A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Tousland - Treadway

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

TOUSLAND, TOUSLEY, TOWSE, or TOUSEY, RICHARD, Saybrook, perhaps had a w. and fam. bef. 1666, but in this yr. made contr. of m. with Dorothy, wid. of John Edwards, wh. had been wid. of Abraham Finch, of Wethersfield, d. early in Feb. 1674, giv. back to his w. the prop. she brot. him. THOMAS, Wethersfield, perhaps s. of the preced. by a first w. did not live at W. bef. 1674, was a weaver, an enterpris. man, had in comp. with William Pitkin, a fulling-mill in Hartford; d. 1712, aged 62; had Thomas, Y. C. 1707, ancest. of the late Secr. of the Navy, beside Elizabeth

TOUTE, RICHARD, Scituate 1643, then able to bear arms, but no more is heard of him, exc. that in 1663, he was of Boston, a lighterman.

TOUTON, JOHN, a Huguenot physician of Rochelle in France, with others petition. our Gen. Ct. as early as 1662, for permiss. to rem. higher; and their prayer was gr. but whether any other than came is not appar. He liv. at Rehoboth, July 1675. [[vol. 4, p. 316]]

TOWER, or TOWERS, DAVID, Hingham, perhaps s. of John, more prop. his gr.s. perish. in the doleful exped. of Phips against Quebec, 1690, but as he d. of smallpox, I conclude it occurr. as did many others, bef. the squadron left our harbor. JEREMIAH, Salisbury, perhaps s. of John of Hingham, m. Elizabeth d. of Richard Goodale. JOHN, Hingham 1637, came from Hingham in Co. Norf. it is said, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, m. Feb. preced. or foll. Margaret Ibrook, d. prob. of Richard, had Ambrose, Benjamin, b. 5 Nov. 1654m Jonathan, Hannah, and Jeremiah; but perhaps he had s. John, at least we kn. that he was describ. as John sen. He was engag. in early plant. at Lancaster, 1654, and descend, are very num. WILLIAM, Boston 1668, a butcher.

TOWLE, TOWEL, TOALE, TOLE, TOLL, TOULE, or TOWELL, HENRY, Wethersfield, rem. to Saybrook soon aft. 1668, had w. Sarah, and one ch. prob. Henry, desert. his w. wh. in 1676 was divorc. for his desert. above six yrs. as in Trumbull's Col. Rec. II. 293, with liberty if shall "have opportun. to join hers. in m. with ano. man." HENRY, New Haven, s. prob. of the preced. m. 13 Apr. 1693, Dorothy, d. of Daniel Thomas. JOHN, Sudbury, by w. Catharine, had John, b. 20 Nov. 1641, wh. d. 31 Jan. 1643; Mary, b. 8 Dec. 1643; and, again, John, wh. d. 8 Jan. 1657. JOSHUA, whose m. 2 Dec. 1686, with Sarah Reed, is rec. was perhaps of Hampton. PHILIP, Hampton 1670, had prob. been an early sett. for PHILIP jr. took the o. of alleg. 1678, some mos. bef. his f. wh. d. 1696. 

ROGER, Boston 1640, in Col. Rec. is call. serv. to Mr. Henry Webb, wh. means, I suppose, appr. was freem. 1644, hav. been adm. of the ch. with the same designat. 20 Apr. preced. WILLIAM, Malden, by w. Mary, had Benjamin, b. 2 Nov. 1689, or Jan. 1690; for the person wh. made the copy of the rec. chang. the dates for Geneal. Reg. VI. 335, in most cases by mistaking the numeral for the mo.

TOWNE, EDMUND, Topsfield, was eldest s. of William, wh. prob. was s. of Richard Braceby in Co. Lincoln, where Ann, wid. of said Richard, made her will 10 Dec. 1629, of wh. copy is in Geneal. Reg. X. 36. Braceby is 6 ms. from Grantham and 5 from Folkenham. He came, 1637, prob. in the Rose of Yarmouth, aged 18, as apprent. to Henry Skerry of Salem, m. Mary, d. of Thomas Browning, had Thomas; William, b. 1658; Joseph, 1661; Abigail; Benjamin, 1666; Rebecca; Samuel, 1673; Mary; Sarah; Elizabeth; and ano. d. and he d. early in 1678. Abigail m. 12 Jan. 1686, Jacob Peabody; and next, 14 Jan. 1696, Thomas Perley. Abstr. of his will, of wh. wid. Mary had admin. is in Essex Inst. II. 277. JACOB, Salem 1637, had Joseph, and Sarah, perhaps not tw. bapt. there, 3 Sept. 1648. JACOB, Topsfield, b. in Eng. br. of Edmund of the same, m. 26 June 1657, Catharine d. of John Symonds of Salem, had John, b. 2 Apr. 1658; Jacob, 13 Feb. 1660; Catharine, [[vol. 4, p. 317]] 25 Feb. 1662; Deliverance, 5 Aug. 1664; Edmund, 21 July 1666; and Ruth; freem. 1686, d. 22 Nov. 1704, and his will was pro. 1 Jan. 1705. JACOB, Topsfield, s. of the preced. many have been, instead of his f. freem. 1686, m. 24 June 1684, Phebe Smith, had Joshua, b. 1684; John, 1685; and Abigail, 1689, acc. Barry. 

JOHN, Topsfield, s. of Jacob first of the same, by w. Mary had Mary, b. 23 June 1681; John, 25 Nov. 1682, d. young; Israel, 18 Nov. 1684; Esther, 1686; Ephraim; David, a. 1694; Samuel; Edmund, 7 May 1699; rem. to Framingham, and had John, 31 May 1702; Zerviah; and Jonathan; was a selectman, 1700-1712 most of the time, and a propr. in new planta. of Oxford. His will was pro. 1740. JOSEPH, Topsfield, youngest s. of William of the same, m. Phebe, d. of deac. Thomas Perkins, had Phebe, b. 1666; Joanna; Mary; Susanna; Joseph, 22 Mar. 1673; Sarah; Martha; John, 20 Feb. 1678; and ano. d. was freem. 1690; and d. 1713. JOSEPH, Topsfield, s. of Edmund, had two ws. of wh. Emma, m. 1687, was perhaps sec. Whether by the former, Phebe, he had any, is not ascert. but ch. were Benjamin, Daniel, Nathan, Jesse, Nathaniel, Amos, and Emma; and he d. 1717. PETER, Cambridge, s. of William of the same, bapt. in Eng. had w. Joanna, and I kn. no more, but that he was freem. 1690, and d. 2 Nov. 1705, aged 72 yrs. 10 mos. as Harris gives the inscript. 

THOMAS, Lynn, m. at Reading 30 Oct. 1662, Hannah, of unkn. surname; gave evid. in 1681, then aged 50, a lds. d. at R. 1684. Perhaps it is Tower. THOMAS, Topsfield, s. of Edmund of the same, in early youth was in the flower of Essex under capt. Lothrop, on Conn. riv. in 1675, but perhaps not present at Bloody Brook, m. 1685, Sarah French, perhaps d. of John of Ipswich, had Edmund, Thomas, Richard, Experience, Sarah, Ednah, and Mercy; and d. a. 1720. WILLIAM, Salem, had m. at Yarmouth, Co. Norfolk, 25 Mar. 1620 or 1, Joanna Blessing, and prob. came over the water, 1635, tho. in what ship is not seen; in Dec. 1640, he had gr. of ld. at S. but Felt spells the name Townde. He rem. to Topsfield a. 1651; and his ch. bapt. at Y. were Rebecca, Feb. 1622; John, Feb. 1624; Susanna, Oct. 1625; Edmund, June 1628; Jacob, Mar. 1633; Mary, 24 Aug. 1634; and at Salem, Sarah; and Joseph, b. 1639; and d. 1672, leav. all these ch. exc. John and Susanna. Farmer in MS. makes him the freem. of 1637, in wh. I do not concur. His wid. liv. a. ten yrs. Rebecca m. Francis Nurse, had eight ch. and was excut. for a witch, 19 July 1692, to wh. her deafness was the chief inducem. Mary m. Isaac Esty, had two ds. and was tr. on 9th execut. 22 Sept. 1692, under the same said infatuat. She was the heroic woman, that in our day gives dignity to the cause, as set forth in Chandler's Crim. Trials. Sarah m. 11 Jan. 1660. Edmund Bridge or Bridges, had five ch. and next m. Peter Cloyes, had two or three more, and was a gr. sufferer in the [[vol. 4, p. 318]] witchr. proceed. barely escap. with life. WILLIAM, Cambridge 1635, freem. 18 Apr. 1637, had w. Martha, wh. d. 20 Jan. 1674, s. Peter, bapt. in Eng. d. Mary, b. 6 Sept. 1637, bapt. at C. was town clk. 1639, bot. in 1653, a ho. of David Stone, was tythingman 1680, and d. aged 80, 30 Apr. 1685, tho. Harris gives the rec. Mar. wh. I disregard, as Sewall, in two places, notes his bur. 1 May.

TOWNSEND, ANDREW, Lynn, perhaps s. or gr.s. of Thomas of the same, a soldier in Gardner's comp. at the gr. battle, 19 Dec. 1675, of the Narraganset campaign, when he was wound. for wh. in 1730, he ask. pension; m. 18 July 1678, Abigail, prob. d. of John Collins, of the same, had Thomas, b. 12 June 1679; Abigail, 23 Feb. 1681; and Mary, 7 July 1685; was freem. 1691. GEORGE, Reading, by Eaton nam. among early sett. may have been br. of John of the same. GEORGE, Warwick, s. of John of the same, m. Meribah, d. of Richard Harcutt. HENRY, Warwick, on the list of freem. 1655, of wh. I kn. no more, exc. that he m. Ann, a d. of Robert Cole. He may have been s. of Thomas of Lynn, and sett. at Oyster Bay on L. I. 

JAMES, Boston, s. of William, a carpenter, by w. Elizabeth had James, bapt. 2 July 1671, H. C. 1692; John, 14 Dec. 1672; Mary, 10 Jan. 1675, d. young; Joseph, b. 24 Jan. 1678; Elizabeth 18 July 1684; Mary, again, 27 Oct. 1687; and Ann, 26 Feb. 1690, posthum. was freem. 1672. He was a housewright, ar. co. 1679, and bef. 17 Dec. 1689, d. intest. when admin. was refus. by his wid. JOHN, Lynn, perhaps s. of Thomas, and b. in Eng. was of ar. co. 1641, and of the early sett. on L. I. JOHN, Warwick, among the freem. there of 1655, may have been br. of Henry, or the same as the preced. had Rose wh. m. John Wicks the sec. His eldest ch. was John; and others were Thomas, Elizabeth James, Sarah, Ann, George, and Daniel. His w. was Elizabeth d. of Robert Cole. He d. at Oyster Bay 1669. JOHN, Reading, freem. 1678, may have been br. of George. JOHN, Lynn, m. 27 Jan. 1669, Sarah Pearson, d. of John of the same, had Sarah, b. 14 Sept. 1672; John, 17 Mar. 1675; Mary 2 Sept. 1677; Hannah, 11 Feb. 1680; and Elizabeth 9 Nov. 1683. Perhaps he was a gr.s. of Thomas. 

JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Mary had Joseph, b. 23 Dec. 1665; and sec. w. Dorothy, perhaps was of Falmouth 1682. MARTIN, Watertown, a weaver, m. 16 Apr. 1668, Abigail, d. of John Trail, had Abigail, b. 18 Sept. 1669; Martin; Hannah, 6 Oct. 1673, d. at 2 yrs.; John, 26 May 1679, d. at 4 yrs.; Jonathan, Apr. 1688, d. at 3 mos.; Jonathan, again; and his w. d. 16 Jan. 1691; and he m. 30 Aug. 1693, Esther Perry of Woburn; but no more ch. is kn. He was a witness 7 Apr. 1691, when he call. his age 47, and d. in few yrs. *PENN, Boston, s. of William of the same, wine merch. m. Sarah, youngest d. of the first Isaac Addington, had Penn, b. 31 July 1674, H. C. 1693; Sarah, 3 Apr. 1677, d. [[vol. 4, p. 319]] soon; Sarah, again, 14 Sept. 1680; Rebecca, 15 Aug. 1685; Isaac, 14 Aug. 1687, d. at 15 yrs.; Ann, 1689, d. soon; and Ann, again, 10 Nov. 1690. His w. d. 11 Mar. 1692, and he m. Mary, wid. of Paul Dudley, d. of Gov. Leverett, wh. was bur. 5 July 1691; and for third w. wh. outliv. him, he took Hannah, wid. of George Jaffrey, Esp. of N. H. He was of ar. co. 1674, freem. 1674, very much confid. in for public concerns, rep. 1686, being the last Court under the old Chart. and on the overthrow of Andros, was rechosen almost every time for some yrs. went as commisnr. with Hutchinson 1691, to make peace with Ind. speaker of the house and counsellor many yrs. serv. thro. all the ranks in the milit. from ens. to col. and d. 21 Aug. 1727.

PETER, Boston, carpenter, s. of William of the same, by w. Lydia had William, b. 13 Sept. 1666; Susanna, 22 Feb. 1668, wh. d. soon; Susanna, again, 20 Feb. 1670; Peter, 9 Oct. 1671; Lydia, 5 Aug. 1673; and Thomas; by w. Margaret had Margaret, b. 13 June 1677; by w. Ann had Hannah, 27 Oct. 1687; and d. 14 May 1696. RALPH, New Haven, rem. to New London. RICHARD, Warwick, of the freem. 1655, was prob. br. of Henry, and m. Deliverance, d. of Robert Cole, had John, Richard, Dinah, Leah, and Hannah, of wh. Dinah m. Thomas Willet, and Leah m. John Williams, both perhaps of Newtown, L. I. and for sec. w. he took Elizabeth d. of John Wicks. His wid. m. John Smith of Hempstead, L. I. where prob. Townsend d. ROBERT, Portsmouth, in 1665 support. the jurisdict. of Mass. and had prob. rem. from Ipswich. 

SAMUEL, Boston, liv. at Rumney Marsh, Chelsea, by w. Abigail had David, b. 29 Sept. 1666; Jonathan, 10 Sept. 1668; perhaps, also, Samuel, and more ch. was freem. 1683, hav. join. the 2d ch. 18 Sept. 1681. SAMUEL, Boston, prob. s. of the preced. was freem. 1690. THOMAS, Lynn, the freem. of 14 Mar. 1639, wh. d. 22 Dec. 1677 is thot. to have had Thomas, Henry, and John, b. prob. in Eng. all early engag. in settlem. on L. I. THOMAS, Boston, perhaps br. of Samuel the first, with w. Mary adm. into the 2d ch. 30 Oct. 1681, was freem. 1683, but of him I kn. no more. WILLIAM, Boston, adm. of the ch. 3 Aug. 1634, the same day with Gov. Bellingham and his w. with John Newgate and the w. of our br. Nicholas Wyllys, of wh. W. T. is then call. serv. so that we may well infer, that he came early that yr. from London. The simplicity of charact. was exhitib. in the puritan's household, and this stile of serv. did not imply inferior condit. so much as obligat. to learn, otherwise, in case of males, term apprent. His w. Hannah Penn, wh. had join the ch. 15 Mar. 1635, is call. "our br. James Everill's maid serv." was sis. of the rul. Elder, James P. and if she came with her master, and her h. with his, as the principles were rec. in July preced. we may believe they all came in one sh. He was freem. 25 May 1636, had Eliezur, 12 June 1635; Patience, bapt. 28 May [[vol. 4, p. 320]] 1637; Hannah, b. 4, bapt. 1 Apr. 1641; Peter 26, bapt. 30 Oct. 1641; Mary, 24 Nov. 1644; James, b. 15 Jan. 1647; Penn, 20 Dec. 1651; John, 3 Sept. 1653, d. next yr.; and Mary, wh. d. 29 Nov. 1658. With the maj. part of the Boston ch. he was adher. of Wheelwright's opin. and subject. in Nov. 1637, to the indign. of being disarm. as a danger. heretic, but was not of suffic. age or import. to be driv. away. He d. bef. Dec. 1689, and his wid. d. bef. 6 Feb. 1700, when admin. de bonis non on est. of her h. was giv. to s. Penn. Hannah, m. 3 Apr. 1657, Thomas Hull, and next, as Whitman says, lieut. Richard Way. Farmer found, in 1834, sixteen of this name among gr. at Harv. six at Yale, and five at other N. E. coll.

TOWSLY, MICHAEL, Salisbury, had been in Philip's war, 1676, a soldier of Hampton m. 4 June 1678, Mary Hussey, perhaps d. of Christopher, had Mary, b. 17 Mar. 1679, d. soon; rem. to Suffield, next yr. had Mary, again, 12 Jan. 1681; Matthew, 18 Nov. 1690; and perhaps others. Mary m. 1699, Benjamin Allen.

TOWSON, NICHOLAS, New London, was on the tax list 1667.

TOY. See Tay.

TOZER, TOSIER, or TOZIER, LEONARD, Salem 1668. RICHARD, Dover, liv. first at Boston, m. a d. of Robert Blott, wh. d. soon, and he m. at Boston, 3 July 1656, Judith Smith, had Thomas, b. 5 May 1657; Richard, bef. 1660; and prob. others; certain Elizabeth wh. m. Richard Randall, and Martha, wh. m. 22 Nov. 1678, Nathan Lord; was mort. wound. 16 Oct. 1675, at the Ind. asault of Salmon Falls, and d. soon at Kittery. RICHARD, Berwick, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth only d. of Elder William Wentworth, had Martha, Abigail, Sarah, Judith, and perhaps more; liv. 22 Sept. 1734. His w. and hims. were prison. in Canada more than once; but both were liv. Jan. 1733, when he sw. he was 73 yrs. old. SIMON, Watertown, perhaps s. of Richard the first, flying from Ind. hostil. by w. Mary, had Mary, b. 16 Aug. 1693; John, 8 Oct. 1695; Richard and Abigail, tw. 26 July 1701; Susanna, 27 Jan. 1703; and Judith, 4 Jan. 1705.

TRACEY, DANIEL, Norwich, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 1682, Abigail, d. of Thomas Adgate of Saybrook, and was k. 1728, with others, by fall of a bridge, says Miss Caulkins, wh. does not ment. any ch. tho. we may believe, that he, as well as his bros. had fam. *JOHN, Duxbury, s. of Stephen, wh. was one of the first comers, m. Mary, d. of Gov. Prence, had Sarah; Stephen, 1673; perhaps others; rem. to Windham, there d. 30 May 1718; was rep. 1683 and 6. JOHN, Norwich, eldest s. of Thomas, m. at Marshfield, 10 June 1670, Mary, d. of the first Josiah Winslow, had Elizabeth b. 6 Apr. 1690; d. 16 Aug. 1702. 

STEPHEN, Plymouth, came in the Ann, 1623, with w. Tryphosa (wh. he m. at Leyden, 2 Jan. 1621, when the Dutch rec. has the name Trifasa, and [[vol. 4, p. 321]] surname illegib.) and one ch. prob. Sarah, counted in the div. of lds. in the ensuing spr. for three heads, and in the div. of cattle 1627, ano. ch. Rebecca is count. had Ruth, Mary, and John, b. 1633; in 1645 was of Duxbury, and in 1650, or near that, went home in the early part of 1655 call. hims. of Great Yarmouth, by his will, made in London, of wh. John Winslow was made excor. names the five ch. to wh. he gives all his prop. so that we must presume the w. was d. Sarah m. George Partridge. *THOMAS, Salem 1637, carpenter, rem. soon to Saybrook, thence in few yrs. to Wethersfield, or Hartford, perhaps both, but at last took up perman. resid. at Norwich, of wh. he was one of the parent. rep. 1662, and almost always aft. ensign long, and lieut. His eldest ch. was John; other ch. he had, as Caulkins, p. 112 shows; Jonathan; Thomas; Solomon; Daniel, b. a. 1653; Samuel; and Miriam, wh. m. Nov. 1668, Thomas Waterman. He was Commissary in Philip's war. 

WILLIAM, is the first name on the list of passeng. in the Mary and John, wh. took o. of alleg. 24 Mar. 1634, and as so many of his compan. over the ocean sat down at Newbury aft. tempor. resid. at Ipswich, we may be justif. in think. that he did so; and possib. he is ancestor of those wh. gave high distinct. to this name near a century ago in that place. Farmer marks in 1834, that nine of this name had been gr. at Yale, three at Harv. and eight at other N. E. coll. most at Dart.

TRAFTON, THOMAS, York, sw. alleg. to Charles II. 22 Mar. 1681.

TRAIN, JOHN, Watertown, came in the Susan and Ellen 1635, aged 25, from London, perhaps as serv. of Percival Greene, with Abigail Dix, aged 18, also call. serv. by w. Margaret, wh. prob. was their fellow passeng. had Elizabeth b. 30 Sept. 1640; Mary, 10 Oct. 1642; Sarah, 31 Jan. 1647; Abigail, 31 Jan. 1649; John, 25 May or Sept. 1651; Thomas, 1653; Rebecca; and Hannah, 7 or 8 Sept. 1657; his w. d. 18 Dec. 1660. He m. 12 Oct. 1675, Abigail Bent, sw. fidelity 1652, and d. 29 Jan. 1681; Elizabeth m. 10 Mar. 1658, John Stratton; Sarah m. 12 Oct. 1679, as Bond has it, tho. certain. sev. yrs. I guess ten, too late, Jacob Cole; Abigail m. 16 Apr. 1668, Martin Townsend; Rebecca, m. 12 Jan. 1677, Michael Barstow; and Hannah m. 16 Jan. 1678, Richard Child. 

JOHN, Watertown, s. of the preced. m. 24 Mar. 1675, Mary, d. of Joshua Stubbs, had John, b. Dec. foll. d. very soon; Abigail, 5 June 1677; Elizabeth 6 Jan. 1680; John, again, 31 Oct. 1682; Margaret, 18 Aug. 1685; Thomas, 20 May 1688; and perhaps Rebecca. He d. 1718. THOMAS, Watertown, br. of the preced. m. 25 Jan. 1693, Rebecca, d. of Charles Stearns, had Benoni, b. and d. that yr.; Rebecca, Apr. 1696, d. next mo.; Deborah, 16 Dec. 1698, d. at 20 yrs.; Rebecca, again, 1 Dec. 1701; and he d. 23 Jan. 1739. His wid. d. 23 Sept. 1746.

TRAPP, THOMAS, honor, by tradit. as one of the first sett. on Martha's [[vol. 4, p. 322]] Vineyard, some time betw. 1632 and 1642, but authentic hist. kn. nothing of him. Yet one of the same name wh. may have been his s. d. at Edgartown, 15 Oct. 1719, in his 85th yr. testif. in Boston, July 1659, that he was a mariner, aged 20.

TRARICE, TRERICE, TRERISE. TREYRICE, TREREISE, or TREROICE, JOHN, Charlestown, s. of Nicholas of the same, by w. Hannah, d. of Thomas Lynde, m. 1663, had Nicholas; John; Hannah, perhaps the eldest, all bapt. 18 June 1671; and Rebecca, 14 Sept. 1673. NICHOLAS, Charlestown, adm. says Frothingham, a townsman in 1636, had been the two yrs. bef. capt. of the Planter, wh. brot. many person from London, by w. Rebecca had Rebecca; John, b. 26 May, bapt. 3 June 1639; was fin. for contempt. of Ct. 1641, rem. early to Woburn, there had Samuel, 7 May 1643. His d. Rebecca m. 22 May 1655, Thomas Jenner. His wid. Rebecca m. 6 Dec. 1665, Thomas Lynde. Barry, Framingham, 422, mistook the name Travis.

TRASK, BENJAMIN, Beverly, s. of Osmond, m. Mary Shattuck, d. of Samuel of Salem. EDWARD, Beverly s. of Osmond of the same, a soldier in Lothrop's comp all. flower of Essex, k. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675. HENRY, Salem, came in the Mary and John 1634, m. Mary, d. of Lawrence Southwick, had Mary, b. 14 Aug. 1652; Ann, 14 Apr. 1654; Sarah, 27 July 1656; and Henry, Apr. 1669; and perhaps rem. with his injur. f.-in-law to enjoy the protection of the Sylvesters in their manorial est. at Shelter isl. at the E. end of L. I. If so, he came back, and his w. was imprison. many mos. for her perverse relig. but prob. it was bef. rem. He d. a. 1689, and his wid. m. William Nichols of Topsfield. His name is pervert. to Thask in the valua. Essex Inst. Coll. II. 277. 

JOHN, Salem, s. of capt. William, m. 19 Feb. 1663, Abigail Parkman, perhaps d. of the first Elias, had sec. w. Hannah, a d. of John Solart of Wenham, and late in life took Christian, d. of Humphrey Woodbury, was liv. in 1695 at Beverly and had a fam. as is believ. no doubt by the first w. wh. were Abigail, b. 19 Nov. 1664; John, 7 June 1667; Mary, 14 July 1669; Samuel, 14 Aug. 1671; Rebecca, 23 Apr. 1674; Nicholas, 26 Mar. 1677; Elias, 13 July 1679; Christian was sad. disturb. in mind and k. herself. OSMOND, Beverly 1660, when he was 35 yrs. old, may have been br. of the preced. by first w. Mary, m. 1 Jan. 1650, wh. d. 2 Jan. 1663, had Sarah, b. Sept. 1650; Edward, 6 June 1652; John, 15 Aug. 1653; Mary, May 1657; William, 5 July 1660, d. next mo. and prob. Sarah, wh. d. young. Next he m. 22 May 1663, Elizabeth d. of John Gally, had Mary, wh. m. but d. young Samuel; Benjamin; Joseph; Elizabeth wh. d. young; William; Jonathan; and Edward, prob. posthum. He d. early in 1676, his inv. being tak. 5 Mar. His wid. m. John Giles of Salem. 

*WILLIAM, Salem, one of the first sett. bef. Endicott, perhaps in 1626. He req. adm. as freem. 19 [[vol. 4, p. 323]] Oct. 1630, but was never sw. in (that we can find) yet ws capt. in 1632 rep. in 1635, 6, 7, and 9, had com. in the exped. under Endicott, 1637 against the Pequots. For that serv. his modest petitn. of 1612, is print. in Geneal. Reg. VI. 370, and the gr. of 400 acres then made was in add to one of 250, bestow. soon aft. the war of 1637. Of his ch. Sarah was prob. eldest; Mary, bapt. 1 Jan. 1637; Susanna, 10 June 1638; William 19 Sept. 1640; John, 18 Sept. 1642; Elizabeth 21 Sept. 1645; Mary, again b. 14 Aug. bapt. 2 Oct. 1652; Ann, 14 Apr. bapt. 18 June 1654; we are ign. if one mo. bore all, but infer that the w. Sarah, perhaps bapt. 1 Sept. 1656, nam. in the will of 15 May 1666, was a sec. w. and had brot. him the last three; and that the first Mary, with Elizabeth and Ann were d. bef. that. He d. at the age of 77 yrs. very soon aft. the will bears date, prob. next day. Of the ds. we kn. that Sarah m. 13 Oct. 1656, the sec. Elias Parkman; Susanna, m. 19 Feb. 1664, Samuel Ebborne, as sec. w. and Mary m. a Batter, prob. Daniel. 

WILLIAM, Salem, s. of the preced. m. 18 Jan. 1677, Ann, eldest d. of Thomas Putnam, had Ann, b. 7 June 1668; Elizabeth Mar. 1670, d. young; Sarah, 1 June 1672; William, 7 Sept. 1674; and Susanna, 3 Nov. 1676; and was an innkeeper twenty yrs. aft. His w. d. 14 Nov. 1676; and he took to w. sec. Ann, wh. surv. him, and had John; Elizabeth; Mary, b. Mar. 1683; and George, Jan. 1690. His will of 5 Sept. 1690, was pro. 30 June 1691.

TRAUL, THRALL, or TRALL, DAVID, Windsor, s. prob. of William of the same, had perhaps a fam. and d. 7 Dec. 1722, aged 72. TIMOTHY Windsor, s. of William, freem. 1658, m. 10 Nov. 1659, Deborah, d. of Thomas Gunn, had Deborah, b. 19 Aug. 1660; Timothy, 7 Dec. 1662; Mehitable, Mar. 1664; Elizabeth 1 May 1667; John, 8 June 1669, d. soon, John, again 5 June 1671; Martha, 31 May 1673; and Thomas, 5 May 1675, d. soon; Thomas, again, 10 July 1676; Samuel, and Abigail, tw. 22 Feb. 1682. His w. d. 7 Jan. 1694, and he d. June 1697. WILLIAM Windsor, serv. in the Pequot war 1637, for wh. in 1671 he obt. gr. of 5 acres, was early a freem. and so found in the list of 1669, had prob. fam. tho. his w. is not nam. ch. David; Timothy, b. 25 July 1641; and Phillis, I suppose, wh. m. 5 Nov. 1657, John Hosford. His aged wid. d. 30 July 1676.

TRAVELL, NATHANIEL perhaps only a trans. resid. in Mass. by our Gen. Ct. 1640, admonish. for slander.

TRAVERS, or TRAVIS, DANIEL, Boston 1652, carpenter, by w. Esther had Daniel, b. 3 Oct. 1652; Ephraim, 13 Sept. 1659; to wh. Farmer add Jeremiah, wh. d. 1 Nov. 1656; and Timothy; was freem. 1673, had long been chief gunner, and from 1 May 1680, was allow. L25, as in our rec. of the Col. V. 306; d. 19 Jan. 1683. HENRY, Newbury, came in the Mary. [[vol. 4, p. 324]] and John 1634, from London, had Sarah, b. 1636, by wh. is uncert. but by w. Bridget had James, 28 Apr. 1645. His wid. m. 30 Mar. 1659, Richard Window of Gloucester; and Sarah m. 30 Aug. 1654, Nicholas Wallington, or Wallingford. A d. Elizabeth I suppose m. Anthony Berry, for she is call. d.-in-law of Richard Window, after his d. in 1665, when disputes arose a. the est. of the wid. and childr. 

JAMES, Gloucester, s. of the preced. m. 18 Apr. 1667, Mercy, d. of John Pierce, had Elizabeth b. 8 Feb. foll. rem. soon aft. and was of Brookfield 1672-5 RICHARD, Boston, m. 22 Dec. 1657, Grace Clements, d. of Francis of Glastonbury in Somersetsh. says the rec. ROBERT, is only heard of, as one of four ferrymen betw. Boston, and Charlestown, freed from impress. in Philip's war. SAMUEL, Boston, was a memb. of Mather's ch. 1670 or 1.

TREADWAY, TREDWAY, or TREADAWAY, JONATHAN, Watertown, eldest ch. of Nathaniel of the same, m. 1 Mar. 1666, at Medfield, Judith, d. of John Thurston, had b. there, Lydia, 8 Sept. 1667; and b. at Sudbury, where he liv. the resid. of his days, Nathaniel, 2 Dec. 1668, d. in few days; Jonathan, 4 June 1670; James, 6 Oct. 1671; Hannah, 14 June 1680; Ephraim, 14 Nov. 1681; Huldah, 1 Nov. 1687; and Benjamin; was insane from 1695, and d. 28 May 1710. His wid. d. 12 Oct. 1726, at Framingham. JOSIAH, Sudbury, m. Sufferance, d. of Walter Haynes of the same, had three ds. at least bef. 1664, as their uncle Thomas Noyes in his will of 20 May in that yr. gives to the two eldest ds. JOSIAH, Watertown, youngest br. of Jonathan, a weaver, m. 9 Jan. 1674, Sarah, d. of Thomas Sweetman of Cambridge, had Josiah, b. 28 Feb. 1675, d. under 9 yrs.; James, 17 Oct. 1676; Sarah, 18 Dec. 1679; Bethia, 2 Dec. 1681; Abigail, 24 Sept. 1683; Josiah, again, 16 Nov. 1686; Susanna, 6 Jan. 1689; and Tabitha, 15 Dec. 1690; was freem. 1690. His w. d. 5 Mar. 1697, and he rem. to Charlestown, m. 3 Feb. foll. Dorothy, wid. of Samuel Cutler, d. of Abraham Bell, had Catharine, bapt. 5 Dec. 1703; and he d. 15 Jan. 1733 in 81st yr. by gr.st. 

NATHANIEL, Watertown, prob. br. of the first Josiah, a weaver, first lv. at Sudbury, there m. Sufferance, d. of Edward Howe of Watertown, had Jonathan, b. 11 Nov. 1640; Mary, 1 Aug. 1642; and James; rem. to Watertown, where his f.-in-law gave him est. had Elizabeth 3 Aug. 1646; Lydia; Josiah; and Deborah, 2 Aug. 1657; was oft. selectman betw. 1653 and 72. His w. d. 22 July 1682, and he made his will, 25 July 1687, in wh. all the ch. are refer. to, but as Mary was d. leav. d. Mary, this ch. was provid. for; and d. Elizabeth╒s childr. by first h. and he d. 20 July 1689. Mary m. first 12 Sept. 1665, John Fisher, prob. of Medfield, as his sec. w. and next 21 July 1675, Timothy Hawkins, as his third w. and d. in childbed 17 May 1677; Elizabeth m. 21 Oct. 1664, Shadrach Hapgood of Sudbury, and next a Hayward; Lydia m. 2 Oct. [[vol. 4, p. 325]] 1667, Josiah Jones, and d. 18 Sept. 1743, aged 94; and Deborah m. 25 May 1680, Joseph Goddard.

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