A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Stone - Stover 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

Stone Continued:

SAMUEL, Hartford, was, it is said, b. at [[vol. 4, p. 208]] Hertford in Co. Herts (a. 20 ms. from London), usually sound. Hartford, and tradit. tells that the city in Conn. out of regard to him was thus nam.; perhaps younger br. of Gregory, and of Simon, certain. bred at Emanuel, where he was matric. 1620, and took his degrees 1623 and 7, came in 1633, with Cotton, Hooker, and other men of note, passen. embark. at the Downs, in the Griffin, arr. 4 Sept. at Boston, went with Hooker to Cambridge, where 11 Oct. next he was made teacher and H. pastor of the ch. and adm. freem. 14 May foll. in 1636 rem. with Hooker, and they found. the ch. of H. there with univers. accept. they fulfill. the same duties as bef. at C. and in the Pequot war, 1637, he was chapl. to the troops under Capt. Mason. Aft. the d. of our judicious Hooker, he had a sad controversy with some of his people, equally bitter and unintelligib. of wh. Mather thot. the origin undiscov. 

But aft. many yrs. of fruitless attemps at reconcil. Gov. Webster and many frinds of influence rem. up the riv. beyond the rancor, and S. d. 20 July 1663. He had sec. w. m. 1641, Elizabeth Allen at Boston, by her had Samuel and Elizabeth and three ch. were of former one, Rebecca, Mary, and Sarah. The whole five are ment. in his will. More than one fifth of his inv. was in books. It ought to be told, that the town rec. has other ch. Joseph, bapt. 18 Oct. 1646; Lydia, 22 Jan. or Feb. 1648; a s. bapt. 29 Apr. 1649, w. may be the Samuel of the will; and Abigail, b. 9 Sept. 1650; but prob. all exc. Samuel, and Elizabeth wh. must be the same as Lydia, or Abigail of the town rec. d. early. His wid. m. Mr. George Gardner, of Salem, outliv. him, and d. late in 1681. Her will of 6 June pro. 4 Jan. foll. names her own two ch. Samuel, and Elizabeth wh. had been w. of William Sedgwick, was aft. many yrs. of neglect, divorc. from him, m. John Roberts, had s. John, wh. in this will was provid. for by his gr.mo. She names her ds.-in-law, the ch. of his first w. Rebecca, w. of Timothy Nash of Hadley; Mary, w. of Joseph Fitch of Windsor; and Sarah, w. of Thomas Butler of Hartford. 

SAMUEL, Hartford, only s. of the preced. was much respect. in Conn. and qualif. to assist Gershom Bulkley, in 1676, at Wethersfield, in his work of the ministry, while giv. his devot. to the other work of Surgeon to the forces in the Ind. war. He also preach. at Wethersfield, Middletown, and other places, was never m. nor sett. but he had liberal gr. of ld. by the legisl. of Conn. for his f.'s services, bec. very intemper. in 1678 and 80 was punish. by fines for drunk. "given over to the power" of that evil habit and d. 8 Oct. 1683, by falling down the bank of the riv. on the rocks. SAMUEL, Cambridge, fourth s. of Gregory, prob. b. in Eng. freem. 1657, was m. 7 June 1665 to Sarah, d. of the first Isaac Stearns, had Samuel, b. 1 Oct. 1656; Isaac; both bapt. says the Reg. of matchless Mitchell, tho. it gives not their dates; and Isaac prob. d. young; Sarah, 5 Feb. bapt. [[vol. 4, p. 209]] 10 Mar. 1661, was adopt. by Richard Webb of Hartford, as a d. and he brot. her up until m. to Thomas Butler, and she had half of his est.; John, 12 May bapt. June 1663; Lydia, 25 Nov. bapt. 31 Dec. 1665; Mary, 22 Feb. bapt. 22 Mar. 1668, d. soon; Ann, 30 June 1673; and Joseph; he was deac. and d. 27 Sept. 1715 in his 80th yr. 

SAMUEL, Guilford 1676, propound. for freem. Oct. of that yr. was s. of John of the same, m. 1 Nov. 1683, Sarah Tainter, d. prob. of the first Michael of Branford, had Sarah, b. 1684, d. soon; Samuel, 1685; Abigail, 1687; Sarah, again, 1689; Deborah, 1690; Mary, 1693; Bathshua, 1695; and Elizabeth 1697; and he d. 5 Apr. 1708. SAMUEL, Concord, freem. 1682. SAMUEL, Beverly, perhaps s. of John of the same, m. Elizabeth d. of Zechariah Herrick, but the date of her b. is giv. by Barry, as that of m.; had Samuel, b. 15 Jan. 1685; Robert, 7 Jan. 1687; Elizabeth 1 Feb. 1689; Catharine, 15 Apr. 1691; Mary, 21 Feb. 1693, wh. d. in few ds. SIMON, Watertown, elder br. of Gregory, and perhaps of Rev. Samuel, came in the Increase, from London 1635, aged 50, call. husbandman, with w. Joan, or Jane, 38, d. of William Clark, and ch. Frances, 16; Ann, 11; Simon, 4; Mary, 3; and John, 5 wks.; bec. freem. 25 May 1636, deac. had b. here, Elizabeth 5 Apr. 1639; took sec. w. a. 1654, Sarah, wid. of Richard Lumpkin of Ipswich, from wh. it may be presum. that he had acquaintance with her bef. they came from Eng. and as her h. had come from Boxted in Essex, perhaps S. was of that Co. Ano. infer. may be, that his w. Jane had not long been d. This w. by her contract of m. was permit. to make a will to dispose of her prop. of wh. a full abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. VIII. She d. in 1663, and he d. 22 Sept. 1665, aged 80. Frances m. Rev. Henry Green; Ann, perhaps, m. Lewis Jones; and in his will of 7 Sept. preced. pro. next mo. only ch. nam. are Simon, John, Frances, and Mary. Abstr. is in Geneal. Reg. III. 182. 

SIMON, Watertown s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 1653, m. says Barry, Mary Whipple, d. I find, of John of Ipswich, had John, b. 23 July 1658; Matthew, 6 Feb. 1660; Nathaniel, 22 Feb. 1662, d. in two days; Ebenezer, 27 Feb. 1663; Mary, 6 Jan. 1665; Nathaniel, again, a. 1667, H. C. 1690, bef. ment.; Elizabeth 9 Oct. 1670; David, 19 Oct. 1672; one, Aug. 1674, d. very soon; Susanna, 6 Nov. 1675; and Jonathan, 26 Dec. 1677; beside that Simon, as I think, earlier than the last four or even five, or perhaps the first b. His sur name is misprint. in Geneal. Reg. XI. 76, as Stowe. He was town clk. selectman, and rep. 1679-86, and again, aft. the overthrow of Sir E. Andros, in 1689 and 90, and d. 27 Feb. 1708; and his wid. d. 2 June 1720, aged 86. Mary m. Comfort Starr of Dedham; Elizabeth m. deac. Isaac Stearns; and Susanna m. June 1697, Edward Goddard. SIMON, Groton, s. of thee preced. one of the orig. props. yet perhaps not actu. sett. bef. Philip's war, but in Mar. 1692 had long eno. been there to be assign. as also, John, wh. I judge to be his br. in the distrib. of garrisons [[vol. 4, p. 210]] against Ind. hostil. by w. Sarah had, prob. Simon, not rec.; Susanna, b. 23 Oct. 1694; Isaac, 4 May 1697; and Benjamin, 12 Aug. 1706; beside Hannah, wh. d. 27 Sept. 1723; and Lydia, wh. d. three days aft. of wh. the b. of neither is found. by Butler. 

THOMAS, Guilford, freem. 1677, was s. of John of the same, m. 13 Dec. 1676, Mary, d. of William Johnson, had Benjamin, b. 11 Mar. 1678; Mary, 6 Apr. 1680, wh. perhaps d. young; and Dorothy, the first and last being nam. in the will of their gr.f. 1695. WILLIAM, Guilford 1639, sign. the coven. of 1 June, perhaps br. of John of the same, by w. Hannah had William, b. a 1642; Hannah a. 1644; Benajah, a. 1647; beside Samuel, wh. d. 1675; but this may have been by his sec. w. m. 1659, Mary, w. of Richard Hughes of G. He d. Nov. 1683. Hannah m. bef. 1666, John Norton, and perhaps d. bef. her f. WILLIAM, Guilford, s. of the preced. m. 20 Feb. 1673, Hannah Wolfe, tho. the surname is uncert. had Samuel, b. 16 Mar. 1675, d. soon; William, 22 Mar. 1676; Hannah, 27 July 1678; Daniel, 27 July 1680; Elizabeth 28 Nov. 1682; Josiah, 22 May 1685; Stephen, 1 Mar. 1689; Joshua, 3 May 1692; and Abigail, 1 Dec. 1697. He was propound. 1669, for freem. and d. 28 Sept. 1730. Of a sec. w. Mary we kn. not the date. Of this name, in 1834, Farmer marks thirteen had been gr. at Harv. six at Yale, and seventeen at the rest of the N. E. coll.

STONHILL, HENRY, Milford 1639-46, soon aft. went home, tak. dism. from the ch. of M. which he had join. with, 1641, to Thomas Goodwin's ch. in London.

STORER, BENJAMIN, Wells, perhaps s. of William, was k. by the Ind. Apr. 1677. JOSEPH, Wells, br. of the preced. sw. alleg. and was ensign 1680, rep. 1681, and 5, a man of distinct. and energy in the Ind. wars; by w. Hannah, d. prob. of Roger Hill, had Hannah, b. 6 May 1680; Sarah, 9 Dec. 1682; Mary, 12 May 1685; Abigail, 29 Oct. 1687; Joseph, 29 Aug. 1690; John, 5 Sept. 1694; Joseph, prob. at Charlestown, whither the Ind. wars may have compel. the mo. to flee, and certain. bapt. there 8 Nov. 1696; Keziah, 2 May 1697; Ebenezer, in Saco fort, 4 June 1669; and Seth, 26 May 1702, H. C. 1720, min. of Watertown. 

RICHARD, Boston, came in the George from Bristol, prob. 1635, with his mo. Elizabeth w. of Robert Hull, f. of Capt. John, but no more is told of him. SAMUEL, Wells, br. of Joseph, was disting. in the defence against French and Ind. of their position, common. call. Storer's garrison, 1692; but his resid. for sev. yrs. was Charlestown, were he had William, bapt. 28 June 1691; the f. call. of the ch. of York; Lydia, 4 Mar. 1694; Mehitable, 10 May 1696; Jemima, 30 Oct. 1698; and David, 27 Oct. 1700. But prob. aft. peace he went again to Maine. WILLIAM, an early sett. in Maine, had Joseph, Jeremia, Samuel, and [[vol. 4, p. 211]] Benjamin. Farmer in his MS. had mark. that six of this name had been gr. at Harv. and five at Bowd. in 1834.

STORES, in mod. times STORRS, CORDIAL, Mansfield, youngest ch. of the first Samuel, m. 15 Dec. 1724, Hannah, d. of Thomas Wood of Rowley, had Jabez, b. 26 July 1725, d. next yr.; Cordial, 3 Jan. 1728; Hannah, 15 Apr. 1732; and Mehitable, 15 Apr. 1737; and he had sec. w. m. 10 Oct. 1765 Catharine, wid. of Zecariah Bicknell of Ashford. SAMUEL, Barnstable, is said to have come from Sutton in Nottinghamsh. but as there are four parishes of that name in the Co. we may be uncert. wh. is meant. He m. 6 Dec. 1666, Mary, d. of Thomas Huckins, had Mary, b. 31 Dec. 1667; Sarah, 26 June 1670; Hannah, 28 Mar. 1672 Elizabeth 31 May 1675; Samuel, 17 May 1677; and Lydia, June 1679; beside. Mehitable, bapt. 16 Sept. 1683. His. w. d. eight days aft. and he m. 14 Dec. 1688; Esther Egard, had Thomas, 27 0ct. 1686; Esther, Oct. bapt. 16 sec. 1688; and Cordial, 14 Oct. 1692. He rem. to Mansfield, Conn. and there d. 30. Apr. 1719, and his wid d. 13 Apr. 1730, aged 88. 

SAMUEL, Mansfield, s. of the preced. by w. Martha had Samuel, b. 22 Aug. 1701; John 7 Oct. 1702; Martha, Feb. 1704; Huckins, 10 Dec. 1705; Elizabeth Aug. 1708; Mary, May 1710; and Josepb, 8 Mar. 1712; and d. 9 Aug. 1727. THOMAS, Mansfield, br. of the preced. by w. Mehitable, m. Mar. 1708, had Mehitable, b. 30 Mar. 1709; Rebecca, 29 Aug. 1710; Zeruiah, 27 Aug. 1712; Cornelius, 30 Dec. 1714; Thomas, 16 Jan. 17I7 Prince, 12 1719; Josiah, 25 Mar. 1721; Judah, 26 Sept. 1723. Lemuel, 13 Mar. 1726; Amariah, 11 June 1728; and Ann, 18 Jan. 1732; and d. Apr. 1775; and his wid. liv. to 10 Mar. 1776. Farmer's MS. show that, in 1834 there had, of this name been gr. nine at Yale, eight at Dart. and six at other N. E. coll. of wh. one at Harv.

STORKE, JOHN, Rowley, m. prob. betw. 1660 and 70 Mercy, d. of the first Thomas Nelson of the same. SAMUEL, Lynn 1677.

STORY, ANDREW, Ipswich 1639 may be the youth sentenc. to be whip. Sept. Court, 1635, for run. from his master, and aft. had serv. in the expedit. against the Pequots two yrs. later. AUGUSTUS, or AUGUSTINE Exeter 1639, had the yr. bef. been of Boston, and join. with John Wheelwright of Exeter (wh. was banish. 1637, from Mass.), in purchase, 3 Apr. 1638, from the sagamore Piscataqua, of a large tract, thirty miles square, of wh. authentic copy may be seen in N. H. Hist. Coll. I. He is call. of Boston, as well as Samuel Hutchinson, ano. grantee, br.-in-law of Wheelwright, therein nam. of Piscataqua. But how this person spell. his name is very uncert. varying from Star, thro. Storr, to Storre and Story; yet with no fortuitous combina. of letters can I found prob. ground for placing him at Boston for any long. resid. He was not a [[vol. 4, p. 212]] mem. of the ch. he was not a landholder, nor indeed is anything more certain. kn. of him aft. the gr. authentic purchase. If he were m. and cont. in our country, he may have been ancest. of that Charles, wh. bec. Secr. of the Prov. of N. H. 1696 and was acting in the same place 1714, beside being judge of the admiralty, and indeed may have been counsel in the gr. cause, 1707, to support the forged deed of the whole province of N. H. to Wheelwright, Story, and others, print. as Appendix in the first vol. of Belkn. orig. Ed. with date of 17 May 1629, seven yrs. bef. Wheelwright was on this side of the ocean. Wrestling Brewster (the mythical) m. his d. Emila, says. Ashbel Steele in his fictitious portion of that interesting work. See Brewster. 

GEORGE, Boston 1642, a young merch. wh. by tak. up the cause (trover for a pig) brot. against Capt. Keayne by the w. of one Richard Sherman, with wh. he liv. perhaps in a suspicious way, during the abs. of her h. brot. on the gr. quarrel betw. rep. and Assit. that shook the colony that yr. and the next to its founda. but no more is kn. of him, unless he were, in 1643, of Maine. ISAAC, Watertown 1635, only come in by mistake of surname for Stearns in Geneal. Reg. VII. 159. ROWLAND, Boston shipwright, bot. est. 1673, by w. Bethia had Bethia, b. 15 July 1677; Abigail, 3 Apr. 1679; and by sec. w. Ann d. of the first Joseph Belcher, had Rowland, 3 Sept. 1683; Joseph, 31 Mar. 1685; Ann, 28 Oct. 1686: John, 20 Mar. 1689; Ann, 14 Mar. 1691; Abigail, again, 11 Mar. 1693; Samuel, 20 Aug. 1694; Rebecca, 2 May 1696, d. soon; William, 30 Mar. 1698; Rebecca, again, 1 Feb. 1700, d. soon; Rebecca, again, 28 Aug. 1701; Jeremiah, 2 July 1702; Zachariah, 27 June 1706; and Benjamin, 15 Nov. 1707; yet in the rec. of one of these, I think it is John), the name of this is giv. Richard, wh. whoso will may believe. He d. prob. July 1709, for his inv. dat. 9 of that mo. was by the admor. wid. Ann, produc. 14 Sept. foll. SAMUEL, Ipswich, by w. Elizabeth had Ann b. 31 Mar. 1691; Ephraim, 22 Oct. 1692; John, 19 June 1694; Solomon, 13 Mar. 1696; and Stephen, 7 Oct. 1697. SETH, d. 1669, leav. w. Sarah, and ch. Seth, aged 21, William, 19; and Abigail, 15; may be gather. from Mr. Coffin in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 53; but of what town we are left to ask, and my informat. yeilds no ans. 

SETH, Ipswich, s. of William of the same, had. w. Elizabeth and ch. Zechariah, b. 14 Mar. 1685; Martha, 28 Sept. 1691; Seth, 4 Apr. 1694; and Damaris, 24 Jan. 1697; and he d. 9 Oct. 1732. WILLIAM. Ipswich, came 1637, from Norwich, Co. Norf'k. as serv. of Samuel Dix, emb. 8 Apr. and call. then 23 yrs. old, as seen in 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 97. He was a carpenter of I. 1648, and beside d. Hannah, b. 19 Aug. 1662, and others perhaps, had Seth and William, to wh. in 1693 he gave his prop. WILLIAM, Dover 1656, was there tax. 1657, had four ch. [[vol. 4, p. 213]] by a former w. and m. a. 1658, Sarah, d. of Edward, and sis. of Nathaniel Starbuck, and d. not long aft. for his wid. m. a. 1659 or 60, Joseph Austin, wh. was appoint. admor. 27 June 1661, d. early in 1663, and her third h. was Humphrey Varney. WILLIAM, Ipswich, s. prob. of first William, freem. 1671, m. 25 Oct. of that yr. Susanna Fuller, had Elizabeth b. 14 Oct. 1672. Six of this name had in 1845 been gr. at Harv. But the disting. jurisconsult, late of the Supreme Ct. of the U. S. Joseph Story, hardley more celebr. for his uprightness and learn. as a judge, than for his amenity as a man of letters, I have not been able to find progenit. bef. Elisha in the third generat. preced. wh. prob. came from Eng. in the last yr. of King William III.

STOTT, EDWARD, Wethersfield, by Hinman, 165, rank. among early sett. aft. 1640; tho. in my opin. the name as mistak. by him for Scott, as c and t are in old handwriting frequently read for ea. other.

STOUGHTON, ISREAL, Dorchester, a man of prop. and distinct. came, I presume, in 1632, when is found the earliest ment. of him, was adm. freem. 5 Nov. of the yr. foll. rep. at the first and sec. Gen. Court 1634 and 5, when he was ens. but at this latter was disabl. from hold. any office in three yrs. for writ. a book, that gave offence, wh. against the natural yearn. of authors, he desir. "might forthwith be burnt;" was restor. in 1636 to his former capacity, was rep. again in Dec. 1636, and Apr. foll. and when the antinomian excitem. against Wheelwright, Cotton, and Mrs. Hutchinson was high, in May 1673, had command of the Mass. force sent against the Pequots, ar. co. 1638, and capt 1642; and bec. an Assist. in wh. place, by ann. elect. he contin. until he went home, and in 1644 aft. he had gone. He had been in Eng. 1642, bef. the civil war; but when no doubt could remain of its speedy begin. and on his sec. going, was made lieut. col. of Rainsburrow's reim. soon fell sick, and d. at Lincoln 1644. His will made at London, 17 July 1644, of wh. abstr. may be read in Geneal. Reg. IV. 51, w. Elizabeth Extr. provides well for his w. s. Israel, the eldest; William, to be brot. up to study, as he was, H. C. 1650; and John; beside the possib. of ano. and he sev. ds. whose names are not ment. nor their number. One, Hannah, b. in Eng. a. 1628, m. 9 Dec. 1653, James Minot, and d. 27 Mar. 1670. John is never heard of aft. The wid. liv. long. 

ISRAEL, Dorchester, eldest s. of the preced. was, perhaps, of ar. co. 1645, and is not more ment. He was d. bef. May 1665. ISRAEL, s. of the sec. Thomas, was liv. in 1700, when his sis. Elizabeth Eliot, gave him £200. Stiles, 807, gives him many ch. bef. 1732, but aft. 1713 I see reason to fear, from comparison with his p. 539, that he was 21 yrs. older than his w. JOHN, Windsor, br. of preced. .m. 11 Aug. 1682, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bissell of the same, had John, b. 16 Oct. 1683, and [[vol. 4, p. 214]] William, 10 Mar. 1686. His w. d. 17 July 1688, and he m. 23 Jan. 1690 Sarah Fitch, had Elizabeth b. 19 Feb. 1693, wh. three ch. are nam. in the will of their aunt Elizabeth Eliot, 1700. Aft. wh. he had Nathaniel, 23 June 1702, and d. 24 May 1712. NICHOLAS, of New Eng. in the Geneal. of Sir Nicolas S. Geneal. Reg. V. 350 is, I doubt, a misnomer, perhaps for the first Israel. Yet a Nicholas of later date there certain. was, wh. liv. at Taunton, at least there m. 17 Feb. 1674, Elizabeth Knapp, wh. may have been d. of Aaron, and there had Hannah, b. 4 July 1679. He took sec. w. 25 Feb. 1692, Sarah, d. of Hezekiah Hoar. 

SAMUEL, Windsor, s. of the sec. Thomas, tax. in 1691, had Samuel, b. 1702, perhaps others. THOMAS, Dorchester, 1630 br. of Israel, the first, came no doubt, in the Mary and John, next mo. in the fleet with Winthrop desir. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was sw. 18 May foll. constable by appointm. of Court, Sept. 1630, in the exercise of wh. office, Mar. foll. he commit. the indiscret. of solemnis. a mar. betw. Clement Briggs and Joan Allen, for wh. he was fin. L5, tho. some yrs. after it was remit. I hope the contr. of m. held good. Early in 1635 (after he had tak. for sec. w. Margaret, wid. of Simon Huntington, wh. says the Roxbury ch. rec. had d. on the voyage, of smallpox, bef. reach. Boston in 1633), the planta. of Conn. was project. by many people of Watertown, Newton (since nam. Cambridge), and Dorchester, and from the two latter the majority of ch. mem. rem. to found new sett. on the gr. river, as it wa call. but they were requir. to contin. undeer the jurisdict. of Mass. He was one of those, oft. rep. betw. 1639 and 48, not ment. later in my opin. (exc. that Windsor town, and ch. rec. mark his d. mean. some other person, 25 Mar. 1661) and liv. the resid. of his days at Windsor, wh. was the nam. giv. to the to Dorchester planta. How long this time was, is unkn. or what ch. he had, but as he was ens. 1636, and in 1640 made lieut. the freem. on the list of 1669, may seem to be a s. Hinman, 243, says he d. Sept. 1684, leav. good est. to ch. six by name; but as the names all agree with those of the ch. of sec. Thomas, I doubt not the other circumstances belong to him. The same conclusion is drawn as to John, wh. follows on the same page. For this first Thomas, from the Conn. rec. Trumbull, I. 83, as to distrib. of the sev. portions of Mr. Stoughton's childr. and his w.'s 27 Mar. 1643, I infer, that he d. late in 1642, and 42 yrs. earlier than Hinman's date. Yet it is remarka. that Stiles in Hist. of W. has utterly sunkt this first Thomas, one of the founders of his town, follow. Hinman inst. of the careful Hist. of Dorchester, wh. however he innocent. refers to. 

THOMAS, Windsor, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. an orig. propr. of Hartford, m. Mary, d. of William Wadsworth, had John, b. 20 June 1657; Mary, 1 Jan. 1659; Elizabeth 18 Nov. 1660; Thomas, 21 Nov. 1663; Samuel, 8 [[vol. 4, p. 215]] Sept. 1665; Israel, 21 Aug. 1667; and Rebecca, 19 June 1673. He was, prob. that freem. on the list of. 1669, and had been many yrs. d. Sept. 1684, leav. fair est. we may believe, as also that his line was prolong. for in 1755, John S. was gr. at Yale. Mary m. 3 June 1677, Samuel Farnsworth; Elizabeth m. first, 1680, James Mackman, a rich merch. and sec. in 1699, John Eliot, Esquire; and Rebecca m. 1694, Atherton Mather. 

THOMAS, Windsor, s. of the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1691, Dorothy, d. of the sec. John Talcott, had Mary, b. 4 Jan. 1693, and his w. d. 28 May 1696. He m. 1697, Abigail Lothrop, perhaps wid. of Samuel the sec. of New London, certain. not, as Stiles, in Hist. 807, calls her, d. of Rev. Timothy Edwards, for she was his sis. had Thomas, 9 Apr. 1698; Daniel, 13 Aug. 1669; Benjamin, 28 Apr. 1701; Timothy, 27 June 1703; Abigail, 21 Dec. 1704; David, 9 Sept. 1706; Mabel, 19 Aug. 1708; Jonathan, 7 Oct. 1710; Elizabeth 20 Dec. 1712; Isaac, 2 Nov. 1714; and John, 11 Dec. 1719; was a capt. and d. 14 Jan. 1749. His wid. d. 23 Jan. 1754. WILLIAM, Dorchester, s. of the first Isreal, perhaps b. in Eng. where, aft. gr. at Harv. he resort. and stud. at Oxford Univ. being by order of Parliam. creat. a fellow of New Coll. and. preach at a parish in Co. Sussex, says Farmer, but with unkn. authority, and by Calamy is put with min. eject. for losing his fellowship soon aft. the restor. Aft. coming back, he was disting. for preach. the Election serm. 1668, but would not confine his powers to the pulpit; and was one of the selectmen 1671-4, an Assist. 1671-86, some yrs. commissnr. for the Unit. Col. and in the end of Oct. 1667 went with Bulkley, as agent to defend our cause at London. In the gr. contest with the crown he lost support of many friends, and stood the very lowest in the nominat. of the eighteen Assist. in 1686, being justly suspect. as guilty of moderat. He was appoint. by K. James one of the Counc. to Sir E. Andros, but partook of the N. E. spirit, when the Gov. was depos. and so gain the favor of Mather, that he nominat. him for lieut. gov. in the new charter, in wh. office, as also ch. just in 1695, he contin. till his d. 7 July 1701. Unhap. for his reputa. he was made cheif in 1692 of the unlawful special courte of oyer and terminer for trials of witches with the more amiable Sewall and Saltonstall, of wh. the one left the bench in disgust at the outrages on justice, and the other most bitterly repent. in public sackcloth; but Stoughton, a bach. was made of sterner stuff. From the unerring tribunal in the gr. day of retrib. justice, he may receive the mercy that he knew not how to show; and some tenderness mighht be felt even by fellow mortals for his murderous proceeding in the case of Rebecca Nurse, did not such conduct in a judge, aft. verdict of acquittal, necessarily stimulate execration. In the dark rec. of criminal adjundicat. no [[vol. 4, p. 216]] instance can be found to parallel his blindness; yet if, pity for delus. in the man must be express. what excuse may be fram. for ignorance in a magistrate presid. in such unlawful. tribunal. See Quincy in Hist. of the Univ. I. 178-9. 

He join. in most unseemly union the various functions of legislat., Judicial, and executive authority; and in execut. of his sad duty he was so virulent. possessed against the accused, when he heard of reprieve of some under sentence of d. at a former term, as to complain of obstruction of justice, and withdrew from the Court. The recall of Sir William Phips left him in chief command in the prov. until arr. of Lord Bellomont in 1669, and he had the gratifica. of laying the corner stone of a coll. at Cambridge, built at his cost, and honor. with his name. Again he bec. ch. magistr. on d. of his superior. His monum. in the grave-yard at D. bears a long inscript. very closely imitat. from that of the learned Pascal, and has no reference to the judicial murders at Salem. See scrupul. Eliot's Biog. Dict. and Quincy's Hist. Harv. In his will, execut. one day bef. his d. pro. 23 of same mo. many good gifts out of his large est. are made, as beside others, L50 to the ch. beside two pieces of plate, L50 to the poor of the town, and L150 to the sch. to the wid. and childr. of Rev. John Collins L100, to Rev. John Danforth, wh. m. his niece, L50, beside a negro slave, and and orchard to his w. and L300 to Theophilus Minot, besides less sums to other relat. and made William Tailer, his neph. afterwards lieut. Gov. and nieces Elizabeth Danforth, Elizabeth Nelson, and Mehitable Cooper Excors. Of Theophilus Minot I find no other ment. and am led to cont. that he was a gr.ch. of the testator's elder sis. Hannah, wh. had m. James Minot.

STOVER, or STOVARD, JOHN, Pemaquid, perhaps s. of Silvester, sw. fidel. to Mass. 1674. He liv. in later yrs. at York or Wells, and his was the fam. that suffer. from the Ind. in Oct. 1705, as Niles tells, when two of the ch. were k. and two more carr. away. SILVESTER, York, submit. to Mass. 1652, and sw. alleg. to Charles II. Mar. 1681.

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