A Genealogical Dictionary of  The First Settlers of New England,
Before 1692

Volume #4
Weymouth - Wheeler 

By James Savage

Special thanks to Robert Kraft and his assistant, Benjamin Dunning for scanning this book and to Warren Wetmore for perfecting the text and providing technical help in presenting this work for researchers to enjoy.

WEYMOUTH, EDWARD, Dover 1662, perhaps s. of Robert, was b. [[vol. 4, p. 493]] 1639, and aft. at Kittery, m. 25 Dec. 1663, Esther Hodsden, perhaps d. of Jeremiah. His ho. was burnt by the Ind. 1677. JAMES, perhaps of Dover, d. 1678, leav. says Farmer MS. w. Mary, and ch. William, George, James, and Elizabeth NICHOLAS, Dorchester, a soldier in Johnson's comp. in Philip's war, Dec. 1675. ROBERT, Kittery, came from Dartmouth, Co. Devon, as early, says Farmer, as 1652. One Titus W. from Virg. was found d. at Plymouth 1656. WILLIAM, N. H. br. of Robert, says Farmer, MS. d. 1654. WILLIAM, Dover, perhaps s. of James, had Reuben, b. 14 June 1686; William, 10 Sept. 1689; Robert, 15 Feb. 1692; Joshua, 11 June 1695; Tabitha, 14 Oct. 1698; and Samuel, 13 Oct. 1701.

WHALE, PHILEMON, Sudbury 1646, freem. 10 May 1648, m. 7 Nov. 1649, Sarah Cakebread, d. of Thomas, wh. d. 28 Dec. 1656; and he m. 9 Nov. foll. Elizabeth Griffin, perhaps d. of Hugh; but whether he had issue by either w. is unkn. and he d. 21 Feb. 1676. SAMUEL, Kingston, R. I. only s. of Theophilus of the same, had two ws. first a Hopkins, next, a Harrington, as Potter reports; and that his ch. were seven, Thomas, Samuel, Theophilus, James, or Jeremy, John, and two ds. and that he d. a. 1782. THEOPHILUS, Kingstown, R. I. came from Virg. with w. Elizabeth a. 1676, had Joan, Ann, Theodosia, Elizabeth Martha, Lydia, and Samuel; but it thot. that if not more, the eldest two were b. in Virg. Great uncertainty attaches to almost every thing he said or did, as is found oft. in regard to those wh. emig. from a dist. country, and liv. to gr. age. Potter says he knew Hebrew, Greek, &c. and d. a. 1719 or 20, aged a. 104. It would have been strange, if more than one myth had not sprung out of his grave. 

My first exercise of caution would be to examine the means of reducing his yrs. by 20 or near, for his only s. it is said, d. a. 1728, and it is quite improb. that when he was b. the f. was much beyond 70. Beside that his w. d. 8 or 10 yrs. bef. her h. Dr. Stiles in the exuberance of conject. that the requisite to sustain his credulity, supposes he may have been one of the regicides. But we kn. the names of all wh. acted in that tragedy, as well as of those wh. were nominat. and declin. to act. or withdrew, as did sev. aft. participat. some hours in the mockery of trial, bef. its end, among all of wh. is not that of Theophilus Whale. One of those misguid. men would have resort. to any other part of the world. sooner than to Virg.

WHALEY, GEORGE, Cambridge, by w. Catharine, had George, b. 19 Apr. 1653.

WALLEY, EDWARD, Hadley, one of the gr. officers wh. had fought in the civil war, and serv. Cromwell more aft. it, first in the pretended [[vol. 4, p. 494]] Court for trial of Charles I. and next as one of the major-gen. to wh. the country in milit. destricts. twelve innumb. like the tribes of Israel, was made subject, as if martial law could forever be contin. Of that power, aft. short trial, tho. he was a relative of the great Protector, Cromwell's iron will was compel. to strip him, so odious had the tyranny grown. He fled from Eng. on the restorat. and with his s.-in-law, William Goffe, reach. Boston July 1660. In the foll. spring they resort. to New Haven, and thro. various suffer. found hiding at last in the shelter of Rev. John Russel's ho. at H. where d. in few yrs. and there was bur. The stone wh. was fondly suppos. from the initial letters E. W. to have been errected over his remains at New Haven, belong. no doubt, to the resting-place of Edward Wigglesworth, and bore date 1653, wh. was clumsi. attempt. to be alter. to 1673, or 8, as this might have been the yr. of Whalley's death. See Goffe.

WHARFF, NATHANIEL, Casco, 1658, m. Rebecca, d. of Arthur Macworth, and d. 1673, says Willis, in Main Hist. Coll. I. 65, 135. Inv. of £193. 18s. 6d. was render. 23 June. NATHANIEL, Gloucester 1683, s. of the preced. m. 30 Jan. 1684, Ann, d. of Thomas Riggs, had Nathaniel, b. 1685; Rebecca, 1686; Mary, 1687; Charity, 1688, d. soon; Thomas, 1689; Mary and Experience, tw. 1690; Hannah, 1691; Arthur, 1694; John, 1696; Patience, 1697, d. soon; Abraham, 1699, d. young; and Lydia, 1701; and his w. d. 17 Dec. of the same yr. He was liv. 1734.

WHARTON, EDWARD, Salem 1655, call. a glazier, began to suffer 1658 as a Quaker, and in 1661 assist. in bur. the corpse of William Leddra, one of their martyrs, execut. at Boston, 14 Mar. as he had been whip. a year and a half bef. for his expression a. the hanging of the youths, Robinson and Stephenson, and in an intermed. time, a. 1660 whip. for pilot. some from Lynn to Salem. Similar treatm. for some yrs. later fail to enlighten him, yet he did not rem. from S. there d. 3 Mar. 1678. PHILIP, Boston 1656, by w. Mary had Rebecca, b. 5 May 1660, was displeas. with his w. for wh. he found no redress, and went away eight yrs. later, yet by order of Ct. his w. should have food and clothing. See Rec. IV. pt. II. 382; and in our Reg. of deeds it will be seen, Vol. VI. 134, that his lds. were charg. for the supply. RICHARD, Boston 1661, a very active gent. largely concern. in purch. of lds. as in 1683, the Pegypscot, of 500,000 acres, at the E. and engag. in public good, m. a. 1659, Bethia, d. of William Tyng, and next, 1672, Sarah, d. of Rev. John Higginson of Salem, and had two ds. Sarah had Bethia. Felt, in Geneal. Reg. IX. 339, calls him a lawyer, but perhaps he was only atty, for partic. individ. not a men. of the profess. 

Under appointm. as one of the Counc. of Sir Edmund Andros, he thwart. some of his oppress. designs, and went home with others in July 1687 to complain against his measures, and d. in London a. 1690. He left much embarrass. est. and his ds. kept a small shop in Boston. Sarah m. John Cotta, in B. See Higginson Letters in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 198- 205. RICHARD, Boston, m. Martha, d. of the sec. Go. John Winthrop had [[vol. 4, p. 495]] Richard, bapt. 28 Nov. 1675; Ann, 29 June 1679; Winthrop, 17 Apr. 1681; Martha, 29 Oct. 1682; John, 5 Oct. 1684; and Dorothy, 31 Oct. 1686.

WHATELY. See Wakely.

WHEATE, JOHN, Boston, a trader, who obtain, relief in 1686 for one half of the impost on wine, may have rem. in few yrs. JOSHUA, Concord, emb. in Apr. 1635, aged 17, in the Elizabeth, at London, but Shattuck says he went home in 1640, giv. his br. Moses his lds. here, for the share of f's est. in Eng. JOSHUA, Groton, prob. s. of Moses of Concord, by w. Elizabeth had Moses, b. Sept. 1686, and Butler tells no more. MOSES, Concord, br. of the first Joshua, came with him, says Shattuck, 1636, but prob. not in the same sh. as none such is found in the custom-ho. docket, where Joshua had place, and eno. may be thot. to justify a suppos. that they were found together at C. in its sec. yrs. He was made freem. 18 May 1642, had Moses, wh. d. June 1641; Samuel, b. 25 Oct. 1641; Hannah, 12 or 19 (town rec. says both, but prob. the latter refers to bapt.) Feb. 1643; Joshua; Remembrance; John; Sarah; and Aaron, of wh. the rec. gives the name of mo. Thomasine, when it tells his d. 13 June 1658, prob. quite young. He was tythingman 1679, then call. sen. wh. renders it prob. that he had also s. Moses again. His w. Tamsen d. 9 July 1689, and he d. 6 May 1700. SAMUEL, Concord, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, well perpet. the name; but s. Benjamin, wh. d. 1758, aged 49, at Norwich, a physician, is the only one heard of. It is said, he was of Cambridge, a physician, 1717.

WHEATELY, or WHEATLEY, GABRIEL, Watertown, d. July 1637, by nuncup. will provides for a d. but names not w. or other ch. JOHN, Braintree, of wh. we kn. only that he was made freem. 1643, and his name then writ. Whetley, and unit. with many others of the same town for gr. of Showamet, that Gorton and others had bought. His d. Rachel m. 22 Sept. 1679, John Loring of Hingham, being then wid. of Benjamin Buckland of B. to wh. she had b. two ch. at least. LIONEL, Boston, by w. Elinor had Samuel, b. 29 Apr. 1654, d. next m.; and Jane, 28 May 1655; was freem. 1673.

WHEATON, CHRISTOPHER, Hull 1675, fisherman, serv. in Johnson's comp. Dec. 1675. JEREMIAH, Rehoboth 1676, had Sarah, b. 29 Sept. 1673; Ebenezer, 7 Mar. 1677; Nathaniel, 6 Mar. 1679; and Mehitable, 2 Apr. 1681. OBADIAH, Milton, a soldier in Philip's war 1675, of Johnson's comp. ROBERT, Rehoboth 1643-6. Baylies II. 217. SAMUEL, Swanzey 1669, by w. Elizabeth had Samuel, b. 21 July 1683; and the f. d. 2 Feb. foll. A tradit. that the first of this name in our country was of Rehoboth, and came from Swansen in Wales, Geneal. Reg. V. 476, may [[vol. 4, p. 496]] have nearer resemblance to truth than is always found in such elements of history. Farmer notes, that fourteen of this name had, in 1829, been gr. at N. E. coll. of wh. five are at Harv. two at Yale, and more at Brown.

WHEDON, THOMAS, New Haven, had been bound appr. in Eng. to John Meigs, just bef. com. to learn his art of tanner, took o. of fidel. 1657, m. 24 May 1661, Ann Harvey, had Thomas, b. 31 May 1663; Sarah, 23 Apr. 1666; Esther, 26 Jan. 1668; rem. to Branford where he had been propr. bef. 1667, there had John, a. 1671; and Hannah, a. 1675; join. the new compact of settlem. in lieu of that wh. by those wh. went ot N. J. had govern. until then; and d. 1691, leav. wid. and five ch. Sarah m. Samuel Elwell; and Esther m. Edward Jonson. THOMAS, Brainford, s. of the preced. by w. Hannah, as we learn at the return of the inv. had Hannah and Abigail, of full age, in 1707; Thomas, aged 16; John, 13; Nathaniel, 10; Rebecca, 6; Jonathan, 3; and Martha, posthum. He left good est. See Weaden and Weeden.

WHEELER, DAVID, Newbury, s. of John, b. 1625, at Salisbury, Co. Wilts, came in the Confidence of London, Apr. 1638, from Southampton, prob. betrust. to some friend wh. should pass him as a serv. of 11 yrs. old. m. 11 May 1650, Sarah Wise, perhaps d. of Humphrey, had first, I conject. Sarah, wh. m. 9 Mar. 1675, John Spofford; John, b. 5 Dec. 1653; Abigail, 2 Feb. 1656; Jonathan, 6 Jan. 1658; Nathan, 27 Dec. 1659; Lydia, 7 May 1662; Jonathan, 6 Jan. 1658; Nathan, to Rowley, there had Joseph, 1669. He had liv. at Hampton bef. m. EPHRAIM, Concord, freem. 13 Mar. 1639, had, says Farmer, Isaac, b. 1638, but prob. d. soon; Isaac, 13 Dec. 1642; rem. to Fairfield with Jones, one of the Concord min. 1644, among the first sett. there was bless, with plenty of est. and ch. and d. 1670. The inv. 28 Oct. was L1,026. and his will of 22 Sept. 1669, names w. Ann, wh. may not have been mo. of all the four s. Isaac, Samuel, Timothy, Ephraim, and six ds. Mary, Ruth, Hannah, Rebecca, Judith, and Abigail. 

EPHRAIM, Milford, s. of Thomas of the same, was propound. for freem. Oct. 1669; m. 8 Sept. 1675, Mary, d. of Richard Holbrook, had two s. and two ds. and d. early in 1685. This inv. in Feb. was L.534. Both the s. were d. in 1696, but ds. Mary and Abigail alive. He left wid. Mary. EPHRAIM, Newton, had first w. Abigail, wh. d. 1687; and by sec. w. Sarah, had Sarah, b. 28 Oct. 1689; Mary, 6 Jan. 1692; Josiah, 13 Dec. 1693; Elizabeth 6 Jan. 1695; and Samuel, 22 May 1699; was selectman 1706. FRANCIS, Charlestown, join. the ch. 1 July 1645. FRANCIS, Salem 1646. GEORGE, Concord, freem. 2 June 1641, had Sarah, b. 30 Mar. 1640; John, 19 Mar. 1643; and by w. Catharine, wh. perhaps was mo. of the two former, Mary, 6 Sept. 1645; and possib. more. [[vol. 4, p. 497]] Mary m. 26 Oct. 1665, Ebenezer Fox. GEORGE, Newbury, s. of John of the same, m. 30 Apr. 1660, Susan Stowers, had Samuel, b. 15 June 1661, d. at 2 yrs.; Ephraim, 21 Oct. 1662; and Samuel, again, 15 Sept. 1664; d. bef. 28 May 1668, when his inv. was tak. The will of his f. in that yr. names his d.-in-law Susanna, and her two s. 

HENRY, Salisbury, by w. Abigail had Henry, b. 13 Apr. 1659; Abigail, 9 Mar. 1661; William, 6 Sept. 1663; Moses, 24 June 1665; Ann, and James, tw. 27 May 1667; Josiah, 23 Apr. 1669; Ruth, 15 July 1671; Nathaniel, 28 Mar. 1675; Jeremiah, 17 July 1677; Benjamin, 15 Jan. 1682; and Mary, 5 June 1685. HENRY, Salisbury, eldest s. of the preced. by w. Rachel, had Rachel, b. 19 May 1684; and he d. I presume, soon aft. at least his wid. m. 3 Apr. 1686, Benjamin Allen. ISAAC, Charlestown 1639, by w. Frances had Elizabeth b. 8 July 1641; and Sarah, 13 Mar. 1643; beside Isaac, wh. d. I think 1712, aged 66; and Thomas. He join. the ch. 30 Nov. 1642, was freem. 10 May 1643; and as Farmer thot. with wh. I do not concur, rem. 1644 to Fairfield. His d. Frances m. Richard Cook by wh. they are nam. in his will. His d. Elizabeth m. at Malden, 13 Sept. 1659, William Greene; and Sarah m. 18 Dec. 1660, John Green of Malden. ISAAC, Stonington 1649, perhaps, but note prob. b. in Eng. propound. for freem. 1669; was s. of Thomas of the same, m. 10 Jan. 1668, Martha, d. of Thomas Park of the same, had Mary, b. 22 Nov. foll.; Martha, 6 Feb. 1670; Thomas, 1 Dec. 1671, wh. was k. at 20 yrs. by an Indian at Quinebaug; Isaac, 6 Aug. 1673; Ann, 20 Aug. 1675; Richard, 19 Mar. 1677; Dorothy, 6 Dec. 1679; William, 9 Sept. 1681; Elizabeth 22 May 1683; and Experience, 21 May 1685. ISAAC, Fairfield, perhaps s. of the first Isaac, or of John of the same, propound. for freem. 1670. 

JETHRO, Rowley, s. of David of the same, m. Hannah French, d. of Edward of Salisbury, had Jethro, b. 1692; Benjamin, 1695; Moses, 1700; Abijah, 1702; John, 1710; beside two ds. JOHN, Newbury, came, I think, in the Mary and John, 1634, tho. the name, print. in the copy of the copy of the copy. Geneal. Reg. IX. 267, is Whelyer, from Southampton, the nearest prot of embarcat. from his native city, Salisbury, leav. four s. at home, but perhaps brot. Roger, and George, with ds. Ann, wh. m. Aquila Chase, and Elizabeth perhaps w. of Matthias Button, besides Mercy, wh. may have been b. on our side of the water, was one of the orig. proprs. of Salisbury. His w. Ann, d. 15 Aug. 1662, and he d. 1670, hav. made his will, 28 Mar. 1668, from wh.; some of the detail is learn. It names childr. and gr.childr. here, and s. Adam, Edward, and William, in Salisbury, Eng. 

*JOHN, Fairfield, s. of Thomas of the same, brot. from Concord by his f. wh. rem. with Rev. Mr. Jones and others a. 1644 to Fairfield, there is on the freemen's list, 1669, was had in respect, [[vol. 4, p. 498]] rec. gr. of 100 acres from the Assemb. was rep. 1671, 2, 4, and 7, d. early in 1690, leav. large est. to wid. Elizabeth and thirteen ch. whose names, with the inv. tak. 8 Mar. of L1,566, were, with their ages, Judah, or Judith, 29; John, 26; Elizabeth 23; Thomas, 21; Mary, 19; Rebecca, 18; Joseph, 16; Hannah, 14; Abigail, 10; Obadiah, 8; Ann, 6; Jonathan, 3; and David or Daniel, I. Perhaps the wid. was a sec. w. and liv. sev. yrs. aft. his d. for distrib. of the est. was made so late as 3 Apr. 1700 to ten ch. being all the bef. ment. exc. first, third, and tenth, wh. no doubt, had dec. It is observa. that no d. had then been m. 

JOHN, Stratford, freem. 1669, s. of Thomas the first of Milford, m. 5 Nov. 1662, Sarah, prob. d. of the first Thomas Sherwood, had Sarah, b. 24 Feb. 1664; Mary, 26 Aug. 1666; Elizabeth Feb. 1669; Mary, bapt. 19 Jan. 1671; Thomas, 25 May 1673; Ruth, b. 30 June 1679; Dinah, bapt. 1681; and John, May 1684; and he d. at Woodbury, 12 May 1704; Cothren calls his w. Ruth, and that may have been a sec. at Woodbury, mo. of the last three ch. Four of the ch. are on rec. at S. JOHN, New London 1667, merch. was very enterpris. in foreign trade, by w. Elizabeth had Zaccheus, b. a. 1675; Joshua, 1680; and William, 1683; besides prob. one or more ds. and d. 16 Dec. 1691. His wid. m. a. 1692, Richard Steere. JOHN, Concord, made freem. 21 Mar. 1690, and ano. JOHN, of Concord, made free the next day, may have been s. of George, or of Obadiah, or of either of the other fams. of this name in that town, where liv. betw. 1650 and 1680, thirty distinct ones, as Farmer quotes Shattuck to verify. JONATHAN, Newbury, s. of David of the same, took o. of alleg. 1678, rem. to Rowley, there own. good est. 1691. 

JOSEPH, Concord, freem. 13 May 1640, by w. Elizabeth had Ephraim, b. 14 Apr. 1640, d. at 2 yrs.; Joseph, 1 Dec. 1641, d. in few mos.; and Mary, 20 Sept. 1643; yet the rec. says her mo. was bur. two mos. bef. and by w. Sarah he had Rebecca, 6 Sept. 1645. Farmer thinks he may be the man wh. d. at Newbury, 13 Oct. 1659, that seems less prob. to me than an alternat. propos. by him in MS. that he was k. by the Ind. 22 Aug. 1675 or 6, at Lancaster. JOSEPH, Boston, a tailor, freem. 1672, was prob. s. of Thomas of the same, and a householder 1695. JOSEPH, Newbury, s. of Roger of the same, m. 24 Sept. 1685, Sarah, d. of John Badger of the same, had Mary, b. 22 Sept. 1686; and perhaps more, may have rem. JOSEPH, Milford, s. of Thomas first of the same, was there liv. 1687-1700; but of his fam. no acco. is obtain. There was a Joseph, a physician at Salem 1704. JOSHUA, Concord 1636, says Farmer, but I fear the date demands 20 or 30 yrs. addit. for by w. Elizabeth it is seen that he had Joshua, b. 1663, d. at 3 yrs.; Elizabeth and Timothy, tw. 28 Mar. 1665. JOSHUA, Concord, freem. 1690. 

JOSHUA, New London, s. of John of the same, liv. to old age, and left [[vol. 4, p. 499]] descend. says Miss Caulkins, but she has neither indic. them nor their mo. JOSIAH, Salisbury, s. of Henry the first, by w. Elizabeth had Henry, b. 25 Feb. 1693; Elizabeth 12 July 1695; Jeremiah, 9 Aug. 1697; Benjmin, 13 July 1699; and Moses, 16 Aug. 1702. MOSES, Stratford 1648, is found in the list of freem. 1669, was a shipwright and thriving man, had Elizabeth b. 1 Aug. 1642; Miriam, 28 Mar. 1647; Samuel, 28 Apr. 1649; Moses, 5 July 1651; Mary, 13 Sept. 1655; and Joanna, 1659. His inv. bears date 1 Mar. 1698, but his will of 1690. Perhaps wrong date is giv. to Miriam, for she m. 1667, James Blackman. He may have liv. at New Haven 1643. MOSES, Stratford, s. of the preced. m. 28 Oct. 1674, Sarah, eldest d. of Caleb Nichols, but long it was thot. she was w. of Daniel Brimsmead; had Moses, b. 8 July 1675; Caleb, 29 Jan. 1677; Sarah, 21 June 1678; and other ch. whose names I have not seen. NATHAN, Newbury, s. of David of the same, took o. of alleg. 1678, by w. Rebecca, had Sarah, b. 4 July 1692; Rebecca, 11 Sept. 1694; Mercy, 30 Aug. 1696; and Abigail, 16 Dec. 1698. 

NATHANIEL, Milford, s. of the first Thomas of the same, m. 27 June 1665, Esther, d. I presume, of Henry Botsford, and he rem. to Newark, N. J. as did her younger sis. Ruth, wh. m. John Baldwin. OBADIAH, Concord 1638, freem. 2 June 1641, had John, b. 27 Jan. 1641; Ruth, 1642, prob. d. young; a s. as the rec. blindly states, b. 25 Dec. 1643, d. 29 Nov. preced.; Samuel, 22 Feb. 1645; beside Obadiah, Josiah, and Susanna, nam. in his will made three wks. bef. he d. 27 Oct. 1671, in his 63d yr. OBADIAH, Stratford, s. of Thomas of Milford, d. 1668 (his will was made in May), without ch. leav. wid. Ruth, wh. m. 8 July 1669, Ephraim Stiles. OBADIAH, Concord, perhaps s. of the first Obadiah, freem. 1690. RICHARD, Medfield 1649, the freem. of Mass. 1669, prob. was of Lancaster, m. 2 Aug. 1658, Sarah, d. of John Prescott of the same, had Jacob, b. 25 Nov. 1662, d. next yr.; Deborah, 2 Jan. 1664; and Sarah, 1 Feb. 1667. He at his garrison ho. was k. by the Ind. 10 Feb. 1676. Willard, 38. His wid. m.------ Rice. ROGER, Newbury, s. of John, m. 7 Dec. 1653, Mary Wilson, had Mar. b. 12 Feb. 1655; and Joseph, 29 Aug. 1656. His w. d. 27 Dec. 1658, and he d. 13 Oct. foll. ROGER, Boston, m. 23 Nov. 1659, Mary, wid. of John Stone, and d. 7 Dec. 1661. 

SAMUEL, sw. freem. of Conn. 1667, s. of Moses of Stratford, m. 29 May 1678, Elizabeth Harris, but I kn. not of any ch. He made his will Nov. 1698, and inv. was ret. 29 Mar. foll. was of Newtown, L. I. 1686. THOMAS, Boston, a tailor, join. the ch. 11 Sept. 1636, by w. Rebecca, had Jonathan, b. 20 Oct. bapt. 12 Nov. 1637; Joseph, 15 May, but rec. of bapt. is 10 May 1640; Rebecca, 17, bapt. 25 June 1643; was freem. 17 Apr. 1637, but involv. with the gr. majority of the town, as friends of Mrs. Hutchinson and favorers of [[vol. 4, p. 500]] Wheelwright, for wh. he was disarm. 20 Nov. 1637; yet he did not rem. d. 16 May 1654, in his will a few days bef. naming ch. only Joseph and Rebecca. His wid. m. 10 Aug. 1654, John Pierce; and d. Rebecca m. 26 Dec. 1661, John Curtis of Roxbury. THOMAS, Concord, s. I judge, of Thomas of Fairfield, b. in Eng. freem. 18 May 1642, m. Ruth, d. of William Wood, had Alice, wh. d. 17 Mar. 1641; and by w. Sarah had Sarah, b. 10 July 1649; Joseph, 18 Aug. 1651; Ann, 20 Dec. 1653; John, 18 Feb. 1656; Mary, 20 Dec. 1658; and Thomas, 29 Mar. 1662; in Philip's war was a capt. wh. saw hard serv. espec. on the Quaboag ambuscade, 1 Aug. 1675, when hims. was wound. with the s. of little above 13 yrs. old; and his sup. officer, Edward Hutchinson, was mortal. wound. Wheeler wrote a modest narrat. wh. is repub. by the N. H. Hist. Soc. In vol. II.; and he d. 16 Dec. 1686. Admin. was giv. to his wid. Hannah and s. Thomas upon his small est. 21 Sept. foll. by Gov. Andros. How old he was, or in what part of Eng. b. cannot be ascertain. tho. tradit. with her customary tale, makes three brs. come from Wales. He d. Ruth, m. 7 May 1673, Ephraim, Jones of Concord. 

*THOMAS, Milford 1639, by w. John, wh. join. the ch. 1640, had John; Samuel, both bapt. 16 Aug. of that yr.; Nathaniel; Obadiah, bapt. 10 Mar. 1644; Ephraim, 1646; Eliezer, 1648, d. next yr.; Thomas, 1650; Josiah, 5 June 1653, d. young; Joseph, b. 23 Nov. 1655, d. soon; and Joseph, again, bapt. 1660; own, much est. in Derby then call. Paugusset or Pawgasuck, and liv. there short time in 1664, but usually resid. at M. was lieut. rep. 1670 and 1, had large est. and d. 26 Nov. 1672; and his wid. d. Jan. 1673. His will made eight days bef. his d. provides for w. Joan, s. John, and his ds. Nathaniel and his d. Esther, wh. phrase may mean no more than w. of N. and s. Ephraim, Thomas, and Joseph. No d. could be nam. and the s. Samuel and Obadiah d. in early manhood. He ment. also, William, Thomas,and Sarah, childr. of his br. William of Stratford. THOMAS, Lynn or Salem, may have been the passeng. in the James, embark Apr. 1635, call. serv. of Austin Clement; or any other of the well-diffus. name. Perhaps he had s. Isaac. 

THOMAS, New Haven 1644, took o. of fidel. 1 July, was accomp. by s. of the same name, but one or both were not so well educat. as most of the sett. for the signature is found with a mark only; yet no ment. of w. or ch. appears on rec. wherein we read that "old Thomas Wheeler' d. 22 Jan. 1673. THOMAS, Stonington, perhaps br. of John of New London, may have gone with s. Isaac, wh. was b. 1646, from Lynn or other town of Mass. not a few yrs. bef. 1669, when he was propound. for freem. was rep. 1673, and next yr. with his w. Mary, unit in gather. a ch. for Rev. Mr. Noyes, of wh. he was one of the seven pillars; had also Sarah and Elizabeth both m. the latter to sec. John Gallop of Stonington; and d. 1685, [[vol. 4, p. 501]] says his gr.-st. in his 85th yr. THOMAS, Fairfield 1645, was a lieut. in 1653, came from Concord with first sett. bring. w. Ann, and ch. prob. all adult, or marriagable, exc. one or two and perhaps his eldest s. Thomas may not have accomp. the f. At least from his will, pro. 23 Aug. 1654, wh. we read imperfect. as part of the rec. in this place is burn. it is clear that the est. in Concord, old homestead, was giv. to Thomas; Fairfield est. to John; with notice of wid. and three ds. of wh. Hannah, the eldest, m. a 1639, James Bennett, had two ch. at Concord, and was now d. leav. four; ano. was Sarah Sherwood; and a third not m. without name. His wid. in her will of 21 Aug. 1659, pro. Oct. foll. names eldest s. Thomas, and ch. THOMAS, New Haven, s. it is presum. of the first Thomas of the same, since they are ment. as tak. o. of fidel. on the same day, had Thomas, b. 21 Apr. 1652; and certain, one other ch. if not more, bef. or aft. and d. Dec. 1656, as seems prob. bec. the inv. of L200, was dat. 2 Jan. foll. His wid. Alce or Alice m. 1657, Josiah Stanborough, or Stanbury of Southampton, L. I. 

THOMAS, Boston 1674, may be the same man as THOMAS, Charlestown, a householder 1677, prob. s. of the first Isaac. THOMAS, Concord, m. 10 Oct. 1657, Hannah Harrod, had Hannah, b. 25 Oct. 1658, d. within 10 mos.; Thomas, 1 Jan. 1660; had John, 2 Sept. 1661; perhaps others; was tythingman 1680, and freem. 1690. THOMAS, Milford, s. of Thomas of the same, was propound. for freem. 1671, and liv. there aft. 1687; but no details of his fam. are acquir. Of his cousin, THOMAS, Milford, s. of William of Stratford, the same deficience is felt. *TIMOTHY, Concord, freem. 13 May 1640, ens. in 1646, was a capt. late in his days, bu more oft. call. lieut. on rec. rep. 1663, and very oft. aft. d. 10 July 1687, aged a. 86, as the gr.-st. tells; had Sarah, b. 22 June 1640; had his w. Jane d. 12 Feb. 1643; and by w. Mary, d. of capt. Thomas Brooks, had Mary, 3 Oct. 1657, d. at 3 yrs.; Elizabeth 6 Oct. 1661, wh. m. 1678, Eleazer Prout; Rebecca, 1666, wh. m. 1684, James Minot; and prob. others, perhaps TIMOTHY of Concord, freem. 1677, for one, wh. m. 29 June 1670, Ruth Fuller, and d. 7 June 1678. 

TIMOTHY, Concord, the freem. of 1690, had, I suppose, f. of the same town, but my inabil. to point him out among the scores of Concord Wheelers may be excus. WILLIAM, Stratford, br. and I think, younger, of Thomas sen. of Milford, prob. rem. from Concord with him, had w. Sarah, ch. William, Thomas, and Sarah; rem. to New Jersey, soon fell ill and the w. and ch. came back aft. his d. in 1666. His inv. was tak. in Nov. He had made his numcup. will, prob. 9 Aug. 1667, in wh. he gave his prop. to the w. charg. to bring up the ch. and desir. his br. Thomas to adv. her. The wid. m. William Brooks; and Sarah m. 6 Nov. 1676, James Briscoe. WILLIAM, Concord, freem. 1660, m. 30 Oct. 1659, Hannah, d. of [[vol. 4, p. 502]] William Buss or Bussey, had Hannah, b. 23 Oct. 1660; Rebecca, 25 Oct. 1661; and perhaps more. WILLIAM, Boston, m. 16 May 1686, Ann, d. of Gamaliel Phippen, had Ann, Hannah, William, and Jeremiah, bapt. at Mather's ch. betw. 1692 and 7. 

WILLIAM, New London 1700, s. of John of the same, liv. to old age, and left descend. but Miss Caulkins has not nam. either the w. or ch. Farmer notes, that of this name, eight had, in 1834, been gr. at Yale, six at Harv. and twelve at the other N. E. coll.

WHEELOCK, BENJAMIN, Medfield 1678, s perhaps eldest, of first Ralph, sett. at Mendon, and m. (as I judge from note in Geneal. Reg. XII. 353, relat. to distribut. of est. of her f.) Elizabeth d. of John French of Braintree; but no further acco. is obtain. ELEAZER, Medfield, s. of Ralph of the same, m. 1678, Elizabeth Fuller, and d. 24 Mar. 1731, had Ralph, b. 1683, wh. d. at Windham, 15 Oct. 1748, was f. of Rev. Eleazer, b. 1711, first Presid. of Dartmouth Coll. and Ephraim, 1697, wh. resid. at M. GERSHOM, Medfield, s. of Ralph, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 25 June 1659, d. in few days; Samuel, 14 Jan. 1661, d. very soon; Hannah, again, 26 Jan. 1662; Samuel again, 21 Jan. 1664, d. at 16 yrs.; and John, 8 Dec. 1670. His w. was d. of John Stodder of Hingham. RALPH, Dedham, b. it is said in Co. Salop, bred at Clare Hall, Cambridge Univ. where he took his degr. 1626 and 31, came in 1637, prob. with w. Rebecca and d. Rebecca, first sat down at Watertown, rem. 1638 to D. there was made freem. 13 Mar. 1639; and Benjamin, b. 8 bapt. 12 Jan. 1640; Samuel, b. 22 Sept. 1642; Record, 15, bapt. 22 Dec. 1644; Experience, bapt. 3 Sept. 1648; Gershom; and Eleazer, 3 May 1654; perhaps others; was rep. 1639 and 40, made 1642, clk. of the writs in place of Edward Alleyne, dec. was inhab. of that pt. wh. bec. Medfield, and its first rep. 1653, 63, 4, and 6. His w. d. 1 Jan. 1682; and he d. 11 Jan. 1684, in his 84th yr. 

SAMUEL, s. of the first Ralph, I have power to tell nothing of, exc. that he liv. at Shrewbury; but his sis. Rebecca m. at Roxbury, 7 June 1654, John Crafts, the first b. of R. Of gr. of this name in 1834, Farmer notes none at Harv. two at Yale, and eight at other N. E. coll.

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