A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wedgewood - Weld

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WEDGEWOOD, JOHN, Hampton 1639, had, in 1637, when he belong to Ipswich, serv. in the Pequot war, and was wound. but in Oct. of the later yr. was sentenc. to be set in the stocks for being in the comp. of drunk. See Col. Rec. I. 269. No doubt his conversat. improv. for his will of 24 Nov. 1654, pro. 10 Apr. foll. names w. Mary, and five ch. John, the eldest, Jonathan, David, Mary, and Abigail. JONATHAN, Hampton, s. of the preced. took the o. of alleg. 26 May 1669, and once more, 16 Dec. 1678.

WEEBON, STEPHEN, wh. d. at Boston, Sept. 1659, inv. of whose goods and clothing, 16 Nov. foll. is in Geneal. Reg. IX. 348, from Prob. Rec. III. 171, was, I judge, only casual visitor, perhaps from the West Ind. and the expense of his board was to be reimburs. by his host being made admin. He may have come only from New York, under the Dutch, and had very small stock.

WEED, DANIEL, Stamford, s. of Jonas, had been of Rye 20 yrs. bef. he d. 29 Nov. 1697, leav. four s. and a d. whose names are not found. GEORGE, Salisbury, s. of John of the same, took o. of alleg. 20 Dec. 1677, at the same time with his f. and brs. Samuel and John. JOHN, Salisbury, m. 14 Nov. 1650, Deborah, d. of Samuel Wensley, or Winsly, had Samuel, b. 15 Feb. 1652; Mary, 5 Sept. 1653; John, 1 Nov. 1655; Ann, 26 July 1657; Deborah, 15 June 1659; George, 25 May 1661; and Ephraim, 24 Feb. 1667. He was, it is said, b. a. 1627, and his d. Deborah m. 29 Nov. 1677, Christopher Barnard the sec. of Newbury. 

JOHN, Stamford, s. of Jonas of the same, m. Joanna Westcoat, d. of Richard, had Jonas, b. 1665; Daniel, 1667; John; Samuel' Joseph; Isaac; Mary; and Hannah, all nam. when the inv. was brot. in 15 Jan. 1690. JONAS, the freem. of 18 May 1631, of wh. nothing more is told, exc. by Bond wh. discov. from Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 2, that he had been dism. from the ch. of Watertown to that of Wethersfield, but the date in Bond, p. 963, 29 May 1635, is by me confidently read 29 Mar. 1636. Of course he came in the fleet of 1630, and by Bond's reasonab. conject. in the ship with Sir Richard Saltonstall. I find a Jonas, perhaps his s. at Stamford 1669, then seek. to be made freem. of Conn. but he is accomp. in the same good purpose by JOHN wh. may be gr.s. of the first Jonas. Mr. Judd enlarges our acquaint. with him by tell. that he was of Stamford 1642, until he d. 1676, his inv. being of 5 June in that yr. He made his will Nov. 1672, nam. four s. John, Daniel, Jonas, and Samuel, four ds. May, w. of George Abbot; Dorcas Wright, w. of James; Hannah, m. 5 Jan. 1670, Benjamin Hoyt; and Sarah. His wid. Mary, d. early in 1690, at least her inv. was brot. in 10 Mar. of that yr. JONAS, Stamford, s. of the preced. m. 16 Nov. 1670, Bethia, d. of John Holley, had perhaps ch. not certain. kn. [[vol. 4, p. 452]] Farmer notes that in 1834, seven of this name had been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. I find four at Yale, two at Harv.

WEEDEN, EDWARD, Boston, came in the Susan and Ellen from London 1635, aged 22, by w. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Cole, had Samuel, b. Aug. 1644; John; Edward; and Elizabeth wh. m. a. 1673, Sampson Cole (perhaps her first cous.), Hannah, and Mary. In a deed of June 1672, these six ch. unit. with their f. wh. calls hims. of Rumney Marsh, carpenter, in convey, six acres of meadow on E. point of Hog island in B. EDWARD, Boston, s. of the preced. may have been that soldier in Mosley's comp. in Philip's war, whose name is writ. Weaden, wh. see; by w. Jane had Dorothy, b. 22 Apr. 1687; and Edward, 3 July 1688. JAMES, Portsmouth, R. I. came in the Martin, 1638, to Boston, there, with Chad Brown, 13 July, pro. the nuncup. will of Sylvester Baldwin, a fellowpasseng. is on the list of freem. at P. 1655, and call, senr. JAMES, Newport, in the list of freem. 1655, call, junr. may be thot. s. of the preced. by w. Mary, had James, b. 7 Jan. 1674. JOHN, Boston, s. of Edward the first, by w. Ruth had Sarah, b. 16 Nov. 1687. He may have been br. of the sec. Edward, as the ws. of both join. Mather's ch. in 1691. ROBERT, Salem 1638, then by Felt, spelt Wheaden. 

SAMUEL, Newport, by Benedict enumer. among the founders of the ch. 1644. WILLIAM, Newport, one of the founders of the Bapt. ch. 1644, may have been br. of the preced. and is found in Dr. Stiles's list of freem. there 1655, and a deac. d. 1676, early in that yr. nam. one of the trustees of a charity.

WEEDER, JAMES, Newport, among the freem. of 1655, unless the last letter should be n, as seems prob.

WEEKS, AMMIEL, Dorchester, perhaps s. of Goerge of the same, brot. in early youth, freem. 1657, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 18 Oct. 1657; Thankful, 24, bapt. 29 Apr. 1660; Ammiel, 15, bapt. 21 Sept. 1662; Ebenezer, b. 15 May 1665; Joseph, 3 Sept. 1667; Supply, 26 Aug. 1671; Thomas, 20 Nov. 1673; and Hannah, 14 May 1676; and he d. 20 Apr. 1679, aged 46. His wid. d. 10 Apr. 1723, aged 89. Elizabeth m. 20 Mar. 1679, Richard Mather, s. of Timothy, as one auth. assures me. while old Dorchester, in Geneal. Reg. V. 467, asserts that her h. was Timothy. AMMIEL, Dorchester, s. of the preced. m. 21 Nov. 1682, Abigail, d. of William Trescott, had Ammiel, b. 26 Feb. 1683; Abigail, 29 Apr. 1687; and Goerge, 20 Mar. 1689; both the s. being rememb. in the will of their gr.f. T. leads one to presume the other ch. d. young. CHRISTOPHER, Boston, by w. Mary, had Christopher, b. 24 Sept. 1695; and Mary, 29 Nov. 1697. 

EBENEZER, Dorchester, s. of Ammiel the first, m. May 1689, Deliverance, d. of William Sumner, rem. to Boston, there had William, b. 20 Feb. 1690; Jane, 29 Mar. 1692; Elizabeth 25 Oct. [[vol. 4, p. 453]] 1694; Hannah, 5 Jan. 1696; and Ebenezer, 17 Sept. 1699. FRANCIS, Providence 1637. But for insert. of this and the other R. I. numerous hosts, whose name is more common, spelt Wickes, ano. place may seem better. GEORGE, Dorchester, freem. 13 May 1640, brot. w. said to be Jane, sis. of Roger Clap, and s. Ammiel, William, and Joseph, tho. the last may have been b. at D. d. 27 Oct. 1659, says Farmer, foll. the town rec. in wh. date Geneal. Reg. V. 467 follows him; but the inv. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 334, unless the figures be wrong, proves that he d. 28 Dec. 1650, for it was taken 22 Jan. foll. and perhaps the d. of Oct. 1659 may have been of inf. s. of Ammiel the first. Plainly the numerals a. the inv. in Geneal. Reg. are erron. for aft. that date, four ch. of his are bapt. viz. John, 7 Mar. 1652, Elizabeth 18 Sept. 1653, wh. prob. d. soon; William, 20 Aug. 1654; and Elizabeth again, 14 Sept. 1656. In the Hist. of D. compiled, with unusual diligence, by Ebenezer Clapp, 137, is the true date. 

JOHN, Dorchester, perhaps s. of William of the same, m. 4 Nov. 1674, Sarah Hammond, but no more is kn. of him. JOSEPH, Dorchester, s. of George, prob. b. in Eng. m. 9 Apr. 1667, Mary, d. of maj. Humphrey Atherton, had Mary, b. 20 May 1668; Joseph, 26 Mar. bapt. 3 Apr. 1670, d. at 20 yrs.; Repent, 22, bapt. 27 Feb. 1675; and perhaps others. He was freem. 1673, and d. 31 Oct. 1690; and his wid. d. 17 Sept. 1692, aged 56, if the inscript. in Geneal. Reg. IV. 169, be not erron. as I suspect. It was a mistake of Dr. Harris, very easily made, to read the names of his man and his f., as Wilkes. JOSEPH, Dorchester, prob. s. of Ammiel the first, by w. Sarah, had Elizabeth b. 31 Aug. 1691; Sarah, 3 Apr. 1693; Hannah, 6 Apr. 1695; Experience, 2 June 1697; and Thankful, 29 Apr. 1699. His w. d. 12 Feb. 1736, aged 74, says the gr.st. LEONARD, Portsmouth, one of the men wh. stood rather for Mass. than for the crown, in 1665, as in our Col. Rec. IV. pt. 2, 270; by w. Mary had John, b. 14 June 1668; Samuel, 14 Dec. 1670; Joseph, perhaps, 11 Mar. 1672; Joshua, 30 June 1674; Mary, 19 July 1676; Margaret, 4 June 1679; and he had a sec. w. Elizabeth d. of Samuel Haynes the first. SUPPLY, Marlborough, s. of the first Ammiel, m. 4 June 1699, Susanna Barnes, d. perhaps of Richard of the same, had Thomas, b. 5 Sept. 1700; Jemima, 23 Feb. 1702; Abigail, 26 Jan. 1704; Ammiel, 13 Oct. 1705; John, 3 Mar. 1707; Elijah, 11 Feb. 1710;' and Susanna, 11 Jan. 1712. His w. d. four days aft. and he d. 22 Sept. 1755. THOMAS, Charlestown 1636, rec. as inhab. at Salem 1639, there had Bethia, bapt. 27 Feb. 1642; and Hannah, 5 Jan. 1645; d. soon aft. mak. his will in 1656. Hannah m. 27 Aug. 1667, John Pickman. 

THOMAS, Stamford, an orig. sett. 1641, sometimes spell. Weekes, rem. to Oyster Bay, L. I. bef. 1654, there d. 1671, leav. w. and ch. Thomas, John, Rebecca, Martha, Elizabeth Mary, and Sarah, [[vol. 4, p. 454]] seven in all. At Huntington, L. I. the spell. is Wicks. WILLIAM, Dorchester, s. of George, freem. 1665, had Elizabeth b. 16 Sept. 1653; Mary, 10 Nov. 1656; William, 26 Nov. 1658; Renew, 12 Aug. 1660, but Geneal, Reg. V. 467, had 1662; Jane, 30 Sept. bapt. 5 Oct. 1662; George, bapt. 2 Oct. 1664; Sarah, 19 Aug. 1666; Samuel, b. 25 Jan. 1670, beside John, the eldest, 23 Feb. 1652, wh. is the only ch. nam. in his will of 10 Dec. 1677, pro. Feb. foll. He is the bold innovator as was perhaps thot. wh. being success. as clk. of the writs, after d. of William Poole, early in 1675, restor. the practice of call. months by their names, instead of numbers in the Julian calendar; and d. 13 Dec. 1677. Of his ds. Mary m. Henry White; Renew m. Benjamin Carpenter; Jane, m. 26 Mar. 1685, John Blackman. 

WILLIAM, Falmouth, C. C. m. 16 Mar. 1669, Mercy, d. of Isaac Robinson by his first w. had Mary, b. 7 Jan. foll.; Mehitable, 16 Oct. 1671; Sarah, 6 May 1674; Experience, 24 June 1677; Mercy, 24 Apr. 1679; Jonathan, 6 May 1681; Benjamin, 1 Apr. 1685; and Lydia, 30 Jan. 1688. In 1834, Farmer says three of the name had been gr. at Harv. one at Yale, and five at the other N. E. coll.

WEIGHT, RICHARD, Boston 1655, aged then 55 yrs. may have been trans. inhab. THOMAS, the freem. of 8 Oct. 1640, may have enjoy. a various spell. of his name, but with this form it is very difficult to follow him. For the same reason pursuit is unsatisfact. as to the next surname.

WEIGHTMAN or WIGHTMAN, DANIEL, Newport, pastor of the Bapt. ch. a. 50 yrs. d. 1750, aged 81, prob. leav. descend. JOHN, said to have been adm. into the ch. of Charlestown, 31 July 1641. See Budington. ROBERT, Newport, perhaps, br. of Daniel, m. Margaret, sec. d. of Thomas Ward of the same, wh. d. as her gr.st. says, 26 Sept. 1728, aged 57. By her he had no issue that liv. to m. This name sometimes is made Whitman.


WEIMOUTH, ROBERT, Kittery, in Nov. 1652 submit. to jurisdict. of Mass.

WELLY, GEORGE, Lynn 1638, of wh. Lewis in his Hist. 64, or Ed. sec. 104, tells no more.

WELCH, EDWARD, an Irish youth sent over by the rul. power in Eng. in the Goodfellow, to be sold here, 1654. See Dalton, William. JACOB, of wh. I kn. not the resid. came in the Rebecca, 1635, aged 32, then call. husbandman. JAMES, Swansey, m. 9 Nov. perhaps 1683, Mercy Sabin of Rehoboth. JOHN, Boston, perhaps s. of Thomas of Charlestown, mariner, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b. 3 June 1689. His will in Pro. Rec. XVIII. 152, shows that he had sev. other ch. at the time of mak. 14 July 1704, and bef. it was pro. 1 May 1714, prob. he had two more, for his w. join. Mather's ch. 26 Jan. 1690, and then had three ch. bapt. whose names are not seen; Rachel, 15 Jan. 1693; Susanna, [[vol. 4, p. 455]] 10 May 1696; William, 18 Sept. 1698; Benjamin, 8 June 1701; Ebenezer, 28 Jan. 1705; and Jonathan, 20 July 1707. It nam. the w. sole extrix. gave her all his prop. dur. wid. and provid. that on the m. or com. of age of 21 yrs. of the youngest ch. equal div. be made among all, then liv. 

NATHANIEL, Enfield, the gr. of Harv. 1687, wh. d. 10 July 1689, aged a. 23, was s. of Thomas of Charlestown, says the rec. of Enfield, but not min. as Farmer calls him, tho. He may have preach. for the Coll. Catal. prints him in Roman let. and adds that he d. 1689. This last fact could not have been within the kn. of F. as the custom of noting the yr. of d. has been wisely introd. since his time, but he would have been more precise in his latitude of dying bef. 1699, had he turned to the Hecatompolis, while consult. Mather, he would have seen, that in 1696, he marks Enfield vacant. PHILIP, Ipswich 1664, m. 1665, Hannah, d. of Henry Haggert of Wenham, had Philip, b. 27 Dec. 1668; and Moses, 25 Nov. 1685; perhaps others; rem. to Kingston, N. H. there his s. Samuel had Samuel, b. 1 Sept. 1710, wh. d. 5 Apr. 1823, aged therefore 112 yrs. 6 mos. and 23 days, as Farmer, in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 158 notes, prob. the oldest man kn. as native of any part of our country. See also his Ed. of Belkn. N. H. I. 208. 

*THOMAS, Milford 1639, one of the found. of the ch. that yr. as Dr. Trumbull says; was freem. 1665, and rep. the same yr. He had m. Hannah, d. of Thomas Buckingham, and his ch. were Mary, b. 14 Aug. 1655; Thomas, 28 Jan. 1658; Sarah, bapt. 1660; Esther, 1664; and Lydia, wh. d. 1685 at 16 yrs. He d. 12 Aug. 1681, and his wid. d. a. 1684. It is shown in Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 132, that in 1670 he was fin. L10. for entrust. a subordin. with power to whip a negro slave, wh. caus. his death. THOMAS, Milford, s. of the preced. d. early in 1704, in his will names w. Elizabeth and s. Thomas, John, and Paul; and gives legacies to two ds. not nam. THOMAS, Charlestown, unit, with the ch. 12 Apr. 1650, and was adm. freem. next mo. by w. Elizabeth d. of deac. John Upham of Malden, had John, b. 8 July 1657, d. soon; John, again, 26 Nov. 1658; and d. 31 Dec. 1680. Ano. THOMAS, of Charlestown, as his gr.-st. tells, d. 10 Apr. 1701, aged 79, and by the same testimo. we may believe ano. Thomas there, d. 15 June 1703, a. 50 yrs. To discrimin. the spell. of these fam. names by e, and s has been impossib. and Farmer did not attempt it, tho. he div. the tribes as arbitrarily as was necessary. He marks the gr. in 1834, under Welch as 7 at Yale, 3 at Harv. but under Welsh gives Yale none; and I find at Harv. three more with the s.

WELCOME, PETER, Boston, mariner, had, I suppose, mov. in from some other place; possib. he was s. of William of Pemaquid, bec. nothing of him is found in town or ch. rec. but his will of 23 Feb. 1695, [[vol. 4, p. 456]] pro. 28 Mar. foll. gives to his d.-in-law Mary Howard, half of his dw.ho. and shop, salt ho. wharf, *c. she paying his s. Joseph, on his com. of age, L30. or if not so paid, he should have that moiety, and the other half to s. Peter; all personal est. to d. Mary Townsend, exc. sea books and instrum. with wear. apparel, that should all go to Joseph. WILLIAM, Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. to Mass. 1674, as it seen in Col. Rec. V. 18.

WELD, or WELDE, DANIEL, Braintree 1640, freem. 2 June 1641, by w. Alice, wh. d. 18 Apr. 1647, had Dorcas, b. 6 Apr. 1643, d. in few wks. By ano. w. Ann, wid. I think, of George Hyde of Boston, he had at Roxbury, whither he rem. with recommend. of Braintree ch. 1651, Benjamin and Mehitable, tw. b. 1655, bapt. 16 Mar. 1656, both of wh. d. next yr.; Daniel, b. 14, bapt. 17 Oct. 1658; beside ano. Mehitable, whose b. or bapt. we find not (yet she may be d. of ano. Daniel); but the town rec. ment. d. 12 Jan. 1680. He was town clk. 1654, and much interest. in sch. for wh. the Gen. Ct. in 1659 reward. him with 200 acres, a gr. equal to that of Corlet at the same time, Col. Rec. IV. pt. I. 397; and d. 22 July 1666, aged 81, says the town rec. His will of 1 July preced. was pro. 3 Nov. foll. In it he gives all his prop. to his w. Ann, dur. wid. ment. s. Daniel as hav. had his full portion of est. and more than remain. yet liv. in Eng. and whether liv. or d. unkn. to the testator, yet he leaves him 20s. and aft. provid. for w's. third, if she m. gives all resid. to her s. Timothy Hyde, equally with his own ch. Joseph and Bethia. He makes his cousins Edward Denison, Thomas Weld, and John W. overseers of the will. Now great uncertainty arises hereon, whether the yrs. of his age in the town rec. be not far too high, if he be f. of those tw. in 1655, and also whether the Daniel b. Oct. 1658, were s. of gr.s. 

DANIEL, Roxbury, s. of Joseph first of the same, was sch.master aft. leav. coll. perhaps at Cambridge, but soon rem. to Salem, there was a physician, had early m. Bethia, sec. d. of Edward Mitchelson, serv. in Philip's war, at least in the Narraganset campaign, 1675, as chief surg. and d. May 1690. At Salem were b. to him, as Felt says, Barbara, 3 Oct. 1673; and Elizabeth 28 Mar. 1675; besides at Cambridge had Daniel, b. 20 Aug. 1663; Edward, 7 June 1666, wh. was also a physician, but d. 3 Oct. 1702, at 36 yrs.; and Bethia, 24 Jan. 1668. At Salem, also, were b. Joseph, 1670, wh. d. soon; Joseph, again, 1671, d. in few mos.; Micherson, Apr. 1672, d. next yr. His wid. d. 24 Oct. 1719, in her 70th yr. Perhaps the same man at Roxbury, of whose derivat. aft. great search, I am unable to conject. otherwise, had Mary, b. 19 Feb. 1676, and may have been f. of that Mehitable, wh. d. 12 Jan. 1680. 

EDMUND, Roxbury, youngest s. of Rev. Thomas, bapt. at his parish 3 or 8 July 1631, brot. by his f. in the William and Francis next yr. went to Ireland soon aft. gr. at H. C. 1650, was min. at Inneskean, d. 2 Mar. 1668, says Alden; but he had unduly swell. the number of his yrs. [[vol. 4, p. 457]]

EDMUND, Roxbury, s. of Thomas the sec. freem. 1690, m. 10 Nov. 1687, Elizabeth White, but whose d. she was is not seen, ahd Joseph, whose b. is not giv. but he d. 21 Feb. 1695; Edmund, b. 23 June 1695; Samuel, whose b. is not found, but he d. 29 Mar. 1698; and Thomas, Nov. 1702. His w. d. 20 Dec. 1721, but his own d. is not on town rec. JOHN, Roxbury, eldest s. of capt. Joseph, b. in Eng. as Farmer cites a fam. MS. to provide, 28 Oct. 1623, and came over in 1638 wh. is not improb. m. 24 Dec. 1647, Margaret Bowen, perhaps sis. of Griffith, ahd Joseph, b. 6 June, bapt. 12 Aug. 1649, d. in few mos. not as Ellis says, "only 17 days old;" Joseph, again, 13, bapt. 15 Sept. 1650; John, 25 May, bapt. 26 June 1653; Elizabeth 14, bapt. 18 Nov. 1655, Margaret, 29 Sept. bapt. 11 Oct. 1657, d. at 17 yrs.; Mary, 3, bapt. 8 Apr. 1660; Abigail, b. 27 Aug. 1663, d. young; Esther, 28 Dec. 1664, d. in few days; and Hannah, 5 Sept. 1666; was freem. 1650, and serv. in Philip's war few days, mak. his will 19 June 1676, bec. he was call. into an expedit. but did not die until 20 Sept. 1691. His wid. d. 15 Sept. 1692. Elizabeth m. 28 Aug. 1672, Samuel Gore, Mary m. 1680, Joshua Gardner; and Hannah m. 11 Nov. 1685, William Heath. 

JOHN, Roxbury, eldest s. of Rev. Thomas, brot. by his f. from Eng. where the reg. of his f. certif. that he was bapt. 6 June 1625, did not go home with him in 1641, bec. he was the undergr. at Harv. Coll. wh. in 1644 was whip. by the Presid. for break. and rob. his uncle's ho. wh. was then in Eng. and this disastrous discipline would naturually induce the youth to hide there bef. his return. See Winthrop II. 166. The fam. tradit. is that he was min. of a parish in Durham, whose name call. Riton is not to be easi. found, near his f,. prob. and he may have been eject. instead of that Thomas, wh. Calamy names, by the Bartholomew Act. as the f. was in his grave bef. that day. JOHN, Roxbury, s. of the first John, m. 22 Jan. 1679, Hannah Portis, had John, b. 22 Apr. 1680, d. in few days; Hannah, 14 Dec. 1681, d. in few mos.; John, again, 7 Oct. 1683, d. in few wks.; Joanna, 15 Sept. 1685; Abigail, 19 Aug. 1687; Margaret, 6 Mar. 1690; Elizabeth 20 July 1692; Sarah, 17 Nov. 1693, d. at 15 yrs.; Dorothy, 21 June 1695, d. in few days; Samuel, 18 May 1697, d. in few mos.; and John, 18 Nov. 1698. His w. d. 10 Dec. 1721, and he d. 21 Feb. 1739. 

*JOSEPH, Roxbury, br. of the first Daniel, prob. and of Rev. Thomas, certain. came, it is thot. 1635, bring. w. Elizabeth and ch. Elizabeth Mary, Hannah, and Thomas (wh. by his f. design. for a coll. educ. d. at 17 yrs.), a. the ages of 10, 8, 6, and 3 yrs. respectiv. and leav. at home the eldest John, here had Edmund, b. 14 July 1636; and his w. d. Oct. 1638. He m. 20 Apr. foll. Barbara, niece of Edward Clap of Dorchester, had Sarah, bapt. 21 Dec. 1640, says the copy of town rec. wh. we might kn. to be wrong, as that was not Sunday; but the other copy from the ret. [[vol. 4, p. 458]] to the Country recorder, as in Geneal. Reg. VI. 377, makes her to be b. 31 Dec. of that yr. Yet what was the day of bapt. is unkn. since the earliest ch. rec. of Roxbury is also lost; Daniel, 18, bapt. 25 Sept. 1642; Joseph, 6, bapt. 9 Feb. 1645, d. at 10 mos.; and Marah, bapt. 2 Aug. 1646, tho. the town rec. makes her bapt. on the impossib. day 6 July, and the child's name Jeremiah. The apostle Eliot in his rec. asigns the cause for the bitter name, that the f. "is now in gr. afflict. by a sore on his tongue." 

He was freem. 3 Mar. 1636, rep. 1637 and sev. yrs. more, was capt. of the milit. of good est. and high reput. and d. of a cancer, or was bur. not as Ellis says, 8 Sept. but 7 Oct. foll. the b. of his last ch. His will of 2 June, with codic. of 22 July preced. is well abst. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 33. The wid. m. next yr. Anthony Stoddard of Boston, whose mar. contr. in our register of Deeds I. 137, bound him to pay portions to the three ch. she bore to W. on their com. of age, or m. but if all d. then to div. among his ch. by former w. Elizabeth had m. 20 Mar. 1641, Edward Denison; Mary m. a. 1648, Daniel Harris of Middletown; Hannah seems by the lang. of her f.'s will, to have been engaged to m. a. s. of famous Hooker, but nothing is kn. further; Sarah m. 23 July 1663, John Franks of Boston; and Marah m. Comfort Starr, says Ellis. 

JOSEPH, Roxbury, s. of John the first, m. 2 Sept. 1674, Elizabeth d. of Edward Devotion, had Margeret, b. 5 Nov. 1675, d. young; and Elizabeth 1 Jan. 1678,d 12 of next mo. and the mo. d. 3 days aft. he m. next, 27 Nov. 1679, Sarah, d. of Thomas Faxon of Braintree, had Margaret, 16 Feb. 1681; Joseph, 12 July 1683; Sarah, bapt. 25 Oct. 1685, d. at 2 mos.; Sarah, again, 16 June 1687; John, 19 Aug. 1689; Thomas, 10 Jan. 1692, d. soon; Deborah, 22 Feb. 1694; Mary, 10 Apr. 1695 (but of these last four, I find not any entry on the town rec. and am indebt. for them to an elegant memo. of the sev. descend. of Rev. Thomas, and capt. Joseph, by William G. Weld. Esq.); Daniel, 14 Aug. 1697; Edward, June 1700, d. Feb. foll.; and Ebenezer, 19 Oct. 1702; and the f. d. 14 Feb. 1712. Yet he had made his will 6 Dec. 1692, in a season of illness. The wid. m. 29 Apr. 1719, Jacob Chamberlain of Brookline, outliv. him, and d. 14 Oct. 1745. 

SAMUEL, Roxbury, s. of Thomas the sec. m. 23 June 1683, Susanna, d. of John Polley of the same, had Dorothy, b. 28 May 1684; Samuel, 21 July 1686, d. in few days; Samuel, again, 30 Oct. 1687, d. in few mos.; Ebenezer, 24 Jan. 1690, d. young; was freem. 1690. His w. d. 20 Apr. 1729, and he d. 2 Sept. 1737. THOMAS, Roxbury, br. of Joseph the first, and prob. younger than him, was bred at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where he had his degr. 1613 and 18, was min. 1624, at Terling, Co. Essex, a 38 ms. from London, by w. Margaret had John, bapt. 6 June 1625; Thomas, 1626; Samuel, 8 Oct. 1629; and Edmund, 8 July [[vol. 4, p. 459]]

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