A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Turney - Tyrrell

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

TURNEY, BENJAMIN, Concord, had Rebecca, b. 16 Feb. 1640; Sarah, 11 Dec. 1641; and Ruth, 28 Jan. 1644; was freem. June 1641 rem. to Fairfield, there had Benjamin, and d. 1648. His inv. is of 6 June in that yr. and ch. were Mary, 17 yrs. old; Robert, 15; Judith, 13; Ann, 11; all prob. b. in Eng.; Rebecca, 8; Sarah, 6; Ruth, 4; and Benjamin, 3. His wid. Mary, perhaps mo. of all the ch. m. Joseph Middlebrook, wh. had also, rem. from Concord to F. Mary the d. m. in 1649, Nathaniel Seely, Rebecca m. Stephen Sherwood of Greenwich; and the other ds. were m. BENJAMIN, Fairfield, s. of the preeced. d. 1694, prob. for his inv. was present. in Nov. of that yr. leav. wid. Rebecca, and ch. Benjamin, 22; Robert, 20; Rebecca, 18; Thomas, and Sarah, 15; Jemima, 8; and Jonathan, 4. 

JOSEPH, Stamford 1687-1701, of wh. no more is told, hardly seems to be any connex. of the Fairfield fam. ROBERT, Fairfield, eldest s. of Benjamin the first, of wh. by his will of 31 Dec. 1689, and inv. 17 Jan. foll. we learn that he had w. Elizabeth s. Benjamin and Robert, and seven ds. Elizabeth Mary, Ruth, Martha, Rebecca, and the ws. of Joseph Jennings and of Ephraim Wheeler, call. s.-in-law, while the ws. are not nam. and perhaps were d. He was capt. some yrs. later than freem. 1664.

TURPIN, THOMAS, Isle of Shoals, fisherman, bot. in Dec. 1645, with Richard Cummings, all the planta. of Francis Williams of Portsmouth. WILLIAM, Providence, was the first sch.-master 1684.

TURVILL, THOMAS, Newbury 1668, a tanner was engag. in the controv. betw. Mr. Parker and mem. of his ch. taking the side of the min. d. 22 May 1677, leav. no ch. His wid. Judith d. 11 July 1689. [[vol. 4, p. 350]]

TUTTLE, TUTTEL, or TUTHILL, DAVID, New Haven, s. of William, a prpopr. 1685, in 1687 put under the care of his br. Thomas, and d. 1693, without ch. EDWARD, Boston, freem. 1690. ELISHA, Boston, freem. 1690. HENRY, Hingham 1637, came with w. from some place in Co. Norfolk, freem. Mar. 1638, was made constable 1640. JOHN, Ipswich, came in the Planter from London 1635, aged 39, with w. Joan, 42; and ch. Abigail, 6; Simon, 4; Sarah, 2; and John, 1; besides Jane Giddings, 20, and her h. George, 25, wh. are kn. to be call. ch. of T. They had prob. liv. at St. Albans, in Hertfordsh. and had emb. 2 Apr. to be join. four days aft. by sev. others of the same names in two fams. He was freem. 13 Mar. 1639, rep. 1644; and prob. had more ch. on our side of the ocean, as Simon (perhaps in place of him wh. d) and Mary. After few yrs. he went home, was estab. to advantage in Ireland, whither in 1654 his w. foll. He d. 30 Dec. 1656 at Carrickfergus, whence his wid. in 1689 writes to George Giddings as her s. and so call. also John and Simon, and John Lawrence. His d. Sarah m. 1 Feb. 1654, Richard Martin. JOHN, New Haven 1640, appoint. constable 1642, had, says the careful town rec. Samuel, b. 9 Jan. 1660; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1662;; Daniel and Mary, tw. 13 Apr. 1664; and Elizabeth 21 Nov. 1666, wh. all were bapt. the yr. foll. but the blunder. ch. rec. has all with false dates, 23 inst. of 24 Mar. for the first, wh. is a slight affair but abominable for the youngest, said to be bapt. two days bef. she was b. JOHN, Southold, L. I. went prob. from New Haven with Rev. John Youngs, a. 1641. He was liv. 1681, had John, b. 16 July 1635; Joshua; and James. It is suppos. he was from Saxlingham, Co. Norfk. 

JOHN, Dover 1642 or earlier, d. late in 1662, leav. wid. Dorothy, one d. m. s. John, ano. d. and s. Thomas, all perhaps minors. The last was k. 1664 by the fall of a tree. The younger d. was perhaps Dorothy, wh. m. 1 Sept. 1686, Samuel Tibbets of D. JOHN, Boston, s. prob. of Richard, m. 10 Feb. 1647, Mary, d. of Edward Holyoke, had Mary, b. 18 Apr. 1653; Rebecca, 17 June 1660; and Sarah; liv. at Rumney Marsh, perhaps rem. to Lynn, and may be the freem. there of 1671, possib. that lieut. of the corps of cavalry, wh. was disch. 1673. Mary m. 4 Dec. 1678, Caleb Carter; and Sarsh m. Joseph Newell, both of Charlestown. JOHN, New Haveen, perhaps eldest s. of William, brot. by his f. under 4 yrs. of age in the Planter, m. 8 Nov. 1653, Catharine Lane, had Hannah, b. 2 Nov. 1655; John, 15 Sept. 1657; Samuel, 9 Jan. 1660; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1662; Daniel and Mary, tw. 13 Apr. 1664; all bapt. Mar. 1666, but the day in Geneal. Reg. IX. 363, is wrong; and Elizabeth b. 21 bapt. 25 Nov. foll. and all in right of their mo. besides ano. later, David, 15 Nov. 1668. His inv. is of 12 Nov. 1683. Hannah m. 7 Nov. 1672, Samuel Clark; and Sarah m. 10 Sept. 1685, John Hummerston. 

JOHN, SOUTHOLD, L. I. s. of John of the same, m. 17 Feb. 1658, Deliverance King, had John, b. 14 Feb. [[vol. 4, p. 351]] 1659; Elizabeth; Henry, 1 May 1665; Hannah; Abigail; Dorothy; Deliverance; Daniel, 23 Jan 1680; and Nathaniel, 10 Nov. 1683. He had sec. w. m. 28 May 1690, Sarah Young; and d. 12 Oct. 1717. JOHN, Q N Dover, s. of John first of the same, fill. many offices, town clk. 30 yrs. selectman, rep. and judge of C. C. P. had. John, b. a 1671; Thomas, 4 Apr. 1674; James, 7 Apr. 1683; and Ebenezer; beside two ds. and leav. large est. d. 1720. In his will calls w. Mary, ch. Ebenezer, and Mary; gr.ch. Thomas and John, s. prob. of John, wh. had been k. by the Ind. 17 May 1712; John, and Nicholas, s. perehaps of Thomas, wh. had d. 26 Apr. 1699, in the Bay of Campeachy, and Elijah and Phebe, ch. of James, wh. d. 1709; beside John and Peter Hayes, wh. must, I think, have been ch. of John. Mary was w. of John Wallingford, m. 6 Dec. 1687; and I find reason to diffr from Mr. Quint, wh. supposes that she was the same wh. m. Hayes. 

JOHN, Ipswich, s. perhaps of the first Simon, m. 3 Dec. 1689, Martha Ward, perhaps. sis. of Samuel, had Martha, b. 1690; and Mary, 7 July 1696; and he d. 26 Feb. 1716. JOHN, Boston, freem. 1690. JONATHAN, New Haven, s. of William, was in the freemen's list 1669, by w. Rebecca, d. of Francis Bell of Stamford, had Rebecca, b. 10 Sept. 1664; Mary, 7 Feb. 1666; David, 14 Nov. 1668 tho. this is manifest. wrong, for next comes, in less than five mos. Jonathan, 6 Apr. 1669; and David on the same 14 Nov. 1668, is, by the same author, giv. to John; Simon, 11 Mar. 1671; William, 25 May 1673; and Nathaniel, 25 Feb. 1676. His w. d. 2 May 1676. He was propr. 1685. JONATHAN, Boston, freem. 1690. JOSEPH, New Haven, s. of William, propound. for freem. 1669, m. 2 May 1667, Hannah, d. of Thomas Munson, had Joseph, b. 18 Mar. 1668; Samuel, 1 July 1670; Stephen, 20 May 1673; Joanna, 13 Dec. 1675; Timothy, 30 Sept. 1678, d. soon; Susanna, 20 Feb. 1680, d. young; Elizabeth 12 July 1683; and Hannah, May 1685 wh. may have d. soon; and ano. Hannah came in her place. He d. 1690, aged, says Dodd, 62, when he could be only 50, if the s. o William. His wid. m. 1694; Nathan Bradley, and d. next yr. He was prop. 1685. JOSHUA, Southold, L. I. s. of the first John of the same, had Joshua. 

NATHANIEL, New Haven, s. of William, propr. 1685, may have been some yrs. at Woodbury, there had Mary, bapt. May 1683; Ephraim; Hezekiah; Isaac, b. 3 Feb. 1698; Temperance and Ann; d. 20 Aug. leav. w. Sarah, and nam. in his will all those ch. exc. the first, wh. was, perhaps d. At New Haven the rec. names Ephraim, b. 20 July 1683, and Temperance, 24 Nov. 1684; and first rec. the m. 10 Apr. as one reads or ano. Aug. 1682, with Sarah Howe, eldest d. of Ephraim. So that the order of ch. taken above from Cothren must be incorrect, and possib. one of the names. 

RICHARD, Boston, came in the Planter, from London 1635, aged 42, call. husbandman; [[vol. 4, p. 352]] with Isabel, 70, perhaps his mo.; w. Ann, 41; ch. Ann, 12; John, 10; and Rebecca, 6; he with his w. join. our ch. 27 Dec aft. arr. was adm. freem. 3 Mar. foll. and 8 May 1640. Perhaps his d. Ann m. John Pantry of Hartford, and next, 23 June 1654, Thomas Welles of H. SAMUEL, New Haven, a propr. 1685, was s. of John, and gr.s. William but no more is kn. to me, exc. that he m. Sarah, d. of Richard Newman. 

SIMON, Ipswich, s. of. John of the same, b. in Eng. m. Sarah d. of John Cogswell, had Joanna, b. 24 Sept. 1664; Simon, 17 Sept. 1667; Elizabeth 24 Nov. 1670; Sarah, 3 Sept. 1672; Abigail, 7 Oct. 1673, Susanna, 7 May 1675; William, 7 May 1677; Charles. 31 Mar. 1679; Mary, 12 June 1680; Jonathan, 11 June 1682; and Ruth, 16 Aug. 1685; and he d. Jan. 1692. Of the ch. nam. John and eight others were liv. at the d. of f. Two other ch. were b. of wh. one was John, but prob. the other liv. not many hours. His wid. Sarah, after these thirteen ch. liv. to 24 Jan. 1732. The eldest d. m. a Packard; Elizabeth m. Samuel Ayres of Haverhill; Abigail m. Philemon Warner, Mary m. Thomas Burnham and one m. Samuel Ward. 

SIMON, New Haven, had Daniel, b. 11 Nov. 1680; Jonathan, had in 1670 engag. to rem. to Wallingford, certain. did not long contin. there. SIMON, Ipswich, s. of Simon of the same, m. 16 Jan. or one acco. says June 1696, Mary, d. of Samnel Rogers, had Sarah b. 11 Oct. 1697; Margaret, 24 Aug. 1699; and Elizabeth 26 Sept. 1700. THOMAS, New Haven, s. of William, not the babe he brot. in 1635, with him, unless we reject (as I am very ready to do) the numeration of yrs. at his d. giv. by Dodd; was freem. bef. 1669, propr. 1685, m. 21 May 1661, Hannah, eldest d. of Thomas Powell; had Hannah, b. 24 Feb. 1662; Abgail 17 Jan. 1664; Mary, 14 Jan. 1666; Thomas, 27 Oct. 1667; John, 5 Dec. 1669; Esther, 9 Apr. 1672; Caleb, 29 Aug. 1674; Joshua, 19 Dec. 1676; and Martha, 23 May 1679. His w. d. 15 Oct. 1710; and d. four days aft. aged 68, says Dodd, prob. foll. the gr.st. inscript. too little by seven yrs. WILLIAM, Boston, came in the Planter 1635, aged 26, with w. Elizabeth 23; ch. John 3 1/2; Ann, 2 1/4; and Thomas, 3 mos. He is, by tradit. said to have come from Co. Northampton. His w. join. our ch. 24 July 1636, and brot. to be bapt. Jonathan, 2 July 1637; David, 7 Apr. 1639. Soon aft. he rem. to New Haven, there became a man of conseq. had Joseph, bapt. 22 Nov. 1640; Sarah, Apr. 1642; Elizabeth 9 Nov. 1645; Simon, 28 Mar. 1647; Benjamin, 29 Oct. 1648; Mercy, b. 27 Apr. bapt. 19 May 1650; and Nathaniel, 24, bapt. 29 Feb. 1652. His est. was giv. to be admin. June 1673, all the ch. liv. and the w. d. 30 Dec. 1684. Of the ds. Sarah m. 12 Nov. 1663, John Slawson; Mercy m. 2 May 1667, Samuel Brown; Elizabeth m. 19 Nov. foll. Richard Edwards. Farmer numbers the gr. in 1834, as six at Yale, four at Harv. and two at other N. E. coll. [[vol. 4, p. 353]]

TWELVES, TUELLS, or TWELLS, ROBERT, Braintree, was one of the petitnrs. for gr. of what did not belong to our governm. honestly to give (the region possess. by Gorton and his fellow misbelievers) in Oct. 1645, m. 22 or 23 Nov. 1655, Martha, d. of Peter Brackett, had Mary, b. 8 July 1656; Martha, 17 Dec. 1657, or 19 Dec. 1658, as in Geneal. Reg. XII. 350, d. soon; Richard, 16 May 1660, the rec. in Boston, but by ano. rec. Martha, again, 16 June 1660; Rachel, 8 May 1662; Peter, 10 Oct. 1666; Sarah, bapt. 29 May 1670; John, 14 July 1672; but these two were at the third ch. in Boston; Hannah, 21 Sept. 1673; Abigail, 27 or 28, bapt. 29 July 1677; was freem. 1663, and caught from his f.-in-law the milit. distinct. ens. 1671, lieut. in 1684, d. 2 Mar. 1691, aged (tho. gr.st. says eighty yrs.) a. 77 yrs. old. Mary m. 4 Nov. 1676, Ebenezer Tyng; Rachel m. 25 Sept. 1689, William French, and d. soon; and Abigail m. 12 June 1704, Shubael Seaver of Roxbury. His will of 18 Mar. 1697, pro. 6 May foll. shows that Mary had ano. h. one Clarke, and that three then unm. ds. were Hannah, Sarah, and Abigail. Of this name Mr. Secr. Increase Nowell, in the Col. rec. Vol. II. 128, made the ingenious, or ridiculous, perversion Quelves.

TWIDE, WILLIAM, is the same giv. to a passeng. in the Arabella, 1671, from London, for N. E. but he was not long liv. here unless he changed it.

TWINING, STEPHEN, Eastham, s. of William the sec. m. 3 Jan. 1683, Abigail, d. of John Young of the same, had Stephen, b. 30 Dec. 1684; Eleazer, 26 Nov. 1686; Nathaniel, 27 Mar. 1689; Mercy, 8 Sept. 1690; and John, 5 Mar. 1693. WILLIAM, Yarmouth 1643, rem. early to Eastham, had perhaps, by w. Ann, William, prob. b. in Eng. and Elizabeth and Ann, prob. here. He d. 15 Apr. 1659, and Ann, w. of William sen. d. 27 Feb. 1681, but possib. this may not have been the w. wh. bore the sec. William, but this sec. w. Elizabeth m. 19 Aug. 1669, John Rogers; and Ann, m. 3 Oct. 1672, Thomas Bills. WILLIAM, Eastham, s. of the preced. prob. b. in Eng. m. Elizabeth d. of Stephen Deane, Susanna, b. 25 Jan. 1665; Joanna, 30 May 1657; Stephen, 6 Feb. 1660; and Wiliam. He was liv. in 1695. 

WILLIAM, Eastham, s. of the preced. m. 26 Mar. 1689, Ruth, d. of John Cole of the same, had Elizabeth b. 25 Aug. 1690; Thankful, 11 Jan. 1697; Ruth, 7 Aug. 1699; Hannah, 2 Apr. 1702; William, 2 Sept. 1704; Barnabas, 29 Sept. 1705; and Mercy , 20 Feb. 1708.

TWISDWDEN, TWISDALE, or TWISDALL, JOHN, York 1648, had been of Scituate in 1639, and came from Co. Kent, was of gr. jury 1649, prob. had John, for in Nov. 1652, John sen. and jr. submit. to Mass. and SAMUEL is found in 1656. His d. Alice or Elizabeth m. 20 Nov. 1649, Joseph [[vol. 4, p. 354]] Tilden of Scituate. Both John and Samuel, wh. were prob. s. of the first John, sw. alleg. to Charles II. Mar. 1681.

TWITCHELL, TUCHILL, or TWITCHWELL, BENJAMIN, Dorchester, was prob. of Medfield 1663, witwh w. Mary and sev. ch. of wh. Joseph, and Benjamin, to wh. wee can affix no dates of b. may have been, beside Mary, b. 8 Mar. 1659; Hannah; Bethia; Abiel, 1 Nov. 1663; were part; but no more is with precis. relat. exc. he was among grantees of Lancaster 1654. BENJAMIN, Medfield, s. of the preced. m. 5 Apr. 1685, Mary White, perhaps as sec. w. had some yrs. dwelt at Sherborn, and theree had Beenjamin, b. 15 Sep;t. 1684; John, 4 Jan. 1688; Ebenezer, 10 Dec. 1691; Mary, 28 aug. 1694; and Abigail, 5 June 1699. 

FRANCIS, Dorchester 1633, is by Dr. Harris call. Tuthill, in the easy mistake of a single letter, the c in engrossing hand frequent. (as scores of errors result. demostr.) resembles t. JOSEPH, Dorchester 1633, perhaps br. of the preced. freem. 14 May 1643, was there liv. 1656, had Joseph, wh. d. 13 Sept. 1651. The last form of spell. prevails in the Col. rec. the first is now common, and the Dorchester rec. obey. the sound.

TWOMBLY, or TWAMBLY, JOHN, Dover, eldest s. of Ralph of the same, m. 18 Apr. 1687, Mary Kenny, and in his will of 18 July 1724, names sec. w. Rachel; but our informat. does not extend to tell of wh. th ch. were b. tho. there were nam. by the will eno. for both, five s. and five ds. the priority or order of b. being inscrut. John, Joseph, Samuel, wh. alone, enjoys a date, b. 10 Mar. 1699, Benjamin, William, Sarah, Mary, RAchel, Esther, and Hannah. NATHANIEL, Doveer 1658, is only nam. as bound hhis land. RALPH, Dover 1656, had w. Elizabeth and ch. as by will of 28 Feb. 1685, pro. 7 Oct. 1686, we learn, John, Ralph, Joseph, wh. was b. 1661, Mary, Elizabeth Hope, Sarah, Esther, and William. RALPH, Dover, s. of the preced. had Ralph, perhaps more.

TYBBOT, WALTER, Gloucester. See Tibbets.

TYDD. See Tead.

TYLEY, or TYLEE, THOMAS, Boston, a waterman in 1664, sold est. to Henry Kemble.

TYLER, ABRAHAM, Haverhill 1640, m. 26 Dec. 12650, Hannah Freeman, had Abraham, b. 4 June of unkn. yr. d. at 2 yrs.; Hannah, 16 Dec. 1655, d. at 6 yrs.; Abraham, again, 21 May 1659, d. at 9 yrs.; and the f. d. 6 May 1673. FRANCIS, Branford 1667, drew a lot there in 1679, and had Abigail, b. 1681, but no more is kn. of him. GEORGE, Branford 1674, by w. Hannah, had Isaac, b. 1680; Ann, 20 June 1682; Samuel, 25 Feb. 1687; Hannah, 1692; ;and by sec. w. Mary had liz. 1694; John, 1696; Roger, 1698; Deborah, 1700; and Ebenezer, 1703. 

HOPE, Mendon 1662, prob. eldest s. of Job, freem. [[vol. 4, p. 355]] 1673, driv. by the Ind. from M. had at Roxbury, Matthew, bapt. 9 Apr. 1676; John, b. 19 Feb. 1678; rem. to Andover (where Hopestill perhaps his s. was adm. to be freem. 1691), and there had Joanna, 21 Nov. 1681; and James 8 Dec. 1683; and, as is said, sev. more. His w. Mary and two ds. were charg. with witchcraft, and imprison. at Salem, but happi. not being tr. bef. the smoke of the bottomless pit that affect. a jury much, and judges more, had begun to diperse (even aft. confess, by the w. and one of her ds. overcome by urgent appeals of friends), were aquit. 6 and 7 Jan. 1693. In 1697 he sold his est. at A. and prob. rem. 

JOB, Andover, may have had ch. bef. that town was sett. as Hope or Moses, and Dr. Stiles found his name, tho. I doubt a mistake in his vision, on the roll of adm. at Aquedneck, or Portsmouth, R. I. 1639. Certain. at Providence was early a wid. Joan T. had sh. in div. of lots in 1638, at that point call. Tockwotton, and she is nam. again in 1640. Possib. she was mo. of Job, who was b. a. 1619. By w. Mary, those may have been b. to him, as certain. were Mary, a. 1643; John, wh. d. 28 Sept. 1652; John, again, b. 6 Apr. 1653; and Samuel, 24 May 1655; in 1665 he was at Roxbury, and his w. join. the ch. 28 May of that yr. and next Sunday had John and Samuel bapt. there. In 1669 he rem. to Mendon, thence driv. by the Ind. he ret. to R. but bef. 1681, was in Rowley, the part now Boxford, and next at A. where after d. of his w. prob. in 1700, he divid. his est. to s. JOHN, Bristol, m. Sarah, d. of William Havens, long bef. 1680, when her f. names her in his will. His d. Tamar m. 5 Dec. 1678, Robert Cook of Portsmouth, R. I. 

JOHN, Andover, s. of Job, m. 14 Sept. 1682, Hannah Parker, perhaps d. of Nathan, had Nathan, and perhaps others; was freem. 1691; rem. to Mendon, where was deac. and d. 4 May 1742. JOHN, Wallingford, s. of William of Milford. MOSES, Rowley, s. of Job, m. at Andover, 6 July 1666, Prudence, d. of George Blake, liv. in that pt. now Boxford, had John, b. 14 Sept. 1667, wh. was a sh.master, and d. 13 Jan. 1756; Moses; Joseph; Ebenezer; Job; Jonathan; Joshua; James, 7 Dec. 1685; and two other s. 10 in all by this w. wh. d. 19 Mar. 1689; and by a sec. w. Sarah, had ano. s. and five ds. Joanna, Abigail, Martha, Catharine, and Sarah. Of these sixteen ch. all but Joseph, and two other s. without names, liv. to mature yrs. He was quarter-master by com. title, rem. to Andover a. 1700, and there d. 2 Oct. 1727, aged 85 or 6. His will is in Geneal. Reg. XII. 319. Eight s. three ds. and childr. of two ds. dec. had sharees in his est. either by advancem. or testam. NATHANIEL, Lynn 1640, by w. Jane had Joseph, and in Oct. 1652, mak. his will as he purpos. going on a voyage on the sh. "N. E. merch." he would that his s. wh. liv. at Shrwsbury in Co. Salop, should have £50. 

PETER, Branford 1668, perhaps br. of Francis, [[vol. 4, p. 356]] or George, or of both, propund. for freem. 1672, m. 20 Nov. 1671, Deborah, d. of Daniel Swain, had Peter, b. 20 Jan. 1673; John, 20 Nov. 1674; Deborah, 15 Mar. 1677; Dorcas, 3 May 1678; Hannah, 10 Feb. 1682; Ebenezer, 9 May 1684; and by sec. w. Hannah Whitehead, had Patieence, 25 Sept. 1689; Joseph, 25 Apr. 1691; and Hannah, 8 May 169 ; but the last fig. is uncert. as is the date of his d. ROGER, New Haven, had been prob. in Mass. 1650, and d. at N. H. where his inv. was giv. 7 Feb. 1674. Perehaps he had liv. at Wallingford, where was ano. Roger, prob. his s. SAMUEL, Mendon, br. of Moses, by w. Hannah had two s. Ebenzer and Samuel, three ds. and d. 17 Dec. 1695. His wid. admin. 9 Apr. foll. 

THOMAS, Boston, by w. Hannah had Samuel, b. 1 May 1657; Mary, 10 Apr. 1660. Thomas, Boston, came from Budleigh in Co. Devon, m. Miriam, d. of Pilgrim Simpkins, had Thomas, b. 15 Aug. 1685; William, 15 Mar. 1687; Andrewm 1692; John, 1695; and Miriam, 22 Feb. 1698, but his last at Weymouth, where, being a sea-capt. he may have been engag. in build. a vessel. His last voyage was in 1703, when he was tak. by a Barbary corsair, and no moree heard of. Perhaps he was k. at the capt. but a fa. tradit. is ment. that he d. at sea. His w. took admin. 12 May 1704. THOMAS, Derby, s. of William of Milford, d. 1704, without fam. and his est. went to his brs. William and John, sis. Mary Palmer, Elizabeth Palmer, Abigail Rundell, and Hannah Tyler. There is a tradit. prob. of no value, that this Thomas was lost in the same way, 1695, as his f. of course when he was 10 yrs. old. WILLIAM, New Haven, took o. of fidel. 7 Apr. 1657, rem. to Milford, m. Abigail, d. of Roger Terrill, had Elizabeth b. 1663; Abigail, 1664; William, 1665; John, 1667; all bapt. Spt. 1669; Mary and Thomas, tw. bapt. Feeb. 1670, of wh. Thomas d. soon; Hannah, bapt. 1670; Tirzah, 1671, d. soon; Ephraim, 1676; and Ruth, 1678. But on the prob. rec. some discrepancy of names is seen, when the inv. is brot. in, as the oldest ch. appears, Mary, 32 yrs.; Elizabeth Palmere, 29; Abigail Rundle, 28; William, 27; John, 25; Sarah (perhaps the tw. call Mary), 21; Hannah, 20; and Thomas (wh. perhaps was first call. Ephraim), 18. His s. William liv. some time at Derby, but reem. to Wallingford. WILLIAM, Boston, s. of Thomas of the same, m. Sarah, d. of Joseph Royal of the same, had four s. Thomas, H. C. 1730; William, H. C. 1733; Royal, H. C. 1743; and Joseph; beside d. Sarah. For this name, of wh. Farmer found the gr. in 1834, to be ten at Harv. eight at Yale, and eight at the other N. E. coll. oft. is found mistake of Tyley, or even Tilley.

TYNG, EDWARD, Boston, merch. but early wrote hims. brewer, came prob. with w. Mary, whose fam. name was Sears, as tradit. tells; if so, he had been, I think, here bef. m. her, a. 1636, and went home to find [[vol. 4, p. 357]] a w. She join. our ch. 5 Sept. 1640, and hee join. 30 Jan. foll. was freem. 2 Junee foll. ar. do. 1642, and constable the same yr. rep. 1661 and 2, assist. 1668 to 80 inclus. and d. at Dunstable, 28 Dec. 1681, one acco. says ageed 81, but the creedit is less, inasmuch as the same marks the day 28 Sept. as in Geneeal. Reg. VIII. 19, and I concur with Farmer MS. wh. thinks more prob. the age 71. By w. Mary, by some thot. his sec. wh. may be doubt. he had Hannah, b. 7 Mar. 1640, bapt. 6 Sept. foll.; Mary, 17 Apr. bapt 2 May 1641, perehaps d. young; Jonathan 15, bapt. 18 Dec. 1642; Deliverance, 6 Aug. says the town rec. wh. is fasif. by the ch. rec. bapt. 13 July 1645; Rebecca, 23 Mar. tho. the trustworthy ch. rec. gives bapt. 21, 1647, d. young; Edward; Rebecca, again, 13 July 1651; William, 3 Mar. 1653, prob. d. young; Eunice, 8 Mar. 1655; and Joseeph, 12 July 1657, wh d. young; Hannah, m. 8 May 1661, Habijah Savage; and next maj.-gen. Gookin; Deliverance m. Daniel Searle; Rebecca m. 1669, Joseph Dudley, afterwards Gov. of the Prov. and Eunice bec. 1679, sec. w. of Samul Willard, Vice-Pres. of Harvard Coll. His will of 25 Aug. 1677 with codic. 7 Jan. 1681, tak. notice of Eunice as now w. of S. W. names gr.ch. Thomas, Mary, and Hannah Savage, whose f. was d.; Tomas, Edward, Joseeph, and Paul Dudley; Samuel Searle; and John, s. of the preced. ar. co. 1668, m. Elizabeth Jan. 1682. 

EDWARD, Boston, s. of the precded. ar. co. 1668, m. Elizabeth d. of capt. THaddeeus Claark of FAlmouth, wh. was bur. as Sewall's Diary nots 4 July 1690. This gave him great inteereest in thee qustion of jurisdict. and land titles in Maine. He had Edward, b. 1683; Jonathan, d. young; Mary; and Elizabeth; was onee of the council 1686, 7 not much in favor with Andros; after conq. of Nova Scotia, he was made Gov. of Annapolis, and on the voyage to his conlony was tak. by the French, and d. in France. Admin. was had by his br. Jonathan, Apr. 1701. JONATHAN, Dunstable, eldest s. of Edward the first, m. Sarah, d. of Hezekiah Usher, had Francis, b. 11 Dec. 1669; Elizabeth 28 Dec. 1670; Jonathan, 29 Jan. 1672, prob. d. young; John, 11 Sept. 1673, H. C. 1691; Mary, 16 Jan. 1677; but all these, prob. b. at Boston; and at D. William, 22 Apr. 1679; Jonathan, again, 29 Sept. 1686; Eleazer, 30 Apr. 1690, H. C. 1712; and Barsheba, 5 Feb. 1695. He rem. to Woburn, m. next, 30 May 1706, Sarah, wid. of Humphrey Davie, wh. had been wid. of James Richards of Hartford, and d. of William Gibbons of H.; she d. 8 Feb. 1714; and for third w. he had Judith, wid. of Rev. Jabez Fox, d. of John Rayner, wh. outliv. him, and d. 5 June 1756 in her 99th yr. He was of the Royal Council 1686, and 7, but did not partake in the princip. of Andros, was rep. 1692 under the new chart. and d. 19 Jan. 1724. 

WILLIAM, Boston, elder br. of Edward the first, a merch. of distinct. came prob. in the Nicholas, of 300 tons, charter. by hims. at [[vol. 4, p. 358]] London, arr. at Boston, 3 July 1638, as Josselyn, wh. was a passeng. tells in his curious vol. of Voyages. He join. our ch. 3 Mar. foll. and was freeem. 10 days aft. was of ar. co. 1638, rep. 1639, 40, 1,2,3,4 and 7, treasr. of the Col. 1640-4; capt. of the Braintree milit. comp. and in latter days liv. in that town, was its rep. 1649, 50, and 1; his w. Jane, being his third, wh. may have been wid. of the first Enoch Hunt, d. 3 Oct. 1652, and he d. 18 Jan. foll. leav. larger est. than any in the country of that day. It is by his descend. Rev. William Brattle, said, that "his first w. was Ann Brown, by wh. he had two ch. wh d. bef. he m. our gr.mo. liz. d. of Rowland Coytemore, whose maiden name was Myles, and had a former h. named Gray, by wh. shse had my aunts Nowell and Graves." By Elizabeth he had Elizabeth b. I doubt not in Eng. 6 Feb. 1638, bapt. here, 10 Mar. 1639; Ann, 6, bapt. 12 Jan. 1640; Bethia, 17, bapt. 23 May 1641; and Mercy, 13 Jan. bapt. 5 Feb. 1643. Elizabeth m. a. 1656, Thomas Brattle; Ann, m. 3 Nov. 1656, Thomas Shepard, afterewards min. of Charlestown; Bethia m. Richard Wharton; and Mercy, m. 1662, Samuel Bradstreet. Six of this name had been gr. in 1832 at Harv.

TYRRELL. See Terrill.

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