10 Sept. 1637; James, 10 Apr. 1640; Joseph, 1 Sept. 1642; all bapt. 18 June 1643, on the same day, that she join. our ch. and Deborah, 25, bapt. 27 Apr. 1645; and by sec. w. Mary had Joanna, 28 May 1652; Henry, 20 July 1656, d. young; Joshua, 15 May 1659; Henry, again, 25 May 1663; and Samuel, 24 Sept. 1665; was there in 1674. 

Ano. HENRY was of Lynn 1634, serv. to John Humfrey, Esqr. and for burn. his master's ho. was 1640, sentenc. to 21 yrs. serv. as in Col. Rec. I. 311, wh. may be compar. with the detail in Winthrop II. 13 By a letter ano. HENRY, 29 June 1675, wh. I suppose was of Stonington, 1670, but the preced. day, an inhab. of Swanzey, perhaps s. of [[vol. 4, p. 186]]

Francis of Rehoboth is giv. the first acco. of the outbreak of Philip's war. See 3 Mas. Hist. Col. X. 117. He may have rem. to Stonington aft. this destruct. and there m. Elizabeth d. of that brave Capt. John Callop. wh. fell in the gr. swamp fight. Still ano. HENRY, was a propr. of New Haven 1685, hav. m. 6 Feb. 1678, Joanna, d. of Philip Leeke, had Elizabeth b. 10 Dec. 1678; Philip, 16 Jan. 1684; and prob. others, and d. 1689. *JAMES, Gloucester, s. of William of the same, prob. b. in Eng. m. 31 Dec. 1656, Susanna, d. of Sylvester Eveleth, ahd William, b. 10 Mar. 1658; John, 23 Jan. 1661, d. at one wk.; James, 4 Jan. 1662, d. bef. his f.; Isaac, 15 Aug. 1664, d. at 4 mos.; Samuel, 5 Dec. 1665; Issac, again, 11 Nov. 1668, d. in few days; Ebenezer, 20 Sept. 1670; Mary, 13 June 1672; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1675; David, 5 Nov. 1677; and Jonathan, 7 Mar. 1680. He was freem. 1671, oft. one of the selectmen, deac. and rep. 1689 and 90 beside others yrs. bef. and aft. and d. 25 Mar. 1697. His d. Mary m. 24 Jan. 1693, the sec. Francis Norwood. JAMES, Boston, s. of Henry of the same, had w. Sarah at Muddy riv. for wh. dur. his absence in 1674, the f. of her h. engag. to furnish a ho. 

JEREMIAH, Boston, a young man, d. early in Oct. 1663, perhaps sent by his f. to deal out books, for of his inv. amt. to L72 4s. 11 1/2d. they made up L68 17s. 5d. JOHN, Hingham, had div. of ld. 1638, may have rem. JOHN, Newbury, perhaps came in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, aged 31, hav. liv. at Caversham in Co. Oxford, but Drake in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 335 reads the name of the parish Gonsham. This is the more strange, from his explanat. in note, and especial. since the error in G. R. II. 109 had been point. out in G. R IV. list of Errata aft. p. 385. In old chirogr. as first vol. of Boston Rec. the capital C. much resembles G. Caversham is the most S. part of Oxfordsh. close to Reading in Berks. He had John, b. 20 June 1639; Timothy, 23 Sept. 1641; was freem. 18 May 1642; rem. to Androver and had Nathan, the first b. of A. says tradit.; Ephraim; Joseph, 15 May 1654; and Benjamin, 24 June 1656; and d. 11 Apr. 1662, aged 56, leav. wid. Elizabeth wh. prob. he brot. from Eng. and she d. 1 May 1694, aged 80;. JOHN, Salisbury, perhaps the freem. of 2 June 1641, w. Catharine had John, b. 2 Nov. 1639;Elizabeth 7 Mar. 1641, d. soon; Elizabeth again, 4 Feb. 1642; Nathaniel, 11 Nov. 1645; Mary, 1647; and Benjamin, 2 Feb. 1650. His w. d. July 1682, and he d. Feb. foll. Elizabeth m. 14 Oct. 1662, Morris Tucker, andd. Oct. foll. 

JOHN, Guilford 1650, is one the list of freem. there 1669, d. 2 Oct. of next yr. In his will nam. the four ch. s. John in old Eng. Thomas, and William here, and d, Mary, w. of John Collins, wh. had first h. Henry Kingsnoth, that d. in 1668, and had m. the other, 2 June 1669. JOHN, Salem, m. 2 July 1661, Love Holyroad, if Essex Inst. III. 142 give the true spell. had Mary, b. 1 May foll. d. soon; John, 1 June 1664; Joshua, 15 July 1666; and Mary, 13 Oct. 1675; and his w. d. 7 Dec. foll. JOHN, New London 1664, Caulkins thinks came from Guilford, s. of the preced. shipwright. [[vol. 4, p. 187]] m. Mary, d. of John Coit, was propound. for freem. 1669, had John, and Mary, both bapt. 12 Mar. 1671; James, 17 Sept. foll.; Samuel, 20 Sept. 1674; beside Joseph and Thomas; and he rem. 1676 to New Haven. JOHN, Dover, of wh. no more is kn. but that he was on the list, 1662. He may have liv. 1668, at Marblehead to petitn. against imposts. 

JOHN, Andover, s. of John of the same, m. 13 June 1662, Hannah, d. of Robert Barnard of the same, had, it may be, several ch. beside Jonathan, wh. d. 15 June 1674; and Nathan; but we have from that town only rec. of m. and d. His w. d. 13 Mar. 1675; and he m. 10 Aug. 1676, Esther, d. of Richard Barker, and may have had more ch. JOHN, Salisbury, eldest s. of John of the same, b. on our side of the ocean, m. 17 Feb. 1670, Joanna Thorn, had John, b. 26 Dec. foll.; Elizabeth 8 Apr. 1673, d. next yr.; Jeremiah, 6 Oct. 1675; Elizabeth again, 4 Feb. 1678; and Judith, 18 Jan. 1687, perhaps by sec. w. Hannah; and d. 26 Nov. 1691. JOHN, Newbury, prob. s. of William of the same, m. 9 Mar. 1670, Mary, d. of the first Aquila Chase, had Mary, b. 6 Feb. 1671; Thomas, 3 July 1676, and perhaps rem. aft. being adm. freem. 1669, to Chelmsbord, for one of the name there d. June 1691. JONATHAN, a soldier in Philip's war, of the Conn. forces, severly wound. was prob. of Guilford, or Killingworth, then call Kenilworth. JOSEPH, Salisbury, perhaps eldest s. of the first John of Newbury, m. Mary, d. of Ralph Blaisdale in 1667. 

JOSEPH, Mendon, freem. 1673. JOSEPH, Braintree, by w. Sarah had a d. Trial, b. 16 Dec. 1677. JOSEPH, Andover, s. prob. of John of the same, m. 28 May 1679, Mary Ingalls, prob. d. of Henry of the same, wh. d. 21 Sept. 1699, had perhaps sev. other ch. beside Joseph, b. 20 June 1682, H. C. 1703, min. of Charlestown, (ord. 13 Oct. 1713, and d. of smallpox, 16 Nov. 1721, with w. sole d. Sarah, w.'s sis. his s. Joseph, and a serv. all in few days, wh. was f. of Benjamin, H. C. 1740, the disting. min. of Kittery); was a deac. and d. 1743, aged 88. JOSEPH, Sudbury, s. of Cyprian, wh. d. 1769, by w. Prudence had Phineas, b. 20 Feb. 1707; Abzubah, 21 Oct. 1708; and Samuel, Sept. 1711; rem. to Framingham, and had Mindwel, 24 Feb. 1714; Isaac; and Mary; rem. to Rutland, there had Dorothy, 1721; Joseph, 1723; Lucy, 1725; Joseph, again; was town treasr. selectman, and deac. On 14 Aug. 1723 he lost all his s. viz. Samuel, and the new b. Joseph, k. by the Ind. wiht Rev. Joseph Willard, Yale 1714, min. of the town; when the others, Phineas, and Isaac, were by thwm carr. capt. to Canada. Phineas was much disting. for milit. serv. 

JOSIAH, Braintree, perhaps br. of the preced d. 19 June 1677. NATHAN, the first b. of Andover, d. there, Feb. 1719, says the rec. wh. calls him cornet; but I find not evid. of any w. or ch. NATHANIEL, Dover, perhaps s. of John of the same, tho. Mr. Quint marks him as first [[vol. 4, p. 188]] of the stock, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 4 Oct. 1672; and he m. 20 Dec. 1677, Mehitable, d. of Edward Colcord, had Samuel, Edward, and perhaps others. NATHANIEL, Guilford 1685-95, was s. of Wiliam, NICHOLAS, Charlestown, d. 17 May 1646, as Farmer says; but I doubt he was not long a resid. OBADIAH, Stamford eldest s. of Thomas of the same, had Thoams, b. 1679; Ephraim, 1681; and some others, of wh. or the mo. I hear not the names. RICHARD, Concord, perhaps that s. of Thomas, the London armorer, d. 1683. If my conject. be right, his wid. and only d. says Willard, in note to Barry, went home. 

RICHARD, Taunton, had Richard, b. 23 Feb. 1670; Mary, 8 July 1672; Thomas, 3 Feb. 1675; Thomasin, 3 July 1677; Nathaniel, 30 July 1680; nam. 1689 as one of the inhab. to wh. William Bradford made confirmat. gr. ROBERT, Braintree, had Sarah, b. 31 Oct. 1641 and his wid. Mary d. 22 Jan. 1692, near 90 yrs. old. SAMUEL, Newbury, s. of William, was prob. that soldier serj. k. by the Ind. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675, with his townsmen, serg. Thomas Smith and others, tho. Felt, II. 505, claims him for Salem, where he m. 17 Dec. 1672, Rebecca, d. and he was s.-in-law of Joshua Rea of S. had Samuel, b. Sept. foll. d. in few wks.; and Sarah, 8 May 1674. His wid Rebecca wh. m. 28 Feb. foll. Simon Orne, had admin. and d. Sarah is ment. SAMUEL, Marlborough, s. of Richard, perhaps brot. by his f. was a deac. early in eighteenth centu. THOMAS, Sudbury, may be the youth in the Abigail, from London, 1635, aged 12, perhaps s. of Thomas of London, the armorer, may have gone home and come again, with Cyprian, and was freem. 1665, by w. Mary had Ann, b. 20 Mar. 164; Thomas, 14 Apr. 1665; John, 23 Apr. 1667; Cyprian, 19 Apr. 1670; and Jacob, 1 Mary. 1674; was freem. 1665; and town clk.15 yrs. Barry thinks he was first at Charlestown, a blacksmith, and late in life liv. at Stow, but at Sudbury had been offer. ld. to keep a sch. 

THOMAS, Stamford 1641, had Thomas, Benjamin, Joseph, Ephraim, and Obadiah the eldest; but d. 19 Aug 1658, when all were so young,that without nam. one, he gave est. to w. to bring them, up. THOMAS, Boston 1670, a baker, was an early inhab. by w. Sarah had John, b. 15 May 1648; Thomas, 28 Dec. 1651, d. young; Jonas, 27 Oct. 1653; Aaron, 28 Feb. 1655; Sarah, 31 Aug. 1657, d. soon; Thomas, again, 20 May 1658; Moses, 22 Apr. 1659; Joseph, 17 Apr. 1661; and Sarah, 8 Dec. 1663. 

THOMAS, Guilford 1650, s. of John of the same, prob. b. in Eng. rem. to Killingworth, or as by its first sett. call. from their native place in O. E. in 1665, Kenilworth, but why the name was degrad. to its mod. from is beyond the knowl. of any in the last three or four generat. yet easily conject. He was among the freem. 1669, rep. 1671 of K. but bef. that planta. was sett. he had, by w. Mary, sev. ch. b. at G. tho. larger pt. may be claim, possib. by K. They wre Mary; James, b. 21 Feb. 1651; Rebecca, wh. m. Edward Rutty; Sarah, 25 Jan. 1657, wh. m. 18 Apr. or May 1678, Stephen [[vol. 4, p. 189]] Dod; John, 10 Mar. 1660; Thomas, 21 Feb. 1662; Timothy, 1664; Joseph, and Abigail, tw. 23 Apr. 1666 (she m. Edward Lee); Elizabeth 14 July 1668, m. Nathaniel Chittenden; Ebenezer, 26 Jan. 1671; Phebe, 21 Feb. 1673; and Jonathan, 2 Feb. 1676; and d. 18 Nov. 1685. THOMAS, Boston, mariner, d. at Roanoke, and admin. was giv. to his br.-in-law, George Kelly, 15 Oct. 1672. THOMAS, Newbury, m. 15 Apr. 1672, Martha, d. prob. of the first Christopher Bartlet, and perhaps the same, man took sec. w. 13 Oct. 1681, Mary, d. of Thomas Mighill of Rowley. 

THOMAS, Casco, sw. alleg. to Charles II. 8 Sept. 1665, bot. of Ind. Westgustago riv. a. 1673, but sold his right next yr. THOMAS, Amesbury, sw. alleg. 20 Dec. 1677. One THOMAS was of Westerly 1680; and one d. at Middletown, call. sen. 9 Sept. 1714. THOMAS, Plainfield 1689, s. of Thomas of Sudbury. TIMOTHY, Roxbury, s. of the first John of Newbury, m. 12 Mar. 1665, Sarah prob. eldest d. of Tobias Davis, ahd Timothy, b. 28 Jan. 1666, H. C. 1687, the first of this name at the Coll.; Sarah, 6 Mar. 1668; John,24 July 1670; Joseph, 7 Apr. 1673; Elizabeth 21 Aug. 1675; Maria, 6 Apr. 1678; Hannah, 27 Aug. 1680; Samuel, 30 Mar. 1682; Abigail, 25 Nov. 1686; and Nathaniel, 6 June 1688; was deac. and d. 31 Jan. 1708. TIMOTHY, Glastonbury, s. of the preced. ord. 1693, m. 17 May 1694, Eunice, d. of John Chester of Wethersfield, had Timothy, b. 23 Mar. 1695, d. next mo.; Sarah, 19 Mar. 1696, d. at 21 yrs.; and John, 4 June 1698, d. soon; and his w. d. 16 of the same mo. he m. sec. w. 19 May 1701, Alice, wid. of rev. John Whiting, d. of Joseph Cook, had John, again, 13 Sept. 1702, d. young; Eunice, 14 Sept. 1704, d. soon; Martha, 6 Sept. 1705, d. young; tw. s. 8 Sept. 1707, d. very soon; Timothy, again, 9 July 1709; Joseph, 15 Aug. 1711; and Benjamin, Mar. 1714, and d. 14 Apr. 1726. 

*WILLIAM, Gloucester, a man of eminent skill as shipbuild. prob. first at Salem, and join. the ch. 29 Dec. 1639, freem. 13 May 1640, with prefix, of resp. had desir. eary in 1634, to build a float. battery for protect. fo Boston as in Col. Rec. I. 113 and 120, selectman 1642, and aft.; rep. 1644. He had built many large sh. at London, bef. he came hither, I suppose 1632, for in Jan. aft. Emanuel Downing, writ. in London to the Rt. Hon. Sir John Coke, princ. Secr. of State, that from high author. he hears, that he is "so able a man, as they believe there is hardly such an other to be found in this kingdom." See the letter in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 324. He had bapt. at Salem, Issac, and Mary, not perhaps tw. 26 Jan. 1640; Ruth, 7 Mar. 1641, wh. m. 7 Oct. 1663, Stephen, Glover; beside James, bef. ment. prob. the oldest, and William, certain the youngest, but whether all were by w. Philippa, or when he or she d. is unkn. 

WILLIAM, Newbury, may be that passeng. in the Confidence from Southampton [[vol. 4, p. 190]] 1638, aged 21, prob. br. of John, a fellow-passeng. both from Coversham in Oxfordsh. and was not, I think, as Farmer said, first sett. at Salem, freem. with John, 18 May 1642, by w. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Bidfield, m. 19 May 1645, had says Coffin, Bidfield, b. 16 Mar. 1649, d. young; John, 19 Nov. 1650; and Samuel, 18 Nov. 1652; and d. 19 May 1653, prob. sudden, as his will has that date. It was pro. 30 June foll. names only ch. Jon and Samuel, made w. Elizabeth extrix. WILLIAM, Killingworth 1665, whither he rem. from Guilford, br. of Thomas of the same, b. in Eng. freem. 1669, m. 3 Mar. 1653, Mary, d. of John Meigs, had John, b.3 Mar. 1654; Samuel, 1 Mar. 1656; Nathaniel, 10 May 1659, d. soon; Nathaniel, again, 29 Oct. 1661; Judith, 1 Oct. 1668; Josiah, 8 Dec. 1670; and Mary, 2 Nov. 1677. When he d. is not mark. but it was prob. bef. 1685, when among proprs. of G. no other of the name, beside Nathaniel is found. Yet he may have been of K. at that time, and giv. his G. est. to Nathaniel. Others of his ch. however did settle at G. His w. or wid. d. 30 Apr. 1703. 

WILLIAM, Charlestown, m. 1 July 1673, Abigail, Green, so comm. a name that it is perilous to conject. wh. was her f. WILLIAM, Gloucester, eldest s. of James of the same, m. 15 June 1682, Abigail, prob. d. of William Sargent; and Mr. Babson says he d. 24 Sept. 1701. A wid. Ann s. perhaps the mo. of John and William of the same, d. at Newbury, July 1650; and a wid. S. at Newtown, L. I. 1656. Farmer omit. to ment. as he was wont, the numb. of gr. found by Harv. Catal. fourteen, and at Yale ten, up to 1852.

STEVENSON, JAMES, Reading, m. 18 Apr. 1661, his w. Naomi. It is easily made Stephenson.

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