A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Waterman - Waugh

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WATERMAN, JOHN, a passeng. in the Jonathan, arr. at Boston 1639, of wh. I kn. no more but that his pass. was paid by Peter Noyes of Sudbury, and therefore we may suppose him a serv. JOHN, Marshfield, s. of Robert of the same, m. 7 Dec. 1665, Ann, d. of Samuel Sturtevant, [[vol. 4, p. 432]] had Samuel, b. 16 Oct. 1666; and Elizabeth 15 Jan. 1669; Ann, 1671; Lydia, 1678; Robert, 1681; and John, 1685. JOSEPH, Marshfield, eldest br. of the preced. by w. Sarah Snow, had Sarah b. 1674; Joseph, a. 1677; Elizabeth 1679; Abigail, 1681; Anthony, a. 1685; Bethia, 1687; Lydia, 1689; and d. 1 Jan. 1712, aged 69, and his wid. d. 11 Dec. 1741, aged 90. 

JOSEPH, Providence, perhaps s. of Richard of the same, m. 17 Dec. 1669, Lydia Olney of the same, prob. d. of the elder Thomas, possib. of the younger Thomas. NATHANIEL, Providence, eldest s. of Richard, own. alleg. to k. Charles, 31 May 1666, m. 14 Mar. 1663, Susanna Carder, prob. d. of Richard, had Richard; Benjamin; Nathaniel, wh. acknowledg. alleg. 29 May 1682; Daniel; and Bethia; liv. thro. Philip's was without leav. the town, and had his reward. RESOLVED, Providence, br. of the preced. own. alleg. to Charles II. on the same day; by w. Mercy, youngest d. of blessed Roger Williams, had Richard, John, Resolved, Waiting and Mary or Mercy. His wid. m. Samuel Winsor, and next John Rhodes. 

RICHARD, Salem, came in the fleet with Higginson 1629, sent by the Gov. and Comp. as an expert hunter, and he k. a wolf in July 1632, had Nathaniel, bapt. 20 Aug. 1637, and two other ch. in July 1638, whose names do not appear, as the f. had bec. hertic, and in Mar. of that yr. had liberty to follow Roger Williams to Providence, and there was nam. thee twelfth among the grantees of his settlem. Prob. Joseph, and certain. Resolved were also his s. and perhaps he had more; ds. were Mehitable and Waiting. Disagree. with some of William's friends, he join. Holden, Gorton, and others, tho. he did not rem. with them, wh. purch. from Miantonomo, planting place on the W. shore of Narraganset, now Warwick, and suffer. by monstrous injustice from Mass. in 1643. Yet, tho. some of his est. was confisc. at the Court in Oct. 1643, he got off better than most of his fellow misbelievers wh. narrow. escap. sentence of death, still he was bound to appear in May foll. See Winthrop II. 146-8. At the Gen. Ct. in May next "being found erroneous, heretical, and obstinate, it was agreed that he should be detain. prisoner till the Quarter Ct. in the 7th mo. unless five of the magistr. do find cause to send him away; wh. if they do, it is order. that he shall not ret. within this jurisdict. upon pain of death," as the Col. Rec. II. 73 says; as also Felt's Ann. II. 579; but in his Eccles. Hist. I. 558, the tender heart of the writer prevail. over his judgm. to suppress the last words. Yet even an Ecclesiast. Hists. should not be afraid of the truth. He was ch. offic. of the milit. call. col. and d. 28 Oct. 1673. His wid. mo of the ch. Bethia, d. Dec. 1680. 

Mehitable m. a Fenner. Of the tradit. of his coming in the Lion with Roger Williams Feb. 1631, no respect is felt, but its orgins may easily be referr. to the subordinate truth that he [[vol. 4, p. 433]] was one of the first sett. at Providence, with R. W. tho. he was earlier than him at Salem. ROBERT, Plymouth 1638, had been at Salem 1636, m. at Marshfield, 9 or 11 Dec. 1638, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bourne, and rem. to M. had Joseph, b. 1639; John, 1642; Thomas, 1644; Robert, a. 1652; and Joseph; was rep. 1644-9, and d. Sept. 1652, tho. Deane says 1665. 

ROBERT, Hingham, prob. s. of the preced. m. 1 Oct. 1675, as Hobart says, but town rec. 30 Sept. Susanna, d. of Daniel Lincoln, had Susanna, b. 4 May 1677; a ch. b. and d. 4 Feb. 1681; Elizabeth 18 Aug. 1682, d. at 13 yrs.; Robert, 14 Nov. 1684, d. at 19 yrs.; Josiah, 28 Nov. 1687; and a ch. wh. d. 24 Sept. 1694, too young to have a name; and his w. d. 10 Feb. 1696. He m. 20 Feb. 1699, Sarah, wid. of Thomas Lincoln, d. of James Lewis of Barnstable, had Lydia, 13 May 1700; Thomas, 19 Jan. 1702; and Hannah, 22 May 1704; and his w. d. 30 Jan. 1732. He d. 18 May 1741, aged 88. THOMAS, Roxbury, br. of Robert of Plymouth, had w. Hannah, wh. d. 5 June 1641; unit. with petitnrs. in 1645 for right from Mass. to plant at the settlem. of Warwick, whence the heretic inhabs. of wh. his namesake Richard ws one, had been forcib. eject. and he d. 22 Jan. 1676, unless the town rec. wh. contains the notices of d. of both, and no account of m. or b. may be design. for differ. persons. Farmer, MS. makes a Thomas of Hingham 1679, to be only s. of the preced. but I fear he mistook the name of the f. 

THOMAS, Newport, among the freem. adm. 1655, was of Wickford 1674. THOMAS, Saybrook, by Miss Caulkins conject. s. of the preced. bec. one of the first sett. of Norwich, there em. Nov. 1668, Miriam, d. of lieut. Thomas Tracy. He was ens. and propound. for freem. 1671, h ad ten ch. as in the valu. Hist. of N. p. 114 is told; but the fair writer gives only the three s. Thomas, b. Sept. 1670; John, Mar. 1672; and Joseph, 15 Jan. 1685. Names are heard of five others, Elizabeth b. Aug. 1675; Miriam, Apr. 1678; Martha, 6 Dec. 1680; Lydia, Aug. 1683; and Ann, Apr. 1689. Elizabeth m. 10 July 1695, capt. John Fitch of Windham. Of this name, Farmer found in 1834, three had been gr. at Harv. four at Yale, and five at other N. E. coll.

WATERS, ANTHONY, Hempstead, L. I. was town clk. 1663, favor. the jurisdict. of Conn. and it may be that he had gone from Conn. to promote annex. BEVIL, Hartford, found in the list of freem. 1669, had good est. d. 14 Feb. 1730, says the gr.-st. in 97th yr. Wh. was his first w. and mo. of his ch. is not kn. but when 92 yrs. old, he took ano. w. 13 Dec. 1722, Sarah, wid. of Joseph Mygott. His will of 1 Feb. 1721 ment. Thomas, d. bef. his f. and ds. Sarah, wh. m. 10 Feb. 1698, Joseph Benton; Hannah m. 1708, Wilterton Merrills; Mary m. 1711, Thomas Seymour. EDWARD, New Haven, took o. of fidel. 1647; and one of [[vol. 4, p. 434]] the same name liv. at Westchester 1663. EZEKIEL, Salem, s. of Richard, had Samuel, b. 3 Sept. 1673; Mary, 19 Apr. 1676; Elizabeth 4 Aug. 1678; Ezekiel, 1 Aug. 1680; Sarah, 9 Aug. 1682; Joyce, 9 Mar. 1684; Susanna, 1 Jan. 1686; Elias, 11 may 1688, wh. d. next mo.; Ebenezer, 26 Oct. 1690; and Martha, Oct. 1692. 

JACOB, Charlestown, had w. Sarah, wh. join. the ch. there 12 Nov. 1682, and of wh. I find no more. JOHN, Boston, came with Winthrop 1630, I suppose, for he and w. Frances are among the very early mem. of our ch. Nos. 23, and 4, and d. since is add. to the first copy of rec. He was from Neyland, in Co. Suffk. was a serv. of the Gov. wh. in letters to his w. the first autumn after arriv. ment. his loss. See Appx. A. to his Hist. Nos. 47 and 49. JOHN, Milford 1658, if Lambert be correct; but no more is found of him, not even his name among freem. of 1669. JOHN, Salem, perhaps s. of Richard of the same, m. 1 Aug. 1663, Sarah, d. of John Tompkins of the same, had Richard and John, b. last of June foll. and both d. in few days; John, 4 July 1665; Sarah, 30 Aug. 1667; Richard, again, 13 Nov. 1669; Nathaniel, 6 Feb. 1672; Samuel, 29 Mar. 1674, d. in few wks.; Samuel, again, 6 May 1675; and Elizabeth 10 Jan. 1678. He was call. Aug. 1692, witness against George Jacobs. His will of 14 Feb. 1707, was pro. 1 Mar. 1708. JOSEPH, New Haven 1649, aft. 1653, prob. rem. to Milford, at least had gr. of ld. in that town 1656 and 9; but no more is heard of him. JOSEPH, Boston, m. 13 Sept. 1655, Martha, d. of Oliver Mellows, and no more is told of him.

LAWRENCE, Watertown, 1634 or earlier, by w. Ann, d. of Richard Linton, had Lawrence, b. 14 Feb. 1635; Sarah, 7 Dec. 1636; Mary, 27 Jan. 1638; Rebecca, Feb. d. 1 Mar. 1640; Daniel, 6 Feb. 1642; in 1638, he or his w. or both, were warned for hav. danced, and may have been induc. to rem. early to Lancaster, where the high authty. of Willard makes him build the first ho. in that settlem. See Centenn. Celebr. 75. There prob. he had, Bond thinks, Joseph, Ephriam, Jacob, and Rachel; was blind in 1676, but happily rem. bef. the Ind. whirlw. fell on L. and resid. at Charlestown, there d. 9 Dec. 1687, aged near 85. Adam his s. d. 15 Sept. 1670 at Charlestown. Lawrence, Boston, s. of the preced. by w. Hannah, had Joseph, b. 14 Oct. 1663; Hannah, 26 Jan. 1666; Jonathan, 2 May 1671, d. young; Jonathan, again, 3 Oct. 1674; and Stephen, 3 Apr. 1677; was freem. 1663; and d. 1693. 

RICHARD, Saelm 1637, a gunsmith, had a ch. bapt. prob. John, 29 Nov. 1640; Elizabeth 26 Feb. 1643, d. unm. at 20 yrs.; Abigail, 18 May 1645; Ezekiel, 4 Apr. 1647; Susanna, 1 Apr. 1649; and Hannah, 30 Jan. 1653; tho. in whose right the act was admin. does not so well appear, as the adm. of Joyce, wh. may have ben his w. is by Felt insert. under 1641. That w. I presume to be the person made by Farmer a man (GEORGE), [[vol. 4, p. 435]] and by him enrol. of the ch. 23 May 1641. Such error is not so ludicr. as that he commits in mak. our Walter Merry, the shipwright of Merry's point, now the North battery, Merry Waters, as if any Boston puritan two hundred and twenty yrs. since, could have been call. Merry, instead of Sad, Stearn, or Severe. Dearborn, in Boston Notions, 63, foll. the blunder of so high authority. He is mark. by Felt as freem. tho. he omits his name among mem. of the ch. and in my opin. the person so entit. was Ipswich man. 

He was one of the petitnrs. in 1665 for conciliat. betw. the Col governm. and the crown, and was licensed to sell ale in 1668, and by his will of 16 July 1676, pro. 25 Nov. 1677, mak. w. Joyce extrix. we find other ch. beside the forenam. viz. James, William, Martha, and Mary. Then Abigail was w. of William Punchard; Mary of Clement English; Susanna of Benedict Pulsifer; and Hannah of Joseph Striker. Martha was perhaps unm. and in that instrum. ment. as well as her mo. and infirm. br. William. Perhaps Sarah, wh. m. 26 Feb. 1652, Joshua Ray, and Phebe, wh. m. 11 Oct. 1658, Thomas West, may have been his ds. RICHARD, Ipswich, 1638, was prob. the freem. of 22 May 1639. SAMPSON, Boston 1666, mariner, by w. Rebecca, had Mary, b. 28 Aug. 1667; William, 3 Mar. 1669; John, 2 Jan. 1673; Rebecca, 28 May 1677; Elizabeth 1 Feb. 1683; Sampson, 20 June 1685; and Robert, 5 May 1688; was in 1685, sent out with 40 men, in pursuit of Veal and Graham, pirates on the coast, off New London, says Farmer, in MS. 

SAMUEL, Woburn, freem. 1684, by w. Mary, had Mary, b. 19 Oct. 1675; Sarah, 15 Jan. 1678; Daniel, 30 Nov. 1679; Samuel, 6 Nov. 1681; Abigail, 29 Nov. 1683; John, 22 Sept. 1685, d. in 4 yrs.; Ephraim, 12 Oct. 1687; John, again, 11 Dec. 1689; Nathaniel, and Daniel, tw. 10 Oct. 1691, both d. soon; Josiah 19 Sept. 1694; and Joanna, 28 Nov. 1696. STEPHEN, Charlestown 1678, perhaps br. of Jacob, had w. Sarah, wh. join. the ch. 26 June 1681; but of him I learn no more. THOMAS, Hartford, only s. of Bevil of the same, m. 19 May 1696, Sarah, d. of the sec. Benjamin Fenn, of Milford, had Mehitable, b. 1697, d. young; Joseph, 1698; Sarah, 1699; Mehitable, again, 1701; Dorothy, 1704; Samuel, 1707; Benjamin, 1709, perhaps d. young; and Abraham, 1712; neither of the last two are nam. in the will of gr.f. while the others liv. all are. WILLIAM, Pemaquid, sw. alleg. to Mass. 1674, and was appoint. constable. WILLIAM, Marblehead 1674, was prob. s. of Richard of Salem, and d. 1684, leav. ch. William, Thomas, Hannah, and Mary. WILLIAM, Boston 1653, of wh. I find no more but that when he made a deed June 1668, he is call. senr. so that it seems prob. there was a junr. 

WILLIAM, Marblehead, perhaps s. of William of the same, m. 1 Aug. 1686, [[vol. 4, p. 436]] Elizabeth Lattimore, perhaps d. of Christopher. Farmer's num. of gr. in 1834, is two at Harv. one at Yale, and four at other N. E. coll.

WATHEN, or WATHIN, EZEKIEL, Amesbury, sw. alleg. Dec. 1677. It may be that he was s. of that John Watten, dec. on whose est. at the Gen. Ct. Oct. 1654, admin. was giv. to capt. Brian Pendleton, "that some course may be taken for relief of his wid." See Col. Rec. III. 366. Pendelton was a selectman of Portsmouth, and Watten was one of the mem. of ch. May 1640. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 180. GEORGE, Salem, reckon. by Felt among mem. of the ch. 1641. THOMAS, Gloucester, was s. of Edmund, d. 1652, had bef. serv. in the civil was under Prince Rupert. The est. of a wid. W. was, it is said, sett. in Essex Co. 1644.

WATKINS, DAVID, Stratford, with prefix of resp. upon his inv. 20 July 1688, tho. of no more than L50. left wid. Sarah and one d. only to partake. JOHN, Salem, came a. 1641, and d. in few wks. as Mr. Felt assures me. JOHN, Cambridge 1651. THOMAS, Boston, tobacco maker as he is call. in the deed to him, Oct. 1653 of his est. in B. by Robert Breck of Dorchester; by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 27 Nov. 1652; John, 21 Mar. 1654; Sarah, 1 Mar. 1657, prob. d. young; Thomas, 10 May 1659; Sarah, again, 7 Nov. 1661; Rowland, 5 Dec. 1663; Hannah, 9 Apr. 1665, d. soon; Hannah, again, 28 Oct. 1666; Mehitable, 14 Feb. 1668; and Joseph, 15 Jan. 1670. He was freem. 1660, of ar. co. 1666, had planta. at Kennebeck, wh. he sold 1669, to Thomas Gyles; and d. 16 Dec. 1689. THOMAS, Kennebeck 1665. See Sullivan, 287.

WATSON, ABRAHAM, Cambridge, s. of John of the same, by w. Mary Butterfield, had Isaac, b. 3 Mar. 1690; John; Abraham; both bapt. 21 Feb. 1697; William, 8 May 1698; Jonathan, 18 Oct. 1702; and Jacob, 7 May 1704; and d. 23 Mar. 1705, aged 44, says Harris's Epit. His wid. m. Samuel Whitmore of Lexington. CALEB, Roxbury, s. of John of the same, m. 15 Dec. 1665, Mary, d. of George Hyde, of Boston, freem. 1666, was of Hadley 1668, a sch.-master at Hadley bef. and aft. but soon rem. to Hartford, for many yrs. taught there, and d. says the Coll. Catal. 1725, rather aged. His case affords a perfect example of fondness for exaggera. Hinman, 246 of Ed. I. tells that "he is suppos. to have d. over one hundred yrs. of age," when we find fairly 84 only betw. b. and d. No ch. was liv. perhaps none ever b. to him, so that he gave est. to sis. Dorcas Adams of Ipswich, wh. was older than hims. but w. Mary was made excor. of his will. 

EDWARD, New Haven, m. 1 July 1653, Grace, wid. of John Walker, had Grace, bapt. some day, but not 31, in Mar. 1653; and John, b. 22, bapt. prob. 28 Sept. 1656. See Geneal. Reg. IX. 363. He d. 1660, leav. only these ch. ELKANAH, [[vol. 4, p. 437]] Plymouth, s. of George, a blacksmith, by w. Mercy had John, b. 1678; Phebe, 1681; Mercy, 1683; and Mary, 1688; was drown. in co. with the sec. Edward Doty and his s. John, by shipwr. on the Gurnet's nose, in a pass. from Boston home, 8 Feb. 1690. His wid. m. John Freeman of Harwich, and tradit. exults in add. that her three ds. m. three of his s. GEORGE, Plymouth, m. 1635, Phebe, d. of Robert Hicks, wh. d. 22 May 1663, had John; Phebe; Samuel and Elizabeth tw. b. 18 Jan. 1648, of wh. Samuel d. 20 Aug. 1649, but Elizabeth to be m.; Mary; Jonathan, 9 Mar. 1652; Elkanah, 25 Feb. 1656; Jonathan, again, 1659; and perhaps others; and d. 1689, aged 87. Phebe m. 22 Jan. 1657, Jonathan Shaw; Mary m. 21 Aug. 1662, Thomas Leonard; and Elizabeth m. 1667, Joseph Williams of Taunton. 

JACOB, Cambridge, s. of John of the same, by w. Mary m. 21 Aug. 1662, Thomas Leonard; and Elizabeth m. 1667, and d. 29 Mar. 1724. JOHN, Roxbury, arr. in the Lion, 16 Sept. 1632, was adm. freem. 5 Nov. 1633, m. 3 Apr. 1634, Alice, wid. of Valentine Prentice, had John, b. Jan. 1635, Edmund, 12 July 1636, d. bef. his. f.: Joshua, Aug. 1637, and d. 1639, as Ellis says (but by ch. as well as town rec. 30 Apr. 1649); Dorcas, 20 Sept. 1639; Caleb, 29 July 1641, H. C. 1661; Mary, 2, bapt. 5 May 1644, but Ellis puts it one yr. bef.; and he d. Jan. 1672, tho. Ellis, confus. the f. with the s. makes it 1693. By his will of 4 Mar. 1671, pro. 5 Feb. foll. we find to the four ch then liv. John, Caleb, Dorcas, w. of Timothy Dwight of Medfield, and Mary w. of Thomas Stedman of Muddy riv. and to three gr.ch. bequests are made, as also to his s. John Prentice, mean. the s. of his w. by here first h., L5. JOHN, Cambridge, by Farmer confus. with the preced. freem. 1645; m. Rebecca, d. of wid Ann, and sis. of Abraham Errington, wh. d. 11 Nov. 1690, aged 65, was selectman 1680, and much empl. in town affairs. His ch. named in Mitchell's Reg. as bapt. in his flock, Rebecca,; John, b. 14 Oct. 1653, d. of smallpox at 25 yrs.; Abraham, 26 June, bapt. 28 July 1661; Ann, 21 Aug. bapt. 16 Sept. 1666, d. young; beside Isaac, 24 Sept. 1669; and Jacob, 20 Dec. 1671. He d. 20 May 1711, aged 92, as Harris Epit. marks. JOHN, Hartford 1644, d. bef. 1656, leav. wid. Margaret, and s. John; d. Sarah, m. John Merrills; and Mary m. John Seymour. The wid. d. 1683, in her will of Mar. in that yr. names the three ch. 

JOHN, Rowley 1658, freem. 1672, m. Eunice, I think d. of James Barker of the same. JOHN, Hartford, only s. of John of the same, by w. Ann, had John, b. 1680; Thomas, 1682; Zechariah, 1685; Ann, 1688; Cyprian, 1690; Sarah, 1692; and Caleb, 1695. Perhaps he had been of Wickford 1674. That Narraganset country was much coveted by the Conn. governm. as belong. to their jurisdict. JOHN, Roxbury, eldest ch. of John of the same, had w. Mary, but no ch. is found on rec. or nam. in his will, made 27 July 1693, pro. 27 Sept. aft. [[vol. 4, p. 438]] in wh. provid. for the w. as long as she contin. wid. to have all his est. and giv. some small sums to his br. Caleb, and cous. John Dwight, Dorcas Adams, and to cous. Thomas, Joshua, Joseph, Joseph, and Mary Stedman, beside L20. to cous. Tabitha Brooks, he devis. all resid. to cous. Caleb Stedman. He d. 13 Aug. 

JOHN, Boston, binds hims. apprent. Feb. 1675. JOHN, New Haven, s. of Edward. m. 30 Mar. 1681, Elizabeth Hudson, had Elizabeth b. 16 Jan. 1682; Mary, 11 Dec. 1683; and prob. more; was prop. 1685. JOHN, Salisbury, m. 1688, Ruth Griffin, had Abraham, b. 13 Dec. 1688; John, 11 dec. 1690, d. soon; Hannah, 5 Apr. 1695, d. at one wk.; and Jonathan, 12 Oct. 1696. NATHANIEL, New London 1647, of wh. no more is seen in Caulkins. NATHANIEL, Windsor, s. of Robert of the same, m. 1685, Dorothy d. of the sec. John Bissell, had Nathaniel, and Ann, the latter 4 yrs. old, the other 6 mos. when he d. 19 Aug. 1690. PHILIP, Rowley 1678, had liv. at Salisbury, where his s. William d. 19 Dec. 1657. ROBERT, Windsor, m. 10 Dec. 1646, Mary, d. of the first John Rockwell of the same, had Mary, b. 11 Jan. 1652; John, 7 Mar. 1653; Samuel, 14 Jan. 1655; Hannah, 8 Aug. 1658; Ebenezer, 25 Apr. 1661; Nathaniel, 28 Jan. 1664; and Jedediah, 30 Sept. 1666. He is in the list of freem. 1669, but freed from train. the yr. preced. His w. d. 21 Aug. 1684; and he d. 19 July 1689. All the s. were then liv. Hannah m. 28 Mar. 1679, John Birge of W. ROBERT, Dover, 1665, of wh. no more is learned. THOMAS, Salem 1637, adm. of the ch. 1639, freem. 13 May 1640, was prob. h. of that Joan W. wh. is count. ch. memb. 1636, and d. Dec. 1674; but no ch. is ment. He was, perhaps, the tailor wh. d. 1 Mar. 1672. 

THOMAS, Boston, kept the prison 1674, nay be the same, wh. at Ipswich, n. 15 Jan. 1672, Sarah Perley, had Sarah, b. 2 Nov. foll. was of Topsfield 1684. WILLIAM, Newbury, m. says Coffin, 6 Dec. 1670, Sarah Perley, had Mary, wh. m. Joseph Hale. In 1834, of this name by Farmer's reckon. eleven had been gr. at Harv. four at Yale, and six at other N. E. coll.

WATTLES, or WATTLLS, RICHARD, Ipswich 1648, was there 1663.

WATTS, HENRY, Saco, Scarborough 1636 and 1658, subm. to jurisdict. 1658, and sw. as freem. of Mass. 1659, same yr. constable, and next yr. as also 1661, commissnr. or rep. under the jurisdict. of Mass. yet in 1663, unit. with the major pt. of his neighb. in declar. their neutrality betw. k. and col. and his town was presented for disobey. the warrant to them direct. for choos. of officers, and when he appear. 1664, as commissnr. my transcr. of the rec. show that he was disallow. Aft. this no polit. distinct. is seen. He is point. at by Willis I. 55, as one of the Assist. in the governm. of Cleeves as early as 1648; and in 1685, he was aged 71, had w. and perhaps ch. but Southgate in his valu. hist. [[vol. 4, p. 439]] could tell no more. JAMES, Marblehead 1668. JEREMIAH, Salem 1678-80. 

LAWRENCE, New Haven, d. in 1643, prob. without w. or ch. RICHARD, Hartford, one of the first sett. tho. not orig. purch. liv. on the S. side of the riv. bef. 1640; was f. of William and Thomas. He had also ds. Elizabeth wh. m. George Hubbard of Middletown; and Eleanor, wh. m. 23 Dec. 1647, Nathaniel Brown. His wid. Elizabeth d. in H. 1666, was sec. w. made her will in Feb. of that yr. and her h. had been d. some nine yrs. or more. SAMUEL, Haverhill, sw. alleg. 1677, was liv. 1690. SAMUEL, Boston, tr. as a pirate, Jan. 1690. THOMAS, Hartford, s. of Richard, call. serg. in the list of freem. 1669, grew to be ens. 1673, lieut. in 1675 bef. the war, and capt. in the same yr. aft. the hostil. and head. his comp. in the desperate Narraganset fight 19 Dec. 1675, as told in Niles's hist. and seventeen of his comp. were that day k. or wound. was in good repute, certain. 1677, when once more he was put at the head of forces to go up the riv. He m. 1 May 1645, Elizabeth d. of George Steele, had no ch. made his will, 6 Aug. 1683, had very good est. of wh. the use of all to w. dur. life, and made judicious dispos. aft. The wid. d. 25 Feb. 1685, and gave her est. to her br. James Steele and his four ds. and other relat. WILLIAM, Hartford, is by Porter rank. among first sett. yet not orig. prop. bef. 1641, was s. of Richard, certain. not among freem. 1669; but he had gone home, and d. bef. 1668, in Eng.

WAUGH, DOROTHY, Boston, a Quaker, came in the Speedwell from London 1656, aged 20, arr. 27 July, and prob. was soon rem. to a better place to diffuse her light in.

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