A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Way - Webster 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WAY, AARON, Dorchester, freem. 1651, may have been s. of Henry the first, m. prob. Joan, d. of William Summer, had Susanna, bapt. 1 Apr. 1660, "being a. 2 or 3 mos. old at this time, but not bapt. till now, being b. at the farm," an no doubt sev. more, certain. Aaron and William, perhaps both aft. his rem. in that yr. to join the sec. ch. of Boston, with his w. AARON, Salem, perhaps s. of the preced. freem. 1690, was one of the body of worshippers wh. in Apr. 1693 began the three yrs. labor of compele. the withdraw. of their pastor, unhappy Samuel Paris, for his sad activ. in the delusion of witchcraft, that caused the death of so many of his flock. See Calef, Salem Ed. 123; and 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 169, where is most valua. copy from the rec. of the ch. of the pastor hims. made by Mr Felt, where we must regret what is not a common subj. of compl. that his extr. are too brief. EBENEZER, Hartford, s. prob. of Eliezer, had w. Irene, and I kn. no more of him. 

ELIEZER, Hartford 1666, had suit in Mass. as early as 1657, against Thomas Purchase of Kennebeck. See our Col. Rec. IV. p. 334. He was propound. for freem. May 1669, had good est. at H. for we learn form the very curious addr. of Mr. Day on the Wadsworth Athenaeum, [[vol. 4, p. 440]] that the edifice was erect. on the ld. by Thomas Welles in Feb. 1667, convey. to Way, and by him held to his d. 12 July 1687, and in 1696, assign. to Ebenezer, his only ch. b. at H. 4 Nov. 1673, by w. Mary. The wid. Mary d. 1701. Of three ds. we kn. the m. Sarah, 4 Sept. 1684, to Ichabod Welles; and Elizabeth to his br. Joseph; and Lydia m. 1705, Jabez Whittlesey. GEORGE, said to be a partak. with Thomas Purchase, in the early settlem. of the country near the junct. of the Androscoggin with the Kennebeck, bef. 1630. He was a contribut. in Eng. GEORGE, Dorchester, s. prob. of Henry the first, had div. in neck lds. now South Boston, 1637, aft. at Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 19 Mar. 1651; and as no more is heard of him at B. it seems to me prob. that he was of Providence soon aft. there bound hims. in alleg. to Charles II. 31 May 1666. George, Saybrook and Lyme, m. Elizabeth only d. of John Smith of New London, whither he rem. had George and Thomas, wh. d. there. 

GEORGE, New London, s. of the preced. m. Susanna, d. of Joseph Nest, and d. a. 23 Feb. 1717. By reason of the marvelous deep snow, his corpse could not be brot. to bur. bef. 7 Mar. See Caulkins, 362. HENRY, Dorchester, prob. br. of the first Aaron, came in the Mary and John, 1630, says Roger Clap, a fellow passeng. well adv. in life, brings w. Elizabeth and ch. prob. Samuel, Henry, Richard, and Elizabeth beside ano. of his w. wh. was lost in the winter pass. hither of the Lion, that had been charter. here soon aft. arr. of the Gov. and comp. to go to Bristol for food, and was coming back in Dec. and Jan. 1630-1. He had good est. but never desir. to be freem. liv. to 1667, aged 84, as Blake's Annals tell. His w. had d. 23 June 1665, at the same age. HENRY, Dorchester, s. or more prob. gr.s. of the preced. had in his will of 2 Dec. 1674, nam. sis. Elizabeth and br. Richard, beside uncle Aaron, so that my infer. is, that he had no w. or ch. was a mariner, and s. of Richard. 

JAMES, Newton, L. I. is first found there in 1656, and had large est. soon, was a Quaker, had ch. James, Francis, John, Hannah, Elizabeth and Martha, and d. 2 Oct. 1665. Riker, 378, makes Hannah m. Jeremiah Burroughs; Elizabeth m. Arthur Albertis; and Martha m. Thomas Taylor. Highly respect. are descend. RICHARD, Dorchester, s. of Henry the first, b. in Eng. a . 1624, adm. freem. 10 May 1643, rem. to Salem, there by w. Esther, d. of Thomas Jones, had Henry, bapt. 28 Dec. 1651; Elizabeth 8 Sept. 1653; Richard, 1654; Jonathan, 29 Dec. 1657, d. young; with his w. join. the 2d ch. in Boston 17 Feb. 1661, yet had no more ch. bapt. here, tho. by town rec. it seems, that w. Esther brot. him Hannah, 23 May 1662; and w. Bethia brot. Hannah, 13 July 1677. I strongly suspect that in this last rec. by carelessness of the writer mo. and ch. changed names; but it is of very slight importance, for his will of 2 Jan. 1697, pro. 28 Oct. foll. gave all his est. to w. Hannah, "hav. no [[vol. 4, p. 441]] reason to believe any of my own childr. are surv." This latter w. was wid. of Thomas Hull, d. of William Townsend. He was a cooper, a man of substance, of ar. co. 1671, was lieut. and serv. at castle island under Roger Clap, was farmer gener. of the impost. in 1674, and lost money by his speculat. and some persons wished him to be made postmaster, in place of John Hayward the notary, perhaps our of compassion for that ill success. 

RICHARD, "was of Scituate in 1651," says Farmer, but no evid. is kn. to me. ROBERT, an apprent. in 1634, with Dept.Gov. Ludlow, yet in few wks. was under ens. Jennison, wh. soon lawfully assign. him to Edward Burton, and not long aft. was with Samuel Hosier, wh. early in 1636 got rid of him to William Almy to take him form Israel Stoughton, Jennison, Burton, and Hosier having to pay 20s. each for the benefit of Almy. See pp. 119, 122, 123, and 163 of Col. Rec. I. Such an inhab. was not object of regret if soon lost sight of. SAMUEL, Dorchester 1664, perhaps s. of the first Henry, but nothing more is heard. THOMAS, Isle of Shoals 1649, in few yrs. aft. was liv. in some part of Essex Co. THOMAS, New London, s. of the first George of the same, m. says Caulkins, Ann, d. of Andrew Lester, but if so, she was the sec. d. of that name, prob. by his sec. w. of the same name (for the first Ann by first w. had m. Nathaniel Millet), had Thomas, wh. d. at 20 yrs.; David, James, John, and six others betw. 1688 and 1714, rem. a. 1720 to New Haven, and d. 1726. WILLIAM, Boston, prob. s. of Richard, with w. join. Mather's ch. 9 Mar. 1677, was freem. 1678. WILLIAM, Salem, br. prob. of Aaron of the same, freem. 1690, with him was active in protest. against the cruel hypochondria of Rev. Samuel Paris. See Felt in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. III. 169.

WAYMOUTH. See Weymouth.

WEADEN, Edward, a soldier in Moseley's comp. at the Narraganset gr. fight, Dec. 1675. Perhaps this name may be Weeden, or Wheedon.

WEARE, NATHANIEL, Newbury, s. perhaps of Peter of the same, b. in Eng. a. 1631, or more prob. 1635, as in Oct. 1695, he was se. to be only 60, m. 3 Dec. 1656, Elizabeth Swain, perhaps d. of Richard of Rowley, had Nathaniel, b. 5 Jan. 1658; Peter, 5 Nov. 1660; rem. a. 1662 to Hampton, there had six others, as Coffin says, and yet of not one is the proof accessib. was freem. of Mass. 1666, a rep. and bec. counsel. of N. H. aft. our new chart. 1692, and d. 13 May 1718, aged 83, wh. is in more than one book swell. to 87. 

PETER, Kittery, a man of large acquaint. with the New Hampsh. and Maine early settlem. whose name first appears on the gr. jury 1645, under the Gorges jurisdict. and in 1654 under that of Mass. of wh. he was adm. freem. 1652, as Farmer counts the sw. of alleg. was rep. for York in 1659, in the subordin. [[vol. 4, p. 442]] legislat. held by Wiggin and Danforth by virtue of commissn. from Mass. but rep. at Boston in 1660 for Kittery; in 1665, the great important sess. of controver. with the royal commissnrs. and 1669 for York, again 1670 in Presid. Danforth's Court for the Province, in 1676 as "the old Treasr. was direct. to square his accounts," and in 1680 sw. alleg. to the k. Charles II. Aft. this I find his name no more in the Maine rec. and he prob. d. soon. PETER, Newbury, wh. d. as Coffin notes, 12 Oct. 1653, may have been br. or f. rather more prob. of Nathaniel. 

PETER, Hampton, s. Nathaniel, of what it is mortifiying confess. that I kn. no more exc. that he was made counsel. of the Prov. 1698. Neither Belkn. nor Farmer give m. progeny or d. It has been asked if Peter Weare and Peter Wyer were the same man. ROBERT, Hampton, the freem. of 1678, may have been br. of Nathaniel. In a very valu. note to Belkn. Hist. by Farmer in his Ed. 364, 5, uncertainty rests even on the f. of Meshech, b. 1714, H. C. 1735, one of the most servicable men that State has ever produc. wh. was its first Presid. under revolut. const. Yet F. thinks he was s. and the youngest of four of Nathaniel, wh. was s. of the last Peter.

WEATHERHEAD, or WITHEREHEAD, Mary, one of the Quakers, wh. arr. at Boston 27 July 1656, from London, aged 26, in the Speedwell, but was, I hope, discreet eno. to go quietly to prison until the evil spirit in our governm. sent her home by the same ship. The silence of Hutchinson I. 196, permits us to indulge such a suspicion of rare tolerat.

WEATHERS, JOHN, Hadley, sw. alleg. Feb. 1679.

WAVER, CLEMENT, fined for drunk. in Mass. 1640, may have not been perman. resid. certain. not the Mr. Weaver, order. by court to be sent home, 1 Mar. 1631, in the Lion, as one "unmeet to inhabit here." Passing over the drunk. we may find him as Clement senr. a freem. at Newport in the list of 1655. CLEMENT, Newport, in the list of freem. 1655 call. junr. may well seem s. of the preced. and he m. Mary, eldest d. of William Freeborn, had perhaps the misfortune of being a capt. 1690 serv. with Walley in the expedit. of Phips against Quebec, if such latitude of construct. may be applied to the exact statem. in Arnold's Hist. of R. I. Vol. I. 520, 2. EDMUND, a husbandman, aged 28, with his w. Margaret, 30, came in the Planter, 1635, from London. They are call. in the London cocket for clearance, of Auckstrey in Herefordsh. yet my search for their resid. in this country is unsucess. JAMES, perhaps br. of the preced. came fellow-passeng. at least with him, and was aged 23. THOMAS, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Sarah, b. 6 Nov. 1674, but of him no more can be found here, tho. possib. it might be in ano. town. [[vol. 4, p. 443]]

WEBB, ADEY, ADY, ADDEY, or ADDY, Plymouth 1631, was tax. in two foll. yrs. and on the list of those able to bear arms in 1643, his name appears with a star bef. it. He was not a sever puritan, but oft. prosecut. for work. on the Lord's day, bound as serv. to Gov. Prence, and prob. had no w. or ch. See Felt, Eccles. Hist. i. 347. BENJAMIN, Malden, m. 7 Dec. 1669, Mercy, d. of William Bucknam, and, were it in my power, I would gladly tell more than that he was freem. 1690. CHRISTOPHER, Braintree, freem. 1645, had perhaps Peter, but the old town rec. is incomplete, not nam. the mo. nor date; and it cannot be that, as Farmer had it, he was b. 1657, and so more likely to be s. of sec. Christopher; was one of the petitnrs. that yr. for leave to go and possess the ld. from wh. our governm. had unrighteous. driv. Gorton, Holden, and other misbeliev. planters; but the right of the sufferers was vindicat. in Eng. 

CHRISTOPHER, Billerica, prob. s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 18 Jan. 1656, Hannah Scott, perhaps d. of the first Benjamin, had John, b. 23 Oct. foll.; Samuel, Aug. 1660, as the town rec. certifies, tho. I have seen a statem. that it was 28 July 1660; Christopher, 25 Mar. 1663; Hannah, 5 Sept. 1665; Benjamin, 12 Apr. 1667; Mary, 6 Sept. 1669; Joseph, 15 Mar. 1672; Abigail, 13 Oct. 1675. He was town clk. 1678, early in life, and rep. in the difficult times of 1689 and 90, d. 30 May 1694, aged 64. DANIEL, Salem, licens. as innholder 1689, had m. 20 July 1675, Mary Beckwett, d. of John, had John, b. 17 Apr. 1676; Margaret, 20 Feb. 1678, d. at 2 yrs.; Perez, 1 Apr. 1680; Mary, 14 Aug. 1682; Daniel, 5 Sept. 1688; and Elizabeth 17 May 1692. FRANCIS, by mr. Felt in Ann. I. 171, is represent. erron. as coming in the fleet with Higginson in June 1629 to Salem, and by him correct. as in II. 630 a doubt is express. however. He was a contrib. of £50. to encourage the planta. but never came over, I think; and was one of the most active promoters, no other mem. of the comp. being so sure to attend their meet. In Oct. 1629 he join. with Gov. Cradock, Dept.-Gov. Goffe, Winthrop, Saltonstall, treasr. Harwood, Johnson, Pynchon, and Vassall, in writ. from London to Higginson and Skelton, as to the "divers scandulous and intemp. speeches passed form one or both of you in your publ. sermons or pray." as report. by the two members John and Samuel Browne, wh. had accomp. those min. Of course he was not a fellow-passeng. but was (under direction of the Gov. and comp. in Eng. to Endicott) to have a mill privilege in the Col. and all this appears from thee rec. I. 39, 401, and 408, in connex. with 128, showing that our Gen. Ct. in Boston, Sept. 1634, wrote to him, George Harwood, and other great friends in London, to intreat them to choose one of themselves treasr. for this planta. in lieu of Harwood. Tho. the Edit. of Transact. or Amer. Antiq. Soc. III. suppos. that he d. bef. sett. up his sawmill [[vol. 4, p. 444]] here, to me it seems equal. prob. that he was engag. in business of too much import. at London to come over, and intend. to carry forwards the mill business by a serv. or factor. GEORGE, Dover 1642, tax. 1648, d. 1650. 

HENRY, Boston, merch. came from Salisbury, Co. Wilts, with w. Dosabell, perhaps in 1637, when Felt marks a gr. of ld. to him, but more prob. in 1638, adm. of our ch. 6 Feb. 1639, as was she on Sunday foll. made freem. 13 Mar. next, constable 1641, brot. only ch. Margaret, wh. had been bapt. at S. 25 Sept. 1625. Prob. she was b. by a first w. for in the parish rec. of St. Edmunds at S. may be seen, that Henry W. m. 23 Apr. 1627, Jane Woolford, and so we may assume that Dosabell was third w. This w. d. 28 Feb. 1660, and he d. 7 Sept. foll. and prob. his d. was sudden, as Elizabeth the d. of his only ch. was m. on the same day to Robert Gibbs. Margaret had by spec. license of the Gen. Ct. permiss. Sept. 1642, to m. first Jacob Sheaffe, and sev. yrs. aft. his d. she m. Rev. Thomas Thacher. His will of 5 Apr. 1660 is very full, and may be read in Geneal. Reg. X. 177-80. It was pro. 13 Sept. foll. and perhaps his est. was the largest that had so early come into Ct. Inv. was £7,819. 5s. 2d. Six clerg. were favor. with small lagacies, and John and Samuel Sanford, s. of his sis. Elizabeth had £80. ea. but perhaps they were in Eng. as was a sis. of his w. also a legatee. Webb was largely engag. in the Lynn iron works and a great benefactor to Harv. Coll. beside legacy of £50. gave that fine prop. betw. Washington and Devonshire streets in B. where the great publishers, Little Brown & Co. have long exhibit. their treasures. 

JEREMIAH, Northampton, s. of the first John of the same, m. a. 1693, Priscilla, McLathlin, had Joanna, b. 16 Mar. 1694, d. in two wks. and in Geneal. Reg. III. 400, her name was mistaken for Jonathan; Priscilla, Aug. 1695; Esther, 23 Dec. 1697; Josiah, 28 Mar. 1700, d. at 23 yrs.; Daniel, 1702; Sarah, Apr. 1704; Joseph, Mar. 1707, d. at 2 mos.; Elizabeth 6 May 1708; Experience, 12 Nov. 1710; and Moses, 20 Mar. 1713; had sec. w. Sarah, but no ch. by her is kn. and he d. 5 Mar. 1734. JOHN, Boston, adm. of the ch. 9 Feb. 1634, then call. single man, and of wh. I hear no more, unless he went home that yr. and came again with Stephen in the James from Southampton, emb. in Apr. 1635, and arr. 3 June. Both are call. laborers or husbandmen, said to be of Marlborough in Wilts, but favored also with an alias Evereed, and it may be that both points of the description were to delude the tyrannic. formality. He was adm. freem. 7 Dec. 1636, sr. co. 1643, one of the early sett. of Chelmsford, there was ens. and rep. 1663, 4,5, but in the last yr. was expelled. fin. and for a season disfranch. but soon restor. had gr. of ld. at Dracut 1667, d. 16 Oct. 1668, by the strange occur. of being drown. by a whale, unless a false a spread, wh. may be seen in Rev. [[vol. 4, p. 445]] Samuel Danforth's writ. for Roxbury ch. where he insert. it the next day. See Rev. Simon Bradstreet's Journal in Geneal. Reg. IX. 44. JOHN, Saybrook 1648, may bee s. of Richard of Hartford, for he is enum. the same yr. as of that place, and is perhaps the man wh. d. there 27 May 1684. JOHN, Boston, a brazier, adm. inhab. 24 Nov. 1651. 

JOHN, Northampton 1655, had by first w. Ann, at Hartford, Mary, b. 5 Feb. 1648, wh m. 24 Mar. 1663, John Arle; Sarah, wh. m. 17 Dec. 1668, Zechariah Field; Richard, 1654; and perhaps Lydia, wh. d. at N. 1667. His w. d. 26 Aug. of that yr. and he m. 16 Oct. next, Elizabeth Swift, had Jeremiah, 12 July 1668; and Peter, 23 June 1670, posthum. for the f. d. 19 May preced. The wid. m. Robert Danks. JOHN, Northampton, s. of the preced. m. 12 Dec. 1665, Susanna, wid. of Matthew Cole, only ch. of Henry Cunliffe of the same, had John, b. 8 Jan. 1667; Henry, 27 Nov. 1668; Ann, 4 Feb. 1671; Ebenezer, 16 Jan. 1673; Sarah, 28 Dec. 1674; Mindwell, 31 May 1678; Mary, 20 Aug. 1681; and Thankful, 21 Apr. 1684; and he d. 3 Apr. 1720, in ripe old age. His wid. d. 30 Oct. 1735, aged 90. JOHN, Salem, 1667, is prob. the same wh. m. Bridget Whitford of the same, and had Bridget, b. 17 Aug. 1678. JOHN, Braintree, m. May 1680, Bethia, d. of Joseph Adams of the same. 

JOHN, Northampton, perhaps not s. of John of the same bef. ment. sw. alleg. Feb. 1679. JONATHAN, Malden, d. Sept. 1658. JONATHAN, Northampton, d. 1694. JOSEPH, Boston, eldest s. of Richard of the sane freem. 1675, d. or was burt. 11 Oct. 1698. He by w. Grace had Joseph, b. 10 May 1666; Mary, 27 Aug. 1671; Sarah, 14 Oct. 1673; and Elisha, 13 Feb. 1676. JOSEPH, Stamford, d. 1684, leav. ch. Joseph, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, and Margery. JOSEPH, Fairfield, perhaps s. of the preced. nam. in Mather's Hecatompolis, bred at H. C. 1684, first of the name, where he was expel. as by the Diary of Noadiah Russell in Geneal. Reg. VII. 53 is relat. and he tells how soon he was restor. m. 1691, Elizabeth youngest d. of Isaac Stratford, ord. 15 Aug. 1694, had prob. Joseph, Y. C. 1715, and d. 19 Sept. 1732. NEHEMIAH, Boston, youngest s. of Richard of the same, cordwainer, sold, 1670, his sh. of paternal est. RICHARD, Weymouth, had Joseph, b. 19 Aug. 1640; and Nehemiah, 19 Oct. 1641; rem. to Boston, prob. in 1644, there offer. those ch. to bapt. 12 Jan. 1645, the rec. of first ch. varying from certif. copy of W. town rec. only in call. 17 Oct. the day of b. of the younger, but shockingly proving its falsity as to the f. of the other. He was a shoemaker, had w. Mary, and in Oct. 1648 unit. with James Everill and others in ask., incorpo. for their handicraft; made his will wh. names no w. 1 July 1659, and d. next day. 

RICHARD, Cambridge, freem. 6 Nov. 1632, is count. as one of those order. by Ct. to [[vol. 4, p. 446]] rem. from Braintree, by Dr. Holmes in 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 10, certain, went in the great migrat. with Gov. Haynes, and other friends of Hooker, and sat down at Hartford, was of the gr. jury 1643, in few yrs. aft. rem. to Norwalk, and there, too, was one of there first sett. He had w. Elizabeth and d. July 1665, his wid. wh. d. 24 Jan. 1681, being then charg. for est. larger than any exc. three in that town. He left no ch. but took Sarah, d. of Rev. Samuel Stone, and brot. her up, until she m. Thomas Butler of Hartford; and in Hall's Hist. we see that the wid. empower. a friend, in 1677 to adj. with Butler and his w. for their claim of the est. of her h. Butler's w. had half. and by the Court was distribut. other portions to Bartholomew Barnard, wh. was h. of Sarah, d. of Thomas Birchard, to Richard Homes, Stephen Beckwith, Thomas Barnum and others, of whose degrees of consanguin. it may not be easy top determine. Still, in 1694, among the voters in that town is Ebenezer W. 

RICHARD, Northampton, br. of the sec. John of the same, sw. alleg. 8 Feb. 1679, by w. Patience had Ebenezer, b. 27 July 1684; Ann, 2 June 1686, d. at 5 yrs.; Patience, 7 Sept. 1687; Jonathan; John and Thankful, tw. 28 Feb. 1692, of wh. Thankful d. soon; Richard, wh d. soon; and Ann, 11 Mar. 1698. He d. 23 Aug. 1700; and 13 May 1704, when the Ind. destroy. the hamlet of Pascomuck, near the S. part of the town, Patience was k. She was prob. the wid not the d. SAMUEL, Braintree, perhaps younger br. of John of the same, m. 16 Dec. 1686, Mary, d. of Joseph Adams of the same. STEPHEN, perhaps br. of John, was fellow-passeng. in the James 1635, from Southampton, both honor. with the alias Evered, and both from Marlborough in Wilts; but no more is kn. of him on our side of the ocean. THOMAS, Charlestown, by w. Mary, had Sarah, bapt. 17 June 1666; Thomas, 5 Mar. 1668; may be that mariner of Boston, taking deed of ho. and ld. Mar. 1661, from Nathaniel Fryer, and perhaps went home for short time, coming back in 1671. 

WILLIAM, Boston, had been one of Roxbury ch. bef. adm. freem. 25 May 1636, and in the list of mem. to his name is add. the informat. that his w. was excom. in 1642. Of course she was restor. on express. of penitence, rem. not long aft. and with recommend. tho. Ellis omits his name; was adm. of Boston ch. with his w. Rebecca, 7 Apr. and d. Dec. 1644. His wid. in Apr. 1653, sold the Roxbury est. That William wh. Farmer call. of Weymouth, was Richard, as we may well believe, when the same Joseph, that the copy of W. record says was his s. was brot. up by Richard to be bapt. as his. Farmer counts in 1834, eighteen gr. of wh. nine at Harv. four at Yale, and five at other N. E. coll.

WEBBER, JOHN, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Martha and Mary, tw. b. 18 Feb. 1675; John, 23 Mar. 1678; Elizabeth 25 Jan. 1678, if the miserable [[vol. 4, p. 447]] copy of the orig. town rec. can be believ.; and Barachiah, 4 Oct. 1686. JOSEPH, Falmouth 1680, had gr. of ld. that yr. prob. from regard to the prop. loss of his f. Thomas, driv. with his fam. to Charlestown in Philip's war, when F. was destroy. See Willis I. 215. JOSIAS, Reading, of wh. I find no ment. but in Eaton's hist. of early sett. 

RICHARD, Portsmouth, N. H. 1688, one of the petitnrs. for jurisdict. of Mass. when Andros was overthr. SAMUEL, Falmouth 1681, perhaps s. of Thomas, rem. during the next Ind. war, to Salem, there was one of the witnesses against Rev. George Burrows, prov., his witchcr. by unusual bodily strength; and d. at York 1716, leav. wid. Deborah, and ch. Samuel, John, Thomas, Benjamin, Waitstill, Joseph, Mary, w. of Joseph Sayward, Deborah, and Dorcas. THOMAS, Boston, mariner, join our ch. 7 Apr. 1644, by w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 1643, says the base copy of the town rec. by the ch rec. says bapt. 8 Dec. 1644, a. 3 days old; Bathsheba, bapt. 24 Sept. 1648, s. 3 days old; Thomas, 2 Feb. 1651; but these two are not found on the town imperfect rec.; and Mehitable, b. 10, bapt. 13 June 1652, wh. is call. s. on town rec. of its d. at three mos. was master of the ship Mayflower, and sold here 7-32 parts of that vessel of 200 tons, as our reg. of deeds in 1652 shows; perhaps rem. to Kennebeck, there had other w. Mary, sis. of John Parker, the great prop. and prob. more ch. Willis says his fam. rem. to Charlestown during the sec. great Ind. war, but the time and place of his d. are not seen. He also say, that in 1681, the town of C. had made her gr. of ld. for wh. six yrs. aft. she appl. for a patent from the autocratic Gov. Sir Edmund Andros. THOMAS, York, prob. s. of the preced. may not have any thing descernib. a. him beyond what Willis tells I. 215. In Apr. 1695, the wid Mary W. was adm. of the ch. in Charlestown, but I can only look on her as his mo.-in-law.

WEBSTER, BENJAMIN, Salem, wh. was wound. in the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675, when k. Philip's power was brok. was of Appleton's comp. and may therefore have been of Ipswich, yet by Felt II. 505, call. of S. EBENEZER, Hampton, sec. s. of Thomas of the same, n., 25 July 1709, Hannah Judkins, had Rachel, b. 17 May 1710; Susanna, 9 July 1712; Ebenezer, 10 Oct. 1714 (wh. m. 20 July 1738, Susanna Batchelder, and by his first ch. of the same nam. was gr.f. of Ezekiel and Daniel, the disting. advocates and statesmen); William, 26 Aug. 1716, d. in few yrs.; John, 4 Aug. 1719, d. in few yrs.; Hannah,m 1722; Mary and Joseph, tw. 15 Sept. 1724; and Edward, 9 Feb. 1728; and d. at Kingston, 1 Feb. 1736. 

HENRY, Boston, by w. Esther , had Ann, b. 9 Feb. 1683; and John, 28 Sept. 1688; yet no more can be told of him. ISAAC, Kingston, s. of Thomas, m. 1 Apr. 1696, Mary Hutchins, had John, bapt. 27 June 1697; Jonathan, 30 Apr. 1699; Hannah, 22 Feb. 1702; Elizabeth Mar. 1704; Sarah, [[vol. 4, p. 448]] d. young; Samuel, b. 26 Mar. 1714, d. soon; Samuel, again, 25 Aug. 1715; and Gideon, 20 Dec. 1716; and d. 1718. ISRAEL, Newbury, s. prob. not eldest of John of Ipswich, b. in Eng. a. 1624, perhaps in Co. Norfolk, m. says Coffin, 3 Jan. 1666, perhaps 1667, Elizabeth Brown, had Elizabeth b. 7 Oct. 1668; and his w. d. 3 days aft. His sec. w. m. 9 Nov. 1669, Elizabeth Lund, d. of the first Henry, brot. him Ann, July 1672; Joseph, 15 Mar. 1676, d. at 4 yrs; Mary, 18 May 1679; and Lydia, 20 Dec. 1681; and he d. 7 Dec. 1683. The wid. d. 3 Aug. 1688. 

JAMES, Boston, a brewer, by w. Mary, had James, b. 16 July 1659; Thomas, 11 Jan. 1662; John, 5 Aug. 1664; William, 25 Mar. 1667; Elizabeth 14 May 1670; Mary, 9 Dec. 1672; Mary, again, 15 July 1686; and James, again, 27 Aug. 1688. But may it not be prob. that the last two were by a sec. w. or prob. offspr. of the eldest s.? JOHN, Ipswich, came, says tradit. from Ipswich in Co. Suffk. 1634, freem. 4 Mar. 1635, had John, b. 1632, prob. in Eng. and here d. 1645, leav. 4 ds. Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth and Abigail, and three other s. Stephen, Israel, and Nathan, as the Gen. Ct.'s act on wid's petitn. shows in Col. Rec. II. 184; beside wid. Mary, wh. m. John Emery, as Farmer says. Much diligence had been by him bestow, on this fam. yet more was giv. to ano. wh. he found, contra. to his first impress. was entitl. rather than this man to be regard. as the progenit. of the late illustrious statesman, Daniel Webster. I regret to obs. the slight error of Dr. Bond (if it be an error) in mak. Thomas, wh. is the true progenit. of Daniel, m. a. d. of deac. William Godfrey, bec. Godfrey in his will truly calls him s.-in-law, as he was s. by a former h. of Godfrey's w. But more desir. is it to avoid the error of Miss Thomas, who would make John of our Ipswich, the ancestor, and Thomas his son, when it appears plainly that John had not son Thomas, and that Thomas's f. d. at Ormsby, in Co. Norfolk, prob. as there the s. was b. and the mo. had m. deac. Godfrey bef. leav. Eng. 

*JOHN, Hartford 1636, but from what place in Mass. he went is uncert. By fam. tradit. he was from Co. Warwick. He was rep. 1 May 1637, a magistr. from 1639 to 1655, when he was made dept.-gov. and next yr. gov. In the gr. contest a. ch. governm. he took sides with Rev. Mr. Russell of Wethersfield, and that caused his rem. up the riv. to found Hadley in 1659, by our Gen. Ct. was adm. freem. of Mass. and in May 1660 made a magistr. there, d. 5 Apr. 1661. Robert, William, and Thomas, his s. are said to have foll. their f. but tho. the respectab. ref. in Farmer's MS. for this tradit. is made to letter of the late Noah Webster, the grammarian, I doubt his studies had been too long turned in ano. direction to justify unlimit. confidence in all parts of his relat. and that Robert did not foll. but accomp. his f. to Mass. He brot. from Eng. w. Agnes, ch. Matthew, Robert, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary; perhaps, [[vol. 4, p. 449]] also, Thomas and William, tho. one or both of the latter may have been b. on our side of the ocean; and fam. tradit. makes William b. 1617. No dates of b. of any of the seven are giv. by the most valua. work of Goodwin, pub. since the d. of the compiler. From the will of 25 June 1659, little is learn. but the names of four s. two ds. Ann Marsh, w. of John, and d. Markham, beside two gr.ch. Jonathan and Mary Hunt. 

The name of mo. was not ment. and prob. she was oldest d. if not even oldest ch. When or where she m. Hunt, or what even was his bapt. name is unkn. Tradit. in the fam. makes his name John, and hers, Mary; and it may be conject. that both were d. JOHN, Portsmouth 1648, a brewer, as constable was allow. charge for bring. Henry Taylor a prisoner to Boston, in Col. Re. III. 140. He may be the man to wh. gr. of ld. was made by Salem 1638, in hope to draw him, and d. 1662. JOHN< Newbury, s. of the first John, b. in Eng. was in milit. trouble as Col. Rec. IV. 362, and, very briefly, Coffin, 62, sufficient. relate. He may have been the man by Farmer call. in blacksmith, early at Haverhill; but to N. went back, had with his mo. and the younger childr. says Coffin, rem. from Ipswich, m. 13 June 1653, Ann Batt, perhaps d. of Nicholas, had John, b. 11 Feb. 1656; Mary, 29 Mar. 1658, d. in few wks.; Sarah, 1 July 1659; Abigail, 16 Mar. 1662; Lucy, 19 Dec. 1664; Mary, again, 24 May 1667; Stephen, 8 May 1669; Ann, 7 Sept. 1671; Nicholas, 19 Oct. 1673; and Jonathan, 21 May 1676. JOHN, Newbury, s. of John of the same, took o. of alleg. 1678, and was freem. 1690, m. 9 Mar. 1681, Bridget Huggins, perhaps d. of John, had Ann, b. 9 June 1682; John, 2 Nov. 1683; Sarah, 28 Dec. 1685; Israel, 9 Apr. 1688; Hannah, 5 Oct. 1692; and Stephen, 11 Jan. 1698. JOHN, Hampton, s. of Thomas of the same, m. 21 Sept. 1703, Abiah Shaw, and had sec. w. Sarah. His ch. were Jeremiah, b. Dec. 1703; Charity and Josiah, tw. 2 Apr. 1706; John, 10 Feb. 1712; Thomas, 1 July 1715; Caleb, 19 Mar. 1719; Abiah, 20 Jan. 1722; and Elizabeth 27 Sept. 1724. 

MATTHEW, Farmington, s. of Hon. John, freem. 1645, and contin. on the list 1669, had only s. John, and a d. NICHOLAS, Stamford, m. Sarah, d. of John Waterbury, wh. had been 1672 divorc. from Zechariah Dibble for his bad conduct, had John, David, and Rachel, made his will 4 May 1687, and d. soon, giv. est. to w. Sarah, and these three ch. The s. were proprs. there 1701, but no more is kn. *ROBERT, Middletown, s. of Hon. John, m. a. 1652, Susanna, d. of Richard Treat, the first of Wethersfield, and John, b. 10 Nov. 1653; Sarah, 30 June 1655; Jonathan, 9 Jan. 1657; Susanna, 26 Oct. 1658; aft. rem. to Hartford had Samuel, Robert, Joseph, William, Mary, and Elizabeth to neither of wh. are affix. dates of b. was made a lieut. 1654, town clk. and rep. 1657, had gr. of 300 acres in 1672, was [[vol. 4, p. 450]] on serv. in the war of 1675, but d. bef. May 1677, when his wid. Susanna had leave to sell est. TRUMBULL, Col. Rec. II. 310. STEPHEN, Haverhill, m. 24 Mar. 1663, Hannah, d. of John Ayer of Salisbury. STEPHEN, Newbury, by Coffin, thot. s. of John of the same, m. 1 Nov. 1698, Sarah, d. of Nathaniel Clark, had Joanna, and Sarah, b. 10 Dec. 1701, prob. tw. but Coffin does not say so much. THOMAS, Boston, mariner, adm. of the ch. 7 Apr. 1644, and freem. next mo. 

THOMAS, Hampton, brot. to Watertown, by his mo. Margery, then w. of William Godfrey, perhaps 1638, from Ormsby in Co. Norfolk, where he had been bapt. 20 Nov. 1631, and from W. to Hampton carried in youth by Godfrey, m. 2 Nov. 1657, Sarah Brewer, perhaps d. of Thomas of Roxbury, had Mary, b. 19 Dec. 1658; Sarah, 22 Jan. 1661; Hannah, 27 Dec. 1663; Thomas, 20 Jan. 1665; Ebenezer, 1 Aug. 1667; Isaac, 2 Apr. 1670; John, 16 Feb. 1674; Joshua, 8 Nov. 1676; and Abigail, 1 Jan. 1679; sw. alleg. Feb. 1669, and d. 5 Jan. 1715, tho. Farmer in MS. says Feb. in 84th yr. This is the ancestor of the conspicuous lawyers wh. the research of Farmer ascert. THOMAS, Northampton, s. of Gov. John, m. 16 June 1663, Abigail, d. of George Alexander of the same, had Abigail, b. 9 Jan. 1668, d. soon; Abigail, again, 10 Jan. 1669; George, 7 Nov. 1670; John, 26 Nov. 1673; rem. next yr. to Northfield, thence driv. 1675 by the Ind. wh. destroy. his prop. he sat down at Hadley, sw. alleg. there 8 Feb. 1679, and had Elizabeth 26 Nov. 1676; Thankful, 12 Jan. 1679; and Mary, 25 May 1681; again went to Northfield, there d. 1686, and his wid. d. bef. Mar. 1690.

THOMAS, Hampton, s. of Thomas of the same, m. as is suggest. in Bond's Hist. of Watertown, his cous. d. of William Godfrey, but whether this be so, is doubt. By w. Sarah, wh. d. 15 Feb. 1718, he had Sarah, b. 15 Sept. 1690; Thomas, 1693; Mary, 19 May 1696; Alice, 5 Aug. 1698; Joshua, 2 Sept. 1703; Abigail, 15 Apr. 1706; Samuel, 3 Apr. 1708; and Elizabeth 11 Jan. 1711; and he d. at Kingston, 7 Mar. 1733. WILLIAM, Hadley, s. of Gov. John, in his MS. by Farmer said (follow. tradit. prob. without reason) to be b. 1617; sw. alleg. 8 Feb. 1679; m. 17 Feb. 1670, Mary, d. of Thomas Reeve of Springfield, wh. brot. him no ch. but was accus. of familiarity with the devil, sent all the way to Boston for trial as witch in 1684, and yet was not found guilty. Had it been very few yrs. later, the result might have been differ. when the gr. adversary was foil. with his own weapons, as in the Goodwin case. He d. a. 1688, and his wid. was permit. to live till 1696. 

WILLIAM, Boston, m. Mary, d. of capt. Samuel Mosely or Maudsley, may have had s. of the same name, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1725, aged 28. Farmer says that in 1834, ten of his name had been gr. at Harv. six at Yale, and twelve at the other N. E. Coll. [[vol. 4, p. 451]]

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