A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Ward - Ward 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WARD, *ANDREW, Watertown, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. to Wethersfield next yr. and with Ludlow, and others, ahd commissn. from Mass. to gov. the people at Conn,. 1635, for one yr. yet in the docum. in our Col. Rec. I. 171, his name, on the repetit. is Warner; was rep. 1636 and 7, rem. to Stamford 1641, and Trumbull, Hist. thinks he was of Hempstead, L. I. 1643, yet in 1653, I find him again rep. no doubt, for Fairfield; but went at last to the Dutch, and is ment. in Bolton's West Chester I. 161, as founder of gr. reput. Yet Goodwin gives no countenance to such a rem. but says he d. at F. 1659, and by w. Esther, wh. d. not, as he says, in 1667, but early in 1665, he suplies him these ch. Edmund, William, Mary, Andrew, Samuel, Abigail, Ann, John, and Sarah, of not one of wh. is the date of b. kn. exc. Andrew's, 1647. Mary m. the sec. John Burr; Ann m. prob. Caleb Nichols; and Sarah [[vol. 4, p. 407]] m. Nathaniel Burr. Andrew, Kenilworth, or Killingworht, as it was soon barbarously made, s. of the preced. adm. freem. 1668, m. Trial, d. of John Meigs of Guilford, had Andrew, b. 1669; John, 16 Mar. 1671; Abigail, 15 Sept. 1672; Sarah, 15 Nov. 1674; Peter, 14 Oct. 1676; William 18 Oct. 1678; Samuel, 24 Sept. 1680, d. next yr.; Esther, 2 May 1684, d. next mo.; Mary; and Ann; and he d. a. 1691. 

ANTHONY, Wethersfield, s. of the wid. Joyce, wh. d. Feb. 1641, was prob. brot. by her, from Co. Rutland; but of him we see no more than the ment. in the will of his mo. 15 Nov. 1640, giv. in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 451. BENJAMIN, Boston 1639, with w. Mary, join. our ch. 6 June 1640, was freem. 2 June foll. a ship carpenter, had no ch. was liv. in 1651, to serve on a jury, but d. bef. 1679, as well as his w. when William Holloway appears heir. EDMUND, Westchester, s. of the first Andrew, in 1693, calls hims. of the manor of Fordham in that Co. but no more is kn. of him. EDWARD, Newton, s. of John of the same, m. Grace Lovering, but whose d. she was is unkn. had Abigail, b. 22 Jan. 1699; Esther, 1 Mar. 1702; Mary, 1 Apr. 1703; Sarah, 26 July 1708; Hannah, 26 Jan. 1712; Timothy, 17 Mar. 1714; and Samuel, 27 Oct. 1720; rem. to Needham, and d. Jan.1749. His wid. d. 30 Nov. 1754, 

ELEAZER, Marlborough, youngest s. of William first of the same, m. 10 July, as one has it, but more prob. 5 Aug. 1675. Hannah, d. of Henry Rice; had Hannah, whose birthday is not found, but is nam. in the will of her maternal gr.f. when giv. legacies to mo. and ch. She was prob. posthum. and was k. by the Ind. in Apr. foll. His wid. m. 17 Oct. 1677, Richard Taylor of Sudbury. ELEAZER, Newton, br. of Edward, m. bef. 20 Mar. 1707, Deliverance, d. of deac. James Trowbridge, of the same, ahd Jonas, b. 17 Sept. 1708; Abigail; Ruth, 19 May 1710; Tabitha, 24 Mar. 1712; Phineas, 22 Dec. 1713; Rebecca, 30 Dec. 1715; and Samuel, 16 Apr. 1718; rem. aft. being selectman of N. 1734 to Oxford, and d. bef. 1751. GEORGE, New Haven, is one wh. sign. the covenant 1639; rem. to Branford 1646, and d. 7 Apr. 1653, leav. w. and childr. but no names are ment. HENRY, Hingham, perhaps s. of Samuel, was engag. in the early settlem. of Lancaster, m. at H. Feb. 1660, Remember, d. of John Farrow of the same, had Elizabeth but no more is kn. of him. 

INCREASE, Marlborough, s. of William of the same, by w. Record, had Tabitha, b. 16 May 1675; Record, 18 Jan. 1677; Rebecca, 1678, d. under 20 yrs.; Increase; Eleazer, 12 Sept. 1681; Thomas, 1684; and Oliver, 1686; was freem. 18 Apr. 1690; and d. 4 Aug. as the Ward geneal. says, but ano. acc. 25 Aug. foll. His wid. d. 16 July 1726. JAMES, Ipswich, s. of Rev. Nathaniel, b. in Eng. prob. at Stondon, Co. Essex, of wh. his f. was incumb. bred at Harv. Coll. where he was unfortun. in receiv. punishm. by whipp. at the hds. of the [[vol. 4, p. 408]] Pres. in June 1644, and more unfortun. in deserv. the disgrace, yet thot. worthy to have his degr. of A. B. next yr. This strange event is told by Winthrop II. 166, without giv. names, wh. are found in the very valua. Hist. of Newbury, by Coffin, 41. His assoc. in the infamy of the juvenile offence, was a s. of Rev. Thomas Welde. He went home, soon aft. prob. with his f. wh. procur. favor for him at Oxford, where he was in 1648, made a fellow of Magdalen, and had a master's degr. and in 1649, an M. D. 

JOHN, Ipswich, physician, had perhaps liv. in Boston, for a mortg. to him of est. rec. here Vol. X. 233, titles him now of Ipswich, chirurg. and the date is 9 Oct. 1652. His Excor. Robert Paine sold, Dec. 1677, the Boston est. to William Hudson. He perhaps resid. at Hampton 1640, some time at Salem,, was cous. of Rev. John, and that benefact. of Harv. Coll. ment. by Pierce, 35; also, I presume, the freem. of 1643; in his will of 28 Dec. 1652, pro. on new. yrs. day, 25 Mar. 1656, speaks of no. w. or ch. [See abstr. in Essex Inst. I. 50.] His benefaction to Harv. Coll. was realiz. in 1658, as the invaluab. History, by Quincy, shows us: "obtained in horses L72." See I. 513 of that work. JOHN, Haverhill, elder br. of James, b. at Haverhill in Co. Suffk. 5 Nov. 1606, as Mather tells, III. cap. 31, or p. 167 in the London ed. of Magn. Yet "where his educ. was, I have not been inform." he says, "the first notice of him that occurs to me, being in the yr. 1639, when he came over into these parts." In Eng. I found that he was matric. at Emanuel, 1622, and had his A. B. 1626, and A. M. 1630. He had begun his serv. in Eng. "at a very small place" wh. was Hadleigh in Co. Suffk. and in this country, preach. first at Kittery or York in 1641, as Winthrop II. 29 relates, but Mather, wh. loves always to be indefinite, and sometimes hides his ignorance under periphrasis, would magnify his watch over the flock at H. to "as many yrs. as there are sabbaths in the yr." We kn. that he was chos. and ord. in Oct. 1645, when the ch. was gather. Winthrop II. 252; and that flock he could, of course, serve but 48 yrs. He d. 27 Dec. 1693; and could the truth ever be sufficient for the author of the Magnalia, he might have call. it a very honor. and protract. course of duty. On 19 Nov. preced. he preach. an excell. sermon, enter. the 88th yr. of his age, "the only sermon that ever was. or perhaps ever will be preach. in this country, at such an age," adds the eclesiast. historian, tho. since that day sev. more aged pastors have in like kind, obey. their call. He was prob. the freem. of 3 May 1649, By his w. Alice Edmunds. brot. from Eng. wh. d. bef. him, he had Elizabeth b. 7 Apr. 1647, wh. m. 1665 Nathaniel Saltonstall, and d. 29 Apr. 1714; and Mary, 24 June 1649, m. e June 1672, Rev. Benjamin Woodbridge, and d. 11 Oct. 1680. JOHN, Newton, s. prob. eldest of William of Sudbury, b. in Eng. a. 1626, m. a 1650, Hannah, d. of [[vol. 4, p. 409]] the first Edward Jackson of the same, had Hannah; John, b. 26 Jan. 1654, d. in few mos.; Rebecca, 15 June 1655; John, again, 8 Mar. 1658; Elizabeth 18 June 1660; Deborah, 19 July 1662; William, 19 Nov. 1664; Richard, 15 Nov. 1666; Mercy, 27 Jan. 1669; Edward, 13 Mar. 1671; Eleazer, 26 Feb. 1673; Jonathan, 22 Apr. 1674; and Joseph, 15 Nov. 1677. 

He was of the first selectmen when the town was set off from Cambridge, freem. 1685, rep. 1689 and sev. yrs. aft. and d. 2 July 1708. His w. had d. 21 Apr. 1704, aged 73. Hannah m. 8 June 1670, Thomas Greenwood; Elizabeth m. 7 June 1679, Joshua Fuller; and Deborah m. 2 Feb. 1682, John Wythe. JOHN, Newport, came late in life, aft. hear. of d. of his s. Thomas, as inconsisit. tradit. tells, prob. a. 1690, took charge of his gr. childr. and d. says the gr.-st. in Apr. 1698, aged 79. Possib. he had serv. fifty-five yrs. bef. in the Parlim. army in the gr. civil war, and that was the origin of the fable as to Thomas. But Thomas d. at mid. age, and as the sacred tradit. of serv. in Cromwell's army belongs to him, and not his f. it will be seen that he was not old eno. to be a powder monkey to the gr. Protector. 

JOHN, Branford, a serg. s. of the wid. Joyce W. was rep. 1666, may have been there many yrs. and one of the signers of the new planta. and ch. covenant, Jan. 1668; by w. Sarah, had John, b. 10 Apr. 1650; Sarah; Phebe, 11 June 1655; Nathaniel, 30 Nov. 1656; Abigail, 4 June 1658; and Josiah, 16 Nov. 1661. He rem. soon aft. to N. J. JOHN, Wethersfield, s. of the wid. Joyce, of wh. nothing more is kn. that by her will of 15 Nov. 1640. JOHN, Middletown, perhaps s. of Andrew of Wethersfield, prob. the man sw. freem. May 1667 at Hartford, certain. had recommend. from the ch. of Rowley to that of Wethersfield for hims. and w. m. 18 Apr. 1664, Mary d. of William Harris of R. had John, b. 15 Nov. 1665; Andrew, 1 Dec. 1667; Esther, 15 Dec. 1669; Mary, Aug. 1672; William, 30 June 1674; Samuel, 1679; and ano. prob. posthum. wh. d. inf. says the careful scrutiniz. of fam. hist. Dr. T. W. Harris. Prob. he d. early in 1684, for his inv. is of the date of 22 Feb. in that yr. and his wid. m. Josiah Gilbert of Wethersfield. 

JOHN, Branford 1663, drew lot that yr. in 1665, unit. with the other John and many others in project. rem. to N. J. JOHN, Newton, eldest s. of John of the same, m. 30 Nov. 1681, Mary d. of John Spring, had Mary, b. 10 Apr. 1683, d. soon; Sarah, 25 Mar. 1685; was freem. 1690, selectman sev. yrs. rep. many; and d. 5 June 1727, leav. will to be execut. by wid. Mary, wh. d. 30 Apr. 1731, and deac. William Trowbridge, wh. had m. 14 Dec. 1708, his only ch. and liv. under his roof. JONATHAN, Newton, br. of the preced. m. 1700, Abigail Hall of Cambridge, had Ebenezer, b. 2 Nov. 1701, d. soon; Thankful, 14 Oct. 1702; Nehemiah, [[vol. 4, p. 410]] 20 July 1704; Remember, 1705; Ebenezer, again, 17 Apr. 1709; Ichabod, 14 Sept. 1712; Mary, 3 Feb. 1714; and d. 1723, and his wid. m. 1732, John Woodward. JOSEPH, Newton, youngest br. of the preced. m. Esther, d. of John Kenkrick of the same, had Ester, b. 1 Mar. 1702; Mary, 6 Nov. 1704, d. young; Joseph, 21 Sept. 1706; John, 7 July 1710; Mary, again, 3 Feb. 1714; Enoch, 3 Feb. 1717, H. C. 1736; Margaret; and Esther, again, 11 Oct. 1722; and he d. 1742. His wid. d. 1761. 

JOSHUA, Salem, s. of Miles, suppos. to be brot. by his f. Miles, m. 18 Jan. 1669. Hannah, d. of William Flint, had beside three ds. one nam. Hannah, wh. respective. m. a Pitman, perhaps Thomas, of Marblehead; a Collins, of Salem; and a Moses; Two s. Joshua or John wh. was k. in youth by a cartwheel, and Miles, b. 11 Mar. 1672, the progneit. of the num. fam. of that name in that city; and was lost a. 1678, in a fishing shallop. His wid. m. a Keyzer, perhaps George. JOSHIAH, Branford 1660, drew a lot that yr. and perhaps was s. of George of the same. JOSHIAH, Branford, s. of John, car. by his f. to Norwich, there d. 1713. LAWRENCE, New Haven 1639, or soon aft. rem. to Branford 1646, was br. of George of thee same, in 1661 was employ. by the governm. of New Haven to search for the Regicides, Whalley and Goffe, at Milford, where it was prob. kn. they were not to be seen; rep. 1665 and 6, aft. wh he rem. to N. J. and d. 1671, at Newark. Seven ch. b. at B. belong. either to him, or to John Ward, viz. Sarah, 22 May 1650; John, 29 May 1654; Samuel, 22 Sept. 1656; Hannah, 20 Nov. 1658; Elizabeth 24 Jan. 1660; Dorcas, 10 May 1662; and Abigail, 20 Apr. 1665. 

MARMADUKE, Newport, there in 1638, adm. freem. 1640, and among them 1655. MILES, Salem 1639, from Erith in Kent, few miles below London, on the Thames, and only two from Crayford, came with w. Margaret, had there bapt. a ch. whose name is not giv. in the rec. perhaps Joshua, b. 25 Apr. 1641; John, 26 Dec. 1641; Lydia, 1647; and Martha, 11 Mar. 16349; and he d. 1650. His inv. was tak. in Sept. but he d. in Virginia, 3 Mar. Lydia m. 12 1665, Robert Glanfield; and Martha m. 2 Dc. 1668, the sec. Pasca Foote. MILES, Salem, s. of Joshua of the same, m. 1694; and Sarah, d. of John Massey, sometimes call. but falsely, the first b. male of that city, had, beside others, Joshua, b. 15 Aug. 1699; John, 27 Nov. 1701, d. under 2 yrs.; Miles, 18 Apr. 1704; John, 7 July 1707; and Ebenezer, 10 Apr. 1710 (this last had ten ch. and from him descend. the late Thomas W. Ward); and nineteen grew up to be m. as he boasted, and ch. and gr. ch. were 91; and his w. d. 20 Nov. 1728. He had for sec. w. Sarah, d. of William Ropes, and d. 20 Aug. 1764, aged 92 yrs. His wid. d. 7 Feb. 1768, aged 85. 

NATHANIEL, Ipswich, came in 1634, was b. 1570 at Haverhill in Suffk. where his f. John was a min. in high esteem by the Puritans of Elizabeth's day, bred at the Univ. of Cambridge, where he was [[vol. 4, p. 411]] mataric. of Emanuel Coll. 1569, and proceed. A. M. 1603, serv. as curate at St. James, Duke's place, London, first, and soon aft. had the living of Stondon Massey's in Co. Essex, where he was resid. when recommend. for the serv. of the Gov. and Comp. of Mass. Bay in 1629, by the Rev. John White of Dorchester, our effic. friend. But he was not at liberty to leave his flock, until he was driv. from his place, where a new rector was induct. Aug. 1633. 

Greatly was he honored here, in 1639 unit. with Cotton to frame a body of laws, to wh. prob. he was in some degree equal, as Mather tells us, in a few lines with wh. he begins his life of the s. John, he had first been a student of the law. Yet he was more extensive, kn. by his wit. in the over flow of wh. he produc. the Simple Cobler of Agawam, wh. by its humor almost compensates for his asperity. He preach. the sermon for the gen. election, 1641, and was very judicious in dissuad. our governm. from taking side in the strange contest betw. La Tour and D'Aulney 2 yrs. later; went home bef. 1647, and preach. to the Ho. of Commons, on the month. fast, 30 June in that yr. obtain. the living of Shenfield in Essex, where he d. 1653. Most clear. did his independ. shine at that day of trouble, for he publis. that sermon, when Parliament was afraid to. Against the arrogant claim of the army, that early in the mo. usurp. control of the person of the k. then conduct. a treaty with Parliam. in whose custody he was, Ward. support. with abundant spirit the legal power of that body to make a thoro. pacificat. Such a bold vindicat. the Commons of Eng. dared not print. Of his fam. our acco. is imperf. but of his s. John and James eno. is bef. ment. and his d. Susan m. famous Giles Firmin. 

NATHANIEL, Hartford 1638, an orig. propr. was held in respect, m. prob. for sec. w. Jane, wid. of John Hopkins, but aft. some yrs. disgusted with the ch. quarrels, rem. to Hadley 1660, there, by special delegat. of author. to Pynchon and Holyoke from our Gen. Ct. he and the other Conn. emigr. were adm. freem. 26 Mar. 1661, and he d. May 1664, leav. no ch. His will of 27 May in that yr. gives of his good est. above one half to William Markham, a kinsman, residue to Hadley sch. and sev. friends and relatives. *OBADIAH, Sudbury 1654, b. in Eng. s. of the first William, rem. to Marlborough 1662, by w. Mary, m. a. 1667, had Alice, b. 14 Nov. 1668; William, 7 Jan. 1670; Obadiah, 18 Sept. 1672; Bethia, 1674, d. soon; Mary, 4 May 1676; Jane, 1677; Edmund, 21 Jan. 1679; Sarah, 29 Jan. 1681; Richard, 26 Apr. 1683; Elizabeth 4 Dec. 1685; Hannah, 3 Jan. 1688; Eleazer, 2 Nov. 1689; and Prudence, 1691; was rep. 1689, and d. 5 Jan. leaving sec. w. Joanna, m. 20 Dec. 1693, as the fam. report is, d. of Isaac Mixer, and wid. of Joseph Harrington, wh. outliv. him. But I am convinc. that the Ward Family, p. 12, has here fallen into error, for on p. 23 it makes Obadiah, s. of Richard, m. on the same day, [[vol. 4, p. 412]] the same Joanna, that, on the former page, was giv. to his uncle of the same name. 

OBADIAH, Sudbury, s. of Richard of the same, m. 20 Dec. 1693, Joanna, the young wid. of Joseph Harrington, d. of Isaac Mixer, had Richard, b. 1694; Obadiah, 1695; Hannah, 1696; Daniel, 1700; Sarah, 1701; Dorinada or Dorinda (if either be not too absurd a name), 26 Nov. 1702; Uriah, 23 Dec. 1704, k. by the Ind. at Rutland, in garrison, 3 Aug. 1724; Isaac, Mar. 1707; and Thankful, 15 Feb. 1712; rem. 1716 to Worcester, there d. 17 Dec. 1717, in his will of the preced. day, prov. Joanna to be his wife, not his uncle's giv. only to his two oldest ch. portions of his prop. and residue to his w. at her discret. for the other ch. The wid. liv. with s. Isaac in Framingham 1725. OBADIAH, Marlborough, s. of the first Obadiah, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah, b. 1704; Jedediah, 14 Apr. 1706; and Jabez, 1707. By sec. w. Elizabeth Flood, m. 12 Dec. 1711, he had Thankful, b. Mar. 1713; Mary, 26 Apr. 1714; Sarah, 6 Mar. 1716; Silence, 28 Sept. 1717, d. at 2 mos.; Elizabeth 16 May 1721, d. in few weeks; and Beriah, 23 Jan. 1726; and d. 14 Mar. 1666. His wid. m. 22 Nov. 1667, Daniel Stone. 

RICHARD, Sudbury, s. of William the first, b. in Eng. m. 8 Sept. 1661, Mary Moore, had Obadiah, b. 10 Dec. 1663; and Lydia, 16 Mar. 1665; was drown. 31 Mar. 1666. His wid. m. 22 Nov. 1667, Daniel Stone. RICHARD, Newton, s. of the first John of the same, m. 15 Dec. 1690, Thankful, d. of Trowbridge, the first of the same, had Lydia, b. 13 Aug. 1692; Thomas, 8 Jan. 1694. James, 6 Jan. 1696, d. soon; Hannah, 13 May 1697; William, 12 Sept. 1699; James, 14 Aug. 1701; Ephraim, 1703; and Margaret, 28 Feb. 1706; was selectman and rep. sev. yrs. d. 27 Mar. 1739, and his wid. d. 1742. RICHARD, Newport, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 2 Nov. 1709, Mary, d. of John Tillinghast, had Amy, b. 4 Sept. 1710, d. next mo.; Thomas, 24 Oct. 1711; Mary, 16 Dec. 1713; Elizabeth 19 Feb. 1715, d. young; Amy, again, 21 Feb. or July 1717; Isabel, 19 Sept. 1710; Hannah, 4 Sept. 1721; John, 4 Aug. 1723, d. next yr.; Samuel, 27 May 1725; Mercy, 3 June 1727; Margaret, 14 Apr. 1729; Richard, 22 Jan. 1731, d. at 2 yrs.; Henry, 27 Dec. 1732; and Elizabeth again, 6 June 1635. He was Gov. of the Col. 1741 and 2, d. 21 Aug. 1763; and his wid. d. 1767. ROBERT, s. of the wid. Joyce of Wethersfield, nam. in her will Nov. 1640, but of wh. no more is kn. by me, unless he be the Robert of Boston wh. by. w. Sarah had Hannah, b. 6 May 1660. 

ROGER, by the diligent Farmer adm freem. of Mass 1637, must be a supernum. for no such person is found in the rec. of that yr. nor indeed does a single baptismal Roger turn up. SAMUEL, Hingham 1636, cooper, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, was rep. that yr. in Nov. and the next in Mar. made town clk. 1646; may have been f. of Henry, and perhaps had more ch. I presume he is the benefactor [[vol. 4, p. 413]] wh. gave to Harv. Col. the island lying off the harbor of Hingham, call. Bunkin's of Ward's island, and h e may be the same that liv. 1658-77 at Charlestown, and d. there, 31 Aug. 1682, aged 89, wh. as Noahdiah Russell in his Diary tells, gave L4. to the Coll. See Geneal. Reg. VII. 57. His wid. Frances, wh. was not his first w. d. 10 June 1690, aged 83. 

SAMUEL, Marlborough, s. of William of the same, b. prob. in Eng. took o. of fidel. 1652; was capt. and rep. 1679 and 80; m. 6 June 1667, Sarah, d. of John Howe of the same, had Sarah, b. 22 Apr. 1668; Joseph, 1670; Elizabeth 1672; Mary, 1676; Samuel, Mar. 1678; Bethia, 25 May 1681; and Daniel, 1687, d. at 13 yrs. and his w. d. 11 Aug. 1707. His will of 22 May 1727, near 2 yrs. bef. his d. was disput. by the heirs on acco. of most of the est. being giv. to s. Samuel. He had sec. w. Elizabeth wh. outliv. him. Conject. is wholly unable to explain, wh. she was. SAMUEL, Fairfield, among the freem. in the list of 1669, s. of the first Andrew, and d. bef. 1693, leav. wid. Hannah, and ch. Edmund, Samuel, and ds. Hannah, and Sarah, if not more. His wid. had been w. of Jonathan Nichols of Stratford, and was not mo. of any of these ch. SAMUEL, Branford, freem. 1668, m. 1658, Mary Carter, was not of the number wh. rem. to N. J. as he is found at B. 1679. SAMUEL, Marblehead, freem. 1665, serg. next yr. lieut. 1670, capt. 1679, m. prob. for sec. w. Sarah, wid. of Mr. Richard Hubbard of Ipswich, d. of Gov. Bradstreet, and he d. a maj. in the expensive and fruitless crusade of Phips against Quebec, in 1690. 

SAMUEL, Boston, a cooper whose orig. in unkn. to me, m. 10 Dec. 1691, Mary, wid. of Ephraim Sale, had Joanna, b. 31 Oct. 1692; Mary, 27 Nov. 1694, prob. d. soon; Samuel, 22 June 1696; and Mary again, 19 Nov. 1699. His will of 4 Oct. 1701, pro. 17 Sept. 1702, gives L3. to ea. of his brs. John and Thomas, a silver spoon to ea. of the ch. of his w. by her former h. two thirds of his est. and residue to Joanna, so that we may be sure she was the only surv. of his own four. SAMULE, Marlborough, s. of Samuel of the same, was perhaps the freem. 1691, when it was desirable to make a show of names; by w. Mary had Ephraim, b. 26 June 1705; Absalom, 20 Sept. 1706; Tamar, 11 Feb. 1708; Samuel, 11 Jan. 1710; Ursula, 23 Aug. 1711; Uriah, 2 Aug. 1716; and Benjamin, 10 Nov. 1719; and d. 27 Feb. 1738. His wid. d. 17 Jan. 1758. THOMAS, Hampton 1639, had prob. come in 1630, and serv. that yr. on the inquest relat. to d. of Bratcher, caused by blows from Walter Palmer, freem. 18 May 1642, when the name is spell. Worde, not as Farmer says 1635, had perhaps other ch. beside Mary, b. a. 1652, wh. m. John Dearborn, and d. 14 Dec. 1725. 

THOMAS, Milford 1657. THOMAS, Newport, s. of John, came aft. 1690, from Gloucestersh. as is said, had serv. as the most ridiculous tradit. tells, in Cromwell's army, for its crowning serv. was [[vol. 4, p. 414]] render. on 3 Sept. 1651, in the dreadful field of Worcester, bef. he was eleven yrs. of age; was a Bapt. freem. 1671, chos. an Assit. 1679, when he was only 38 yrs. old, and the progenit. of the disting. family of W. in that State. He d. 25 Sept. 1689, hav. made his will, 9 June 1683, wh. was pro. 2 June 1690. In it names ch. Thomas, Margaret, and Mary. 

By his first w. he had two ds. only, Mary, wh. m. Josiah, s. of Gov. Benedict Arnold, Margaret, wh. m. Robert Weightman, and d. 26 Sept. 1728, aged 57, neither of wh. left issue that liv. to be m. and by sec. w. he had two s. only, Thomas, b. a. 1683, and Richard, 15 Apr. 1689, wh. bec. the Gov. of the Col. That he was freem. of Portsmouth 1655, might be seen on p. 300 of R. I. Col. Rec. but that surname is a mistake for Waite, as Stiles copied it neatly a century bef. His wid. Amy or Ammi m. Arnold Collins, and d. 11 Jan. 1732. Thomas the s. d. 22 Dec. 1695, aged 12 yrs. and the fam. name was perpet. by the s. not nam. in the testament. THOMAS, Middletown, eldest s. of William by his sec. w. m. 6 Dec. 1683, Hannah, d. of James Tappan. He had sec. w. Elizabeth m. in 1714, and d. 2 June 1728. WILLIAM, Sudbury, came in 1639, with five ch. prob. John, b. a. 1626; Joanna, a. 1628; Obaddiah, a. 1632; Richard, a. 1635; and Deborah, a. 1637; and sec. w. Elizabeth had b. here, Hannah, a. 1639; William, 22 Jan. 1640; Samuel, 24 Sept. 1641; Elizabeth 14 Apr. 1643; Increase, 22 Feb. 1645; Hopestill, 24 Feb. 1646; Eleazer, a. 1649; and Bethia, a. 1658; was freem. 1643, rep. 1644; rem. 1660 to Marlborough, and was rep. 1666; was deac. at the first organiz. of the ch. and d. 10 Aug. 1687. He made his will, 6 Apr. the yr. bef. and his wid. d. 9 Dec. 1700, aged 86. 

WILLIAM, Wetheresfield, s. of the wid. Joyce W. of wh. no more is kn. than the ment. in the will of his mo. Nov. 1640, unless, wh. is not very prob. he be the freem. of Fairfield 1657-1669, wh. perhaps was s. of the first Andrew. WILLIAM, Fairfield, s. of the first Andrew, had good est. and his only heir was his wid. Esther, wh. m. 1678, Ebenezer Hawley, was an ens. and the inv. bears date 4 Mar. 1676. WILLIAM, Middletown, perhaps s. of the wid. Joyce, by w. Sarah had William, b. 24 June 1659, d. young; as did the mo. soon; and he m. 28 Mar. 1660, sec. w. Phebe, by wh. he had Thomas, 7 Feb. 1661; Phebe, 17 Mar. 1663; William, again, 2 Aug. 1665; Sarah, 18 Dec. 1667; Ann, 20 Mar. 1670; Dorothy, 5 Mar. 1672; Susanna, 6 June 1674; and John, 12 May 1678; and d. 28 Mar. 1690. His wid. d. 1 Sept. 1691. At the date of his will, 25 Dec. 1688, all the eight last b. ch were liv. Sarah m. 14 June 1688, Benjamin Hands. 

WILLIAM, Marlborough, s. of the first William, m. 4 or 6 Sept. 1679, Hannah, d. of Solomon Johnson, wid. of Gershom Eames, not d. as the Memoir in Geneal. Reg. V. 271, gives it, had William, b. 27 May or Mar. as the valuab. Ward Family, [[vol. 4, p. 415]] p. 14, says, 1680; Bethia, 1682; Nahum, 18 Dec. 1684; Elisha, 12 Jan. 1687, k. by the Ind. in his 23d yr.; Bathsheba, 16 May 1689, d. young; and Gershom, 3 Jan. 1694; and d. 25 Nov. 1697. His wid. d. 8 Dec. 1720. WILLIAM, Newton, s. of John of the same, and gr.s. of the preced. m. 31 Dec. 1689, Abigail, d. of lieut. John Spring, had John, b. 23 Feb. 1691, was freem. 1690, and selectman sev. yrs. but rem. as Jackson thinks. late in life. 

WILLIAM, Marlborough, eldest s. of the first Obadiah, by w. Judith had William, b. 9 June 1691; Jemimah, 5 July 1693; Gamaliel, 2 Oct. 1694; Jacob, 9 Mar. 1697; Judith, 6 Mar. 1700; Keziah, 4 June 1703; and Dinah, 2 Oct. 1704; rem. in few yrs. aft. to Conn. three d. 8 Jan. 1731, and his wid. d. 21 Jan. 1746. Of this name Farmer in MS. finds fourteen among gr. at Harv. five at Yale, and nine at other N. E. coll. 1834.

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