A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Tudor - Turner 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

TUDOR, JOHN, Boston by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 12 Feb. 1673; and Thomas, 11 Nov. 1674. The f. of William of Boston, H. C. 1769, a disting. citizen, was also nam. John, but he prob. was not any relat. of the preced. or suceed. but brot. by his m. from Devonsh. as tradit. tells, a. 1715. OWEN, or OWYN, Windsor, 1645, may have been at Dorchester, but no such tradit. exists, nor does any rec. show it; m. 13 Nov. 1651, wid. Mary Skinner, d. prob. of Joseph Loomis of the same, had Samuel, and Sarah, tw. b. 26 Nov. 1652; Owen, 12 Mar. 1655; Jane, 16 Oct. 1657; and Mary, 6 Mar. 1661; all bapt. 12 May foll. and all liv. at his d. 30 Oct. 1690. His w. d. 19 Aug. 1680. He is report. in the freemen's list 1669, had been prob. sev. yrs. was common. thot. to come from Wales, but that may be tradit. as to a progen. or childish [[vol. 4, p. 341]] claim of relationsh. to be possess. of the throne of Gr. Britain. All the ds. we kn. m. viz. Sarah, 1679, to James Porter; Jane, 28 Oct. 1680, to Samuel Smith of Wethersfield; and Mary m. a Judson bef. 1717, perhaps his sec. w. 

OWEN, Windsor, s. the preced. d. 1717, without w. or ch. and by the court his prop. was distrib. to his br. Samuel, sis. Sarah, heirs of sis. Jane, and to sis. Mary. SAMUEL, Windsor, br. of the first Owen, m. 1685 Abigail, d. I suppose of Samuel Bissell of Windsor, had Abigail, b. 1686; Mary, 1689; Sarah, 1692, prob. d. young; Sarah, again, 1695; Margaret, 1697; and Elizabeth 1700; perhaps ano. ch. bef. Samuel, Y. C. 1728, but the date of his b. I find not. He is absurdly said to have begun the settlem. on E. side of the gr. riv. 1677, when there were dwellers there, 20 yrs. bef. and so much had it gr. that in 1680, petitn. was offered for its incorpo. as separ. town. He d. 6 July 1727. Farmer notes, that in 1834, five of this name had been gr. at Harv. and three at Yale.

TUELLS, RICHARD, and THOMAS, were of Gallop's company 1690, but perhaps. were truly Twelves, s. of Robert.

TUFTS, JAMES, k. by the Ind. at Bloody brook, 18 Sept. 1675, may have been a soldier of the flower of Essex. JOHN, Hingham, was from Old Hingham, came in the Diligent, 1638 as one of the serv. or apparent. of Thomas Cooper, but no more is kn. of him. JOHN, Malden, freem. 1690, was s. of Peter first of the same, m. Mary Putnam, had Mary, b. 11 Apr. 1688; John, 28 May 1690; Nathaniel, 23 Feb. 1693; Peter, 1696; Benjamin 1699; Thomas; and Stephen; and d. 1728. JOHN, Malden, s. of Peter the sec. was ord. at Newbury, 30 June 1714, m. 9 Nov. foll. Sarah Bradstreet, perhaps d. of John of Topsfield, youngest s. of Gov. Simon, had Mary, b. 4 Sept. 1715; Joshua, 4 Oct. 1716, H. C. 1736 and for sec. w. m. 28 Mar. 1723, Elizabeth Sargent, had John, b. 13 Dec. foll. wh. d. at 20 mos.; Sarah, 21 Apr. 1725; and John, again, 9 Jan. 1727; and I kn. no more. 

JONATHAN, Malden s. of the first Peter, freem. 1690, by w. Rebecca had Jonathan, b. 1 July 1685, d. at 3 yrs.; John, 11 Apr. 1638; Jonathan, again, 6 Feb. 1691; Rebecca, 16 Oct. 1694; Samuel, 29 Apr. 1697; Persis, 2 May 1700; Josph, 29 June 1704; and Abigail, 7 Jan. 1707; and he d. 18 Aug. 1722. His w. was d. of capt. John Waite, and his will was of 4 Aug. 1718. PETER, Charlestown liv. on Malden side, came a. 1650, with. w. Mary, d. of Elizabeth Pierce and prob. one or two ch. was freem. 1665, at M. had John, b. 7 May 1653; Mary, 19 June 1655; Jonathan, 19 June 1657, d. at one yr.; Jonathan, again, 3 Mar. 1660; John, a. 1665; Mercy; Sarah; Elizabeth 22 Nov. 1672; and perhaps others, besides Peter, wh. I judge was the eldest. He was tythingman of C. 1679, rep. for Medford 1689, and d. 13 May 1700; aged 83, and his wid. d. Jan. 1703. He made a will 1693, with [[vol. 4, p. 342]] codic. 1698, naming as left w. Mary, s. Peter, Jonathan, John, and four m. or wid. ds. Mary m. 15 Oct. 1674 John Edes; Elizabeth m. Joseph Lynde; Mercy m. 24 Dec. 1688, Joseph Wait, and next a Jenkins; and Sarah m. 22 July 1689 Thomas Oakes. The first and third were wid. Peter, Medford, eldest s. of the preced. b. in Eng. 1648, m. 26 Aug. 1670, Elizabeth d. of the sec. Thomas Lynde, and sis. of the h. of his sis. Elizabeth had Ann, b. 25 Feb. 1677; Peter, 27 Jan. 1679; Mary, 30 Jan. 1682; and Thomas, 31 Mar. 1683, H. C. 1708. His w. d. 15 July 1684, and he m. 11 or 16 Dec. 1684, Mary, d. of Rev. Seaborn Cotton, had Cotton, 11 June 1686, d. next mo.; Mary, 4 July 1687, d. at 10 mos.; John, 5 May 1689, H. C. 1708; Samuel, 22 Aug. 1691, d. next yrs.; Dorothy, 5 May 1693, d. at 4 mos.; Mercy, 20 June 1695, d. at 2 yrs.; Dorothy, again, 27 Mar. 1697, d. at 8 mos.; Mercy, again, 7 Oct. 1698; Simon, 31 Jan. 1700, H. C. 1724; Sarah, 13 May 1702; Dorothy, again, 14 Dec. 1704; and Lydia, 30 Jan. 1707. His w. d. 18 June 1715, and he had 3d w. Prudence; was freem. 1679, a capt. and rep. 1689, 90, and d. 20 Sept. 1721. 

SIMON, Medford, youngest s. of the sec. Peter, was the earliest physician at M. m. Abigail Smith, had Simon, b. 16 June 1727, H. C. 1744; Abigail, 3 Sept. 1730; William, 28 Aug. 1732; Cotton, 30 May 1734, H. C. 1749, a man of emin.; Samuel, 7 Jan. 1736; Mercy, 19 Oct. 1742; and Ann, 8 Nov. 1744; and he d. 31 Jan. 1747. THOMAS, Medford, s. of Peter the sec. m. Emma, d. of Samuel Phips of Charlestown, had Catharine, Samuel, Simon, Solomon, David, and Frederic; and d. a. 1737. Farmer says fifteen of this name had been gr. at Harv. 1834, leav. implicat. that none had been at any of the other coll.

TULLER, JACOB, Simsbury; youngest s. of John of the same, m. Mary Moses, and I kn. no more. JOHN, Simsbury, m. 1684 Elizabeth wid. of Joseph Lewis, d. of John Case of the same, had Sarah, b. 4 Aug. 1685; William, 10 June 1687; Mary, 27 Nov. 1692; Jacob, 22 May 1694; and Mabel, 22 Feb. 1699; and his w. d. 9 Oct. 1718. He d. 1742. The first two ch. were bapt. at Hartford. At Simsbury he was one of the founders of the ch. 10 Nov. 1697. Sarah m. John Moses jr. Mary m. Samuel Humphrey; and Mable m. Samuel Chidester of Wallingford, as is shown by the patient investigat. of Goodwin. WILLIAM, Simsbury, elder s. of John of the same, m. Damaris Cornish; but no more is told of him exc. that he d. 22 Sept. 1749.

TULLY, JOHN, Saybrook, was bapt. at Horley, Co. Surrey, 27 ms. from London, 9 Sept. 1638, and the fam. tradit. proceeds to relate how his mo. brot. him here two or three yrs. at the d. of his f. in 1644, was propound. for freem. 1671, and m. 3 Jan. 1672, Mary, d. of William Beamond, or Beaman, had John, b. 3 Dec. 1672; Sarah, 9 Apr. 1674, [[vol. 4, p. 343]] d. at 18 yrs; William, 5 Jan. 1677; Lydia, 15 Mar. 1679; Mary, 10 Aug. 1681; Deborah, 24 Feb. 1684; Lucy, 22 Mar. 1687, d. at 5 yrs.; and Hepzibah, 22 Dec. 1689. He had some fame as almanac mak. for 20 yrs. and d. 5 Oct. 1701. See Field, Hist. of Middlesex Co. 104; and Geneal. Reg. III. 167, where is much wild legend. The s. John d. at sea; Sarah m. John Smith; and Mary m. Daniel Clark, both of Haddam. 

WILLIAM, Saybrook, s. of the preced. a shoemaker, m. it is said, Abigail Maverick of Boston, with equal prob. and precis. d. of a min. wh. left Eng. in the time of persecut. had John, b. 18 Mar. 1702; Margaret, 28 May 1701; Abigail, 5 July 1707; Wiliiam, 13 June 1709; Lydia, 24 July 1711; Elias, 17 Jan. 1714; Sarah, 6 Jan. 1716; Mary, 30 Mar. 1718, d. at 21 yrs.; Samuel, 29 Apr. 1721, d. at 28 yrs.; and Daniel, 24 July 1723, d. young; and the f. d. July 1744. The wid. d. 9 Dec. 1750 in her 76th yr.

TUPPER, ELISHA, soldier, 1690, in Gallop's abortive serv. against Quebec to please Sir William Phips, may have been s. of sec. Thomas. THOMAS, Lynn, rem. with many others of that town to Sandwich 1637, was rep. 1646, and 16 yrs. aft. d. 28 Mar. 1676, aged 97 yrs. and 2 mos. and his w. d. 4 June aft. in her 90th yr. says Col. Rec. THOMAS, Sandwich, s. of the preced. the town clk. wh. certif. the rec. of his parents' age, had Eldad b. 31 May 1675; was rep. 1679, and the first from that place under the new chart. 1692. He had been much engag. in preach. to the Ind. and in the Magnalia, VI. 61, we find he had 180 hearers.

TURBAT, or TUEBUTT, PETER, in the list of those, sw. to alleg. at Wells, 5 July 1653, constable 1661, had w. Sarah, ch. John, Peter, and Elizabeth His inv. was of L61, present. 14 Oct. 1669. But this name means Talbot, I think.

TURBEFIEELD, HENRY, Weymouth, had Ann, b. 8 Sept. 1673. I have some doubt of the name.

TURELL, COLBURN, Boston, s. of capt. Daniel, was one of the volunteers wh. set forth, in Oct. 1689, on the sucessful expedit. under Colon. author. to capt. a pirate vessel in Vineyard Sound. See Geneal. Reg. II. 393. DANIEL, Boston, blacksmith, ar. co. 1656, came from Instow on the N. coast of Devonsh. mid way from Barnstable to Bideford, and by his first w. Lyaia, perhaps d. of Robert Blott, wh. join. our ch. 29 Aug. 1647, he had Daniel, b. 16 Aug. 1646; John, bapt. 4 Mar. 1649, a. 6 days old; Joseph, 27 Dec. 1653, d. in few mos.; Joseph, again, 25 Mar. 1655; prob. Ann, 20 Aug. 1657, wh. in the substit. rec. is assign. to Samuel, as in Geneal. Reg. X. 70; and Samuel, 14 June 1659. She d. 23 June 1659, and he m. at Roxbury, 10 Nov. 1659, Mary Barrell, wid. of John, and d. of Elder William Colbron, had Lydia, 30 Nov. [[vol. 4, p. 344]] 1660; Colburn, 4 Dec. 1662; Sarah and Elizabeth tw. 14 Oct. 1663; and Benjamin, 24 June 1665; was a freem. 1669, capt. 1683 aft. fill. the lower ranks, and d. July 1693, was bur. says Sewall' s Diary on 24. 

DANIEL, Boston, s. of the preced. blacksmith, ar. co. 1674, was adm. of 2d or Mather's ch. 7 Sept. 1672, but why neither he nor any other of the name exc. his f. took the freeman's oath at any time is uncert. He by w. Ann had, beside Mary, b. 4 Apr. 1672; Ann, 31 Mar. 1674; and Lydia, 17 Jan. 1678; Daniel, certain. and perhaps Joseph, and John, wh. by town rec. seems to have been b. 18 Apr. all bapt. 30 Apr. 1693; and certain. Humphrey, b. 22, bapt. 28 Sept. 1696. Prob. he d. 23 Jan. 1699, as Farmer erron. assign. that date to his f. JOHN, Boston 1663, a mariner, was prob. br. of the preced. JOSEPH, Boston, br. of the preced. by w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 31 Oct. 1679; and Humphrey, 21 May 1681. 

SAMUEL, Boston, by w. Lydia had Ann, b. 20 Aug. 1657, says Geneal. Reg. X. 70, when Daniel the first was the true f. SAMUEL, Boston, br. of the Joseph, m. Lydia, d. of Anthony Stoddard, had John, b. July 1687; and Christian or Christopher, the rec. being uncert. 17 Dec. 1688, wh. do not seem to have been bapt. tho. join. Mather's ch. 18 Jan. 1685; had Samuel, bapt. 5 Nov. 1693, prob. d. soon; Mary, 26 Jan. 1696; Samuel, again, 9 Apr. 1699; and Ebenezer, b. 5 bapt. 8 Feb. 1702, H. C. 1721, min. of Medford to wh. we owe the Memoir on famous Dr. Colman, whose d. he m. WILLIAM, Boston, by w. Rebecca, had Rebecca, b. 26 Dec. 1655; and William, 16 Mar. 1657. This name in some carless rec. is Turin.

TURFRY, or TURFREEE, GEORGE, Saco 1685, a man of distinct. a capt. and rep. that yr. says Folsom, 1647; wh. was in the assemb. in wh. Thomas Danforth, one of the Mass. Assist. was sent to be Presid. rem. to Boston bef. 1695, when he was taxed at B. had w. Mary and s. Edward, wh. d. of full age to make will a dozen yrs. bef. his f. By his will of 15 Oct. 1712, pro. 17 Nov. 1714, the old man bestows all his est. on w. exc. to " Susanna Milborne or Watson, and her offspring one shill. "

TURNER, ANANIAS, Kenilworth 1668, present. for freem. by the name of Turriner, wh. in my conject. is error of spell. by false pronounc. May 1669. CHARLES, Salem 1643. DANIEL, Duxbury 1643, of wh. I would gladly kn. more. He may be the person wh. took o. of fidel. 1647, at New Haven, but did not. cont. there, and perhaps the same wh. was punish. at Hartford 1649, for libel on Mrs. Chester. See Conn. Col. Rec. I. 194. DANIEL, Scituate, s. of Humphrey, m. 20 Jan. 1665, Hannah, d. of William Randall, was liv. 1699. DAVID, Rehoboth. DAVID, Scituate, s. of the sec. John, m. Elizabeth d. of Charles Stockbridge the first. EDWARD, Milford 1651, sw. as freem. 1667, but not found in the town's list, having rem. to Middletown 1665, and d. 4 Apr. 1717. [[vol. 4, p. 345]]

He had bapt. at Milford, Mercy in 1662; a s. prob. Edward, 1664; and Mary 1666, tho. b. at Middletown, 5 Nov. 1665; Elizabeth b. 14 Dec. 1667, prob. tho. rec. says 14 Dec. 1668, wh. must be wrong; John, 5 or 8 Aug. 1669; Stephen, 27 Nov. 1671; Abigail, 10 Sept. 1673; Hannah, 20 June 1675 or 6, the last fig. being indist. and Richard, 4 Mar. 1679. His w. was Mary. The s. Edward had ch. at Middletown 1694 and aft. EDWARD, Boston, wh. may be the same as the preced. m. 25 Oct. 1656, Mary, d. of Richard Sanford. ELlSHA, Hingham, m. June 1687, Elizabeth Jacob; but I am not sure that he did not belong to Scituate or Weymouth, and to H. only resort for w. EPHRIAM, Boston, eldest s. of Robert, the innholder, ar. co. 1663, freem. 1666, ens. in the comp. of capt. James Oliver, 1675, and held the colors until 1680; was a brazier. EPHRAIM, Hartford, apprent. to Phineas Wilson, wh. left him on eldest s. of by his will of 1691, had w. Mary and d. late in 1705, or early next yr. 

EZEKIEL, New London, s. of John of Scituate, m. 2 Dec. 1678 Susanna, d. of John Keeny, d. 16 Jan. 1704, leav. Ezekiel and ten ds. HABACUCK, Salem, mariner, s. of the sec. Robert of Boston, m. 30 Apr. 1670, Mary, d. of Habacuck Gardner, had Robert, b. 25 Apr. foll.; Mary, 25 Jan. 1673; and she d. 14 Oct. 1674, unless that date belong to the f. HUMPHREY, Scituate, had come with w. and eldest s. John, perhaps also sec. John and tradit. would be him bring, two more from a part of Eng. hitherto undeterm. where he had been a tanner and a. 1628 sat down at Plymouth, some yrs. aft. rem. to S. where he was one the found. of the ch. Jan. 1635, and earliest rest promin. men. There his w. join. the ch. 10 Jan. 1636. At P. he was taxed, we kn. by the rec. 1633 and 4, and there prob. were b. Lydia, and Thomas. But to S. we kn. he rem. 1634, and assign to this resid. Mary, bapt. 25 Jan. 1635; Joseph, 1 Jan. 1637; Nathaniel, 10 Mar. 1639; and Daniel. Certain. in 1643, two Johns are in the list of those able to bear arms for Scituate. There he was constable, rep. in 1640, 52 and 3; d. 1673. His w. Lydia had d. bef. that d. Lydia m. 15 Aug. 1649, James Doughty; and Mary m. 13 Nov. 1651, William Parker, as his sec. w. 

INCREASE, Boston, s. of Jeffrey, m. at Charlestown, 3 Oct. 1673, Mehitable, of the first Thomas Hett; sometime he was of Cambridge, liv. in that part that bec. Newton, d. 1689. ISAAC, New Haven, s. of capt. Nathaniel, among the freem. of 1669, was propr. 1685. His w. Mary, d. of Christopher Todd, m. 19 Aug. 1668, brot. him Isaac, and Nathaniel, 3 July 1669; Joseph, 13 Nov. 1672; Mary, 9 Dec. 1674, d. young; and his w. d. 3 May 1676. He made his will 1 Jan. 1699, and d. 27 Mar. foll. leav. good est. to thee three ch. ISREAL, Scitunte, s. of the sec. or young John, m. Sarah, d. of the first Charles Stockbridge. JACOB, Scituate, br. of the preced, m. 1692, Jane Vining, prob. d. of John of Weymouth, and there afterwards liv. and had Jacob, 4 Apr. 1693; Seth, 7 Apr. 1695; Jane, 13 Apr. 1698; Benjamin, 29 Jan. 1706, d. at 7 yrs.; Elisha, 5 Mar. 1708, d. [[vol. 4, p. 346]] young; Micah, 8 July 1710; and Mary, 12 Apr. 1713; he d. 29 Nov. 1723, and his wid. m. Samuel Allen. JAMES, New Haven 1649, a squint-eyed runagate from the Dutch. See New Haven Col. Rec. I. 422, 528. 

JAPHET, Scituate, eldest br. of Jacob, m. at Duxbury, Hannah, d. of John Hudson, had Ann, b. 18 Aug. 1679; Joshua, 9 Apr. 1681; Japhet, 4 Jan. 1683; and Ruth, 19 Mar. 1685; and d. 1690, leav. wid. Hannah. JEFFREY, Dorchester, by w. Isabel Gill had Praisever, b. 22 Aug. 1640 (but in Hist. of D. is giv. Jeffrey, 22 May 1640); and Increase, 16 Oct. 1642; was freem. 1643, and d. 1654. His will of 12 Apr. pro. 25 May of that yr. made w. excor. and provides for the two ch. His wid. d. prob. Dec. 1660, as the inv. was tak. that mo. JOHN, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower 1620, with two in fam. wh. Bradford calls his s. but d. within three or four mos. He left a d. in Eng. wh came over, was m. at Salem, liv. in 1650" well appro." But I kn. not wh was her h. JOHN, Scituate, eldest s. of Humphrey, b. in Eng. m. 12 Nov. 1645, Mary, d. of Jonathan Brewster, had Jonathan, b. 20 Sept. 1646; Joseph, 12 Jan. 1648, d. in 3 days; Joseph, again 12 Jan. 1650; Ezekiel, 7 Jan. 1651; Lydia, 24 Jan. 1653; John, 30 Oct. 1654; Elisah, 8 Mar. 1657. His d. Mary m. a. 1683, Isaac Prince; and Lydia m. 1675, John James, and in 1680, William Barrell. JOHN, Scituate, sec. s. of Humphrey, by his f. call. young John, perehaps b. in Eng. tradit. says the name at bapt. was giv. by godfather, but such folly should not have been allow. m. 25 Apr. 1649, Ann James, but her parents are not kn. had Japhet, b. 9 Feb. 1650; Ann, 23 Feb. 1652; Israel, 14 Feb. 1654; Miriam, 8 Apr. 1658; Sarah, 25 July 1665; Jacob, 10 Mar. 1667; David, 5 Nov. 1670; Philip, 18 Aug. 1673; and Ichabod, 9 Apr. 1676; and d. 1687. Ann m. 1695, Joseph Green; Miriam m. 1687, Nathan Pickles; and Sarah m. Ichabod Holbrook. JOHN, Salem, with w. Elizabeth join. the ch. 19 Nov. 1637, had John, and Elizabeth wh. m. 9 June 1665, Eleazer Gedney; was perhaps the freem. of 2 May 1649, a merch. and d. at Barbadoes 1668. JOHN, Roxbury, mem. of the ch. bef. 1650, had Elizabeth b. 27 Sept. 1647; Deborah, bapt. 14 Jan. 1649; but no more is found in rec. of town, so that he may be the freem. of 2 May 1649, and well judged to have rem. and not unlikely to the new settlem. at Medfield, by w. Deborah there had John, 3 Mar. bapt. 8 June at R. 1651; Isaac; Mary, 18 Nov. 1658; Samuel; Sarah; Abigail; and Hannah; prob. bapt. at M. aft. Wilson bec. min. Deborah m. 18 Nov. 1668, Jabez Tatman of R. JOHN, Lynn 1647. JOHN, Weymouth 1653, had, perhaps been there a dozen yrs. 

JOHN, Boston 1660, sec. s. of Robert the first, foll. the business of his f. as a vintner, freem. 1666, m. Lucy, d. of Thomas Gardner of Boston (Muddy riv.) had in 1673, secur. gr. of 150 [[vol. 4, p. 347]] acres, perhaps on acco. of the serv. of his f. was d. bef. Oct. 1681, when his wid. extrix. applied for confirmat. of the ld. to grantee of her h. She next m. George Monk. Ano. JOHN, Boston, descr. as s. of John of Walton, Co. Suffolk, binds hims. by indent. apprent. 22 Apr. 1649, to Edward Bendall for 12 yrs. wh. seems a very long term. JOHN, Salem, s. of John of the same, m. 20 Apr. 1669, Elizabeth Roberts, had John, b. 12 Sept. 1671; Elizabeth 15 Dec. 1673; Eunice, 1 Jan. 1676; Freestone, 25 Oct. 1677; and Abiah, posthum. 14 Oct. 1680; the last two being ds. in spite of their names. In this last yr. he d. 9 Oct. leav. very large est. 

JOHN, Medfield, s. of John of the same, may have been a soldier in capt. Mosely's comp. Dec. 1675; had w. Sarah, and left John, Stephen, Edward, and Ebenezer, of wh. the last was b. a. 1694. JOHN, Guilford, d. 1696, leav. wid. Elizabeth and two ch. JOHNATHAN, Scituate, eldest s. of John the first of the same, m. Martha, d. of Elisha Besbedge, had Jesse, and prob. other ch. JOSEPH, Scituate, s. of Humphrey of the same, m. Bathsheba, d. of Rev. Peter Hobart of Hingham, but I kn. no more. JOSEPH, Boston, s. of Robert the first, unm. in his will of 2 Nov. 1674, pro. 3 June foll. names mo. Penelope, sis. Penelope, w. of John Fairweather, and neph. John F. giv. to them his little prop. Prob. he was infirm from youth, and his inv. shows only £20, tho. a carless reader might think it was far larger in amount. JOSIAH, Scituate, is nam. as one of the witnesses to will of Joseph Wermall in 1662, but I do not see whose s. he was, or anything further of him. 

LAWRENCE, perhaps of Exeter 1650, there had w. Sarah, certain. was of Newport, among the freem. of 1657, and rem. to Greenwich, and submit. the same yr. to the jurisdict. of New Haven. MICHAEL, Lynn 1637, rem. says Lewis, to Sandwich, bef. 1643, we kn. for there in this yr. his name enrol. among those able to bear arms, and was constable the yr. bef. there had w. and gr. of ld. NATHANIEL, Lynn, came 1630, in the fleet with Winthrop reg. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. land was sw. in 3 July 1632, and was constable the same yr. was rep. 1634, at the first Court, when dep. came 1635 and 6, went against the Pequots 1637, had a w. whose name, fam. or bapt. we have not seen, and rem. next yr. to the new settlem. at New Haven, with his ch. Mary, prob. the name of eldest d. wh. m. Thomas Yale; Nathaniel; Rebecca; Abigail; Hannah, wh. was bapt. 17 Nov. being the earliest in the ch. rec. and Isaac, 7 June 1640. In 1640, he was one of the purch. of Stamford, always a man of enterpr. and public spirit, and sailed for London, in the ill- fated bark, with capt. Lamberton, Mr. Gregson and others, Jan. 1646, whose arr. was never heard of. The wid. m. Samuel Vangoodenhausen, and of the ds. beside the w. of Thomas Yale bef. ment. Rebecca m. a. 1649, Thomas Mix; Abigail m. 2 Sept. 1651, John Hudson; and Hannah m. [[vol. 4, p. 348]] Samuel Hopkins, 5 Dec. 1667. Nathaniel d. unm. and in Jan. 1662, his share, L75, of the est. was distrib. NATHANIEL, Scituate, s. of Humphrey of the same, m. 29 Mar. 1665, Mehitable Rigby, and d. 31 Jan. 1715. PHILIP, Scituate, s. of Humphrey's s. young John, m. Elizabeth Nash. 

PRAISEVER, Dorchester, eldest s. of Jeffrey, a soldier k. at Northampton, where he was some yrs. resid. 28 Sept. 1675, but whether he was m. or had fam. is unkn. RALPH, Scarborough or Falmouth, one of those inhabs. wh. unit. in addr. 4 July 1663, in wh. the loyalty is well exhibit. was constable in 1670. RICHARD, Boston, mem. of the ch. bef. Cotton came; but some yrs. aft. his resid. is unkn. nor much to be sought. for, as of him nothing ia found but his excommun. in Nov. 1638, for excessive drink of strong waters, being drunk more than once, and, as the Col. Rec. I. shows, mulct. for it in 1639. ROBERT, Boston 1633 or ealier, as he is call. our br. Edward Bendall's man serv. on adm. to the ch. 8 Sept. next to Rev. John Cotton and his w. tho. he may come in the ship with them; freem. 4 Mar. foll. by w. Penelope had Ephraim, b. 13, bapt. 22 Dec. 1639; Sarah, 11, bapt. 14 Mar. 1641; John, 1, bapt. 4 Dec. 1642; Joseph, 7, bapt. 15 Sept. 1644; Benjamin, 6 Mar. 1647, wh. prob. d. bef. his f. at least is not nam. in his will; Daniel, 26 Nov. 1650, d. at 4 mos.; was ar. co. 1640, and lieut. 1662, a thrifty innholder, wh. at the sign of the anchor, furnish. lodgings and refreshm. to the mem. of the governm. frequent. to Commsnrs. of the Unit. Cols. of N. E. to juries, and to the clergy, when summon. into synod by our Gen. Ct. His will of 9 July 1664, pro. 24 Aug. foll. as he spoke it in Vol. I. 433, is to be read in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 11. Sarah m. 15 Nov. 1650, John Fairweather. 

ROBERT, Boston shoemaker, came prob. in the Blessing from London, 1635, aged 24, was rec. into our ch. 17 Feb. 1644, and next day had bapt. his s. John, b. 28 Apr. preced. by w. Elizabeth wh. join. 7 Mar. 1646. In three mos. from bapt. that ch. d. and John, again, b. 8 was bapt. 15 Sept. 1644; Habacuck, 18 Apr. 1647; and Elizabeth; and d. Sept. 1651. With sev. others in 1648, he appl. to our Gen. Ct. for incorp. as a guild of shoemakers. His will of 14 Aug. preced. his d. gives half of est. to his w. provid. for the three ch. and ano. if it come. The sum of prop. was decent; wid. was extrix. and her posthum. s. Robert was b. 17 May foll. but d. at 3 mos. THOMAS, Exeter 1652, may be the person emb. at London, Sept. 1635 aged 42, in the Hopewell. THOMAS, Hingham 1639, s. of Humphrey of Scituate, perhaps b. in Eng. m. 6 Jan. 1652, Sarah, d. of Thomas Hyland, had Nathaniel, b. 1 Mar. 1655; Elizabeth July 1656; and d. Nov. 1688. THOMAS, Marblehead 1668, is by me regard. as the same, wh. in Dana, p. 8 is giv. as inhab. of M. 1674. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 83. 

WILLIAM, Dorchester 1642, freem. 10 May 1643, [[vol. 4, p. 349]] rem. to Boston, and was one of the founders of the first Bapt. ch. 1665; would, early in Philip's war, have formed a comp. of volunteers for serv. against the com. enemy, but, as most of the assoc. were his relig. persuasion, his and their offers were slighted. As the war grew more danger. in the foll. spring, he was encourag. by the governm. and had command on the upper waters of Conn. riv. on 18 May surpris. the Ind. at the place where the falls have since borne his name, and gave them a signal defeat, but on the return he was surround. at Green riv. and the next day after the Falls fight was k. with fourteen of his men. See Niles strange. indistinct, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 184. His w. was a wid. of Key Alsop, and ch. were, prob. by ano. perhaps Frances. not all b. in Boston, at least only Prudence, 12 Oct. 1665, is to be found in the rec. yet his will made 10 Feb. 1676, as he was sudden. call. to the war, pro. 21 July foll. provid. for w. Mary and childr. without nam. any, tho. he refers to his eldest d. Farmer notes that eight of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv. eight at Yale, and six at other N. E. Coll.

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