A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Tenney - Thaxter

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

TENNEY or TENNY, DANIEL. Bradford, m. 21 July 1680, Elizabeth Stickney, perhaps d. of William. DANIEL, Rowley, youngest s. of Thomas, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 1681; Daniel 1694; John 1696; William 1698; Richard 1701; and Ebenezer 1703; beside two ds. JAMES, Boston, m. 8 Sept. 1654, Elizabeth d. of Abraham Hagborn. *JOHN, [[vol. 4, p. 268]] Scarborough, m. a d. of Henry Warwick, of Saco, and with her mo. fled from Ind. hostil. to Gloucester, bef. 1690, may have been of Rowley 1673, prob. eldest br. of the preced. rep. in 1692. MILES, Watertown, by w. Martha had Ruhamah, wh. d. 22 Nov. 1665, says Bond, but he names no more. SAMUEL, Bradford, m. 18 Dec. 1690, Sarah Boynton; but by former w. Abigail, d. of Joseph Bailey, wh. d. 28 Nov. 1689, had Abigail, b. 6 days bef. 

THOMAS, Rowley, 1640, by w. Ann, wh. d. 15 Sept. 1657, had John, b. 14 Dec. 1640; Hannah, 15 Mar. 1642; Mary, 17 June 1644; Thomas, 16 July 1648; James, 15 Aug. 1650; and Daniel, 1653; beside two ds. He or his s. of the same name, prob. the latter, was made ens. by the Gen. Ct. 1677. *WILLIAM, Rowley 1643, perhaps br. of the preced. by w. Catharine prob. had William, b. 1640; Elizabeth 9 Apr. 1643; Mary, 24 Sept. 1646; Samuel, 6 Apr. 1650; and Sarah, 15 Apr. 1652; was rep. 1681. Of this name there had been, as Farmer in Ms. noted, four gr. at Harv. two at Yale, and ten at other N. E. coll. in 1834.

TEREBERRY, HENRY, is a nickname, to be found on the Boston rec. of births of Tewksbury. See that.

TERHAM or TURHAM, THOMAS, Guilford 1685, m. Mary, wid. of Henry Wise, and d. 1696, leav. wid. Mary, and three ch. Henry, Samuel, and Abigail.

TERRILL or TURRALL, JOHN, New London, d. 27 Feb. 1712, and his w. Sarah, d. of Isaac Willey, d. next week. ROGER, Milford 1639, if Barber, Coll. 231, be correct, is count. there among free. 1669; and at the same time John, perhaps his br. was propound. for freem. He m. the d. of the first Thomas Ufford. His d. Abigail m. William Tyler. Ano. Roger must be seen in Cothren's Ancient Woodbury, if he is correct. He was first of Stratford, but a signer of the fundam. articles for settlem. of W. 14 Feb. 1673, and d. 17 Apr. 1722, and his wid. Sarah, d. 13 Apr. 1728. The ch. were Abigail, bapt. Jan. 1682; Sarah, Mar. 1684; Stephen, Aug. 1686; Roger, July 1691; Ezra, Apr. 1693; and Timothy and Martha, tw. b. 19 Nov. 1697. It may seem that he was s. of the first Roger.

TERRY, EPHRAIM, Springfield, s. of the first Samuel, m. 25 July 1695, Hannah, d. of James Eggleston of Windsor. JOHN, Windsor, may be that one wh. came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 32, from London, fellow passeng. with John Winthrop perhaps was first of Dorchester, and may have been br. of Stephen, is found among the freem. and prob. had been for some yrs. in 1669, unless this freem. may rather seem to be JOHN, Windsor, s. of Stephen, wh. m. 27 Nov. 1662, Elizabeth d. of William Wadsworth, had Elizabeth b. 16 Dec. 1663; or as ano. says 1664; Stephen, 6 Oct. 1666; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1668; John 22 Mar. 1670; Rebecca, 7 Jan. 1672, d. young; Mary, 19 July 1673; Solomon, 29 Mar. 1675; and Rebecca, again, 27 Feb. 1677, d. young. 

RICHARD, Southold, L. I. 1662, came at the age of 17, in the James, 1635, from London, with Thomas [[vol. 4, p. 269]] and Robert, prob. his elder brs. and was accept. as freem. of Conn. in 1662. ROBERT, was aged 25, when he emb. at London, 1635, in the James, with Thomas, prob. elder, and Richard, younger, brs. but no more is found of this name. SAMUEL, Springfield, said to be brought in 1650, by Pynchon, from Barnett 11 ms. from London, where he was b. Apr. 1632, was resid. as Dr. Sprague thinks a. 1654, m. 3 Jan. 1660, Ann Lobdell, perhaps sis. of Simon, had Samuel, b. 18 July 1661; Ephraim, 26 Aug. 1663, d. young; Thomas, 6 Mar. 1665; Mary, July 1667; Rebecca, 25 July 1669, d. soon; Ephraim, again, 3 Feb. 1672; Rebecca, again, 5 Dec. 1673; Elizabeth 25 Mar. 1677, d. very soon; and Ann; and on the last day of 1678 or first of 1679, he, and Samuel, jr. his s. took o. of alleg. m. 19 Nov. 1690, sec. w. Sarah Scott, and after 1700 rem. to Enfield and d. 1731. 

SAMUEL, Enfield, s. of the preced. m. 17 May 1682, Hannah, sis. of Isaac Morgan, I think, and said to have been the first m. in that sett. bef. it was made a town by separat. from Springfield, had Hannah, b. 18 Nov. 1684; Samuel, 26 Mar. 1690; Rebecca, 15 Nov. 1692; Ebenezer, 31 Mar. 1696; and Benjamin, 13 Oct. 1698; and his w. d. 17 Jan. 1697. By sec. w. m. 4 Jan.1699, Martha, wid. of Benjamin Crane, whose surname, as Goodwin has it, Credan, looks very strange, he had Ephraim, b. 24 Oct. 1701; Jacob, 20 Feb. 1704; Martha, perhaps 18 Feb. 1706, d. next mo. Jonathan, 17 Nov. 1707; and Isaac, 17 Apr. 1713; and d. 1730. His wid. d. 29 May 1743. 

STEPHEN, Dorchester, came 1630, prob. in the Mary and John, on 19 Oct. req. adm. and 18 May 1631, was allow. freem. held in good repute, appoint. constable as in Coll. Rec. I. 151 appears evid. of his being sw. 7 July 1635, next yr. partook of the spirit of migrat. and prob. rem. with the major pt. of the ch. and Rev. John Warham their min. at least we kn. he was in Windsor 1637, and twenty yrs. aft. was one of those engag. in the first troop of cavalry estab. in the country. Who his w. was, or whether be brot. her form Eng. is not ascert. but of ch. Mary was b. at D. 31 Dec. 1635; John, m. 6 Mar. 1638 at W. Elizabeth 43, bapt. 9 Jan. 1642; and Abigail, 21, bapt. 27 Sept. 1646. Mary m. 8 Dec. 1659, Richard Goodman; and Elizabeth m. 10 Jan. 1666, Philip Russell of Hadley as his sec. w. and with two of her four ch. was k. by the Ind. Sept. 1677; Abigail m. 9 May 1667, as his sec. w. lieut. Joseph Kellogg, and was liv. in 1715. THOMAS, Southold, came 1635, aged 28, with Richard, and Robert, prob. his younger brs. in the James from London; they all, perhaps, contin. in Mass. some yrs. tho. the town is not kn. at least we see, in Dec. 1638, that the leader of the three was, by the Gen. Ct. order. to appear at next Ct. See Rec. I. 248. To Long Isl. they went prob. by 1646, and Thomas was accept. as freem. of Conn. 1662. 

THOMAS, [[vol. 4, p. 270]] Springfield, s. of the first Samuel, m. 21 Apr. 1687, Mary Cooley. One of this name at Harv. and seven at Yale, had been gr. in 1852.

TETHERLY, GABRIEL, and WILLIAM are seen in Maine a. 1680, perhaps trans. But of William we kn. that he was of Biddeford in Co. Devon, and at Boston, 1664, 5, 6, and 8.

TEW, *RICHARD, styled s. and heir of Henry, Portsmouth, R. I. 1640; Newport 1654, on the list of freem. 1655, was rep. and assist. is one of the grantees in the royal chart. 1663, had m. bef. com. from Eng. Mary, d. of William Clark, of Hardwick Priors, Co. Warwick, and had a d. b. 4 June 1640, on his voyage, and therefore nam. Seaborn; and Elnathan, 15 Oct. 1644; perhaps others; Seaborn m. 5 Jan. 1658, Samuel Billings; Elnathan m. 3 Nov. 1664, Thomas Harris; and Mary, prob. ano. d. m. 30 Dec. 1670, Andrew Harris.

TEWKSBURY, TEWXBERRY, TUKSBERY, or TUXBURY, HENRY, Newbury, rem. to Boston m. 10 Nov. 1659, Martha, wid. of William Harvey of B. had Elizabeth b. 22 Aug; foll.; Hannah, 1 Sept. 1662; Henry, 15 Dec. 1664; Naomi, 18 Jan. 1667; and Ruth, 10 Mar. 1669; took o. of alleg. 13 May 1669, and again hav. rem. to Amesbury, was call. to the same, 20 Dec. 1677; grew to be freem. 1680. *THOMAS, Manchester 1686, was rep. 1692.

THACHER, or THATCHER, *ANTHONY, Marblehead, came from Salisbury in Co. Wilts, where he had serv. occasion. as curate for Peter Thacher 1631 and 4, the rector of St. Edmunds in that city, wh. prob. was his br. He had been a non-conformist, liv. in Holland more than 20 yrs. bef. and emb. on 6 Apr. 1635 at Southampton in the James (tho. we might by Hubbard, 200, be misled to think he came in the Angel Gabriel, cast away, 15 Aug.) and arr. at Boston 3 June, in the ship's clearance call. a tayler for decept. not of the inferiors at the custom ho. wh. certif. that the total num. of men, youths, and boys, was 53, when we are sure there were many more perhaps, a hundred and fifty percent. He brot. a sec. w. and four ch. William, b. of the first w. as may have been some of the rest, Mary, Edith, and Peter, a babe, and prob. was accomp. by the cous. Rev. Joseph Avery, with w. and six ch. and his neph. 

Thomas, afterwards first min. of the third or O. S. ch. in Boston, beside a serv. Peter Higden; but of all these, only the names of Higden and of Anthony P. appear in that list of 53. Such was the mode of evasion of the petty tyranny of the Lords of the Council. The ship was of 300 tons, and might well have brot. 150 passeng. when so many were eager to come, yet the names of 53 alone are giv. Most of these went to Ipswich, and a large part of them sett. the same and foll. yr. at Newbury; but Thacher with his friend Avery, wh. was invit. to [[vol. 4, p. 271]] preach at Marblehead, with all their respect. ch. and fam. exc. his neph. Thomas, then 15 yrs. old, wh. prefer. ld. travel, emb. in a pinnace of Isaac Allerton to return from I. to M. on 15 Aug. 1635, and next day were wreck. on a rock, or rather ledge off Cape Ann. Of 23 persons in that little bark, all but Thacher and his w. were drown. He and she were cast on the barren islet, ever since call Thacher's woe, as the outer rock, gain. the name of Avery's fall. Slight acco. of this sad occur. is in Magn. II. cap. 2, but fuller in Winthrop I. 165, and the personal relat. of the whole by the suffer. is in Young's Chron. of Mass. 483, and I can recommend no more strik. narrative in our early hist. He was by the Ct. made admor. of Joseph Avery, as Col. Rec. I. 154, shows. Our Gen. Ct. bestow a good sum in money on the surv. suffer. as in Rec. I. 1557 appears, and afterwards, Ib. 191, made a gr. of that diastrous isl. for an inherit. wh. was not, I imagine, worth tak. into possess. He preach. perhaps, short time at Marblehead, where he had prob. Judah; John, b. 17 Mar. 1639; but went for perman. settlem. bef. 1643, to Yarmouth, and had Bethia, wh. m. Jabez Howland; and Rodolphus in my conject. For a season he was of Marshfield, rep. for Y. 1643-7. 

He had at Salisbury in O. E. Benjamin, b. 13, bapt. 27 Apr. 1634, but this ch. perhaps d. soon; as did his mo. Mary if a fam. mem. be correct, wh. says that his sec. w. tak. a few wks. bef. sail. was Elizabeth Jones; and he d. at Y. where his inv. is dat. 22 Aug. 1667, if Alden's Epit. I. 120 may be correct. aged 80. *John, Yarmouth, youngest s. of the preced. m. 6 Nov. 1664, Rebecca, d. of the first Josiah Winslow, and niece of the first Gov. w. had Peter, b. 26 Apr. as one report is, or by ano. 20 May 1665; Josiah, 26 Apr. 1667, both bapt. 26 Apr. 1668; Rebecca, 1, bapt. 6 June 1669; Bethia, 10, bapt. 16 July 1671; John, 28 Jan. bapt. 14 Feb. 1675; Elizabeth 19 June, bapt. 22 July 1677; Hannah, 19, bapt. 24 Aug. 1679, d. at ten yrs.; and Mary, 3 Aug. bapt. 24 Sept. 1682, d. young. His w. d. 15 July foll. and many lamentable verses he wrote on her. By sec. w. m. 11 Jan. 1684, Lydia, d. of John Corham, he had Lydia, 11, bapt. 22 Feb. 1685; Mary, again, 5 Feb. bapt. 6 Mar. 1687; Desire, 24 Dec. 1688, bapt. 27 Jan. foll.; Hannah, 9, bapt. 12 Oct. 1690; Mercy, 23 July 1692, d. next mo.; Judah, 20, bapt. 27 Aug. 1693; Mercy, again, 28 Dec. 1695, bapt;. next day, d. at 8 mos.; Ann, 7 May, bapt. 27 June 1697; Joseph, 11, bapt. 16 July 1699; Benjamin, 25 June, bapt. 3 Aug. 1701; Mercy, again, 7 Feb. bapt. same day 1703; and Thomas, 2 Apr. bapt. 20 May 1705, as the town rec. has it, tho. I have seen a fam. MS. that makes the yr. 1711, wh. is prob. erron. Forty-one yrs. would seem a suffic. period for hav. ch. He was rep. 1668 and twelve yrs. foll. Assist. many yrs. aft. and a counsel. under new chart, d. 8 May 1713. Fourteen of his twenty ch. m. for the [[vol. 4, p. 272]] blessing of the cape. 

JUDAH, Yarmouth, s. prob. eldest, of Anthony, on our side of the water, m. Mary, d. of Rev. Thomas Thornton, and of descend. this report is giv. Elizabeth b. Oct. 1667, wh. was sec. w. of first Joshua Gee; Thomas, 18 May 1669; Mary, 17 Mar. 1671, wh. was sec. w. of Moses Draper, and next of Joseph Grant; Judah, d. soon; Ann, 31 Oct. 1674; and Judah, again, 7 Dec. 1676. PETER, Yarmouth 1678, may have been s. of that John, b. aft. his f.'s shipwreck, and so call. in mem. of that babe lost in the disaster of 1635. Yet I marvel, that some earlier writer was not enabled to foll. up the geneal. 

PETER, Milton, youngest s. of Rev. Thomas, freem. 1678, at the same time with his friend, the first Ch. just. Sewal, accomp. ano. classmate, Samuel Danforth, to Europe, and on his d. near the end of 1676, came back soon; m. 21 Nov. 1677, Theodora, d. of Rev. John Oxenbridge of the first ch. wh. had eight yrs. bef. been in fierce enmity with the third ch. founded for his f. and so. I hope, some help was giv. to the quiet that began, soon aft. the d. of Gov. Bellingham, to reign thro. the colony so long disturb. He was ord. first min. of M. 1681, had Theodora; Bathsheba; Oxenbridge, b. 17 May 1681, H. C. 1698; Elizabeth; Mary; Peter, 6 Oct. 1688, H. C. 1706, min. of Middleborough; John, d. young; Thomas, 1693, d. at 28 yrs. and John, again. His ord. at M. was, if we obey the auth. of Farmer, in Sept. 1681. There his w. d. 18 Nov. 1697, and he m. next Susanna, wid of Rev. John Bailey, wh. d. 4 Sept. 1724 in her 59th yr. and he m. Elizabeth wid. of the first Joshua Gee, and d. Eliot says 17, but Farmer incorrect. 27 Dec. 1727. Strange. does Farmer give him the wid. of Rev. Joshua Gee at 3d w. when Gee was the surv. by many yrs. and his mo.-in-law Elizabeth d. of Judah Thacher bec. third w. of Peter T. His preach. a Serm. that Eliot calls beautif. on the d. of G.'s w. but that was only a single yr. bef. his own. 

RODOLPHUS, or RALPH, Duxbury, s. of Thomas, m. 1 Jan. 1670, Ruth, d. of George Partridge of the same, had Thomas, b. 9 Oct. foll. Elizabeth 1 Mar. 1672; Ann, 26 Nov. 1673, d. young; Ruth, 1 Nov. 1675; Rodolophus, 9 Jan. 1678; Lydia, 24 Jan. 1680; Mary 8 Mar. 1682; Ann, again, 30 Mar. 1684; and Peter, 17 Aug. 1686; was constable 1678, and sev. yrs. from 1685, clk. of the town. But his benevo. carr. him to Chilmark on Martha's vineyard, where he preach. many yrs. and in June 1711 gave to his s. "Rodolphus, alias Ralph" est. of 60 acres. See Mather's Hecatompolis, in Mag. I. 27,and Geneal. Reg. XI. 242. Winsor, 235, misleads. *SAMUEL, Watertown, freem. 18 May 1642, was deac. oft. selectman, rep. 1665-9, on 30 Nov. of wh. last he d. by w. Hannah adm. of the ch. at Cambridge, 31 May 1667, had Hannah, b. 9 Oct. 1645; and Samuel, 20 Oct. 1648. The wid. Hannah, in her will of 16 Apr. 1682, with codic. of 20 Dec. foll. pro. 3 Apr. next, ment. gr.-ch. [[vol. 4, p. 273]] John, and Hannah, who were ch. of John Holmes and her d. Hannah, m. 13 Sept. 1664, wh. d. 24 May 1670; s. Samuel and his first ch. with sev. other person, wh. I judge to be not relat. but only friends. SAMUEL, Watertown, s. of the preced. at Lynn m. 11 Apr. 1676, Mary Farnsworth, prob. d. of Mathias, had Mary, b. 1 Aug. 1681, d. at 9 mos. Samuel, 8 Apr. 1683; John, 22 Jan. 1686; Hannah, 30 Apr. 1688, d. young; Mary, again, 17 Sept. 1690; Hannah, again, 10 Dec. 1692; Abigail, 6 June, 1694; Mercy, 2 Jan. 1698; Sarah, 30 Nov. 1699; and Ebenezer, 17 Mar. 1704; freem. 1690, was a lieut. and d. 21 Oct. 1726. Of the Watertown fam. descend. all retain the old spell. as if deriving their name from the early occupat. of a thatcher, wh. seems very prob. 

THOMAS, Weymouth, s. of Rev. Peter, rector of St. Edmunds, Salisbury, in Co. Wilts, b. 1 May 1620, bef. his f. was induct. (but the fam. orign was prob. Co. Somerset) came with his uncle Anthony in the James from Southampton, arr. at Boston 4 June 1635, went to Ipswich with his uncle and other friends, but avoid the peril of their return in Aug. of the same, yr. in wh. all but Anthonly and his w. were lost, was put under the direct. of Rev. Charles Chauncey of Scituate, wh. prepared him for his profess. with great dilig. He m. 11 May 1643, Elizabeth youngest d. of Rev. Ralph Partridge of Duxbury, and was ord. min. at W. (as success. of Samuel Newman, wh. rem. with any of his flock to Rehoboth) 2 Jan.1645, not 1664, as in Gen. Reg. VIII. 183 the figures read, was freem. 1645, when the prefix of Mr. is strange. omit. His good sense unit. with a general acquaint. in science of that day acquir. for him great reput. as a physician, and to complete his honors, Mather wh. always loves an exaggera. makes him compose a Hebrew Lexicon, so compress. "that within one sheet of paper, he had every considerable word of the language." The ch. were Thomas, Ralph; alias Rodolphus; Peter, b. at Salem, (we kn. not by wh. accid. the mo. was there) 18, bapt. 20 July 1651, H. C. 1671; Patience; and Elizabeth wh. m. Nathaniel Davenport, the brave capt. k. in the gr. Narraganset battle, 19 Dec. 1675, and next. m. 1677, Samuel Davis. His w. d. 2 June 1664, soon aft. wh. he m. Margaret, wid. of Jacob Sheaffe, d. of Henry Webb, and rem. to Boston, join. the first ch. 4 Aug. 1667, and was desir. to be min. of a new society there, since call. the O. S. ch. growing out of the dissatisf. at the descept. artifices for bring. of Davenport from New haven to succeed Wilson. 

In Oct. 1669, to save the feelings of his fellow-worship. he took dismiss. to the ch. at Charlestown, and on 16 Feb. foll. was install, over the new ch. of B. and was held in high esteem. In 1674, he with Increase Mather, was add. to former licensers of the press; and he d. 15 Oct. 1678, as on p. 152 of the Magn. III. is told, tho. on the next p. where he gives as a curiosity some elegiac [[vol. 4, p. 274]] strains in Latin and Greek by an Ind. youth nam. Eleazer, then student in the senior class at Harv. the Eccles. Histor. with his aptitude for error, makes it 18 Oct. Still his life is one of the best in the vol. tho. Eliot has judiciously curtail. it by four fifths. His wid. d. 23 or 4 Feb. 1694, as town rec. and Sewall's Diary tell. Patience m. William Kemp. 

THOMAS, Boston, merch. eldest s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Thomas Savage, had Elizabeth b. 26, bapt. 31 Dec. 1671; Thomas 25, bapt. 28 Sept. 1673; John, 22, bapt. 24 Jan. 1675; Peter, bapt. 26 Aug. 1677, H. C. 1696; and Mary, 28 Jan. bapt. 1 Feb. 1680. He d. 2 Apr. 1686, and his wid. d. 22 July 1730, giv. all her prop. to s. Peter wh. was min. of Weymouth, m. 14 Oct. 1708, Hannah Curwin, but had no ch. His name is oft. repeat. on acco. of the extraord. circumst. of his being brot. from the pulpit at W. to the new North ch. in Boston, as collea. with Rev. John Webb, wh. had been gr. at Harv. 12 yrs. later. How long aft. 1696 he was ord. at W. or what were the concomitants of his lot there are unkn. 

That he must have been highly regard. at W. and not thro. the partiality of a few hearers, wh. rememb. the powers of his uncle half a century bef. is a resonab. presumpt. and why many should have desir. him is easier to conject. than the reason for the bitter and most indecent repugnance to his installat. that any of the petty squabbles a. the introd. of a min. in any parish of N. E. have produced. Four, five, or six publicat. on the two sides, may be preserv. by the curious for this eventful yr. 1720, on 28 Jan. in wh. an ordain. council was ablig. to go secret. to the house of worship in Boston; where the disord. vulgarity, as tradit. relates, was too bad to be entrusted even to printing. He d. 26 Feb. 1739. Of this name 19 had in 1854, ben gr. at Harv. and 4 at Yale.

THARPE, NATHANIEL, New Haven, perhaps s. of William, was punish. 1664, for steal. from an Ind. contin. propr. 1685. He m. 10 Dec. 1692, Sarah, wid. of Benjamin Robbins. WILLIAM, New Haven 1647, had perhaps by first w. Nathaniel, bapt. 24 May 1640, Elizabeth Apr. 1643; John, July 1643; Samuel, 14 June 1646; and Eleazer, 5 Nov. 1648; m. prob. for sec. or third w. 1662, Margaret, wid. of Robert Pigg, and is in the list of freem. 1669, but if, as I can hardly doubt was the case, the name be the one in other rec. spelled Thorpe, then d. bef. 1685.

THASK. See Trask.

THAXTER, *JOHN, Hingham, s. of Thomas, brot. by his f. from Eng. 1638, m. 14 Dec. 1648, d. of Nicholas Jacob, had John, b. 1651, d. soon; Thomas, 4 June 1654; Joseph, 1 June 1656; Samuel, b. 17 Nov. 1658, d. young; Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1661; Benjamin, 4 Feb. 1663; Samuel, again, 1 Aug. 1665; Mary, 19 Aug. 1667; Deborah, 5 Sept. 1669; Sarah, 26 Sept. 1671; Daniel, 29 Aug. 1675, d. in few mos.; and Jonathan, 18 Apr. 1677; was made lieut. 1664, when serv. against [[vol. 4, p. 275]] the Dutch at N. Y. was prepared for, under orders from Cromwell; rep. 1666; in 1680, was in com. of the troop of cav. and d. 14 Mar. 1687. Elizabeth m. 8 Dec. 1680 the sec. Daniel Cushing; Mary m. 1688, Theophilus Cushing; Deborah m. 17 Oct. 1687 Thomas Cushing; and Sarah m. 25 Mar. 1691, Peter Dunbar; and the mo. of all these ch. m. 9 Mar. 1691 Daniel Cushing, the venerable town clk. 

JOSEPH, Boston, s. of the preced. had w. Mary, but no ch. and d. in early manhood, 1687, div. his prop. by will, equally to w. Mary and his br. Samuel. SAMUEL, Hingham, youngest br. of John, m. 19 Dec. 1666, Abigail, d. of Richard Church, had Abigail, b. 29 Sept. 1667, d. next mo.; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1668; Abigail, again, 18 Nov. 1670, d. at six mos.; David, 6 Apr. 1672; Mary, 16 May 1674, d. in few wks.; John, 27 July 1675, d. in few days; and Samuel, 23 Apr. 1677, d. in few mos. His w. d. 25 Dec. foll. and he m. 13 June 1678, Deborah, d. of Thomas Lincoln, the cooper, had Deborah, 24 July 1679; Samuel, again, 19 Feb 1682, d. at 12 yrs. and Abigail, again, 4 Feb. 1685. His w. d. 7 Dec. 1694, and he d. May 1725. *SAMUEL, Hingham, s. of John, freem. 1678, m. 29 Dec. 1691, Hannah Gridley, had Elizabeth bapt. 25 Sept. 1692; John, b. 1 Jan. 1694; and Samuel, 8 Oct. 1695, H. C. 1714; and d. 13 Nov. 1740. He was a very serviceable man, col. rep. and counsel. of the prov. 

THOMAS, Hingham, came 1638, with eldest s. John, and d. Elizabeth had here w. Elizabeth and ch. Sarah; Samuel, b. 19 May 1641; and Thomas, wh. d. 5 Jan. 1647, young; was freem. 18 May 1642, and d. 14 Feb. 1654. His wid. m. 29 Sept. foll. William Ripley of H. and next, 20 Jan. 1658, John Dwight of Dedham; and d. Sarah m. I presume, 13 Dec. 1655, Thomas Thurston of Medfield. THOMAS, Hingham, sec. s. of John of the same, m. 31 Dec. 1696, Lydia Logan of Boston, but had no ch. and d. 3 Sept. 1704. It is believ. that all the twelve gr. of this name at Harv. are his descend, but there is none in the Yale Catal.

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