A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Walley - Waples

By James Savage

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WALLEY, CHRISTOPHER, Concord, freem. 1682, whose name by Paige is read Walley from the Col. Rec. and by Shurtleff, Walers; so unusual a patronymic that I doubt the skillfulness of the clk. JOHN, Boston, mariner, freem. May 1673, adm. the same day with John W. the merch. and what is perculiar. vexatious, for a series of yrs. ea. had w. Elizabeth and one or two ch. with same bapt. names; so that the confus. seems inextricab. Prob. he had sec. w. Sarah, and by her Hannah, b. 23 July 1680, and by third w. Elizabeth had possib. some ch. certain, Sarah, 27 Apr. 1695. But the first w. m. 3 Apr. 1661, was Elizabeth d. of Robert Wing, wh. brot. him John, 27 Aug. 1662; Elizabeth 8 May 1665; Elizabeth again, 28 July 1667; Samuel, 1 Feb. 1671; Thomas, 26 Feb. 1673; and after many hours devot. at var. times to his name, I acknowledge little confdence and less satisfact. 

JOHN, Boston, s. of Rev. Thomas of London, b. in Eng. and came bef. his f. by w. prob. nam. Sarah had Sarah, [[vol. 4, p. 400]] 25 Aug. 1684; Abiel, 30 Aug. 1686; William 23 Dec. 1687; John, 19 July 1689; but Bridgman makes him b. at Bristol, 11 Sept. 1691. Strong suspicion is felt that some of these may be ch. of the other John. But indeed the whole is uncert. exc. John. He was of ar. co. 1671, freem. 1673, capt. in the milit. 1679, in 1683 rem. to Barnstable, or other town in Plymouth jurisdict. was engag. much in settlem. of Bristol, and assist. of that col. 1684, and one of the council nam. in the royal commissn. to Andros 1686. The yr. foll. the overthrow of A. Walley had the disadvantage of being chief milit. officer in the expedit. of 1690 against Quebec, wh. Sir William Phips ahd project. and of wh. he took all the command; and thus was Walley reliev. of real responsibility, tho. expos. to pop. censure by the errors of Phips. 

Sir W. on board ship summoned the city, and directed all the land operations of the campaign, for wh. he had no adequate skill, and in the ill success of wh. his eminent. incaustious panegyrist natural. saw more of "the hand of heaven' than of the ignorance and rashness of his hero. See Magn. II. 51, the most curious biogr. of Sir William Phips, afterwards made Gov. of Mass. by hte f. of Mather dictat. to King William III. Hutch. Hist. of Mass. I. gives Walley's acco. in Appx. In the same charter W. was nam. of the Council, and by the Gov. and Council appoint. one of the Sup. Ct. judges 1700-11. He d. 11 Jan. 1712, aged 68, wh. might be suspect. for 58, if as Bridgman, 34, says he was b. at our Barnstable. Nothing can be more certain, than that he was b. at least 8 or 10 yrs. bef. the com. of Rev. Thomas, for he was an Assist. of Plym Col. as early as 1684, beside being sw. as freem. 1673. His d. Sarah m. first Charles Chauncy of Boston, merch. and bore him 1 Jan. 1705, a s. of the same name, one of the most disting. divines on our side of the ocean, and prob. she aft. m. a Willoughby, and Elizabeth m. 29 Oct. 1713, Rev. Joseph Sewall, and with much study good fam. connex. can be learn. from his will of 4 Feb. preced. pro. 25 foll. It makes s. John Excor. gives him beside ho. ld. and whf. L3,000, two unm. ds. Elizabeth and Lydia L1,500. ea. and refers to no other ch. beside Sarah, wid. of Charles Chauncy, nam. her four ch. Charles, Mary, Isaac, and Walley; but neph. and niece had favor, as Hannah, w. of James Leonard, d. of Thomas W. the br. of testat. with her two ch. by first h. William Stone, and also Elizabeth Admas, ano. d. of said br. Thomas. 

JOHN, Boston, s. of the preced. m. it is prob. Elizabeth d. of the sec. John Alden, perhaps d. in distant ld. and his wid. m. 30 Apr. 1702, Simon Willard, s. of Rev. Samuel. THOMAS, Barnstable, one of the eight min. wh. came from London (where he had been rect. of St. Mary's Whitechapel) in the Society, capt. Peirce, arr. at Boston 24 May 1663, bring. not as too oft. said s. John, but ds. Hannah, wh. m. 10 May 1664, Samuel Allyn or [[vol. 4, p. 401]] Allen, acc. Bridgman, 34, but I prefer the old Col. record, that makes George Shove (tho. so much reverence, as to be call. Mr. without a bapt. name) to m. 18 Feb. 1674, 5, Mistris Walley, wh. in her maidenly glory as d. of Rev. Thomas, need. not other designat. and Mary, wh. m. Nov. 1668, Job Crocker. He perhaps had other ch. wh. d. in London; was call. a man of great esteem, d. on Sunday, 24 Mar. 1678, aged 61, as in Farmer, wh. mistook the yr. by foll. the law, when custom had begun to change the enumera. of the first month in the yr. for the forward not the backward yr. as well from the first day, as from the 25th. Bradstreet's Journal of May 1678 ment. of the d. in Feb. or Mar. preced. settles the question. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 49. His wid. Hannah m. THOMAS, Barnstable, s. of the preced. prob. some yrs. older than John, the milit. com. had fam. we kn. as two m. ds. are ment. in the will of their uncle. Perhaps he had one or more sons; but no certain kn. has reach. me. Late. I have learn. that my conclus. of the m. of George Shove with d. of first Thomas, rather than wid. of the sec. was wrong. 

This sec. Barntsbale Thomas, wh. by early d. bef. his f. led to the false infer. had m. Hannah, d. of Nathaniel Bacon, and she next m. as above said, Rev. George Shove of Taunton. THOMAS, Boston, m. 22 Sept. 1692, Christian Johnson; but I kn. nothing more of either. WILLIAM, Charlestown, m. 18 Feb. 1684, Sarah Marshal, perhaps d. of William.

WILLINGFORD, or WALLINSFORD, JOHN, Dover, m. 16 Dec. 1687, Mary, d. of John Tuttle the sec. of the same, had Thomas, b. a. 1697, and prob. others, bef. or aft. or both. NICHOLAS, Bradford, m. 4 Dec. 1678, Elizabeth Palmer. It is strange that we kn. nothing of this fam. for wid. Sarah hav. ten ch. wish. admin. of her h. (one of the ch. may have been that Nicholas) applied to the Gen. Ct. 1683 for some purpose, on wh. the Ct. resolv. that the County Ct. in Essex was authoriz. to do all that was proper. I conject. that her h. was Nicholas of Rowley 1663. Only ch. Nicholas is ment. by wid. Elizabeth when she took admin. June 1682.

WALLINGTON, NICHOLAS, Newbury, "a poor boy" says customho. rec. of the passeng. in the Confidence from Southampton 1638, when by the place in wh. his name is insert. I judge that he was, with others, sev. of Stephen Kent; a short time was of Rowley, a. 1663; m. 30 Aug. 1654, says Coffin, Sarah, d. of Henry Travers of N. had John, b. 16 Sept. 1655, d. soon; Nicholas, 2 Jan. 1657; John, again, 7 Apr. 1659; Sarah, 20 May 1661; Mary, 20 Aug. 1663; James, 6 Oct. 1665; Hannah, 27 Nov. 1667; William, 7 Feb. 1670; and perhaps others aft. was freem. 1670; and Coffin says was tak. at sea, perhaps sev. yrs. aft. by some Barbary corsair, no doubt, and never came back. My suggest. is that he is the h. of that wid. wh. is ment. in the article preced. for sometimes the name is Wallingford.

WALLIS, or WALLACE, GEORGE, a youth of 15 yrs. came in the Abigail, from London 1635, perhaps s. of Ralph, wh. came at the same time; in Dec. 1656 was of Rumney Marsh, part of Boston now Chelsea, there had good est. may have ben f. of the foll. GEORGE, Portsmouth, [[vol. 4, p. 402]] m. 18 Nov. 1686, Ann, perhaps d. of Richard Shortridge, was of the gr. jury that yr. JOHN, Woburn, d. 8 Aug. 1670. JOHN, Scarborough 1658, perhaps in the Ind. war was driv. to Gloucester, there was liv. 1678, d. 1690. 

NATHANIEL, Scarborough, perhaps br. of John, was from Cornwall, constable for Falmouth, and sw. alleg. to Mass. 1658; but in July 1660 had three ch. bapt. by Robert Jordan, wh. adher. to the ch. of Eng. in that her lowest hour of distress, and was censur. for it, by our Gen. Ct. as the col. Rec. IV. shows. I kn. he had w. Margaret, and s. John, wh. may have been one of those bapt. acc. the rubric; and the fam. was driv. to the W. by the Ind. war, and he sat down at Beverly, call. hims. 58 yrs. in 1692, and d. 18 Oct. 1709, and his wid. d. 14 May 1711, aged more than 80. Shurtleff has print. the name as represent. on the rec. by hte wild hand of the clk. but in Hutch. Coll. 398, and Paige's list of Freemen, I imagine we have the true one. 

*NICHOLAS, Ipswich, s. of Robert, m. a d. of Humphrey Bradstreet, had Samuel, prob. others bef. or aft. or both, was freem. 1674, and rep. 1691. RALPH, came in the Abigail from London 1635, aged 40, perhaps bring. s. George, at least, we kn. that a youth with that name was fell. passeng. RICHARD, Saybrook 1659, rem. next yr. to Norwich. ROBERT, Ipswich 1638, had Nicholas, perhaps more. THOMAS, Freem. of Mass. 1643, with prefix of respect, yet may inq. for his resid. is not successf. WILLIAM, Charlestown, adm. of the ch. 30 Nov. 1642, of wh. no more than Budington's copy of the copy of that rec. (the orig. being lost) is kn. to me; yet I see that somebody of this surname at C. had a ch. b. a. 1659, tho. the clk. omits name and date.

WALSALL, or WALSHALL, WILLIAM, Boston, with his w. were recommend. by the ch. to that of Lynn, 10 July 1647; but of h. of w. I find not, how or when either was recd. of our ch.

WALSBY, or WALSBEE, DAVID, Braintree, freem. 1651, by w. Hannah, wh. d. 2 Feb. 1656, had Samuel, b. 9 Apr. 1`651; and David, 1655; and 24 Sept. next yr. m. sec. w. Ruth Ball. DAVID, Boston, s. prob. of the preced.

WALSINGHAM, is a fictitious name, I presume, for Francis Johnson of Marblehead, by Farmer adopt. from Dana's Hist. Disc. p. 7. See Johnson.

WALSTON, or WALSTONE, JOHN, Killingworth, perhaps s. of Thomas of Hartford, m. 1677, Ann, d. of Benjamin Wright of Guilford, had Thomas, b. 1678; and d. 1680. His wid. m. 7 Nov. 1683, Dr. Peter Tallman of Guilford. THOMAS, Hartford 1644, was fin. 20s. for inveighl. the affections of Mr. Olcott's maid. That prohibit. of law was borrowed by Conn. from Mass. The name seems an unusual one; yet in the Truelove, at London, 1635, the latest ship in that yr. for this [[vol. 4, p. 403]] country, emb. Jane w. aged 19, wh. may have been sis. of the Hartford youth.

WALTER, or WALTERS, NATHANIEL, Roxbury, s. of Rev. Nehemiah, ord. 10 July 1734, min. of 2d ch. m. 24 Apr. 1635, Rebecca, d. of William Abbot of Brookline, had Sarah, b. 29 Mar. 1736; William, 7 Oct. 1737, H. C. 1756, the rector of Trinity ch. and aft. of Christ ch. in Boston; Rebecca, 19 Apr. 1739; Nehemiah, 13 June 1741; and Maria, 10 Mar. 1743; and he d. 11 Mar. 1776; and his wid. d. 30 Apr. 1790. NEHEMIAH, Roxbury, br. of Thomas, b. at Youghall in Ireland, had tradit. says he was sent by his f. to be apprent. to an upholsterer inBoston in 1674, but H. C. 1684, ord. 17 Oct. 1688, collea. with blessed John Eliot at first ch. freem. 1690, m. 1691, Sarah, third d. of Rev. Increase Mather, had Increase, b. 8 Oct. 1692, H. C. 1711, d. at 26 yrs.; Sarah, 4 Mar. 1695; Thomas, 13 Dec. 1696, H. C. 1713; Hannah, 8 July 1699; Nehemiah, 22 Apr. 1701, d. within a yr.; Maria, 4 Aug. 1703; Nehemiah, again, 17 Sept. 1705, d. young; Samuel, 24 July 1710; and Nathaniel, 15 Aug. 1711, H. C.1729; was an able man, d. 17 Sept. 1750, and his wid. d. 1758. Sarah m. 25 Sept. 1723, John Walley; Hannah m. 18 Sept. 1718, Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton as his sec. w. 

THOMAS, Boston, a lawyer, said to have sprung from Lancashire, but sett. at Youghall in Ireland, where his s. Nehemiah was b. 1663, wh. he brot. a. 1678, and 2 Nov. 1680 join. Mather's ch. He had sec. w. Abigail, wid. of David East, formerly wid. of Jonathan Woodbury, d. of Henry Phillips, as the pedigree in Gen. Reg. VIII. 209 shows, and by her had Nathaniel, b. 30 Jan. 1688; and Abigail, wh. it is said, m. 18 May 1721, Benjamin Wolcott; and d. bef. Dec. 1698. THOMAS, Falmouth, is by Willis I. 215, said to have come wiht w. Hannah, a. 1682, from Salem,where he was mariner, and sett. at Perpooduck, wh. is now the town of Cape Elizabeth lying across the riv. from Portland, and he adds, that his w. was 25 yrs. old at that date; and further, that his s. William 1732 liv. in Boston, in a deed convey. his f.'s prop. at Falmouth, call. hims. "s. and only heir." 

But he errs in mak. the late Bp. W. of this stock. THOMAS, Roxbury, s. of Rev. Nehemiah, ord. 29 Oct. 1718, collea. with his f. m. 25 Dec. foll. Rebecca, d. of Rev. Joseph Belcher of Dedham, had Rebecca, b. 1722; and he d. of consumpt. 10 Jan. 1725 hav. much disting. hims. in his short serv. WILLIAM, Boston 1674. Sometimes this name of wh. six, Farmer says, had been gr. in 1834 at Harv. one at Yale, and two at other N. E. coll. had final s.

WALTERS, JACOB, and STEPHEN, whose ws. Sarah and Sarah join. the Charlestown ch. 1681 and 2, acc. Budington, 250, seem to me, more truly, as Frothingham, 183, call. Waters, wh. see. [[vol. 4, p. 404]]

WALTHAM, *HENRY, Weymouth merch. by his business relat. I judge he was from Weymouth, in Co. Dorset, engag. 1635, with Dudley and others, to promote fishing trade, rep. 1636, had Henry, Thomas, William, Ann, and Phillis, prob. all b. in Eng. d. 29 Jan. 1659, unless this were his s. of the same name. HENRY, Weymouth, s. of the preced. may have had Jonathan, and other ch. *THOMAS, Weymouth, s. of Henry the first, was rep. 1636. WILLIAM, Weymouth, br. of the preced. fin. by Gen. Ct. for drunk. 1639, and d. next yr. unm. it is presum. for his will of 3 Nov. 1640, the day of d. mak. f. his Excor. pro. 30 Dec. next, names no w. nor ch. tho. we are indebt. to it for kn. of the f. and brs. and sis. Oft. it is Walton in the rec. but that in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 349, call. him s. of William, may be a mistake of the bapt. name as well as spell. of surname.

WALTON, GEORGE, Exeter 1639, had been fin. for swear. 1638, as our Col. Rec. I. shows; was of Dover 1648, was a vintner, 1662, at Portsmouth, had George, b. 1649; Shadrach, 1658; Dorcas; Mary; and perhaps other ch. by w. Alice; and d. 1686, at the neighbo. town of Newcastle, or Great isl. aged more than 70. His relig. was not suffic. in his old age, to protect him from diabolic. disturb. in 1682, or wh. in Mather's Magn. VI. 69, some triffing report may have seen, but it is slightly shorten. from his f.'s Remarkab. Providences. Similar occur. in the same yr. at the same neighbor. are relat. in the next. artic. in both works. Much of the same wretched stuff in the Magnalia, was by the s. borrowed from the same storehouse. In a London publicat. LITHOBOLIA, or the stone-throwing Devil, of wh. the Library of Harv. Coll. possess. an orig. copy as may be read, 1698, reprint. as the first article in New York Hist. Magaz. for Nov. 1861, the childish credul. of both f. and s. is outdone. Yet the incidents so exact. concur. and even the phraseol. of not a few of the tales so near. corresponds, that rashness will not imput. to the surmise, of assist. by either Increase or Cotton in supervis. the MS. of this tract, for certain. one (if one, both) enjoy. perusal of it, soon aft. it came from the press; and it was the proper nutrim. for their credulity. 

HENRY, Boston, by w. Mary, had Job. b. 29 Sept. 1639; Adam, 8 May 1643; William, 29 Sept. 1645. JOHN, Portsmouth 1640, had come, a. 1638, from Plymouth, in Eng. and aft. liv. here about 20 yrs. was sent by our Gen. Ct. home for his w. in the voyage ws tak. by the Dutch, and d. soon aft. JOSIAH, Marblehead, youngest s. of Rev. William, a. petitnr. in 1668, was prob. unm. a mariner, struck by lightning 23 June 1673, at sea, made nuncup. will, as Essex Inst. II. 126 gives. NATHANIEL, Marblehead 1658, s. of Rev. William, was there much esteem. freem. 1680. SAMUEL, Marblehead 1668-74, s. of Rev. William, is by Eaton, nam. among the early sett. at Reading. *SHADRACH, Newcastle, N. H. s. of George, was, in 1689, aft. overthrow of Andros, desir. of union betw. Mass. and N. H. a capt. and major, in Ind. war; engag. in the campaign of 1707 for conq. of Nova Scotia; made a royal counsellor 1716, d. 3 Oct. 1741, aged 83. He was f. of George; Benjamin, H. C. 1729; Elizabeth; Abigail; Sarah; and Mary. *THOMAS, Weymouth, s. I suppose, of the first Henry, rep. 1636. 

WILLIAM, Marblehead 1639, had been bred at Emanuel Coll. Cambridge, where he took his degr. 1621 and 1625, and was, no doubt, ord. and serv. at Seaton, Co. Devon, where it is kn. that sev. of [[vol. 4, p. 405]] his ch. were b. came in some sh. earlier than his common. been thot. at least drew for houselot at Hingham, 18 Sept. 1635, and was freem. 3 Mar. foll. was but few yrs. at H. prob. longer at M. certain. in 1648, perhaps at Lynn a short time a. 1642, and may have taught for most of his latter yrs. part of ea. season, perhaps at Manchester, to wh,. he was activ. as a propr. of Jeffery's cove, in bring. the governm. to gr. incorp. 1645, and d. in autum 1668; inv. of his est. was tak. 23 Nov. of this yr. and he had allowance for his min. serv. up to that time at Marblehead. His w. was Elizabeth ch. b. in Eng. were, as is said, John, 6 Apr. 1627; Elizabeth 27 Oct. 1629; Martha, 26 Apr. 1632; and at H. was Nathaniel, 3 Mar. 1636; and at M. were Samuel, 5, bapt. 20 June 1639; Josiah 20 Dec. 1640, bapt. 2 Jan. foll.; and Mary, 14, bapt. 26 May 1644. Elizabeth m. a Conant; Martha m. a Munjoy, perhaps Walter; and Mary m. Robert Bartlett. Mather spelt this, in his list of min. of the first classis, Magn. III. 3, Waltham, and his authority (suppos. he must sometimes be right) I prefereed to Johnsons's in my note to Winthrop I. 169, for wh. Dr. Farmer admin, gentle rebuke. Increase Mather relat. in Remark. Providence. the d. of Josiah by lightning, spells the name correctly, as I now have.

WALVER, ABRAHAM, H. C. 1647, is all that can be told of this man on our side of the Atlantic. He went home, and was min. in the shire where his fam. friends liv. as Hutch. I. tells.


WALWORTH, WILLIAM, New London 1691, with w. Abigail, came from Eng. on invit. of Gov. Fitzjohn Winthrop, to manage his farm on Fisher Isl. and Martha, bapt. 24 Jan. 1692; Mary; John; Joanna; and tw. ch. Thomas and James. he d. 1703, and his wid. surv. until 14 Jan. 1752.

WAMPAS, JOHN, Boston, an Ind. wh. has sev. conveyances of ld. in Boston 1657-68

WANDELL, THOMAS, Newtown, L. I. 1648, by idle tradit. said to have been a maj. in the army of Oliver Cromwell, ahd hav. a dispute with the unfledge. Protector, to have fled for safety to Holland, thence to our country, m. the wid. of William Herrick, had no ch. but fine est. wh. he gave to his neph. Richard Alsop, wh. he brot. from Eng. when he visit. home many yrs. aft. and d. 1691. See Riker, Ann. 335.

WANNERTON, THOMAS, Portsmouth, Kittery, and anywhere along shore, where drink was easily got, a milit. offic. in serv. of Mason, sent prob. in 1633, when his Gov. Neal was req. to go home; but he was also one of the patentees in the Laconia gr. perhaps had no w. or ch. yet honor. with agencies of Mass. 1641 and 2; and was k. 1644 in a wild [[vol. 4, p. 406]] affray growing out of the rivalry of La Tour and D'Aulney, the French govs. See Winthrop II. 178,.

WANTON, EDWARD, Boston, ship-carpenter, had Edward, b. 1658; and Margaret, 1661, d. young; in this yr. rem. to Scituate, there had, by sec. w. Joseph, 1663; George, 1666; Elizabeth 1668; William, 1670; John, 1672; Sarah and Margaret, tw. 1674; Hannah, 1677; Michael, 1679; Stephen, 1682; and Philip. 1686; and d. 1716. JOHN, Newport, s. of the preced. m. 4 Mar. or 1 June 1689 (as the day or mo. be first read in num.) a. d. of Gideon Freeborn, had Elizabeth b. 5 Jan. 1691; Edward, 20 Apr. 1692; Gideon, 20 Oct. 1693; Sarah, 27 Apr. 1696; Joseph, 9 June 1698; and Mary, 10 June 1700; was chos. gov. of R. I. seven yrs. from 1734. and d. 5 May 1740. JOSEPH, Tiverton, br. of the preced. m. 4 Mar. 1689, Sarah, d. of Gideon Freeborn, had Sarah and Mary, rememb. in the will of their maiden aunt Susanna; d. 1754. 

WILLIAM, Newport, br. of the preced. Gov. 1732 to his d. next yr. m. 1 Jan. 1691, as is shown by the rec. of Portsmouth, R. I. Ruth Bryant, perhaps d. of John of Scituate, had Margaret, b. 24 Oct. 1692, d. young; George, 24 Aug. 1694; William 22 Oct. 1696; Peter, 22 Mar. 1698, d. young; Ruth, 12 July 1701, d. soon; Edward, 11 Apr. 1702; Joseph, 15 Aug. 1705; Benjamin, 9 June 1707; and Elizabeth 4 Oct. 1709, d. young.

WAPLES, WHAPPLES, or WHAPLES, THOMAS, Hartford 1643, was still therein the list of freem. 1669, but nothing more is to be found of him, exc. that he d. 10 Dec. 1671, leav. wid. and seven ch. whose ages and names appear next mo. at the Prob. Ct. Rebecca, aged 18; Hannah, 16; Thomas, 15; Joseph, 11; Jane, 7; Ephraim, 6; and John, 4. Of the s. some had fams. but the details are not to be obt. The name is not kn. to be borne by any now.

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