A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Vinton - Wainwright

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

VINTON, BLAISE, Lynn, or Malden, youngest s. of John the first, was on serv. in Philip's war 1675 and 6, but aft. very diligent search, the scrupul. author of the Vinton Memo. could say no more of him; yet he makes Lydia, d. of the sec. John Hayden m. a Vinton, and as the only elder brs. John and William he supplied with wives of other names, my conject. may be indulg. that this Blaise got that Lydia, tho. no ch. is kn. EDWARD, Marblehead, d. 1678. JOHN, Lynn, by w. Ann had Eleanor b. May 1648; John, 2 Mar. 1651; William, 30 Apr. 1652; Blaise, 22 Apr. 1654; Ann, 4 Apr. 1656; Elizabeth Jan. 1658; and Sarah 16 Sept. 1662. He d. at New Haven 1663, and his w. also d. in 1664, when the Ct. direct. the ch. to be sent to L. Eleanor m. 12 July 1666, Isaac Ramsdell. Ano. JOHN was of Boxford 1680. JOHN, Malden, s. of first John, m. 26 Aug. 1677, Hannah, d. of the sec. Thomas Green of M. had John, b. a. 1680; Hannah, 26 Jan. 1682; Rebecca, 26 Mary. 1683; Thomas, 31 Jan. 1687; Mary, 20 Aug. 1689, d. soon; Mary, again, 2 Jan. 1693; Samuel, a. 1695; and Abiathar, b. at Woburn, 10 May 1700. He was blacksmith, rem. to Woburn, and d. 13 Nov. 1727. His wid. Hannah d. 1741, aged 82. WILLIAM, Malden, s. of John the first, m. a d. of Joseph Hills, perhaps Hannah, had Hannah, nam. in the will of her gr.f. 1687. This fam. is reasonab. thot. to have come from France, perhaps as Huguenots, in early days, and sett. in Eng.

VOXEN, ROBERT, Eastham, had Jemineth, a d. b. 30 Aug. 1655; Titus, 2 Sec. 1657; Elizabeth 29 May 1660.

VOBEZ. See Fobes.

VODEN, VOEDEN, VORDEN or VOUDEN, JOHN, Salem, came from the Isle of Jersey, m. 2 Dec. 1669, a Waters, perhaps d. of Richard (but so perversely spell. is the bapt. name in the rec. Mr. Felt transcrib. for me, that I dare not present it, and venture only to suggest, that it is impossib.) had Mary, b. 14 Nov. 1672, wh. d. young; John, 5 Feb. 1674; and Elizabeth 10 July 1675, wh. m. Benjamin Jones of Swanzey. MOSES, Salem, br. of the preced. b. in Jersey in the Eng. chan. m. 1 Mary. 1674, [[vol. 4, p. 376]] Mary Ormes, eldest d. of John, had Mary, b. 6 Apr. 1677, wh. m. Richand Palmer; and Elizabeth 9 July 1679, wh. m. John Preston or Presson, as was sw. 24 Oct. 1716, by three witness. at S. his neighbors and d. 28 Mar. 1681, leav. wid. Mary.

VORE, or VOAR, RICHARD, Windsor, bef. 1640, had been at Dorchester 1635, where he came, perhaps with Warham, in 1630, brot. from Eng. a fam. tho. neighter their number, nor the ship, nor yr. in wh. they came, is kn. but of four ds. m. at W. two and prob. three at W. must have been b. bef. he arr. Mary m. 29 Oct. 1649, Alexander Alford; Lydia m. 29 June 1649, Nathaniel Cook; Sarah m. 1653, Benjamin Parsons; and Abigail, wh. was prob. b. at W. m. 27 Mar. 1662, Timothy Buckland. He d. 22 Nov. 1683, hav. been in 1660, excus. from watch and ward, was in the freemen's list 1669; and his wid. d. 15 days aft. him. This name was mistak. by Dr. Harris as Vose.

VOSE, EBENEZER, Dorchester, d. 1716, aged 80, says Milton rec. but a doubt arises, whether the name be not mistak. for Edward. EDWARD, Milton, s. of Robert, by w. Abigail, had James; Abigail; Nathaniel, b. 17 Nov. 1672; William; John; and Elizabeth all bapt. 28 Sept. 1679, in right of their mo. but this was bef. he rem. to M. there d. 1716, aged 80. HENRY, Dorchester, s. of Robert, had Elizabeth b. 8 Aug. 1661. ROBERT, Dorchester 1635, a gent. as he is call. in the deed of large est. July 1654, late of Hon. John Glover, by his wid. and childr. 

ROBERT, Dorchester, by fam. tradit. said to have come from Co. Lancaster, purchas. est. in that part of D. wh. bec. Milton, still enjoy. by descend. of whose line I am ing. in part. He was freem. 1666, had Thomas; Edward, b. a. 1637; Elizabeth; Henry; and Martha, wh. was a wid. Buckminster when her f. d. His d. Elizabeth m. 9 Dec. 1657, Thomas Swift. THOMAS, Milton, s. of the preced. was a capt. by aw. Waitstill Wyatt, had Elizabeth b. 8 Aug. 1661; Thomas; and Henry; and d. 23 Apr. 1708, aged 67. His wid. Waitstill, d. 8 Jan. 1727, aged 84.

VOWLES, VOULS, or VOWELLS, *RICHARD, Fairfield 1650-6, Greenwich or Rye, was made freem. 1662, and appoint. constable there, and the Conn. governm. (of wh. he was a rep. 1665, 8, and 9, when his name is by the secr. once spell. Fowels) creat. the town of Hastings for him, but I do not think the name lasted long.

VYALL, VIOL, or VIALL, JOHN, Boston, vintner, but bred a weaver, by w. Mary had Hopestill, b. 14 Aug. 1639, bapt. 9 May 1641, he hav. join. the ch. the Sunday preced. then call. a laborer; Mary, 30 Nov. bapt. Sunday foll. 1641, prob. d. young; John, bapt. 2 June 1644, a. 5 days old; Mary, again, 18 Mar. 1649, a. 7 days old; Sarah, b. 14 Mar. 1652; Joseph, 4 June 1654; others by first w. were Abigail and Nathaniel; was freem. 2 June 1641, had license for the ship tavern, near the N. [[vol. 4, p. 377]] battery, wh. he own. I think, 1662, rem. in old age to Swanzey, and d. 1686. His will of 3 Jan. 1682 provides handsomely for the wid. Elizabeth would have his corpse inter. at Rehoboth, and gives part of his est. to six ch. of the first w. of wh. he ment. that Nathaniel was blind. Mary m. 26 Jan. 1659, John Sunderland; and Hopestill m. 1 July 1659, William Shute. JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Williams, had Elizabeth b. 12 Nov. 1682; and no other ch. on rec. join. Mather's ch. 9 Apr. 1682, and was freem. Feb. foll.

WACOMBE, or WACKHAM, THOMAS, Portsmouth 1684, d. or his will was pro. 1709. He left wid. Mary.

WADDELL, or WODEL, GERSHOM, Portsmouth R. I. only s. of William of the same, m. a d. of John Tripp of the same, had William, Richard, Return and Gershom, beside ds. Sarah, Mary and Innocent; but no date of the b. of either or of his d. can be found. *WILLIAM, Warwick, one of the comp. of Gorton, tak. Nov. 1643, and imprison. at Watertown, by the governm. of Mass. After liberat. he went to Portsmo. R. I. and there most of the residue of his days resid. and fill. import. offices, down to 1690. By w. Mary, he had Mary, b. Nov. 1640; Gershom, 14 July 1642; Sarah, Oct. 1644; Alice, 10 Feb. 1650; and Frances, 6 July 1652; and his w. d. 23 Mar. 1676. His will of 7 Oct. 1692, pro. 2 May foll. makes date of his d. nearly to be estimat. Mary m. Daniel Grinnel; Sarah m. 1667, John Sanford; Alice, m. 26 Dec. 1671, Abraham Anthony; and Frances m. 23 Nov. 1669, John Anthony. 

*WILLIAM, Portsmouth R. I. s. prob. of Gershom, yet perhpas of the preced. m. 10 Feb. 1681, Ruth, d. of George Lawton the first, and d. 6 Jan. 1699, aged 36 as says the Portsmouth rec. wh. gives no ch.

WADDOCK, HENRY, Saco, wh. was of the gr. jury 1645, own. alleg. to Mass. 1653, as in Col. Rec. IV. part I. is the same person nam. Maddocks or Mattocks, and wh. is better spelling, I dare not undertake to decide, without personal inspect. of the initial letter in the orig. When Paige and Shurtleff agree in read. ancient record, it may be safe eno. to follow. The strangeness of such a name might decide it adversely to the W. but the diligence of Folsom, in his admir. hist. of Saco, 124, shows that the exact turth of the patronymic is Warwick. See that.

WADE, HENRY, Hingham 1652. *JONATHAN, Ipswich, had come in 1632, in the Lion, arr. 16 Sept. perhaps with w. Susanna, and sat down at Charlestown, was a merch. and with his w. rec. into the ch. 25 May 1633, freem. 14 May 1634, aft. 1636 rem. to Ipswich, was of gr. jury 1637, and 200 acres gr. in 1639, and 400 more in 1649, but for a claim on acc. of L60. put into the common stock by his br. Thomas of Northampton in Eng. could not gain part of Plum isl. as he desir. was rep. 1669, 81 and 2, had Mary, bapt. at C. Oct. 1633; Jonathan; Sarah; [[vol. 4, p. 378]] Nathaniel, b. a 1648; Prudence; Thomas, b. a. 1651; and perhaps more. His w. d. 29 Nov. 1678, and he d. 1684, was bur. says Sewall's almanac, 8 Nov. His will pro. 8 July 1686, by Presid. Dudley in Boston, had been made in London so long bef. as 17 June 1657, and was witness. by Sir William Peake, and Samuel Sedgwick, whose hands were sw. to by John Richards, correspond. of Sir Williams, and by a correspond. of Sedgwick, and also his wid. It provides for w. Susanna, and the childr. but names only the eldest Jonathan, to wh. he gives all his ld. in parish of Denver, Co. Norfolk, on W. side, one mile from Downham market. We may then infer, that was his native place. The d. Mary m. William Symonds; Sarah m. 13 Nov. 1661. Samuel Rogers, and Prudence m. 29 Dec. 1659 or 1666, Dr. Anthonly Crosby, and next 9 July 1673, Rev. Seaborn Cotton of Hampton. 

JOHNATHAN, Ipswich s. of the preced. rem. to Medford, m. Deborah, youngest d. of Gov. Thomas Dudley, had Deborah, bapt. at Charlestown, 24 Mar. 1667; Prudence, 6 June 1669; Catharine, 27 Aug. 1671, d. soon; Catharine, again, 22 June 1673; Susanna, 10 June 1677; Dorothy, 10 July 1681; Dudley, 18 Oct. 1683; and by sec. w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth 1687; and Dorothy, 17 Feb. 1689; was capt. of the three county troop of horse, freem. 1669, and d. 24 Nov. 1689. *NATAHNIEL, Medford or Malden, br. of the preced. m. 31 Oct. 1672, Mercy, youngest d. of gov. Simon Bradstreet (but in Geneal. Reg. I. 77, wrong date is giv. 11 Nov. of that yr. and the Gov's. d. is nam. Mary) had at Charlestown, Nathaniel b. 13, bapt. 20 July 1673; so that the date of b. in Geneal, Reg. IX. 121 is easy mistake, very frequent, obs. in read. old rec. 5 for 3; Simon and Susanna, tw. bapt. 9 Apr. 1676, wh. both prob. d. soon; beside Mercy, b. 19 Sept. 1678; Jonathan, 5 Mar. 1681; Samuel, 31 Dec. 1683; Ann, 7 Oct. 1685; and Dorothy 12 Mar. 167; was freem. 1685, major in milit. rep. 1692, and d. 28 Nov. 1707. His wid. d. 5 Oct. 1714, prob. tho. gr.st. says 1715.

NICHOLAS, Scituate 1638, m. Elizabeth dl of Thomas Ensign of the same,had Joseph, wh. was k. by the Ind. in the bloody fight at Rehoboth 26 Mar. 1676, under capt. Michael Pierce; Nicholas, b. 1660; Jaob. 1661; John; Thomas; Nathaniel; and perhaps others. RICHARD, Lynn, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, but then he may have liv. at Dorchester, certain. had, that yr. a div. in the lds. of the Neck, now South Boston; rem. says Lewis, to Sandwich, but he is not in the list of 1643, there. ROBERT, Dorchester 1635, rem. soon to Hartford, there was adm. freem. 1640, afterwards liv. at Seabrook, and by the Gen. Ct. was divorc. from his w. Joane then in Eng. 1657, aft. 15 yrs. of separat. mov. last to Norwich, there liv. 1669. SAMUEL, is ment. in Col. Rec. sub anno 1639, as hav. been robb. by his serv. but we hear no more of him, exc. in 1641 his resid. was at Lynn. 

SIMON, Andover, k. [[vol. 4, p. 379]] by the Ind. 22 Feb. 1698, if we trust the town rec. or 24th if we take Sewall's Diary, yet perhaps the latter was the date of the news coming to him. THOMAS, Ipswich, s. prob. youngest, of Jonathan the first, m. 22 Feb. 1670, Elizabeth Cogswell, d. perhaps of William, had Jonathan; Thomas; John, H. C. 1693, min of Berwick; Nathaniel; and William, wh. was k. at sea, 3 Apr. 1697; beside four others; was freem. 1682, capt. and an active citizen, and d. 4 Oct. 1696, leav. wid. and nine ch. WILLIAM, Middletown, m. 1658, Sarah, d. of William Phelps, the magistrate of Windsor. She d. 10 July 1659, and no more is heard of him.

WADFIELD, JOHN, Scituate 1643.


WADLAND, or WADLEN, CRISPIN, Charlestown, shipwright, had w. Elizabeth and d. 1671, in his will of 6 Aug. pro. 19 Dec. of that yr. gave all his prop. to the w. made excor. and in her wid. state she enjoy. it Mar. 1678.

WADLEIGHT, WADLEY, WADELY, WADLAW, WADLEE, or WADLOW, JOHN, Saco 1636, of gr. jury 1645, rem. to Wells, there kept an inn 1648, was a selectman, had Robert, subm. to Mass. 1653, and d. 1671. His inv. 20 Sept. shows good prop. JOHN, Exeter, s. of Robert of the same, sw. alleg. 30 Nov. 1677, was one of the excited declaim, against the governm. of Cranfield, with his brs. JOSEPH and ROBERT, in concur. wiht Edward Gove, wh. in 1683 were by the gr. jury charg. with high treason. ROBERT, Wells, br. of John, own. alleg. to Mass. 1653, town clk. 1659, there was liv. 1668, and 9, yet this yr. with inhab. at Dover, and I judge not be the same wh. set. at Exceter, and was in 1684, a counsel. He must have disagr. with the royal Gov.

WADOM, WADAMS, or WADOMS, JOHN, Wethersfield, had John, b. 1655. His will of 19 Jan. 1677, names w. Susanna, and s. John. His wid. m. a Bushnell of Saybrook, d. 18 Aug. 1683. JOHN, Wethersfield, s. of the preced. had w. Hannah and d. Susanna, b. 1678, d. soon. He was liv. 1693, wiht good est.

WADSWORTH, *CHRISTOPHER, Duxbury, was inhab. as early as 1632, and rep. 1666 and 7, had by w. Grace, Joseph; John, b. 1638; Samuel; and Mary. His will is of 31 July 1677; and hers of 13 Jan. 1688. CHRISTOPHER, Milton, s. of Samuel, d. 4 Dec. 1687, aged a. 24 yrs. prob. unm. EBENEZER, Milton, prob. br. of the preced. had, I suppose, Benjamin to succeed him in the office of eac. His w. Mary d. 8 Mar. 1737, in her 77th yr. *JAMES, Farmington, s. of John of the same, was an important citizen of Durham, a col. rep. 1700-17, in wh. last yr. he was speaker, an assistant 1718 to 52, and d. 1756. *JOHN, Farmington, eldest s. of William, b. in Eng. m. Sarah, d. of Thomas Stanley, had Sarah, b. 1 Nov. 1657; Samuel, 3 Jan. 1660; John, 14 [[vol. 4, p. 380]] Apr. 1662; Mary, 13 Nov. 1665, d. young; William, 1671; Nathaniel, 1674; James, 1677; Thomas, 1680; and Hezekiah, bapt. 24 Dec. 1682. His inv. is of 6 Nov. 1689; the will of two mos. bef. ment. the seven s. and d. Sarah w. of Stephen Root. He was rep. 1672-7, and was nominat. in the last yr. of Assist. but not chos. until 1679, had distinct. in the milit. and with the Gov. and others was of the standing council for affairs in Philip's war. 

*JOHN, Farmington, s. of the preced. m. 20 Aug. 1696, Elizabeth d. of John Stanley, had Sarah, b. 3 July 1697; Elizabeth 3 May 1700; John, 9 Oct. 1702; Daniel, 14 Nov. 1704, Y. C. 1726; Lydia, 6 Oct. 1706; Ruth, 14 Apr. 1711; and Mercy, 11 Sept. 1713; was rep. for 9 sess. betw. 1703 and 16, and d. 1718. His w. had d. 25 Oct. 1713, and he took sec. w. Mary Gridley, wh. had been sec. w. of Samuel. *JOSEPH, Hartford, s. of William, was propound. for freem. 1676, with his brs. Samuel, and Thomas, and all adm. the same yr. was a lieut. and serv. in Philip's war; m. Elizabeth d. of Bartholomew Barnard, wh. d. 26 Oct. 1710, had Joseph, b. 1682; Elizabeth; Jonathan, bapt. 20 Feb. 1687, d. young; and we kn. other ch. (from Hinman 323) to have been Ichabod; Hannah; and Jonathan, again. His sec. w. was perhaps Elizabeth d. of the sec. John Talcott. But he is most rememb. with gratitude in our times, as the perserver of the charter, in opposit. to the demand of the royal Gov. by the perilous expedient of extinct. of the lights in the Council chamber, 31 Oct. 1687, and hiding the parchment in the great oak. He m. late in life, Mary, d. of John Blackleach, the younger, wh. had been first w. of Thomas Welles, next of John Olcutt, and she surv. Wadsworth. He was capt. d. 1730. 

*NATHANIEL, Farmington, s. of John, m. 21 Mar. 1705, Dorothy, d. of John Ball of New Haven, had Eunice, b. 10 June 1706; Timothy, bapt. 5 June 1709; Esther, prob. 3 May 1713; Sarah, 20 Jan. 1717; Nathaniel, perhaps 14 Sept. 1718; Mary, 14 Aug. 1720; Hezekiah, 16 Sept. 1722; and Timothy, again,, perhaps 26 Nov. 1727; was rep. 1727, and d. 20 Dec. 1761. SAMUEL, Milton, s. of Christopher, freem. 1668, m. Abigail d. of James Lindall of Marshfield, ahd perhaps Recompense, wh. d. 12 July 1679, only a few days bef. he would have been gr. at Harv. in 21st yr.; Ebenezer, b. a. 1661; Christopher, a. 1663; prob. others, and certain. Benjamin 1669, H. C. 1690, min. of the first ch. in Boston, ord. 8 Sept. 1696, and Presid. of Harv. Coll. He was disting. as a capt. in Philip's war, and in Apr. 1676, going to relief of Sudbury on a sudden assault by the enemy, was overpower. by numbers, and with the lieut. Sharpe of Brookline, and half his comp. cut off 21 Apr. Yet many authorities gave the date 18. The matter seems stated with much plausibility and with suffic. caution as to weight of evid. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 221. 

SAMUEL, Hartford, s. of William, d. 1682, his will of 16 Aug. in that yr. gave est. above [[vol. 4, p. 381]] £1100. to brs. sis. a neph. and niece, so that we infer, he had no w. nor ch. then liv. *SAMUEL, Farmington, s. of John, m. 12 June 1689, Hannah, d. of Joseph Judson, had Hannah, bapt. 11 Feb. 1693; Sarah, 20 Oct. 1695; and Samuel, perhaps 23 Jan. 1698; was rep. 1699, and 1711, and d. 19 May 1731. His wid. d. 22 Aug. 1732. SAMUEL, Milton, prob. s. of the first Samuel, was deac. and d. 31 Jan. 1734 in his 60th yr. THOMAS, Hartford, s. of William of the same, had w. Elizabeth in 1677, and childr. John; Sarah, b. 1681; Elizabeth; Rebecca, bapt. 16 May 1686; Thomas, 29 Jan. 1688; Hannah, 24 Aug. 1690; and William, 13 Nov. 1692; and d. 1725. TIMOTHY, Boston, freem. 1690, by w. Susanna, had Susanna, b. 29 Oct. 1687; and recompense, 19 Mar. 1690, H. C. 1708. 

*WILLIAM, Cambridge 1632 came, prob. with fam. of four ch. Sarah, William, wh. d. young, Mary, and John, in the Lion from London, arr. 16 Sept. See Winthrop Hist. I. 90. This date overthrows the slight presumpt. of some mem. of the mod. fam. that their progenit. had been first of Braintree, inasmuch as the court had in the preced. mo. order. the few friends of Hooker, wh. had sat down at B. to rem. to a safer spot. he was freem. 6 Nov. 1632, and in the great exodus, June 1636, rem. to Hartford, and there seems to have liv. in the highest esteem, no man ever more oft. chos. rep. for betw. Oct. 1656 and May 1675 (his last appear.), hardly a single yr. miss. his serv. Prob. he d. soon aft. He m. 2 July 1644, Elizabeth Stone, but this, of course, not his first w. outliv. him. His ch. by this w. were Elizabeth b. 17 Mary 1645; Samuel, 20 Oct. 1646, wh. d. at mid. age; Joseph, a. 1648; Sarah, the sec. 17 Mar. 1650; Thomas, a. 1651; and Rebecca, a. 1656; but of the first w. we kn. nothing, nor the order of dates for her ch. nor indeed date of a single one. The first Sarah m. 17 Sept. 1646, John Wilcox; Mary m. a. 1656, Thomas Stoughton of Windsor, so that we can be sure these two as well as John were of the first w. Elizabeth m. 27 Nov. 1662, John Terry of Windsor; and Sarah of the sec. w. m. 10 Nov. 1669, Jonathan Ashley of Springfield. He d. 1675, his will of 16 May 1675, with his inv. of 18 Oct. foll. and his wid. d. 1682, when Rebecca was unm. 

*WILLIAM, Farmington, s. of John, m. 10 Dec. 1696, Abigail, youngest d. of Capt. William Lewis, wh. d. 1707; and he m. 2 Jan. 1709, Sarah, d. of Thomas Bruce, wh. d. 1748. By this w. he had only William, b. 2 Dec. foll. the m.; but by first w. were William, b. 7 Dec. 1697, wh. d. young; Mary, 1700; Hannah, 27 July 1701; Abigail, 27 Jan. 1703; and Ezekiel, 19 Oct. 1704. He was rep. 1718-40, and d. 26 Oct. 1751. Of this name Farmer notes in 1829, that seven had been gr. at Harv. five at Yale, and three at Brown.

WAINWRIGHT, FRANCIS, Ipswich 1637, serv. in the Pequot war, for kn. of wh. fact we are indebted to the "True Relation" of the battle by [[vol. 4, p. 382]] Rev. Philip Vincent, as may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VI. 40 and 1; was perhaps from Chelmsford in Co. Essex. FRANCIS, Ipswich, perhaps s. of the preced. b. in Eng. freem. 16571, was a merch. of the distinct. a corporal 1664, by w. Phillippa wh. d. 9 Oct. 1669, had John, b. a. 1648; Sarah; Mary; Martha; Simon; Mehitable; Elizabeth; and Francis, 25 Aug. 1664, H. C. 1686; and d. at Salem, 19 May 1692. His will, wh. is found in Suffk. rec. XIII. 17, provides for wid. Hannah, and ds. Mary w. of Rev. Jeremiah Shepard; Martha, w. of Joseph Proctor; Mehitable, w. of John Atwater; Elizabeth w. of Jonathan Cogswell; gr.s. Francis s. of Jacob Perkins by his d. Sarah; and Francis and John, s. of his s. John. His wid. m. Daniel Epes of Salem. Some presumpt. may arise that he is the same with the Pequot soldier. *FRANCIS, Ipswich, s. of the preced. m. Sarah Whipple, had only three ds. liv. at d. of his w. 16 Mar. 1709, but his s. John had d. 25 Sept. preced. in 18th yr. a senior at H. C. was maj. rep. and d. 3 Aug. 1711. 

JACOB, a soldier under capt. Lathrop, k. with the "flower of Essex" at Bloodybrook, 18 Sept. 1675, was perhaps s. of the sec. Francis. JOHN, Ipswich, br. of the last Francis, m. Elizabeth d. of William Norton, had Elizabeth wh. m. Nov. 1698, Addington Davenport; Ann, m. Adam Winthrop; Lucy m. 15 Sept. 1703, Paul Dudley; Francis, H. C. 1707; and John, 19 June 1691, H. C. 1711; was col. of the regim. and tho. he d. so early as 30 July 1708, left very large est. His wid. m. 19 Nov. 1713, Hon, Isaac Addington. SIMON, Haverhill, br. of the preced. m. Sarah Gilbert, d. of unkn. f. had Sarah, b. 17 July 1682; was capt. and for sec. w. m. Mary wid. of Thomas Silver, had three more ds. and s. John, H. C. 1709, bef. he was k. by the Ind. in their surpr. of H. 29 Aug. 1708; still whether by the sec. w. were b. any, or wh. of the ch. is uncert. Sarah, m. 7 Feb. 1699, Charles Frost, and d. 5 June 1714, yet leav. the number of nine ch. as is shown in the Memoir, Geneal. Reg. V. 165, tho. the writer was so greatly excited by his relative's happiness, that he gives ten, of wh. two d. bef. her. THOMAS, Wethersfield 1643, serv. of Mr. Henry Smith, failed in suit against him, may have tak. disgust, and gone back to Dorchester 1659. Seven of this name have been gr. at Harv. but the only one for a hundred and forty yrs. is Jonathan Mayhew, 1812, the late excellent Bp. of New York.

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