A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Wentom - Weyborne

By James Savage

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WENTOM, EDWARD, Kittery, submit. to jurisdict. of Mass. in Nov. 1652. Col. Rec. IV. pt. I. 129.

WENTWORTH, BENJAMIN, Dover, s. prob. youngest of William, by w. Sarah Allen, m. a. 1697, had William, b. 14 Aug. 1698; Sarah, 16 Apr. 1700; Tamasin, 4 Jan. 1702; Benjamin, 5 Dec. 1703; Ebenezer, 9 Sept. 1705; Susanna, 9 Dec. 1707; Joseph, 22 Dec. 1709, Elizabeth 8 June 1712; Dorothy, 26 July 1714; Martha, 25 July 1716; Abra, 14 Feb. 1718; and Mark, 30 May 1720; and was drown. in the summer of 1728. EPHRAIM, Dover, br. perhaps youngest, of the preced. m. Mary, d. of Ephraim Miller, had sev. ch. but the geneal. in the Reg. IV. 327, owing to the lateness of bapt. in that ch. of sev. adults, so that gr.childr. seem to be confus. with childr. was exceeding. difficult, and elud. the persever. dilig. of Hon. John W. of our day, wh. suppos. him to be the man, whose will of 16 Mar. 1738, was pro. 29 June 1748. EZEKIEL, Dover, perhaps fourth s. of Elder Williams, by w. Elizabeth thot. confident. to be d. of Ezekiel Knight of Wells, was taxable at D. 1672, had six s. and two ds. prob. the foll. Paul, Thomas, John, Gershom, Elizabeth Tamosine, William, and Benjamin, wh. is presum. to be the youngest, bapt. Sunday, 25 Nov. 1722, as capt. Benjamin W. and d. 1714. 

GERSHOM, Dover, perhaps third s. of William, taxable 1670, m. 18 Mar. 1696, Hannah French of Salisbury, there had Mary, b. 14 May 1697; Samuel, 5 Dec. 1699; soon aft. went again to D. there had Ezekiel, 4 Feb. 1702; and Gershom, 4 Apr. 1705; and John, wh. was k. by the Ind. at Rochester, with three others, 27 June 1746. He was deac. 1717, had good est. and d. 2 Mar. 1731, at Somersworth. JOHN, Dover, perhaps sec. s. of Elder William of the same, tax. 1668, sw. fidel, next yr. with his elder br. rem. 1675, or earlier, to York, there m. Martha, d. of Ephraim Miller of Kittery, had sev. ch. but where b. or when, can hardly he made out with any satisfact. From York he rem. to Falmouth, and betw. the first and sec. destr. of that town, i. e. a. 1685, his s. Charles was b. but an elder one, John, had been b. perhaps at Kittery or York, some time a. 1677. From the doomed Falmouth, in the gr. East, war, he had rem. to Dorchester, and spent the resid. of his days in the part since call. Canton, and there Edward, Shubael, Elizabeth and Abigail, or most of the four may have been b. He was d. bef. Jan. 1710, when his wid. Martha, gave receipt in full to Judge Sewall, for all she had ever done for the Punkipaug Ind. Compare the discord. reports that the unwearied genealog. of the fam. (the Mayor of Chicago) had to encounter in Reg. IV. 327, VI. 213, and VIII. 246. 

PAUL, Dover, s. of William of the same, tax. there 1682, sold his est. at D. says the fam. acco. 15 Apr. 1696, then call. hims. of Newbury, but Mr. [[vol. 4, p. 485]] Coffin omits him. He belongs. to Rowley at that time, where eleven of his ch. by w. Catharine were bapt. 17 May 1696, said Farmer, but only ten had been b. at that time. However, he had thirteen, as he caused them to be put upon rec. at Norwich, whither he had rem. from New London, if Farmer be right, as he gives him recommend. from R. to that place, June 1707; but prob. Miss Caulkin's would not have been silent on so good a point, and we may presume his change was only from R. direct to Norwich. The ch. may have been b. at Dover, Newbury, or Rowley; but more import, is the name and date of ea. William, 25 Dec. 1680; Sylvanus, 28 Feb. 1682; Paul, 10 May 1682 (wh. or the two preced. must be wrong); Ebenezer, 18 June 1683; Martha, 9 Feb. 1685; Mercy, 18 July 1686; Aaron, 13 July 1687; Moses, 17 Apr. 1689; Mary, 25 Dec. 1692; Catharine, 28 July 1694; Sarah, 8 Apr. 1697; Benjamin, 28 Dec. 1698; and Edward, 20 June 1700. He was liv. May 1746 (but his w. was then d.), and d. bef. Jan. 1751. See Reg. VII. 265. 

SAMUEL, Dover, eldest s. of William of the same, tax. 1659, sw. fidel. 1669, freem. 1676, by w. Mary, whose fam. name was prob. Benning, and perhaps she was d. of Ralph, had Samuel, b. 9 Apr. 1666; Daniel 21 Oct. 1669, d. at 21 yrs.; John, 16 Jan. 1672, wh. was made Lieut-Gov. of the Prov.; Mary, 5 Feb. 1674; Ebenezer, 9 Apr. 1677; Dorothy, 27 June 1680; and Benning, 28 June 1682, d. young; and the f. d. at Portsmouth, 25 Mar. 1690, of smallpox. In 1681 the Treasr. of Mass. was direct. to pay him L30. but the serv. is not ment. Rec. V. 317. His wid. m. next yr. Richard Martin, as his third w. SYLVANUS, Dover, one of the younger s. of Elder William of the same, it is said, m. at Rowley, 7 Nov. 1685, Elizabeth Stewart, possib. d. of Duncan, but why the est. on wh. he was liv. 1693, was then giv. by his f. to s. Benjamin, unless he took dislike to Sylvanus, may be hard to conject. nor is any thing more told of him in the fam. acco. See Geneal. Reg. IV. 327 and VI. 213. 

TIMOTHY, Dover, br. of the prece. m. Sarah Cromwell, perhaps d. of Philip of Dover, tho. by extrav. tradit. she has been by some equal. ignorant and credul. thot. d. of Richard, Lord Protector, for short time, of Eng. rem. aft. 1702 to Berwick, there d. 17 July 1719, aged 70, says Geneal. Reg. VI. 213, but on the same p. a little lower, the writer wild. says 1748, and at Dover. His will of 3 May, pro. 8 July in that yr. 1719 as my memo. reads, ment. w. and ch. Timothy, Samuel, Mary, and Sarah. But his w. d. near the same time with him, it is said, and was bur. in the same gr. WILLIAM, Dover, rul. Elder, had first been at Exeter, 1639, in the orig. combina. with thirty-four others, and it may be that he had accomp. his fr. John Wheelwright across the ocean in 1636. He had foll. him from E. to Wells, where he was made constable 1648, but in 1650 seems ot have fix. his resid. at D. [[vol. 4, p. 486]] where he was selectman 1665, as resolute for Mass. jurisdict. as he had been against it; preach. in 1666, had w. Elizabeth and ch. Samuel, b. 1641 perhaps at E. perhaps at W.; John; Gershom; Ezekiel; Timothy; Paul; Sylvanus; Ephraim; and Benjamin; yet the order of success. is conject. d. 16 Mar. 1698, aged near 90, it is thot. His only d. Elizabeth whose date of b. is uncert. but suppos. a. 1663, m. Richard Tozer the sec. A plausible case for ano. d. Sarah, was furnish. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 304, because Paul W. being guardian of those ch. by their own choice, as appears in Bond, 14, is call. uncle of Sarah and Benjamin Barnard, ch. of Benjamin and Sarah B. To this in the next vol. of Reg. p. 48 is repl. that perhaps the w. of Paul was a Barnard, sis. of their f. and again it may be equal. prob. that their mo. was sis. of the w. of Paul; so that the chance is two to one against the suppos. Six of this fam. as Farmer notes, had been gr. at Harv.

WERMALL, or WORMALL, JAMES, Duxbury, had, Deane says, been of Scituate 1638, but at D. had Josiah, b. 1670; and John, wh. Winsor adds, m. 9 June 1698, Mary Barrows, and d. 1711 at Bridgewater. JOSEPH, Scituate 1638, rem. soon to Duxbury, had w. Miriam, ch. Josiah, Sarah, and perhaps Esther, wh. m. 20 Aug. 1669 as his sec. w. Jospeh Dunham. JOSEPH, Boston, 1650. JOSIAH, Duxbury, perhaps s. of Jospeh of the same, m. 15 Jan. 1696, Patience, d. of William Sherman of Marshfield, had Josiah, Mehitable, Mercy, Samuel, and Ichabod.

WESCOTT, WASCOTT, WESTCOATT, or WESTCOTT, AMOS, Warwick, eldest s. of Stukely, on the freeman's list, 1655, m. 13 July 1667, Sarah, d. of Thomas Stafford, wh. d. 1669, and next m. 9 June 1670, her sis. Deborah S. had Amos, wh. d. 1692, without issue; and Solomon, wh. d. without issue; and three ds. Perhaps he was of Wickford 1674, and his name may have been by the Conn. Commissnrs. call. Aaron. DANIEL, New Hampsh. of wh. all that I kn. is, that he join. with most of the other inhabs. 20 Feb. 1690, in desir. the protect. of Mass. to be extend. over them. JEREMIAH, Warwick, s. perhaps youngest of Stukely, m. 27 July 1665, Ellen England, had Jeremiah, b. 7 Oct. 1666; Elenor, 20 Oct. 1669; Pevis? wh. d. Aug. 1673, near three yrs. old; Stukely, Oct. 1672; and d. 1686; but his will, then made, according to the strange custom of that jurisdict. ment. four other ch. Josiah; Samuel; William; and Benjamin, of wh. Josiah had abund. offspring. 

RICHARD, Wethersfield 1639-44, rem. to Fairfield, there d. a. 1651, leav. four ch. John; Daniel; Joanna; and Abigail. His wid. Joanna m. Nathaniel Baldwin; d. Joanna m. a. 1664, John Weed; and Abigail, m. a. 1669, Moses Knapp. Tho. both the s. liv. many yrs. at Stamford, nothing more can be told of either; but they were gone by d. or rem. [[vol. 4, p. 487]] bef. 1700. ROBERT, Warwick, s. of Stukely of the same, is among the freem. of 1655 in Haz. II. 372, by w. Catharine had Catharine, b. 6 May 1664, at W.; Zorobabel, 13 Apr. 1666; rem. to Portsmouth or Newport, and had Dinah, Feb. 1670; Mary, 2 June 1672; Samuel, 18 Sept. 1672; and Robert, 2 Apr. 1678. He had connex. with the Wickford planta. 1674. 

STUKELY, Salem 1636, impres. with views of the Bapt. by Roger Williams, he was, with his w. excommun. 1639, with W. and others, and they had gone, 1637, to Providence. Aft. the establishm. of the rights of Gorton and assoc. Wescott rem. to Warwick 1648, was one of the freem. 1665, and there resid. I judge, until the end of his days, 12 Jan. 1678. His ch. were Damaris, Amos, Jeremiah, Robert, and Mercy or Sarah. He is the first nam. grantee in Roger William's deed to his assoc. Damaris m. Benedict Arnold; and Mercy or Sarah m. Samuel Stafford. WILLIAM, Wethersfield 1639.

WESSON. See Weston.

WEST, BENJAMIN, Enfield 1686, m. 14 Mar. 1692, Hannah, d. prob. of Elias Shaddock, had Hannah, b. 24 May 1693; rem. to Middletown, there had Benjamin, 1 June 1696; Mary, 1 Apr. 1699; beside Abigail, 23 July 1716; and perhaps others. The name of his w. is read Shattuck by one; but ano. calls it Haddock, and conject. of a skilful antiq. makes it to be Hadlock, perhaps d. of James. *EDWARD, Lynn 1637, of wh. all I can say is, that Farmer quotes Lewis 64. *EDWARD, Medfield, freem. 1672, was, I presume, of Sherborn few yrs. aft. a lieut. 1682, selectman 1684, and rep. 1689. EDWARD, Dorchester, freem. 1673, wh. may seem only a repetit. of the name of the freem. of the yr. bef. call. of Medfield, for none with this is heard of at D. The succeed. ages owe much to the heedlessness of Seer. Rawson. FRANCIS, DUXBURY 1643, was one of the first proprs. of Bridgewater 1645. Baylies H. 254. HENRY, Salem, freem. 1668, was a saddler. His w. Elizabeth d. of George Meriam of Concord, bore to him Elizabeth 22 June 1665; Samuel, 25 Jan. 1667; Susanna, 16 Nov. 1668; Henry, 14 Jan. 1671; Elizabeth again, 4 Mar. 1673; and Mary, 22 Feb. 1676; and d. 26 Aug. 1691, aged 50. In 1693, he was empower. to take acco. of strangers com. to the town. JOHN, Ipswich 1648. 

JOHN, Saybrook, or other places in its neighb. may be he wh. came in the Abigail, 1635, from London to Boston, aged 11 yrs. in 1649 was fin. £10. for sell a gun to an Ind. but four other reputa. men were equal suffer. for the same misdemean. He was employ. 1663, by the Col. to survey the bounds betw. S. and Killingworth. *JOHN, Saco, was of gr. jury 1640, sw. alleg. to Mass. 1653, sold his est. in few yrs. to maj. Pendleton, and d. betw. 29 Sept. 1663, the date of his will, and 5 Oct. next, when it was pro. It [[vol. 4, p. 488]] gave to gr.ch. Ann, Lydia, Thomas, and Samuel Haley, ch. of Thomas, *JOHN, Beverly, there rep. 1677. JOHN, Newport, is seen on the list of freem. 1655. JOHN, Swansey, by w. Mehitable had William, b. 11 Sept. 1683. JOHN, Boston, Seer. of the arbitra. governm. of Sir Edmund Andros, was seiz. and sent home with him 1689. I presume his only ch. d. Feb. 1688, as Sewall notes bur. 29 of the mo. in his diary. 

JOHN, Ipswich, perhaps s. of John of the same, by w. Sarah had Elizabeth b. 31 July 1688; and John, 25 Feb. 1691. JOHN, Rowley, 1691. MATTHEW, Lynn 1636, freem. 9 Mar. 1637, was aft. 1646 of Newport, and is seen in the freemen's list 1655. NATHANIEL, Newport, by Farmer is call. one of the founders of the first Bapt. ch. 1644. ROBERT, Providence 1641, one of the friends of Williams, wh. denounc. Gorton and his assoc. to the Mass. as seen in Geneal. Reg. IV. 216, or 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 4; and tho. there on the list of freem. 1655, yet the rec. tells nothing of w. or ch. SAMUEL, Salem, d. a. 1685, for his inv. is of 4 Aug. in that yr. SAMUEL, Salem, m. 29 Jan. 1690, Mary Poor, had Samuel, b. 21 Nov. 1691; Elizabeth 11 Sept. 1693; Jonathan, 2 Sept. 1697; and Daniel, 22 Apr. 1699. 

THOMAS, Salem, came in the Mary and John, 1634, had gr. of ld. 1640, m. 11 Oct. 1658, Phebe Waters, perhaps d. of Richard, had Samuel, b. 23 Mar. 1660; Joseph, 3 Sept. 1663; Benjamin, 1 Oct. 1665; and John, 9 Sept. 1667; was freem. 1668, and there liv. 1686. His w. Phebe, d. 16 Apr. 1674. THOMAS, Beverly, freem. 1670, a man of conseq. petitions the Gen. Ct. Feb. 1682 with others, by command of the town, for protect. in their est. against the claims of Mason. THOMAS, Newbury, took o. of alleg. 1669, may have liv. at Haverhill 1675. THOMAS, Wethersfield m. 1677, and by w. Elizabeth had Christopher, b. 1678; and Mary, 1680; was poor. *THOMAS, Hadley, rep. 1686. TWYFORD, Marshfield 1643, had come from London to Boston in the autumn of 1635, aged 19, by the Hopewell, capt. Babb, and was, I think, of Rowley 1667; and liv. at Salem, perhaps 1677, and Ipswich 1678. WILLIAM, Salem, m. 30 Aug. 1672, Mary Hilliard, perhaps d. of Edward of the same, had Joseph, b. 30 May 1673, d. 26 Aug. foll. Of this, tho. Farmer had no census of the name, I find thirteen gr. at Harv. and four at Yale.

WESTALL, WESTELL, or WESTOLL, DANIEL, New Hampsh. in Farmer's MS. notes, must, I believe, be the man by me giv. from Geneal. Reg. VIII. 235 as Wescott. JOHN, Saybrook 1653, allow. to keep an inn 1663, and there d. 12 Feb. 1683. His wid. Susanna d. 18 Mar. 1684. By her he had Susanna, b. 1650, wh. d. bef. her f. She was b. at Wethersfield, where he liv. some yrs bef. rem. to S. He had good est. and made John, s. of Nathaniel Kirtland, and neph. of the w. of W. his sole heir, some time bef. his d. reserv. right to make some legacies. His w. had br. John Kirtland, childless, to wh. she gave small [[vol. 4, p. 489]] ho. and lot, she hav. aft. the d. of her h. that power. JOHN, Dover 1648.

WESTBROOK, JOB, and JOHN, were of Portsmouth early, perhaps from Co. Surrey in Eng. both petnrs. for Mass. protect. in Feb. 1690. John was there in 1665, a selectman in 1697, and prob. f. of that col. Thomas, wh. in the expedit. of 1720 to Kennebeck, hoped to have seized Father Rasles at his mission of Norridgewock.

WESTCAR, JOHN, Hadley, fin. for sell. liquor, 1665, was a trader, m. 17 Oct. 1667, Hannah, d. of Francis Barnard, petitions against imposts 1669. He had no ch. was in 1673 license. to practise physic and surgery, but d. 1675, aged 30 yrs. His wid. m. Simon Beaman.

WESTEAD, or WESSTEAD, WILLIAM, Saybrook, there purch. ho. June 1679, then said to be from Charlestown, where was not in the yr. bef. any man of that name, as head of a fam. but he is call. mariner, and so prob. was unm. bef. rem. to S. had Samuel, b. 20 May 1683; and Eleanor, an elder ch. d. 20 May 1684.

WESTERHOUSEN, WILLIAM, New Haven 1648, a merch. from New Amsterdam, took o. of fidel. 18 Oct. 1648, had Willielmus, b. 13 June 1650; and rem. bef. 1656, prob. on acco. of the war betw. Eng. and his native country, for a final n in his name betray, his origin. He had good est.

WESTGATE, ADAM, Salem 1647-62, mariner, by w. Mary had Robert, b. 1 July 1647; a s. without name, 15 Apr. 1650; Thomas, 12 Feb. 1654; Joseph, 30 Apr. 1657, d. at 2 yrs.; Mary, 14 Feb. 1660, d. at 2 yrs.; and Benjamin, 26 July 1662, d. in few days. DANIEL, Stamford, propound, for freem. 1670. JOHN, Boston, was a single man when adm. of the h. 12 Sept. 1640, ar. co. 1641, went home, I suppose, bef. tak. w. for in the rec. of the ch. 26 Sept. 1647 is his dism. "on desire of the ch. of Pulham Mary in Norfolk, Eng." and in May 1677 was of Harlestone in that Co. Thence he had writ. to capt. Lake, 5 Apr. 1653, to inq. if the report of the d. of his former teacher, John Cotton, was true.

WESTLEY, WILLIAM, Hartford 1638, an orig. sett. tho. not orig. purchas. was excus. from watch, in 1646, perhaps on acco. of age. No fam. is heard of, but he left a wid. wh. was assist. by the ch. at Hadley, bec. she had been of their party, bef. they rem. from Hartford.

WESTMORELAND, JAMES, Boston 1652, says Farmer, but no more is kn.

WESTON, EDMUND, Duxbury, came in the Elizabeth and Ann from London to Boston, 1635, aged 30; m. a d. of John Soule of the same, as Winsor suppos. and had, perhaps, Elnathan, Samuel, and John. The informat. is little. EDWARD, in Philip's war, was a corpo. in [[vol. 4, p. 490]] Mosley's comp. Dec. 1675. *FRANCIS, Salem, freem. 5 Nov. 1633, a friend of Roger Williams; but whether he came with him, or when, or whence he came, is unkn. nor have we the date of this join. the ch. He was rep. at the first Gen. Ct. that was attend. by dep. but was unfortunate in his w. wh. was punish. by the bilboes, tho. her offence was, as Felt presum. Eccles. Ann. I. 341, "of a religious character," and he fell into the impractica. notions as to the duty of separat. of chhs. and went to Providence with Williams, there was one of the founders of his ch. but in few yrs. disagreed with him, and symboliz. with Gorton, Wicks, Holden, and others, rem. with them to ld. a little down the Bay, purchas. from the Ind. now Warwick, was denounc. by the authority of Mass. seiz. and brot. prison. to Boston, by Ct. sentenc. Nov. 1643, as in Rec. II. 52, to be kept at labor in Dorchester, with suffic. irons to prevent escape; and liberat. at last, thro. fear of his influence over his keeper's relig. sentiments, wh. under threat of death he was prohibit. from attempt. to pervert, d. bef. June 1645, leav. no issue. 

FRANCIS, Plymouth, stands in the tax list for Jan. 1633, but not in that of next yr. nor is more told of him in any place within my knowledge, unless he be the same, as was call. at Duxbury, Francis West. JOHN, Salem, join. the ch. 1648, being then 17 yrs. old, if the fam. tradit. be correct, wh. seems very prob. that he came in 1644, aged 13, from Buckinghamsh. Still we must be careful to doubt in proper places, for the same valua. testim. notes on his gr.-st. "that he was one of the found. of the ch. in Reading." Now we kn. the falsity of this, for he could be only 14 yrs. old on that event. He had rem. to Reading, prob. bef. m. and his early ch. were carr. to Salem for bapt. they were Sarah, b. 15 July 1656, bapt. 10 May 1657; Mary, 25 May 1659, perhaps d. very soon, certain its bapt. is not found at Salem first ch.; John, 9 Mar. bapt. 29 Aug. 1661; and Elizabeth bapt. Oct. 1663; Stephen, b. a. 1665; and perhaps Samuel, and Thomas, as Eaton in Geneal, Reg. II. 48, indicates. In 1691 he was adm. freem. and d. 1723. 

MATTHEW, Providence 1644, may be the same man call. Matthew West. STEPHEN, Reading, s. of John, had Stephen, and d. 1753 aged 88. See Geneal. Reg. I. 278. THOMAS, a London merch. had engag. in plant. a col. in 1622 at Weymouth, but his sett. were very incompet. persons, much disqualif. by former habits of life and charact. the next yr. on visit to the country, he was dishearten. and gave up his hopes, went home, and in the gr. civ. war, d. at Bristol. Of this name Farmer notes fifteen gr. in N. E. coll. up to 1834, of wh. I find only four at Harv. and one at Yale. Oft. it is writ. as the sound was Wesson.

WESTOVER, JONAS, Windsor, 1649, rem. to Killingworth, freem. 1658, is found in the list 1669. By w. Hannah, m. 1663, had Margaret, [[vol. 4, p. 491]] b. 19 Feb. 1666; Hannah, 8 Apr. 1668; Elizabeth 3 May 1670; Jane, 26 Mar. 1672; and these are all appear. on the rec. but others he had, as by his will, in 1702, two other ds. and two s. are nam. Jonas, Jonathan, Mary, and Joanna. Perhaps one or more were not b. at K. but at Simsbury, where he d. Jan. 1709.

WESTWOOD, *WILLIAM, Cambridge, where he may have been as early as 1632, came in the Francis, from Ipswich 1634, had liv. in the adj. Co. of Essex, aged 28, with w. Bridget, 32, brot. two serv. John Lea, and Grace Newell, as, being a man of good est. he had made his explora. here bef. bring. his fam. wh. in the earliest days of the Col. was judicious; freem. 4 Mar. 1635, rem. with the earliest companions of Hooker, to Conn. as an orig. propr. of Hartford, and was rep. 1636 at the first Gen. Ct. in Hartford, Windsor, and Wethersfield, then call. by the names, carr. from Mass. Newtown, Dorchester, and Watertown, respectiv. had authty. as the first constable of the Col. from Mass. aftwards at Hartford 1642-4, 1646-8, and 1650-6, rem. to Hadley 1659, and there d. 9 Apr. 1669. His wid. d. 12 May 1676; but the name was not perpet. and his only ch. Sarah, m. 30 May 1661, the sec. Aaron Cook; and large prop. was giv. to her, and her mo.

WETHERBEE, JOHN, Marlborough 1675, rem. to Sudbury, by w. Mary had Thomas, b. 5 Jan. 1678.

WETHERELL, WETHERILL, WITHERELL, WETHEREL, and oft. in Conn. rec. WITHERLY, *DANIEL, New London, s. of Rev. William, b. at Maidstone, co. Kent, where his f. kept the free sch. 29 Nov. 1630, m. 4 Aug. 1659, Grace, d. of Jonathan Brewster of the same, had Hannah, b 21 Mar. says the rec. perhaps by mist. for May 1660; Mary, 7 Oct. 1668; Daniel 26 Jan. 1671; and Samuel, bapt. 19 Oct. 1679; of wh. both s. d. young; Hannah m. 16 May 1680, Adam Picket; and Mary m. Thomas Harris, and next, 1694, George Denison. He was a man of the chief charact. in town for many yrs. says Miss Caulkins, recorder or clk. 1667, and oft. aft. selectman, rep. 1669, 70, 1, 3, 5-7, judge of prob. capt. and milt. commiss. and d. 14 Apr. 1719, Two letters from him to Gov. Winth, announc. apprehens. of instant war with Philip, may be seen in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 118. 

JOHN, Watertown, freem. 18 May 1642, by w. Grace, wh. d. 16 Dec. 1671, aged 75, he had only Mary, b. prob. in Eng. wh. d. Apr. 1655, aged 20; and he d. 23 June 1672, aged 78. His will of 9 Jan. preced. gives decent legacy to Rev. John Sherman, and prop. to kinsm. Ralph Day, and James Thorpe, of Dedham, with William Price of W. JOHN, Scituate, s. of Rev. William, had John, b. 1675; William, 1678; Thomas, 1681; and Joshua, 1683; but the name of w. and other parties are not seen in Deane. JOHN, Taunton, s. of William of the same, by w. Susanna, m. [[vol. 4, p. 492]] a. 1687, had John, b. 8 Oct. 1688, and call. the first ch. b. in that pt. of T. that bec. Norton, beside seven other ch. whose names are unkn. SAMUEL, Scituate, not eldest s. of Rev. William, yet be. perhaps in Eng. by w. Isabel had Samuel, b. 1678; Hannah, 1680; and Joshua, 1683; in wh. yr. the f. d. SAMUEL, Scituate, s. of the preced. m. 26 May 1698, Ann Rogers, had ten ch. and descend. remain. THEOPHILUS, Middleborough, third or fourth ch. of Rev. William, m. Mary, eldest d. of William Parker of Scituate, had sev. ds. was a serg. severly wound. in the gr. Narraganset swamp fight, 19 Dec. 1675; had sec. w. Lydia, wh. I presume to be sis. of the former, and the inscript. on her gr.st. is, d. 7 Sept. 1719, aged 67. 

WILLIAM, Scituate, 1644, came with w. Mary and three ch. and one serv. in the Hercules from Sandwich 1635, under certif. of 14 Mary. in that yr. from the mayor of Maidstone, Co. Kent. where he was sch.-master, hav. bred at Bennet (now Corpus Christi) coll. Cambridge, and there took his A. B. 1622, i. e. Jan. 1623, and A. M. 1626, is by Frothingham, 85, claim. for resid. at Charlestown 1636, to wh. I have nothing to object, but that this name is not found in Budington's list of ch. memb. Farmer had provid. him a resid. in Cambridge also; but this, I presume, to be the same as Charlestown. He seems to have preach. at Duxbury, but bec. min. of the sec. ch. at S. in 1645, and had sev. ch. b. in this country, as prob. John; Theophilus; Elizabeth; Sarah; and Hannah, 20 Feb. 1647; but the last, it is thot. d. young; and he d. 9 Apr. 1684, aged perhaps 84. Mary, b. perhaps in Eng. m. 20 Nov. 1656; Elizabeth m. 22 Dec. 1657, John Bryant; and Sarah m. Jan. 1670, Israel Hobart of Hingham. 

*WILLIAM, Taunton 1643, possib. neph. of the preced. came, tradit. tells, as a cabin-boy, adm. freem. 1658, constable 1662, oft. selectman. His w. was Dorothy, but surname is not heard; and ch. were William, John, Ephraim, and Dorothy, nam. in his will of 15 Aug. 1691, pro. 18 Nov. foll. but E. was d. bef. the date of will. Dorothy had m. 26 Aug. 1674, Elias Irish, and next, 1 Apr. 1686, William Wood. He was rep. 1671 and 85, in this last yr. is call. serg. WILLIAM, Taunton, call. jun. prob. s. of the preced. m. 14 Mar. 1681, Elizabeth Newland, perhaps d. of Jermiah of the same, had William, b. prob. 1651; Jeremiah, 1664; and two other ch. but their names are not seen, nor their dates. Yet the name of William is perpet. in the eight generat. unbrok.

WETHERIDGE. EDWARD, prob. of Boston, freem. 1644, obtain. abatemt. of excise on his wines, as in Col. Rec. II. 152. But he was, perhaps, not many yrs. here.

WETMORE. See Whitmore.

WEYBORNE. See Wyborne.

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